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Part III

Analysing the Effects of Global Brand

Influx in the Local Clothing Industry
The most apparent means to measure the success of a business is through the

patronization of the consumers and consequently, as according to an interview conducted with

Mr. Noel Aban (2015), Entrepreneur Head of the Commerce and Business Administration of the

University of Santo Tomas, customers preferences are always base from the value of a product

in which Mr. Aban willingly explained through the formula of V= Q + D/ P1.

In order for the researchers to know the effects of the global brand influx of clothing line

in our local retail clothing industry we have to know the values of the product base from the

formula. Hence, the quality, delivery, and price of both the foreign and local brand shall be

determined. These three shall serve as the studys indicators where (1) Quality is primarily base

from the personal preferences of each customer so it has no direct definition; (2) Delivery on the

other hand means the availability and accessibility of the products; (3) and lastly, Price, as it is,

implies the cost of the product which must be efficient in charactermeaning the pricing is low,

or at least reasonable for its quality.

The first part of this section will be a comparative analysis of the local and international

brands with the representation of Penshoppe and Bench for local while H&M and Forever 21

will represent the international brands. The point of comparison shall be the price range of each

retail stores for the Price indicator, and a list of the available productsboth the basics and

V stands for Value of product; Q stands for Quality; D is Delivery; and lastly P stands for Price
trendy collections with their corresponding sizes shall also be determined for the Delivery

indicator. As for the Quality, again there is no direct way for the researches to determine that.

The closest thing we get to determine this indicator is through a survey of 200 random samples

in which we included in the choices in one of the questions the concept of Quality. In turn, the

second part of this section covers the results of the survey conducted which measures the

preferences of the people and their patronization of either local or international brands; hence

directly measuring the value of the products through the lenses of the consumers.

Aban, N. (2015, April 20). Effects of Global Brand Influx in the Local Retail Industry. (Z. D. Rosario, & N. D.
Guzman, Interviewers)