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The Pursuit of Godliness Philippians 3:13-14 A.

A Proper view of Self

* These are introductory messages 1. We have no Power within ourselves!

1. The Priority of Godliness - (Why it is important) * Left to ourselves we will lose every battle!
2. The Pursuit of Godliness - (How it is attained)
3. The Principle of Godliness - (What it is) * Illustration: Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda
4. The Power of Godliness - (What it will do in your life) describes his battle with bad habits: "I took a pack of cigarettes
from my pocket, stared at it and said, "Whos stronger, you or
me?" The answer was me. I stopped smoking. Then I took a vodka
* The book of Philippians is an excellent study in Godliness martini and said to it, "Whos stronger, you or me?" Again the
* Paul understood the concept of Godliness and how answer was me. I quit drinking. Then I went on a diet. I looked at
important it is to respond to every issue of life in a Godly a big plate of linguine with clam sauce and said, "Whos stronger,
fashion. you or me?" And a little clam looked up at me and answered, "I
am." Then Lasorda said I cant beat linguine.

* Consider
> We have no Ability outside of Gods power
> Chapter one - Paul deals with Problems
> We have no Authority outside of Gods power
> Chapter two - Paul deals with People
> We have no Accomplishments outside of Gods
> Chapter three - Paul deals with Possessions
> Chapter four - Paul deals with Priorities
* We will never become Godly by our own power!
* He must work through us!
--Three requirements for the pursuit of Godliness
2. We have no Profit within ourselves
I. A Compelling Hunger (Motivation) - 3:13-14
* We think too highly of ourselves
* It is not enough to understand the Priority of Godliness
* We often exaggerate our importance.
You must be motivated to pursue it!!!
* We embrace foolish pride
* There are several motivating factors:
- Notice Pauls attitude - 3:4-6
* We will never become Godly if we think too highly
A. Conviction - An awareness of the fact that failure in this
of ourselves
area is sin. - You must be convinced!!!
B. A Proper view of Sin
B. Constraint - The love of Christ... - Realizing what Christ
* Anything that displeases the Savior is sin.
has done for us should cause us to be willing to yield to
C. A Proper view of the Savior
* We are to be Christlike in our thinking
C. Compassion - Our love for the Savior ought to be enough
* Notice, the Savior...
II. A Christlike Humility (Mind-set) - 2:5-8
1. Had a Selfless attitude
* Godliness is not obtained by mastering its principles.
2. Became a Servant
3. Paid the ultimate Sacrifice
III. A Consistent Honesty (Morality)
* We must not deceive ourselves into believing that
everything is OK when we know that it is not.
* It is not acceptable to rationalize our wrong...
> Thoughts
> Words
> Actions

* Illustration: A young man was telling his friend about a dishonest

thing he had done. He said, "Of course I know that it was not exactly
straight, but..." His friend remarked, "In other words it was crooked!"
The man said, "Well, I wouldnt want to call it crooked, but it wasnt
exactly straight." The friend countered, "Remember this. A line is
either straight or it is crooked. If it is not exactly straight, it is

A. We must acknowledge our Frailty

B. We must admit our Failures

* There is no hope of Godliness unless we are willing to
sacrifice our pride.


* Is Godliness important to you?

* Are you willing to take the steps to pursue it?
* Are you willing to pay the personal price to achieve it?

> Hunger
> Humility
> Honesty

* Three keys to growing in godliness!