Now you won't have trouble in your JC quest I guess; How to (steps): 1) Summon sylph outside Perona NW;

2) Push R-CTRL and talk Hora to receive quest item 1; 3) Go Limbo SE and talk Larva NPC to receive quest item 2; 4) Go back Perona NW talk Hora and give her the quest item 2; 5) Go Timore SE enter Adam Holy Land and push CTRL + Q, turn quest ON; 6) Go inside the Altar Door (central map dot CTRL + M); 7) Follow same as in my video; 8) After entering the new area, you will have to kill Black Rum Guardians until it drops Life Spiral items. (Note 1; You can Absorb Soul skill before the monster bodies fade [2 seconds]. Note 2; True Rum Guardians bodies will not fade you will have to loot the body by double click them or let your pet do it for you.) 9) Collect those 5 Life Spirals; 10) Push CTRL + M to open Map panel, by then locate the 5 square-shaped spots in the map; 11) Each spot is occupied by one NPC; 12) Push CTRL + TAB, left click the Life Spiral item push R-CTRL and click in the NPC (Note 1; Distance doesn't matter here); 13) After doing it by your 5 Life Spirals push CTRL + M again and head to the most big squareshaped spot in the map; 14) Quit the area; 15) Apply SC to someone near perona NW, die and respawn or simple summon sylph again and head back perona NW; 16) Talk Hora and respaw, you will automatically respawn inside another area which is the Mission 3 of your JC quest; 17) Apply tendril magic in the statue to prevent very evil NPCs to destroy it; 18) Repeat it for 10 minutes; 19) After completing this mission you will be redirected to Ousters Village; 20) Go perona NW; 21) Talk Hora; 22) You are now JCed; Hints: 1- Before entering the Altar Door, quit yourself from any party (CTRL + P and then hit the "X" button); To prevent errors and bugs relog just before entering the Altar Door area; 2- HPs items must be capped to 12~15 to survive inside the looting area of Black Rum Guardians (Fire Ouster example); 3- You can just press ALT + F4 (if playing in window mode) when you see the Art Graphic of the Race you are playing once you finish the step "22" from above; 4- After level 150 hunt 60 DEF > coats, 50 > DEF boots preferably All resistance +3 +5 +7 and +9. Hunt for Nehkbet or Damballa Wristlets according your elemental (if Fire HPs+1 and ask for someone already JC to enchant it with blue drop 2 [the person must have align "Very Good"]; if Water the wristlet must have Critical Hit 5 7 9 or 13 > [Grade 6 >]; if Earth same of water is applicable but also as Fire because HPs option); 5- Hunt and go for 100% experience cap. before start all the JC mission; 6- Active 1 hour glass before step "22" mentioned above; 7- To transform your items go back Ousters village and locate Manescu NPC in far right map spot (talk to hit and click option number 4); 8- If you are having trouble to transform your items put other ones and keep trying to transform the ones you want... It will work after some attempt; :::::::::::::Darkeden Altar Door (Ouster Footage)::::::::::::::: Thanks for watching it, questions, requests and comments are welcome.

Remember to say no CCW, slayers, darkness, paralize and yellow poisons. Good game!!

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