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TESOL Certificate Programs

Lesson Plan Format

Student Name: John Quinteros Class: Foundations of TESOL

Date: 08/22/2017 Assignment: Lesson Plan

Instructor Name: Kris Lambert Standards/Format: 20-minute PPP Lesson

Level: Level 400
Teaching Context: International College Students at UC Riverside Extension
Student Age: 18-26
Skill: Grammar - Usage of the words lets/makes/allowed
Topic: Businesses and companies
Function: Presenting a new business/company in front of their peers


Students will first learn the differences between the usage of the words lets, makes, and

allows, as well as how adding not affects each sentence. Afterwards, the students will practice

using these words by creating their own business or company and creating a sentence for each

word and the negative version of each sentence. Students will then stand in front of the class and

present their company or business in a one-minute presentation. This will boost a students

confidence in presenting an idea or a subject matter in front of a group of people, be it their peers

or strangers.


1. Students will be able to complete a list of sentences by correctly using the right term of
lets, makes, or allowed with 100% accuracy.
2. Students will be able to design their business or company by writing six sentences using
lets/makes/allows and the negative version of each sentence with 80% accuracy.
TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format
3. Students will be able to present their idea for a new business or company using the
vocabulary words with 80% accuracy.


1. Usage of the words

lets, make, and allowed

2. Understanding business/company terminology (ex: overtime, raise, self-employed)

3. Format of an oral presentation of an idea


Worksheets from English in Common 4

Powerpoint featuring pictures of different company logos, and copies of the

worksheets that students will be using.

Index cards for the students to write their company names on them

Lesson Plan
Warm Up
2 minutes

1) Teacher greets the students. Teacher then writes the topic of todays class on the

board: companies and business.

2) Teacher puts up images of different company logos. Teacher asks the students to

identify the company logo and explain what does the company do. Students reply

with different answers.

TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format
3) Teacher then asks the Students what they think it's like to work for that company.

4) Teachers then ask the students if they ever thought about starting their own

company or their own businesses. Students will reply simply with either a Yes

or No. Teacher will mention that the students will be able to do just that by the

end of todays class.

4 minutes

1) Teacher then moves onto the grammar lesson (make, let, and allow)

a) Teacher puts up three sentences up on the board, each sentence using

make, let, and allow. Teacher asks the students to define the meaning of

each sentence and how the target verbs are is used in each sentence.

b) Teacher then passes out the Active Grammar chart from the book and

has the students fill-in-the-blanks. Teacher asks the students which of the

words we just went over means to give permission to do something? The

students reply allows and lets.

c) Teacher then asks which word means to force somebody to do

something? Students reply with makes.

d) Teacher then rewrites the sentences on the board, this time adding not to

each sentence. Teacher asks the students how not affects each


e) Teacher then goes over the different forms of the three words (makes,

made, allows, allowed, etc).

TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format

4 minutes

1) On the worksheet below the Active Grammar chart are seven sentences with

blanks in each one. Teacher explains that the students must go through each

sentence and decide whether the students have to use make, let, or (not) allowed.

2) Teacher and students then answer the first question on the worksheet together.

Teacher will ask a student to read the first sentence and then ask which word to

use to fill-in-the-blank.

3) After, the students will work individually to fill in the rest of the blanks. Teacher

will walk around, helping students who are having trouble with the exercise and

answer any questions.

4) Afterwards, students then check their answers with each other.

5) Teacher then goes over the answers with the students. Teacher will read the

sentence, students will respond with the correct answer. Should students respond

with an incorrect answer, teacher will correct them and explain why.

6 minutes

1) Teacher then tells the students to get in groups of two. Teacher then models the

presentation that students will have to do by presenting their own business or

company, using lets, makes, allows, and the negative versions of each sentence.

Teacher explains that the students will now have the opportunity to create their

own company and present it to the class in a one-minute presentation.

TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format
2) Students will have five minutes to fill out the Company Profile on the

worksheet. They will come up with a name for the company and its purpose.

Students must answer how the company will treat its customers using lets, makes,

and allows as well as they negative versions of each. In total, students will have

six sentences about their company.

3) Teacher will walk around while the students work to help them with ideas and

answer questions.

4) Each student will then come up to the front of the class to present their new

company to the rest of the class in a one-minute presentation.

Wrap Up
1 minute

1) Teacher asks the students what their thoughts are on presenting in front of the

class. Students then reply with honest feedback (ex: it was hard. I was

nervous. etc).

2) Teacher ends the class with a monologue on how some of the concepts from the

students presenting their new company in class can be applied to a presentation of

any kind in any class on any subject matter.

TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format
Pictures for the Warm-up Activity

For the Grammar Lesson

TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format

Questions for the audio clip and for the new business presentation
TESOL Certificate Programs
Lesson Plan Format