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(Arts. 1458 1637)

Atty. Jack Andrew O. Miranda

Reference Material:
- Any book on Civil Law Sales

I. Basic Principles (Art. 1458; 1466 1468)

a. Definition contract of sale
b. Characteristics of a contract of sale
c. Life cycle of a contract of sale
d. Contract of sale distinguish from other contracts
e. Requisites of a contract of sale

II. Parties to a contract of sale (Arts. 1489 1492)

a. General rule
b. Related provisions

III. Subject matter (Arts. 1459 1465)

a. Requisites of a valid subject matter
b. Legality of the sale

IV. Price (Arts. 1469 1474)

a. Essential requisites
b. Determination of price
c. Inadequacy of price

V. Formation of contract of sale (Arts. 1475 1488; 1520-21)

a. Preparatory Stage
a.1 Option contracts
a.2 Mutual promises to buy and sell
b. Perfection
b.1 Earnest Money
b.2 Option Money
c. Form of sales
c.1 General rule
c.2 Exceptions

VI. Consummation (Arts. 1493 -1506) and performance of contract (Arts.

1536 1544; 1582 1590)
a. Obligations of seller
b. Types of delivery (Art. 1477)
c. Transfer of ownership (Arts. 1477-78)
d. Completeness of delivery
e. Obligations of buyer
f. Double sales

VII. Documents of Title (Arts. 1507 1520)

a. Definition (Art. 1636)
b. Purpose
c. Negotiable documents of title

VIII. Remedies of parties for breach of contract of sale (Arts. 1594 - 1599)
a. Part of seller
a.1 unpaid seller of goods (Arts. 1524 1535)
a.2 installment sale (Arts. 1484 1486)
b. Part of buyer

IX. Rescission in sales contracts covering immovables (Art. 159- -15922)

X. Conditions and warranties (Arts. 1545 1581)

a. Conditions
b. Warranties
b.1 express vis--vis implied warranties
b.2 effects of warranties
b.3 buyers option in case of breach of warranty

XI. Extinguishment of sale (Arts. 1600 1623)

a. Causes for extinguishment
b. Conventional redemption
c. Legal redemption

XII. Assignment of credits and other incorporeal rights (Arts. 1624 1635)
XIII. Maceda law

XIV. Condominuim Act

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