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Meth crisis in black gay LA Locals react to Trumps DACA action Kevin Sessums is back with new web project


0 2 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 WWW. L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M

Whats gayer than brunch? Brunch followed by a matinee!

Come for the bottomless mimosa brunch at the historic
Culver City Hotel in downtown Culver City and stay for
the World premiere of Paul Rudnicks Big Night
at the Kirk Douglas Theatre just one block away.


213.628.2772 CTGLA.ORG/BRUNCH DOWNTOWN CULVER CITY (brunch included)

Brian Hutchison. Photo by Luke Fontana.

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Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.
Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.

Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.

Equality California re-imagined and roiling to work

The statewide LGBT The Equality California sta in D.C.
is urging members of the California
lobbying organization
congressional delegation to quickly pass
has gone national the BRIDGE Act and other pending pieces
of legislation to protect these young
By KAREN OCAMB Americans and to prevent them from cruelly being uprooted from their homes,
families, careers and lives. Zbur notes
September 2017 in Donald Trump-land that EQCAs 800,000 members include
is not exactly the kind of post-summer 300,000 from outside California who
activism Equality California expected joined during the Prop 8 battle in 2008 and
18 months ago when the 32-year-old Equality California is busy defending LGBT rights advances while trying to introduce new measures have remained active.
protecting residents rights.
statewide lobbying organization became On Sept. 5, just as much of America was
focused on Trumps DACA announcement,
Hillary Clinton for president. At the time, Zbur held a news conference in front
Equality California had been so successful Californias big blue state to see what ill And on Sept. 5, two major battles came of LA City Hall announcing the ling of
securing so many LGBT equality bills and winds might blow in from D.C., Zbur picked to the fore simultaneously: Trump ended a federal lawsuit challenging Trumps
electing so many LGBT and pro-equality charging toward the belly of the beast. DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Aug. 25 directive to reinstate the ban
candidates, Executive Director Rick Zbur On Aug. 8, he announced a new logo, a Arrivals program and EQCA challenged on transgender military service. Some
was growing weary of the same tiresome rened mission statement and tagline, Trumps directive to reinstitute the questioned why EQCA jumped into the
question: What is left for EQCA and the and established a national presence in transgender open military service ban. fray since national groupsNCLR/GLAD,
California LGBT rights movement to do? Washington, D.C., to lobby Californias Zbur is both outraged and heartbroken Lambda Legal/OutServe-SLDN and the
And then, once again, the old adage massive congressional delegation of 53 over Trumps order to rescind President ACLUare already seeking an immediate
proved true: Elections have consequences. House and two Senate seats. Obamas executive order creating DACA. injunction against implementation of
Despite campaign assurances from Equality California will shine as a He believes the move is racist, theres no the disruptive personnel change and
Trump that he would protect LGBTQ beacon of LGBTQ civil rights for the rest of other explanation for it. challenging the bans constitutionality.
people, with daughter Ivanka winking the nation, says Zbur. DREAMers have lived here since they But the reasoning is clear to Zbur.
from the sidelines that she had daddys Help us create a world that is just, were children and are American in California is the state with the largest
ear and would intervene to squash anti- healthy and fully equal for all LGBTQ every way except for their immigration LGBTQ community. Were also the state
LGBT policies, the LGBT movement people, he says in a video that explains status. Many have never traveled to their with most LGBTQ people serving in the
has seen a dramatic and sanctioned the new logo: an E and a C with an country of origin and do not speak its military and obviously, a state in which
outbreak of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, equal sign embedded in the State of language, butwithout DACAthey live are members are really harmed by this
homophobia and white supremacy at the California. Additionally, for all, a press in fear of deportation and are extremely directive. So we decided we wanted to
White House. It started on Day One with release notes, acknowledges that LGBTQ limited in educational and professional bring a suit of our [800,000] members
the new administration wiping the White people are a part of every racial, ethnic and opportunities because of their immigration that are aected by this ban. We thought
House website of any mention of LGBT religious community and that improving status, says Zbur, a father of three who it was important that there be a case in
equality. Next was the death of the Oce the lives of LGBTQ people requires a focus is half Latino with family roots in New California, Zbur told the Los Angeles Blade.
of National AIDS Policy and soon after, on social justice for all communities of Mexico. Its appalling to me. As of May 2016, California has the most
the mass resignation of six members of which LGBTQ people are a part. There are real-life consequences military bases and installations in the country,
Trumps AIDS Advisory Council. In Trumps America, intersectionality is for LGBT undocumented immigrants. 32, with the most active duty and reserves
Equality California was suddenly tasked not just an academic discussion. Health Transgender or HIV-positive immigrants members of the military, 190,160. That number
with not only introducing new bills to disparities, for instance, are even greater are especially vulnerable, facing abuse or goes up to more than 360,000 employed by
continue advancing LGBT equality but for LGBTQ people who are also people lack of essential medical treatments in the Department of Defense in California when
protecting what was already law, especially of color, immigrants or transgender. detention centers. They face even worse civilian employees are included.
those involving transgender students in Equality Californias new taglineuntil the if deported to countries like Honduras, The cases seek to block the order, says
places like Fresno and encouraging legally work is donereects our organizations where violence against LGBTQ people is Zbur. The order is one that doesnt give the
correct and compassionate teachers at determination to work vigorously on the endemic, or Venezuela, which just publicly military discretion about whether to allow
private Rocklin Academy. signicant priorities that remain to be announced it has run out of vital drugs to
But instead of waiting in the safety of accomplished. treat HIV, Zbur says. CONTINUES ON PAGE 12
In adults with HIV on ART who have diarrhea not caused by an infection
This is only a summary. See complete Prescribing Information at or by calling 1-844-722-8256. This does not take the place
of talking with your doctor about your medical condition or treatment.
What Is Mytesi?
Mytesi is a prescription medicine used to improve symptoms of
noninfectious diarrhea (diarrhea not caused by a bacterial, viral, or
parasitic infection) in adults living with HIV/AIDS on ART.
Do Not Take Mytesi if you have diarrhea caused by an infection. Before
you start Mytesi, your doctor and you should make sure your diarrhea is
not caused by an infection (such as bacteria, virus, or parasite).
Possible Side Effects of Mytesi Include:
Upper respiratory tract infection (sinus, nose, and throat infection)
Bronchitis (swelling in the tubes that carry air to and from your lungs)
Flatulence (gas)
Increased bilirubin (a waste product when red blood cells break down)
For a full list of side effects, please talk to your doctor. Tell your doctor if
you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.
You are encouraged to report negative side effects of

Tired of planning your life around diarrhea?

prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or
call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Enough is Enough
Should I Take Mytesi If I Am:
Pregnant or Planning to Become Pregnant?
Studies in animals show that Mytesi could harm an unborn baby or
affect the ability to become pregnant
There are no studies in pregnant women taking Mytesi
This drug should only be used during pregnancy if clearly needed
Get relief. Pure and simple. Ask your doctor about Mytesi. A Nursing Mother?
It is not known whether Mytesi is passed through human breast milk
Mytesi (crofelemer): If you are nursing, you should tell your doctor before starting Mytesi
Is the only medicine FDA-approved to relieve diarrhea in people with HIV Your doctor will help you to decide whether to stop nursing or to stop
taking Mytesi
Treats diarrhea differently by normalizing the flow of water in the GI tract
Under 18 or Over 65 Years of Age?
Has the same or fewer side effects as placebo in clinical studies Mytesi has not been studied in children under 18 years of age
Comes from a tree sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest Mytesi studies did not include many people over the age of 65. So it is
not clear if this age group will respond differently. Talk to your doctor to
What is Mytesi? find out if Mytesi is right for you
Mytesi is a prescription medicine that helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea not caused by What Should I Know About Taking Mytesi
an infection (noninfectious) in adults living with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy (ART). With Other Medicines?
If you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicine, herbal
Important Safety Information supplements, or vitamins, tell your doctor before starting Mytesi.
Mytesi is not approved to treat infectious diarrhea (diarrhea caused by bacteria, a virus, What If I Have More Questions About Mytesi?
or a parasite). Before starting you on Mytesi, your healthcare provider will first be sure that you For more information, please see the full Prescribing Information at
do not have infectious diarrhea. Otherwise, there is a risk you would not receive the right medicine or speak to your doctor or pharmacist.
and your infection could get worse. In clinical studies, the most common side effects that occurred To report side effects or make a product complaint or for additional
more often than with placebo were upper respiratory tract (sinus, nose, and throat) infection information, call 1-844-722-8256.
(5.7%), bronchitis (3.9%), cough (3.5%), flatulence (3.1%), and increased bilirubin (3.1%).

For Copay Savings Card and Rx Only

Patient Assistance, see Manufactured by Patheon, Inc.
for Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. San Francisco, CA 94105
Copyright Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Please see complete Prescribing Information at Mytesi comes from the Croton lechleri tree harvested
in South America.
0 6 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

South LA task force aims to ght crystal meth epidemic

Gemmel Moore becomes
face of the crisis in
black gay community


One potentially life-saving outcome of

the tragic death of Gemmel Moore in July
is the burst of awareness about the silent
Curt Thomas, senior pastor of the Renewed
crystal meth epidemic in Los Angeles Church of Los Angeles; Lynwood Patterson,
LCSW, Los Angeles LGBT Center; and Kathy
black gay community. On Sept. 13, black Watt, executive director, Van Ness Recovery
gay and addiction recovery advocates held House.
the rst community South Los Angeles PHOTO COURTESY OF JEFFREY KING
Crystal Meth Task Force, hosted by the
AMAAD Institute, to focus on community
engagement, prevention and addiction
intervention for the LGBTQ community. attorney to make such an announcement, has exposed sexual practices that may be overdose is characterized by physiological
Moore, 26, was found dead of what which implies some sort of criminal familiar to gay men but are now front and deterioration, eventually leading to a heart
the LA coroner originally determined was culpability on the part of her client(s). But center in community discussions about attack or stroke. Further, meth should not
an accidental fatal overdose of crystal the Aug. 31 press release does not clearly sex, race and drugs in the gay community. be used by people with heart, thyroid
methamphetamine July 27 in the West indicate who she represents, only that she Determined to not let Moores death be disorders and diabetes, because these
Hollywood apartment of gay Democratic will work with each victim before they give in vain, on Aug. 22, Jerey King, founder chronic conditions may lead to sudden
activist donor Ed Buck. Though their statement to the detective from the and executive director of In The Meantime death.Because of rapid onset, death
investigators initially found nothing Robbery/Homicide Bureau in charge of re- Mens Group, held an emergency town proceeds suddenly and unexpectedly
suspicious about the circumstances of examining the case. She does not indicate hall meeting to pay respects to Moores after a meth OD. Many fatalities usually
Moores death, Sheri Jim McDonnell what type of immunity has been granted life and to shed light on the devastating manifest symptoms of coma, shock,
ordered a follow-up investigation out of whether it is blanket immunity covering any impact of Crystal Meth in LAs black gay inability to pass and secrete urine, and
abundance of caution after pleas from possible outstanding warrants or immunity community. Our intention was to call for a muscle twitching. Emergency department
Moores mother LaTisha Nixon and local limited to any potential crimes related to State of Emergency and to foster solutions visits due to meth overdose have been up
activists for a thorough investigation. prostitution and meth use. from within the community. to 130,000 per year, out of which almost
On Aug. 31, activist attorney Nana Gyam To the Blades knowledge, there is King says about 100-150 people 15% were fatalities.
announced in a press release that the L.A. no information or evidence yet that attended. After cathartic sharing about King says that while everyone is
County District Attorneys Oce agreed to the detective is pursuing criminal Moore and personal stories about welcome to attend the South LA Crystal
provide a binding written agreement of charges against Ed Buck for the murder substance abuse, the attendees shifted Meth Task Force meetingsaddiction is
immunity to several black men who, she of Gemmel, as Gyam states in the to talking about what they could do. King addictionbut the focus will be on the
claims, have come forward to tell stories press release. Gyam did not respond reports that there were two additional meth epidemic in communities of color.
similar to the story Moore wrote about in to a request for comment. Sheris overdose deaths related to crystal meth Though the Task Force will develop
a journal last year about his sex work and Department spokesperson Sgt. Boese told in the two-week period around Moores and provide culturally competent experts
meth use with Buck. In an email response the Blade there is no update on the case. death. What is not known about crystal and resources for people of color battling
for conrmation of DA Jackie Laceys If DA Lacey has granted immunity to meth is the long-term damage done to addiction, the group will also be inclusive,
alleged immunity agreement with Gyam, several men for their stories about their the body and brain (see the LARG section King says. For instance, Kathy Watt, the
DA spokesperson Shiara Davila-Morales experiences with Buck, that is a positive on the In The Meantime Men website) white long-term director of the gay Van
wrote: Regarding your pending query, we development for Nixon and her supporters and how quickly an overdose can lead Ness Recovery House, was a panelist at
politely decline to comment. who pressed for immunity, feeling that to death if the user has other health the town hall meeting and has agreed to
It is not unusual that the DAs oce young black gay men have been victimized issues. From The Addictionblog: [M] be on the Task Force as an expert. Also
would decline to comment in an ongoing by both Buck and a system that has not eth users can take a lethal dose and not
investigation, but it is unusual for an listened to them. Additionally, the case realize it right away. But in general, meth CONTINUES ON PAGE 12
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 0 7

Black AIDS Institute honors Laverne Cox

Taraji Henson, Vanessa
Williams, Alfre Woodard
also named Heroes
in the Struggle

Notable black men take a night out on

Sept. 16 to honor notable black women
who have gone the extra mile in the long
and heroic ght against HIV/AIDS in black
America. These women take their place
in the 16-year old Heroes in the Struggle
Hall of Fame, an important photography
exhibit that travels the world instigating
awareness, discussion and debate about Stigma and shame can kill us, said actress and
HIV/AIDS in black America. This year, trans advocate LAVERNE COX.
transgender star Laverne Cox is among PHOTO BY KATHCLICK; COURTESY OF BIGSTOCK
the six women being honored for their
work and outreach.
The 16th Annual Heroes in the Struggle
Awards Presentation & Reception is also black. Black women account for 60% of the keynote speakers at the US Conference on My entire life, I really believed that
honoring: Taraji P. Henson, Vanessa Williams, new HIV infections among women, and are AIDS in 2014, one of many appearances because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, that
Alfre Woodard, Gina Belafonte, and Gina 16 times more likely to be diagnosed with and interviews shes given regarding HIV/ I was destined to die. There has always
Brown. Out Empire star and Black AIDS HIV than white women. This event not only AIDS transgender people are 49 times been this air of inevitabilitythat because
Institute Board Member Jussie Smollett will allows us to acknowledge the invaluable more at risk of living with HIV compared of who I am, eventually, I will test positive
serve as chair and host of the event, which role black women have played in the AIDS to the general population. The actress, for HIV/AIDS, she said.
will also honor Novant Health as the 2017 ght, but it helps raise awareness about the producer and transgender advocate was But despite the tremendous amount of
Corporate Hero. R&B singer/songwriter devastating impact AIDS continues to have poignant, funny and personal. shame she experienced, Cox said, she is a
Ledisi will perform a special tribute. on black women and the opportunities we We come from a history of resilience in person today who stands here HIV negative.
At the age of 15, I began working with have to turn that around if black men and the face of unspeakable horrors. We come And I feel weird even saying that because
the Black AIDS Institute and I am proud to women work together. from a history of lifting each other up when we live in a world that often assumes that
be a member of the board of directors, In another twist on this Year of the no one else will do it. That is what weve been because I am black and because I am trans,
Smollett said in a press release. Although it Woman, the Heroes in the Struggle gala doing in the LGBT community. That is what I must be HIV positive. That stigma has
is not spoken about like it used to, the AIDS comes less than a week after NMACs weve been doing in the AIDS community for been so crippling to me as I go out into the
epidemic is not over, especially in black national US AIDS Conference https:// over 30 years, Cox said, before explaining world and look for love and aection.
communities. I am humbled to pay tribute to in Washington, the state of emergency in the trans women Shame and stigma kill, Cox said, telling
these remarkable women in our community. D.C. which will close with a tribute to of color community with high rates of the story of a trans friend who didnt want
The event not only celebrates the the Womens March. The Heroes event murder, unemployment and HIV/AIDS. anyone to know she had AIDS. So she
contributions of black women, but also lifts will be held on Sept. 16 at the Darryl But the numbers are inaccurate. Far too hid it and she didnt go and seek medical
those who have been dramatically impacted. F. Zanuck Theater at 20th Century Fox often, trans people dont count. We are left attention. And she passed away because
Black women are the single most Studios in Los Angeles at 6 p.m. For out of HIV/AIDS studies. We are left out of of stigma and because of shame. And
important engine in the survival of Black ticket and other information, go to www. the count, she said. They erase us. when I think of that I think there is so
people, including with HIV/AIDS, says Phill or contact HIV/AIDS has been a reality for me my much more work that we have to do to
Wilson, president and CEO of the Black Wendell Miller at entire adult life, my entire sexual life, and begin to lift the stigma and shame around
AIDS Institute. Fifty-nine percent of women or 213-353-3610, ext. 105. growing up in conservative Mobile, Ala., she HIV and AIDS. Because stigma and shame
living with HIV in the United States are Laverne Cox was one of the standout thought she was going to hell, she said. can kill us.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 1

Californians furious over Trump rescinding DACA

Thousands of LGBT Lara, who is vice chair of the California
Legislative Caucus, has a proposal that
DREAMers impacted
would provide DREAMers with college
grants, fee waivers or reimbursements in
By KAREN OCAMB exchange for community service. Eric Bauman, the out chair of the
California Democratic Party, also issued a
LGBT Angelinos tend to pick up on subtle statement pledging that the issue will be
visual cues and Attorney General Jeerson critical in the 2018 midterm elections.
Beauregard Sessions III of Alabama looked Hiding behind his racist attorney
a tad too giddy Sept. 5 as he rolled out general to make the announcement and
President Donald Trumps plan to kill the then punting the issue to Congress also
Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood makes this the most cowardly decision
Arrivals program. of this petty man, he said. California
DACA impacts roughly 800,000 Democrats will resist this shameful
undocumented young people, or decision with every ounce of energy and
DREAMers, brought to the U.S. as children resources available to us, and in 2018, we
and California is home to 1 in 4 DACA will elect leaders who respect and value
participants, according to a 2017 analysis undocumented Californians who grew
by the nonpartisan Migration Policy up here, attended our schools, and who
Institute. Los Angeles County has about President BARACK OBAMA shows the Resolute Desk to a group of DREAMers, following their Oval pledge allegiance to our ag.
Oce meeting in which they talked about how they have beneted from DACA, Feb. 4, 2015.
180,000 eligible residents. Trumps Twitter nemesis Rep. Ted Lieu,
Most Californians are angry at Trumps OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTO BY PETE SOUZA an immigrant brought to America at age
latest ideological move to please his base three, also reacted vehemently, calling
of 39 percent far-right conservatives. LGBT DREAMers in America36,000 this administration just turned the lives Trumps decision cowardly.
State Attorney General Xavier Becerra of whom have participated in DACA. of tens of thousands of our community Deporting hundreds of thousands
told reporters that Trumps move is Los Angeles, in particular, is home to members upside down, putting their of Asians and Latinosnearly half of
unconstitutional and he is prepared thousands of LGBT DREAMers, many dreams, their futures, and potentially their whom were brought to the U.S. before
to go in tomorrow, or when it seems leaders in the immigration movement in safety at risk, said Kate Kendell, executive the age of 7is not only cruel, it will hurt
appropriate, to court to make sure we both the Latino and Asian communities. director of the San Francisco-based our economy, Lieu said. One report
stand up for those who have stood up for By taking away DACA, like enacting the National Center for Lesbian Rights. estimates an economic loss of $460 billion
and helped build this country, and certainly Muslim ban, the trans military ban, and The Congressional LGBT Equality over the next decade....I call on Speaker
California, though Politico reports legal more, Trump has made large swaths of the Caucus also responded quickly. After Ryan to work with Democrats to extend
politics may make it a dicult lift. American people vulnerable to continued his unfounded smear of transgender the DACA program through legislation.
Silicon Valley is willing to help fund attacks, said Sasha W., Organizing service members, President Trump has Ryan, who previously mildly decried Trumps
the pro-DACA eort. Out Apple CEO Tim Director for the National Queer Asian now decided to take aim at children move, subsequently said he made the right
Cook tweeted about his 250 employees: Pacic Islander Alliance (NQAPIA), which of immigrants, LGBT Equality Caucus decision. Meanwhile, California Senators
#Dreamers contribute to our companies delivered 971 postcards from LGBT APIs Executive Director Roddy Flynn said in Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris have
and our communities just as much as you and allies asking Trump to preserve DACA. a statement. Previously, this president joined with Republican South Carolina Sen.
and I. Apple will ght for them to be treated APIs are believed to be the fastest pledged he would handle Dreamers with Lindsey Graham and others to reintroduce
as equals. Cook was among leaders from growing racial group of new immigrants: heart. But that promise has proven to the BRIDGE Act, which would protect
300 companies who appealed to Trump to 169,000 APIs are eligible for DACA, NQAPIA be just as meaningless as his pledge to undocumented youth from deportation.
keep DACA. reports, noting there are an estimated protect the LGBT community. As if lighting a tiki torch to iname
Microsoft President Brad Smith told NPR, 267,000 undocumented LGBT immigrants, It is a new level of cruelty that the passions, recently pardoned racist pardoned
if the government moves to deport the a disproportionate share being API. [Trump] administration has showed, former Maricopa County sheri Joe Arpaio
companys DREAMer employees, its going For the 11 percent of DACA California State Sen. Ricardo Lara told the is scheduled to speak at a Fresno County
to have to go through us to get that person. recipients who identify as LGBT, todays L.A. Times. It is unconscionable to me Republican Party fundraiser in late September.
The Williams Institute at UCLA School of announcement is even more chilling. In an that [Trump] continues to discriminate Californians are asking: whats
Law estimates that there are over 75,000 announcement that lasted only minutes, and pick on some of our most vulnerable. happened to the American Dream?
1 2 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Task force aims to ght crystal meth epidemic in LA

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 06 social media to engage and educate the compile a listing of legal services that more easily accessible to the general
broader community about addiction and will investigate cases that are addiction public. 13. Explore that intersections of
agreeing to serve on the Task Force are recovery. 4. Develop and support recovery related. 8. Develop a taskforce/ working mental health treatment and substance
Pastor Curt Thomas, senior pastor of panels and forums that engage individuals group for LGBTQ communities of color abuse recovery. 14. Explore and provide
the Renewed Church of Los Angeles and in the recovery community while providing and support increased outreach and increased educational opportunities to
Lynwood Patterson, LCSW at the LA LGBT them with a platform to share their stories educational opportunities. 9. Work better understand the multiple pathways
Center, among others. outside of the rooms of recovery. 5. Hold directly with elected ocials to task to addiction recovery. 15. Seek ways to
Below are community recommendations: agencies and organizations accountable relative to policy development and link the LGBTQ taskforce to the broader
1. Provide trainings and educational for the delivery of client centered services reform and the distribution of local recovery community. 16. Engage the
opportunities in the public-school system they are funded to delivery. Insure that funds to support a LGBTQ Crystal Meth/ Taskforce in an ongoing think tank
starting with grade school, middle school recovery and treatment funding makes Substance abuse Taskforce. Call for a process to develop and much fuller
and high school youth that will educate it to the people best suited to facilitate state of emergency. 10. Compile a data LGBTQ and broader community based
them about addiction and recovery. 2. work in communities of color. 6. Develop base of substance abuse resources mobilization eort. Community to include
Develop community based interventions and support panels and community that are LGBTQ arming to include the entertainment industry, local business,
that include addiction/recovery forms/ educational outlets to educate Cities new 24- hour toll-free number. 11. community based CBO, faith based
education while promoting individual and the broader community about the Promote, develop, and equipt LGBTQ communities, etc. 17. Initiate a call to
collective liberation and self/community- world of survival sex as an issue that specic safe spaces where individuals can action/ State of Emergency . 18. Identify
armation. 3. Develop a community intersects race, homophobia, education, access social support and other services to already existing task forces and groups to
social marketing campaign with a incarceration and sexual orientation. 7. include substance abuse counseling and partner with in coalition. 19. Advocate for
global mantra that mirrors, If you see Explore current policies surrounding the treatment. 12. Develop a strategy to make aordable and accessible housing for at
something say something. Better utilize issues of substance abuse/ addiction and mentorship/ recovery specic sponsorship -risk LGBTQ youth.

EQCA hard at work battling Trumps attacks

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 04 reinstated until such time as a sucient and the order does not leave discretion issues and working on bills within the state,
basis exists upon which to conclude that for the military to not implement the ban as well. As the legislative year winds down,
service of transgender people in the military, terminating that policy and practice would and discharge members of the military they are focused on four bills in particular:
despite some of the communications that not have the negative eects discussed or prevent re-enlistment or to allow for SB 239, Modernizing Discriminatory HIV
have come out by (Defense Sec) Gen. James above. The Secretary of Defense, after necessary medical care. Criminalization Laws (HIV decriminalization);
Mattis that appear to indicate that there consulting with the Secretary of Homeland Zbur notes that training has already SB 179, Gender Recognition Act of 2017
is some discretion. In fact, the presidents Security, may advise me at any time, in happened in the entire militaryand it (appropriate documents); SB 219 Seniors
directive leaves no discretion to the military writing, that a change to this policy is happened without controversy. Additionally, Long Term Care Bill of Rights; and SB 421
and requires that they take action to discharge warranted. (Emphasis added.) Some LGBT commanding ocers have been openly Tiered System for California Sex Oender
members of the military currently serving military watchers think that could come as supportive of their trans troops. Registry (based on crime, not lifetime).
and to also enlistment of people that would a result of recommendations made by an This is disruptive, Zbur says. It is Anti-LGBT California right-wing groups
want to serve and have taken steps to join the expert panel Mattis is putting together. harmful to military readiness. It is expensive join Steve Bannons Brietbart and company
military. And it prohibits medical care thats Zbur, an attorney, is not among them. for the militaryessentially they will be in targeting the senior rights bill, which
necessary for transgender service members. The directive is very clear and it does not ripping transgender service members out essentially calls for cultural competency
So our case raises a number of claims that give the military leadership discretion. It of key and important roles and will be in when placing seniors, especially trans
the order violates the Constitution of the gives them a certain amount of time into a position where they will have to identify seniors, in roommate situations.
United States and is obviously motivated by either February or March to implement it people to replace them and train them. So And, of course, Equality California is
animus towards transgender people and on but there is no discretion in the presidents theres no justication for this order. Theres preparing for the 2018 midterm elections.
a variety of Constitutional grounds, seeks to order, he says emphatically. no justication in terms of cost or military If California LGBT politicos cant recoup
block the order. The period that Gen. Mattis has indicated readiness. In fact, if anything, all arguments Hillary Clinton, at least EQCA can help vote
Some see a loophole in the line in the they will be studying this issue is consistent go in the other direction. This is harmful. the GOP disruptors out while achieving full
order that says the old policy should be with the timing in the presidents order Equality California is simultaneously tackling equality in the state.

Trump kills DACA, triggering protests

Obama blasts move target core American values and move our
country backward.
that exposes 800,000
D.C. Council member David Grosso
to deportation (I-At-Large) described the administrations
decision to end DACA as heartless. U.S.
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in a statement
said children who were illegally brought
The Trump administration this week into this country through no fault of their
announced it would end a program own should not be forced to return to a
that has allowed roughly 800,000 young country they do not know.
undocumented immigrants to remain in Todays decision is a giant setback
the U.S. and obtain work permits. for America, because all of our children
Attorney General Je Sessions made the should feel safe and accepted in a country
announcement about the Deferred Action that belongs to them, added Los Angeles
for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at Mayor Eric Garcetti. Deferred Action for
the Justice Department. Childhood Arrivals has allowed close to
Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS announced the plan to end DACA this week.
I am here today to announce that 800,000 ambitious, patriotic young people
to start careers, stay in school, and give
was eectuated under the Obama back to our communities without fear of
administration is being rescinded, nation disrespects or demeans them in any seven-predominantly Muslim countries being torn from the people they love.
Sessions told reporters. way. It means we are properly enforcing from entering the U.S. for 90 days, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)
Former President Obama in 2012 our laws as Congress has passed them. spurring the construction of a wall along last week indicated Trump should allow
enacted DACA. Trump in a statement he issued after the U.S.-Mexico border and paving the DACA to remain in place. The Wisconsin
Sessions told reporters the Justice Sessions spoke to reporters said he has way for cuts in federal funding to so- Republican on Tuesday nevertheless said
Department has advised President provided a window of opportunity for called sanctuary cities that protect in a statement that ending this program
Trump and the Department of Homeland Congress to nally act. undocumented immigrants. fullls a promise that President Trump
Security that it should begin an orderly, As president, my highest duty is to National Center for Transgender made to restore the proper role of the
lawful wind down of DACA that includes defend the American people and the Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling executive and legislative branches.
the cancellation of the memo that constitution of the United States of is among the hundreds of immigrant But now there is more to do, and
authorized this program. He also noted America, said Trump. At the same time, rights advocates who were gathered in the president has called on Congress
Acting Homeland Secretary Elaine Duke I do not favor punishing children, most of front of the White House on Tuesday when to act, added Ryan. The presidents
has chosen, appropriately, to initiate a whom are now adults, for the actions of Sessions announced the administration announcement does not revoke permits
wind down process. their parents. But we must also recognize would end DACA. immediately, and it is important that those
DACA is set to expire on March 5. that we are [sic] nation of opportunity Roughly 100 DACA supporters were aected have clarity on how this interim
The Trump administration will no longer because we are a nation of laws. standing along H Street, N.W., in front period will be carried out.
process new DACA applications. Current The Trump administration announced it of Lafayette Park earlier in the day when In a rare public rebuke of Trump, former
DACA recipients have until Oct. 5 to apply for would end DACA on the same day it faced Vice President Pences motorcade drove President Obama weighed in on social
a renewal of their status for a two-year period. what CASA, a Maryland-based immigration past. One protester directed an obscene media, blasting the move as cruel.
To have a lawful system of immigration advocacy group, has described as an gesture towards Pence, while another To target these young people is wrong
that serves the national interest, we arbitrary deadline that Texas Attorney stood silently as she held a sign. because they have done nothing
cannot admit everyone who would like General Ken Paxton and nine other state Appealing to his most xenophobic wrong, Obama wrote on Facebook. It
to come here, said Sessions. That is an attorneys general gave the White House to base, Trump is risking the lives of 800,000 is self-defeating because they want to
open border policy and the American rescind the program. young people, including more than 75,000 start new businesses, sta our labs, serve
people have rightly rejected it. Trump last month endorsed a bill that LGBTQ people who deserve to live and in our military, and otherwise contribute
Therefore, the nation must set and would, among other things, reduce the work free of fear, said Gay and Lesbian to the country we love. And it is cruel.
enforce a limit on how many immigrants number of people who will be allowed Victory Institute CEO Aisha Moodie-Mills in In a Wednesday tweet, Trump hinted
we admit each year and that means all can to legally immigrate to the U.S. each a statement. Its cruel and cowardly and that he would revisit the DACA issue if
not be accepted, he added. This does year. Trump earlier this year signed ts with a pattern of implementing racist, Congress doesnt legalize it. For updates
not mean they are bad people or that our executive orders banning citizens of xenophobic and anti-LGBTQ policies that on the story, visit

Courts asked to block transgender military ban

Equality California among policy. Two are students: Regan Kibby, a GLAD/NCLR also argue that the ban:
midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, violates plaintis right to due process under
groups ling lawsuits
wont be able to complete his education the Fifth Amendment; lacks any rational
because of the indenite ban on basis; burdens plaintis right to autonomy;
By KAREN OCAMB & CHRIS JOHNSON enlistment and Dylan Kohere is a college and penalizes plaintis for coming out
student at the University of New Haven as transgender after the previous ban on
Equality California announced it led just beginning ROTC training. The third transgender service was lifted during the
a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the unnamed plainti is serves in the Army. Obama administration in 2016.
Central District of California on Sept. Absent this Courts immediate By dictating that certain members are
5, bringing to four the number of legal intervention, their military careers and not t to serve based solely on their status
groups seeking immediate intervention paths will be irreparably harmed, the as transgender people, the Commander-in-
from a federal court to block President brief says. The military requires strong Chief of the Armed Forces has signicantly
Trumps ban on open transgender military bonds among unit members to maintain undermined that cohesion and trust,
service, enlistment and denial of medically the trust and morale necessary to which Plaintis may be unable to rebuild
necessary healthcare. survive the stresses of military discipline, absent an order from this Court enjoining
California is home to the largest deployment, and combat. So too, students enforcement of the ban, the brief says.
concentration of service members in the in the military academies and ROTC The brief also seeks to enjoin an existing
nation, while Equality California represents depend on the bonds they form during accessions ban that was scheduled to
more than 500,000 members in the state, their education and training to build the expire in July as part of the militarys plan
including transgender people directly foundation of relationships that determine for open transgender integration.
aected by the Presidents order. Latham their future military careers. The Trump administration has now
& Watkins LLP is representing Equality These plaintis are experiencing harms put it o indenitely, says Cunningham.
California as plaintis in Stockman v. right now because of the prohibition Because of that two of the new plaintis
PRESIDENT TRUMPs trans military ban is being
Trump, along with four named and three challenged in multiple lawsuits. against enlistment, GLAD spokesperson are experiencing immediate harms to
unnamed transgender plaintis, who are Carisa Cunningham said. The amended their education and military careers.
harmed by the ban. The three unnamed complaint adds plaintis who are In addition to lawsuits led by EQCA and
plaintis are active duty transgender experiencing clear, immediate harms GLAD/NCLR, OutServe-SLDN and Lambda
service members serving in the United fellow service members and depriving because of the enlistment ban. Legal led suit in a federal court in
States Army and Air Force them of the unique honor and status The GLAD/NCLR brief argues that the Washington State and the American Civil
President Trump has attacked associated with uniformed service to transgender military ban is unconstitutional Liberties Union led suit before a federal
American heroes who have risen above their country, the brief says. Because because discrimination on the basis of court in Maryland.
discrimination, hostility and lack of the public has no interest in enforcing transgender status warrants strict scrutiny Additionally, former military and civilian
acceptance to serve our country by putting an unconstitutional policy and has every a standard of review never explicitly leaders are speaking out, denouncing the
their lives on the line in its defense, said interest in the continued service of granted to transgender people by the U.S. new transgender military ban. Among
Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality capable and dedicated service members, Supreme Court. them is former Army Secretary Eric
California. His justication for the ban both the balance of the equities and the Policies that expressly target Fanning, whos served in civilian leadership
bears no relation to the truth. Contrary to public interest weigh in favor of granting transgender people meet all of the positions for each branch of the armed
what the President states, ejecting loyal an injunction here. traditional criteria for a forces and was the rst openly gay person
members of the armed forces promotes The case, Doe v. Trump, was led Aug. suspect classication that warrants conrmed as Army secretary.
chaos and division, not unit cohesion. 2 after Trump announced the ban on strict scrutiny, the brief says. The Fanning said in a statement that the
In a 51-page legal brief, lawyers from Twitter, but before he issued guidance Supreme Court has recognized that certain working group that evaluated transgender
GLBTQ Advocates & Defenders and directing that course by LGBT legal classications are inherently suspect open service under the Obama
the National Center for Lesbian Rights groups on behalf of ve unnamed plaintis because they single out discrete groups administration before the older ban was
seek a preliminary injunction against currently serving in the armed forces. The that have historically and unjustiably lifted determined the discharge of highly
enforcement of the ban, which Trump lawsuit was assigned to U.S. District Judge been oppressed. trained and experienced service members
directed on Aug. 25. Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Clinton appointee. The ling also argues the ban warrants would leave unexpected vacancies in
The ban marks transgender service The complaint was subsequently intermediate scrutiny because it amounts operational units and require the expensive
members as unequal and dispensable, amended to included three additional to sex discrimination and cannot satisfy and time-consuming recruitment and
stigmatizing them in the eyes of their plaintis to challenge the halted accession any level of review. training of replacement personnel.
W WW .L OS A NG EL ESB LADE .CO M SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 1 5



Soloway Law Group

Immigration Attorney
Employment-Based Immigration
Family-Based Immigration Temporary (Non-immigrant) Status
Citizenship Consular Applications for Non-immigrant Visas and Green Cards
Asylum Based on Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Applications
Representation of Detained Individuals Removal Proceedings and Appeals | 323.904.4730

Evangelical Christians celebrate archaic lifestyle

Nashville Statement
arms anti-LGBT positions


If so many of the religious leaders

who signed the Christian manifesto on
human sexuality werent members of
Donald Trump and Mike Pences inner
religious circle, the list of 14 pro-and-con
statements produced by The Council on
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood last
week would seem like a fake prop in a
remake of Inherit the Wind. The Scopes
Trial is over and until this year at least,
most Americans thought that evolution
Evangelicals appear emboldened by the
and progressive human values won. rightward lurch of Donald Trump.
The latest armation of anti-LGBT
bigotry, so soon after the orgy of white
supremacy in Charlottesville, is part of the
Southern Baptist Conventions Ethics and superiority, these evangelicals did not USA Today reported: In a series of paradise, and in a dierent light the
Religious Liberty Commissions annual capitalize him for Godas they once did, tweets, Pastor Brandan Robertson of evangelical political movement has
conference in Nashville. i.e. Him or He. They apparently didnt MissionGathering Christian Church in San never looked weaker, Jones writes. By
The Nashville Statement, however, notice they diminished God in their own Diego, an LGBT activist who helped organize supporting Trumpwho has been accused
signed by 150 conservative Christian righteous but organized rant. They also a protest at the Ethics and Religious numerous times of sexual assault, regularly
leadersonly 15 of whom are identiably fail to register that religion is a choice Liberty Commission conference, called tracs in racism and bigotry, takes evident
femaleclaims that they are on a counter- while orientation and identity may not be. the statement an aront to Gods creative pleasure in bullying the weakest among us,
cultural mission to reclaim what God No surprise, they want marriage between design. When your theology breeds death, and cant name a book of the Bible without
intends for humanity. one man and one woman and DENY that your theology is not of God, he tweeted. tripping over his own ignoranceit has
As Western culture has become adopting a homosexual or transgender Christian author Jen Hatmaker tweeted: forsaken whatever moral high ground it
increasingly post-Christian, it has embarked self-conception is consistent with Gods If the fruit of doctrine regularly & claims to possess. Trump himself is deeply
upon a massive revision of what it means holy purposes in creation and redemption. consistently creates shame, self-harm, unpopular, and so too are the political
to be a human being. By and large the spirit Our true identity, as male and female suicide, & broken hearts, families, & tenets of conservative evangelicalism.
of our age no longer discerns or delights in persons, is given by God. It is not only churches, we shld listen. According to Gallup, she continues,
the beauty of Gods design for human life, foolish, but hopeless, to try to make Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was just 79 percent of Americans overall say
the Preamble says. It is common to think ourselves what God did not create us to annoyed, tweeting that the statement was abortion should be legal in at least some
that human identity as make and female be, the statement reads. poorly named. circumstances. Meanwhile, younger
is not part of Gods beautiful plan, but is, Two of the lead signers are James Dobson, While some critics responded to the evangelicals continue to drift from their
rather, an expression of an individuals founder of the Colorado Springs-based Focus statement with snark and others with elders: 47 percent of evangelicals under
autonomous preferences. The pathway on the Family, and Tony Perkins, president of disgust or disappointment, Sarah Jones age 53 say they support marriage equality.
to full and lasting joy through Gods good the Family Research Council. Dobson and at the New Republic has a dierent Gerrymandering wins elections, but it
design for his creatures is thus replaced four other signers are members of Trumps take altogether. She feels the Nashville doesnt win culture wars.
by the path of shortsighted alternatives evangelical advisory board. Perkins joined Statement indicates the death rattle of The kicker: The Nashville Statement,
that, sooner or later, ruin human life and evangelical brother Vice President Mike a conservative Christian Right movement then, sounds like the death rattle of a
dishonor God. Pence in pushing the personnel ban on that won the White House and its pick for movement that has disgraced itself.
Interestingly, though longing for the transgender military service, just as North the Supreme Court. The 2018 elections should determine
good old days of heterosexual male Korea issues more dire warnings. [T]here are complications even in how many voters agree.

Notable quotes

Jesus sends the message home, unless Americans

repent, unless Houston repents, unless New
Orleans repents, they will all likewise perish,
PHOTO COURTESY OF RIGHT WING WATCH extremist anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson said Aug. 31 on his radio show about the embrace of sexual perversion.
Right Wing Watch.

Im incredibly proud of him

Theres a fear of job security.
If you have a differing opinion,
differing sexual orientation,
they can get rid of you.
PHOTO COURTESY OF RODGERS Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to ESPN Magazine about friend
lineman Ryan OCallaghan coming out.

We congratulate and thank the L.A.

County Board of Supervisors for voting
for this prudent public health resolution
to protect the health and safety of those
people working in the adult lm industry.
AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said Aug. 22 on permit fees requiring
condom use in porn lms.

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Trump has no regard

310-230-5266 x9459
BRAD FUHR, 760-813-2020.

for people of color
RIVENDELL MEDIA, 212-242-6863
STEPHEN RUTGERS, 202-747-2077 x8077
Acts of malice toward and his administration ended all hope his actions. Arpaio even called the case a KEVIN NAFF
for DACA Dreamers. His action targets political witch hunt in a thank you tweet, 202-747-2077 x8088
anyone not white, male, young people of immigrant families and to Trump the day he was pardoned.
straight or Christian places them at risk of deportation back to In fact, it was the pardon, not the
countries theyve never known. The order conviction, that was political in nature MICHAEL K. LAVERS
is not only heartless but also detrimental payback from Trump to Arpaio for
to the fabric of our countrya country of his strong support during the real CONTRIBUTORS
immigrants. estate mogul and reality TV stars 2016 ROSHAN, HOLLY HUGHES, KIT WINTER, BRAD LAMM,
This, however, was not the rst slap in presidential campaign. However, Trumps DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
the face to our Latino and other immigrant bypass of the courts decision has sent ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
communities. a clear message that he has no regard JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
On Aug. 25, Trump pardoned former for people of color or for the rule of law. MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
Sheri Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Through his actions, Trump demonstrates MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
RICHARD ZALDIVAR is executive director/ thumbing his nose at the rule of law, to a great disregard of the U.S. Constitution CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
the American people and to the judicial and the constitutional oce that he holds SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
founder of The Wall Las Memorias Project. For PHOTOGRAPHY
more information, visit process of this country. The pardon and a great ignorance of it. BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
spared the former Arizona sheri from Some believe that these are all CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
a jail sentence after he was convicted of part of the distractions to the Russian DISTRIBUTION
It seems like every day that Donald criminal contempt and racial proling. investigation. It very well could be CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
Trump tries to take a jab at policymaking, Arpaio illegally harassed, abused and but Trumps actions reect the view of All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
he creates another day of absolute chaos terrorized millions of Latinos in Arizona for his hardcore supporters who represent Angeles Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers,
writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
in the United States. over 10 years. He has also been accused racism and ethnic purication. We have implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
The decisions that he and his of various types of misconduct such as witnessed that on every level of his brief Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
administration make are usually baseless, misuse of power and public funds, failure presidency. Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
the paper cannot take responsibility for its return. The editors reserve
insensitive and incoherent. Blatantly put, to investigate sex crimes, and violations We can be angry and sad but now, more the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. A single copy of the
Los Angeles Blade is available from authorized distribution points, to
his agenda degrades the true spirit of the of election laws. He has been sued by in than ever, we must take time from each of any individual within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. Multiple copies
are available from the Los Angeles Blade oce only. Call for rates. If
you are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you may
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and aspirationin a constant act of self- violations and was ordered by the court in helping out congressional candidates for at Postmaster: Send address changes to
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promotion to his political base. an injunction barring him from continuing the 2018 midterm elections. Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
As I write this, we yet again have been to violate the rights of Americans. It is imperative that we not only work postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
positions of the Los Angeles Blade are expressed in editorials and in
taken into a fray by the announcement Presidential pardons are granted for their election to oce but must also editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
of another Trump administration policy. occasionally for those who are convicted participate on every level in choosing the the Los Angeles Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary:
Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
Under the presidents order, Attorney of a felony, who served some time, and right candidate for the job. Too often we than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
General Je Sessions has announced that have demonstrated that they have paid elect individuals who seek oce for the submissions by e-mail to

the president plans to rescind the Deferred their debt to society for their crime. This glitter and glamour. Now, more than ever,
Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration pardon, however, came one month after we desperately need to elect great public
policy most commonly referred to as DACA. the former sheris conviction and with servants to oce.
Within a matter of minutes, Trump no apology or regrets from Arpaio for We should never settle for less. 2017 LOS ANGELES BLADE, LLC.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

Whats stopping us from ending AIDS epidemic?

Biomedical interventions
alone will not get
the job done

Phill Wilson is the President and CEO of the

Black AIDS Institute, the only national HIV/
AIDS think tank in the United States focused
exclusively on Black people. Follow him on
Twitter @iamphillwilson or email him at

The late Dr. Maya Angelou said, Do the

best you can until you know better. Then,
when you know better, do better!
The late Dr. MAYA ANGELOU said, Do the best
There have been a number of you can until you know better. Then, when you
remarkable biomedical breakthroughs know better, do better!
in the treatment and prevention of HIV/ PHOTO BY YORK COLLEGE ISLGP

AIDS in the last few years. We have better

surveillance tools, better diagnostic
tools, better treatment tools and better
prevention tools. We have the tools we It gets even worse. The average scores they have the familiarity, knowledge and people working in HIV;
need to end the epidemic in America. The on treatment and clinical knowledge were skills needed to use these new tools. dramatically increase the number of
scientic evidence is now clear. Or is it? only 56% and 46% respectively. I have been living with HIV for over 35 people living with HIV/AIDS in the HIV/
Last February, to commemorate So why is this important? Treatment and years. Every night I take three pills that AIDS workforce.
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, biomedical interventions oer our best keep me healthy and keep me alive. And We need an educated AIDS workforce to
the Black AIDS Institute released a report chance of ending the epidemic in the U.S. you know what? I look at those pills every help people like me understand why HIV/
on the state of HIV/AIDS science and Helping people living with HIV reach viral night and theres one thing that I notice: AIDS treatment is important and to help
treatment knowledge among non-medical suppression can reduce transmission of Not one of them has a way to get into my us stay on treatment when the going gets
personnel working in HIV/AIDS in the HIV by 96%, and pre-exposure prophylaxis body without my assistance. What the pills rough. Doctors cant really do that in the
United States. can reduce the chances of getting infected do is biomedical. What I do is behavioral. 15 minutes they have with a patient.
The results of the study are shocking. with HIV by over 90%. Both are game Ending the AIDS epidemic is going to And to exacerbate the problem,
The more than 3,600 respondents from changers with the combined possibility require integrating the behavioral and the increasingly, people with HIV/AIDS are
48 states, D.C., and U.S. territories who when used properly of breaking the back biomedical. going to receive their HIV care from
participated in the study answered on of the AIDS epidemic. Biomedical interventions alone will not doctors who arent HIV specialists. People
average only 63 percent of the questions All the biomedical and scientic get the job done. in the communities most aected are
correctly. If this were an academic exam, breakthroughs in the world arent worth The Black AIDS Institute is calling for a needed to deliver that kind of message.
they would have earned a D. Said another a damn if people working in the HIV eld national movement to: Dr. Angelou said, When we know better,
way, our nations case managers, social dont understand them, believe in them increase the HIV science and treatment we do better. This report looks at what the
workers, prevention educators, testers and know how to use them. We are leaving knowledge of both the HIV/AIDS workforce HIV/AIDS workforce needs to know to do
and counselors, public health workers and our most valuable resource behind. We and those communities most at risk of HIV better and makes bold recommendations
advocates, policy makers, contractors, have a large infrastructure of passionate, infection; on how to address the problem.
volunteers and others working to end the committed and capable people working establish a concise list of core For more details on the U.S. HIV/AIDS
AIDS epidemic are woefully unprepared in AIDS service organizations, community competencies for people working with HIV; Workforce Study, why science literacy
to implement the new biomedical tools based organizations, clinical settings and establish a certication process for matters and why the HIV workforce is vital
touted as the key to ending the AIDS health departments. They are ready to get HIV/AIDS workers; to helping us reach an AIDS-free generation,
epidemic in America. the job done. But they cant do it unless require continuing education for please go to

Hurricane Harveys forgotten victims: factory-farmed animals

Millions were ignored in
the recovery and died

The images of Texas residents aected by

Hurricane Harvey are heartbreaking: senior
citizens trapped in ooded nursing homes,
Houstonians picking through the wreckage
of what was once their homes, and rows
of injured and grief-stricken survivors
recovering on makeshift beds. Similarly,
countless news outlets have shared videos
and pictures of Houstonians eeing to safety
with their companion animalscats, dogs,
and even rabbitsin tow. But there are
millions of forgotten victims of Hurricane
Harvey: farmed animals.
According to the USDA, the 54 counties
declared a disaster area due to the recent
storm are home to over 1.2 million cows,
about 27 percent of the states cattle.
Dubbed cattle country, Texas has the A cow and calf stranded during Hurricane
most cows raised to be slaughtered for Harvey.
beef in the United States. PHOTO VIA YOUTUBE

While its too early to know the number

of farmed animals killed during the storm,
numerous videos show stranded cows
seeking higher ground to avoid rushing escape oods, res, or other disasters. And who make up nearly 90 percent of all we can all start helping farmed animals
oodwaters. even if they are saved, its not for altruistic land animals slaughtered for food, are today by simply reducing or eliminating
Sadly, this isnt the rst time a natural reasonsits because theyll eventually be bred to grow so fast they often collapse our consumption of meat, eggs, and
disaster has claimed the lives of farmed slaughtered for money. under their own unnatural weight. At the dairy. Fortunately, its never been easier
animals. In 1999, during Hurricane Floyd in Its not just natural disasters that slaughterhouse, theyre violently shackled to do just that, especially in Los Angeles
North Carolina, devastating images of pigs threaten farmed animals; man-made upside down and painfully shocked with County, which is home to more than 120
trapped on factory farm roofs, desperate disasters are equally devastating. For electricity before having their throats slit, vegetarian restaurants and hundreds of
to reach dry land, exposed the disturbing example, hundreds of thousands of often while fully conscious. veg-friendly eateries.
reality of societys most vulnerable creatures: chickens, turkeys, and pigs burn to death The images of Texans rescuing cats and Dont like dining out? Visit ChooseVeg.
the animals we raise and slaughter for food. each year when factory farms catch re, dogs in the midst of chaos is proof that com for free meal plans, recipes, and one-
Treated as mere property and left behind since these facilities arent required by law we cherish the animals with whom we on-one support.
to die, countless pigs drowned. Two million to install re or smoke control systems. share our homes. But we must expand While we may despair at the sight
chickens, turkeys, and other farmed animals Disturbingly, trade groups representing our circle of compassion to all animals of individual animals harmed during
also died. the pork, egg, and poultry industries have including those raised and slaughtered natural disasters, remember that the
In 2016 more than 35,000 cows froze to fought proposals to require factory farms for food. Farmed animals feel pleasure, animals harmed in factory farms and
death at a Texas dairy during a blizzard. to have sprinklers and smoke detectors. pain, and joy just as we do, and just as slaughterhouses are also individuals. And
And just last year, thousands of chickens Natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey our companion animals do. The only together, we can help end their horric
and pigs drowned in oods after Hurricane and man-made disasters like barn res dierences between a dog and a pig, or a suering each time we eat.
Matthew hit North Carolina. are indeed tragic, but for animals raised cat and a chicken, are the arbitrary labels
Unlike dogs and cats, who by law must be in factory farms, everyday life is tragic. we place on them.
NATHAN RUNKLE is the founder and president
included in government evacuation plans Undercover investigations have revealed The good news is that we dont need of Mercy For Animals, an international animal
during natural disasters, farmed animals that the vast majority of farmed animals to drive or y to Texas to rescue farmed protection organization dedicated to preventing
cruelty to farmed animals and promoting
are aorded no legal protection. In fact, spend their lives in lthy, unnatural animals. While we ought to include them compassionate food choices and policies. His
many animals are left to drown in cages, a conditions. Most egg-laying hens and in our government evacuation plans new book, Mercy For Animals, chronicles his
reminder of the dangers farmed animals mother pigs are crammed into cages so during natural disasters and prescribe journey from coming out as a gay teen in rural
Ohio to becoming an international animal
face when cruelly conned and unable to small they can barely move. Chickens, re-safety standards for factory farms, protection leader.
SEPT 1-24, 2017
THE IGLOO* - Presented by Groupon
Chill out in our arctic village with the Polar Ice Rink*
and Penguin Sled Run* made with real ice and snow!
Shop the Arctic Promenade and dance the night away
with an all-ages dance party featuring DJ Cool and
periodic snow storms.

Prehistoric creatures have defied extinction, making the
Fair their new home. See (and hear) dozens of dinosaurs
roaming the hillside in search of their next meal.


Step inside our castle that takes you to a realm of
fantasy, imagination and experience. Visit dragon
perches and engage in interactive devices filled with pop
culture references. See live animals and engage in the
many activities that are not only fun but educational.

Experience crops and critters at The Farm at Fairplex.
This working farm features 150 California Specialty
Crops and hundreds of barnyard animals. This year we
even have a bug bar, featuring bug tacos.

The GRAMMY Museum Presents

The Taylor Swift Experience
At the LA County Fair*
The Taylor Swift ExperienceTM gives visitors an in-
depth look at the 10-time GRAMMY-winning artist as
a singer, songwriter, musician and producer through
personal photographs and home videos, interactive
experiences, handwritten lyrics of Taylors top-charting
hits and iconic performance outfits.
*Nominal admission fee for ages 6 and older.

2 4 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 WWW. L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M

Looking for a good old-fashioned house

party to meet mature men 35+?
HOS is hosting a private party.
Open bar and food buffet.
If youre interested in M4M
meeting face to face, come to this
Singles Party 2017.

Sept. 23 7 pm - 1 am
South Plainfield, NJ
Close to all public transportation from NYC/Newark airport.
This is a nationwide invitation.
Contact Tony for more information!
Call or text: (908) 930-9204

You must register to be invited to this private event.

thor - We
From the au icago cop
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BEFO they do wi the real-lif nest and
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sh oa ls of liv e th ro up
negotiate th
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partnin ply doing th ins. The book is
The books my pe Paul
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y of villa a Chicago police
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en ceit, and an a
August 25 asdetectives
detective. I thought,to idiocy, de what if
ncmye avai two
Ring of Sile an d an ebook.
showed up ten seconds BEFORE pa pe rb ac k some other such incident?

Its the aftermath of that incident and then the actual murder they do wind
up investigating, that take over the book. As with my fictional characters,
the aftermath of the real-life incident continues; other cops in trouble, on
trial, or soon to be on trial. My detectives are honest and try to do right,
but that is as big a threat to some in the police department as those who lie.

Paul Turner, a gay man, a husband, and a father, has to negotiate

the shoals of danger and deceit, with his police department
partner, Buck Fenwick, as they try to live through the dangers From th
all sa e author
that envelope them. All for simply doing the right thing - shooting w the video of
the kid si the
- We
standing up to idiocy, deceit, and an array of villains.
stood ar
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books in doing no es. All th
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The book is Ring of Silence then the
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available August 25 as a paperback other co
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on trial.
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negotiate . Paul Turner, threat to My dete cident continues;
the shoa a ga so me in th ct ives are
partner, ls of dang y man, a husb e police ho
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Buck er an and, an en
envelope Fenwick, as they d deceit, with hi d a father, has t as
them try to s polic to
to idiocy . All for simply do live through th e department
, deceit, e danger
and an ar ing the right th s th
#1 BESTSELLER ON AMAZON, lgbt hot new releases list Ring of
ray of vi
paperbac lable August 25
llains. T
ing - stan
he book
as a
ding up

k and an
Out gay culinary stars share more than recipes
Star s in their field are c oo king up a s to rm


S E P T E M B E R 0 8 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 1 3 A meri c a s L G B T Q N e w s S our c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 5

Celebrity chef, Cat Cora (Iron Chef, are starting to rise and kick some major
My Kitchen Rules): ass. But I think the competitiveness is in
There are a handful of out chefs and like the industry alone. I really dont feel that
all chefs I am about being inclusive, there is being a lesbian chef has hurt me in anyway,
enough to go around. I am about empowering but that may be because I have always
others while still keeping my drive to be the worked in gay friendly communities and
best at my craft. Im always giving 100 percent establishments. Of course, there are just
to stay at the forefront and be a face to this the stereotypes overall that people make if
community. There is room for us all -- I just say your sexual preference is more obvious in
work hard and never give up! the way you dress or carry yourself.
The kitchen culture still tends to be I think challenges in the food industry
very straight-male-centric, although some are everywhere, not unique to the LGBT
places have changed over the years. The community. Homosexuals eat the same
challenge is knowing its okay to bring food as heterosexuals. So the bigger
your own energy and style while still Cat Cora challenge is marketing overall in a very
demonstrating your style and excellence. PHOTO BY DAVID G MARKS FOR LA TIMES TASTE saturated community. Many high end or
I have broken many glass ceilings and new and trendy restaurants have opened
proud that I have a mutual respect with one of five gay employees. At the time, I in as chefs. We earn the right to be where up in the gayborhood of Floridas Wilton
my male counterparts. You have to be was very young, guarded, and maintained we are. Times have changed. People are Manors, and so all the establishments are
fierce in any industry and that is no less a high sense of professionalism than the more accepting. Work ethic, talent and your all working hard to stay on top of their
true in the culinary world. I have never let average 20 something. bedside manner are the qualities that game and offer something new.
that dictate who I am as a woman or chef. I never came out (it was understood) to are sought after as chefs. The kitchen will
And I get to do what I love every day. my colleagues there. The reason was fear, always be competitive. In my experience, my Arnold Myint, Bravos Top Chef
Cora recently opened Fatbird in NY to be quite honest. I had an unfortunate gay colleagues are the best workers in the Working with LGBTQ youth quite
earlier this summer. experience before moving to New York kitchen. WE GET THINGS DONE! I dont mind often, I feel the greatest obstacle we as
from sunny So Cal. So, I made the decision a competitive environment, I welcome it. a community face is the confidence to
James Rosselle, (Food Networks to keep things professional. Work is work Making a connection with communities simply put ourselves out there. I am one
Last Cake Standing, Food Network and friendship is friendship. My personal is the biggest challenge. I play and compete who always does what makes me happy
Challenge) who recently did a chef life was off limits so to say. I was quite the in a dodgeball league in West Hollywood. and search for opportunity. Many dont
demo at the LA Times The Taste professional. I proved myself every day, still It is a gay league that is open to all walks of have the guidance or resources to do such.
The restaurant industry is as do! I wanted Ron to trust and count on my life (gay, straight, bi,). We are a family that I dont really see much competition
competitive as any industry, if not more! abilities and my hand skills. In so many ways, supports each other, loves each other and being gay in the kitchen. Like in any
When I embarked on my pastry journey at Ron was our gay Dad! I still call him daddy! competes against each other. We need profession, the job has nothing to do with
the young age of 22, I prepared myself for He was good to me and I and thankful for more of this in our communities. sexuality. I hang with my kitchen bros
tough journey. My first job out of school the experience I had with him. Working with quite well. Gay, yes I am, but Im a whiskey
was with the acclaimed Ron Ben Israel in Ron gave me the strength and confidence to Chef Robyn Almodovar (Chopped, drinking pan flipping dude too. I throw
04. Ron is a great business man and gay. pursue so much more, and I did! Cutthroat Kitchen, Hells Kitchen, Hells down the same way as anyone else and
He is an inspiration. I didnt experience or Do I still feel the same today? No! I like Kitchen All Stars that respect transcends any other stigma.
encounter much homophobia under his so many others before me have paved The industry is very competitive it used
leadership. While I was at RBI Cakes, I was the rainbow brick road. We put our time to be a mans world and now female chefs n CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
2 6 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: K E V I N S E S S UM S

Queery: Kevin Sessums


KEVIN SESSUMS and his beloved Archie.


By TROY MASTERS covers for Vanity Fair, including stories on there was a bit of Rimbaud-like poetry to it Kevin. Hes moving beyond his social Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler, Streisand, all now that I have some distance from it, media following, now in excess of 50,000,
Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Tom Hanks, thank God. There was a meth head to my for a subscription model ($20 per month),
I must confess that I once ogled at Charlize Theron, Tom Cruise, Courtney madness. It was when I had to foster my aiming at the stratosphere. Just as youd
Kevin Sessums at a 1990s gay Pride rally Love and many more. All of them opened dogs that I realized I had hit bottom. I began expect of him.
in Manhattans Union Square Park. He up to Sessums, sometimes in painful to sob when a friend and I drove away and When goes live on
was splayed out on the lawn next to me, detail, at the zenith of their careers. she reached out to me and said, This is what Sept. 18 you can subscribe to a magazine
shirtless, muscular and tan on a blanket, His ability to connect is legendary and surrender feels like, he told me. lled with culture, conversation and
surrounded by ACT UPs elite. in part its because, as he says, Honey, I Recovery is possible. current aairs written by Sessums and
My friend noticed me noticing and am not only an open wound, Im an open Sessums is back and stronger than many other leading names. The inaugural
whispered, thats that Kevin Sessums guy. book. And it is a skill he has rened in a ever, rebooting his life, polishing up his issue features Ali MacGraw, Jane Holzer,
He has the cover of Vanity Fair this month painful examination of his own life, laying brand and hearkening back to his years at David Hockney and Courtney Love. There
with Barbra Streisand. I said, Introduce it all out in two New York Times best- Vanity Fair while leaping forward into the will be many other features, and even a
me. She did and Kevin said, of course I selling books, Mississippi Sissy and I left evolving world of online publishing. Warhol-era podcast with Sam Shepard
know who you are. I thought WTF? it on the mountain. promises to be when Sessums was executive editor of
Kevin has tapped so much raw emotion It does draw you in. perhaps the most modern magazine in a Andy Warhols Interview.
in interviews with nearly every celebrity I was a meth slammer and Im not generation, full of great celebrity-focused
that ever mattered, writing more than 20 talking about the poetry kind - although articles and a regular dose of multimedia CONTINUES ON PAGE 31
F I LM W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

Beach Rats doesnt quite stick to the script



Eliza Hittmans Beach Rats is Rats was inuenced solely by her own
unquestionably a potent piece of lmmaking. memories of growing up in the Brooklyn
After a glowing debut at Sundance neighborhood depicted in the lm, the
early this year, it has claimed awards at circumstances leading up to the storys
numerous lm festivals, including the prize climax are suspiciously close to those of a
for Outstanding Screenwriting in a U.S. real-life incident.
Feature at Los Angeles own Outfest. Now In 2006, a black gay man named Michael
receiving wider release in movie theaters Sandy arranged a meeting online with a
across the country, it continues to garner teen named John Fox. When he arrived,
impressive reviews as it cements its status he saw four young men instead of only
as the latest darling of indie LGBT cinema. one and decided to leave; soon afterward,
Its also at the center of a blooming however, he contacted Fox again and
controversy that threatens to undermine arranged to meet him alone for sex.
that status. Lured to Plumb Beach, a remote location
A gritty, slice-of life drama, the movie o the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, he was
documents a fateful summer in the life ambushed by Fox and three of his friends
of Frankie, a closeted South Brooklyn Anthony Fortunato, Ilya Shurov, and
teen who nds escape from his joyless Gary Timmins who planned to steal the
life through anonymous online hookups marijuana he had promised to bring along.
with older guys he meets online. As the Sandy ed onto the Parkway, pursued by
narrative follows his eorts to mask Fox and Shurov. The latter shoved him into
his secret by posturing with hooligan the path of a moving vehicle, which struck
friends and pursuing a romance with a and killed him. All four teens were later
neighborhood girl, it creates an astute PHOTO BY CINEREACH, ANIMAL KINGDOM, SECRET ENGINE convicted of manslaughter as a hate crime.
portrait of internalized homophobia and The events which transpire in Hittmans
the cultural pressure that breeds it. of patience; its narrative is occasionally have sex with men, as long as he keeps it movie do not play out exactly the same
The critical acclaim is not unwarranted. obscured by its impressionistic visual style; separate from his real life. Thanks to Ellis way; there is no overt depiction of a killing,
Anchored by a breathtaking performance and one has to wonder why, in a lm about subtly illuminating performance, its clear although the outcome is deliberately
from the beautiful Harris Dickinson (an a young man coming to terms with his that his most truthful and authentic self ambiguous. Nevertheless, the specics
English actor, though you would never homosexuality, so much more screen time comes to the surface when he is with his leading up to them along with numerous
know it from his awless depiction of a is devoted to his relationship with a would- clandestine tricks which makes it all the other factual parallels that are woven into
young Brooklyn bro), Hittmans movie is be girlfriend than it is to his encounters more devastating to watch him betray that the lms entire structure are so similar
sexy, haunting, and impressionistic. It ows with other males (no oense to the lovely self through the actions he takes to hide it. to the highly publicized case as to raise the
through a series of incidents and encounters Madeline Weinstein, who gives a luminous The lms insightful observations about eyebrows of New Yorkers who remember it.
with dreamlike detachment; its 16mm performance as the girl in question). such homophobic rationalization made The climactic scene was even lmed, in
cinematography (by Hlne Louvart) creates Ultimately, though, Beach Rats wields all the more impressive by the fact that part, at the same location where the real-
a sense of disjointed aimlessness with hand- a cumulative power that grows out of Beach Rats is written and directed by life incident took place.
held camerawork, and oppresses our senses its scattered moments of truth, leaving a straight woman are well worth the
with the frequent use of extreme close-ups. us with a clear picture of a young man sometimes slow and rocky journey it takes to CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
The overall eect is to keep us as completely disconnected from his sense of self by his reach them, and would normally be reason
in the moment as the lms protagonist as own determination to be what he thinks enough to give it a hearty endorsement. BEACH RATS
Director Eliza Hittman
he oats blithely along toward the inevitable the world expects him to be. Frankies Unfortunately, ethical questions about Staring Harris Dickinson, Madeline Weinstein,
collision of his two worlds. compartmentalization of his sexual the source of its content make such an Kate Hodge, Neal Hu, Nicole Flyus
Now Playing: ArcLight Cinema
It doesnt all work as well as Hittman identity is less about shame than it is about endorsement problematic. 6360 West Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood CA
wants it to. There are stretches when the living up to a role in which he sees himself Though Hittman has stated in numerous 90028 | (323) 464-1478
Showtimes: 11:00 am | 2:00 pm | 4:50 | 7:10 |
movies meandering pace feels like a test cast by his community. Its OK for him to interviews that her screenplay for Beach 9:15 | 11:25
2 8 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MU SI C

Randy Jones riding high in the saddle again



Randy Jones is best known as the cowboy Jones says the Village Peoples inuence on
from the band, Village People. Hes done a culture and politics were stealthy. By coming
lot of other things in his 50 years in show into peoples homes at least once a week via
business, but his current success has him television shows such as The Merv Grin
back in the saddle in a major way. show, the group would use its 3-minute
Jones is on the Billboard chart for songs and kitschy act, to subtly change the
the rst time as a solo act. His current perspectives of average Americans.
singleHard Timesis onBillboards dance We are six enthusiastic, handsome, kind
chart, currently holding tough at No. 45. of sexy, charming, talented young men,
Hard Times is part of a full-length album, singing a pop song that was deceptively
Still Makin Noise, coming out this fall. simple, expertly crafted, and irresistible.
The Los Angeles Blade spoke to Jones by Using the sharpest scalpel in the drawer,
phone while he was in New York, shooting wed make a little painless incision
two videos for Hard Times, set to debut above the heart, pull the ap down, and
on Sept. 13 Jones 65th annual Kings and through our songs, insert a little bit of
Cowboys birthday party. understanding and tolerance. We stitch it
Jones has lived in the East Village since up, nish the song, and we withdraw.
1975, now with his husband of the last 34 Years later, weeks later or even days
years. He is the only Village person who later, and someone encounters a person
truly lived in the Village. they had previously thought was a faggot
He doesnt call his Billboard single or dyke or a black person, they think,
a comeback, he calls it just another wait a minute, that reminds me of one
milestone. But, he says, it is the rst time of the guys from Village People, and they
a member of the Village People has ever were kind of cute, and we like that song.
charted as a solo artist in 40 years. Then maybe in some of those situations
He is a classically trained actor and we eased it for a person to think a little
dancer, and has appeared in more than dierently, tolerantly, more accepting of
40 lms, and performed, he says, in about others who were dierent. With 30 years
41 plays and musicals in New York and of hindsight, looking back at the legacy of
RANDY JONES is the ultimate gay cowboy, riding high in the saddle again.
around the world. But the accolades Jones Village People, we made incremental or
is getting now are something the cowboy PHOTO COURTESY OF JONES baby steps, and I think social historians are
hasnt experienced since his days on stage going to now begin to see that the Village
with his crew from Village People. Jones and Village People in many ways to be burdened by all of the technology People wasnt a novelty band, Jones says.
Currently this is the most success Ive helped dene the 1970s. He says his was the that people have today. When we went Today, Village People and Jones products
had as an individual artist. I have the legacy last generation to really live in the moment. out with friends, we could live in the have over 480 million views on YouTube and
of the Village People to build upon, and 40 We witnessed the Civil Rights Movement, moment. We could go out to Studio 54 have sold over 135 million units (records).
years of experience, and the last 25 years the womens movement, the gay rights on a Saturday night and there were no It was looked at as something kind of
Ive spent performing as a solo artist. But movement, and the protests of Vietnam. We cameras or cell phones. We didnt even funny, but has made such an impact on
I can say that personally this is the most were products of the hippie vibe. We were have answering machines. We were not popular and social culture that people
productive and busiest time of my solo able to be adults and if we chose the option bothered with taking a sele. We werent are still talking about it today not to
career. Im the busiest I should be in life. of experimenting or choosing to incorporate texting or distracted by wanting to video mention that people still enjoy the music.
Other people talk about retirement, and in those movements, we had the right to do it. it. If you picked something up on Saturday YMCA is played at bar mitzvahs, birthday
I think, what am I going to retire from? Ive Thats why the 70s were a completely unique night at the Studio, a week later you could parties, weddings, and Major League
been one of these blessed individuals that decade. A decade of liberalism, he says. go to the clinic and a shot of penicillin Baseball games. Ive had a wonderful life.
my entire life Ive done what Ive been gifted Our generation is tough, and we were would take care of it. It was a dierent I could never have imagined I could have
to do and its been a luxury, Jones says. the last generation that had the luxury not situation, he adds. had this wonderful a life, Jones says.
CA L E N DA R W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 2 9

E-mail calendar items to dierent regional Black and Latinx voices are coming together! This exciting festival
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic will feature 9 choreographers in three
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be evenings of compelling work!
re-submitted each time.
SEPT. 16
California Vegetarian Food Festival,
SEPT. 8 Sat Sep 16 @ 10:00am at Raleigh Studios
PaleyFest Fall TV Previews, Fri Sep (5300 Melrose Ave). You wont believe
08, @ 06:00 PM at The Paley Center for its vegetarian. Some of the most noted
Media (465 N. Beverly Dr.) Find out whats names in culinary LA are coming together
in store for your favorite returning or new at Raleigh Studios in WeHO to celebrate
shows on TV this fall? Preview screenings: the best of all things tasty and vegetarian.
World Arts, Local Lives explores the roles that art plays in creating meaning and dening purpose for
(Sept. 8); ABCs The Mayor, The Good Doctor people across the globe.
and Ten Days in the Valley Sept. 9; The CWs
SEPT. 17
Valor and Dynasty (Sept. 9); OWNs Queen Visions and Values: Jewish Life From
Sugar (Sept. 10); NBCs Law & Order True Antiquity to America, Sun Sep 17 @ All
Crime: The Menendez Murders and The festival powers its two stages entirely on the worst terrorist attack of our nations Day at Skirball Cultural Center (2701
Brave (Sept. 11) and more. Meet casts. solar power and benets GRID Alternatives, history toppled the Twin Towers. N. Sepulveda Blvd). Get in the mood to
Shlomo, Fri Sep 08 @ 08:30 PM at an L.A.-based nonprot that brings solar celebrate Jewish New York and renew your
The Novo by Microsoft (800 W. Olympic energy to underserved communities. SEPT. 12 understanding of what it is to be Jewish
Blvd). Shlohmo knows mood music; his The Truth About Swear to Tell the Stormy Weather, Tue Sep 12 @ 01:00 PM today and in yesterday. After Charleston,
2015 album, Dark Red, was a haunted Truth, Sat Sep 09 @ 2:00 PM at Los at LACMA (5905 Wilshire Blvd.) Its a legendary we have a lot to consider.
synth of spine-tingling processed guitar. Angeles Central Library, Mark Taper movie series and a legendary movie, to boot.
Accompanied by D33Js percolating drum Auditorium (630 W. Fifth St.). To celebrate Bring a picnic and an umbrella, although the SEPT. 18
machines he represents the more futuristic Banned Books Week, LA MADE presents only rain you are likely to nd is inside LACMA Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives,
end of music today. Not especially gay, but the rst public screening of this academy at the Rain Room. Mon Sep 18 @ All Day at Fowler Museum
hey, get out of your head. award-nominated documentary on the life Gypsy, Tue Sep 12 @ 07:30 PM at at UCLA (Sunset & Westwood blvds. Find
Long Beach QFilm Festival, Fri Sep and work of Lenny Bruce in over a decade. Laemmles Royal Theatre (11523 Santa out how simply we are all connected.
08 @ 07:00 PM at Art Theatre of Long Monica Blvd). Yes, that Gypsy, the one you Tree of Testimony: L.A. Museum of
Beach (2025 E. Fourth St. Long Beach, SEPT. 11 know and love to sing and dance to. Its a the Holocaust, Sep 18 @ 10:00 AM at
CA 90814). Long Beachs longest-running Monterey International Pop Festival: great way to spend a Sunday evening and Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
lm festival since 1993, the QFilm Festival Music, Love and Flowers, 1967, Sun Sep watch what is likely one of your favorite (100 S. The Grove Dr.). Just before the
annually presents narrative features, 11 @ 10:30 AM at Grammy Museum (800 Broadway productions ever. beginning of New Year, remembering
documentaries and short lms that W. Olympic Blvd.) featuring co-producer Yo-Yo Ma Plays Bach, Tue Sep 12 @ is critical. Join Holocaust survivors and
embody the rich diversity and experiences Lou Adlers personal artifacts, in addition 08:00 PM at Hollywood Bowl (2301 N. hear their stories.
of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and to items belonging to Joplin, Hendrix, Highland Ave.). Theres only a few living
queer (LGBTQ) communities. Shankar, The Grateful Dead and other legends of classical music an Yo-Yo Ma tops ROSH HASHANAH
concert artists and photographs by Henry the list. His soulful cello and utterly perfect LGBT CELEBRATIONS
SEPT. 9 Diltz, Tom Gundelnger ONeal, Elaine renditions of Bach will make you cry. 5778 Rosh Hashanah LGBT services:
Jeanne Moreau Double Feature, Sat Mayes and Ed Carae. Kol Ami, @ various times and dates (1200
Sep 9 @ 07:30 PM at Aero Theatre (1328 Straight-Ish Talk with Chaunte SEPT. 14 N La Brea Ave). Erev Rosh Hashanah Wed,
Montana Ave. Santa Monica). Existential Wayans & More, Sun Sep 11 @ 08:00 Hall & Oates, Tears for Fears, Thu Sep Sep 20 @ 8:00 PM; Rosh Hashanah Day One
lm at its nest. In La Notte, directed by PM at Hollywood Improv, (8162 Melrose 14 @ 07:30 PM at Staples Center (1111 Thu Sep 21@ 10:00 AM; Childrens Service,
the perennially jolly Michelangelo Antonioni, Ave). You heard about it here but you like S. Figueroa St). You know them and you Thu Sep 21 @ 10:30 AM. Rosh Hashanah
she plays the wife of a famous author who already knew. Did you know? See Chunte probably love them and for the next two Day Two Fri Sep 22 @ 10:00 AM.
comes to terms with the materialistic void at sashay. Dont miss it. nights you will catch them performing all 5778 Rosh Hashanah LGBT services:
the center of their marriage. In Luis Buuels 9/11 Memorial Garden, Sun Sep 11, their greatest hits at Staple Center. Youll Kol Nidre @ various times and dates. Wed
Diary of a Chambermaid, she is a Parisian @ 05:00 PM at Bevery Hills 911 Memorial be so glad you made it. Sep 20 @ 07:15 PM; Erev Rosh Hashanah
servant serves fetishists and murderers. Garden (445 Rexford, Beverly Hills). Beverly BlakTina Dance Festival, Thu Sep at Temple Isaiah (10345 W Pico Blvd). Thu
Sunstock Solar Festival, Sat Sep 09 @ Hills is home to more family members of 14 @ 07:30 PM at Bootleg Theater (2200 Sep 21 @ 09:30 AM: Rosh Hashanah, First
02:00 PM at The Reef (1933 S. Broadway 9-11 victims than any other city of California. Beverly Blvd). This is the 5th presentation Friday, 09:30 AM 01:30 PM: Morning
Ave.). Now in its second year, this mini-music Join in honor of those lost 16 years ago when of the BlakTina Festival in LA and this year Services. Please bring your shofar!
3 0 S EPTE MB ER 0 8 , 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM G O SSI P

Kathy shaves her head, Boy George heads to Vegas



Ive lost a lot of friends to drugs. The fact he decided it would be good to put his
Im sitting here now is pretty amazing...Im talent where his mouth (presumably) has
lucky to be alive. - My pal Belinda Carlisle been. So he booked himself a gig in a gay
talks about her 30-year addiction to drugs. bar - Hamburger Marys in Tampa. Tickets
Belated happy birthday to her (and to Big were $10, and far be it from me to point
Mama Masters). out that the burgers cost more! He had the
Someone who usually shocks by predictable crying, apologizing, scattered
shedding her clothes has actually shed presence that has endeared him to many
her hair! Kathy Grin just shaved her a crowd. He also did single out several
head. No, it isnt some misguided homage guys in the audience. That motherfucker
to Sinad OConnor. She did it in solidarity right there is gorgeous. Youre gorgeous.
with her sister who is undergoing Hes kinda cute. It is what it is. I am who
chemotherapy to ght a tumor. Mama I am. But who are the people he was
Maggie Tweeted a photo and wrote, My looking at? I wanna see photos of them.
daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful Intriguingly enough, days after coming
human being. Well, now we know who is out as bisexual, Aaron aggressively began
actually writing Kathys mothers Tweets! pursuing Chlo Grace Moretz. Thus far, hes
But, thats the least shocking Kathy Grin twice asked her out on Twitter. Wake me
story. The funny lady reports that after the when he starts Tweeting the Jonas Brothers.
fallout of her photo stunt, a member of To continue his journey into the gay
CBSs board of directors sent her an e-mail community, Carter showed up at the
instructing her how to smooth things over. Project Angel Food Gala in Los Angeles last
The unnamed person told her to send a letter weekend. The organization, which provides
(not an e-mail) to the president begging for meals to people living with HIV, chose Aaron
KATHY GRIFFIN shaved her head in support of her sister with cancer.
forgiveness, admitting she does not deserve to present an award to the groups founder,
this forgiveness, and to basically grovel. She SCREEN CAPTURE VIA YOUTUBE Marianne Williamson. Aaron showed up in
was also advised to only leak the letter to FOX a head-to-toe, voluminous white faux fur
News - so theyd have the scoop. Needless to record label deal in 30 years! Not only that, me about this exciting news when I saw him coat. When asked about his fashion choice,
say, she didnt take that advice. but hes also committed to a multimillion- last week in Provincetown, but I was sworn he said, Ive always dressed like this. Its just,
The possibility of Glenn Close dollar Vegas residency. How will the to secrecy. Since the cats now out of the bag, Im bringing it back now. Ive always been
immortalizing her portrayal of Norma 56-year-old George handle the added work I can at least conrm it. I believe the last full kind of out there I guess. He posed on the
Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webbers schedule? Im going to need a body double! show he costumed in NYC was Moon Over red carpet with Adam Lambert, who was
Sunset Boulevard on lm inched closer He attributes the new opportunities to Bualo in 1995. Welcome back, Bob! barely noticed.
to becoming a reality. Paramount Pictures being clean and sober. This couldnt have The upcoming London production When Aaron is eclipsing Adam, its
the studio that holds the rights to the happened if I was still using. The record of Hair is oering a clothing-optional denitely time to end yet another column.
lm and all subsequent versions thinks for BMG will be a collection of covers. This performance. The audience members will See how I tied that into this whole eclipse
an adaptation with Glenn could work. will quickly be followed by a new Culture get the opportunity to strip during the Act frenzy? No need for clouds in our
They were intrigued back in 1995 when Club album. All the while, he has to craft his 1 nale. Note to self - bring a paper seat coee - weve got Aaron Carter on www.
she rst played the role, but felt she was solo Vegas show. I think Ill model myself cover to this show!, the site you can view
too young. Now, over 20 years later and mostly on Cher because she changes Elsewhere in London, a play based on with the naked eye.
in light of her success with the revival in outts every 11 minutes. I think that might Brokeback Mountain is being adapted for If you have a question for me, send it
London and New York, the studio thinks be a good starting point. the stage and has just started a workshop along to me at and
the time is right. They have ambitiously Legendary designer Bob Mackie is crafting production. They are calling it the most I promise to get back to you before Boy
scheduled production on the lm to costumes for a revival of the burlesque tragic gay love story ever told. Apparently Georges show is designed by Bob Mackie!
commence in January 2018. campfest When Pigs Fly, which is slated to they havent read my diary! So, until next time, remember, one mans
Boy George just signed his rst major open o-Broadway on Oct. 30. Mackie told Since Aaron Carters bisexual admission, lth is another mans bible.
Q U E E RY W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SE P T E MBE R 0 8 , 2 0 1 7 3 1

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26 change weekly with the Fascist Regime in the title be? Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
Washington and The Tacky Know-Nothing Mississippi Sissy. :) I was going to say Cabaret but there is a
How long have you been out and who Fascist Vulgarian at its helm. brilliant lm I saw at Outfest here in San
was the hardest person to tell? If science discovered a way to change Francisco this year: Gods Own Country.
45 years. My girlfriend in college since I What historical outcome would you sexual orientation, what would you I think its masterful.
came out in high school. Ive always had change? do?
trouble with linear narratives. The Tacky Know-Nothing Fascist Vulgarian Try to meet the cutest straight boys who Whats the most overrated social
being elected president with millions of had themselves changed into gay ones. custom?
Whos your LGBT hero? fewer votes. The halftime show at the Super Bowl -
My hero is Fannie Lou Hamer but not What do you believe in beyond the and the Super Bowl.
sure she qualies for this answer so since Whats been the most memorable pop physical world?
she cant serve I will give the answer to culture moment of your lifetime? God. Ganesha. Parvati. Lucifer. What trophy or prize do you most covet?
her rst runner-up: Bayard Rustin. Sidney Poitier winning the Oscar for Best Consciousness. God Again. And God. Im Since Im launching my new eponymous
Actor for his performance in Lilies of the a theist. online magazine on Sept. 18, a Webby. I
Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, Field in 1963. once longed for a Pulitzer or a Tony. But a
past or present? Whats your advice for LGBT movement Webby will do.
I always thought Ciros would have been On what do you insist? leaders?
serious fun. Kindness. Focus more on coalition politics. What do you wish youd known at 18?
That I would someday make it to 61 and
Describe your dream wedding. What was your last Facebook post or What would you walk across hot coals someone would be asking me what I wish
Being given a round-trip ticket to some Tweet? for? I had known at 18.
exotic spot by the two wealthy people As of this moment, I just linked to a Nothing.
wedding each other and I arrive as a guest. prole of Teen Vogues brilliant Editor in Why Los Angeles?
Chief Elaine Welteroth by Jazmine Hughes What LGBT stereotype annoys you Because after whispering, Open your
What non-LGBT issue are you most in the New York Times. most? eyes, it looks you in yours while having sex.
passionate about? Straight-acting. Doesnt need to be kissed. Cums like crazy.
This week its DACA but it seems to If your life were a book, what would And is really rather lovely about it all.
We bring more green to the table.

City Ventures solar-powered homes, built where you want to live.


Disclaimer: All renderings, floor plans, and maps are concepts and are not intended to be an actual depiction of the buildings, fencing, walkways, driveways or landscaping. Walls, windows, porches and decks
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