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Of this pious Association
monthly and distributed free
D in prisons, labor patronage
02 ^ 08 Hospitals, etc., and in general it is
3S poor.
The Board of Directors shall send to the
íes where to collect at least fifty
co pesetas monthly subscription, if PI-
den partners, a package of fifty
copies, postage paid, that they
By themselves proceed to free propaganda And by
Each equal sum, which is the cost of
Are entitled to as many import packages as
The average package Teintidnco exam-
plares, it shall be submitted three pesetas a month
Twelve monthly numbers, a weigh-
It's fifty cents.
The collection '92 paste two pe-
Mushrooms fifty cents.

189a.-I. The reason for religion.-U. More about reli-
Gión.-lU. If the truth is that God exists. What is it
That of confession? Bourgeois and proletarians.
^ Hji catechism.-Yll. The third, sanctify the feasts
^^^ Ul.Who Has returned from the other world? -IX. For
^ Kifíltven The priests -. Catholics and Masons.-
. War to blasphemy, -Xll. I believe in Jesus Christ:
1893.-XIII. And to what, or the indifferent in religion.
-XIV.ia Protestante.-XW farce. A meet / < "
Church.-Wl. The bad readings.
Equality and Fraternity .- \\ l The
\ l . Mother of God *
she is my mother. - XIX. The only science needed. -
XX. Cheerful stories and truths írí'síeí.-XXI. Muer
You, judgment, hell and glory.-Wll. Our religion
is divine (1. 'section) .- XXIII. Our religion is di-
vina (2. 'parle) .- XXIV, The Church and the tavern.
1894. XXV. Witchcraft spirits.
Dirlcirae al'Adminl.
AMclaeión, Leganltos, 13, low.

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EKERO 1894



AUO} "of the Mkambra," Am. 1.
189 *

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What is true in spiritualism

I really do not deny or have
for what. That in the world, besides
Of the beings we see and touch, there are
Invisible others who are called spirits, and
That, therefore, the barbarians who Page 4 of 57

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is noissoul,
pure matter
angels, noand that
Nor anything that is not something that is touched or that
Is eaten, are poor zopencos that,
Although they have soul, they deserve not to have it
Of pure foolishness.
Of these gentlemen spirits, who do not de-
To be safely sent by the
Holy spirit, but by the infernal spirit
When so much damage is done in the world,
I am going to speak to you of these spirits, dear lec-
Tor. I want to tell you something about this dia-

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Logic that turns men into witches
And necromantics, which separates them from God and
Of the Catholic Church; That makes them deny
Of old beliefs and makes them lose
Faith, morality, and almost always hasli the ra-
Zon and the head, inviting people into
In huge insane asylums, where
They make a trade of devils, who are
Mock and laugh at the spiritislis, and these
Poor wretches maddened by
The wicked and ridiculous docLriuis of his
Damn sect.
And do not be surprised that in the middle of the nineteenth century
I should like to speak of brnjerícis and apari-
Tions, sorcery, and spells. Some people
I'll think about it! In this siglu of the lights and the
Steam), "rooks and necromancers," "magicians and
Wines. And they are not of the caladura of those
Ancient witches, old repugnaiites and as-
That they would be wrong to do wrong
Of night, as shown in Fig.
Broom and meet in mysterious
The presidios by the devil I form of
goat. Those wretched witches
Were four cheaters or cheats
That DO were given neither of philosophers nor of
Sanies The judges of old were content
With exposing them to public shame, Page 5 of 57

and was under Ira To go down in the kitchen or to Do average But the witches of Our Page 6 of 57 .Untitled 1/24/17. 1(15 PM Feathering them and soldering them a little To be left out of witchcraft and Page 7 (Notices to Through the fireplace. oh! that M Already something else.googleusercontent. Danse Pisto of sages and of üió- '' 5 ^^ 1 Page 8 https://translate.

Because reality is the intervention that can Have.googleusercontent. curious reader. But I'm not that silly. with only being poor Deceived by Satan. with other names. Raise the spi- Which. Sa. I know that In it there is much of mogiganga and arle de Puppeteers. from So that what was always called Page 7 of 57 . follies. which have the repro- Dick all the nonsense. heresies Or simplicity of all ages. who have always been called Goblins or demons. Have communications with spirits Mysterious. this is our Days. is also a reality.Untitled 1/24/17. 1(15 PM 6 Sofos. today is called Foolishly and pompously SPIRITISM. diabolical pact or simply Play of hands or goblets. and indeed have. Witchcraft. but always With a certain varnish of false or awkward science. has always been Pre-occupation of gypsies. the spirits Devils in the world. https://translate. pythonisas and bru- To the category of thiiosophical-religious sect. Ontcs I confess that if spiritualism Is arbol diabolic. Lily Reality or trickery? [ERO do not believe this. That I will deny you all the facts Of which spiritism is puffed up. With wheels of mill. nor so stubborn that I am going to oppose everything we are told Men and formal men about things and Page 9 (You heclifis that olios themselves say And that I have no interest in deny.

or one who k pythons or adivi- Seek or seek the truth from the dead. as in All the peoples of that Page 8 of 57 . that all the Giving and Bas- Tians of our century are breastfed his side. That are satisfied with the response of the psychographic blilla under the pretext of game Of living room. Page 10 G Nor that he is a sorcerer. And even of the novices or amateurs. oracles. a spiritualist mediums so inspired By Satan. 18) and the Leviticus (XX. already with Other. The V divinations. XVIII. God was forbidden to his people for these words: «Do not be seen in Israel who asks To the soothsayers or to observe dreams or omen. In the people of Israel.) Now the seek Of the dead the truth is one of the Main offenses of professional spiritualists. nor charming. And because This was done by the art of evil spirits.. G). and talk with the beings of the beyond So little more or less as our es- Piritistas or the gypsies of today. Because since then there is the devil. And that crimes have https://translate. he had Waxes or pythonesses that made profession and vi- They would evoke spirits and guess the future.googleusercontent. " (Deut. Author and actor of spiritism? Read the Sacred Scripture.Untitled 1/24/17. Hex or witchcraft. Let us call them in the jargon of the sect. are declared deli- cough capital in Exodus (XX. exist since the world is world. 10. and see that there for centuries of The Pharaohs were in Egypt wizards or. 1(15 PM And why deny the facts of the spiri- With a name. 11. Ro.

In the United States. mocker And a deceiver of man from the same Paradise. accustomed Already heard unexplained noises. This family. or was nothing more than mcdium a spiritualist. But if you want to know. which Can be doubted without giving up the Christian name and deny the faith that is due To the Sacred Scripture. left it. 1(15 PM Happened with ainreal Many examples theand An-negative pact Tiguo and in the New Testament. Wechmann. curious reader. Proposed not to disturb his heart by mu- And great that they were the The spirits did. Margarita and Galalina. The fa- Simon Mago.Untitled 1/24/17. Mr. shielding themselves. and how behind their mischief There is always the very old fun- Giver of Spiritism. composed of the father. Eulonces came to the occu- The Fox family. Satan. A certain night when the girls. Now. as good pro- With the leaves of a Bible.googleusercontent. of which he refers in the Acts that long task He had infatuated with his spells all the People of Samaria. in the small Population of Hydesville. The mother and two girls. In a room. so you can see the transformations That damn silk has suffered in the World. they heard that the https://translate. the origin do what we could call spinal modern ritismo ^ him I'll tell you briefly Page 11 Mind. malefi- Cio and oracle are absolutely one thing Identical with the modern spiral. there were 1846 A humble house that was not heard during the Strange night noises. who Inhabited Page 9 of 57 .

In the same sense. for Last. Mrs. to which her daughters They referred to what happened. 1(15 PM Feet on thethat In a place furniture werenot determine they could Which it was and for whom they did not see. Fox came.Untitled 1/24/17. lively and determined. said in a voice safe : . Margarita. two and three. they The Fox family saw that these agents Unknown were more docile Day to his pretensions. and. hit now As I counted the blows: one. then an alphabet. Do some other tests History of the Fox family. and asked to be invisi- That they were told to mark with Other lashes hit the years each had One of his daughters.Whoever you are. they came to know that they were dealing with ^ spirits and for humanity em- A new era in which they had to https://translate. in what was obeyed Without Page 10 of 57 .googleusercontent. They established signs Conventions to get along with them More easily. Page 12 10 Immediately the desire was satisfied of the girl.

Before many years. air Fierce monasties. Since the joke of the In the Fox family home to the day spiritualistic communications have been Increased by innumerable prodigies.googleusercontent.Untitled 1/24/17. 60. all gen- Number of phenomena. inspiring answers to the mediums 6 in- Between the living and the dead.000 mediums Were engaged in giving flights to the new Page 11 of 57 . in short. And soon enough in many others They rolled chairs and tables. Unleashing surprising din. In other cases Large cabinets and large Pieces of furniture seem to be attacked by ver- Dance or dance. similar sessions a bacchanal immun- https://translate.. Who shouts like a madman. Who is attacked by catalepsy. Who writhes like a convulsion. Writing phrases. letting oneself see in forms Diverse and provoking. Now are the chairs and tables that are Come without anyone touching them. It was not long before the And compatriots of the Fox family sen 'd witness the unique experiences Which took place in the house of the spirits. 1(15 PM Page 13 eleven Develop with great activity the rela- Between the world of the living and the World of the dead. glow of lights. Page 14 Do.. sensace Or exchanged .

Nobody ignores the works of Mes- In France.googleusercontent. 1(15 PM Da.. and the same as with the Names of magic. and before. Before they had Known the convulsionaries in the tomb Page 15 13 The Jansenist Paris. these facts were known in Euro- Session of eiplritiamo .com/translate_f Page 12 of 57 .. Pa with the name of magnetism ysomnam- Bullying.. the phenomena that today Have the spiritists were the reason for The sabbaths. nor are they Cho less. in the centuries of the The Middle Ages. propagated sect in Germany. practiced The Etruscans. inva- Gave and East and the West. in the riios secrets / in rich mitríacos. and before this Had made the meetings of the Schewedenborgistas or Protestants of Nue- Going Jerusalem.. I repeat that this does not mean that the Spiritual phenomena are new. Before the house of the fami- Fox. where hell is represented with Characters of undeniable certainty. the Egyptians. Before the camisardos Of the Cévennes . goecia and theurgy.Untitled 1/24/17. England and North America. the https://translate. the Greeks.

In some regions of Oceania. the same with the spirit of Na- With that of Pilate.Untitled 1/24/17. With what you see That spiritualism is as bad as it is Tiguo. And it can not be olro mode. and At any time of the day to such functions Hells that sometimes celebrate dem- https://translate.. Blacks in Persians the centerand Indians.. chat or take A copita. the tibelauos and as many others as they give Cult of the devil. you put Page 13 of 57 . the Taros. Sa- So he regains his empire. when the Gospel and apostate of the Church. if God were not God. with Luci- Fer for father. m spite of what you have said oh Sensible reader! About reality Of spiritual acts. of Africa.googleusercontent. do not go to the That any simple mortal is given to Of course get in communication with The outermost regions. The Spiritism. would become master of the world 1 Page 16 III Set of goblets.. prey on them Souls and insights mad . who Was the one who drove Satan. offer patent examples At present that the spirit of evil Has relations with eilos . the Americans.. When Deny Jesus Christ. 1(15 PM Babylonians.

»The communications obtained are only read Then. placed around A table. Look what counts of these mojigangas is * An ancient spiritualist. and after giving thanks to https://translate.googleusercontent. to function. who deserves Page 17 13 Whole credit for being on these issues Witness of greater exception: "The ordinary method (1) which is saved In these sessions is the following: first. Finally.Untitled 1/24/ Page 14 of 57 . a bag is circulated Where the participants deposit their pro-- Written positions or their alms for the Poor of the population. Act se- guido mediums. 1(15 PM Children to drive the poor And crazy spiritists. Going all with one of our Father. The President recommended much silence and Unity of thought. and having them ready and having received God or the devil means and spark to To deceive people. These are for Tell God his protection and the spirits Their assistance and teachings. begin. According to their activity. There is a lot of game of ma- Us. to be sanding In which he said the prayers that by uu Another is read or recited. he Discuss and arrange to include them in a book To the effect. The minutes of the previous one being read by the Secretary. And so that you do not believe me by my words. more or less soon. and explained by who the President- He thinks he has to do better. assume that by art of bir- libirloque have done a great medium EA- Piritist of any charlatan of Plazuela Or any shameless carnivist That he intends to live at the expense of the fools. Are dealt with Administrative or other types of There are pending. Do not.

» Nothing. my eagerness to ga- Land and rise in the consideration of Those people to make me an in- among others. On the other hand.. the money. 2. no doubt. The same author says later: "The principal purpose that moved me to accept And to continue with a real frenzy the spiritis- It was. saw that it was a love. because it was perfected Met with my way of thinking and offered me many elements of combat against Catolic religion. And the attendants a bunch of lambs. I pro- I exploited the credulity of the Tes .googleusercontent. wonderfully. https://translate. that the friend Huertas. They deserved Page 15 of 57 . "edition. the meeting adjourned. induced me to wits dur- During the night to communicate with the tions to all astonished and raise Projects that should not be delayed in To become .Untitled 1/24/17. »In short: three or four hours of (1) J. 1(15 PM The spirits. et al. its facts Provoked by myself to the measure of desire.. Huertas Lozano.. as ready That was.. And proposed to take their hair. Page 18 Jü That if they are not spent on public and private They are engaged in Nonsense "When I was convinced that in the Cen- Only one that was marked by The spirits in the couiuuications. Nourished the fantasy of my imagination. 76 ff ^ uientes. because . If you want more clear. And he took it and even sheared it. or rather.

.Untitled 1/24/17. and learned them by heart To recite them I a session: as Among the participants there were some who co- They did not know the French. Were such translated communications And admired! Other times the Day in Spanish. with the Rudiments of the French language. By force of Page 16 of 57 . during which Speaks: what is spoken is communication. recited them precipitously- So that they could not be copied.said https://translate. I continued to draw from the books of the air- More powerful . Once satisfied that In the Center they listened as if they were Words of an oracle communications who got and I thought one mediwn Portent. 1(15 PM Page 19 "I was prepared as I was to all that And to disturb the Church. I vol- way to sleep and repeat the above . and he left the dream heard the lamentacio- tions of all for not being able to get 2 Page 20 18 '. I decided to use these And take all the fruit out of them possible. writing my words. is resulting in the method dium one géaero of syncope. »DJ the different ways that. according to Spiritist doctrine.googleusercontent. From Here was a great game: sometimes. then we We prayed to the spirit that had been release him to do again.. can communicate with each other spirits. I translated this Communications language I used to write In Spanish. and by all it was known that I did not understand him little or much.

And if they speak or write Ben of what they do not understand. they do so <Of what they do not understand: • each step. being without light or interposing a Opaque object between the eyes and the table.. does not deserve to be Listened: those men never say more <Ie what they know. Every new in- https://translate.Untitled 1/24/17. but I say never I have observed no phenomenon that has Overcoming the materiality of the facts . I do not pretend to ever The devil.googleusercontent. and to pronounce some sentences And almost holding a conversation in both Which took a written communication. On the other hand. to good That they would have convinced themselves that the Can in these businesses as much as Their decanted spirits. 1(15 PM With pauses that allowed it to be The "\ This seemed to them prodigious I »Another cause of astonishment for such I was escñhiese. »Despite everything. The same happened Respect to the fact of writing with the hand Left. medianímicamenie is Understood. but If they had seen me at my house spend hours Whole rehearsing this game. I did with all my will. transformed into an angel of light. or saying a thousand nonsense and ridiculous- Nonsense. as the result of • these operations were always favorable to my And also understood that all this "A powerful attraction for the Page 17 of 57 . It is worth of these procedures or other analy- Logos to maintain his deadly reign over The genus-human.. the argument so removed that rude and uneducated men al- guna treated subjects and issues that are Page 21 19 Very much about its scope.

. That rose against the Church . AGI Was the secret. something Annoying. "Ordinarily. and if he does not say it. I Raba conmaña find out the name of the death- So that neither the same as-asked The communication is noticeable. Sex is.. this I was happy! Why I wanted more re- Taxation "On other nights of the session. and so they believed How much did he tell them? »If it happened that someone wanted a Communication of an individual who was Page 22 twenty His family unknown to me. collected and mu- https://translate. fixes the view at a point Long for a long time. of course.Untitled 1/24/17. the first thing he says He wants the person he is calling to see It is his name. could stay longer Good space without moving the eyelids. and in the end he left The name of the person Page 18 of 57 . and to give Of their physiognomy and aspect for The question of the truth of the Facts. but It is so easy to make communion with Mill the men! With only ÍD left.. it was over The issue. Then me This was the easiest thing . Said or wrote After which he calculated that there To please the subject. which causes the contact of air With the eyeball. After the first impression.. I found myself in great trouble. 1(15 PM That united us was one more enemy. he will find out. I swear I've never seen anything. Mobile phone. )> The first time I was asked to To a certain spirit. I will explain. Sions.

but not Appears clearly. Other times Say: "My son. you can guess approxi- Even that of the evoked. what they say is Which had the deceased dear.. These data. to which I replied In the name of the apparition. And given the calculated age of which Ask the question.. 1(15 PM Sometimes until the age.Untitled 1/24/17. which are They return surrounded by mysteries. one of the attendees asked that If Carmencita appeared..googleusercontent. and shortly // I appeared to me a The gentleman girl was filled with joy to To know that I saw his daughter. By their gestures. are sufficient to co- To start If it's a man. until I arrived k specify that the girl had a small On the right leg and a fan https://translate. In the first assumption- I'm excited. And a In another word they pronounce of as- Denial. when Seem insecure.. and by their gestures. ". unknowingly opens To continue: "Look at us ted if you have a mustache or beard . Made me one Portion of Page 19 of 57 . To use the diminutives because when it isthevery co- giving Name of the deceased if it is a child. or such other Thing . At the moment that- Ecstatic.. it is very simple to obtain Ner good result. . '. Otherwise.. my brother. Commonly. any Page 23 twenty-one 'That which is said is well. Giving them very Generals. etc.. my Dre. the one who consults when he hears To say that his deudo is already there. the best That is to say that they are not completely His features. etc.. »I remember being in a session in Madrid . because the trace Of women and children lends itself to Give the descriptions. insensibly binds himself to the Petitioners to specify details.

1(15 PM The father had already left behind. Because of what is written by a spiritualist like Mr. or spiritism? I'm not that silly. Huertas...googleusercontent.. And the fan . or all mediums are few puppeteers they see visions when they are lit . even if she is three years old. johbres spiritualists !. 4a girl. there is reason to scam and Ask: Puppets. has not Page 24 Had a fan with which he made them Dad when he caressed her? » I will not tell you.. Cover the scar. Thousand and a thousand times you abuse Good Page 20 of 57 . who creates * Always to higher causes of your own Wonders Do not . weakness and imagination. By the brandy. I'll tell you with an insigne Writer.. that shows IASIA a button. https://translate.Untitled 1/24/17.. But it seems to me that. A little girl appeared to me . to end this title.

. who are already delivered to you in body and soul. we should address ourselves ^ Not to you. The gossip Popular literature refers to this anecdotal Very edifying but fun- you give. 3 Of your victims. And why are you enveloping the sound- Your mysteries? Why do not you evoke In the light of day to your dead? They fear The examination of the public your appearances? The divine Jesus raised Lazarus from the Of the Jewish people. To what obscurity if you are the ver- Dad What do you say about the odd looks? Cials Why do not your To us.googleusercontent. 1(15 PM Page 25 2. means By the way very spiritual. and our Saints have wrought their wonders in the streets And squares. follies and details . https://translate.. who will know how to answer Them or drive them away? Jesus Christ always spoke Before the scribes and Pharisees. Poor victims! Page 26 24 IV Dreams. In front of a public warned against Him If your spirits desire to become His Page 21 of 57 .Untitled 1/24/17. that is. Your communications have ceased When a man does not And resolute decision has been taken to J) with a revolver or a lock.

finally.Untitled 1/24/17. Who answers me that really \ Have the spirits revealed anything? Allian Kardec. He is for me no infallible pope to whom I must believe for his beautiful word. founder and father of spiritism. because this man Alian Kardec. And of this good subject. but He was only a madman who gave us his For truths and their follies by system. who neither ignore your doctrines I will dissemble. or reader !. The same author. is a guarantor of the Infallibility of these spirits. if by chance You are leavened from the inania or cbifladu- The spiritualist. And if not.phytic base nor evidence of be- Or common wisdom. The spirits and their doctrine Have their publisher responsible for the public In Alian Kardec. With the same right as he adds. if something revealed? Alian Kardec. 1(15 PM AHA you see. there are evil spirits and Deceivers who indulge in mocking of the men ? Alian Kardec. I deny and say that everything is written Has neither a phylo. Page 22 of 57 . I should suffice to say mud nones. Page 27 25 Who certifies to me that what Alian says Kardéc is the same thing that the spirits Ritus. and for everything His crazy system does not give us Prove that their claims and their Theories. So we never leave this Mere difficulty. Who. To refute them. I am going to put here a cies of your creed or a compendium of your ne- Cations. let's see: Who assures me the existence of the Spirits Alian Kardec. since.

Thus. the good. created since ah aeterno countless spirits not ^ were angels nor demon. for neither will there be known face. brutes and men. In order to reach perfection. The great medium purification involves eticarnación In human bodies. nor the things that you Revealed are their own rather than dis- Paratad and crazy. I say that I do not think so. nothing more than the Of the spiritualist doctrine. full of contradictions and With no basis or even common sense. 1(15 PM 4 who Foranswers? while thatNolord one. Adventurism. or do other miracles In confirmation of their doctrines. let us examine briefly. rational- Or be real men. when souls are incarnated one https://translate. apt for information Sea human bodies. say the spiritualists. or of faith in Jesus Christ. according to them. nor of Swim that Church teaches.googleusercontent. Since the limits of a pamphlet do not per- Something else.oflet's facedid Kardec it. God. That is. This doc- trina'nos gives the key bestial love with That spiritualists promote the societies Protection of animals. it must be of the spirits. good and bad. Your mockers and thugs. That all.Untitled 1/24/17. but purely Page 28 26 Human spirits. and in earthly life With its trials and sufferings. over time. and if you have actually had Deal with Page 23 of 57 . And if not. That is. a perfection per- Sonal. The same gross They are destined to be. the Spiritualists. They will have to reach. and with it a calm and full state Of natural joys. there is no need for grace Bureaucratic. not Give us more evidence.

it is not known How. like mud World. but. how they have ascertained They ignore and deny that Feet. if Imperfect numbers. even in the Other life. not. God has in his support such reasons That in vain they want to refute the nonsense Spiritualists I omit that all these old fables Of the transmigration of souls are re- Fanned by all philosophers who have not Deserved to go to an insane asylum. which. and only ask I. that my soul is mine and forms with me Body or I.Untitled 1/24/17. they leave Cleansing from the slags of vice and satisfying It's worth your while. ma- Tomorrow may be from my grandmother or Perico the the Palotes. 1(15 PM More often. After departures from the bodies. and on his way reen- carnaciones the same can go to stop a Holy than to a thief. or be my person. if it is now mine. Because I believe. But nothing: These gentlemen have ascertained.googleusercontent. the Spiritualists. Some. he will profit more or Less in perfection. they are little purified. With his good or bad Page 24 of 57 . Let us leave to one side that this destroys by Complete the whole Catholic dogma. to a Solomon who https://translate. but at the Will be converted and will be perfect and Blessed: not even the most unbridled No evildoers have to fear another Thing more than a delay of happiness co- Bad. remain in a state Of proof. that my soul is not exclusive- Mine. in which each one of them. or a greater turn of earthly lives In human or bestial bodies. they are obstinate in evil and need Sitan greater numbers ^ metempsicosis or reen- Page 29 17 To settle the trial.

googleusercontent. according to them. Your That now you read me. without proving it). Page 30 28 How many times will you be changing Pos. and today it is Perhaps Bismarck. you mortal. and They should know this in a good way (though Do not try it). They look like Few. Twelve centuries later he was perhaps Luther. or say- More clearly. you were miserable Maybe one day Alejandro. and a Century ago was perhaps Louis XVI. the truth is that the spirit Which fifteen centuries ago was St. like shirts. 1(15 PM A bipedal donkey and a quadruped. however much you may feel. and seriously affirms that the spirits Can emigrate the same to a donkey who to a cabbage or lettuce to. and maybe in forty years Dancer of the cancan. to a spiritualist.Untitled 1/24/17. or Sagasta. Santa Teresa de Je- Sús. nor spiritualists neither. this my unhappy spirit? No one knows. No one is sure what his spirit was Woe to what will be. Can this philosophy be seriously refuted? Do not It is a shame that in our century Present as novelty metempsychosis or Transmigration of souls. Don Quixote de la Mancha. This is how the Spiritism (of course. or Leo XIII. which has already fallen Of pure old woman before Jesus Christ without So that no one refuted it? And spiritism is not yet contented with All this accumulation of nonsense. Augustine. But the truth Page 25 of 57 . please! I- A new Cervantes is not born today for ' Page 31 https://translate.

sink for fear of my tooth in a po- bre spirit of some unhappy neighbor in they have been reincarnated. Reincarnated spirits on melons and pumpkins. 1(15 PM Impart it with his satire. we could To presume. "So says spiritualism. I will not eat in my life collards. I will not leave one https://translate. maravi- Lloso. however. who had. That the spirit of his son died in the cradle Had transmigrated to the body of his little dog Lap All this was already great. pyramidal ". asparagus and tomatoes. Imagine that even in plants they had Place such reincarnations and transmigra- Nes "Poor people! Spanish perhaps the troncharlas you produce a pain in Page 32 30 a loved one in them there and sien- Page 26 of 57 . like that spiritist lady.googleusercontent.Untitled 1/24/17. mordazcontra tan- miscreant to mess and spiritualist or espirita- Do it! We suspected so far that in the Poor beast that patiently Piggybacking could be reincarnated na- Unless the spirit of a philosopher Moso <5 of one of his grandparents.

who knows if Sizzling there are the losses friends two in my youth? .evil of phenomena Ticos? Every Christian has already named his heart is the devil. who knows if they would nail the knife in the bowels of my mother? I do not arrimaré firebrands to my chimney. to be called here- Lante philosophy who knows! Why not just spiritualists saying. almost always themselves vile rogues and charlatans. Catholic doctors {And also many Protestants) attribute spiritualistic phenomena together to the diabolical action. And indeed. Who knows ! Who knows ! Sublime Page 27 of 57 . " We know from the Bible that the devil is the enemy of * A human nature. so it stirs anxious to seduce all mortal. allows the devil can tempt mortals to evi- ba and merit of these. and https://translate.Untitled 1/24/17." and appealed to Page 33 31 our first parents under the guise of snake. 1(15 PM cantaloupe . in his inscrutable providence. Who You know if we daydream and if an- we with our little way spiritualism. what spirit intelligent and evil we can imagine capable of producing phenomena.googleusercontent. or Satan? LOMO be called intelligent cause and espirilís. God has revealed to us side that "the devil is turning to our al- around like a roaring lion looking for devour "and that. character- Minito madhouse? V Does God. and God.

disparalan not contradict or not say one thing today and another tomorrow. or not. nor Nor little righteous souls of the dead. or are reality pro- . nor do they the sky to the rascals and rogues. Or they are farce. God can not be the ridiculous. not preach a doctrine destroyer of the Bible and traditions Christian and even natural religion. indeco- Christian religion and harmful to the Igle- sia? They are certainly not angels. and They are blessed in heaven. The souls santas not act as impostors thick- tescos not impel to vice. the tontoi immoral and antisocial. what destroys human freedom. 1(15 PM Page 28 of 57 . If they are farce. They come from God. or canoniza- nizan to the lost and to the (Ramadas. no more to do interviews be refuting. mining at its base and \ social order based on law and jus- tice. or are truly your spinal ritismos. Page 34 32 Let us put this argument more clear ^ ara ioentíeadaa to spiritualists. of course: God absurdity can not come y. It is so the doc- https://translate. God can not come one doctrine na perverse that makes him origin of evil. and They are purging in place of atonement. responsibility ity. harmful destroyers to man. ous. not detest revealed truth. games will be ma- We as any mountebank.Untitled 1/24/17. and consequently the morality of human actions.googleusercontent. It can not be of God leading directly to fatalism and to la'negación of the afterlife under the pretext of explaining it. Not from God. often wicked. ' If they are true.contradic- thorium.

infallible consequence: then they are the work the devil. Then spiritualistic operations are not God's Page 29 of 57 . He ' "Aciociuio can not be more concluiente. Thus.Untitled 1/24/17. I will not address to the first. 1(15 PM triune in which operations are based UK- piritistas is all this. Mo will be few that carefree oirmc loose laughter to pronounce lau clean and so round this word. https://translate. Then they are the work of someone else being that has power enough to produce- Page 35 33 •ace. very clear reasons show that Spiritualists operations may not work of God. by confession of their sectarian and sages that have examined. then do not come God spiritualistic operations. then the spiritual operations tors.googleusercontent. the in- determined call me gullible fan. ridiculous Serious empeñase me to believe in 6-1 devil who refuse to believe in Jesucris- to. according to Christianity. to the q "and I have more dangerous enemies. I compendiémoslo. and the devil with his limited power state. in reality what they are work Deta the evil spirit or demon. The spinal operations ritistas belong to a supernatural order. some sort of Catholics to their mode con- They will be tempted to be labeled as gullible into too sía. "but always very large. I go straight to the second. Challenge all spirits together in this and the other world to me untie that knot. Soio two can be the authors of operation rations supernatural God with power all. not '^^ and one that has that power more than the UK- • malignant Pirilu.

effective and daily intervention Demon in our affairs. in addition to the exist- tence of the devil. which is more common. this belief in his and ordinary practice intervention in many of sets of our life. etc. and I dare to say to the faith of all ages and all can peoples. Even in many cases pub- natural ramente supports the Church as diabolical possible intervention. that TIE- ne lulled into a portion of their ritual exorcisms to exorcise in cases de- finished. allow direction and limited by God. diseases. etc.. 4 The existence of the devil. And in such a way it teaches the Catholic Church this real. This belief in the devil and his power. The Catholic doctrine teaches. or is a UK- superior spirit that followed hear you. 1(15 PM 3 Page 36 3. may induce Page 37 35 ^ Many Catholics consider it https://translate. and only one pedantic illustration or total ignorance of science theologi- gicas.Untitled 1/24/17.googleusercontent. his constant intervention you in our affairs to induce us to error and sin against God and hatred con- against our souls. some principle of disbelief. are re- He Beló against God and was condemned for it to eternal fire. or. such as Page 30 of 57 . it belongs to the Catholic doctrine. where it is allowed to continue putting us against God and his rebellion. is a dogma of the Catholic faith.

living among us. and total do as it relates to operations not It is for these Catholics in his own way rather than A mythology of more or less good taste. and since then CA- pitanea eternal war waged from down here against him and his representative Church. the stars and other creatures that can blan the universe.googleusercontent. I know that this dramatic tradition dates the dawn of our national theater and It is in all our sacramental cars such. disdain for foolish doctrines old by the mere fact of being new ras. Certain class of Catholics (I do not know what are called such) have in the Lord of consider the devil as a character funny comedy. always willing to entangling between racks and make desternillar laughter the audience with their jokes and bufona- you give. and. to distinguish themselves from what is-called https://translate. neither more nor less than the sun. but not for this I find more justified. uo should be the buffoon of our ters dramas. Page 38 36 especially effective influence and position tive. no HE- Real cho. the de- venturado launched the first cry of apos- Tasia against Page 31 of 57 . 1(15 PM Superstition women. No. It happens with this one thing very regrettable Ble. The damn hobby lights and pretend contempt occupation. Result do this is that the devil. by God: the malignant spirit It is not very serious thing to serve mu- Ñeco great fun to children. There are many souls CA- tólicas a great fontlo of disbelief. They need to have fun with slapstick.Untitled 1/24/17. A dramatic epic spring or that intro- reduce the marvelous in a poem.

large des captains and statesmen in na- tions as wise as Egypt. The belief in the devil and in its operations tions even in the natural order belongs. you have to admit a fact in history that fills all: the magic. as in However. just as the how- curidad covers the points where there HSIL beneficial influence of sunlight. have data margin to do this. You can. so educated like Greece or as positive as Page 32 of 57 . the most brilliant poets. set into law mstórica that magic has filled the world everywhere where you have not filled the truth aera religion.googleusercontent. But if we a step we see that belongs Nor well to the historical truth in this. They give us constant witness of reality of magic. philosophers more emission nents.Untitled 1/24/17. according to the teachings of Theo- lodge. and can not ne- gated without departing from it.relira portion advancing sunlight. And now we must add that explorations of the missionaries Encoun- tran in all modern nations not illuminated by the Gospel. therefore to the Catholic doctrine. in a word. https://translate. 1(15 PM ma ranciedades of scholasticism. as darkness is to pro. The magic is the background Page 39 37 of all idolatrous cults in the world ancient. There is no people antiquity without magic. out of town the true God. Y It can be set as a corollary other analogous law en. By heedless you are.Magic has been disappearing to pro- portion which has been growing the truths dera faith.

the demon has become like the monkey God. World history is. Therefore. worship established do. and pervirtién- idols. The world. it is his altar and his slave man and his victim. Therefore. contrahaciendo his miracles. etc. is heritage do Sa- Tanas. 1(15 PM iey aInvery lightclear of the Catholic philosophy explanation. Simon Magus has po- https://translate. So the story of a great struggle between God and the devil. if the Apostles performed miracles on behalf of Christ. Thus the devil does not yield without resistance its conquests God. both have in him a army. God's mercy solve hbrar saw the human race y.reconquistar in a way for himself what the hell HA- cia invaded. soothsayers and fortune tellers who work diabolical inspiration for similar effects. Thus before the altar of God evanta at all times the altar of the idol. seduciéndolot. addicted people. but Fighting with him. Augustine. Therefore. well with cunning. simian Dd. preséntanse magicians also to obrarlas on behalf of their idols. the heathen nations have diviners. either with force de- rramando the blood of his disciples. if Moses work wonders before Pharaoh in the name of God. usurping their worship. Therefore.googleusercontent. according to the beautiful phrase St.has this by original sin. counterfeiting Cando its mysteries. to the chair of truth capita rises Page 40 38 tedra Page 33 of 57 . if Israel has Prophets that lit the Holy Spirit announce the future.Untitled 1/24/17. reaching the point to establish an order in the world so- brenatural satanic imitation or in con- traposición the divine supernatural order.

com/translate_f Page 34 of 57 .Untitled 1/24/17. disguised. 1(15 PM der theirtomagic soar through arts. beneficial influence of the cross because of the progress of disbelief. Forthe airmagic this making is use of reigning and dominating always there where no Queen Christianity. but insidiously always. and it is in a state latent. there cobra https://translate.googleusercontent. By ^ Sto. from which it is removed in a way the The king of the spiritualists. covered. where he has it as tablets Page 41 39 It gives the beneficial influence of the Cross.

Talk about magic in the decimono. has yet God's permission to continue lioslilizando to his men. witnessed by the Scriptures ras. Where. forgery () n the verdade- ro. or- den supernatural. letting us know a spirit your rebellious that although punished. we can lay this formula: Spiritualism is the magic of the nineteenth century. a struggle that will end at one of the centuries with Antricrislo. Religion.Untitled 1/24/17. reader. They imagined not as the Page 35 of 57 . Page 43 41 Wnos and useful as they are in themselves.century do not! Do not you fear get in ridiculous with such assumptions? No. but as taught by the Catholicism. worship. pray sinies- centers. assuming two principles ab- solutes or independent. whoever you are. It is the dualism Everyone centuries.googleusercontent. 1(15 PM Page 42 40 its vigor and reappears again as do- nant the diabolical art. Ks demon re- turning against God. noise our machines. to give them opportunity to test and worthiness. summing it up here indicated. one principle good and another evil. the speed of our https://translate. heavenly pray. its mysteries and wonders They are magic. no. for Theology and History in centuries past and present are the spinal ritismo. It is the dualism that reflects its splendors. It is the great hichaem- PEZADA in the earthly Paradise and even earlier in heaven. the pride of our material progress. throughout history. Page 36 of 57 . wanted to see themselves that question updated Dad. that the Church had not yet heard his voice against the rotating tables and other co- sas of this genre. We have accus- ^ Umbradoen too much to science what see. and crazy and smells. once wing Christians.^^ S ^ K I think the current spiritism is magic tailcoat and trousers and round hat. some people hon- roadsteads. back in 1850. Placed effect a pencil in the con- https://translate. ration because I ca-'¿CCM | i . dressed in the suit of our century (1). Page 44 42 In a Paris salon. has turned us all something materials ists even without thinking. portents of electricity. preponderance. according to his own testimony. (I) Sarda and Sal . perhaps excessive. I believe in magic and its existence fs ^ i ^ JII ' because I am a Catholic and I hojeadola History. developed. given in our education to the physical sciences. ny.googleusercontent. uetrimento studies ever mo- J'ales.^ í ' "' ^^^ onium and its ope.. 'f O'ico. It is recognized by several authors UK- piritistas. who consider the old magic as a poorly developed or in spiritism backwardness. 1(15 PM trains. why is supplied ^ _eva Our evil imagination habituated RLL nablar of higher order phenomena uu ^ "Way.Untitled 1/24/17. I repeat: I believe in the de. as My friend read a good mood Identity between spiritualism mo- ern and ancient magic can not be more visible. spiritism today is the ma- gia improved.

Yes. wrote: Vi.In the sky.Well. Pencil. He withdrew the paper and read: Viva Satan! He wanted to force more to the spirit.Untitled 1/24/17. required conditions. they asked if that made him move It was a good spirit.Write clearly: Long live Jesus! - They said. as the pencil moved. . L. is working tó to know who he was. > . 1(15 PM . pencil wrote: . for the second Page 37 of 57 . he was asked: https://translate.-. writes: Long live Jesus! Page 45 43 The pen wrote hurray !. and Iaro. if you're a good spirit. "^ A .! The pen wrote back: Viva . so. accompanying algniios word of uncertain signs é unintelligible..How do Uamaa? .In the name of God do to send you write: Viva Je ^ üs. and! after a few moments of hesitation He continued to move in a way verli- Sinosa.Where e8lúf |? .. .Lucifer.googleusercontent. .

. standing alternative forms ized individuals precisely different sex.googleusercontent. different ages and inclinations. the chain / luidica to be made to take place the phenomena more easily.J you convicted? Yes.. you to stay in the Page 38 of 57 . in which It purports to speak with the dead.. and just know something of the life and mission won. and better yet. 1(15 PM .Untitled 1/24/17. It is constant in the room there low light. being more understandable for all.What is your name?. Leaving aside considerations of an organic den speculative. the idiocy and u the lo- cure. A gathering of men and women.he said. which is It gives reason to all kinds of gatuperios and co- https://translate. an impious curiosity or ri- dicula is the Moving containing them grega. . from lue- to go beyond witchcraft from a hundred leagues.Lucifer.spiritualists holy men. inother more practical policies. SAW Consecuenolas sad. . | UK spiritualism is a doctrine in- a cesspool of moral and vices. we will begin to study the charac- ter of spiritualistic meetings deducted cir who can not be more than monipodios people unholy. and pushes the disorder. is something that does not cost much work Page 46 44 test. For the moment. and by looking. it is evident !.

Five those pantomimes always start 61 spirit. showing to simple geotes and events candidas crue far in time. Considering the seances only in this respect. where the ° ioral expu.? '. or the ob- session and even the compleí or possession. nn '^ I' "" P "^ '. the most outstanding They are. 1(15 PM munications with the living rather than the dead. with lilamente sin by being demonized.Untitled 1/24/17. The good listener few words. without a Page 39 of 57 .^^ dad human cho ONTR ^ '' '^' ^^ '' 'i' '^' P'T «« 1 HE- Session ^ '' ''? f ^ '' '' 5 temptation. The truth Page 47 Four.^" "°' ^ P '' ^ il"> na Aul? n "^ '^ ^' ^ ' ^ g .íst is. those who are determined dicate to predict the future. as is clear from the which slightly just point out that offered to a thousand pranks. to suffer. it gamos '' ^ '' '^' ^^^ "^" ^ "and" nice to di- UK. and suf- ce indeed serious ailments. if not as it once there is smooth and meetings. " '' '' ^^. love letters that intersect and some other mistakes of this gender ro.and considering that -orent ': jtj: |' 't' '^ r' '^' '' ^^^^ there is a rebiia. diviners and fortunetelling. and other things that are not or for views nor written. u the hoax and decep- Ño Eutre the saltimbauquis.googleusercontent. of ordinary https://translate.practices are also provided Spiritism to farce. and almost always end the meat. which more than once could be suspicious.

suspicion eu presence of such gentlemen.googleusercontent. Well. from which it follows that the auxiliary liar they are looking for is not couforme with such means. or a fool. but here you can and should contes- Page 49 47 tar that not God but the devil take hold acrobats and jugglers to Page 40 of 57 . Everyone feels not know what kind of de- contianza.Untitled 1/24/17. taking into account the seriousness and importance of the issues in magical cabinets elucidates. https://translate. on the contrary. or an entity only own hors d'oeuvres or small squares. even those who try utilized Lizar services. surprises a blinder a remarkable and wonderful thing is performed lice by who appears at the sight of people lus a pretender. Former- cúsanse the many occasions such eu say that God sometimes uses media insignificant to produce large effects. it is completely rectly opposed to them. but. is a respectability that makes laugh. 1(15 PM Page 48 46 river is the handling of people They devoted to divination and magic They are aimed to provide the subject that see the end uu consecucióu lor impossible to realize the media hones- cough and righteous man and society ia available. their social position it is. Another reason for our large residue propósilo is: Respectability of the person of a diviner or magic.

only rotated tanas and witches have devoted themselves to ridicules and it looked bad job of guessing the future and tell fortunes. Therefore.Untitled 1/24/17. so no one Qstú allowed to know.low dise. is very rascal and very Lisio.googleusercontent. can not serve as a testimony to the chatterboxes that from place to place sell his fortune as any mar. so old and demon. the power to an- astern to come. God granted to the Prophets and to certain people when They were to serve interests of their greater global- ria. He Man has no known condition but to cer the past and the present. nor what their rants referred to additional winegrowers of Page 41 of 57 . 1(15 PM but always she is lying. it is not true at all anything at its say. or it is because God per- limit for punishment of those who up to that point raise their pride. and that a very limited way. UK- scribed or run the mediums spiritualists. Because there is no getting around it. Since the world began. DI3 all cx¡) ueslo follows that doctrines and practices of spiritualism are https://translate. because I said Lord and Father of the espirilislas. de- after all. or because the Page 50 48 facts that are advertised enter the num- mere natural consequences of acts of life. This is not to deny that some want Once correctly predict the devil. or almost always. but in this case. not be demon has loss his angelic nature do nothing more that grace and holiness. and deduction de- production Lucifer finds that.

and should be con- ordinates by any person who has not per- dido the whole brain or is not left of the hand of God. seeks revenge on the Hom- bre.googleusercontent. If to this is added the constant preocu- https://translate. being the devil Jan- migo of God. who sees in the image and likeness of God. Moreover.. the possessions Narse of a person. are two powerful elements that brings into play the demon to destroy man and make all the evil possible. VII Wars.. because it attacks and destroys to health mediums and pushes its growing folken suicide. because God Himself can not sell Where is drawn gated accordingly that. And so it should be. causing an annular complete relationship of human faculties and replaced by the spiritual action. devastations. in revenge of the ho- rribles tortures of eternal condemnation Finely it is suffering in the depths in- fernales. and secondly. the action determined exerted on the human personality who takes Page 42 of 57 . : As yet: Spiritualism is immoral il also. on the one hand. fierce evils . 1(15 PM highly immoral. the spirits. The presence of this agent can not but to bring more or less later. the evil seeks to be the image of God.Untitled 1/24/17. changes pro- Page 51 49 farms in the health of the individual subject to such diabolical experiences.

the impression they make you the faith phenom.googleusercontent.that through him take place. The same considerations may be- Suicide virnos respect to the entrepre- ritus push those who are deceived for them. or crashing. immorality and monstrosity of the spiritualist doctrines and practices. it is not stop saying that it is tacitly sanctioned mind the credo spiritualist. Page 52 fifty I do not think anyone doubt. go de- Well another body and poisoned Page 43 of 57 . go to another and cut his throat.Untitled 1/24/17. 1(15 PM tion of the medium with respect to the doctrines he professes his desire to know them intimately mind. who aca- bara by annihilate mortally. As will happen faster these incarnations. consisting. Unless I come and cheer https://translate. we must agree that is a victim of one obsession. for him crazy. And speaking of suicide.. according to this growing do. is self-evident that. and like a madman ago percent. by the devil. it is very convenientey to stick untiro necessary. or hung on a tree. after this. the bliss of spirit reached zar a sum perfection through a long series of incarnations in different cuer- pos.. that is. to be logical. the desire to propagate and spread spiritualism. hence the plague of spiritualism dó so frightening to all ills contigente nicomios. In effect. luegoal spiritualist. and so successive tively . will be reached soon the supreme goal of perfection spiritualist.

com/translate_f Page 44 of 57 . and more I look and they are. of conditions tions peaceful. Wonderful perfection which can Page 53 YES reach. etc.googleusercontent. more natural thing. a soldier from the First Empire past ba his days quietly with his wife. were frequently https://translate. he had been seduced by the Spiritualism. "In this crazy mansion. constantly making the most ho- rrendos crimes.. just examine them one by one to the UK- You piritistas. and certainly agree with me that think and how enrevesadamente eliLeganés are no longer write. Look its kind and what types has !. many seem languages tas and other / they are without appearing. The witness Faithful. or because. so evil like them . Few not populate demented houses. " In the province of France called You- rena. spiritualism and without much work advertiréis low mass that they . Neither are all they are. Their neighbors. for example. and to top worse. 1(15 PM jumento to some quiet and reasonable or some sheep.gran way phalanx of the common people with great One called crackpots. He lived without religion. To prove that leads to spiritualism crazy. or because there is no justice on earth. Neither they are all that are. Gomo sings that laugh. Leed news- Spiritualists doctors. becoming one of the in- ments deque the adepts were worth.Untitled 1/24/17. people so little spiritualists they do not understand anything or refresher ments or suicide.

"The spirit that has befallen us inspiration Rando said many years ago few days: "You are in a position that you. in short.^ >> I PUTS covered with the vagaries of form "TUUA. I advise.Untitled 1/24/17. that encendáis a brazier in "Your room and you asfixié Page 45 of 57 . 'Therefore. which is the "Ínanera sweetest die without feeling dO ' "Lor none. then you will know and you will know everything "I could say as I. You have excellent health in spite "Of your seventy years. and. "You are in good relations with your 'Neighbors. On a table he was found the next written by their letter: "To not cul- eg to one of our death. if you want me "Believe. on the other hand. "And you will see how the other will go much less "Jor. 1(15 PM Page 54 52 quently to consult their oracles. you must put an end to your life. we have believed convenient. at your age >. before leaving esle world. However. » "My wife and I have not hesitated a Page 55 33 follow this advice when the entre- Spirit. to state the reasons that have prevented us lido reach this end. have a direction "Chosa old age. exercised They cieron for some time this profession witches.googleusercontent. . » Poor people! They tell them what has https://translate. until one day they were found asphyxiated in his room. the sweetness of life have lost the ma- "Yor part of its charms.

He is the father of the demon I lied ra and inspiring spiritualists. apostle and high priest. VIII Neither King nor Roque. As each. it is na- tural requiring them to declare enemies jurors what the supreme Truth. by employing their fa- difficulties. while layperson. priest. develop and deliver laws and dogmas at will. returned to tellbut us none how the demon It has already in hell forever. perfectly fit to their principles dissolution and anarchy. this conformity ex- escrow and is understood without making large UK- efforts. They deride eat them . pngar making it their apostasies and their crimes. is the ne- gation of all legitimate authority. and the consequences derived therefrom. you can study. 1(15 PM lasthas He before his death. it is necessary sarily that they must be found in opposition some followers with others.Untitled 1/24/ Page 46 of 57 . AS spiritualism trends in the social order and political order. how fun.. A religion in which each individual is. are only conform to combat the Catholic religion Page 56 o4 Roman Apostolic. and yet. ved https://translate.googleusercontent. See how spiritualists fight all known religions. because everyone can be inspired by the spirits.

cu other guardians nation.from their parents. if they could. TIE- nen the common end to end. who deny all religion when their interests should combat and prejudice the Catholic Church. he has TE- nest many parents. or will per- mitir his father corrected him when he has po- dido happen that his father. if it is easier than in other encarnacio- nes the spiritualist be king and the current king executioner? For what perhaps is it going to consent his mother fight you when you may his mother has him doubt flogging. Every spirit. by itself It is eloquent enough to show that. with the Catholic religion. having embodied different times. and led by Satan.Untitled 1/24/17. and even the li- brepensadores.googleusercontent. convict to be pursuing the UK- piritista his cronies murderer. 1(15 PM also how willingly members join the of all of them. and he was cabailo coachman? Váyanle. so that it would obli- gue . siblings. and they You can say: . váyanle with reflections UK- piritista that in any embodiment has been a general bravo..this sex is in- different .What I raí with those? Do you not know that I I have been your judge. all sects are those damn invention Satan. Eloquent is this. or that I'll pull the scruff tomorrow if I neglected dais? https://translate. or her husband mother. and who knows if today was yesterday's son father or mother . The influence of spiritualism in the fam- lia and society is fatal. grandfather or grandparents? Who po- Page 57 i) t> DRA force a espirilisla to obey the king. Page 47 of 57 .

it is understood that by necessity must fall into the absurdities Warlocks and necromancers.. and more inconceivable monstrosities. (for his absence) in the doctrine spiritualist any idea of ​justice. 1(15 PM And so on they could bring to col- tion number of examples where response plandece .googleusercontent.Untitled 1/24/ Page 48 of 57 . an invention without foundation that supports only concern ea tions rancid.. virtue. no HA- biendo limitation for pride or for human imbecility. and especially common sense... And from here to the constitution of a state anarchic no more than a step. and such https://translate. stale traditions in Page 58 66 must be deleted to shine with all UK- splendor absolute equality .. he has to stop the world to be a new chaos CLAIMING regeneration cries . because any idea of ​authority is reduced to a pure fantasy... Se'pueden same concepts apply if considered from the political point of view.

I want to anticipate- me to it. . I ARA certain caletres has great strength an argument that did not want I opusiese as staid difficulty any of my readers. and feathering to the Spiritualists by simpletons.It's very good. https://translate. 1(15 PM but regeneration disappearance ofissuch not absurdities. would re- Page 59 S7 effective means against debauchery and disgusting immorality that dominates in these masses of unfortunates who. I just wanted to prove that such facts are very clean perverse and nothing else. IX A objection and a response. Facts are HE- rights. foster parent who They have sought the paths that teach. grau preacher pa- entrails and sovereign manufacturer gibberish.I admire the good reasons you give me. driven by vice and pride.them Allan Kardec NARA. they dorechos to Page 49 of 57 . but you ohras They are love ^ the saying goes. where they expected the enjoyment of iutinilo live with Satauás. . And so I have not fought the real existence of these facts.Sir.tell me any witness the wonders of spiritualism.googleusercontent. . compatible with the Many houses crazy.Untitled 1/24/17. . and the facts of spiritualism nobody there I deny them.

Bah! And they come from good or evil spirits. . though instead of my deceased is the devil who takes her voice.But these facts come from the UK- Piritoos. I know what quie- ro. . I said: Is there or no reality? . Tarry therefore with such realities. but no proof His goodness. which is decisive: https://translate. for more to take them into account. but go to the bait the novcdud. The which they are based only on facts without administrative tir reasons. I just wanted to prove to you that come from the spi- ritus malignant. cure stay.Good very good. So act philosophers. Thus the true philosopher gives more importance to the reasons that to the facts. no less the truth of his doc- triune. are Page 61 '9 still Catholic. In this cuso weighs well this ultra- tima reason. They are pure and just stubborn. my friend. are not philosophers. If I want to know the portion come or my dead.googleusercontent. But I remember it : also It is actually the murder. and it is theft. they will stop being so lie- CLIOs? Will they be true? If I need cure. The true philosophy is to put together the exam- men of the facts examining the reasons that explain them. The hecJio no proof that the existence of the thing.Untitled 1/24/17. and it is adultery. But I guess you. and that aficionarte the UK- Spiritism has not wanted with this abjure true religion. 1(15 PM Page 60 58 .com/translate_f Page 50 of 57 . but to heal me Satan himself.I also deny.

In his works you find denied the divinity ity of Jesus Christ. eternal Son of God and Redeemer of gender human. 1(15 PM tionsIt of is not faitha and Catholic who morals doescondemns which not support in material Catholicism or the Catholic Church. embodied in a body perfectísimo that without medium He manifested to men. . I only answer me to these questions: It is condemned ipso fado by the Church the system that denies the principal dogmas of the Christian faith? Undoubtedly yes. Also nieg.googleusercontent. not were more than spiritualistic phenomena. So that the Catholic Church has condemned swimming spiritualism. It was not the se- second person! to Holy Trinity.Most certain. then you're not Catholic if you are a spiritualist. Je- sus Christ was merely a spirit of supplied Page 62 60 upper hierarchy. In case the spinal ESLC is ritismo.i in spiritualism the reality of miracles referred by the Gospel inclusa the glorious resurrection of Christ.Untitled 1/24/17.Is it true that the Church has condemned spiritualism? . Spiritualism denies original sin. according to the same author. not the Church who con'iena him. All of them. And in this case rather it is the aforementioned system which separates himself from the Church. https://translate. According to Allan Kardec. And I do not want detener- Pastoral me to quote Bishops and statements Roman rations occupy rae dema- I Page 51 of 57 . which is the foundation of our faith. Well.

Everyone agrees hate the Catholics chism and the Pope his head. atrocious positivists the United States. What therefore left standing the spiritual Nobody knows tismoV fixed: Page 52 of 57 . denies the consoling dogma and highly philosophical mind of purgatory. muéstranse protest sentatives in Germany. who are their teachers. denies the usefulness ity of external worship. denies the authority supreme of the Church as a teacher of truth dad. from the aíicioues & uper> about liciosas Hasla the same borders of atheism in living others. reader. he does not speak but the benefits International and Urania of capital talist overran the jornalcrü. denies the effectiveness of saints Sacra- ments. Not only espirilismo condemns Catholicism.Untitled 1/24/17.googleusercontent. With this may not transigir. One of Page 63 61 them given to poetry. and this is a symptom mortal. another of Jerez de la Frontera It must be very republican ideas and something miis. cheerful and di- discharges and lascivious among boys Thunder.. then. frivolous and vol- terianos in France. 1(15 PM denies the awards yy) enas eternal life future. Only one thing cu agree all spiritualists. So that the espirilismo. but the espirilismo itself itself forward to declare mortal enemy everywhere https://translate. cumo the -liablo or as men- strip (ue are a mirima thing is soft and accommodative. In the Spiritualist Magazine Seville They are occasionally demonstrations tions difereute spirits of humor. deists. mystical and almost mojiga- cough among pious people.Sépaslo den. she is relieved in odes Divinity. and adapts never fell view ease the vain humor of his disciples.

tj. is as wide tiguo as the world. By esla sena you'll meet despite its gaudy dis- fraces (1). IESUMIENDU cuar spiritualism ^ HE- we said.googleusercontent. witchcraft and magic of the Middle Page 53 of 57 . for in- Senar opposite things to all rational truth and to every sensible philosophy and to the infinite justice and mercy of God who has https://translate. Page 64 62 X final bomb. is condemned in Sa- Scripture stands and anathematized by the Roman Catholic church. (1) Sarda. with other names. the sacrilegious wiles always. The sacrifices of the ancient peoples. doctrine which aims nothing less than regenerate society. It is that Satan knows per- feciameulc who gets in its way. everything is reduced to the following conclusions: 1. ° The spiritualist doctrine is contrary to human reason.Untitled 1/24/17.' Although appears to occur CA- char. 1(15 PM Catholicism. they have been and are today are- spiritual manifestations: work demon to seize and subjugate and make Endorses the souls of men.

googleusercontent. " The sessions spiritualists are schools Page 65 63 the lying and mockery. because they offer a chance that Hom- Bres deceive others with serious prejudice the interested. se- Guir indications. and can not be ver- give what is inspired by the devil. 3. the scJciedad would do- dealgunos pride undermined by puppeteers without conscience or shame. Page 66 https://translate. 1(15 PM deigned to tell men where it is the true. For other . 7. "Spiritualism is not science.Untitled 1/24/17. father of lies and error. ' It is a criminal doctrine because. which they are derived. playing them at the whim of the medhms.. etc. as are the flames Madas spiritual sciences. and. (5 ' is heretical in their teachings because motivüá giving mock give it justice . to deny his providence and to revolt against their love determinations. God. 4. 5 'Spiritualism is immoral in their practices that lend to abuses that Dishonest characters are of marcadísi- We. Which ve- rifican with some involvement of entrepre- ritus are characterized by Page 54 of 57 . many of its fundamental concepts such contradict each other. science sinduimo really is. which de- shows that are false. impiety and blasphemy and for all capitals sins. because debase human dignity.

1(15 PM 64 When practiced.80 each volume. immoral.-Tristes consequences 43 VII. touches the foundations elements of society and tends to de- appear the principle of authority.-¿Realidad or fraud? -6 III. follies and follies 24 V. and it is criminal prejudicial to the divine and human dcrechcs We.. INDEX PDGS.Untitled 1/24/17.-Ni king nor Roque 63 IX. which.-Dreams.. Spiritualism destroys all ties of family. necessary River life of communities. VAN POSTED https://translate. They sold to peseta copy. ¿Dios or Satan? 30 VI. pushed to suicide and overturns his intellectual and moral faculties. 8 / and last. 14 IV.-wars.googleusercontent. devastations. ^. -Qnéhay Truth in Spiritualism 3 II..-game goblets . destroys health men.-One objection and response 67 X-Bomb final 62 Page 67 THE PRESS APOSTOLATE has started publication of a popular library baratísi- ma in nice volumes in 8 ° 300 pages Pró ximamente. knowingly or not so sa- biéndolo. the Holy Catholic Church APOSTOLIC ROMANA is condemned and anathematized. and for each ten are given two gifts. In view therefore that spiritualism It is Page 55 of 57 . so leaving 0. bound in cloth with beautiful plates. fierce evils 48 VIII. and him to all those who. persislen to believe in Spiritism mo and practice his teachings. carefully printed.

Of San Juan.V and VI..350 To the members of the Conferences of San Vicente for their poor 2. Mass eanta: Explanation of its mysteries and exercises to cirla Simo for his doctrinal Loddo. porm> - : Mr. " Volumes I and II IH Gospel of Matthew: agolados Volumes 1 and 11.-For every 100 copies are given M free. by the Rev.500 A street sweepers.. 96 pages in 8% 10 (énlimof. Italian Jesuit P. Confeslóix and oontiunlón . 2. distinguished academic D. 96 pages 8. -Vli And VIII. V -The Treasury of the People. Id.. by Father Luis Coloma. "10 dinner. Francis P.. riquí. the distribution lyihlicamos free (\ ae made in Madrid Board of printed pamphlets in 1893: First semester 47.200 https://translate. translated by D.. by the Rev. Chaplain gave the Sisters of San Fer- Nanao 1. .400 Hospital. 2. Id IV.googleusercontent.Untitled 1/24/17. Bresciani. by VP Grignion de Mcntlort. due altélebn.. 1(15 PM I -The entry into the world (5 * cdicióo).800 For Teluán neighborhoods and Cuatro Caminos. Page 68 ^ OUR FAVOURING To the satisfaction of the people who contribute their sus- descriptions and donations to this work of Catholic propaganda and populist lar. Libyan precious and deep. Id. . illustrated edition fotograbados input with many precious. II -The true devotion to the Virgin saníisima. R4- món of Ezenarro. P Morell.200 For extrt neighborhoods' [TFB "4e Madrid you ^ SU A ladies Sunday School 2. and admirable for his classic íorma. through the protection association dq tora thereof . P. . Of San Lucas. prison and military barracks in Madrid. them are few copies Dei UI. cm.» pesetas Page 56 of 57 . by means Chaplains gave lords and other men of zeal. SJ Solid and precious compendi what about the issues more hot . instruc- tions and devotions for the reception of these saints lilil sacraments. which lh> mó inspired the illustrious written tor ascetical P. OTHER r "Ubi-iCACiorsiK» The chain of gold. . Of San Marcos. current must know our deceived and exploited people. Francisc • P Morell. IV -John Misery. Ga- bino Roof.tí0ü At Patronatos workers ^. UI -Cuentos and truths. 1. Faber. SJ amenísimo coniunlo of doctrine nas popularly exposed to taljgracejo and do- naire or ue hardly be so funny book or in form or as serious in the background.

500 TOTAL 54. 900 A ios subscribers and their dependents Madrid propaganda ". Jose Maria Alvarez.Untitled 1/24/17. M.googleusercontent. 8. Antonio Ro- dríguez Beraza.. adult Page 57 of 57 . etc .00o Board for Youth Correctional 900 distributed free Administration THE apos- tolate 8. https://translate. 1(15 PM At Catholics the railway workshops. for ladies associations and social ts of Christian Doctrine 2.630 Booklets distributed free in Madrid 1893 102. 4. 2. through employees 2 .000 The Chairman of the Board.400 A Parent Company and other priests prisons. -The Treasurer.. Philippians and other priests .OCO In hospitals. PP. the Marqués del Busto..000 At three associations for arranging marriages.500 At Madrid Jails 3.. San Fernando. - The Secretary. etc. 400 At Havens San Bernardino.600 A number of factories and industrial centers of Madrid and neighboring towns 6. hospitals.Ü00 In the prisons and jails of Alcala de Henares. by means He gave the RDOS.