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Speech for contribution comment

Signing Ceremony with Bangkok Reinsurance on 30th August 2017

(Mr.Phaiboun Major Shareholder of Phongsavanh Insurance (APA))

To: State Management, Board of Management of Phongsavanh Group, and all


Today, I am the representative of Major Shareholder of Phongsavanh Group and on behalf of

Major Shareholder of Phongsvanh Insurance very proud to welcome all of you to signing
ceremony with internal business unit and reinsurance company which has the experience on
insurance of Bangkok Insurance.

I am very pleased to see the Lao Economic continually to growth in each and can connect to
the neighboring countries in AEC. In the term of social economic that relate to financial,
and convert to private enterprise, to leave from the monopolizing are all support from the
contribution of Insurance Industry which is one activity that can compensate in case of
damage and the people who get insured can cover their asset during the time of crisis along
with health and make income when the age is due for retirement.

Owing to the fact that Economic Finance of Lao PDR continually growth. There is a
cooperation with business partner to connect with neighboring countries in AEC and the
world; it is seen the necessary and the good option is Insurers in Laos have to joint business
on internal insurance and cover the society with reinsurance company with high experience
that will make insurance companies can:

1. Create potential to company;

2. Make the stability;
3. Strengthen the finance;
4. Mobilize capital;
5. Cooperate with each other;
6. And arrange the training and development capacity to staff.

Throughout the technical research, today Phongsvanh Insurance (APA) get the high
honorable cooperation from Reinsurance Company, Bangkok Insurance, Thailand. For the
result of cooperation, I trust that will make the good benefit of business of two parties and
will the achievement to contribute social economic development of two countries as the
neighboring country to contribute the convenient for making the potential of safety to
strengthen the financial in ASEAN region.

From the achievement that will cooperate in the future, I trust that the cooperation and
support each other will come fruitful with high quality and volume continually. To express
the sincere thanks the high ranking board of management to Bangkok Insurance that gives the
honorable for Phongsavanh Insurance as business partner.

Once I would like to express the sincere thanks to all participants to take part in this event.
Wish all of you good health, prosperous and progress in the business.