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Trump kills DACA, triggering protests

Obama blasts move begin an orderly, lawful wind down of DACA
that includes the cancellation of the memo that
that exposes 800,000 authorized this program. He also noted Acting
to deportation Homeland Secretary Elaine Duke has chosen,
appropriately, to initiate a wind down process.
DACA is set to expire on March 5.
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS The Trump administration will no longer process new DACA applications. Current
DACA recipients have until Oct. 5 to apply for
The Trump administration this week announced a renewal of their status for a two-year period.
it would end a program that has allowed roughly To have a lawful system of immigration that
800,000 young undocumented immigrants to serves the national interest, we cannot admit
remain in the U.S. and obtain work permits. everyone who would like to come here, said
Attorney General Je Sessions made the Sessions. That is an open border policy and the
announcement about the Deferred Action American people have rightly rejected it.
for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at the Therefore, the nation must set and enforce
Justice Department. a limit on how many immigrants we admit each
I am here today to announce that the year and that means all can not be accepted, he
program known as DACA that was eectuated added. This does not mean they are bad people
under the Obama administration is being or that our nation disrespects or demeans them
rescinded, Sessions told reporters. in any way. It means we are properly enforcing
Former President Obama in 2012 enacted DACA. our laws as Congress has passed them.
Sessions told reporters the Justice Department Trump in a statement he issued after Sessions
News of the DACA cancellation triggered protests in D.C. and cities
around the country. has advised President Trump and the spoke to reporters said he has provided a window
WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL K. LAVERS Department of Homeland Security that it should

Like living on a time bomb

LGBT immigrants among I felt like I couldnt do anything about it, Choi
said. I didnt know what could happen.
DREAMers facing uncertainty Choi, a gay 28-year-old native of Seoul, South
Korea, came to the United States as a child
By CHRIS JOHNSON in 1998 with his family as an undocumented immigrant. When former President Obama
created DACA in 2012, Choi obtained
In the aftermath of President Trumps decision documentation under the program.
to nix an Obama-era immigration program A graduate of Berea College in Kentucky, Choi
allowing young, undocumented immigrants isone of an estimated 800,000 immigrants and
to stay in the United States, Tony Choi doesnt 75,000 LGBT immigrants who are eligible for DACA,
know his fate but realizes one possibility is 36,000 of whom are enrolled. Theyre known as
hell be deported to South Korea. DREAMers based on legislation known as the
Speaking to the Washington Blade by phone DREAM Act, which would grant them legal status.
while taking part in a rally just outside Trump Tower Potential deportation to South Korea unless
in New York City, Choi said he felt uncertainty since Trump reverses course or Congress passes
news reports emerged Trump would phase out an immigration bill allowing him to stay in the
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. United States weighs heavily on Choi as well
Ive had a few weeks to think about it, but for as thousands of other immigrants who face
TONY CHOI is an undocumented immigrant who obtained relief the rst two weeks, I was incredibly stressed out
under DACA. that my life was swinging on a pendulum, and
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New Casa Ruby

initiative to ght
global AIDS epidemic
Comings & Goings Announcement coincides
with U.S. Conference on
AIDS in D.C.
Rosenberg lands fellowship
promoting aordable housing By MICHAEL K. LAVERS
Casa Ruby will use the U.S. Conference
The Comings & Goings column is about sharing the professional successes of our community. on AIDS as the backdrop to ocially
We want to recognize those landing new jobs, new clients for their business, joining boards of
organizations and other achievements. Please share your successes with us at comingsandgo- launch a new initiative designed to ght We also invite LGBT college students to share their successes with us. If the global epidemic.
you have been elected to a student government position, landed an internship or are graduating
and beginning your career with a great job, let us know so we can share your success. Casa Ruby CEO Ruby Corado said Gilead RUBY CORADO says her organization has
received $500,000 from Gilead Sciences to
Sciences has given her organization an launch an initiative that seeks to combat the
initial gift of $500,000. Corado told the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Congratulations to Jeremy Rosenberg who Washington Blade that Casa Ruby will WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

begins his appointment as an Excelsior Fellow also partner with the D.C. Department
Attorney with New York State Homes and of Health and nally become a full AIDS Campaign and the Transgender Law
Community Renewal working on preserving service provider. Center are among the dozens of groups
and creating aordable housing, homelessness She said Casa Ruby will sign four and institutions listed as exhibitors at the
prevention policies, and poverty reduction new human care agreements with conference that is expected to draw up to
initiatives. Its a two-year fellowship in the legal the department that will bring HIV 3,000 people. Napo Pharmaceuticals and
department of the agency where he will be prevention and care services to Casa other pharmaceutical companies that
working mainly on policy. JEREMY ROSENBERG Ruby paid by DOH for the rst time ever. continue to develop drugs for people with
Rosenbergs experience includes work as a Casa Ruby was the response to HIV HIV will also be on hand.
pro-bono scholar and full-time Clinical Extern for and AIDS and violence and transgender Its a very dierent epidemic than
JASA, legal services for the elderly in Queens, N.Y. non-conforming immigrants and poor when this conference began, conference
He was a summer associate in the Education Law communities that are part of the LGBT spokesperson Chip Lewis told the Blade
Group with Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP New umbrella, Corado told the Blade last week on Wednesday, noting new HIV infections
York, a Legal and Legislative Fellow in the oce during an interview, noting 2017 is Casa Rubys continue to drop in D.C. and around
of NYC Council member Benjamin J. Kallos, and fth anniversary. It was a community dream the country. But we still have an active
worked as an outreach volunteer to the LGBT to bring people who were disenfranchised, epidemic going on.
community for Hillary for America. disconnected to work together. Lewis added the use of antiretroviral drugs
Rosenberg received his bachelors degree LARRY GAMACHE The 21st annual U.S. Conference to prevent the spread of HIV, people with the
in International Aairs with a concentration in PHOTO COURTESY OF GAMACHE
on AIDS, which the D.C.-based NMAC virus who have undetectable viral loads and
International Politics from the George Washington (formerly known as the National Minority the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
University, Elliott School of International Aairs in AIDS Council) organizes, will open at the are among the factors that remain eective
D.C. and his Juris Doctor from the CUNY School of Law, New York, where he was in the Marriott Marquis Hotel adjacent to the in ghting the epidemic.
New York State Pro Bono Scholars program. Walter E. Washington Convention Center Were really seeing now that we have
Congratulations also to Larry Gamache who has started a new company, on Thursday and end on Sept. 10. tools and pathways to potentially bring Gamache said, I started Blue Pen Partners to help This years USCA focuses on the this epidemic to an end within sight, he
companies and organizations better dene their strategy and provide the families that make up the HIV community told the Blade.
tactical communications support necessary to achieve business goals. All too and how we must rely on our families Lewis added conference organizers and
often I have found really talented people, with amazing ideas, who are struggling in this time of uncertainty, said NMAC HIV/AIDS service providers are concerned
to get the word out. They are often understandably so focused on making their Executive Director Paul Kawata in a press this progress may be in danger because
vision become a reality they dont have the time to tell their story. We oer them release. Whether they are birth families, of the Trump administrations proposed
expert guidance with brand strategy development, public relations, marketing chosen families, or work families, all of us cuts to HIV-related service programs.
communications, employee branding and social media support. in the HIV community rely on our families He told the Blade eorts to repeal the
Gamache is a senior marketing professional with more than 20 years to support us through the hard times. Aordable Care Act, Medicare and
experience leading communications and brand positioning for national House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Medicaid cuts and less funding for
corporate, non-prot and government organizations. Strong bias-to-action and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the Housing Opportunities for People with
coupled with a dedication to data-driven decision making has led to his track National Institutes of Healths National AIDS (HOPWA) and the elimination of the
record of creative problem solving and proven business results. Institute of Allergy and Infectious U.S. Department of Health and Human
For the past nearly 15 years, Gamache successfully managed media relations Diseases, are among those who are Services Minority AIDS Initiative Fund
and developed corporate messaging eorts at CARFAX. Prior to that he worked expected to speak at the three-day event. could all have an adverse impact on
for a number of companies as an account manager and supervisor including D.C. health ocials, actress Judith Light eorts to combat the epidemic.
Medialink/US Newswire, Ketchum Public Relations, and Porter Novelli. and singers Frenchie Davis and Billy All of these things are really putting a lot
Gamache began his career working at Whitman-Walker Clinic helping bring the Gilman are also slated to participate. of concern in the HIV community, said Lewis.
organizations lifesaving message and services to young men throughout the The Centers for Disease Control Lewis told the Blade conference
region. He earned his bachelors in education from George Mason University. and Prevention, the University of the organizers have not reached out to the
District of Columbia, the Human Rights White House.
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Court asked for immediate intervention to block trans military ban

Legal groups argue Forces has signicantly undermined that transgender military ban.
cohesion and trust, which Plaintis may Among those speaking out is former
policy should be subject be unable to rebuild absent an order Army Secretary Eric Fanning, whos
to strict scrutiny from this Court enjoining enforcement of served in civilian leadership positions for
the ban, the brief says. each branch of the armed forces and was
By CHRIS JOHNSON Even though transgender people were the rst openly gay person conrmed as unable to enlist into the armed forces because Army secretary.
of existing policy prior to Trumps directive, Fanning said in a statement the working
LGBT legal groups are seeking immediate Cunningham said the injunction sought by group that evaluated transgender service
intervention from a federal court to block legal groups would enjoin enforcement of under the Obama administration before
President Trumps ban on transgender that policy and allow transgender people to the older ban was lifted determined
military service as litigation moves forward. accede into the military. the discharge of highly trained and
In a 51-page legal brief, lawyers from The accessions policy allowing experienced service members would
GLBTQ Advocates & Defenders and transgender people to serve was set leave unexpected vacancies in operational
the National Center for Lesbian Rights to originally go into eect in July of this units and require the expensive and time-
seek a preliminary injunction against year. Cunningham said. The Trump consuming recruitment and training of
enforcement of the ban, which Trump administration has now put it o indenitely. replacement personnel.
directed late last week. Because of that two of the new plaintis The lawsuit is one of three pending
The ban marks transgender service A court is being asked to block PRESIDENT are experiencing immediate harms to their cases challenging the transgender ban.
TRUMPs trans military ban.
members as unequal and dispensable, GAGE SKIDMORE; COURTESY OF FLICKR
education and military careers. Another lawsuit led by OutServe-SLDN
stigmatizing them in the eyes of their In their announcement of their requests and Lambda Legal is pending before
fellow service members and depriving for a preliminary injunction, LGBT legal a federal court in Washington State.
them of the unique honor and status groups included statements from former Yet another led by the American Civil
associated with uniformed service to build the foundation of relationships that civilian leadership at the Pentagon Liberties Union is pending before a
their country, the brief says. Because determine their future military careers. endorsing the motion in opposition to the federal court in Maryland.
the public has no interest in enforcing Carisa Cunningham, a GLAD
an unconstitutional policy and has every spokesperson, said the legal team
interest in the continued service of added additional plaintis in response
capable and dedicated service members, to the portion Trump memo that made
both the balance of the equities and the the Pentagons temporary delay on
public interest weigh in favor of granting transgender enlistment an indenite hold.
an injunction here. These plaintis are experiencing harms
The case, Doe v. Trump, was led earlier right now because of the prohibition
this month after Trump announced the against enlistment, Cunningham said. Equality Calif. les suit to stop trans ban
ban on Twitter, but before he issued guidance The amended complaint adds plaintis
directing that course by LGBT legal groups who are experiencing clear, immediate
on behalf of ve unnamed plaintis currently harms because of the enlistment ban. Equality California led a federal lawsuit on Sept. 5, challenging the directive
serving in the armed forces. The lawsuit was The brief makes the case the transgender Aug. 25 by President Donald Trump ordering the military to return to the pre-
assigned to U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar- military ban is unconstitutional because Obama policy of banning open transgender military service in the armed forces.
Kotelly, a Clinton appointee. discrimination on the basis of transgender Equality California now joins with NCLR/GLAD, Lambda Legal/OutServe-SLDN
In addition to ling a request for an status warrants strict scrutiny a standard of and the ACLU in taking Trump to court on behalf of trans service members. The
immediate block to the transgender review never explicitly granted to transgender suit seeks an injunction against the order and its implementation.
ban, the legal team behind the lawsuit people by the U.S. Supreme Court. As of May 2016, California has the most military bases and installations
amended the complaint to included three Policies that expressly target transgender in the country, 32, with the most active duty and reserves members of the
additional plaintis. people meet all of the traditional criteria for a military, 190,160. That number goes up to more than 360,000 employed by the
Two of these plaintis Regan suspect classication that warrants strict Department of Defense in California when civilian employees are included.
Kibby, a midshipman at the U.S. Naval scrutiny, the brief says. The Supreme Court And, Equality California Executive Director Rick Zbur told the Blade, California
Academy wont be able to complete his has recognized that certain classications is the state with the largest LGBTQ community. Were also the state with
education because of the indenite ban are inherently suspect because they single most LGBTQ people serving in the military and obviously, a state in which are
on enlistment; Dylan Kohere is a college out discrete groups that have historically members are really harmed by this directive. So we decided we wanted to bring
student at the University of New Haven and unjustiably been oppressed. a suit of our [800,000] members that are aected by this ban. We thought It was
just beginning ROTC training are But the ling also argues the ban important that there be a case in California.
dierent from the other plaintis because warrants intermediate scrutiny because An injunction would most likely be welcomed by a Defense Departmentfacing
theyre looking to accede into the armed it amounts to sex discrimination and a slew of critical issues, not the least of which is a bellicose President Trump
forces as opposed to retaining their cannot satisfy any level of review. Twitter-sparring with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. U.N. Ambassador Nikki
current position. The third new plainti is Making the case the ban violates Haley told an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that Kim is begging
unnamed and serves in the Army. plaintis right to due process under the for war after conducting a hydrogen bomb test.The New York Times reportedit
Absent this Courts immediate Fifth Amendment, the brief argues the was a blast that experts said was far more destructive than the bombs that
intervention, their military careers and ban lacks any rational basis, burdens the United States dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
paths will be irreparably harmed, the plaintis right to autonomy and penalizes duringWorld War II.
brief says. The military requires strong plaintis for coming out as transgender The cases seek to block the order, says Zbur. The order is one that doesnt
bonds among unit members tomaintain after the previous ban on transgender give the military discretion about whether to allow service of transgender people
the trust and morale necessary to service was lifted during the Obama in the military So our case raises a number of claims that the order violates the
survive the stresses of military discipline, administration last year. Constitution of the United States and is obviously motivated by animus towards
deployment, and combat. So too, By dictating that certain members transgender people and on a variety of Constitutional grounds, seeks to block
students in the military academies and are not t to serve based solely on the order.
ROTC depend on the bonds they form their status as transgender people, KAREN OCAMB
during their education and training to the Commander in Chief of the Armed

NATIONAL NEWS SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 0 7

Nashville Statement affirms anti-LGBT positions

Evangelicals take aim at leaders only 15 of whom are own righteous but organized rant. They MissionGathering Christian Church in
identiably female claims that they are also fail to register that religion is a choice San Diego, an LGBT activist who helped
post-Christian society on a counter-cultural mission to reclaim while orientation and identity may not be. organize a protest at the Ethics and
what God intends for humanity. No surprise, they want marriage Religious Liberty Commission conference,
By KAREN OCAMB As Western culture has become between one man and one woman and called the statement an aront to Gods increasingly post-Christian, it has DENY that adopting a homosexual or creative design. When your theology
embarked upon a massive revision of transgender self-conception is consistent breeds death, your theology is not of
If so many of the religious leaders what it means to be a human being. By with Gods holy purposes in creation and God, he tweeted.
who signed the Christian manifesto on and large the spirit of our age no longer redemption. Christian author Jen Hatmaker
human sexuality werent members of discerns or delights in the beauty of Gods Our true identity, as male and female tweeted: If the fruit of doctrine regularly
Donald Trump and Mike Pences inner design for human life, the Preamble persons, is given by God. It is not only & consistently creates shame, self-harm,
religious circle, the list of 14 pro-and-con says. It is common to think that human foolish, but hopeless, to try to make suicide, & broken hearts, families, &
statements produced by The Council on identity as make and female is not part ourselves what God did not create us to churches, we shld listen.
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood last of Gods beautiful plan, but is, rather, an be, the statement reads. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was just
week would seem like a fake prop in a expression of an individuals autonomous Two of the lead signers are James annoyed, tweeting that the statement
remake of Inherit the Wind. The Scopes preferences. The pathway to full and Dobson, founder of the Colorado was poorly named.
Trial is over and until this year at least, lasting joy through Gods good design for Springs-based Focus on the Family, and While some critics responded to the
most Americans thought that evolution his creatures is thus replaced by the path Tony Perkins, president of the Family statement with snark and others with
and progressive human values won. of shortsighted alternatives that, sooner Research Council. Dobson and four disgust or disappointment, Sarah Jones
The latest armation of anti-LGBT or later, ruin human life and dishonor other signers are members of Trumps at the New Republic has a dierent
bigotry, so soon after the orgy of white God. evangelical advisory board. Perkins take altogether. She feels the Nashville
supremacy in Charlottesville, is part of the Interestingly, though longing for the joined evangelical brother Vice President Statement indicates the death rattle of
Southern Baptist Conventions Ethics and good old days of heterosexual male Mike Pence in pushing the personnel ban a conservative Christian Right movement
Religious Liberty Commissions annual superiority, these evangelicals did not on transgender military service, just as that won the White House and its pick for
conference in Nashville. capitalize him for God as they once North Korea issues more dire warnings. the Supreme Court.
The Nashville Statement, however, did, i.e. Him or He. They apparently USA Today reported: In a series of
signed by 150 conservative Christian didnt notice they diminished God in their tweets, Pastor Brandan Robertson of CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

Tillerson raises Chechnya crackdown with Russia

Letter sent to Sergey Lavrov to speak about that from this position here
at the podium and part of my job is speaking
earlier in the summer on behalf of Secretary Tillerson and speaking
on behalf of this department.
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS President Trump has yet to publicly condemn the crackdown.
The Russian LGBT Network, which has
The State Department on Tuesday helped LGBT Chechens ee their homeland,
conrmed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed skepticism over the Kremlins
has expressed concern about the ongoing claims it has launched an investigation
anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya with his into the crackdown. Chechen President
Russian counterpart. Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close ally of
The Washington Post in a Sept. 1 article Russian President Vladimir Putin, earlier this
about a transgender Chechen woman summer said during an interview with HBOs
who has received asylum in the U.S. Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that gay
noted Tillerson wrote a letter to Russian people dont exist in the republic.
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Secretary of State REX TILLERSON in a letter to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov raised The New York Times on Sunday reported
the ongoing anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya.
A State Department ocial on Tuesday WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY the Canadian government has allowed 22
told the Blade the letter was sent earlier gay and lesbian Chechens to seek refuge in
in the summer. The ocial declined to the country over the last three months as
provide a copy of it. perpetrators of abuses should be held to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley part of a program with Rainbow Railroad, a
We continue to raise our concerns about this account under Russian law, and for the earlier this year said the U.S. is disturbed Toronto-based group that helps LGBT people
situation with Russian authorities, the ocial release of anyone who remains in detention by the crackdown. The State Department in escape what it describes as state-sponsored
told the Blade. In a letter to Russian Foreign because of their sexual orientation. April called upon the Russian government violence. Human Rights Campaign President
Minister Lavrov, SecretaryTillersonconveyed Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian to conduct an investigation. Chad Grin in May in a letter to Tillerson
U.S. concerns about the credible reports of newspaper, in April reported authorities in Tillerson in June told the House urged the U.S. to grant visas to those who are
widespread detentions, torture and other the semi-autonomous Russian republic in Foreign Aairs Committee that he had eeing anti-gay persecution in Chechnya.
abuses against gay men in Chechnya. the North Caucuses have arrested more than not discussed Chechnya with Russian The U.S. must show leadership in helping
The secretary noted the opening of 100 men because of their sexual orientation ocials. State Department spokesperson people who face such grave threats to their
a criminal investigation by the Russian since the beginning of the year. At least three Heather Nauert in July said the State fundamental human rights, wrote Grin.
government and an inquiry by the Human of these men reportedly died after their Department has raised the crackdown in The people eeing Chechnya are being
Rights Ombudsman, and encouraged arrest, while others have been beaten and conversations at the highest levels. persecuted because of who they are and
swift and independent investigations tortured and sent to secret prisons. Human rights is something thats very who they love, and it is our responsibility
into these troubling allegations, added Reports indicate Chechen authorities have important to us, Nauert told the Blade to step up and protect them from despotic
the ocial. The secretary urged that any also begun to target lesbians and trans people. during a July 18 press brieng. We continue leaders who seek to harm them.

NATIONAL NEWS SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 3

Trump taps gay official as ambassador to Germany

Grenell is rst major Trump for saying hes ne with the be a priority of Log Cabin Republicans in
U.S. Supreme Court ruling for marriage the weeks ahead.
openly gay appointee equality, although the presidents words Grenell earned his bachelors degree
seemed to fall short of a full endorsement. from Evangel University in Springeld,
By CHRIS JOHNSON On the other hand, Grenell has Mo., and his masters in public aairs expressed skepticism over the Student at Harvard Universitys John F. Kennedy
Non-Discrimination Act and former School of Government.
President Trump last week President Obamas 2014 executive Aisha Moodie-Mills, CEO of the Gay &
nominated foreign policy expert order against anti-LGBT workplace Lesbian Victory Institute, said although
Ric Grenell as U.S. ambassador to discrimination among federal contractors. her organization normally favors
Germany, the first major openly gay But Grenell is perhaps best known on LGBT appointments, she has strong
appointment of the administration. Twitter for his combative relationship reservations about Grenell.
The White House announced Trump with reporters, including those from the LGBTQ presidential appointees can
had named Grenell to the post, which Washington Blade. Taking a cue from be critical dierence-makers when they
requires U.S. Senate conrmation, in a Trump, who has declared war on the media, hold a broad vision of equality and are
statement late Friday along with scores RIC GRENELLs appointment is subject to Grenell often accuses reporters of harboring empowered to enact it, Moodie-Mills
of other nominees. Senate conrmation. biases that undermine their reporting. said. Unfortunately, past statements
The nomination was expected. Media WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
Grenells appointment comes at a time by Richard Grenell make clear he is
reports in July indicated Trump would tap of continued cooperation between the not supportive of the entire LGBTQ
Grenell for the post, but Trump hadnt Mitt Romney, but resigned amid pressure United States and Germany, but also community including LGBTQ Muslims,
formally made the designation until this time. from social conservatives over his sexual some tension. Merkel has criticized Trump immigrants and people of color. His
According to his bio, Grenell founded orientation. Grenell never had the for his approach to climate change and praise for President Trump as a historic
the international consulting rm Capitol opportunity to speak publicly in the role. North Korea. Trump, in turn, has called pro-LGBTQ president is completely
Media Partners in 2010 and served in Grenell, who has described himself as on Germany, which spends 1.2 percent of delegitimized by Trumps appointment
various roles as a public communications a gay conservative Christian, has a same- its gross domestic product on defense, to of an almost entirely anti-LGBTQ cabinet,
adviser for nearly two decades. Under sex partner, Matt Lashey. According double its expenditures in this area. as well as his actions attacking trans
the George W. Bush administration, to The Atlantic, the two have been Gregory Angelo, president of Log students and military members.
Grenell was the longest serving U.S. together 15 years and Lashey himself is Cabin Republicans, hailed the news of Nonetheless, Moodie-Mills said
spokesperson at the United Nations and a conservative Christian who graduated Grenells appointment. Grenell has a real opportunity to make
served four United States Ambassadors. from Jerry Falwells Liberty University. Its exciting to see Mr. Grenell change upon his conrmation as U.S.
For a period of less than two weeks, Grenell has supported LGBT rights, nominated to such an important post at ambassador to Germany.
Grenell served during the 2012 endorsing the Employment Non- such an important time, Angelo said. As
presidential election as a foreign policy Discrimination Act in 2013 and supporting a member of our Los Angeles Chapter,
spokesperson for Republican nominee same-sex marriage. Grenell hailed working to ensure his conrmation will CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM

AIDS guru Louise Hay dies at 90

Love is the most Marianne Williamson, Rev. Sandy Scott, personal AIDS updates, hopes, fears and
and Ma Jaya, to name the most prominent. gratitude for nding a place to really be
powerful stimulant to Louise Hay and her Hay Ride gave themselves. Many were still in the closet
the immune system spiritual support and acceptance or AIDS had outted them, accompanied
to so many in the early days of the by family rejection. It was in arenas
By KAREN OCAMB AIDS epidemic, says gay former like this, as well as at the bedsides of Entertainment Tonight executive the dying or on the streets protesting
producer Brad Bessey. She was so government inaction that the concept of
Louise Hay, an advocate for important to our movement preaching family of choice took hold.
unconditional love and forgiveness love over fear and healing, hope and Hay would oer spiritual guidance,
during the height of the AIDS crisis, died heart over hopelessness. LOUISE HAY provided support for gay men armations and unconditional love. She
peacefullyAug. 30 of natural causes.She Fiesta Hall in West Hollywoods dying of AIDS. also led visualizations with hundreds of
was 90. Plummer Park would ll up on SCREEN SHOT FROM HAYS WEBSITE mostly strangers making room to lying
Meeting Louise changed the direction Wednesday night in the late 1980s with next to a sick, healthy or healing body to
of my life, Reid Tracy, president and up to 700 people seeking hope, comfort, walking with portable IV drips, or do intimate private internal work. By the
CEO of Hay House, Inc., said in a friendship, forgiveness, love and often barely ambulatory with arms wrapped end, whether full forgiveness had been
statement posted on her website. Her a cure for the incurable AIDS from the around the shoulders of friends who achieved or not, there were no strangers,
passion for serving others translated into metaphysical counselor who said she had served as human crutches to allow the only friends with no known name yet.
everything she did. Simply by working cured herself of cancer. The celebration weakened one some sense of dignity The atmosphere in the auditorium was
alongside her, an analytical accountant of life known as the Hay Ride, was often and self-propulsion. Friends, healthcare infused with honest emotion sadness
like me transformed into someone the only time a person with AIDS might be workers, family, activists, volunteers at the loss of loved ones, grief at ones
who became aware of the power of touched, hugged or massaged with care, anyone with a heart desperate to do own imminent passing, and love and joy
armations and self-love. Being able to not disdain. something, if only give love would enough to move mountains.
learn from her has been one of my lifes People with AIDS came to the park their outrage at the door and pack Love is the most powerful stimulant
greatest blessings. gathering in all conditions hobbling the auditorium to listen to each other, to the immune system. What were doing
Hay was one of several women who on canes with one leg stiened by whether pleas for roommates, money for here is practicing love, unconditional
emerged as spiritual gurus alongside hard purple KS lesions or somehow rent, announcements about memorials, love, Hay would say.

1 4 S EPTE MB ER 08, 2017 I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

England, Wales, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, the
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. A law that
will allow gays and lesbians to tie the knot in Germany is slated to take eect on Oct. 1.
A Maltese law that allows trans people, among other things, legally change their name
or gender without undergoing a sex-reassignment surgery or hormone therapy and
provides legal protections to intersex children took eect in 2015. Malta last December
became the rst country in Europeto ban so-called conversion therapy.
Calleja told the Blade a strong Maltese advocacy movement and Muscats 2013
election that brought his liberal Labor Party to power have contributed to the rapid
advancement of LGBT and intersex-specic issues in the country.
Its been a rapid change over the last four to ve years, said Calleja.

Thirty people from across West Africa attended a rst-of-its-kind LGBT-inclusive religious
gathering last month in Ghana.

West Africa holds rst LGBT-inclusive

religious gathering
An LGBT-inclusive African faith network held its rst event late last month.
More than 30 delegates from 10 West African countries gathered in Ghana from Aug.
24-28 for the Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africas rst-ever interfath diversity
event, which was themed Building Bridges, Sharing Stories, Creating Hope.
On Aug. 24, there was an introductory session for delegates to share their personal
stories and outreach programs to support their fellow LGBT people. The participants
who were from Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Cote
dIvoire, Mali and Togo told passionate stories of judgment, denial, shame, violence,
rape, hatred and pain.
Participants on Aug. 25 focused on developing religious texts aimed at pushing for
LGBT rights advancement and acceptance on the continent. As part of events lined up
for this diversity event, the rst-ever LGBT-specic interfaith worship in West Africa was
held with IDNWA Co-chair Davis Mac-Iyalla presiding.
IDNOWA Co-chair Ngozi Nwosu-Juba in her closing remarks thanked delegates and
invited guests, assuring them that the vision of the network was its driving force and NOAHMCLEAN-GLASS was banned from the Princess-for-a-Day experience.
this must be achieved for the benet of community members in West Africa.
Religion is meant to promote respect for individual irrespective of their sexual
orientation or gender identity, Mac-Iyalla told the Washington Blade. We are a legally
registered network, our stas, members and board are all fully involved as a team.
Mac-Iyalla added he saw the need to start the network because both state and other
Disneyland Paris bans 3-year-old
key players in West Africa are using religion as a weapon of discrimination against LGBT boy from Princess for a Day
people in West Africa.
IDNOWA was like the long-awaited messiah in West Africa; our network is embraced
by everyone who wants a change in attitude for a fairer and inclusive society for Disneyland Paris has apologized for banning 3-year-old NoahMcLean-Glass
everyone, Mac-Iyalla told Blade on the need for IDNOWA. from participating in itsPrincess for a Day experience.
Mac-Iyalla adds IDNOWA aims to achieve its mission through training, research, His mother Hayley, from Devon, England,says Noahs favorite Disney character
advocacy, and dialogue. is Elsa from Frozen. For an early Christmas present, she decided to take him to
BUMMI JOHNSON Disneyland Paris for a princess makeover as part of the theme parks Princess
for a Day program.
I knew that there would be NOTHING hed love more than to get to wear
a pretty dress, put makeup on like mummy does, and have his photo taken
Malta same-sex marriage law takes effect being one of his beloved Disney Princesses, Hayley wrote on her mommy blog,
Sparkles & Stretchmarks.
A law that allows same-sex couples to legally marry in Malta took eect last week. She emailed her request to the theme park and was told, At this time it is not
Gabi Calleja, coordinator of the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement, a local advocacy possible to book Princess for a Day for a boy.
group, told the Washington Blade on Friday during a telephone interview that same-sex I was so angry, I literally couldnt stop shaking for half an hour afterwards,
couples can now ll out a marriage application with local ocials. Calleja noted there is Hayleytold ITV. I was just so shocked. I mean, Im his mother and if Im OK with
a 6-week waiting period under Maltese law before they and any other couple can him doing it, who are Disney to tell me that he cant do that?
legally tie the knot. Disneyland Paris issued an apology and says that it was an isolated incident.
The Maltese Parliament in July nearly unanimously approved the marriage bill. Prime The cast members response is not reective of any policy or belief held here
Minister Joseph Muscat, who was re-elected in June, is among those who backed the measure. at Disneyland Paris. Of course, both boys and girls are welcome to enjoy the
Today is when it comes into force, Calleja told the Blade. Princess For a Day experience, in addition to all our other special activities, the
ILGA-Europe and Rainbow Rose, the LGBT network of the Party of European Socialists, statement reads.
also applauded Muscat and Maltese advocates on Friday. MARIAH COOPER
Same-sex couples can legally marry in Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland,

NATIONAL NEWS SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 5

Trump ends DACA, triggering nationwide protests

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 in a statement that ending this program
of opportunity for Congress to nally act. fullls a promise that President Trump
As president, my highest duty is to made to restore the proper role of the
defend the American people and the executive and legislative branches.
constitution of the United States of But now there is more to do, and
America, said Trump. At the same time, the president has called on Congress
I do not favor punishing children, most of to act, added Ryan. The presidents
whom are now adults, for the actions of announcement does not revoke permits
their parents. But we must also recognize immediately, and it is important that
that we are [sic] nation of opportunity those aected have clarity on how this
because we are a nation of laws. interim period will be carried out.
The Trump administration announced Ryan said young people who came to
it would end DACA on the same day it this country through no fault of their own,
faced what CASA, a Maryland-based and for many of them its the only country
immigration advocacy group, has they know. are at the heart of this issue.
described as an arbitrary deadline that Their status is one of many immigration
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and issues, such as border security and
nine other state attorneys general gave interior enforcement, which Congress
Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS announced the plan to end DACA this week.
the White House to rescind the program. has failed to adequately address over the
Trump last month endorsed a bill that WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY years, he added. It is my hope that the
would, among other things, reduce the House and Senate, with the presidents
number of people who will be allowed of Lafayette Park earlier in the day when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in a statement leadership, will be able to nd consensus
to legally immigrate to the U.S. each Vice President Pences motorcade drove said children who were illegally brought on a permanent legislative solution that
year. Trump earlier this year signed past. One protester directed an obscene into this country through no fault of their includes ensuring that those who have
executive orders banning citizens of gesture towards Pence, while another own should not be forced to return to a done nothing wrong can still contribute
seven-predominantly Muslim countries stood silently as she held a sign. country they do not know. as a valued part of this great country.
from entering the U.S. for 90 days, Appealing to his most xenophobic Todays decision is a giant setback In a rare public rebuke of Trump,
spurring the construction of a wall along base, Trump is risking the lives of 800,000 for America, because all of our children former President Obama weighed in on
the U.S.-Mexico border and paving the young people, including more than 75,000 should feel safe and accepted in a country social media, blasting the move as cruel.
way for cuts in federal funding to so- LGBTQ people who deserve to live and that belongs to them, added Los Angeles To target these young people is wrong
called sanctuary cities that protect work free of fear, said Gay and Lesbian Mayor Eric Garcetti. Deferred Action for because they have done nothing wrong,
undocumented immigrants. Victory Institute CEO Aisha Moodie-Mills Childhood Arrivals has allowed close to Obama wrote on Facebook. It is self-
National Center for Transgender Equality in a statement. Its cruel and cowardly 800,000 ambitious, patriotic young people defeating because they want to start
Executive Director Mara Keisling is among the and ts with a pattern of implementing to start careers, stay in school, and give new businesses, sta our labs, serve in
hundreds of immigrant rights advocates who racist, xenophobic and anti-LGBTQ back to our communities without fear of our military, and otherwise contribute to
were gathered in front of the White House policies that target core American values being torn from the people they love. the country we love. And it is cruel.
on Tuesday when Sessions announced the and move our country backward. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) In a Wednesday tweet, Trump hinted
administration would end DACA. D.C. Council member David Grosso last week indicated Trump should allow that he would revisit the DACA issue if
Roughly 100 DACA supporters were (I-At-Large) described the administrations DACA to remain in place. The Wisconsin Congress doesnt legalize it. For updates
standing along H Street, N.W., in front decision to end DACA as heartless. U.S. Republican on Tuesday nevertheless said on the story, visit

DNC activist Rick Stafford dies at 65

Longtime LGBT Hillary Clinton, Obama, Bill Clinton. In 1992, Minnesota Democrats elected
advocate a major force Vorndran said Staord would often stay Staord as chair of the state party,
with him when he visited Washington. making him the rst out gay person to
in Democratic Party He would say, Im here running a win election to chair either of the two
caucus or I have a ward committee major parties in a state.
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO meeting. He was just so involved in Since the 1990s Staord served at various grassroots retail politics and thats what times as a member of the Democratic
made him such a tremendous force, I National Committee. He chaired the DNCs
Rick Staord, a longtime LGBT activist think, his whole life. LGBT Americans Caucus.
in the Democratic Party, died on Sept. 2 Staord, a Minnesota native who lived I was a rabble rouser, said Staord
at a hospital near his home in southern there his whole life, was born Aug. 25, 1952. in a 2012 Washington Blade interview.
Minnesota, according to his friend Kurt Staord was credited with playing a But we knew about timing, when its the
Vorndran. He was 65. The cause of death lead role in lobbying, cajoling and nudging best time to pick and choose your battles.
was a heart ailment. the Democratic Party to take a strong Its just sheer stupidity when were even
He was a major force within the stand on LGBT rights and to change its thinking about a negative protest when
Democratic Party even though I dont delegate selection rules and policies to we have so much to celebrate.
think he was a household name, reach out to minorities, especially LGBT He really believed politics could make
Vorndran said. He was just a brilliant people, resulting in a dramatic increase in a dierence in the lives of ordinary
strategist who knew the party rules and the number of LGBT delegates. people, Vorndran said.
RICK STAFFORD died at age 65.
really knew how to get things done. He He was a veteran of national Democratic Staord was single. No information
was a member of the national committee conventions having been to at least 10. BLADE FILE PHOTO COURTESY OF STAFFORD about services was immediately available.
and knew all the major national gures He came out in the 1970s. LOU CHIBBARO JR. CONTRIBUTED

1 6 SEPTE MB ER 08, 2017 I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

LGBT immigrants among DREAMers facing uncertainty

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 place of birth.
Aguirre, an activist with United We Dream,
uncertainty about their future. said Trumps decision to end DACA is rooted
Its been 20 years since Ive last set foot in in white supremacy and part and parcel of
Korea, Choi said. All my extended family is the presidents actions against other minority
here in America or elsewhere. I dont know groups, such as the travel ban on Muslim
what I would do. My language skills arent majority countries.
really up to par and I would have to serve in Its really about making sure that brown
the Korean military because of mandatory and black young people are not able to be
conscription. Its something that I really, a free part of the country where we call
really wish didnt happen. home, Aguirre said. Its about putting us
Being gay in Korea would be no walk in in danger of being incarcerated and being
the park for Choi. In addition to mandatory deported and having our families targeted.
conscription, homosexual acts are barred and LGBT groups across the board have
subject to punishment in the Korean military. condemned Trump for eliminating DACA
Choi said the stress of potential removal calling it a betrayal of those who
from his home in New York City, where he signed for up the program and are now
works as the social media manager for the SHERIDAN AGUIRRE of Austin, Texas, left, stands with two other DACA supporters in front of at risk of deportation. As Slates Mark
American Asian and Pacic Islanders group the White House on Sept. 5. Joseph Stern points out, the reversal of
called 18 Million Rising, has manifested the U.S. governments position on DACA
itself physically. Among the ailments he eligibility is similar to Trumps elimination
cited were not being able to sleep more instead because of internal pressure. undocumented immigrants in that status. of transgender military service, which
than four hours at a time, sinus trouble Were here, I think, because Trump is caving There is no line that we can stand on, imperiled transgender troops who came
and stiness in his neck. into the inuences within his administration Choi said. Immigration law is very complex, out after the Obama administration lifted
I felt like my body was falling apart, just that are very anti-immigrant, Choi said. As and frankly, very broken in terms of people the ban on transgender service last year.
like everything in my world was, Choi said. you can see from people like Stephen Miller, who want to become U.S. citizens. So Among the LGBT groups taking action is
Everything that I had built in the past ve Je Sessions, they are pretty heavily anti- there is no line we can stand on. There is theNational Queer Asian Pacic Islander
years would be coming to an end. immigrant within the administration, and no application that we can just magically Alliance. On Tuesday, NQAPIA delivered
The Trump administration announced they would like to see America shoot itself in go out and get rid of our undocumented- to Trump971 postcards from LGBT Asian
Tuesday it would phase out DACA over a six- its feet rather than letting us live with dignity. ness. Were not undocumented because its Americans and Pacic Islanders and allies
month period ending March 5. Although no Amid discontent with the decision to roll all fun and games; were undocumented in favor of preserving DACA.
newEmployment Authorization Documents back DACA (75 percent of the American public because our circumstances drove us here. DACA was never a perfect
will be granted, DACA recipients with such supports allowing recipients to stay, according Among those participating in rallies program, but it was a step in the
authorization will be allowed to stay in the to a Sept. 5 Morning Consult poll), Trump has throughout the country Tuesday as right direction, NQAPIA Executive
United States until that paperwork. After said Congress should pass a comprehensive the Trump administration announced DirectorGlenn Magpantay said.President
that, they lose their immigration status and immigration bill that would x immigration law it would roll back DACA were LGBT Trumps mean-spirited cancellation
their fate is unknown. in favor of young, undocumented immigrants immigrants covered under the program. of DACA will force 800,000 people to
Trump explained his decision to who obtained status under the program. Sheridan Aguirre, a 23-year-old live in even greater fear. Talented and
rescind DACA after making a campaign Choi, whose work documentation queer undocumented immigrant whos hard-working DACA young people are
promise to cut back on one hand, but expires in December 2o18 is clinging to the covered under DACA and resides in the ones who are truly making America
telling recipients they can rest easy hope of congressional action within the six- Austin, Texas, took in the protest outside great. Again the president cuts back on
on the other by making the dubious month period before DACA is eliminated of the White House on the day Trump the American dream and contributors to
claim the program is unlawful. In fact, which is unlikely in a Republican-controlled made the announcement. our economy.
immigration law grants the executive Congress to ensure he and other DACA means the world to me, Aguirre In the meantime,Aguirre said hell rely
branch authority for establishing national DREAMers can remain in the United States. said. Its allowed me to graduate from the on ties to his community and family to get
immigration enforcement policies and Were really going to have to pivot University of Texas, its allowed me to be him through an uncertain time and a new
priorities, which includes deferred action to Congress to really nd ways to nd a able to provide an income for me and my immigration status.
on removals. solution for us, Choi said. Its like living on partner and so if it were to be taken away, I really try to draw back on the fact
Negative consequences cited as a result a ticking time bomb because the program it would really disrupt my life and the life of that weve lived here for 20 years, and
of DACA by Trump were equally dubious. is supposed to end in six months. And six my family. thats not going to change,Aguirre said.
They included the humanitarian crisis months, thats not a long time, and to expect Born in Iguala, Mexico, Aguirre came I know that I have my community. I know
under the Obama administration at the the Congress to come up with something to the United States with his mother in that I have allies that are here with me to
U.S.-Mexico border in which children from when the House and the Senate are being 1996 as an undocumented immigrant ght alongside me.
Central America were sent without their held by Republicans, its very dicult, but at the age of 1. The two joined his father Choi said hell try to keep pressure on
parents to the United States. Trump also what else can we do? We came this far. who was already in the country working Congress and potentially encourage
suggested DACA contributed to the rise On the same day he announced hed as a migrant worker picking cotton. Trump to reverse course on DACA as
of the transnational crime gang MS-13, end DACA, Trump said hed revisit the After Aguirre enrolled in school and took he remains with few options and the real
whose members are principally of Central issue if Congress doesnt come forward part in advanced placement classes, his risk of losing his home.
American origin. with a legislative solution. It remains to be family decided to stay. We came this far, Choi said. A lot of
Trump made the decision on the day seen if Congress will produce a solution, I have no memories of living in us we built our livelihoods over the past
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said and, if not, whether Trump will change his Mexico, Aguirre said. Theres nothing ve years, and its not just us. There are
would be the deadline before hed amend administrative decision. left for me in the place where I was people who depend on us. Some of us
a 2014 lawsuit pending before federal court One action Choi said isnt available to born and especially now, particularly have children, some of us have families
to end DACA through litigation. him under immigration law despite in Aguirre, Mexico. Thats the site of the that we support, so this is not a ght
But Choi, citing calls from faith leaders, his presence in the United States for 20 murders of organizers and activists, the that we need to simply give up and go
members of Congress even Republicans years and education at a U.S. college Ayotzinapa 43, and so since then, the city away. We really need to rally around and
to maintain DACA, rejected the idea is applying for U.S. citizenship to has changed dramatically, and if I were engage our members of Congress, really.
litigation was responsible for Trumps eliminate the risk of deportation. The lack ever to be deported, I know it would not We have the power to do this.
decision and said the president capitulated of the option, Choi said, is what keeps be safe for me to live authentically in my MICHAEL K. LAVERS CONTRIBUTED

n !
HE A LTH NEW S S E PT E M B E R 08, 2017 17

PrEP safe for gay male teens: study

LONDON PrEP is safe for gay teens according to a new study, Reuters reports.
I do hope clinicians increase their comfort with being able to provide PrEP to
adolescents, said lead author Sybil Hosek, a clinical psychologist and HIV researcher
at Cook County Health and Hospitals Systems Stroger Hospital in Chicago.
F u
She hopes the new data will be submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and will encourage the agency to approve the pill for use
by younger people. The pill is currently approved for HIV prevention in adults.
The drug was rst approved by the FDA in 2012 as Truvada, which was
marketed by Gilead. Trials found that the drug reduced the risk of HIV infection
by about 90 percent.
But little evidence was collected on its use among gay and bisexual adolescent
males, who are among those most at risk for HIV infection. Reduced
For the study, researchers enrolled 78 gay and bisexual young men, ages 15 to Admissio
17, from six U.S. cities. The participants all tested negative for HIV at the start of g h
the study, but were at high risk for an infection, Reuters reports. !
ber 10th
Participants received a counseling session about HIV risk, plus access to daily Septem te
doses of PrEP for the next 48 weeks. Visit Oudetails.

Overall, 47 participants completed the study. Only three adverse events for
occurred that were possibly related to PrEP, the researchers found.
I think the safety piece is important, Hosek told Reuters Health. It was well tolerated.
We didnt see many complaints about side eects. We did not see many adverse events.
The researchers also didnt nd an increase in sexually risky behaviors over
the study period, Reuters reports. Last Weekend Saturdays & Sundays
Three young men did become infected with HIV, however. Blood samples
To Save! through October 22
suggest they were taking less than two doses of PrEP each week at the time of
infection, Reuters reports. 10 am - 7 pm Rain or Shine
The rate of HIV infection in the study was 6.4 cases per 100 people per year,
which is about twice as high as the rate seen among men ages 18 to 22 years 800-296-7304
enrolled in a similar trial, the researchers write in JAMA Pediatrics.
I shudder to think what the (HIV infection) rate would be if we didnt oer
PrEP, Reuters quoted Hosek as having said.
She said the high rate of HIV infections is likely due to poor adherence. While
more than 95 percent of the young men had evidence of the preventive medication
in their blood during the rst 12 weeks of the study, by week 48 only about 15
percent of participants had detectible levels of the drug, Reuters reports.
Low adherence to medications is a common problem with adolescents, said Hosek.
Apply for Discounts on Your Utility Bills
Dr. Renata Arrington-Sanders writes in an editorial accompanying the new study Discounts are Subject to Income Eligibility Requirements
that making PrEP a success among gay and bisexual adolescents will require eort.

- Apply for Discounted Rates on -

This work suggests that adolescents may require additional visits than what is
currently recommended by national guidelines and suggests a need for multiple
team members to address structural barriers to accessing PrEP, assist with youths
interpretation of HIV risk, and support self-ecacy to swallow and adhere to
medications, writes Arrington-Sanders, of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
Telephone Electric
Bisexuals face double discrimination Lifeline Program (Economy II) Residential Aid Discount (RAD) Program
Annual discount on one Potential savings are
land line service per between $300-$475
NEW YORK Double discrimination and loneliness put bisexual individuals
household. annually.
at higher risk for poor mental health outcomes, according to a recent study out
of American University, NBC News reports.
Bisexual people face double discrimination in multiple settings bisexual
people are often invisible, rejected, invalidated and stigmatized in the
heterosexual community as well as the traditional LGBTQ communities, Ethan
Natural Gas Water
Residential Essential Service (RES) Program Customer Assistance Program (CAP)
Mereish, an assistant professor at American University and the studys lead Potential savings up to Potential discount
author, told NBC News. Given that isolation and discrimination, bi people might $276 during the winter could be over $450
be experiencing increase factors that might make them more lonely or isolated. annually.
heating season.
Previous research has shown that LGB individuals broadly face higher rates of
mental health issues than their straight counterparts. Yet there are mental health
disparities that the bisexual community faces at higher rates than even gays and
lesbians. That said, the American University study surveyed 503 bisexual adults
ranging in age from 18-64 to hone in on their unique minority stressors and the
eects they have on mental health, NBC News reports.
For more info call 311 or visit
This study adds to the growing body of research conrming that bisexual To apply for the telephone Lifeline Service (Economy II), call 800-253-0846.
people face unique mental health disparities (that are) closely related to stigma
and discrimination [(hey face) from straight, gay and lesbian communities, These programs are for DC residents only.
Heron Greenesmith, a senior policy analyst at LGBT advocacy organization
Movement Advancement Project, said, according to NBC News. Internal stigma
adds another barrier to bisexual people.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

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Dreamers, LGBT people been written by Vladimir Putin. of attempted suicide among lesbian, gay,
Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
face cold-hearted hypocrisy We have battled religious intolerance and bisexual youth. It is especially wicked PUBLISHER
for a long time. I will restate points I made to use the bad fruit of harsh environ- LYNNE J. BROWN
from far right in 2012 for D.C.s Gay and Lesbian Activ- ments to justify mistreatment disguised ext. 8075
ists Alliance: as healthcare. EDITORIAL
Right-wing claims about traditional No one need choose between faith and KEVIN NAFF
marriage are astoundingly false. A true self-respect. The Nashville signatories ext. 8088
Bible-based marriage law would include insist on seeing dierence as a threat. A FEATURES EDITOR
polygamy, concubines, executing non- better vision for America is all around us, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO
just beyond our comfort zones. ext. 8081
virginal brides, banning mixed-faith mar-
riages and divorce, and requiring a man Trump equivocated on DACA, touting LOU CHIBBARO JR.
to marry his dead brothers widow. The his big heart. Business leaders clamored ext. 8079
scriptures supporting those practices are to save the program while nativist hard- NEWS REPORTER
RICHARD J. ROSENDALL is a writer and activist. CHRIS JOHNSON
Reach him at mostly from the Old Testament, which liners including Attorney General Je ext. 8083
the bullies prefer to Christs law of love. Sessions, dead-eyed Stephen Miller, and
If they were not cherry-picking verses to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who called it il- MICHAEL K. LAVERS
It is time to step up the ght against the suit their prejudices, they might notice legal amnesty, demanded he keep his
multi-pronged intolerance resurgent in the alternate gloss on Sodom in Ezekiel campaign pledge to end it. But as former POP CULTURE REPORTER
America, which cloaks itself in piety and 16:49. Using religion to justify prejudice Solicitor General Walter Dellinger notes, MARIAH COOPER
patriotism as it attacks LGBT people, im- or to control others is not acceptable in a 6 U.S.C. 202 already says DHS can set MICHAEL KEY
migrants, and others. Here I focus on the free society. We must rebuke the preda- national immigration enforcement poli-
anti-gay, anti-trans Nashville Statement tors and opportunists who presume to cies and priorities. Immigration reform CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
and on President Trumps despicable de- sermonize against us when their own has stalled in Congress. Tossing DACA to PETER ROSENSTEIN, MARK LEE,
cision to rescind the Deferred Action for moral authority is in shreds. We must Capitol Hill to resolve in six months is an- LATEEFAH WILLIAMS, KATE CLINTON,
Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, cre- also thank clergy who arm us. other Trump evasion. MAXIMILLIAN SYCAMORE
ated by President Obama in 2012. The bigots who gathered in Nashville Jesus Contreras, 23, a Houston para- CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
The Nashville Statement was issued might be laughed o except for the harm medic who worked for six straight days AZERCREATIVE.COM
Aug. 29 by evangelical ministers hosted they inspire, including subjecting youth to rescuing people after Hurricane Harvey, SALES & ADMINISTRATION
by the Southern Baptist Convention. It the dangerous and discredited fraud of is among 800,000 Dreamers who face
calls marriage a divinely ordained union conversion therapy. Their ally, Vice Presi- deportation. America has been his home ext. 8077
of one man and one woman and denies dent Mike Pence, stated on his 2000 con- since age six. Nine red state attorneys SR. ACCT. EXECUTIVE
that marriage is a mere human contract. gressional campaign website, Resources general threatened to sue Trump if he did BRIAN PITTS
It invokes biological sex as a rule to be should be directed toward those institu- not revoke DACA, others if he did. ext. 8089
imposed rather than a lived reality to be tions which provide assistance to those At the Gospels heart is a rebuke in Mat- JOE HICKLING
studied. It states, We arm that it is sin- seeking to change their sexual behavior. thew 25: I was hungry and you gave me ext. 8094
ful to approve of homosexual immorality Pardon me, but no. Low self-esteem no food, I was thirsty and you gave me CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING/ADMINISTRATION
or transgenderism ... Thats an arma- has to be taught. Studies show that fam- no drink, I was a stranger and you did PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
tion? It reminds me of the old song lyric, ily rejection and unsupportive environ- not welcome me, naked and you did not ext. 8092
Yes we have no bananas. It could have ments are associated with greater risk clothe me, sick and in prison and you did RIVENDELL MEDIA
not visit me. 212-242-6863;
Pope Francis said in October 2016,
E DIT OR IA L C A R T OON For distribution, contact Lynne Brown at 202-747-2077,
You cannot be a Christian without do- ext. 8075. Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC
ing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25. All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal copyright law
and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Washing-
Its hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian ton Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers
and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor implied. The
and chase away a refugee or someone appearance of names or pictorial representation does not necessarily
seeking help, someone who is hungry or indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons. Although the
Washington Blade is supported by many ne advertisers, we cannot ac-
thirsty, toss out someone who is in need cept responsibility for claims made by advertisers. Unsolicited editorial
material is accepted by the Washington Blade, but the paper cannot take
of my help. responsibility for its return. The editors reserve the right to accept, reject
or edit any submission. A single copy of the Washington Blade is available
Trump is not the wall, but the breach. from authorized distribution points, to any individual within a 50-mile ra-
dius of Washington, D.C. Multiple copies are available from the Washington
His rhetorical grenades have rolled back Blade oce only. Call for rates. If you are unable to get to a convenient
free distribution point, you may receive a 52-week mailed subscription for
into his own tent. $195 per year or $5.00 per single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be
sent to Phil Rockstroh at Postmaster: Send
God made us dierently. People can is- address changes to the Washington Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington,
sue all the statements they want against DC 20009. The Washington Blade is published weekly, on Friday, by
Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. Individual Subscriptions are $195
LGBT people; that will not change who we per year for 52 issues (only $3.75 per issue mailed to you USPS). Rates
for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical postage paid
are. Immigrants commit less crime; pun- at Washington, D.C., and additional mailing oces. Editorial positions
of the Washington Blade are expressed in editorials and in editors
ishing people who were brought here as notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are those
of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the
children is gratuitous, damnable cruelty. Washington Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary: Let-
ters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
We must defeat the haters and hypo- than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length,
and must include a name, address and phone number for verication.
crites who are taking sledgehammers Send submissions by e-mail to
to American principles. Those principles
must be at the core of our message or we
will lose, and see Lady Libertys beacon of
hope snued out. No greatness there.
Copyright 2017 by Richard J. Rosendall.
All rights reserved. 2017 BROWN NAFF PITTS OMNIMEDIA, INC.

I N S I DE LGB T W A S HING TON SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 3

Do congressional Republicans have any cojones?

They should join with the debt ceiling; a measure simply allow- for politicians who refused to recognize Republicans actually have the cojones
ing the government to spend what Con- climate change and didnt pass regula- to speak out for decency and human-
Democrats to oppose gress previously approved. Then pass a tions that would have made their cities ity. Or will they all blindly go along with
Trumps agenda budget to keep the government open and safer and encouraged more to have ood defunding the arts and humanities; cut-
functioning beyond Sept. 30. This appears insurance. Yes it was an epic ood but ting crucial medical research at NIH;
beyond their capabilities so its likely they the lack of regulations and building codes defunding public education in favor
will put that o and pass a continuing have made it worse. Congress needs to of vouchers; cutting programs vital to
resolution extending the current budget act quickly to provide relief and then also ghting climate change; cutting housing
through December to keep the govern- take into consideration climate change programs for the poor; and destroying
ment open. and insist on a change in housing codes multiple healthcare options for millions
Then the thorny issue of relief for vic- and how we determine ood plains as of Americans? On the DACA program, it
tims of Hurricane Harvey. The cost of they reauthorize the federal ood insur- will be important for Congress to turn
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights that will be counted in billions. Trump ance program. President Obamas executive order into
and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly
for the Blade. is requesting a down payment of $7.9 Then Congress must act quickly to re- law now that Trump has announced
billion now with estimates of the long- authorize the Childrens Health Insurance plans to kill it.
What we need now are a few Republi- term cost as high as $200 billion. Hypo- Program (CHIP), which covers about nine So all these issues are on Congresses
can members of Congress to show they crites like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who million children and expires on Sept. 30. plate as they return to Washington this
have some cojones. If they do and join opposed federal relief for victims of This is one of the side eects of Congress week. This doesnt even take into con-
with Democrats to stand up to the na- Hurricane Sandy is now begging for not being willing to pass some actual xes sideration tax reform, real immigration
tional embarrassment currently residing relief for his state. While it would be to the Aordable Care Act and instead reform, rebuilding the nations infrastruc-
in the White House things could get done. karma to tell him to f-off it would be playing games with its failed repeal and ture, or passing the needed xes to the
If not enough of them have this vital body cruel to do that to the people who are replace eorts. Aordable Care Act. The most recent Gal-
part and instead follow in lock step with suffering in Texas. Lets hope they rec- Once they do all of this, and it may lup poll shows only 16 percent of Ameri-
the president we will continue to see the ognize his worthlessness and vote him be overly optimistic to think they can, cans approve of how Congress is han-
nation move backwards. out of office. they will have to begin work on the ac- dling their job. What they do on all these
Congress is returning from vacation, One of the roles of the federal govern- tual budget, which they will have kicked issues will make that approval rating
surely some thought it was hard earned ment is to assist people in need when pri- down the road with a continuing reso- better or worse. We can only hope they
but I question if they did any work while vate charity and local/state government lution. This will be the beginning of the will act in a way that will make Americans
they were here, and now faces a slew of cant meet their needs. I hope the voters real face-o with the failure now in the proud; but based on the record of this
important issues they must deal with. in Texas will recognize part of what added White House. Congress, I wouldnt suggest anyone hold
First, they must pass legislation raising to their problems today were their votes This is when we will know if enough their breath.


Confronting homophobia among African journalists

sex marriage.However, since the passage be broadcast), she said. In fact the truth on, the hate speeches, the insensitivity
These aliens have depraved of the law, there have been widespread is that these aliens have depraved minds and narrow mindedness. I sighed! What
minds and need counseling inhumane treatments by law enforcement and need psychological counseling. incorruptible injustice against mankind.
agents and some members of the public Was I angry at her analysis or choice of My fellow gentlemen of the press, May I
By MS. LAGOS who have taken the laws into their own words? Not really. I was rather perplexed have your listening ears please? What has
hands against the LGBTQ community. by this generation of veterans who young someones sexuality got to do with their
Please drop this gay stu. We are done It is however worrisome that a journal- journalists should learn the ethics of jour- ability to relate and behave like a human
with it. ist who is supposed to set news agendas nalism from have taken the toll of uncon- being? These people are just like anyone
Those were the exact words of Michael, freely discusses and criticizes the activities structive journalism, a voice for the voice- of us, if you have ever been discriminated
a renowned human rights journalist and of both the authorities, civil and private less that is now the medium of hate speech. against because of your skin color, race,
the group administrator for the Journalist structures have become the inhumane Listening to the radio and television for religion or sex you will empathize with
Group, the largest network of more than sword that pierces the innocent souls of the latest news stories, I was glad to hear this community. As journalists, I expect us
250 veteran and upcoming African jour- mankind. I would have thought that my that a new law is being proposed that will to be broadminded and stop being judg-
nalists on WhatsApp. profession as a journalist is meant to categorize hate speech as terrorism. mental. Those who protest and shout the
With a membership guideline that respect the right of society to objective I am aware that hate speech is speech loudest against what they know nothing
states the group is apolitical, devoid of truthful information and a whole spec- that attacks a person or group on the about should educate themselves and
biases, promotes professionalism and trum of opinions on certain issues. basis of attributes such as race, religion, stop being afraid.
sound judgment and a training ground Anita, a veteran journalist on radio with ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or We all bleed red and we are all humans,
for undiluted journalism and human 25 years work experience wouldnt hear gender but in Nigeria where her laws are and just like us straight sex people, they
rights causes, I wouldnt have been taken of it! Her disdain for the LGBTQ commu- discriminatory and have become a tool also have a right to be here.
aback when banter of words on LGBTQ is- nity pierced my soul as I scrolled and read being used by the law enforcement agen-
sues ensued on such a platform. through the group chat for the day. cies, members of the public and worse,
It is no longer news that Nigerias Same Gentlemen of the press, we cannot journalists, to legitimize human rights
Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2013 and must not discuss, lest interview any- violations perpetrated against LGBTQ MS. LAGOS is a media expert specializing in
journalism with a distinction in MA global media
signed into law by then-President Good- one perceived to be gay or lesbian on people, can we say that this law is realis- and communications from the University of
luck Jonathan on Jan. 13, 2014, has made our radio or television stations. It is not tic or better still the beginning of a light at Coventry in the U.K. She is a fellow of the Bisi
Alimi Media Justice Fellowship and a human
it impossible for people of the same sex to only an abomination but it oends pub- the end of the tunnel? rights producer for one of Africas largest
engage in any form of civil union or same- lic sensitivity and therefore NTBB (not to The journalist group chat went on and private network media stations.
2 4 S EPTE MB ER 08, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M


Minutes from National Harbor and the new MGM Hotel and Casino,
Westphalia Town Center combines urban excitement and affordable
living in Upper Marlboro, MD.
Now selling! Townhomes from the low $300s
Up to 2,427 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths Upper Marlboros newest
residential neighborhood
3 to 4 finished levels
1- and 2-car garages
Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops
Upgraded luxury baths included throughout
Lustrous hardwood flooring
Rear, maintenance-free deck included
Rooftop terraces on select floorplans
Future community amenities include parks, miles of trails, clubhouses,
pools and a town center

Learn more at or by calling 301.736.1080 | Brokers Warmly Welcomed

Pricing, financing, leaseback amounts, availability and offers are subject to change without notice. Length and amount of leaseback are approximate and may change at any time for
any reason. Must use NVR Mortgage to receive incentives. The homebuyer will have a period of 5 days to review the disclosure in which to rescind the Purchase Agreement. See a Sales
and Marketing Representative for details. MHBR No. 56.

Poet JOHN ASHBERY in the 1950s. His closeted youth provided inspiration for the longing
represented in some of his early poems.

Honoring Ashbery
Iconic poet remembered for emotionally bare works

In June 1954, a gay poet in his late As his New York Times obituary notes, a MacArthur Foundation grant and the whom approached him in befuddlement,
20s sat desolately in the apartment he Ashberys poetry is by turns playful and Antonio Feltrinelli International Prize Share said, which he always handled with
was subletting on West 14th Street in elegiac, absurd and exquisite but more for Poetry. In 2012, he was awarded the bemused, gentle grace.
Manhattan. Hed been red from his job than anything else, it is immediately National Humanities Medal by President Recently, The Songs We Know Best: John
and his lover had moved out. His misery recognizable. Rutabagas, Day Duck Barack Obama. In a nod to his inuence Ashberys Early Life, by Karin Roman
increased as he watched the Army- and lunch menus (sloppy joe on bun, on pop culture, Ashbery was the rst poet was released. The biography takes us
McCarthy hearings on TV. McCarthy scalloped corn) appear in poems that laureate of MtvU (an MTV subsidiary). from Ashberys childhood on a farm in the
linked homosexuals with subversives. Ashbery wrote in sestinas and other Ashbery, who painted when he was village of Sodus in western New York to his
The young poet was John Ashbery complex poetic forms. young and created some of his poetry with departure from Manhattan at age 27 to
who would become one of the most Ashbery received so many awards that collages, was also an art critic for many live in Paris on a Fullbright fellowship.
renowned of 20th and 21st century to list even a fraction of them would be years for Newsweek and other publications. Because he was so eminent and
poets. Ashberys work, like that of Emily mind-numbing. In 1976 alone, he was Ashbery was a, salutary presence his poetry wasnt what we think of as
Dickinson or Walt Whitman, is, as Duke awarded a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book in modern poetry in his work, Poetry autobiographical or political, its easy to
Ellington used to say, beyond category, Award and the National Book Critics Magazine Editor Don Share said in an e-mail think Ashbery didnt suer much; that
died on Sept. 3 at age 90 at his home Circle Award (for his collection Self- to the Blade. But he also, was generous he was another white, well-o man who
in Hudson, N.Y. He is survived by his Portrait in a Convex Mirror.) The many and kind to countless people: poets, of
husband David Kermani. other honors Ashbery received include course, but also his readers, many of CONTINUES ON PAGE 35
2 6 S EPTE MB ER 08, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

S P O RTS S E PT E M B E R 08, 2017 27


A new pride-themed clothing line for the Screaming Eagles launched this week.

Screaming Eagles pride
D.C. United fan group
launches LGBT-arming
clothing line

Screaming Eagles, a supporters club

of hardcore fans of D.C. United, the
regional pro soccer team, are unveiling
their new pride-themed line of apparel
this weekend at the eighth annual United
Night Out.
On Saturday, Sept. 9, D.C. United will
play Orlando City SC at 7 p.m. at RFK
Stadium (2400 E. Capitol St., S.E.). Details
In the works for about a year, the
new Screaming Eagles merchandising
eort, designed by the Mitchell & Ness Discover Park Van Ness, an inspired
Nostalgia Co., will be available at the address for your lifestyle. Overlooking
game, at the team store at RFK through the lush expanse of Rock Creek
the weekend, at National Park, these vibrant new
and at It was scheduled PHOTO COURTESY D.C. UNITED apartments are stylish outside and in.
to launch Thursday night at a party at
Screaming Eagles pride-themed merchandising 26 inclusionary zoning units available
Maketto on H Street, N.E. is available in several dierent styles.
Nathan Fry, director of merchandising
One and two bedrooms
for D.C. United and also one of the
Screaming Eagles approximately 1,100 game this weekend.
Read more:
members, says the line is unprecedented The collection contains apparel for both CALL FOR
in D.C. Uniteds history. men and women. There are about eight
We feel they really knocked it out of pieces of apparel, six pieces of headwear
the park with the design, Fry, whos and two scarves. Prices range from about
straight, says. Screaming Eagles is not $22 for a hat to $80 for a mens hooded
a gay group but part of their messaging sweatshirt. The line is being oered in a
is that theyre inclusive and they just highly limited run. There are only about M-TH 11:30AM-10PM F-SAT 11:30AM-11PM
wanted to celebrate that inclusivity. 72 pieces being produced in each style 4455 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Fry says D.C. United has embraced and theyre expected to go fast. Washington, DC 20008 | 202.849.7797
the line as well. Look for players to don We expect these will be gone in a very 322 MASS. AVE. NE 202.543.7656
certain pieces from the collection at the short period of time, Fry says. CAFEBERLIN-DC.COM
170816-PVN-WashingtonBlade.indd 1 8/16/17 11:51 AM

28 S E PT E M B E R 08, 20 1 7 MU SI C


Long out of print, Tori Amos 1988 debut album with the band Y Kant Tori Read has been remastered
and digitally re-released.

NoTorious debut
88 Amos vehicle gets long serious coin for original CD or vinyl copies.
overdue re-release With its 30th anniversary approaching, Y
Kant Tori Read has nally been made
By CHRIS GERARD available for fans in remastered form,
albeit in digital only. The release was
Most casual fans and writers refer to made with no announcement or warning,
Tori Amos classic 1992 release Little surprising fans already stoked for Native
Earthquakes as her debut album, but Invader, her new studio album due out
thats not technically correct. today (Friday, Sept. 8).
Four years earlier on Atlantic Records, The sound improvement is signicant
the young piano prodigy was the focus of and although many will view it as merely
a band called Y Kant Tori Read, featuring a novelty, there are plenty of strong hints
drummer Matt Sorum (the Cult, Guns N of the monumental talent that Tori Amos
Roses), guitarist Steve Caton (who would would harness more adeptly on Little
continue working with Amos until their Earthquakes and other future classics.
acrimonious romantic breakup following The Big Picture was the lead single
1994s Under the Pink) and bassist and its a boisterous synth-rocker much
Brad Cobb. The bands 1988 self-titled in the vein of something you might hear
F I N A L I S T V O T I N G S T A R T S S E P T . 1 1 T H ! debut was a spectacular op, although from an 80s movie soundtrack. The video
in hindsight its one of those rare cases is particularly cringeworthy, or amusing,
when an albums failure is the best thing depending on your point of view. Much
that could have happened. Had Y Kant better is the second single, Cool On Your
Tori Read been successful, then Little Island, which shows Amos burgeoning
Earthquakes and the rest of Tori Amos gifts as a melodist and vocalist of the
three-decade-and-counting career likely highest degree, even if the lyrics are a bit
would never have happened. shallow compared to her future works.
Y Kant Tori Read is an oddity in that Its the song from the album that shes
despite Tori Amos status as a major performed most frequently over the
singer-songwriter with a long string of years, in a stunning solo rendition that
successful and acclaimed albums to her gets to the core of songs true beauty
credit, her debut has remained out of and heart. Fire On The Side is a searing
print since shortly after its commercial power ballad, while the lovely Floating
failure. Billboard Magazine famously City foreshadows the more esoteric
dubbed the album bimbo music in a imagery Amos would employ as she
contemporaneous review and Amos has honed her skills as a songwriter. The
made it clear she doesnt quibble with suite-like Etienne closes the album with
that assessment. Often referred to as an elaborate romantic fantasy that works
hair metal, the album is actually more thanks to the conviction in Amos voice.
middle of the road, new wave-inuenced A handful of tracks, yes, are forgettable
pop/rock with a bit of an edge. The hair, junk.
fashions and production trappings are And while the production is overblown
very much of the 80s, and not in a good and dated and Amos had yet to nd her
way. Every imaginable cheesy cliche to direction as an artist, if nothing else Y
emerge from that most garish of musical Kant Tori Read is a fascinating listen that
decades is represented. oers more casual fans who might not
Amos has been famously dismissive of have heard it a deeper insight into the
the album over the years, yet many die- progression of one of the most important
hard fans have been willing to plunk down singer-songwriters of our generation.

Q UE ERY: 2 0 Q UE STIONS FOR SC OTT WHAL EN SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 9


How long have you been out and who was Clowning His Way Through
the hardest person to tell?
I came out my senior year of college, so If science discovered a way to change Young Playwrights Theater kicks o its performance season with a new
it has been seven years. During the initial sexual orientation, what would you do? installment of its activist-oriented performance series Silence is Violence.
process, telling my straight guy friends was I wouldnt change myself. This latest iteration, the series fourth, is dubbed LGBTQ+You and will give
hardest. My family was also hard. Ive only local performers space to explore the topic through drama, spoken word,
been out to them for about two years. What do you believe in beyond the music, visual art and community engagement. Its Monday, Sept. 11 at 7 p.m.
physical world? at Blind Whino (700 Delaware Ave., S.W.).
Whos your LGBT hero? Everything in the universe is connected, Among the performers are Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, Xemiyulu Manibusan, J
Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera including me. Scales and more. Rayceen Pendarvis and Scott Whalen, PR director for Pointless
Theatre, will co-emcee. Tickets are $12 in advance online or pay-what-you-can
Whats Washingtons best nightspot, past Whats your advice for LGBT movement at the door. Details at Patrons 18 and under get in free.
or present? leaders? YPT does such an amazing job at providing opportunities for young people
Im a big fan of Uproar. Ive found that the We must be radically inclusive. to showcase their voices, Whalen, a 28-year-old Queen Annes County, Md.,
people there are very real. For dancing I gotta native says. This event takes that mission one step further by creating an
give it to Bossa in AdMo. What would you walk across avenue for our queer youth to speak their truths. So often as queer people we
hot coals for? are told that these truths are invalid. I want our queer youth to know you
Describe your dream wedding. My friends and family. matter, your voice matters and you can aect change.
A huge dance party with everyone I love Scott Whalen stayed in the D.C. area after nishing college at University of
that has great food, music and booze. What LGBT stereotype annoys Maryland, College Park. He and a group of college friends started Pointless
you most? Theatre, a company dedicated to creating bold, visceral and aordable
What non-LGBT issue are you most I immediately want to be your best friend spectacles that gleefully smash the traditional boundaries between puppetry,
passionate about? because Im gay and youre a girl. theater, dance, music and the visual arts, in 2010.
Protecting our environment and sensible Whalen is in a relationship with Matt Reckeweg and lives in Petworth/
gun reform. Whats your favorite LGBT movie? Parkview. He enjoys working in his ower garden, reading sci- and fantasy,
Its not a movie, but I was obsessed with walking around the city and making art in his free time.
What historical outcome would Queer as Folk as a young adult. Watching
you change? that show gave me the courage to accept my
The election of Donald Trump as queerness.
our president.
Whats the most overrated
Whats been the most memorable pop social custom?
culture moment of your lifetime? Immediately asking people what they do
Crying at work with a table I was waiting after meeting them for the rst time. Lets talk
on when we heard the news of Whitney about something more interesting than work.
Houstons death.
What trophy or prize do you
On what do you insist? most covet?
Genuineness I dont really crave trophies or prizes.

What was your last Facebook post What do you wish youd known at 18?
or Tweet? Its OK to embrace your feminine side.
A picture of the blow up Rat Trump in
Dupont Circle and a call to borrow a pair of Why Washington?
leopard print heels. My friends and family are here. My theater
company is here. I love the big city feel and
If your life were a book, what would the
title be?
the beauty of the neighborhoods. The art
scene is thriving.

30 SEPT E M B E R 08, 2017 O U T & A BO U T




Point Foundation event
SUN, SEPT 10 White House protest for trans troops is Sept. 17
News for Young Advocates Today (NYAtoday) hosts a protest dubbed Stand
TUES, SEPT 12 Up for Transgender Troops in front of the White House (1600 Pennsylvania The Point Foundation hosts its
NICOLE ATKINS W/ THE KERNAL Ave., N.W.) on Sunday, Sept. 17 from noon-3 p.m. Cornerstone Society Reception at Room &
The protest is in response to President Donald Trumps proposed military Board (1840 14th St., N.W.) on Thursday,
THURS, SEPT 14 ban against transgender troops. The group will come together to stand up for Sept. 14 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
THE FUNKY METERS transgender military service members. NYAtoday has organized other protests The benet will raise money to
W/ 7COME11 in the past including a youth march and an emergency protest of the American provide higher education scholarships,
Health Care Act bill. mentorship and leadership development
FRI, SEPT 15 For more information, visit to LGBT students. Point Foundation
CHRIS SMITHER W/ MILTON scholars and alumni will also speak on
their experiences with the foundation.
SAT, SEPT 16 Appetizers and craft cocktails from D.C.
NEWMYER FLYER PRESENTS DREAM DISCS: area restaurants including Cafe Saint-Ex,
THE ROLLING STONES Compass Rose, Fainting Goat, Republic,
STICKY FINGERS Lupo Verde and more will be featured.
Lesbian couple Emily Bruno and Julie
AND TOM PETTY & Verratti, owners of Denizens Brewing
THE HEARTBREAKERS Company, are seen here.
DAMN THE TORPEDOS Tickets are $100. Young Professional
tickets are $50. Tickets will also be sold at
SUN, SEPT 17 the door for $150. For more details, visit
TUES, SEPT 19 Washington National
SEUN KUTI & EGYPT 80 Opera oers Aida
Washington National Opera performs
Aida, the classic opera by Giuseppe
RADNEY FOSTER Verdi, at the Kennedy Center (2700 F St.,
W/ CHAD ELLIOTT The opera tells the story of Aida, an
FRI, SEPT 22 WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY Ethiopian princess who is enslaved
by the Egyptians. While in captivity,
THE STEELDRIVERS she falls for military hero, Radams,
Chefs for Equality is annual HRC benet who is also sought after by the king of
WILL HOGE W/ DAN LAYUS Human Rights Campaign hosts its sixth annual Chefs for Equality at Union
Market (1309 5th St., N.E.) on Tuesday, Sept. 19 from 6-11 p.m.
Egypts daughter. Tamara Wilson and
Leah Crocetto will rotate the title role.
THURS, SEPT 28 More than 100 of the D.C. areas top chefs will share their signature dishes. There Ekaterina Semenchuk and Younghoon
GOGO PENGUIN W/ THE MATTSON 2 will also be more than 100 mixologists oering hand-crafted cocktails and more Lee are also in the cast. Lesbian opera
than 20 pastry and sweet stations. Special chefs who will be in attendance include legend Francesca Zambello directs.
Kevin Tien, Carlie Steiner, Johnny Spero and Katsuya Fukushima, among others. There will be post-performance
Tickets are $200 and include access to the pre-reception and all chef tasting discussions with the artists on Sept. 10 and
stations. For more details, visit Sept. 17-18. Tickets range from $45-300.
For more information, visit kennedy-
Looking for a good old-fashioned house

T H E A TER S E PT E M B E R 08, 2017 31

party to meet mature men 35+?

HOS is hosting a private party.
Open bar and food buffet.
If youre interested in M4M
meeting face to face, come to this
Singles Party 2017.

MICHE BRADEN as Bessie Smith in Devils Music.

Sept. 23 7 pm - 1 am
South Plainfield, NJ

Best of Bessie Close to all public transportation from NYC/Newark airport.

This is a nationwide invitation.
Bi blues behemoth comes Smith. Gee eeces Smith and questions Contact Tony for more information!
alive in bio-musical her ability to raise her beloved adopted
Call or text: (908) 930-9204
son. She loses custody of the boy.
By PATRICK FOLLIARD Her career dims as swing music gains
popularity with the public.
There once was a thing called a buet Braden has been playing the title
at. It was a sort of unlicensed after role in The Devils Music for more You must register to be invited to this private event.
hours club where black musicians and than 17 years, yet theres nothing rote
assorted party people could carouse into about her powerful, unimaginably fresh ** DRUGS ARE NOT ALLOWED **
the wee hours far from the menace of Jim performance. She possesses a strong
Crow laws or other societal pressures. and clear jazz voice and decked out in
And LGBT revelers were part of the scene. diamonds, fur stole and purple satin
A frequent visitor to these buet ats was gown (compliments of costume designer
legendary blues singer Bessie Smith. Mosaic Patricia E. Doherty) gives o a world
Theater Companys season opener The weariness and enduring star power as
Devils Music: the Life & Blues of Bessie the middle-aged, heavyset Smith.
Smith takes place in such a venue. It makes The shows other star, of course, is
the ideal setting for the openly bisexual Smiths music. The standards that Braden
Smith to freely share her story. makes her own include that anthem to
Penned by Angelo Parra and staged by independence Taint Nobodys Bizness If I
Joe Brancato, The Devils Music takes Do, a provocative version of St. Louis Blues
place in 1937 on the last night of Smiths with sax player Nelson, and a particularly
life. His ctional account has it that after heartbreaking I Aint Got Nobody.
having been denied entry to a whites-only Like other one-person memory plays,
theater, Smith (Miche Braden) repairs this one too feels concocted from a tried-
with her band (Jim Hankins, bass; Gerard and-true recipe. Yet playwright Parras
Gibbs, piano; and Antony E. Nelson, Jr., use of natural dialogue and Bradens
piano) to the familiarity and comfort of relaxed and colorful banter with the band
a nearby buet at where she sings for helps to break up the exposition.
the guests. What ensues is 85 minutes Scenic designer Brian Prather recreates
of bawdy stories, booze and blues with a classy 1930s buet at warmly lit by
occasional glimpses of sadness and an Todd O. Wren. There is lots of dark wood
impending sense of doom. and heavy furniture (overstued club
Her story is epic: Born in 1896 and chair and big table crowded with chang
raised dirt poor by an older sister, young dishes and liquor bottles) and the walls
Smith sings for pennies on the streets are a blow up of Archibald Motleys
of Chattanooga. Her undeniable talent painting Nightlife (1941) depicting
secures her spot in the traveling show of African Americans partying.
lesbian blues pioneer Ma Rainey. Smiths The fourth wall is torn down by Bradens
star explodes with the recording of Smith. As she recounts her romantic
Downhearted Blues and she becomes exploits with ladies, she teasingly catches
the highest paid black entertainer in two women in the audience playing footsie.
America saving Columbia Records from
bankruptcy. Though her marriage to THE DEVILS MUSIC: THE LIFE & BLUES OF
philandering security guard Jack Gee is BESSIE SMITH
Rocky, Smith nds solace and good times Through Sept. 24
Mosaic Theater Company
in the arms of assorted chorus girls. Atlas Performing Arts Center
But things awry. The good Lord got a 1333 H St., N.E.
way of gettin your attention when you 202-399-7993
gits too high and mighty, says Braden as

32 S E PT E M B E R 08, 201 7 A D V I CE

Mr. Perfect?
Close roommate interested in you.
You fear you might ruin your friendship
bond exposes whats if you let Kyle know how you feel. You
lacking with boyfriend might, but you cant know that in advance.
From your description, if Kyle doesnt
reciprocate, its possible that he might
not be insulted or put o by another
guys interest. I can imagine, though, that
he might start feeling less comfortable
spending so much time with you because
he doesnt want to lead you on or be
subject to your nonstop adoring gaze.
And if Kyle isnt interested, how would
MICHAEL RADKOWSKY, Psy.D. is a licensed
psychologist who works with gay individuals you feel about continuing to hang out
and couples in D.C. He can be found online with him? Would you be able to put your
at All identifying romantic feelings behind and enjoy the
information has been changed for reasons
of condentiality. Have a question? Send it to friendship? Or would you feel awkward with him going forward?
Now lets say Kyle turns out to be equally
infatuated with you. How serious is his
Hi Michael, relationship with his girlfriend? Would he
possibly want to leave her for you? What
Im a 22 year-old gay man, living and if he wanted to have an aair with you on
working in D.C. after graduating college the side, or be in a relationship with both
here this past May. I just started my rst of you? Would you want to be part of that?
serious relationship (seven months so Another angle to consider: Why are you
far) but now my heart is not in it. The falling for Kyle now?
problem is I am now crazy in love with You are in your rst serious relationship,
someone else. when WHAM! you fall hard for another
At the end of June one of my two guy. Coincidence? Or not? My hunch is
roommates got an amazing job in New York that you and Rick were getting a little too
and decided to leave D.C. We had to ll the close for your comfort and developing a
space quickly and found Kyle on Craigslist. crush on Kyle may have served to relieve

I quickly fell for him in a big way. Of some pressure. Consider these questions:
course I think he is handsome and a What was going on with Rick around the
Some think I should dress more like
fantastic guy in every way. He works time you fell for Kyle? Were the two of you
a woman. Some think I should dress
for an organization that ghts cruelty exclusive? Did Rick have stronger feelings
more like a man.
to animals; hes a really thoughtful for you than you did for him? If so, were
roommate; hes kind to everyone. Hes you feeling uncomfortable or pressured?
very smart but doesnt show o at all. He Did you have a way to talk with Rick about
uses this shampoo that makes him smell this or did you feel like you needed to nd
I may not fit some really good.
And of course he is straight. Meaning
some way out?
And what was making this a serious
ideas about gender, he has a girlfriend. relationship? Were your feelings stronger
for Rick than theyd ever been for
and I am a proud But when were talking and hes looking
in my eyes I feel all this warmth and another guy? If so, did this make you
part of DC. caring that make me wonder if maybe he uneasy? Remember, while intimacy
likes me back. And we can sit for hours can feel wonderful, being really close to
talking. We have a lot in common, we see someone also makes you vulnerable, which
the world similarly and he seems to nd isnt an altogether wonderful feeling.
me as interesting as I nd him. I also wonder if it might have
Please treat me the same way any
Obviously with all my focus on Kyle been scary for you to be in a serious
person would want to be treated:
and daydreaming about him I have pretty relationship specically with another
with courtesy and respect.
much lost interest in Rick, who is sweet man. Focusing on a likely unavailable,
Discrimination based on gender identity and and fun but doesnt come close to Kyle in likely straight guy could be your way of
expression is illegal in the District of Columbia. terms of, well, everything. taking a step back from fully committing
If you think youve been the target of Do I tell Kyle how I feel in hope that he to life as a gay man.
discrimination, visit Finally, consider that people we have
reciprocates? Will that ruin our friendship
or call (202) 727-4559.
if hes not interested in me? Do I break crushes on or aairs with usually seem
up with Rick no matter what? Or have I more exciting than the people were
just gone nuts and if I can stop thinking of actually involved with. This may be the
Kyle, I can be happy with Rick? reason for your currently lukewarm view

of Rick. Or maybe, no matter what might
MICHAEL REPLIES: happen with Kyle, Rick is not really the
guy for you. Either way, before you blow
Show your support! Spread word of the #TransRespect There are a few ways you could play this. up your relationship and possible turn
campaign by photographing this ad and sharing on Twitter. First, you could explore the possibility your living situation upside down, look
that Kyle is not-so-straight and is also long and hard at my questions.
S P O RTS S E PT E M B E R 08, 2017 33
Show-tunes & Cocktails
Monday, September 11
Featuring Cabaret Style Sing Along
Live Entertainment
A presentation of: Theatre Washington
Never A Cover Charge

B runch Season Is Back!

Champagne Celebrations
Unlimited By The Glass
Saturdays A-La-Carte $29.95
PHOTO COURTESY D.C. UNITED Sunday Buffet $38.95
Voted 2016 TOP TEN Best Brunches
Soccer has been a life-long passion for RORY MOLLEDA.

Team building
Under $10 - Daily Lunch Specials
Choice of Entres, Pastas, Salads or Burgers
Happy Hour $3-$4-$5-$6-$7
Appetizers, Martinis & Drinks - 4PM-7PM
Soccer lover calls D.C. United tournaments. He sent his resume out to ***
Sky-Bar - Extending Summer
career very rewarding 60 organizations before the oer came
$7.00 Champagne & Sparkling Drinks
from United. He coordinates the logistics
of team travel. Live DJ Wed-Sat - Different Vibe Nightly
By KEVIN MAJOROS My oce is in the locker room and I
get to hang out with professional athletes Chillin Patio Specials
every day, Molleda says. I am also
Pitchers, Platters, Buckets
Rory Molleda knew growing up that he
wanted to work in professional sports. traveling with the team once a month
He spent his youth attending D.C. United and am the person responsible for
Wine Flights
setting the players up to succeed in their
A Boutique Wine tasting Featured Nightly
games and right out of college, he landed
To complement your dining experience
an internship with the organization. Six away games. Its very rewarding.
months later, he was oered the position As for his own soccer career, he began 202-872-1126 17th & Rhode Island Ave. NW
of team coordinator and his lifelong playing soccer with Metro Sports shortly Outdoor Events Ask About Our Simple Solutions Menus
dream came true. after arriving back in the D.C. area. In
Molleda was born in Venezuela and 2016, he spotted the LGBT-based Federal
grew up in a soccer family. His father was Triangles Soccer Club at Capital Pride
a professional soccer player in Spain and and signed up for a couple of their teams
Venezuela and his mother played soccer in the District Sports leagues. This past
at Virginia Tech. When he was 5, the summer he played in their Summer of
family moved to Alexandria, Va. Freedom league for the rst time.
Except for a short stint in ice hockey, I didnt come out until after college
his main sport was soccer and he was and I had no idea that gay soccer was
part of a travel team playing year-round a thing, Molleda says. It is special to
by age 10. When it came time for college, have so much in common with a group
he ended up picking Gilford College, a of people. Joining the Federal Triangles
small liberal arts school in North Carolina. has had a positive impact on me and has
It was big switch for me after attending changed my life.
high school at Robinson which has 4,500 Along with playing several nights a
students. Gilford has an enrollment of week with the Triangles, Molleda also gets
1,200 and 30 percent of the students to play soccer at work once a week with
are athletes, Molleda says. The campus oce workers, trainers and coaches. He
has a hippie feel and it was like living in initially struggled with what it meant to be
a bubble. Its dierent from the rest of gay in the world of professional sports but
North Carolina. has taken some inspiration from openly
Molleda, who plays left midelder and left gay LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers.
wing, didnt get a lot of game time during his A co-worker asked about the HRC
rst two years at Gilford. His time spent on sticker on my car and I lied, Molleda
the bench didnt detract from what it meant says. Since that moment I dont live in Logan Circle/NW DC $235,000
to him to be part of a team. fear anymore. I am just living my life and
It was great to contribute as a player doing the things I want to do.
my last two years, Molleda says. But it Molleda says that making an
was those rst two years, traveling with the announcement at work would be a Nicely updated Mid-Century modern studio
team; it meant just as much to not play. distraction from the team and he prefers located in the heart Logan Circle. Enjoy the
He says he had great support from his to let it happen naturally. Recently three updated kitchen and bath, fresh paint through-
family who came to games, with his mom United players walked by while he was in out, attractive wood oors, generous closet
often coaching him from the sidelines. line at Nellies Sports Bar and they just space, convenient front desk service,no living
During his senior year, his sister began waved and said, Hey. unit above and a rooftop pool too! A myriad of
her four-year stint playing soccer for There have been support moments, amenities right outside your front door.
Hofstra University. especially from Ben Olsen (United 1440 N Street NW #905 JUST LISTED
After graduating with a sports head coach), and I consider that a good OPEN SUNDAY 1-4PM
management and Spanish double major armation of acceptance, Molleda says.
in 2013, he moved back to the area and We all want normalcy in our sports
4701 Old Dominion Drive Arlington, VA 22207
began his internship with D.C. United in environment and I am incredibly happy
operations, assisting with youth soccer to be a part of this team. 703-593-3204 WWW.DAVELLOYD.NET

3 4 S EPTE MB ER 08, 2017 CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade. N.E.) tonight from 10 p.m.-6 a.m. DJ Joe
com two weeks prior to your event. Space is lim- Pacheco and DJ Alyson Calagna will spin
ited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events tracks. Black party attire is suggested.
or those with LGBT participants. Recurring
events must be re-submitted each time. Tickets are $25. For more information,
Mixtape has its ninth anniversary
party at 9:30 Club (815 V St., N.W.) tonight
TODAY from 11 p.m.-2 a.m. DJ Shea Van Horn
and DJ Matt Bailer will play music. Tickets
The Imperial Court of Washington are $12. For more details, visit
hosts Crowns on the Town Out of Town Casa Ruby hosts A Magical Night of
Show at Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.) today Dancing Gowns, its second annual D.C.
at 6 p.m. Charted buses will transport Trans Ball, at the Marriott Marquis (901
guests on a bar tour. The rst stop will Massachusetts Ave., N.W.) tonight from 7
be the Out of Town Show featuring p.m.-midnight. Cash grand prizes will be
performances by non-D.C. reigning given away. For more information, visit
monarchs, past monarchs and more.
Tickets are $30 and include transportation
and admission to all bars. For more SUNDAY, SEPT. 10
details, visit
D.C. Fray Softball hosts Night Out The 39th annual Adams Morgan Day is
for the Nationals vs. Phillies game at today in the Adams Morgan neighborhood
Nationals Park (1500 S Capitol St., S.E.) (18th St., and Colombia Rd.,) from noon-
tonight from 7:05-10 p.m. Seating will 6 p.m. There will be an arts market and
be in the Scoreboard Pavilion. Tickets two music stages. Admission is free but a
are $25 and include drink specials at $10 wristband will give attendees access
Due South (301 Water St., S.E.). For to discounted food and drink specials
more information, visit all day. Participating restaurants include
dcfraysfotball. Mellow Mushroom, the Town Tavern D.C.,
Out singer Tom Goss performs at Johnny Pistolas, Rebellion D.C. and more.
Bear Happy Hour at Town (2009 8th St., For more details, visit
N.W.) tonight at 8 p.m. Admission is free. adamsmorganday.
For more details, visit Rainbow Families hosts a family picnic
tomgossmusic. at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens
The Embassy Row Hotel (2015 (4155 Linnean Ave., N.W.) today from
Massachusetts Ave., N.W.) hosts a LGBT 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Families are encouraged
womens happy hour today from 4-7 to pack a lunch or purchase food at
p.m. For more information, visit facebook. the caf to eat on the lawn. There will
com/embassyrowhotel. be lawn games including hula hoop,
Gamma D.C., a support group for men badminton, jump rope and a putting
in mixed-orientation relationships, meets green. Families can get their face painted,
at Luther Place Memorial Church (1226 try on costumes and create an art project.
Vermont Ave., N.W.) today from 7:30- Adult tickets are $5. Children are free. For
9:30 p.m. The group is for men who are more information, visit
attracted to men but are currently or were ourrainbowfamilies.
in relationships with women. Meeting
locations are in private residences. For MONDAY, SEPT. 11
more information about the group and
location, visit Young Playwrights Theater (2437 15th St., WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
N.W.) presents Silence is Violence: LGBQ
SATURDAY, SEPT. 9 + You, a mixed arts experience celebrating Former D.C.-area resident TOM GOSS will sing at Bear Happy Hour at Town on Friday, Sept. 8.
D.C. LGBT youth, tonight from 7-9 p.m.
Federal Triangles Soccer Club hosts Rayceen Pendarvis will host. Performances
United Night Out for D.C. United vs. include Asha Santee from BOOMscat, Scott $10. Student/senior tickets are $7 with more details, visit
Orlando City at RFK Stadium (2400 Whalen, J. Scales, Lady Dane Figueroa ID. Non-performing LTD alumni tickets or email
E Capitol St., S.E.) today from 3-10 Eddie, Xemiyulu Manibusan. Tickets are are $5. Doors open at 7:55 p.m. For more The Lambda Bridge Club meets tonight
p.m. Tickets are $25 and include a $12 online and name your price at the details, visit at 7:30 p.m. at the Dignity Center (721 8th
commemorative scarf. The tailgate starts door. Attendees 18 and under are free with St., S.E.) for duplicate bridge. No reservations
at 3 p.m. in Lot 8. For $10 attendees can ID at the door. For more information, visit TUESDAY, SEPT. 12 required and new comers welcome. If you
enjoy food and unlimited beer. Game need a partner, call 703-407-6540.
starts at 7 p.m. For more information, La Ti Do performs new musical theater Republic (6939 Laurel Ave., Takoma
visit songs at Bistro Bistro (1727 Connecticut Park, Md.) hosts Alegre Happy Hour, THURSDAY, SEPT. 14
The Cherry Fund hosts the Barry Ave., N.W.) tonight from 8-10 p.m. Songs a LGBT happy hour, today from
Smythers Fund, a mental health will be from musicals created after 2010. 5-7 p.m. For more information, visit Nice Jewish Boys hosts a happy hour
fundraiser, at Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) Special guest Beth Amann will perform. at Trade (1410 14th St., N.W.) tonight
tonight from 10 p.m.-4 a.m. The event is Other performers include Carol Jean from 7-10 p.m. For more information,
in honor of former Cherry Fund member, Clark, Morgan DeHart, Michelle Moses- WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 13 visit
Smythers, who unexpectedly took his life Einstein and more. Taylor Rambo will be The D.C. Eagle (3701 Benning Rd.,
last year. DJ Alex Acosta and DJ X Gonzalez the accompanist. Don Michael Mendoza Big Gay Book Group meets at the N.E.) hosts Hot Jock Night, featuring the
will play music. Tickets are $20. For more hosts the event. General admission D.C. Center (2000 14th St., N.W.) tonight Highwaymen, tonight at 9:30 p.m. Guests
details, visit tickets are $15 at the door. Guests who at 7 p.m. to discuss Our Caribbean: A can enter the Hot Jock Contest for a chance
Distrkt C hosts Black Hole, a dance present a receipt for $25 at dinner at Gathering of Lesbian and Gay Writing from to win jock straps, tickets to Distrkt C and
party, at the D.C. Eagle (3701 Benning Rd., Bistro Bistro can purchase tickets for the Antilles, edited by Thomas Glave. For more. For more details, visit

A R T S & EN TE RTA I NMENT SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 3 5

Biographer helped catalog items in Ashberys home

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 at Bard College, where Ashbery was an site enables visitors to walk through
emeritus professor. Ashberys house and to learn about the
had it made on Mount Olympus. But It was my rst job after grad school, objects that inspired many of his poems.
Romans bio tells another story. Roman says. My students and I had After giving her permission to write his
In his youth, Ashbery was teased for spent time on Ashberys art criticism biography, Ashbery connected Roman
being a sissy. Born in 1927, he couldnt and his poetry. Im pretty sure I wouldnt with a few of his close friends. After that,
reveal his sexuality to anyone. When have contacted him, but my students had he stayed out of the process.
Ashbery was 12, his brother Richard died questions and were clamoring for him to During her research, Roman discovered
at age 10 from leukemia. While attending come to our class. that Ashbery as a boy wrote in diaries in
Deereld Academy (through the largess Ashbery spent an hour and a half with coded language of his attraction to boys.
of a neighbor), he was taunted for being the class. I dont think Ashbery planned to be
queer. At Harvard, Ashbery met Frank He couldnt have been more open or evasive in his poetry, Roman says. He
OHara and Kenneth Koch and other generous, she says. was drawn aesthetically to restraint.
emerging poets who would become his He invited Roman to see the house Yet, there is emotional boldness in his
close friends and collaborators. Yet he where he and Kermani lived. work, she says.
still had to lead a double life, hiding his Because his poetry is so modern, I And when it became time to go/they
sexuality from his hetero peers. In the thought his house would be modern, none of them would leave without the
1950s, Ashbery worried that he wouldnt she says, but I was stunned to nd it other, Ashbery wrote in How to Continue,
be able to work because the McCarthy was a 19th century Victorian home. It was an elegy for queer life before AIDS.
era was so homophobic. gloomy and cozy, English in feeling. These are some hazards of the course,
Poet JOHN ASHBERY speaks at a book festival
Roman, a senior lecturer in Roman was just nishing a book in February, 2007. he writes in Soonest Mended.
humanities, English and American studies (From the Modernist Annex) about PHOTO BY DAVID SHANKBONE VIA WIKIMEDIA Its Ashberys way of describing what it
at Yale University, talked with the Blade by women writers and their domestic spaces. means to suer, Roman says.
phone and email. She rst heard Ashbery Ashberys maternal grandparents Its understated, but moving. I go back
read when she was a graduate student in were supportive of him. His grandfather She began working with Ashbery to his poetry to be reminded of what it is
the early 2000s. was a genius. He was really encouraging to catalogue the objects in his home. to feel, to be alive.
I cant begin to describe the impact that to John, she says. In his house, John Out of this eort was born not only
the reading had on me, Roman says. had objects like the objects in his her biography of Ashbery, but a digital KATHI WOLFE, a writer and poet, is a regular
She met John Ashbery when she taught grandparents house. project called John Ashberys Nest. The contributor to the Blade.


Join us from 4 to 6 p.m. on the Panda Overlook at the Smithsonians National Zoo. Every ThursdaySunday in
September and October, you can enjoy food and beverage specials in a casual, one-of-a-kind outdoor setting (weather
permitting)all while supporting the Zoos mission to save species. Drink now, but feel good about it in the morning.

Happy Hour_9.75x5.625_v3.indd 1 9/5/17 12:04 PM

Attorneys that are OUTthinking |OUTspoken |OUTdoing

3 6 S EPTE MB ER 08, 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M


How to get the best offer for your home

Make an objective wallpaper and paint. Replace shabby ap-
pliances. Refinish or replace flooring. A
assessment, then new granite countertop will pay for itself
make changes two to three times over. Also, remove
clutter from the counters and in the cabi-
By DONNA EVERS nets, and pack the items used only occa-
sionally into storage. If there is no eating
While its true that most people want to space in the kitchen, try to create some.
get as much money as possible from the Put a table in the adjacent family room
sale of their home, not everyone knows or two bar stools next to a counter over-
how to reach that goal. You cant change hang, which can be created when you re-
the location of your home and you cant place the countertop. Eating space in the
make a rambler into a colonial but you kitchen is essential.
can make your home look its best to buy- If you want to keep improvements to
ers by making some improvements. The a minimum, invest in paint and staging.
first step in preparing your home for sale Websites such as or houzz.
is to take a good look at it objectively. com can offer you many ideas for painting
Updating the dcor and staging your and staging. If you dont have the time or
home may earn you a return of three- to interest, many real estate agents will assist
four-times the money invested. For ex- you with choices that can make the house
Paint and staging go a long way in improving the look of your home.
ample, if you repaint the kitchen cabinets look bigger and brighter. Trust your real PHOTO COURTESY OF DONNA EVERS
and refresh room walls with current color estate agents counsel for home improve-
palettes, you may spend $5,000, but you ments, as this is what they do day in and
will probably get back $15,000 in the sale day out, and their job is to get you the can be cleaned up quickly for showings. how to get the most money for their
of the home. most money for your home. It helps if you have a few weeks, or homes, I can tell you these changes and
The kitchen will still give you the best For painting, neutrals and soft colors preferably, a few months of lead-time for improvements really do pay you back
return on your pre-sale home improve- on the walls are generally best, with white getting your home ready for listing. These many times over.Good luck, and remem-
ment dollars. Kitchens get the most atten- paint for trim and moldings. Heavy cur- home improvement recommendations ber, give yourself enough time to get your
tion when buyers value a house. If its ne- tains and blinds should also be updated will pay off. The alternative, selling your home ready for sale.
glected and dated, they devalue the price; or removed. Shampoo or remove worn house without these changes, will get you
if it shows well, they mentally increase the stair carpeting. Further, be sure to wash a lower price than the size and location Evers & Co. is led by DONNA EVERS, and her
firm remains the largest independent, woman-
property value. Spend your dollars here the windows; they make your house spar- would otherwise dictate. owned and operated residential real estate
first. If the cabinets are in good shape, but kle. If the family room is piled high with After being in the Washington metro company in the metropolitan D.C. area, with
need an updated look, you may get away toys, pack half of them into storage and area real estate business for the last 40 100 agents and four offices, including two in
the District, one in Bethesda/Chevy Chase and
with simply painting them. Remove dated keep half in an attractive storage bin that years and advising countless sellers on one in Virginia.


Now is the time. Call Joe, Your Working Broker. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

To be used at the top of collateral:

VALERIE M. BLAKE, Associate Broker, GRI, Director of Education & Mentorship

Dupont Circle Ofce 202-518-8781 (o) 202.246.8602 (c) To be used at the bottom of collateral:


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Its Like Retirement, Only Better

Ingleside at Rock Creek and Ingleside at King Farm are now expanding your possibilities for engaged
retirement living. Creekside at Ingleside at Rock Creek and Gardenside at Ingleside at King Farm, our
upcoming additions, represent even more choices for discerning people 62 years of age or better. Both
communities offer an exceptional, independent lifestyle with upscale offerings, modern amenities and the
security of five-star rated, on-site health services.
Dont miss your opportunity to take advantage of priority choice locations!

An Ingleside Community An Ingleside Community

For more information call 202-470-3413 For more information call 240-380-2678
3050 Military Road NW Washington, DC 701 King Farm Blvd. Rockville, MD
Ingleside at Rock Creek and Ingleside at King Farm are CARF accredited, not-for-profit, continuing care retirement communities.

Ingleside at King Farm is expanding with the proposed building of 121 new independent living apartments, 32 private assisted living memory support suites, and a Center for Healthy Living subject to approval by the Maryland Department of Aging.
AHF Healthcare Centers

1647 Benning Rd NE Ste 303
(202) 350-5000

2141 K St NW Ste 606

(202) 293-8680

4302 Saint Barnabas Rd Ste B
Temple Hills, 20748
(301) 423-1071

Dr. Mark Davis, Warren,

AHF Dental Director AHF Client