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(To be given by the landlord/s offering premises on lease)

Name: Mobile No:
Land Phone No:

Taluk :
Pin Code :

The Deputy General Manager
Premises & Estate Section
Circle Office
MANGALORE -575 001.

Dear Sir,


I / We offer to you to give you on lease the premises described here below for your Branch.

1. Full address of premises offered on lease :

with Door No of the premises.

2. Distance from the main road/cross road :

3. Whether there is direct access to the

premises from the main road :

4. Floor wise area : Floor:

: Plinth Area (in Sq Ft)

(Carpet area is excluding Toilet area,
Pillars, Walls) : Carpet Area (in Sq Ft)

5. Year of construction :

6. If the building is new, whether occupancy

certificate is obtained :

Sketch with dimension :

7. Frontage available details with

Photographs :

8. If the building is yet to be constructed,

a) Whether plan of the building is approved
(copy enclosed) :

b) Cost of construction :

c) Value of land & building (portion of land

& building offered to the Bank) :

d) Time required for completing the

construction :

9. Power load available :

10. If the building is old whether repairs/ :

renovation is required,

a) If so cost of repairs / construction :

b) Boundaries :


(a) Rent : Floor wise rent at the following rates, that is

Floor Carpet Area Rent per sq ft

with effect from that is from the date of handing over vacant possession after completion of the
construction, repairs, renovation, additions etc., payable within 5th working day of the succeeding
calendar month.

(b) Lease Period

i) FIVE Years certain from the date of expiry of the existing lease or from the date of handing
over vacant possession after completion of construction, repairs, renovations, additions etc.,
with a further period of FIVE years at your OPTION with 15% enhancement in rent for
the option period.

ii) You are however at liberty to vacate the premises at any time fully /partly during the pendency
of lease by giving ONE month/s notice in writing, without paying any compensation for earlier

(c) Taxes/Rates

All existing, enhanced and future Municipal/Corporation taxes, rates and cesses including charges
for misuse of property (charges for non-conforming usage of the premises), if any levied/leviable by
any authority, will be paid by me/us.

(d) Maintenances/Repairs

i) Bank shall bear actual charges for consumption of electricity and water, I/We undertake to
provide separate electricity /water meters for this purpose.

ii) All repairs including annual/periodical whitewashing and annual/periodical painting will be got
done by me/us at my/our own cost. In case, the repairs and/or white/colour washing is/are
not done by me/us as agreed now, you will be at liberty to carryout such repairs white/colour
washing, etc at our cost and deduct all such expenses from the rent payable to us.

(e) Rental Deposit

You have to give a sum of (Rupees ) being the advance rent deposit for
months which will be refunded to you at the time of vacating the premises or you are at liberty to adjust
the amount from the last rent payable to me/us by you before you vacate the premises.

f) Lease Deed / Registration Charges

If you require, I/We undertake to execute an agreement to lease / regular lease deed, in your favour
containing the mutually accepted /sanctioned terms of lease at an early date. I/We undertake to bear the
charges towards stamp duty and Registration charges for registering the lease deed on the basis of 50:50
between the Bank and me/us.

a) I/We am/are aware that, the rent shall be calculated as per the carpet area which will be measured in
the presence of landlord/s and Bank Officials after completion of the building in all respects as per the
specifications / requirement of the Bank.

b) The concept Carpet Area was explained to me/us and clearly understood by me/us, according to which
the area occupied by toilets, staircase pillars, balcony common passage, walls and other uncovered area,
would be excluded for arriving at rental payments.

c) The following amenities are available in the premises or I am /we are agreeable to provide the following
i) The Strong room will be constructed strictly as per the Bank's specifications. The required door,
ventilators are to be provided by Bank
ii) A lunch room for staff and stock room will be provided as per the requirement / specification of
the Bank. A wash basin will also be provided in the lunch room.
iii) Separate toilet for gents and ladies will be provided.
iv) A collapsible gate, rolling shutters will be provided at the entrance and at any other point which
gives direct access to outside.
v) Entire flooring will be of vitrified / Granite / Marble and wall distempered.
vi) All windows will be strengthened by grills with glass and mesh doors.
vii) Required power load for the normal functioning of the Bank and the requisite electrical wiring /
points will be provided.
viii) Continuous water supply will be ensured at all times by providing a overhead tank and
necessary taps. Wherever necessary, electric motor of required capacity will be provided.
ix) Space for fixing Bank's Sign Board/s will be provided.
x) We have no objection in Bank installing its equipments like V-sat etc., on the roof
top/terrace/ceiling etc without any additional rent.
xi) A ramp will be provided at the entrance of premises for the purpose of physically handicapped
xii) Suitable space will be provided for installing external units of split ACs.
xiii) Loft is to be provided at Strong Room and Record room, as per Bank's requirement /
xiv) I/We have no objection in, Bank installing its ATM within the premises offered by us/ Additional
area for installing ATM in the said premises will be provided by us without seeking any
additional rent and deposit. I/We will provide the required additional power to the Bank.
xv) I/We have no-objection for the Bank installing Generator in the premises and hereby agree to
provide necessary space for it.

xvi) I/We declare that I /We are the absolute owner of the plot/ building offered to you and having
valid marketable title over the above.
xvii) The charges /fees towards scrutinizing the title deeds of the property by the Bank's approved
lawyer will be borne by me/us.
xviii) You are at liberty to remove at the time of vacating the premises, all electrical fittings and
fixtures, counters, safes, safe deposit lockers, cabinets, strong room door, partitions and
other furniture put up by you.
xix) If my/our offer is acceptable, I/We will give you the possession of the above premises on
xx) I/We further confirm that this offer is irrevocable and shall be open for __________ days from
date hereof, for acceptance by you.
Yours faithfully
Date :

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