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Note: You can use short forms to answer the Zoe: Well,I guessthefirstthingyounoticeis how
questions,e.g. 'I am working' *'I'm working', 'she earlypeoplehavedinnerherein the UK,
has done' -+ 'she'sdone',etc. maybeat 6 o'clock.And oftenin the USAand
- Canada, too. Butin Spainor SouthAmerica,
t Homesand habits for instance,theydon'tusuallyhavetheirmain
mealuntillatein the evening, andtheyoften
go out afterthat.Bythen,in a town likethis,
Starting off everything's closing,isn'tit?
Lucas: Well,I don'tthinkthat'salwaystrue.
8s placesstayopenvery latethesedays,
Recording script cDtrrack2 particularlyin the town centre.
Julia: Hi.My name'sJuliaDaviesandthisis myroom. Zoe: But howdo youget homehere?Thebuses
I spendmostof myevenings thereandpartof andtrainsallstoprunningaroundeleven-thirty.
the weekend, thoughI'mout quitea lotthen. Lucas: Thereareusuallytaxisaroundafterthat.There
It'snota particularlybig room,but I'vegot all alwaysseemto be peoplegettingintothem,or
myfavourite thingsthere.There'smycomputer, waitingfor them.
whichI usemainlyfor emailing, onlinechatand
Zoe: Well,evenif you can get one,they costfar too
lookingaroundon the Internet, andmymobile
much,in myopinionanyway.
- | lovel.ertingpeople!| do my homework
theretoo, asyou can seefromthe pileof text Lucas: You'rerightaboutthat.That'swhy I nevertake
books.Theyshouldreallybe on the bookshelf, them.ButI supposeyoucouldwalkhome.
buttherejust isn'tanyspacethere.I reada lot, Zoe: All the wayfromthe town centre?Youmust
actually- that'swhy thereareso manybooks bejoking!And that'sanotherthing.At night
andmagazines. AlsoI playthe guitara bit,and in placeslikeltalyor Greeceor the Middle
thoughI'mnotverygoodyet mymumsaysI'm East,therearealwayslotsof peoplearouM.
startingto get betterlThenthere'sthe DVD Families,I mean.Soyoudon'tworryabout
p1ryil. I don'toftenusethat, but when I have anythingbadhappening there,butwhenI'm
someoneround,we sometimes watcha filmor herein your towntherearetimeswhenI feel.
two. well.not as safe.I knowit seemssilly,but it's
@ 2 " 3 a 4f. 5d 6b
Lucas: Youmaybe rightthatolderpeoplego to bed
earlymostnights.But doesn'tthat makeit
Listening Xlax"t
4 morefun whenyou'reout?Everyone you seeis
@ Suggestedanswers: Zoe:. That'strue!
I doesn't shut late, lots of places stay open late Lucas: So do peoplein the southof Europeget up
2 cost a lot of money, charge low prices laterthe nextmorning?
3 sometimes doesn't feel safe, is always very safe
Zoe; Well,schoolstartsjust as earlyas in theporth
4 get out of bed before, stay in bed longer
of Europeso I don'tthinktheystayin bedany
5 a sensible thing to do, not very clever
lateLAndthe schooldayis normally aboutthe
Recording sctipt cDl rrack3 sameas here.
Lucas: Whenyou'retravelling abroad,Zoe,do youfind Lucas: And whenthere'sno school?
that peopledo thingsat differenttimesof the Zoe: Theyhavelunchlater,perhapsat two or three.
day? A propermeal,that is - notjusta sandwich.
After that peoplesometimeshavea quick

Answer key
Lucas: I thinkthat'ssensible.if it'sjustfor a few @ Suggestedanswers:
minutes.I'd liketo do that,everyday.
Reasonsnot to like it: the lack of natural light,
Zoe: a goodideawhenit'shot.Maybe
lt'scertainly the possibility of damp, claustrophobia.
the differentroutinesin differentoartsof the
worldarebecauseof the weatherthere? Other places:tree houses,convertedlighthouses,
Lucas: That'spossible,yes.

@f No 2Yes 3Yes 4No 5Yes

simpieandpr csentcontr nuous
Pr esent s l:ato
of time verc$

@Zin 3on 4aI 5in Otu 2d 3a 4c

@ af half past two, bedtime; Q2 am/'msitting 3 is 4 am/'mlooking
IN the morning, summer,2010,the holidays; 5 love 6 stay 7 go 8 is getting /'s getting
9 leave 10 is blowing ll am/'m having
ON April 24, Saturdays 12 don't think

@ al state verbs except: change, dream, fill, improve,

Grammar paint, relax
@ Z Oo you prefer to get up early or late? 3 Is anybody
l$ t before 2 they go afterit 3 at the end at your house watching TV at the moment?4 What
colour clothes are you wearing today?5 Which
@ Suggested answers: things in your house belong to you? 6 What do you
2 I checkmy email everytwo hours. sometimes forget to do in the morning?
3 I'm neverlate for school.
Suggestedanswersfor replies:2 I prefer to get up
4I sometimes write lettersto friends.
late. 3 No, nobody at my house is watching TV at
5 I don't alwayshavelunch at home.
the moment. 4I'm wearing blue and black clothes
6 I'm sleepyin the morning almosteveryday.
today. 5 The small bed, the computer and the
7 I hardly evergo out on Mondaynights.
desk belong to me. 6 I sometimesforget to brush
8 I stayin bedlatemostweekends.
my teethin the morning.

Reading Part 5 Vocabulary

@ article; It's about a windmill built to be a home; C; Flouse
end ilome;countaille
and uncountable
On one side,near the top of the windmill [sails); nouns
around the lower part of the windmill (balcony).
Q Suggestedanswers:
Pointsin text: l, 3, 4, 6,7
, Living room: sofa,cushions,armchair
@Zground 3third 4like 5few 6corners
Bathroom:bath, cupboards,mirror, taps, toilet,
7 as 8 in 9 job 10 electricity
towels, washbasin
@ News report; modern cavehomes.Suggested Kitchen: cooker, cupboards, dishwasher,
microwave, sink, taps, washing machine, fridge
o As the climate becomeshotter, cave homes are
becoming more popular. Bedroom:blankets,cupboards,mirror, chestof
o It's never very hot or cold in caves. drawers, pillow
o Modern cave homes are pleasant places to live.
Hall: bell
)ro 2A 38 4A 5c 6B TB BD
@ furniture
@ tUl tellsyouthenounis uncountable;
[C]is the
symbol for a countable noun.

Grammar Writing Par&I
. t'ew,a ffl.tfe, many,{;,"}ucl.?,
a lot of and lofs of ;
,:p o s it lc nosf p l a e e QZatlttte 3'mwaiting 4at 5often
@al c1 d,2 e4
O t u few, a few 2 a little, a little 3 many, many,
many 4 much, much, much 5 a lot ofllots of. a @2. 3b 4a sd 6e
lot of/lots of, a lot, a lot 's
@ 2 aren't/ arenot at 3 is having/ having
@Zmuch /alolof /lotsof,afew 3afew /lotsof / 4 ever 5 a little 6 at the
a lot of, a lot of / lots of 4 much / alol of / lots of,
a lot of / lots of 5 much / aloI of / lots of, a few, a X Studentdays
lot 6 much / alol of / lots of, many / alol of / lots
Starting off
@Zin 3in 4on 5on 6on
QA alarm clock rings B set off for school C catch
the schoolbus D teachertakes register E have
SpeakingFar&1 lunch in the schoolcanteen
Q Z Uow do you spell it? d Qzn 3D 4c sB
3 Where do you live? a Soundsthat ore lrcord:2 knives and forks
4 What do you do? e 3 teachertaking registerand studentsanswering
4 school bus arriving at bus stop 5 student leaving
5 Do you enjoy studying English?c house for school
@ at (schooletc.),in (a town, etc.), on (the coast,etc.) Recording script cDl rrack5
@Zin 3doyouwork 4areyou 5at 6in One.fAlarmclockringing]
7 do you study 8 're studying 9 do you l ,
enjoy l0 like 11 at 12 in 13 go out 14 in Two.[Soundofschoolcanteen]
15 at Three.lChildren

o Teacher: KellyAshby.
Kelly: Yes,Ms Truman.
Recording script cDtrrack4
Teacher: MaxAtkinson.
. John: Maria,wheredo youcomefrom? Max: Yes,Ms Truman.
Maria: I''sa smalltownin Greece,
near Teacher: Gemma
Gemma: Yes,Ms Truman.
John: And do youworkor areyoua student?
Maria: I'ma student,
at a secondary
schoolin the
' Five.
John: do youstudy?
Boy: Byemum! I
Maria: All the usualoneslikemathsandhistory,
thismonthwe'restudying modernmusic, too. Mother: Byel
John: Ahl Whatdo youenjoydoinginyourfreetime? Reading Xlar&3
Maria: Well,I likelisteningto musicat home,in my
room.And I sometimes qo outwithfriendsin l) Suggestedonswer:
theevenings, or at weekends. The text is probably about the typical school day of
Wayne, a 16-year-oldsecondary school student in
Beijing, China.

Q some possible guesses: Grammar
Wayne sets off for school after breakfast; he catches Past simple
the schoolbus near his house;when he getsto
school, the teachertakes the register; he has lunch @ Z shopping centre 3 (large) cinema(s) (with
choice of films) 4 Spanish 5 (being with) new
in the schoolcanteenat 12.10.
family and friends
@ ffre general idea of the text is that Wayne's school
Recording script cDrrrack6
day in China is long and hard.
we haveNadinewith usto talkaboutthe
@ Suggestedwords to underline:
sixmonthsshespentin Chile.Hello,Nadine.
2by car 3 punished,later than 07.20 4 some
Nadine: Hi!
sports facilities 5 midday, none, home, lunch
a normal16-year-old
lnterviewer:You're schoolstudent.
6 leaves,aI 17.20 7 homework until, dinner
Wheredidyougo lastYear?
8 never sleeps,more than six hours
Nadine: LastyearI livedin Chilefor sixmonthsasan
@ Suggestedwords to underline: exchange I livedwitha Chilean
student. family.
I fry myself an egg for breakfast, My sister buys I wentto schooleverydayandI hadto w0ar
somethingfrom the market stalls a uniform.ln Canada I don'thaveto weara
2 I sometimes go to school by bus. However, I lt'sso uncooll
normally go to school by bicycle
did youstay?
3 in schoolat least 20 minutes beforelessonsbegin.
Nadine: I stayedin SanPedrode Atacama - highin
It's a school rule. If you don't arrive on time, you
can expect punishment (the clock in the next the Atacamadesert.UnlikeToronto, there'sno
paragraphshowsthat lessonsbegin at 07.40). disco,no shopping largecinemas
4 didn't use to have a football pitch, basketball with choiceof films.
courts or a running track but now it does did youfeelwhenyoufirstarrived?
5 All of us eat in the schoolcanteen Nadine: SanPedrois
Totellyouthetruth,I wasscared.
6 We finish school but we can't go home; we have so differentfrommyhometown.
an exam after class
7 It takes me 30 minutes to eat and then I have to
do my homework Nadine: Yes,I did.I studiedSoanishat schoolin
8 I always wake up less than six hours later Canada andI thoughtI wasgoodat it. But
whenI gotto ChileI couldn'
28 3A 4A 5A 68 78 8A wasawfull
aboutschool?Whatsubjectsdid you
Vocabulary slucy?
Take,sit,pass, &l{ lose,,fearn, teach and srudy Nadine: physics,
ldid maths,chemistry, history,
@zsitting 3taking 4missing 5study it a goodexperience?
6 learn 7 teach
Nadine: Yes,it was.I'mreallygladI wentthere.My
@ Suggestedanswers: Spanishimproved andI evenbeganto dream
I How many marksdo you needto passexamsat in Spanish. expensive
I alsostoppedmissing
your school? activitieslikegoingto thecinemaor th-edisco
2 What happensif you fail an exam? andbeganto realisethatfun in SanPedrowas
3 How oftendo you missschool? beingwithmynewfamilyandfriends.
4 Do you studyeveryweekend?
Thankyou,Nadine. . . andif youd likelo
5 Wouldyou like to learn somethingnew?What? knowmoreaboutbeingan exchange student,
contactourhotlinenumberon 0800444...

@ z where did you stay? 3 How did you feel when

you first arrived? 4 Did you speak Spanish before
you went? 5 What subjects did you study? 6 Was
it a good experience?

@ b stayed c was d studied e did f was ... went @ 2 past continuous 3 past simple 4 past
@ Regular:a lived b stayed d studieo; continuous 5 past continuous 6 past simple
Irregular: c was e did f was, went @ Z looked 3 was raining 4 had 5 got
6 drove 7 changed 8 was putting 9 started
@ z p+aiea + played (vowel before y)
3 p+afted- planned (consonant + vowel + 10 were
consonant) 4 travelred--+travelled (British English
always doubles the l, although this answer would
be correct in US English) Recording script cDl rracke
5 openned * opened (final syllable is not Tommy: ThismorningI wokeup earlyto visitRyukoku
stressed) e happend -- happened (add -ed to HighSchool. I lookedoutof was
infinitive without to) Z sttdyed -+ studied I hada quickbreakfast
raining. andwe got
(consonantbefore y, the y changesto l) readyto go.We droveto school.At the school
-- we changed ourshoesfor slippers.As I was
O Z UnVeA bought 3 eheesed + chose
4 fult --+fell 5 weared--+ wore 6 writed --+wrote puttingon myslippers,myJapanese friend
startedlookingat myfeet.Theslippers were
and pastcontinuous
Pastsir"nple toosmall!

Q Suggested"
The sun was shining and Nadine was walking to Listening Part I
school.Suddenlyshe saw a group of dogs.Shewas
Q Suggestedwords to underline:
very frightened.
2 do today, 11 am
o tomorrow
3 What, buy 4 weather,

Recording script cDl Track

Q Suggested-
Nadine: lt wasin mysecondweek.Thesunwasshining I A time: one fifty or ten to two B time: one forty-
andI wasfeelingqood.I waswalkingto school five or (a) quarter to two C time: two fifteen or
whenI sawa groupof dogs"I wasfrightened (a) quarter past two
but I didn'tknowwhatto do.
2Aasports class B a (school)play/performance
o C a maths class
Reeording script cDt rrack8 3 A table tennis balls B table tennis bats
C trainers
Nadine: Suddenlya womanappeared fromnowhere
andshestartedscreamingat the dogs.The 4 A sunny weather B cloudy and rainy'weather
wentto C cloudy weather
@ Suggested-
@ t Underline:appeared,started,ran off 2 A lI tomorrow B after break. finish 11.15
No, the actions happened one after the other. The c 11.15
dogsran off last. 3 A cheap B lend brother's C got some
4 A too much sun B today C Internet dry but
2 Circle: was shining, was feeling
We don't know when the sun started shining or
if it stopped shining (but we do know that this Recording script cDt rrack1o
activity was happening around the time of Nadine's One.WhattimedoesJohnhaveto leaveschool
journey). today?
3 Circle: was walking; underline: saw Mrs Drew: Woodland
Mrs Drewspeaking.
No, Nadine beganwalking to schooland in the Mother: Yes.ThisisJohnFuller'smother. He'sgot
middle of this activity, she saw the dogs. anotherdoctor'sappointment todayat a
quarterpasttwo.LastweekI pickedhimup at
ten to two butwe gottherelate.CanI get him

fiveminutesearliertoday- at a quarterto two? Reading Fart 1
Two.Whatarethe studentsgoingto do today
at 1l am? Ors 2c 3c 4B 5A
Teacher: There'llbe somechanges to yourtimetable
today.Afterbreakwe'regoingto seea play
pedgmed by someYeart0 students.
Thatshouldfinishby I I .15.\rVe'll
do maths
then.I knowwe normally do sportat I I but
Q Z m a k e 3 t a k e 4 s p e n d5 e a r n
we'llhaveto do thattomoffowinstead.
Three.WhatdoesNathanhaveto buy?
Nathan: l'vejustjoinedthetabletennisteambut I'm
Speaking Xlart4
notsureI'vegotenoughmoneyto buythe Q Suggested.
Linh. Vietnam Marcelo. Colombia
Jacob: Don'tworrylTheballsarereallycheapand
I canlendyou my brother'sbat.He never 1 No / Very few work Yes
usesit. You'llhaveto get somegoodtrainers Parentsdon't allow Earn extra spending
though. tltem money
Nathan: gotsome.
I'vealready Tlrcy lmue to study
Four.Whatwilltheweatherbe liketomorrow?
2 No Yes,in father'sofftce
Father: Are youreadyfor yourschooltripromorrow,
Beth?You'regoingto thosenewoutdoor No,but could be a Yes,but with more ru\es/
swimming pools,aren'tyou?Luckyyoudidn't good thing for some limit on numberof hours
go hasn'tstoppedraining. teenagers(Iearnabout worked
Beth: That'swhatI'mworriedabout.Ourteacher money and society) Working can be good
lookedit up on the lnternetandit saysit'llbe Studying ts the most experience/ can work
dry.but cloudy.Let'shopeit'sright. important thing more in schoolh.olidays
Father: Yeah,that'sbetterthantoo muchsun,I think.
Recording script cDi rracktl
@re zB 3A 4c Linh: Doteenagers
workin Colombia?
Marcelo: Yes.theydo.Teenagers in my countrywork
Grammar to earnextraspendingmoney. Whataboutin
Used ta Vietnam?
Linh: Well.I don'tworkandactuallyveryfew
Q usedto
teenagers in Vietnamwork.ln mycountry,
@ Suggested
answers: mostparentsdon'tallowtheirchildrento have
I No (we can sayl/you/|rc, etc.usedto go) a part-timejob.We haveto go to schooland
2 Thereis no d at the end of use(wedidn't useto studyhard.In'snota goodidea
take exams) for teenagersto workandstudyat the same
3 The infinitive without fo time.Whatdo youthink?
questions: Marcelo: I'mnotso sure.I agreethatteenagers need
@ Suggested
enoughtimeto studyanddo theirhomework.
I Did you useto get a lot of homework? lf theyworktoo manyhours,theirmarkswill
2 Did you useto play in a team? go down.However. workingpart-timecanbe a
3 How oftendid you useto meetyour friends? goodexperience ... don'tyouthinkso?
4 Did you useto chooseyour own clothes?
Linh: Maybe.Forsometeenagers, workingcould
5 What did you useto do in your freetime?
be a wayto learnaboutmoneyandsociety.
However, we haveto thinkaboutthefuture.
I thinkthatstudyingisthe mostimoortant

Marcelo: Yesandno.As I saidbefore,I thinkhaving
a part-time
job canbe a goodexperience.
Vocabularyand grammar
However, we needmorerules.Forexample.
reuew Unit 1
workmorethan l5 hoursa
weekandonlvtwo or threedaysa
at the weekend.I thinktheycanworkmore Grammar
QZin 3on 4in 5in 6at ZIn gat 9in
Linh: Haveyougot a part-time job?
l0 at ll at 12 in 13 on
Marcelo: Yeah.I sometimes workin myfather'soffice.
I haveto deliverlettersanddocuments
@zatittte 3alot 4alittle 5time 6much
around Talittle Safew
the building.I earna littlebit of extramoney.
Linh: BeAlly?Thatsoundsinteresting. Whatdo your @ Z +-eaUI'm calling 3 do-you-standare you
standing + ee-yeu-st'eepeverDo you ever
sleep S ++neverUelie+ing I neverbelieve
Marcelo: Teachers complain thatstudentswhowork 6 I makemy own bed everyday. Z How oftendo
don'tdo theirhomework wellandtheyoften you have a bath? A +-get-nramllyhemeI normally
do badlyin tests.I thinkthatstudentscan gethome
workto earnsomepocketmoneyif theyare
Linh: GoodpointlI haven't
gotBjob.I'mgoingto Vocabulary F R I D t' E
on mystudiesandlookfor a iob R L
whenI'molder. @ 3 5
T E o w N T
@ r tnint 2 so 3 agree 4 no 5 part-time job
A M o I
6 Really 7 say 8 point U P T A I R S D

Writing Pax"t2 S I
Nl E
c o

o o
Q) Suggested,
word.sto and-erline:
BF r ,l n l N K E T
can't, sports practice, note, coach, apologise, C A V E E
explain, suggestanother time ll

@ Answers for question 1: I email 2 English- H A L L
speaking friend, Isabel 3/4 thank, tell, invite
Answers for question 2: I note 2 coach, we don,t Vocabularyand grammar
know name 3/4 apologise,explain, suggest
review Unit 2
@a 1 b2
@ invite: wciuld you like to come Vocabulary
suggest:why don't I train
explain: (I won't be able ...) because[I ...) Qzstudy 3had 4made 5take 6missed
apologise:I'm sorry that ... 7 sitting S learn
@ I an email 2 Jason 3 to tell him you can't meet
him 4 apologise,explain, suggest Grammar
@ uoaetanswer:
@ Z p+a*ing-* planning 3 payd-' paid a fuunfud
Hi Jason, - found 5 bausht -* bought 6 fult --+fell
I'm sorry that I can't meet you tomorrow It's 7 bringe$--+brought A studing --' studying
becauseI have exams next week and I have to 9 teaehed + taught l0 pud --+put
study hard. I'll finish my exams on Friday. Why
don't we meet then? We could go to the cinema.
@ Z was shining, were singing 3 was having, off - completely on yourownI Totakepartyou
rang 4 chose,was 5 saw, was buying haveto be fit, overnineyearsold andat least
6 escaped,was cleaning 7 thought, was I metre40tall.Opening hoursareusually 9.30
8 read,wrote 9 enjoyed l0laughed, appeared to 3.30.
lf theadventurecourseisn'treallyyourthing,
@ Suggestedanswers:
2 used to go home for lunch
3 didn't use to live near our school can'tdo muchbetterthandolphinandwhale
4 didn't use to be a good student watchingin Wales.Voyages of Discovery
5 used to give us a lot organisesregular tripsoutto sea,passing
smallislandswiththeirenormous sea-bird
6 used to be very late for school
populationsandthenonto evendeeper
waters.Andthere,veryoccasionally, you
3 Funtime willseewhales,whileon almostallthetrios
dolphinswillappear. Youmayalsoseehuge
Starting off sharks,although
days.Thevoyageisn'tcheap,but mostpeople
Q b seeing c going d flying e collecting who'vedoneit agreethat it'swellworththe
f playing g surfing h sending i keeping money.
j diving Pictures:2 i 3 f 4 e 5 c 6 j lf insteadyou'dliketo be up in thesky,try a
balloonflight,fromanyof the hundredsof sites
acrossthecountry. lt usuallybeginsearlyin
ListeningPart 2 the morning whenyoumeetthe pilot,crewand
otherpassengers, andthe hugeballoon slowly
Oa2 b1 c4 d3 risesgently, andthenyougo
@rn zA 3c 4B whichever waythewindis blowing. Theactual
flyingtimeisaboutan hour,andalthough I
Recording script cDrrrack12
thinkit couldlasta bit longerit'scertainly a
Spencer: Hi,I'mSpencer WatsonandI'mhereto tellyou wonderful experience. lt'salsopossible
aboutfourunusualwaysto havea greatday booka flightjustfor two,for anytimeof the
out.First,howaboutgoingbackin timewith year.
a steamtrainjourneythroughthebeautiful
Scottishcountryside? Thisis on the railway @ z hours 3 fee 4 value 5 journey 6 advice
linemadefamousby the HarryPolferfilms. 7 ahead
Startingat FortWilliam, nearBritain'shighest
mountain, thetraindepartseachmorning at
twentypastten,gettingintothe lovelyfishing
of Mallaiga|12.25. Thereturnjourney
to FortWilliam startsat 14.10andtakesan
O n.r- fit / f air/ he althy, in- correctldep endent/active,
hourandfifty minutes. Thefaresaregood
im- possible/polite/probable
valuefor moneyandit'sa greatexperience for
steamtrainfansof'sverypopularin @a informal 4 unkind 5 untrue 6 impatient
summer, so it'sbestto bookahead. @ Suggestedanswers:
Fora reallyexcitingdayout, Go Wildadventure 2 stay in all the time. 3 get up early to go
coursesofferhoursoffun in seventeen somewhere. 4 fly in balloon number 13.
Fora fairlysmalladmission 5 charge such high admission fees. 6 I sometimes
fee,youcanclimbtalltrees,go fromtree-top have to run for the bus.
to tree-topon a highwire,crosswaterfalls
. below,go throughtunnels- andlotsmore.
safetyadvice.To preventaccidentstheyput a
beltroundyourwaistandthetopsof yourlegs,
andattachit to wires.And thenvou're

Reading Par*4 8 I shouldn't forget to watch that film on TV next
Q Suggested.
answer: 9 I always hate waiting for the bus.
tell the story of how a young person sailed alone l0 I really love dancing to good music.
acrossthe Atlantic

@e Vocabulary
'tt Phrasalvertls
@ t feelsfantastic ... out of a can!' (secondhalf of
Paragraph2) 2 '... he too would like to break the
record' fParagraph3) 3 .... he hadn't felt afraid ... Q I work out 2 makeup for 3 look after
never felt like giving up' (paragraph ) @ Z lookingforwardto 3 turn fhis dream.)into
4 set out on 5 giving up 6 go on Z dealwith
@rc zc 38 8 get on with
@ Yes,and they alwaysare in Readingpart4 Threewords:Z, 4, B
questionson detail. fExamquestion5, however,
usuallyrequiresunderstandingof differentparts, Separated: 3 (hisdreom)
or all, of the text, as doesexamquestionl, which @ Z took up - c 3 put [my name)down - b
normallyconcentrates on the author'spurposein 4 j o i n e d i n - a 5 g o o f f( i 0- f 6 s e t o f f - d
writing the text.)
@ 2 went off 3 take up 4 put down 5 gaveup
6 go on 7 catchup with 8 lookingforwardto
Grammar o
Verbsfollowedby to or -ing
Recording script cDlrrackt3
o Chris: Hi,Ava.AreyouandMegan goingawayon
Verb + -;rzg Verb + infinitive holiday
feel like, practise,admit, seem,afford, decide, Ava: Yes,onSaturday.
Wewantto setoffveryearlv
avoid,fancy, finish, mind, expect,hope,learn, inthemorning.
miss,suggest manage,promise,want,
Chris: Are yougoingto the coast?
deny,dislike, can't help, would like
imagine, mention,put off, Ava: No,we wentoff beachholidays lastsummer.
Thereweretoo manypeople.We'vedecidedto
can't stand offer,pretend,refuse
Lakeup skiinginstead.
We'reoff to the Alps.
@ Z eeeide+eateh decided to catch 3 enjon+e-be Chris: Doyouknowhowto ski?
enjoy being + furgelte-+isit forget visiting Ava: Er,notreallylThat's
whyI'mgoingto putmy
5 correct 0 funey-to-eome fancy coming namedownfor lessons.
7 correct 8-fi+ishe*+e-eat finished eating
Chris: I triedit oncebut I foundit reallydifficult.After
O furgot-aslriftg forgot to ask l0 correct
threedaysI gaveup andwenthome!
@ lorget and remember canbe followed by both, Ava: Well,the lessonsgo on untillatein the
with a changein meaning fseepage 121 Grammar evening, everyday,so I shouldimprove quickly.
reference:Verbs followed by fo or -ing

@ 2 listening to
3 to do 4 going 5 to bring
Megan's a goodskierandl'vegota lotto
learn,but I'msureI cancatchup withher.I'm

r l

Chris: Yes,I'msureyou'llhavea greattime.

@ Suggestedanswers:
2 I'm learning to speaka third language.
3 I decidedto stop spendingtoo much last week.
4I'm planning to go shoppingon Saturday.
5 I want to start learning to ride a motorbike.
6 I must rememberto phone my best friend tomorrow.
7 I'll finish doing this exercisesoon.

hobbies Daniel: Hmm.I thinkit'd be betterto do something
Olivia: OK,letmesee... er,I know- whatabout
mountain-biking? lt'soutdoor,quitesafe,fairly
chess player boord, pieces cheaD ...
camping camper tent, backpack Daniel: ... Yes.we couldhirea coupleof bikesand
collecting collector collection seeif we likeit. Soshallwe do that,then?
cooking cook cooker,oven
Olivia: I thinkit wouldbe great.We couldridethrough
cycling cyclist bike, helmet the hillsandintotheforest.So,yes,let'sgo for
music musician instrument thatone.
painting painter brush,paint
photography photographer camera Q2prefer 3could 4should 5why 6better
7 shall 8 let's
@ Suggestedanswers: @ rne strongeststressis on:
camping: sleepingbag, put up, fire, campsite 1 fishing 3 watersport 5 rock-climbing 8 that
collecting:album, coins, stamps,objects,art, They givenew information.
Recording script 15
cooking: recipe, saucepans,frying pan, boil, roast,
Daniel: OKthen,howaboutgoingfishing?
Olivia: Perhaps we couldtry a water sport?
cycling: wheels,seat,pedals,chain, lock, ride
Olivia: All right,why don'twe go rock-climbing?
music: practise,performance,solo, notes,keys,
Olivia: Yes,let'sgo for that one.
painting: portrait, Iandscape,frame, picture, oils @
photography: flash, focus, digital, zoom, close-up Recording script 16
Olivia: Well,I thinkI'd preferto do something
a bit
Speaking Fart 2 I thinkwe shoulddo something cheaper.
Q r fisning 2 canoeing, water-skiing, rock-climbing, Daniel: less
I thinkit'd be betterto do something
mountain-biking 3 mountain-biking dangerous.

Recording script cDl rrack14

Olivia: There'sneveranythingto do in thistown,is Writing Part I
there?Let'schoosea hobby,an outdoorone,
for theweekendsandholidaYs. Q t haveenoughmoneyfor 2/3 affordis followed
by the to infinitive, so it must be afford to btty
Daniel: 0K then,howaboutgoingfishing? We could
go to the riverin thevalleyoverthere,or even @ 2 turned into / to: shouldbe phrasalverb,is frozen
downto the lakes. now 3 settingout: shouldbe -lng not infinitive
'suggest', Let'sleavethe.bsuse 4 don't
Olivia: Well,I thinkI'd preferto do something a bit after
moreexcitin$. And anywayI'd feel sorryfor the we: auxiliaryand pronounshouldbe invertedin
poorfish!Perhaps we couldtry a watersport? questionform, It'd be a goodideato 5 forwardto
Something likecanoeing, or water-skiing, going:shouldbe -ing not infinitive after
mavoe. forwardto', can'twait to go
Yes"butwe can'taffordto hirea boat.I think
Daniel: @ Z stayingin bed 3 suggestsgoing.44art
we shoulddo something cheaper.Or better playing 5 have... lessons 6 too6hort
Olivia: All right,whydon'twe go rock-climbing? @Z to get 3 aboutgoing 4 up 5 to learn to
That'sfree,andit canbe exciting, too. 6 on long

to'no'"te PET
&. Our world @t@ Answersand suggestionsto und"erline (important
words ln bold]:
I B Not quite as big as its neighbour, the island of
Starting off New Guinea
O Z go snowboarding 3 sunbathe 4 take photos 2 A Temperaturesare generally between 24o C and
5 go trekking 6 go sightseeing 7 go snorkelling 30' C all year round
@l snorkelling 2 snowboarding 3 A your comfortable accommodation in the heart
of this city
Recording script cDl rrack17
4 A on the shoresof the South China Sea where
Toby: Wheredidyougo on holiday,
you can go swimming or snorkelling in its clear
Abi: Well,lastyearwewentto'san blue water
islandbut it belongsto Tanzania,
in EastAfrica.
5 B the only way to continue our journey to Sukau
Toby: Youalwaysdo excitingthings,don'tyou?
... is by bus
didyoudo in Zanzibar?
6 B young orang-utanswhose parents have died.
Abi: Um,we stayedin StoneTownfor a few days
Some of these animals arrive in verv bad
Toby: Ah! Whatdid youseethefe?
7 B this extraordinary opportunity to get close to
Abi: Therewereoalacesandmarkets
visitedthe museums.
8 B collect the plants that are part of their diet
Toby: Doyoulikevisitingmuseums?
Abi:'s0K, but I prefergoingshopping. 9 B For a small fee, book our day trip to Mount
Toby: Didyoubuyanything?
Abi: OhyeslYouknowI lovebuyingsouvenirs. 10 A And when the tour is over, it's a short ride
I boughtsomeclothesandjewellery. to the modern shoppingcentres,local storesor
markets for some last-minute souvenirs
Toby: Whichactivitydidyouenjoydoingmost?
Abi: Um.. . in the secondweekwe stayedon the
northcoastandI wentsnorkellingfor thefirst Vocabulary wasfantastic. jrsurneyand fflp
Toby: you'dstillliketo try?
Are thereanyactivities
Abi: Um...wellI'veneverbeensnowboarding. I'd
@Ztr ip 3tr avelled4tr ip 5jour ney
loveto try that.All myfriendssayit'sthe most
excitingwintersport.Haveyoutriedit? Grammar
[nofJas "..
Reading Xlart3
Q t false (New Guinea is bigger) 2 False (Kota
f) Suggested
Kinabalu is the most important city) 3 True
buyingsouvenirs 4 True
@ Suggested wordsto anderline: @z+ 4J
3 first part, sleep,city centre @ t (ttre)noisiest 2 (the)biggest 3 (the)most
4 watersports,SouthChinaSea beautiful 4 (the) best 5 (the) worst 6 (the)
5 airport, Sukau farthest or furthest 7 add -r or -st to adjectives
6 animals,Sepilok,all sick or injured that finish in e 8 double the final consonant if the
7 impossible,getnear,orang-utan adjective finishes in vowel-consonant 9 :usemore
8 Orang-utans, only,meat or most with adjectiveswith two or more syllables
9 includes,free trip, Mount Kinabalu
10buy gifts,after,sightseeing tour

-+ quieter 3 worse -+ worst 4 nears+ 4 Atlanta International Airport is much / far / alol
@ Z more-glriet
-+ nearest 5 morebetter - better 6 hotes+--+ busier than Heathrow Airport.
hottest 5 The sperm whale's brain is much / far / a lot
heavier than a human adult's brain.
answers (other answers may be possibte):
@ Suggested.
3 the most dangerous 4 more intelligent @ t true 2 True 3 False (the male is normally
twice the size of the female)
5 lighter 6 the noisiest 7 the slowest
8 the tallest 9 the biggest 10 the deepest @ f a s + a d j e c t i v e+ a s 2 n o t 3no
ll colder 12 larger
@ 2 large as 3 as straight as 4 as dangerousas /
@ more dangerousthan 5 as intelligent as

Recording script cDlrrack

Fergus: Andherearetheanswers
to thisweek's
general knowledgequiz.Didyouknowthat s nd places
Asiais biggerthanAfrica? ([) 2 departmentstore 3 youth club 4 market
Alyssa: Yes,andmorepeoplelivein Asiathanany 5 port 6 fountain 7 bridge 8 town hall
othercontinent. Well,Russia isthe largest
countryin theworld. @ Z wiae 3 low 4 old (alsoancientor old-
Fergus: And nowfortheanimal facts.Themost
fashioned) 5 clean 6ugly 7 dull/calm
dangerous animalon the planetis notthe lion 8 boring 9 dangerous 10 cheap 1l quiet
or thesharkbutthetinymosquito because
12 shallow 13 near 14flat
carriesdiseases. Inthe listof thetopten most
intelligent animals therearedolphins, orang- Grammar
utans,sometypesof elephant andwhales 619andenCIrmaus
- butdefinitely
no dogs.TheAfricanelephant
isthe largest andheaviest landanimal, but
the bluewhaleisthe heaviest livingcreature.
,l50 O t, Z and3 (in anyorder)quite,very,really
0n average, it canweigharound tonnes 4 and 5 (in any order) absolutely,really 6 and 7
- that's150,000 kilos.I wouldn'tliketo share (in any order) quite, very
myhomewitha howlermonkey. Theyarethe
noisiest animals intheworld.Theslowest- Q Suggestedanswers:
movinq wouldtakethis 2 small 3 hot 4 cold 5 bad 6 dirty
fishaboutan hourto movel5 metres. The 7 interesting 8 good
tallestdogin theworldisthe GreatDaneand
thesmallest istheChihuahua. You've gotsome @2really 3absolutely 4quite 5very
answers aboutplaces, haven't you,Alyssa? @ Suggestedanswers:
Alyssa: Yes,I have.DidyouknowthatNagoya train
I one hour from Stockholm,Sweden 2 not too
stationinJapanisthe biggestintheworldand
crowded, interesting sights, safe 3 more nightlife
Shiniuku stationinthesamecountryisthe ' (youth
clubs / night-clubs)
busiest? lf youlikediving, thenyoushouldgo
to Belgium. Nemo33 isthe deeoestpoolin the Recording script cDrrrackte
Selma: Um ... I comefrpg Sweden. I livein a
Fergus: And the lasttwo answers.Antarcticais the townaboutan hourawayfromthe capital.
coldest, driestandwindiestcontinent.And Stockholm. Thereareonlyabout4,000people
whilewe'retalkingaboutlargeplaces, the - it''sa veryniceplaceto livein
Amazonrainforest is largerthananyother becauseit nevergetstoo crowded.Thereare
forestin the world.
Because it'sa smalltown,it'sextremely safe.
@ Z tvlountEverestis a bit / a little higherthan K2.
3 Arica is much / a lot drier (or dryer)than Somettmes, I findlivingherequiteboring.
DeathValley. I'd liketo livesomewhere witha morelively
nightlife.Therearenoyouthclubsor night-
clubsandwe oftenhaveto spendtheevening
to,not"tePET outdoors, evenwhenit'sabsolutely freezing.
ListeningPart3 ThemostfamousVisitoruntilnow isthe
Hollywood actorEwanMcGregor. who visited
f) Suggestedanswers: thisplace- in summerof course- onthe back
I Oymyakon is a village in East Russia (siberia). of a motorbike.
2lowest temperature(-71.2" C); oldestman (109)
3 Ewan McGregor visited Oymyakon in 2004 on his Speaking Fart 3
Q 2 Marrakech, Morocco 3 Machu Picchu, Peru
4Life for young people there is probably quiet. 4 The Great Wall, China 5 Hikkaduwa Beach,
Sri Lanka
Q Suggestedanswers:
I date 2 number 3 noun 4 adiective 5 noun @ Suggestedansli)ers:
6 noun 1 buy souvenirs, visit museums 2 btty souvenits,
go sightseeing 3 go trekking, go camping
@t@t@ | 1926 2 9/nine 3 television 4 oldest 4 go trekking, take photos 5 sunbathe, go
5 mobile(s) [phone)(s) 6 motorbike
Recording script cDl rrack2o
@ Sfredescribesall eight things
Presenter: Oymyakon, in EastRussia,
is extremely
Recording script cD1rrack2r
'l926, Laura: In thisphotoI canseea lot of boatson water.
of minus71.2degrees.wasrecorded in
beatingallrecords.DaveGunhillreports. It lookslikea trafficjam.Thewaterlooksreally
Dave: Extremelylowtemperatures arefrequentin dirty.I thinkit'sa marketin the morning- it
Oymyakon, with temperaturesgoingbelow couldbe somewhere in Asia.Thereseemsto
minus45 degrees Celsius
Winters be a lot of fruitandvegetables on the boats.
arelongandcoldandoftenlastat leastnine Therearpsomegreenvegetables but I don't
months.Thesummers aremuchwarmer knowwhattheyare. Oneachboat,I cansee
thanthe winters.Temperaturescanriseto 35 a person... no ... I canseemenandwomen.
degrees Celsiusbutthenthereisthe problem Somepeoplearewearinghats.I thinkthey're
of mosquitoes... selling thingsbuttherearen'tanypeople
buying... er ... on oneoftheboats, there
About2,300peoplelivein Oymyakon. Lifeis appears to be somebody wearinga colourful
verymuchthesameas yearsago- apart shirt.Nextto thisboat,there'sanotherman
fromtelevision.Forexample, thereareno but I can'tseehimverywell.I thinkit'sthe
indoorbathrooms andpeopleuseiceinstead morninq. Theweatheris hotandsunny.I don't
of waterfromthe tap.Thevalleyusedto be thinkit willrain.Er...
famousbecause someof the oldestpeople
in thecountrylivedthere.Fiodor Arnosow. @ 2 looks like 3 looks 4 think, could be 5 seems
Oymyakon's oldest-everinhabitant.diedin to be 6 can see 7 appearsto be 8 don't think
19_02.He was 109. , We use look like with a noun (it looks like a trafftc
Thereareabout300children in the local iam) and look (withorl like) with an adjective (the
school.Up untilrecently,theredidn'tuseto water looks really dirfl.
be anyheatingin theschool. Thechildren
didtheirclasses intheircoats.Theseyoung
peopledreamof havingnobilephones, an Writing Fant3
Internetcaf6anda disdowith a CD playerthat Q t a letter
worKs. 2 about 100words
A localbusinessman--Alexander Krylov,wants 3 the name of a city in your country and more
to bringtouriststo thearea.Hehasalsobuilt information about this city
the town'sfirsthotelto attractthesetourists. @ Ves (this is a model answer and would get full
Eachof theten roomshashotandcoldwater. marks in the PET exam)

@ Saggestedexpressionsto underline: S Feelings
As you know, I've lived in ... so why don't you
write about ...?It's one of the ... citiesin ... In fact
over ... live there ... is famous for ... Peoplesay
Starting off
t h a t . . . i s o n t h e e a s tc o a s to f . . . w h i c h a r e . . . t h e y
are ... for (verb + -ing). There are absolutely ...
Q Z h a p p i n e s s 3 s a d n e s s4 a n g e r 5 f e a r
and ... too. The weatheris ... because... I hooe Q z anger 3 fear 4 happiness 5 jealousy
this is enough information
@ Seethe key to the quiz on page 173

Vocabularyand grammar Listening Part 4

review Unit 3 O t f don't think, I'm a bit surprised,it seemsto me,
for me

Vocabulary 2 Suggestedanswers:in my opinion, I think, I

believe, I'm sure (that), I feel (that), as I see it, if
QZ unfit 3 unfair 4 unpopular 5 unhealthy you ask me, I'd say, I'm afraid, my view is that; the
6 informal 7 impatient 8 unsafe use of migltt/could/may for possibility.
9 unnecessaryl0 inactive 28 3A 48 sA 68
@2" 3a 4h 5b Gg zd sf Recording script cDlrrack22
Erica: So,Ben,howoftendoyouandLiamactually
Grammar gettogether
Ben: Whenever I can,Erica.Usually
@ z to do 3 to get 4 going 5 to buy 6 to have
7 to look for 8 to see 9 spending l0 to buy evervtwo months.
ll to do 12being Erica; I don'tthinkthat'senough.
to keepa
@zu 3c 4a 5c 6b zb
month,or askhimto comehere?
Ben: Well,it'sa longwayto go.Morethan400
Vocabularyand grammar kilometres, lthink.
Erica: Howlongdoesit take?
review Unit 4 Ben: Oversixhours,eachi,vay.Soyouspendhalf
theweekendonthecoach,goingup anddown
Vocabulary the motorway.
lt'sso boring!
Erica: Howabouttakingthetrain?Wouldn't
Q) Suggestedanswers: quicker?
2 faflIasIic/wonderful/great 3 coldest ' Ben: I don'tthinkI couldaffordit.Thefaresare
4 freezing 5 lively/busy 6 enormous/huge reallyhigh.
7 boring/dull 8 empty
Erica: Whydon'tyougeta studenttravelcard?Your
@Zthan 3very 5travel 6shopping ticketswouldbe a lot cheaoer.
centres Ben: Hmm.That'san idea.
Erica: And Liamcouldgetone,too.Thenhe could
Grammar sometimescomehereon Saturdavsand
Sundaysto seeyou.
@ Z mere+etter + better 3 mere-safu* safer Ben: I don'tthinkhe'skeenon doingthat.Helikes
4 tlat -+ than 5 as -+ than 66 + than hisnewtowna lot.Hewantsto stavthereat
@ 2 f.arther/further 3 mostpopular 4 betterthan weekends, he says.
5 the hottest Erica: I see.Soyougo andseehim,buthe never
comeshere."te PET
Ben: I'msurethat'sbecausethere'sso muchto do ShouiCskau{dn't,oughtta, ml,st,n.tustn,t,
havets'san exciting
town,andI knowhe's anrldon'fhaveto [obligation
madenewfriendsthere.Butwe geton really
wellandwe'renotsuddenly goingto stop Ore 2A
@ Suggestedanswers:
Erica: No,I'mnotsayingthatat all.Butmaybeyou
needto remindhimthatyou'vebeenfriends A you ought to / should get a haircut, have a wash,
sinceyouwerelittlekids.Andtellhimhow mend your trousers, get some new shoes;you
important shouldn't go out like that, wear those clothes.
a friendhe isto you.Hemightnot
realisethat,especially have your hair like that.
hisliferightnow. B You shouldn't go to school tomorrow, do any
work, get too close to people; you ought to /
@2. 3f 4a sb 6d
should see the doctor, go to bed, lie down, have
hot drinks, take an aspirin.
Can, cau{d,rnight and /nay fabili{y and possibilityJ
@zn 3c 4E
@u: c2 d1
O Stud.entsshouLd-und,erline: can, could, might (not)
@ Z must 3 mustn't 4 don'thaveto 5 haveto
might nof is negative; 'not' goes after the modal 6 must
verb (might); mightn't; can,t and couldn,t
@ Z may-seems * may seem - the main verb
following a modal is an infinitive without fo so it @ Z don't have to 3 have to 4 doesn't have to
does not add s in the 3rd person (he/she/it) 5 must 6 shouldn't Z mustn't

3lr*nofean + I can't - forms of be are not used Recording script cDl rrack23
beforemodals; most modals form the negativeby Presenter: InternetsiteslikeMySpace, Beboano
adding not or a short form of it at the end Facebookare a greatwayfor youngpeopleto
4 we-eeuld - could we - the question form of keepin touchwithfriends, buttherearethings
modals normally needsa changein word order of youshoulddo to staysafe.On somesites
modal and subjectand doesn'tuse the auxiliary youdon'thaveto useyourrealnameif you
verb do don'twantto, so inventa namefor yourself.
On mostsitesit'sa rulethatyou'have to give
S ean-doi*g --+can do - modals are not followed by
an emailaddress, butthisdoesn,t haveto be
the -lng form of the verb
yournormatone_ youcanuseanyaddress.
0 yeu-wi+fmrghfsee - you might see _ the future Youcanwritelotsof interesting thingson your
form of most modals is the same as the present onlinepage,butsomething youmustneverdo
form is putyourhouseaddress or phonenumber.
T lfseoul4be -+ It could be - forms of be are not Infact,youshouldn't giveanyinformation
' thatcouldletstrangersknowyouridentity,
used beforemodals
becauseon the Internetyouneverknowwho
8 eetidmet-- could meet - modals are followed
is looking.Remember, too,thatyoumustn'tput
by the infinitive without fo, not a past form of the yourfriends'personal detailson yourpage,or
verb '
youcouldputthemin danger. Sothe message
@ 1 canlcould 2may/might/could is:havefun,buttakecare.

@Zmigtrt 3couldn't 4can't 5can't 6can @ Suggested. answers:2I mustn't eat at my desk.
7 Could 8 can't 3 I don't have to go out early. 4I must work
harder. 5 I shouldn't eat cream cakes but I
@ Sufgested.onsu)ers:I can't see my school friends, I sometimesdo! 6 I ought to tidy my room but I
can't stay out very late; I can go out with friends, I probablywon't.
can stay in bed late, I can play computergamesall
-morning, I might go to the cinema, play
tennis, go

Vocabulary Reading Part 5
Adjectives and preposltions
@ Suggestedanswers:
Qtwitn 2of. 3about I when something bad happens to us 2 all the
2with 3about time / every day 3 our lives will get much better /
we'll becomemuch happier
@ Suggestedanswers:
of: confident (also confident about), envious, @ a 2 , 5 , 5 b 4 , B ,1 0 c I , 7 , 9 d 3
frightened, etc. @rs zA 3c 4A sB 6c zB 88 9A
with: pleased,cross,fed up, etc. 10D

about: relaxed, excited, mad, etc.

@zwitrr 3of 4with 5of/about 6oflabout Adjectives
andtheir 0ppCIsites
Adjectives with -ed and -il?gr
Oza 3a 4c sb
O g. wanted to contact her (and needed her details /
phone number from them); They met again and got Qz relaxed 3 positive 4 depressed 5 mean
married. @ funny/serious,strange/ordinary

@ boriag; it drops the final -e to add -lng @2 serious 3 awful 4 ordinary 5 strange
6 fantastic
@ bored
@rboring 2bored
Speaking Parts3 and 4
@2 relaxed 3 surprising 4 tired 5 depressed
6 embarrassing 7 amused 8 annoyed t) Suggestedanswers:A: I can see a girl. She looks
9 disappointed 10 interested fl amazed like she'smaking a speech at her school or college.
Sheseemsnervous;B: I can see a boy. It looks like
12 excited
he's in a long queue for an event. He looks vqry
@ Suggesteddnswers: bored.
I I'm always excited when I meet new people. It's
@ a: at the beginning, she felt nervous. After a few
always exciting to meet new people. minutes she began to feel (more) relaxed. At the
2 Dancing for a long time is tiring. I get tired when end, when everyone clapped, she was delighted;
I dance for a long time. B: He was excited about going to the concert. After
six hours in the queue he was very bored. In the
3 I was disappointed that he didn't phone. It was
end he was angry becausesomepeoplebought
disappointing that he'didn't phone.
tickets to make money.
)t, 2d 3a 4b
@ t did, feel 2 happened,end 3 did, have 4 was,
' reaction
Recording script cDrrrack24
Speaker1: My brothertooksomeCDsout of my room Recording script cDl rrack2s
withoutasking.I wasn'thappyaboutit
becauseI wantedto playoneof them.
Girl: Well,onceI hadto makea speechto nearly
myfamilyallmeetat ourhouseon
Speaker2: Usually
thewholeschool,infrontof hundredsof other
December 31st,butthisyearmycousins
students.'sa shame.
Friend: HowdidyoufecP
Speaker3: I don'twantto go to thatyouthclubagain.
i There'sneveranythingto do thereandthere's Girl: At firstI wasreallynervous andI couldn't
nobodyto talkto. remember whatI hadto say.I neededto keep
lookingat mynotes.Butaftera few minutes
Speaker4: AndthenJessica walkedin.I couldn'tbelieve
andthen I
I startedto feela bit morerelaxed,
it,beeauqeI thoughtI'd neverseeheragain.

toto,"te PET
Friend: Whathappenedin theCnep It's great becauseon a horseyou can get to
Girl: Everyoneclapped.
I wasdelighted
whenI beautiful places that are impossible to reach by car,
heardthat! or even by bike. Sometimeswe,re so high up that
PictureB. in winter and spring everything is covered in snow
and the views are fantastic!
Boy: I wasreallyexcitedaboutthatconcert,ljust
hadto seeit, butthousandsof otherpeople The paths along the mountain sidesare very
wantedticketstoo.That'swhythe queuewas narrow, so it can be a bit frightening if you look
so enormous. down, but you're completely safe becausethe
Friend: Howlongdidyou haveto wait? horsesknow the way - they've been there hundreds
Boy: of times!
Sixhours.lwas so boredtButjustbeforelgot
to the ticketoffice,it closedlThey,dsoidallthe In your next letter tell me about the exciting things
tickets. you do!
Friend: Whatwasyourreactionto that? Bye for now,
Boy: I wasangry.A lotof peoplehadboughttenor
6 Leisureand fashion
Writing Pant3 Starting off
O l, 4,5; you should also include reasonswhv vou (f Z documentary 3 quiz show 4 the news
like to relax in that way. 5 comedyseries 6 chatshow
@ loints she includes: I (Where) her own room @ fney talk about:documentary,comedyseries,chat
4 [When) weekends, especially 5 (How) read an show,the news.
Recording script cDrrrack26
Reasons(why): warm & cosy, she can listen to her
favourite music, nobody comes in, no phone calls Lucy: Ben,you'rewatchingTV againI What'son?=.---
Ben: It'sa programme aboutfarmersin Kenyawho
@ tots of love (E), All the best [E), Don't forget to
write soon [E), Dear George(B), Well, that,s all for aretryingto saveelephants.
now (EJ,Thanks for your letter [B), This is just a thattheelephant population
hasfallenby 800/o
quick letter to say (B), It was great to hear from you there?
(B), HlLisa (B), Give my love to everyone(E), Sorry Lucy: Yes,but howmuchTV do youwatcha day?
.-\.I've Ben:
taken so long to write back (B) l' dependson whetherI
havea lot of homeworkor not.I alwavswatch
@ ii N"tfrun, Thanks for your letter, it was great to
hear from you, Write soon and let me know, All the AlphabetRoad.
best Lucy: Oh?| haven'theardof AlphabetRoad.What's
@ so fnobody comes in) Ben: 0h, it'sthestoryof someneighbours on a
@ Z t never get tired of going to the cinema because'son Thursdays
andit always
there are so many good films. 3 Since I don,t makesmelaugh.What'syourfavourite
have much homework to do, I often go out in the programme?
evenings. 4 I enjoy water-skiing a lot becauseit's
Lucy: I don'twatchmuchTV but I loveTheLuke
really exciting. 5 I've got some really good games
Robinson Shor,u He interviews
all kindsof
I'm on my PlayStationoevery day. people.including
1o famouspeople.Didyousee
Q sample ansuer hisinterview withTomCruise?
Ben: You're joking| | can'tstandthosekindsof
Dear Libby,
programmes. I preferplayingcomputer games
It's nice to hear from you. you ask about something to watchingthat.
exciting I do and the answer is easy:horseriding in
the mountains!
Lucy: Look,it's9 pm.Whydon'twe switch
Really? @ Suggestedanswer:
overandwatchthe headlines? I liketo know
Martha and Artie are teenagersand are going out
what'shappening in theworld. with their parents.Their parentswant to see a
Ben: Goodidea!Here'stheremotecontrol. musical. ReggaeNlghrs is a disco fnot a musical)
and is for over-18sonly. It is likely that Martha and
Artie are under 18.Also, there is no connection
Reading Fart 2 with sciencefiction, which they all like.

$ Z t<idsnock 3 Found in Hong Kong 4 Best @ Suggestedanswers:

Friends 5 Prince of Mandavia 6 University
1 Silvie and Kat are Lrestfriends (BestFriends is
Spotlight 7 Liala 8 ReggaeNights the title of H); they saw their favouritebandlasl
'Keith's Door' is everyone's
@ suggestedanswer: week [in C, favourite
The irnportant information has been underlined
(what they want to do; what they don't want to do; 3 Al and Ed are uniuersitystudents (A mentions
extra information) students severaltimes, e'g' Special discountsfor
@ C (plgfrt Planet) saggestedwords to underline: Yort
haven't seen anything like this before (as they 4 Mai rs mad about animals (D mentions no ...
would- like to seesomething completelydifferent) animals lme; Ihe musicians in E are dressedas
strange animals)
Reasonswhy tlrcy do not choosetlrc other options:
5 Lara and her mtm prefer .. funny to serious
University Spotlight - it says book early
[H mentions a seriouslook)
Kids Rock, Prince of Mandavia,Liala, Found in
Hong Kong and ReggaeNights all contain music
and Silvie and Kat don't want to hear more music Vocabulary
Best Friends - there is nothing different about this
story @2 admission 3 audience 4 live 5 review

@ Suggestedwordsto underline: 6 subtitles 7 interval 8 venue

2 Teenagersvisiting ... with their parents,all love @ right Planet

sciencefiction, Martha and Artie love live music' 27
Recording script cDl Track
especiallyreggae,their parentswant to see a
musical Liam: My unclemanaged wasbrilliantl to get
mea ticketfor the earlyperformance.When
\ 3 university students,want to have fun, can't went
Monkeycameon stage,theaudience
afford ... much money,like listening '.. music I like
didn't wasthe venue
wild.The onlything
cousin,Mai ...
4Llly (19) ... Ken (18)... S-year-old It wastoo crowded.
mad aboutanimals ..., wants to drive ... doesn't
want to pay for Parking
5 Lara ... mum prefer somethingfunny to serious
dtama, go to bed early, buy some presentsbefore
they leave
Q ffrey decide to watch the film at home and have
@zs 3F 4c 5E pizza there.

Suggestedwords to underline: Recording script 28

cDl Track
2 Set in the year 2306,live musiciansplay, this
Tom: Wouldyouliketo seea showtonight?
Evan: Yeah! Whynot?We haven'tbeenouttogetner
3 play their records... disco,Admission free
for threemonths. What'son?
4 monkey, elephant and bear, Free parking for
every two adult tickets Tom: Well,there'sthat musicalKidsRock Haveyou
5 definitely good fun, Not to be taken seriously,Gift seenit yet?
Shop open during interval

'Fraid perfector pa$tsimple?
Evan: so.I sawit lastweek.I haven'tseenthe
circusshow LialayCI.
Tom: Q Z Have ... read 3 saw 4 haven'theard 5 won
I'vealreadyseenLiala.My cousintookmeon
6 did ... go 7 have ... taken
Evan: Howabout BestFriends? Q Suggestedanswers:
I W h y d i d h e d e c i d et o b e c o m ea . . . . . . . . . . ?
Tom: Fantastic the play.
idea.lve iustfinishedreading
2 When did he begin his career?
Evan: 0h nol lt's nota play,is it?| don'tfancythat! 3 Where did he first work?
Tom: Let'sstayin andwatcha filmon TVthen. 4 How did he feel when he first began working, do
Evan: We can'tdo that.My dad'sjusttakentheTV to you think?
be repaired.Wecouldn'tgo to yourhouseand 5 H o w l o n g h a s h e b e e na . . . . . . . . . ?
watchthe film.couldwe? 6 How many times has he won a competition?
Torn: 0f course!Whydon'twe get a pizzaon the
wayto my houseandwe canwatchthefilm Vocabulary
heenlgane,mee{,get to knaw,knarwand fnd ouf
Evan: Whata greatidea!
@ I been, been 2 meet 3 known 4 gone
@ I seenit yet 2 seen ... yet 3 already seen 4 just 5 getting to know 6 find out
The present perfect is used in all four extracts.
Listening Part X
@ Z already 3 yet a/5 Gn any order) already,
just 6 yet Q lttake sure you can ftnd these items:
@ z wly dad hasn't found a new job yet. backpack,belt, blouse,boots, coat, dress,earring,
3 But he's/hasstarted a coursein computing. glasses,glove,handbag,jeans,purse, pyjamas,
4 My mum's/has just won a prize in a photography sandals,shorts,skirt, socks,suit, sweater,
competition. sweatshirt,swimming costume,T-shirt, tie, tights,
5 Have you seen the new Kung Fu film yet? towel, tracksuit, trainers, trousers, umbrella, wallet
6 I've/have alreadyseenit three times. It's great! -+ beautiful 3 a long and white + a
@ Z beautl+uh
7 What about you? Have you finished your exams
long white 4 fushien * fashionable 5 T-sh*--+ a
yet? T-shirt 6 a-bh*e+reuser - blue trousers / a pair of
@ Suggestedanswers: blue trousers
r 1 1998.etc.
@ suggested answers:
\ 2 three years,etc.
I Words to underline: 1 Mark's sweater 2 Mary lost
3 last year, my birthday, etc.
4 (Name of teacher)/ four months, etc. 3 John lost 4 coat
5 fName of sport / the + instrument) / 2005, last Differencesbetween each: 1 There are three cotton
year, etc. sweaters- A is plain with a V-neck, B is patterned
long have you been at your school? with a V-neck, C is plain with a round neck; 2
@ Z How
3 How long have you had your watch? A is a towel, B a pair of earrings,C a purse; 3 A
4 How long has (name) been your English teacher? trainers,B socks,C sandals;4 There are three
5 How long have you played (sport) / tlrc long coats- A has 6 buttons and 2 pockets,B has
2 buttons and no pockets, C has 6 buttons and no

@ r c z B 3 a .4 c

Recording script cDtrrack2e Speaking Part 4
One.Whichis Mark'ssweater? Q fnings you like to do at homeand things you like
Mark: Excuseme.I'velostmysweater.I left it bythe to do when you go out'sa plainone- there'sno patternor
anything on it. Hasanyonehandedit in? @ Seeanswersbelowfor Exercise3
Girl: Letmesee... . We'veonlygotthreesweaters @ llon and lvan do a model task,so theseare also
here,I it thisone?lt'sgota V-neck. correctanswersfor them):
Mark: Sorry,no!Mine'sgota roundneck.OhlThere 2,/ 3X 4,/ 5,/ 6X 7X
it is!lt'sthatonethere!Thecottonone!lt was
Recording script cDlrrack33
Girl: Well,be morecareful
withit nexttimelHere Examiner:Yourphotographs people
showed goingout.
youare! NowI'd likeyouto talktogetheraboutwhat
youliketo do at homeandwhatyouliketo do
CDl Track30
whenyougo out.
Two.WhathasMarylost? Jon: So,lvan,whatdo youliketo do at home?Do
Mary: Hi!lwas emptyingmybackpack in thesports youlikewatchingTV?
centrecaf6becauseI neededto payfor lvan: Yes,I lovewatchingTV.We normally switchon
something findmypurse.
andI couldn't the TV afterdinnerandwatcha film,a football
Girl: Howmuchmoneywasin it? matchor a documentary. Whataboutyou?Do
Mary: 0h ... it's0K, I foundthat,but_Lhaebpuo'L youlikewatching films?
earrings insidemybagtoo ... in a littlekindof Jon: Yes,but I preferwatchingsportsto
pocket. . . andI thinktheyfelloutwhenI pulled documentaries. a littlebit
I finddocumentaries
mytowelout.Hasanyone broughtthem here? boring.Didyouseethe basketball matchlast
Girl: Sorry,
no ... night?
CDI TrackSI lvan: No,I didn't.WhenI'mat homeI alsoenjoy
playingcardsor othergameswith mytwo
brothers.0n Sundayafternoons,we oftenstay
Dad: We'vecometo pickupJohnandhe'splaying in andplaytogether.Do youeverplaycardsat
tennisin hissandals. home?
Girl: Really? Jon: No,notreally.WhenI go outwithmyfriends
Dad: Yes!He'salwayslosingthings.Wethought we usually meetin the localshoppingcentre.
he'dlosthissocksbutwe'vefoundthose. It'snotmuchfun.I lovegoingto thecinema,
Haveyougot histrainers? but it'sveryexpensive. Et howoftendo yougo
Girl: Whatdo thevlooklike? to thecinema?
CDI Track32 lvan: I agreewithyou.Thecinemaisveryexpensive
but I go withmyparents
oncea monthand
Four.Whichcoatis Barbara
they pay. you
Have seenthe newBatmanfilm
Barbara: I waswearingmysister's coatandnowI can't yet?
findit.She'sgoingto be so angrywithme.
Jon: No,notyet.I likegoingto seeshowswith my
Girl: We'vegotseveral
coats.Whatdoesit looklike? family.I don'treallylikeseriousplaysbut I love
Barbara: lt'squitelongwithfiveor sixbuttonsdownthe musicals likeCats,WeWillRockYou!andthe
front. LionKing.Do youlikemusicals?
Girl: Anythingin the pocketsr lvan: Er... I likesomemusicals but I thinkI prefer
thecinema. My sisterreallylovesthe ballet,
Barbara: It hasn'tgotanypockets. ['vebeenoncebutI thoughtit wastoo long
andslow.I thinkit wasSvvan Lake.Dovou like
classical music?

@ comptetePET
Jon: 0h no!My brother... ef ... playstheviolinand
we wentto a classical
Writing Xlart2
musicconcertwithhim wasawful!| wantedto waitoutside Q Suggested,
butmymumsaidI hadto wastwo The cat broke the vase.It knocked the vase off the
hoursandtherewasno interval. furniture. Water spilled on the floor.
lvan: Twohourslong?PooryouI
@ Suggestedword-sto und.erline:
@ttrue 2False 3False aunt'scat, She... sent ... money,an email to ...
@1@gnese are Jon and.Ivan's answersbut any futt Aunt Kath, thank,, describe... cat did,
onswer which doesn't clunge the topic completely is 35-45 words
ftne): @7@Attnough I (Bettina's answer) is very well
2 No, I didn't. When I'm at home I also enjoy written (with no spelling mistakes and a very good
playing cards or other games with my two use of grammar), well organisedand the messageis
brothers. On Sunday afternoons, we often stay in clear, she has not included the three content points
and play together. (shedoesnot describewhat the cat didJ. Shecan
only be given a maximum of 3 marks.
3 The cinema is very expensivebut I go with my
parents once a month and they pay. 2 fKatia's answer) is less accuratebut it is well
organisedand the messageis clear.Shehas
4 No, not yet. I like going to see shows with my
included all three content points and so her teacher
family. I don't really like serious plays but I love
could give her 5 marks.
musicals like Cafs, We Will Rockyou! and the
Lion King. @ sampte answer:
5 I like some musicals but I think I prefer the Dear Dorota.
cinerya. My sister really loves the ballet. I've been Thanks so much for the money you sent me for my
oncebut I thought it was too long and slow. birthday. You know how much I love new clothes.
I think it was Swan Lake. I'm going to buy those tight black jeans I saw last
@ ffre clothes you wear during the week and the week. Why don't you come with me next week to
clothes you wear at weekends buy them?
@ Suggestedanswers:
When we have sport I What do you wear for
wear a tracksuit. sport?
I often changemy clothes
when I get home from
Do you changeyour
Vocabularyand grammar
school. Why (not)? review Unit 5
On Sundays,I often have What about you?
to wear smart clothes.
I like choosingmy own Do you like wearing smart
clothes. clothes? QZot 3with 4on 5of 6about Tabout
Can you choosewhich 8 about 9 of l0 of
( clothesyou buy?
@ amazing,interesting,embarrassed,
I dofft like wearing skirts If not, who choosesyour amused
very much. clothes?
What clothesdo you not
like wearing?

0 S H 7 Out and about
D J B Starting off
G E M o T I o N
R A T E @ Z temperature,hot, degrees,centigrade 3 showers,
9 10 get wet 4 gale, blowing 5 thunderstorm,
w F U L P G
lightning 6 freezing, frost, snowfall
T o R A

E U o U G H T
Listening Part 2
U D V O a Chloe b an interviewer c taking photos of
tz l3
L U C K Y L o \/ E extreme weather conditions d the weather in
her country, when she began taking photos of bad
weather, what she uses to photograph lightning,
Grammar where she takes photos during thunderstorms,
what she most likes photographing in winter, what
@ 2 can't 3 should 4 Could 5 don't have to she photographswhen it's windy e the weather
6 might 7 have to in the speaker'scountry, bad weather, lightning,
thunderstorms, wintet weather (ice/snow/frost),
windy weather.
Vocabularyand grammar Qts 28 3c 4c sA 68
review Unit 6 Recording script cDrrrack34
Vocabulary interested
in the weather?
Chloe:'s reallyfascinating
in thiscountry
Q2 Audiences 3 live 4 reviews 5 performances
becauseit canbe quitedifferentin the north,
6 admission 7 interval
in the westandin the south,for instance,and
@zc 3A 4A sB 68 it doesn'tusuallystaythe samefor can
bewarmandsunnyonemoment: wetandcold
the next.Infactyoucansometimes haveall
Grammar fourseasonsin onedayl
--+for three years since Interviewer:Sowhendid youfirstphotograph stormsand
@z @ /
2007 3 he-rggfte - he went / he's gone to Dubai thingslikethat?Wasthatwhileyouwereat
fwith no time adverb) 4 gone - been 5 ++ready university?Or in yourfirstjob?
I+e - I've already 6l-]eeked--+ I've looked Chloe: No no,I wasmuchyoungerthanthat.I was
7 never --+ever 8 has_given --) gave 9 ftsfeame ,. Wewerecominghomefrom
iusta kid,really.
- has just come f0 4id#fdeeide + haven't holidayandwe got caughtin a thunderstorm.
decided 1l has-opened - opened 12 whal I tooksomepicturesandluckilytheycameout
-+ what has happened reallywell.Sincethen I'vedonelotsof other
lJrappened , kindsof photography, whenI wasa
@ 2've/have never lived / not lived /
'velhave student,but I stilllovephotographinglightning.
haven't lived 3 since 4 known 5 seen
mustbe quitedifficult.Howdo youget
Chloe: Well,thefirstthingis the rightcamera.fu
doesn'thaveto be expensive, or particularly
modern I'vehadminefor manyyears- andI
avoidusingdigitalones.Butthe mainthingis
whereyougb to takeyourpictures.


arethe bestolaces? Z money+e*o-Uuy ) money to buy 3 teemueh
Chloe: Well,somepeopletakephotosfromtheir --+very much 4 fure+ + to get 5 teemueF
bedroom windows, butI liveina flatwnere e<pensive --+too expensive 6 correct
there'sno realviewof thenightskyandso I have Z ferwearmg -+ to wear S eno6gh-vrarm -+ warm
to go out.Standinginfieldsandon hillsduringa enough
thunderstorm isratherdangerous, so I driveinto I
thecountryside. park,openthewindowandstart J
metalaround you,likeona plane. Thefuture:Wif{,goinErCI,
duringthe day?
Chloe: I reallyenjoytakingwinterphotos, 'm meeting 4leaves 'll
whenit's OZ't goingto rain 3 5
reallyfreezing. take
areyourfavourite? 'tt take c it'll
@I stop d 'm meeting e 's goingto
Chloe: I usedto likedoingthose,justafter rain
snowstorms, andsometimes thosebeautiful
, shapeslikeflowersthatyouseeon glasswhen Recording script cDlrrack35
it'sfrosty.Butnowadays I prefermountain Mia: It'sgettinga bit late,Owen.
sceneswith lotsof ice.Especially whenyou Owen: Yes,but lookat the rain! I'mhopingit'llstop
havewaterflowingdownvallelzs andover soon,thoughI don'tthinkthere'smuchchance
waterfalls.andit getsso coldthatit freezes of that.
Mia: No,the weatherforecastsaidit'sa big storm
And duringthe restof the year?
so it'sgoingto rainfor hours.Whattimedo you
Chloe: Um ... storms,I think.Youcangetsomegreat haveto be at the station?
pictures whenthewindis reallyblowing, Owen: I'mmeeting JasonandMarkthereat 8.30,
on the coast.Whenever there'sa in the caf6nearthe mainentrance.
gale.I go downto the beachandtakeloads
leaves at 8.45.
of photosofthe waves.Theycanbe amazing.
Mia: It'squitea iongwalkto the station,isn'tit?And
Mm.And I'd liketo takepicturesof clouds,
thoughit'softentoo darkto photograph it's8.15already.
Look,l'lltakeyouin thecar.
whenit'sstormy.Alsoforests,with everything Owen: Thanks
bendingin the wind.I'vealwayswantedto try
that.too. @ Suggestedanswers:

@ fne extract answersquestion3; the expressions 2 When are you seeingyour friends next week? I'm
lightning' and 'How do you get seeing them on Friday. 3 Where are you going to
good pictures?'show the information that you need go this evening?I'm going to go to the cinema.
to complete'To photographlightning, she uses ...' 4 What date do your holidays begin this summer?
will soon follow; A: I avoid using digital ones, B: It They begin on JuIy 5th. 5 When do you think you
doesn't have to be expensive,C: I've had mine for will get a job? I'll get a job in about eight years.
many years;Yes,theseare all closetogether;No, 6 Do scientists say the Earth is going to get hotter?
the order Chloe talks about them is not the same Yes,they say it's going to get a lot hotter. 7 When
ur theoptions
A, B andC. will you next send a text message?I'll send one
fa.. right now!

Vocabulary @ Suggested.answers:
'm going
xtremely, fair{y, quite, {ather, really and vsry 2 on Monday / 'm going to go on Monday.
3'11carry/lake it for you. 4leaves 5 'll have a
Q I really 2 rather 3 quite glassof orangejuice. 6 'm meeting friends.
7 going to rain.
Too and enluqh

Q Z before,ro infinitive 3 uncountable,countable

4 as much as 5 before,after,ro infinitive
@ Saggestedonswers: thereit'saboutfifteenminuteson foot.0r, if
youdon'tfeellikewalking,youcouldjumpin a
2 I'll help you / fix it (if you like). 3 It leaves/ takes
taxiandaskthe driverto takeyouto the new
off at 9.30in the evening. 4 There'sgoing to be a
flatsin ValleyRoad.Whenyouget out of the
storm. / The wavesare going to get a lot bigger.
taxi,you'llseethe mainentrancelnfrontof
5 I'll call an ambulance. 6I'm going to study
medicine. / I don't know what I'm going to study.
@ I on, off 2 in, out of 3 get, jump 4 by, by, on
Reading Part 1 5on
--+on 4 oR --+in/into
Q2email 3notice 4announcement/information @ Z in+e r on/onto 3 at
5 road sign 5 on - by 6 ,/ 7 by - on 8 inte - on,/onto
@A Z ('strongwinds', care') c 5 ('wait'
imperative) d 1 ('noparking') e4 ('closes30 Speaking Xlart2
minutes before ...')
Q t Studentsshould tick: bus, boat, metro, bike,
) t t notice (near lift door, probably at an airport tram 2 They decide to use bike and boat.
becauseof the referenceto PassportControl)
2 Its purpose is to inform and advise (shown by the Recording script cDrTrack
common phrase of order' and 'Pleaseuse') lngrid: Sowhyareyoukeenon goingby!ram?lt'll be
2 message;to inform and suggestsomething verycrowdedin the rushhour.
3 Internet item description; to advertise something Mikel: Well,becauseit alwayskeepsmoving. Even
for sale 4label; to give a warning 5 notice; whenthere'sheavytraffic.So at leastwe'llget
to say what is fand is not) allowed 6 email; to therequitequickly.
inform and to suggestsomething Ingrid: I thinkI'd rathergo on themetro,really.
@qg 38 4c sA 6c Mikel: I don'tfancvthat.
Ingrid: WhyloL?
Vocabulary Mikel: so it'sgoing
Well,for onething,it'ssummer,
words to be reallyhotdownthere.And for another,
getstoo crowded.
Q crossroads,guesthouse,guidebook,hitchhike, Ingrid: Sowhataboutgoingonthe bus,then?I know
overnight,railroad, sightseeing,signpost,suitcase it'sslow,but it'scheap.
1 guidebook 2 suitcase 3 crossroads Mikel: Actually,whatI'd mostliketo do issaildown
4 hitchhike 5 railroad 6 backpack the river.
7 signpost 8 overnight 9 guesthouse Ingrid: That'sa goodidea.Wecanrideto the harbour
10 sightseeing on ourbikes,putthemon the boatandbe in
@2guidebook 3 sightseeing 4railroad theotherendof townin halfan hour.
5 guesthouse 6 hitchhike 7 backpack Mikel: Right,that'ssortedthen.
8 suitcase 9 crossroads l0 signpost
of movement @2because 3rather 4not 5one 6another
7 about 8 like
3on 4off. 5on 6in Tout 8of
@zu 3d 4a 5b 6b zc 8d
Recording script cDlrrack36 @ rn" underlinedwordsare all weak forms.
Toby: Hi Leon;Tobyhere.l'mreallypleased you're
Recording script cDlrrack38
comingto ouf newhousenextweek.The
quickestwayhereis bytrainto the citycentre, 0ne.
whichtakesan hourandis usually on time. Ingrid: whyareyou keen
Thenyoucangeton the number64 busto Two.
EdgeHill,gettingoff bythestadium.From
Mikel: well,for onething
co,npl"te PET
Three. In the greenareasin the north and west of our
Mikel: it'sgoingto be reallyhot countryit will rain much less,so therewill be
fewerplantsand trees,with a biggerdangerof
firesbecauseeverythingwill be much drier.
Mikel: saildownthe river

& Thisis me! f
we canrideto the harbour J
Starting off
halfan hour
@ t ACinderella 2 A Maradona 3 C Rafa Nadal
4 A Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 5 B Bart Simpson's
Writing Fart 1 grandfather

l[) Z too awful 3 quite close/nearto 4 so much

5 are going 6 goingeverywhereon foot Z l'd Reading Fant3
@ foni Nadal
Recording script cDrrrack3e @t@ A life coachhelpspeopleto think aboutwhat
Pat: Doyouthinkpeoplein 2020willstillgq they want and how they are goingto get it.
everywhere bycar?
@ Suggestedwords
to und-erline:
Kelly: No,I don't.Foronething,thetrafficwillbetoo
3 usedto work ... radio 4 Jem... do a degree...
awfulforusto goanywhere.
before... Africa 5 Jem'sparents... like ... his
Pat: Actually,
we'reouitecloseto thatsituation degree... anothercountry 6 singing... study...
already. nearlyperfect... science 7 Irina ... happy... any
Kelly: Yes,I agree.And carscauseso much university 8 Irina ... always... keenon keeping
in cities. fit 9 Mo ... worked... childrenyoungerthan
I thinka lot of countdesareqoingto reduce six 10Some... Regina's friends... new school
the numberof vehicles. play basketball
Pat: Sodo youthinkmostof uswillendup going
@zn 3c 4c sc 6D zD 8D 9E roE
everywhereon foot?
@ t Correct - I get on very well with Irina
YesI thinkwe probablywill,and I wouldn't
2 Incorrect - Until now, life coacheshave helped
mindthatat all.In fact,I'd ratherdo that.
adults ... Now it's the turn of our young people
3 Correct - a former radio producer
@ 2 rise a lot 3 sunny 4 so ... that 5 be ... wetter 4 Incorrect - he has decidedto take part in a
6 the coldest volunteer project in central Africa first
@ t cool enough 2 much higher 3 will/'ll shine 5 Incorrect - This experienceabroad will help him
4 too warm 5 will/'ll rain 6 colder grow up before he goes to university here
6 Correct - Once she made up songs to learn by,
@ Suggestedanswers:
she achieved 99 per cent in her tests
I The areas around the coast will be badly affected, 7 Incorrect - Now she hopes to get into a top
becausesea levels will rise and a lot of the land university
will be covered in water. 8 Incorrect - She has even taken up exercisefor the
2 The dry part of the country in the south-east first time in years
will have even less rain, which will turn the area 9 Correct - Mo Ahmed has coachedchildren as
almost into a desert. young as five years old
10 Correct - By joining the school basketball team
3 In the parts of the country where there are high
Regina has made severalnew friends
mountains, there will be less snow, even in
winter, so it won't be possibleto ski there any

@ Suggestedanswers: RecOrding script cDlTrack
j used ys __+former
4 do a degree--+got o ploce ot university (before and
Ttrsfhave oppositemeanings) Mo: Howareyou?
Hi Kristian.
5 do his degree + stud! medicine / goes to Kristian: E r . . . 0 K .
university; in another country --, abroad (here has Mo: Yourdad'sgot in contactwith me becausehe
the oppositemeaning) saysyou'renotverysureaboutyourfuture.
6 used singing - made W songs;nearly perfect Let'shavea littlechataboutit. Whatareyor,rr
marks + 99 per cent favouritesubjects?
7 would be lmppy - hopes (fop has the opposite
Kristian: No,that'snotthe problem.. . I'mverysure
meaning of"any)
aboutmyfuture.l'd reallyliketo go to drama
8 keeping fit --+exercise(for the ftrst time in years
school.Yousee,everyone saysI'mquitegood
has the opposite meaning of always)
at acting.
9 younger than six + as young as ftve
Mo: Howoldareyou,Kristian?
l0 some - several
Kristian: That'sthe problem. l'monlyfifteen" l'llneedmy
parents'permission if I wantto go to drama
Vocabulary school.TheysayI haveto stayat schooluntil
Phrasalverbs I'meighteen. Butif I stayat schooluntilI'm
eighteen,it'llbe too late.
Q bringing up, set up, sort out, grow up, found out,
Mo: Toolatefor what?
made up, has ... taken up
Kristian: lf youwantto be an actor,youhaveto start
Suggesteddnswers for meanings: yourtrainingat an earlyage.
bring up (a child) - to look after a child and Mo: Maybewe shouldlookat otherwaysof getting
teach them until they are old enough to look after Haveyouthoughtilboutgoingto
themselves actingclassesafterschool?'
find out fsomething) - to get information about Kristian: Yes,but I'd haveto giveup footballif I wentto
something, or to learn a fact for the first time classesafterschool.That'swhy I thinkdrama
get on with - if two or more people get on, they schoolwouldbe a goodsolution. lf I studied
like each other and are friendly to each other at dramaschool,I'd haveenoughtimefor
./ gro* up - to become older or an adult
Mo: Haveyourparentsseenyouperforming
make up - to invent stage?
set up fsomething) - to start a company or Kristian: No,notfor a longtime.I wasn'tin thisyear's
organisation Englishplaybecause noneof myfriendswere
sort out (something)- to successfullydeal with in it.
something, such as a problem or difficult situation Mo: I see.Let'sthinkaboutwaysyoucanget some
. moreactingexperience. Haveyouthought
take up (something)- to start doing a particular
aboutbeinga fllmextra?
job or activity
Kristian: What'sthat?
@ Z brought me up 3 sort out 4 set up 5 take up
6 get on (well) with 7 make up 8 found out 'll 'd
@ I want 2 stay, be 3 want, have 4 have,
went 5 studied, 'd have
Grammar @ f Uo. Josh doesn'twant Kristian to join the drama
Zero,first and secondconditionals club becausethe football team will lose its best
@ t fristian's dad saysthat Kristianisn't sureabout 2No
his future. 2 gettraining by goingto acting
classes afterschool;getexperience by beinga film 3 (6) is a real possibility but (7) is not

to-o,"te PET
@ t f y p . l : 2 , 6 c T y p e2 : 4 , S , 7 When,rf unless+ present,
@ Studentsshould"underline:
Q e: this teenagerwill definitely call her parents
b snows, 'll make; c snowed,would go (when she gets there); B: this teenagermay not call
Forms of the verb: Type O: if + present,present; his parents (if he gets there too lateJ;
Type 1: lf + present,future; Type2: lf + past C: this teenagermay not call her parents (only if
simple, would + infinitive without to she needs something) )
O W" use a comma if the conditionalsentencebegins @twhen 2if 3unless
with the l/ clause.We don't use a comma if the
@Zit 3unless 4unless 5unless 6unless
sentencebegins with the result.

@ f fne first conditionalhas been used becausethe Listening Fart 3

weather forecast says it will rain, so this is a real
Q ffrey are in the crowd scenes/background.
2 We would use the second conditional when 2noun 3number 4noun
@lnoun 5day
rain is not likely ( the middle of a very dry 6 name
summer - If it rained, the plants would get some
water.). @ t tu) market(s) 2 website 3 l8/eighteen (years
old) 4face(s) 5 Sundayfs] 6 Kavanagh
@ Suggestedanswers:
2 If I saw a friend cheating in an exam, I wouldn,t Recording script cDl rrack4.1
tell the teacher./ If I see a friend cheating in an Vanessa: What'san extra?An extra'san ordinaryperson
exam, I'll tell the teacher. - just likeyouor me- who'sinterested in TV
3 If I get good marks at school, I'll be very happy. or movies andwouldliketo be on TVor in
4 If I found a lot of money in a rubbish bin, I'd take a movie.Extrasaren'tmoviestarsbutthey
it to the police station. arepeoplewhoappearinthe background
5 If I got lost in a foreign country, I'd ask someone as membersof a crowd,or shoppersin a
for directions. / If I get lost in a foreign country, marketor fansin a sportsstadium.lmagine
I'll ask someonefor directions. the satisfaction
of pointingto thescreenand
6 If I get a lot of homework, I won't go out tonight
saying'That's met'.
with my friends.
Suggestedquestions: in majorcitieslikeLosAngelesor Newyork.
I What would you do if you lost your mobile Butthat'swheremostpeoplearewrong.
phone?/,lost your mobile phone, what Yes,moviesarefilmedin LosAngelesand
would you do? NewYorkCity,but moviecompanies very
2 What would you do if you saw a friend cheating oftentravelroundthe worldto findsuitable
in an exam?/If you saw your friend cheatingin locations.
Checkourwebsiteregularly to seeif
an exam, what would you do? something's beingfilmednearyousoon.
3 What will you do if you get good marks at school? '
Findingmovieextrajobsis easybecauseit
/ If you get good marks at school, what will you
doesn'tmatterwhatyoulooklikeor howold
youare,although yourparents willneedto
4 What would you do if you found a lot of money in
givetheirwrittenpermission if youaren'tyet
a rubbish bin? / If you found a lot of money in a
eighteenyearsold.Directorsarelookingfor all
rubbish bin, what would you do?
kindsof people.At the momentour directors
5 What would you do if you got lost in a foreign
arelooking foryoungpeoplewho lookabout
country? / What will you do if you get lost in
sixteenyearsold,who areno morethan1.7
a foreign country? / Ifyou, got lost in a foreign
metrestallandof coursewho haveinterestino
country, what would you do?
6 What will you do if you get a lot of homework
from your teacher?/ If you get a lot of homework Workingasa movieextraisn'talwaysexciting.
from your teacher,what will you do? Be readyto get up at 6 amor earlierandwork
verylongdays- anythingup to sixteenhours

- butveryrarelysevendaysa week.Filming
@ lmpatient unpleasant dlshonest unreliable
maybeginon Monday,oftenwith a breakon
Sunday.Thiswilldependon thedirector.
@wonderful beautiful hopeful/hopelesscheerful
Remember to wearcomfortable
shoesasyou mayhaveto standfor longhours. No - hopeful: feelingpositiveabouta future
All moviesneedmovieextras.All youhaveto
eventor situation (e.9.I'm hopefulabout my future)
do is letthesedirectorsknowyouarewilling brt hopeless: very bad (e.g.I'm hopelessat sport)
andavailable to work.Giveouragencya ring @ Finnlsh Turklsh Britlsh Swedlsh Scottlsh
andaskfor Vanessa Kavanagh, that's selfrsh childlsh foollsh babylsh
K-A-V-A-N-A-G-H or visitourwebsite:www.
O f nair-an+eyerb+aek- black hair and eyes
c youry+andseffie --' handsomeyoung d wHte-
beautilul - beautiful white e blaeleshert- short
black f gfeen-bi8 ' big green
Speaking Fart 1
Recording script cDrrrack42
Marti: Harry,is thatyou? A, H, B, C, D, E, R L , M , N , I,Y o Q,U,W R
Harry: MartilHow'sthings? J,K G,RT,V S,X,Z
Marti: GreatlGreat!Look,Darrilus
is lookingfor a
teenagerto playDeanDarrick's sonin his Recording script cD1rrack43
latestmovie.Haveyougot anyone?
Man: /et/ - A, H,J, K
Harry: eh?Whatshouldthisteenager
looklike? Woman: /i:/ - B,C,D, E,G,P,T,V

nnart\ Heshouldbe medium height,lookaround Man: /e/ - F,L, M, N, S,X, Z

\ sixteen long, hair- although
straight we Woman: /at/ - l,Y
couldchangethatif we hadto. Heshould Man: /eu/ - O
probablybe rathergood-looking,
Woman: /u:/ - Q,U,W
Harry: Um ... we'vegotthisnewyoungactor,buthe's
Man: /a:/-R
got rathera largescaron hischin.Anygood?
Marti: Mm.Not really.He needsto lookyqunginel- @r@
with no beardor moustache. I becaiH there 3 which 4 two 5 where
Harry: I'vegotthisonehere.He'sgot paleeyes;he's 6 to 7 wear 8 their 9 too l0 different .
veryattractive sayshe'shonest
Recording script cDt rrack44
andreliable. '
Writedownthe correctspellingof the words
Marti: Let'sgetintouchwithhimthen.
Woman: because- l'mgoingto bedbecause I'mtired.
@ Suggestedanswers:
, Two.
hair: curly, straight, wavy, long, short, bald, grey,
blond(e),red, dark, fair Man: there- Thereisn'tanymilkinthefridge.
build: slim, broad shoulders,medium height Three.
skin: pale, dark
Woman: which- | did a mathstestyesterday
other: scar,beard, attractive,good-looking,
moustache,beautiful, plain
@ Suggestedanswers:
Man: two- I'velivedherefor two years.
2 stupid 3 quiet 4 generous 5 polite/pleasant
6 nervous 7 shy, nervous 8 cold


Woman: where- Shecan'topenthe door.Shedoesn't @ I Brunner 2 Murakami 3 Switzerland

knowwhereherkeysare. 4 Japan 5 French 6 beautiful 7 future
Six. 8 yesterdayevening 9 free time
Man: fo* Couldyougivethisto yourgrandma,
please? Recording cDi rrack46
Woman: wear- Olderpeopleoftenwearhatsat
weddingsin mycountry.
Angela: My name's
Man: their- RobandSimondidn'tdo their
homework. Angela: lt's'Tedesco'.
Nine. Examiner: Howdo youspellit?
Woman: loo- I didn'tgeta partinthefilm.TheysaidI Angela: T-E-D-E-S-C-O
wasrooyoung. Examiner:Thankyou.Wheredo youlive?
Ten. Angela: I livein ltaly.
Man: - Do youthinkworkingin TV is
different Examiner:DoyoustudyEnglish?
differentfromworkingin radio? Angela: Yes,I do.I studyit at school.
Examiner: Doyoulikeit?
RecOrding script cDt rrack45
Angela: Yes,I loveEnglish
becauseI liketravelling
One. meetlngpeople'fromothercountries.
Woman: - B-E-C-A-U-S-E
because Examiner:Thankyou. Angela,do youthinkEnglish
Two. usefulfor youin thefuture?
Man: there- T-H-E-R-E Angela: l'mnotsure,butwhenI'molderI'd liketo be
Three. an architectandI thinkl'll needto reada lot of
booksin Enolish.
Woman: which- W-H-|-C-H
Examiner: Now,what'syourname?
Man: two - T-W-o
Eduard: My name's
Woman: where- W-H-E-R-E 'Brunner'.
Eduard: My surname's :
Examiner:Howdo youspellit?
Man: to - T-0
Eduard: B-R-U-N-N-E-R
Examiner: Thankyou.Wheredo youcomefrom?
Woman: wear- W-E-A-R
Eduard: I comefromSwitzerland.
' Examiner:DoyoustudyEnglish?
Man: their- T-H-E-|-R
Eduard: Yes,I go to an English
a week.
Woman: too - T-O-0
Eduard: but I preferFrenchbecause
Yes,I likeEnglish,
it'seasyfor me.
Man: - D-|-F-F-E-R-E-N-T
@ StudentAs words: I received 2 centre (US center) yesterday
3 and 4 beautiful 5 colour 6 comfortable Eduard: Sorry,canyousaythatagain?
7 then
Examiner:Yes"Didyoudo anythingyesterday
Student B's words: 1 interesting 2 together Eduard: Ohyes.I wentto the cinemawith mybrother
3 restaurant 4 recommend 5 believe andcousinsandwe sawa wasverv
6 favourite 7 thought nice.

Examiner:What'syourname? So do I and nar/neither ds f
Yuji: Yuji.
Examiner: Thankyou.What'syoursurname? o
Yuji: Murakami. Recording script cDtrrack4T
Examiner:Howdo youspellit? Ken: My name's
Yuji: M-U-R-A-K-A-M-| I'm15yearsold.
Examiner:Thankyou.Wheredo youcomefrom? I'vegottwo brothers.
Yuji: I'mfromJapan. I livein Taipei.
Examiner:DoyoustudyEnglish? I don'tlikefootball.
Yuji:_ Yes,I haveEnglishlessonsat schoolandI also I wentto the cinemayesterday
do extraEnglish
at H & P English
School. I haven't
beento Paris.
Examiner: Doyoulikeit?
Yuji: Yes.
Examiner:Why? Recofding script cDlrrack48
Yuji: lthinkEnglish
is usefulformeandit'sa Zosia: Myname's
language. I''sa verybeautifulcityin
Examiner: Thankyou,Yuji.Whatdo youenjoydoingin Poland.
yourfreetime? I'vegot onesister.
Yuji: Um ... I reallyenjoyplayingsports.Er,after I get on verywellwith mysister"
school,I playpingpongwitha teamandI also
I lovegoingto thecinema
likebaseball.I alsolikereadingbooksand
watchingTV. I wentto the cinemayesterday
with mybest
@ Suggestedanswers:
I don'tlikestayingat home.
I Yes,they answer well becausethey use full I haven't
answers with examples (Yuji: After scltoolI
play ...), reasons(Angela:I'Ll needto read ... in ... but I'vebeento Warsaw,
the capitalcityof
Englislt)and opinions (Eduard: we saw a fttm. It
was very nice).
2 Sorry, can you say that again? Writing Pant2
3 No, he answers with a fslightly) different
question:Did you do anything...? @ t I am keen on T-shirts falso t-shlrf or tee sltirts),
trousersand jackets.
2 I'll send a present to Marina. I hope she likes it.
3'Say 'Hi' to your sister.Seeyou soon, Gari
4I can't come to your English lessonon Monday.
5 My blanket is like a penguin's skin. It's black and

@ Suggestedwords to und"erline:
meet your cousin Myra, station,never met ...
before, an email to Myra, describeyourself, ask
Myra ... describeherself,suggest... place to meet
... station, 35-45 words

@ three points: I Im tallish ... cap 2 what do you

look like? 3 Lets meet outsidethe resturantwich
is in the station

Words to connect points (with correct spelling):
because,with, and, which Vocabularyand grammar
mistakes: - because2 an.,
I becouse feview Unit I
and 3 faverit --+favourite (UK) / favorite [US)
4 restrffant--+restaurant 5 wich - which
P u n c t u a t i o n m i s t a k e1s I: m + I ' m 2t >| 3wha+
- - + w h a t 4 l ' e + s - - + L e t ' s5 s t a t i o n + s t a t i o n .
ozs 3A 4c 5D 68 7A
8c 9D 10c
Correctedletter: @ Z beee*se + because 3 didht --+didn't 4 s+s+ers
+ sister's 5 ita+ian --+Italian 6 w,ih --+which
Hi Myra,
7 were --+wear 8 b+ive- believe
I am very happybecauseyou are coming.I'm
tallish with shorthair, blue eyesand I ahvayswear Gfammaf
my favourite for favorite) blue cap. what do
look like?Let'smeetoutsidethe restaurantwhich{9u. . o- suggested_ answers:
is i .]lro_eone brokemy new skateboard.
in the station'
3 ... I can,twakeup in the morning.
Pablo 4 . . . l ' d k e e pi t .
5 ... I saysomethingstupid.
6 ... I'll havemy party in the garden.
Vocabularyand grammar 7 ... I passall my exams.
8 ... my parentsgetangry.
review Unit 7 's
@ Z fras/ has got / got 3 so 4 unless
5 'dlwould
O-zuigenough3 warmenough4 thickenough I Fit and healthy
5 too sleepy 6 old enough 7 too cold 8 too
expensive Listening Fant4
@z'^meeting 3'llgo 4leaves5'll 6aregoing
Orlagreewithyou 2I'mnotsureaboutthat
Recording script cDl rrack4e
Kelly: Theykeepsayingon TVthingstike'today's
@zt 3a 4b 5c 6e teenagersareunfitandunhealthy',
Jason: I agreewithyou.There'sallthisstuffaboutus
notgettingenoughexercise becausewe're
R w o C watchingTV or playingcomputergamesallthe

C '
S A I L time,whenin fact,nowadays everyone is mad
M E T R o R o aboutsports.
o D U Kelly: Well,I'mnotsureaboutthat,but certainlya lot

o w D of youngpeoplearedoingactivethings.
lt t2 Perhaps morethanoldergenerations did.
l3 l4 l5 @ Suggestedanswers:
I totally agree; I agree completely; (you're) right;
absolutely;that's true; yes, I think so [too) because
...; yes, I do too; so do I; neither do I

Disagreeingpolitely Jason: Youmaybe right,butit stillmakesmecough
I don't really agree;I don't think so because...; you in the morning.Whichreminds me:don'tyou
may be right, but ...; I don't know; actually,I think thinkpeopleget sickmoreoftennowadays?
...; I know, but ...; I'm not (so) sure (aboutthat) l'malways fine.andI'msureyouaretoo,
but we knowa lot of peoplewhosehealthis
Disagreeing fshowing strong disagreementl don'twe?
I don't agree with you (at all); I (completely) Kelly: Hmm,I don'tknowaboutthat.I thinkit's
disagree;that's not true; I don't think so because mostlycoughsandcoldsandsorethroats;
...; that's not the way I seeit perhaps a headache or a stomach achewhich
2YES 3YES 4No sNo 6No lastsa dayor two. Usuallynothingmore
seriousthanthat,And teenagers havealways
Recording script cDt rrack5o hadthosekindsof illnesses. In mostcases,I
Jason: lt'strue,isn'tit, Kelly,that peopleeatmofe don'tthinktheirbasichealthis anydifferent.
thesedays,sothey'regettingbiggerand Jason: Well,that'snotthewayI seeit, but I hope
heavier? you'rerightl

Kelly: Et yes,I thinkso,Jason.Butlotsof peopleare Kelly: Me tool

vegetarian now,aren'tthey?And I thinkthat
kindof foodis reallygoodforyou.Sopeople
mighteatmorenowadays butthatdoesn't Vocabulary
meanthatwhattheyeatis worsefor them. lilnessesand accidents
Jason: No,it'sjustdifferent.
([) Phoneticscriptfor underlinedwords:cough:
beinghealthy thanjustexerciseandeating,
isn'tthere?| mean,there'sso muchstressin /kof/; cold:/keuld/; sore:/scr/; throat:/sraut/;
everyday life.And therearea lot of peoplethat
headache: /hedek/; stomach:/stnmek/;ache:
don'tgetenoughsleeP. /erk/ Meanings:cough:makeair comeout of your
throatwith a shortsound;cold:commonillness
Kelly: I don'tknowwhetherpeopleareanymore which makesyou sneezeand makesy,ournose
stressed,but@ produceliquid;sorethroat:pain insidethe throat;
to go to bedlate,evenwhenthey'vegot school headache: pain insideyour head;stomachache:
or workthe nextday.I supposeit'sallthe late pain in your stomach
filmson TV or stayingon the Internetuntiltwo
in the morning. Recording script cDIrrack5l
Jason: Thereareso manyfun
Or on the PlayStation@. Kelly: perhaps
coughs a
thingsto do.Soevenif peoplemanage to get ache
ora stomach
up on timethe nextmorning,
to do anything. o
Kelly: Hmm,I'mnotso sure.Thesedays,whenthey
go to school.
a lotmorestudents aregoing
rnJury flu medicine
nowthatin somecities
by bike.Especially
cut disease plaster
youcanhireonecheaply andthenjustleave
bruise high temperature pill
it anywhere like.
And that'squitehealthy,
isn'tit? wound earache tablet
sprain bandage
Jason: Hmm,it mightbe.Buttheair'sreallybad
all fracture aspirin
nowadays, inthe cities.
especially There's
thatoollution X-ray
Kelly: Actually,I thinkthesituation
hasimproved a
pay injection
bit sincetheystartedmakingeveryone to
driveintothe city centre.There'snotso much

"otot"te PET
@ Suggestedanswers: o
I My brotherfracturedhis leg. 2 I think I've Recording script cDl rrack53
sprainedmy ankle. 3 You'vecut your finger.
4 She'sbruisedher leg. 5 I've got a bad Presenter:Peoplewhoworkveryhard,andindividuals
earache. 6 Thepatienthasa seriouswound. whoselivesarebusyin otherways,may
7 A nurseput a plastercaston his brokenarm. sufferfroma kindof stresswhichcanactually
8 Youshouldhavean X-ray. 9 I don't like taking damage theirhealth. 0ne waythattheycan
medicine. l0 Youneedto havean injectionnow. reducestresslevelsisto finda time,every
@ Suggested answers:'Ihad a bad cough,a sorethroat something thattheyenjoydoing,suchas
'l had
and a terribleheadache', an X-ray,they put reading,in a placewheretheyfeelcomfortable
on a bandageand I took sometabletsfor the pain'. andunlikely to be disturbed.

O W. could leave out: 4 which 5 when 6 that

Grammar 7 where
fdefiningand non-definingJ @ Z wfroTthat swim 3 where accidents 4 not
necessary/ illness that 5 whose tooth
QZwtro 3which 4whose 5that 6when 6 not necessary/ time when
7 where 8 that
@ Suggested.answers:2 | do my homework / I listen to
o music 3 I hate / I really like 4 I stay in bed late
/ I go swimming 5 always helps you / listens to
Recording script cDt rrackb2 you 6 ticket wins a prize / health is really good
. Presenter:Mostpeoplethatdo regularsportare
@ r wtrlctr 2 which is very healthy 3 separateit
\ healthier,
andoftenfeelhappier, thanthose
from the rest of the sentence 4 yes 5 no 6 no
who do littleor no exercise, Caremustbe
taken,though,to avoidthe injuries whichsport (D Z u doctor, works in the hospital. 3 I went for a
cansometimes cause.Peoplewhosefavourite swim, was very cold. 4 sister is a nurse, is my
sportsarerunningorjumping, for instance, best friend. 5 was 12, the sports centre opened.
mayinjuretheiranklesor knees.Training that 6 really enjoy, is popular in my country.
involvesdoingthesameexercise againand
@ Z I am visiting my mother, who is ill.
againcando serious damage, particularlyto 3 He has a son, who is about my age.
athletes in theirearlyteens,whentheirbodies 4 The last book (that) I read was 'The Lord of the
arestilldeveloping. lt is importantnotto do Rings'.
too muchtoo soon.Everyone 'warm
should 5 I've met a guy whose name is Daniel.
up' beforetheybegin- if possible in the place 5 I'm in Brazil, which is a beautiful country.
wheretheyare going to exercise.
lt is essential, 7 That is all (that) I can tell you.
\ too,to followanysafetyadvicethatthey 8 There are many places that/which are very
\ receive.
, beautiful.
@z who 3 that/which 4 which/that 5 when 9 I'll tell everyone (who) I know.
6 where 7 whose 10 I have to go to the airport, which is quite far from
the city.
The other relative pronouns which are the object
and could be left out are: 7 where and 8 that
@ I stresscausedby busy living 2 find something
they enjoy doing every day $ports
@ (alternativesin brackets): 2 whose 3 which Ors 2c 3A
(thaO 4 that (which) 5 when 6 which (that)
7 where (Ao) gymnastics; [go) paragliding; (play) basketball

Speaking Pax't2
Q2sure 3totally 4so 5way 6all Ttrue
paragliding basketball 8 too
cycling ice hockey
surfing volleyball Recording script cDl rrackb4
running football t You may be right,but isn'tthereanotherpossibility?
swimming squash 2 I'm not really sure aboutthat.
climbing tennis
3 Yes,I totally agree with you.
skiing golf
jogging 4 | don'tthink so becausethat mightnot work verywell.
5 That'snot the way I see it.
@ Suggestedanswer: 6 | don'tagreeat all.
Patterns:go is usually used with outdoor sports, 7 That'strue.
which are often over long distances;play often goes
8 | think so too.
with sports that end -ball and ball sports generally.
We often use do with sports that do not take go
or play. (Note: in informal speech,do can be used @ a agree:3,7, B b disagreestrongly: 5, 6
'she c disagreepolitely:1,2,4
with most activities [e.g. does cycling in her
free time'1.) @ 2 really sure 3 totally agree 4 think 5I
--+go 4 done - played 6atall Ttrue 8I
@ Z make ' do 3 make
5 mad -+ did 6 p+ayed + went @z then 3 agreed 4 what 5 both 6 So
7 thing 8 glad
@ Suggesredanswers:
court: tennis, squash,basketball, volleyball, etc. @
gym: gymnastics, aerobics,martial arts, etc.
pitch: football, rugby, hockey, baseball, etc. Recording sctipt cDrrrack5s
ring: boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, etc. Girl: Yes,that'sa good idea. Let'sdo that, then.
stadium: football, rugby, baseball, etc.
Boy: Right,we'reagreed. Thafs whatwe'ltdo.
track: athletics, running, cycling, etc.
Boy: OK,we both likethe idea.Soshallwedo
@ clothes: boots (football, rugby, skiing, etc.); gloves that?
(boxing, football goalkeeper,ice hockey, skiing,
Girl: Yes,that'sthe best thing do.I'mglad we
etc.); helmet (horse riding, motorcycling, baseball, \
etc.); trainers (running, jogging, tennis, etc.)
equipment: bat (baseball, cricket, table tennis, @ Stressedwords are: good idea, that, agreed,That's,
etc.); board (surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, both, that, best thing, glad
etc.); racket ftable tennis, squash,badminton, etc.);
net (tennis, table tennis, volleyball, etc.)
,_,, Writing Xlart3
@2 score 3 draw/lose/win
Q t story 2 title 3 first person 4 story,title,
frightening,experience, my (whichanswers3)
Reading Part 5
Onr c3 d3 e3 f1
{fl f ice hockey: team, competitive; 2 squash:
individual, competitive 3 aerobics:individual, Fast penfect
non-competitive 4 scuba diving: individual, non-
had shegone;I'd gone;
@ r shehad disappeared;
@ra 2D 38 48 sA 6D zD 8c 2 had + subject+ pastparticiple[Had shegone
9B lOC ...?)3 'd + pastparticiple[I'd gone/ she'dheard/

@ Z t had/'d walked all the way home 3 arrived at 3 try another character restaurant; this Thursday;
the stadium, the match had started 4 had/'d left aren't keen on fish; can't afford anvwhere
my trainers at home, I couldn't run in the race expensive
5 had/'d decided to get fit, I took up squash 4 specialviews; on Sunday;Jon ... prefer ... meat
rather than fish or vegetarian
5 on Sundays;love foreign food; eat alone; leaves
@ t story 2 the first line 3 first person 4 I (the
answer to 3), nervous,game,began.
@ Suggested,
@ sample answer:
I cheap/inexpensive/reasonable/notexpensive
I felt nervous when the game began. Fifty thousand
2 They could hire the whole restaurant or book a
people were watching me in the stadium, as well
private room.
as a television audience of millions. I had always
. dreamt of playing for my favourite team, and at last 3 ChefMickey Mouse/CowboyCaf6,etc.
4 No, restaurantsin theseplacesare unlikely to
I had my chance.
have windows with a view
For the first hour everything went fine. We were 5 Sweden (so they won't want to go to a Swedish
playing well and I had started to feel less nervous. restaurant)
Then, suddenly, it all went horribly wrong: I made
a terrible mistake and the other team scored.I felt @rs 2F 34 4H sc
Then I thought back to what the coach had said to Grammar
me, about never giving up, and I knew that I simply Ccmmancls
had to win the match for my team. So, in the last
(lrr zA 3H
few minutes, I scoredthe two most important goals
of my life. Recordingscript cD2rrack2
'Xm question 0ne.
A of taste Waitress1: Hi.Howareyou?JustbeforeI takeyouto your
table,puton theseglovesandsnowboots.
Starting off don'ttouchthewallsplease!
Children, OK,
([} fne types of food and drink have been organised hotsoupwhileyoulookat the menu.
according to colour. Suggestedanswers:white: Two.
yoghurt, onion, cream; red: meat, pepper,steak; Waiter: Here'sthe bill.I hopeyouenjoyed
yellow: mustard, coln, oil, lemon; orange:peach, -
sir.And remember bringyourfriendswith
pumpkin, marmalade younexttime* but,don'ttellyourenemies
wherewe are- it'sa secret!

$eading Pax't2 Three.

Waitress2: Gooverto the butcher's
table.Choose a steak.
Q Suggested,
answers: Thebutcherwillweighit foryou.Takeyour
The short texts probably describeunusual steaktothe barbecue andtellthe chefhow
restaurants; match groups of people with suitable you'dlikeyourmeat.Don'ttouchthegrillor
restaurants you'llburnyourselfl

@ Suggestedanswers to und.erline:
@ Z don't touch 3 bring 4 don't tell 5 Take
I teacherprefers... fish; interestingviews; isn't too 6 Don't touch
Form of verb we use: a infinitive without to:b don't
2 summer wedding anniversary; next Tuesday;hate
+ infinitive without fo
being with other groups;normally orderssteak;
Jack ... somethingdifferent Form of the verb doesNOT changewhen we talk to
more than one person

4 What did the girl buy online?
@ Suggestedanswers:
I Take off your coat and give it to me' We know that the girl buys one or two objects.You
2 Mind your head. needto listento find out if shebuys a T-shirtand a
3 Sit down here. pair of shoes,a T-shirtand a pair of pyjamas,or a
4 Here'syour food. Don't touch the plate,it's hot. pair of pyjamasonlY.
5 Pick up your knife and fork. 5 What is the free gift todaY?
6 Enjoyyour meal.
Youneedto listento find out if the free gift is a
laptop,softwareot a mousemat.
Vocabulary 6 What is nearestto Rick'sDiner?
Youneedto listento find out which place:the
@ Z m e a l s 3 p l a t e 4 c o u r s e s5 d i s h bridge,stationor roundabout,is the nearestto
7 Wherehas the motherbeen?
Listening Part 1
Youneedto listento find out if shehasbeento the
O Z three 3 short 4 twice 5 try to tick (/) the post office,fishmongeror hairdresser.
Ozs 3,l.4c 5c 6A 78
@ Z loaf of bread 3 packetof biscuits 4 tin of
pineapple Recording script cD2rrack5

@s Two.Whatwilltheytaketo the party?

Boy: caketo John'sparty?
Shallwe takea chocolate
Recording script cD2rrack3
Girl: Goodidea,but I'mnotgoingto makeoneand
WhatdidJamiebuY? \
l'msurethey'feexpensive to buy.Whatabout
Jamie: I'mback,Mum! | got mostof theshopping' somecans of softdrink?
anda loafof bread,
I got a tubeof toothpaste Boy: You'reriohtaboutthe cake.Johnsaidhewas
,butI don'tthinktheyhadanytinsof pineapple goingto buysomelemonade andsQmeorange
"icf!.I couldn'tseethemanYWaY.
Havewe got enoughto buysomeice-
@ No, the correct answer is now A Girl: Not really,but mymum'sgot somein the
Recording script cD2rrack4 freezer.Let'stakethat.
Mum: Don'tworry.Whataboutthe biscuits? Nowlistenagain.
Jamie: I couldn't they've
findthemat firstbecause CD2Track6
changedthe onepacketenough?
Three.Whattimeisthe boy'sappointment?
Mum: Plenty. Jamie.Keepthechange!
Thanks, for mysonto
Man: l'd liketo makean appointment
gethishaircut oneafternoon thisweek.Could
/ @ suggestedanswers: youmanage thaton Thursday? | canbringhim
2 What will theY take to the ParjY? hereafterschool.
Woman: um,Thursday's qoinqto be ... but
You need to listen to find out if they take cake, ice-
we coulddo that if youcomeat say...halfpast
cream or soft drink and type (e.g' chocolate,cola,
qtx?Wouldthat be okay?lf not,I'vegotfree
appointments on Tuesdayat ten pastfouror a
3 What time is the boy's appointment? quarterto five.
You need to listen for the times: 4.10pm, 4.45 pm Man: Et thanks. Theearlieronethaidaywouldbe
and 6.30 pm, and decidewhich one is the correct bestfor us.
time for the boY's aPPointment' Woman: Fine!

CD2TrackT Vocabulary
Four.Whatdidthegirlbuyonline? $hops and service$
Girl: Shopping online?Everyone
saysshoesare 's if youbuythemonlinebutyoucan't O W. use only with the place. (However,it is
possibleto describe the place with or without 's -
try themon,canyou?I orderedsomepyjamas
for mymumandtheywerefine.You'dalso h airdresser/ h airdresser's.)
thinkit wouldbe safeto buya T-shirtfromthe @2 dentist 3 dry cleaner 4 library 5 garage
web butmymumboughtonea monthagoand 6 butcher 7 post office 8 travel agent
it wasjusttoo tight.
@ f grairaresser's), 2 fdentist's)(possiblebut not
CD2Track8 usual), 3 (dry cleaner's), 6 (butcher's),
Five.Whatisthe freegift today? 8 (travel agent's) [possiblebut not usualJ
Announcer:Goodafternoon,shoppers. Tocelebrate the @ Suggestedanswers:
fifthyearof ourverysuccessfulelectronic
I dentist['s),garage,hairdresser('s) 2 butcher['s),
department, we areofferinggreatdiscounts
post office 3 library 4 travel agent('s)
off allsoftwareboughttoday.Computer
5 dentist ('s), dry cleaner('s),garage
expert,GeneReedy, willalsobe in the store
6 butcher('s),dry cleaner('s),garage,
todayto giveyoufreeadviceon howto
improveyourlaptop'sperformance. And for hairdresser['sJ,
travel agent('s)

todayonly,youwon'thaveto payanythingfor @ t hairdresser('s) 2 garage 3 dry cleaner('s)

mousemats- just pick
oneof ouranniversary
Recording script cD2rracku
oneup fromoneof ourshopassistants.
Madison: Whathaveyoudoneto yourhait Layla?
Layla: Ohdon'tlI normally havemyhaircutat
Six.Whatis nearestto Rick'sDiner? Gabrielle'sbut I wantedsomething different,so
Message: Thisis Rick'sDiner.We'reopenMondayto ./ I wentto that new placeon the HighStreet.
'\ Saturday from 12.30to lateandyouwon'tfind
-- Madison: Oh no!Wasit veryexpensive?
Morocco!lf youhaven'tvisitedus before, Two.
turn leftat LinksRoundabout intoTrentStreet Andrew: Are youcomingto the partytonight,Lewis?
andwe're100metreson the right.justbefore Lewis: I can't.I'mnotallowedto go out.
WestBridge.And if you'recomingby public
Andrew: Why'sthat?
transport,it'sa five-minutewalkfromthe
Lewis: I hada littleaccidenton myscooter.My dad
saysit wasmyfault.
Andrew: Whataboutyourscooter?Youonlygot it last
CD2Trackt0 weekfor yourbirthday.
Wherehasthe motherbeen? '
Lewis: That'swhy mydadis so angry.We'rehaving
Boy: Hi,Mum,didyoucollectmyparcel? the scooterrepairedandl'mgoingto haveto
Mother: Therewasa terribletraffrcjamandyouknow lookfor a job to payfor it.
the postofficeclosesat six.I hadto getfish Three.
Hopeyoudon'tmind.I wantedto
for dinner. Vicki: colayzuvespilldown
Oh nol CallumlThat's
buysomesausages, butbythetimeI managed mydress.
to parkthe cat theywereclosedtoo! I'm Callum: Sorry, wasanaccident.
havinomyhaircuttomorrow- | thinkI'llgo by
Vicki: My mum'sgoingto go mad.We hadthisdress
underground I
cleanedlastweekfor this partyandit wasn't
Boy: Couldyougetmyparcelthen? cheap...

@ Suggestedonswers: @ t true 2 True 3 True 4 False (you don't have
to talk about things the photograph,e.g.
I Layla should complain and get her money back and
then go to a better hairdresser. 2 Lewis should find feelings, previous activities, etc.) 5 False (you
a part-time job by looking in the newspaper,asking should use some of the expressionsfrom the table
friends or family or asking in shops and caf6s. (He in Exercise2 in this sectionl
shouldalso take better care of his scooter!) @a
3 Callum should offer to pay for the dry cleaning.
Recording script cD2rrack13
Examiner:And nowl'd likeeachof youto talkon your
Grammar ownaboutsomething. I'mgoingto giveeach
Have sCIrnefhinEdone ofyoua photograph of peopleshopping. So,
Natalie, hereisyourphotograph. Pleaseshow
@ Vinnie is the slob. it to Lidia,but l'd likeyouto talkaboutit. Lidia,
's youjustlistenandl'llgiveyouyourphotograph
@ f nas his meals cooked for him 2 having her
nails done today 3 had his flat cleanedlast year in a moment. So,Natalie, please
youcanseein yourphotograph.
@ z I had my bike repaired two weeks ago.
3 John is having his bedroom painted now. Natalie: Uh-huh.InthispictureI canseea lotof people
4 We have our photo taken once a year. in a shoppingcentre.Theshopping centreis
5 Our grandma has her hair colouredevery three verybigandquitecrowded. lt looksverynew,
weeks. theflooris blackandwhite.I canseemany
6 I can't send an email becausewe are having our shops- for example: someclothesshops,a
computer mended at the moment. bagshopanda shoeshop.Ontheground
@ words and phrasesto underline: andlookingat theshops.I canseea woman
he had his hair cut; have his head decorated;Jackhas who iswearinga blueshirt.She'salsogota
his head shaved:some of the teachershave their hair bag.Onherheadshe'swearing um ... er ...
coloured regularly; footballers have their hair shaved I can'tremember'ssomething like
a hat.There'sa manbehindher.He'swearing
a whiteshirt,blacktrousers andum . . . a . . .
Speaking Fan't3 it'smadeof cotton,I think.Peopleoftenwear
(The objects illustrated are A hammer B hairdryer themfor work.Onthe left I canseeanother
manwhois carrying a bag.Hehasgothis
C iron D plug (electrical) E fork F frying pan
mobilephonein hishandandhe istalkingto
G ladder H tin-opener I knife J key)
someone. Onthesecondfloor,I canseemore
Q ffrey ask for: B, I and G. people. Theyarestanding andlookingat the
peopleon thegroundfloor.
Recording script cD2rrackt2
@ r , 3 , 4s,
Ekaterina:l'msorrybut I'vewashedmyhairandI wanta
... um ... it'ssomething
Girl: Oh.Youmeana haird.yer.
Writing Fart 2
Two. QZ three 3 Connect 4 spelling 5 between
Mateos: I wantto eatthisorange. CanI havea ... a 6 open and close 7 included
... er ... it'smadeof metalandit'susedfor @ Suggestedwords to underline:
t have pizzawilh your class;celebrate...end
Man: Do you meana knife? ... year; forgottento ask Ryan; email to Ryan;
Three. apologise;invite; explain where ... eat; 35-45
Ruben: Hi.Haveyougota .. a ... it'ssomething
like words
stairs. 2 shopping centre; nearby city; school holidays;
Woman: A laddeflWhatdo youneedoneof thosefor? email to ... Paula;invite; explain why you want
t o g o ; s u g g e s t . .p. l a c e . . .m e e t ;3 5 - 4 5w o r d s
@ comnlete
3 stayedat your cousin's;left somethingbehind;
email to Alex; thank him; describewhat you left; Q Z ln summer, when the weather is good, we play
suggesthow .. get . . objectback; 35-45 words
3 Stevie,whose team won, was the best player of
@ 2 because 3 to come 4 meet 5 inviting all.
4 In the city centre, where we live, there is a lot of
@ Suggested-expressionsto und"erline:
thank someone:It was very kind of you ro ...; 5 My brother, who had an accident,is feeling better
Thank you very much for ... now.
explain:That'swhy ...; ... because... 6 Volleyball, which is a team sport, is played on a
court. / Volleyball, which is played on a court, is
invite: How about ...; Would you like ...
a team sport.
apologise:I'm very sorry that ...; I'm so sorry for ...
@ Z fraa practised 3 felt 4had./'dbrought
suggest:Why don't we ...; Let's ... 5 had/'d put 6 was 7 had/'d rained 8 didn't
seem 9 was l0 had left 11 started 12 realised
@ moaetonswers:
13 had/'d played 14 was 15 slipped 16 fell
Hi Ryan, 17 knew 18 had/'d twisted 19 went 20 had
I'm very sorry that I forgot to invite you before.We're not/hadn't broken 21 wore
going out on Friday night. Would you like to come too?
We'll have a great time. We've decidedto go to the new
pizza restaurant.Let me know if you can come. Vocabulary
Yours. @2sore 3beat 4nurse 5have 6bat
7 athletics 8 pill 9 bruise l0 ring
Dear Paula.
I'm going to the shopping centre tomorrow. Why
don't you come too? I want to go there because
Vocabularyand grammar
I want to have my hair cut at Dani Bridell's new
hairdresser's.Why don't we meet outsidethe station?
review Unit 10
Seeyou soon,
Hi Alex, Q Suggested
Thank you very much for inviting me to stay for the 2 complain 3 book 4 borrow 5 repair
weekend.I had a lot of fun.
@ @tner answersare alsopossibLe)
I think I left my pencil caseat your house.It's made
of blue plastic. Can I come to your house tomorrow Z interes+nginterested 3 resturantsrestaurants
to get it? 4 Chinesefood are is 5 ki+d nice 6 all kind
kinds 7 chickenfoed dishes 8 I think chicken
Lots of love. '
are is 9 my I think l0 enpy-with enjoy your

locabulary and grammar Grammar

revtew Unit 9 @ f lalso possible:had it washed) 2 is having/has
her hair/it cut 3 had itlone/a photo taken
4 have our windows/them cleaned 5 had the carl
it repaired 6 had the walls/them painted
OZatnat 3fwhen 4awho 5bwhere 3didn't 4had 5Iwould/'d
6 e whose

11Conservingnature Recording seript cD2rrackt4
Starting off theNational Park?
Lucy: Tobe honest,I'd hada badnighttravelling.
0r: cz DB E1 F4 c6 H2 Thetrainwasn'tverycomfortable andI hadn't
2T 3T 4F 5T 6F 7F 8T sleptmuch.So I washappyto getto myhotel
@ t tigers - Asia 2 polar bears - the Arctic roomandrelaxonthebigsoftbedthere.Then
3 kangaroos - Australia 4 ostriches - Africa I openedthecurtains andthereintheriver,
5 lions - Africa/Asia 5 elephants - Asia/Africa only50 metresaway,wereseveralelephants
7 bats - all continents except Antarctica 8 bears - havinga bathllt wasthemostamazing thing
South America/North America/Europe/Asia I'veeverseenfromthewindowof a hotel.As
theadvertisement insidethe
said,it wasactually
Listeningtrlart3 ThenextmorningI setoff bycarwitha guide
andtwo othertourists,JeffandMel.Twohours
Q Suggestedanswers:
later,ourguidehada radiomessage to saythere
India: located in southern Asia - the world's biggest in
werereportsof a tiger the north,
so we drove
democracyand country with the second-largest upthatway.Theguidethatreportedit saidhe
population - independencein 7947led by Gandhi hadheardthe monkeys warningeachotherof
and Nehru - religions include Hinduism, Buddhism dangetandalthough hehadn'tactuallyseenthe
and Sikhism - many languagesare spokenbut tiger,theircriesmeanttherewasprobably one
Hindi is the official language and English quite rca&v.
widely used - nowadays has a rapidly growing
We reachedthe areaandthereI sawour
economy and is an emerging superpower
transportintotheforest:an elephantlAjay,the
Biggestcities: Mumbai; Delhi (both over 10 million rider,toldusto climbon,butitwa,cn'timmediately
people) clearhow.Therewasnowoodenladder,and
Famous for: River Ganges;Taj Mahal; Bollywood although therewereplentyof treesaround, their
films branches were too highup.ln the endwe got up
ontheroofof thevehicle, then jumped on,and
Wildlife: tigers; elephants; monkeys; snakes and aftersomepreparations, we setoff
many other tropical rainforest plants and animals
It wasgreatfun,andI foundthatanelephant can
Q z oneor two g tirice 4 six 5 three 6 kind gojustaboutanywhere. SuddenlyAjaypointed.
7 key 8 similar 9 own 10 second hesaid,andlessthanl0 metresaway
wasa magnificent200-kilomaletiger.
@ Suggestedanswers:
hesaid[thoughit lookedhugeto
2 guide, knew, tiger A he, seen B another, waslyingunderthetreesandat firstI thoughtit
watching C animals, noticed wasasleep.
3 got on, elephant A ladder B tree C car andlooked,
Butthenit raisedits headslightly
in a ratherboredway,in had
4 saw, tiger A resting, meal B sleeping
obviously I wasrathergladit
C looking, food
wasn'tfeelinghungry,butAjaytold usthat in
5 safe, believed A never attack, humans B not Indiapeopleareveryrarelyeatenbytigers.
attack, elephant C too old Thatwasgoodto know!
6 allowed A get out B feed C photograph Healsoexplained thattigersdon'tmindbeing
approached byelephants. sowe werein no
@re 2c ic 4A 58 6c
dangi.As we wentslowlyroundthe beautiful
black,orangeandwhiteanimal, I realised
wastrue.I'd readthatmostattackson numans
areby old or injuredtigers,butthiscreature

Therewereno rulesagainst takingpictures Patterns:the stressedsyllableis normally before
of tigers,so I took lotswith mynewcamera; the suffix, or the a in the case of -otion suffixes.
butthen,sadly,we hadto leave.We passed (Although there are exceptions,e.g. aduerti.sement,
somemonkeys in thetreessoonafterandMel argument.)
wantedto throwthemsomefoodbutAjay
@@2invention 3 direction 4movement
stoppedher,sayingit wasn'tgoodfor them.
5 connection 6 translation 7 invitation
Soonwe reached thecarandon ourwayback
8 disappointment 9 attraction 10 celebration
we drovearounda wasjustwonderful
thereandI askedtheguideif we couldstop Recording script cD2rrackt5
andgo for a shortwalk.Buthesaidwe hadto
Presenter: NASAsclentists areaimingto get useful
stayin the vehicleat alltimes.Exceptto climb
informationaboutglobalwarming from
ontoan elephant, of course!
theirlatestinvention:Arctic rubberducks.
Theyhaveput 90 of the toysintoholesin a
Greenland glacier, a hugemassof icemoving
Vocabulary in thedirectionof thesea.Theyhopethat
Suffixes: -lon, *afinn, *rnefit icebergs andpiecesof icewiththeducks
insidewillmeltandthenbefoundby local
Q t advertise,prepare,direct 2 (suffixesare people. Thiswilltellthescientists a lotabout
underlined)advertisement, prepar4!!qns,direction; the movement of thisglacierwhythisis faster
preparationsis the plural noun 3 preparations in summer, anditsconnection withglobal
dropsthe final 'e' from the verb form prepare; warmrng.
(because)the suffix beginswith a vowel
Eachduckhasthe words'scienceexperiment'
o and
on it, with a translation into
two otherlanguages. Thereis alsoanemail
addressandan invitation to writeto NASA.
announcement admiration attraction
Sofar,to the disappointment of the scientists,
development confirmation celebration nobodyhasemailed. Buttheybelieve the
disappointment examination collection attractionof a big rewardwill bringresults.So,
if youfinda NASArubberduckon a beach
enjoymer[t information completion nearyou,it couldbe a causefor celebration I
entertainment invitation connection
excitement relaxation creation @ (underlinings show word stress) I information
2 invenlion 3 direction 4 movement
improvement reservation discussion 5 connection 6 translation 7 invitation
movement education 8 disappointment 9 attraction l0 celebration
replacement invention Recording script cDzrrack16
pollution Presenter:One.
prevention Informqtion
protection Presenter:Two.
Woman: Invention
@ attraction, celebr4tion,collection, completion, Man: Direc!ion
confirmation, connection, creation, development,
Presenter: Four.
disappointment, discussion,education, enigyment,
entertainment, examination, exc.jlement, Woman: Movement
imptgvgment, information, invqnlLion,invitation, Presenter: Five.
movement, pollUtion, prevention, protection, Man: Connection
relaxation, replagement,reservation, translation Presenter:Six.
Woman: Translation

Presenter:Seven. Man: Twogiraffeswereseennearthe trees"
Man: Invitation Three.
Presenter: Eight. Woman: A poemwaswrittenaboutthiswaterfall.
Woman: Disappointment Four.
Presenter: Nine. Man: Riceis grownin the eastof the country.
Man: Attraction Five.
Presenter:Ten. Woman: Themoonwashiddenbyonesmallcloud
Woman: Celebration Six.
Man: Park.
Carsaren'tallowedin the National
Grammar Woman: Theforestwaspartlydestroyed
The passive:presentand past siniple
O t aand C areactive;B andD arepassive2 C and Man: inthe
D describean eventin the past 3 B and D flver.
4 A: subject- tigers;object- people.B: subject
- people;agent- tigers(usingby) 5 C: subject-
guides;object- tourists.D: subject- tourists;no
Reading Part 4
6 informationnot in sentenceD: who allowedthe
On+ cT d3 e1 f6 gB h5
touriststo take photos(the guides)
@zn 3P 4A sP
) t O (correct answer) 2 C (the word import tells us
@ 3 are seen 4 was chased 5 arethe crocodiles that the oil and gas come from abroad, not from
6 was not noticed under the sea) 3 A (the text says the opposite:
@ there is still no pollution) 4 B (text says they
are ln danger - not that they have already
Recordidg script cD2rracklT disappeared)
One. 'the
@t@ 3 A only way to prevent the situation
'Spring getting even worse' (it is not certain it will get
Man: Theseareknownasthe Gardens'.
worse - there is one way to prevent it)
Theflowerswereplantedin March. B air pollution that leadsto global warming'
('leadsto' means 'cause')
Three. 'Chinese
C fcorrectanswer) student Ding Yinghan';
Man: Thegrasswascut in AprilandMay. 'it is unfair to say that just one country - his own
. - is causingclimate change';'the air pollution
@ Z fwo giraffeswere seennear the trees. 3 A that leads to global warming comes from many
poem was written about this waterfall. 4 Rice is
parts of the world'
grown in the eastof the country. 5 The moon was
hidden by one small cloud. 6 Cars aren't/arenot D air pollution that leads to global warming
allowed in the National Park. 7 The forest was comes from many parts of the world, including
' partly poorer countries' fpoor countriesalso causeit)
destroyedby fire. 8 We weren't/were not
told about the crocodilesin the river. 'her
4A articleshave been publishedin her local
newspaper'fpassive- somebodyelsepublishes
Recording script 18
cD2Track 'changesin the way teenagers
B (correctanswer)
0ne behave are an important way of influencing
Woman: A lotoffisharecaughthere. choicesthat are made by parents'
, Two.

@ .o-o[[ rrr
C her, changesin the way teenagersbehave are
an important way' (she wants young people to do
Speaking Fart 4
things differently rather than follow their parents'
Q) Suggested. answers:
example) They are wasting water by watering the lawn with
'She's a sprinkler instead of leaving the grass to go yellow
D against young people'sgeneral lack of
interest in politics' (she thinks they should / waiting for it to rain. They are watering the pots
become interested in politics) with a hose pipe / with an irrigation system instead
of using a watering-can or using collected rainwater
5 B Sagges/edanswers:
from the garden. They are consuming unnecessary
A: the only one from our country' (Every water by having a water fountain and a swimming
country has three champions: 'Each country pool. They are using a lot of water to wash the car
involved selectsthree teenagers'.) ' with a hose pipe and instead could wash the car by
. C: 'already three of us from every country in the hand.
world' (Not 'every
country in the world', only They are wasting water by using a washing
13: At present, 13 countries are involved'; 'more machine and dishwasher instead of washing
countries are expected to join soon'.) dishes and clothes by hand. They have left the tap
D: 'Some running, instead of putting a glass of water in the
of us are teenagers' (All of them are
teenagers: 'young people of school age'; 'three fridge to cool down.
@ I water plants later in the day 2 use a bucket and
[xam round-up a spongeto wash the car 3 wash small quantities
of plates or clothes by hand
I yes 2 opinion and attitude 3 general meaning
@ Z say 3 for example 4 like 5 such as
4 the text 5 yes 6 usually in one paragraph
Recording script cD2rrackte

Grammar Jake: Well,there'slotsyoucando to savewaterat

eornparative home"Inthe garden,for instance. it'sbestto
and $uperlative
waterthe plantslaterin the day.Because if you
Q t Studentsshould underline - comparative adverbs: waterthemat two o'clock,say,whenit'shot,
more quicfly, more efficiently, worse; superlative thesunjustdrieseverything outagain.
adverb: rnost brightly 2 by adding more in front of Lily: Right.And if youreallyrnusfwashthe car,
the adverb 3 worse 4 than 5 by adding mosf in 'there
arebetterwaysof doingit thanthat.With
front of the advero a bucketof wateranda sponge,for example.
You'dwastemuchlesswater,andgeta bit of
@ exercrse,
Jake: lt'sthesamein the kitchen,isn'tit?Allthose
quietly more quietly [the) most quietly thingslikedishwashers andwashingmachines
carefully more carefully (the) most carefully for you.Theyusea huge
that do everything
slowly more slowly (the) most slowly amountof water.
Lily: I supposetheysavepeoplea lot of hardwork
easily more easily (the) most easily
whenthey'refull.Butif youdon'thavemuchto
,fast faster (the) fastest . wash,suchasa few platesor somesocks,vou
badly wolse cando themmuchmorequicklyby hand.And
[the) worst
hard harder (the) hardest
well better (the) best @ Suggestedonswers:'If you want a cold drink, it's
better to keep a jug of water in the fridge than run
a tap until it gets cold'; 'Don't run the tap while
@ Z hardest 3 morecheaply 4 worst
you're brushing your teeth - use a glass of water';
5 more cleanly 6 moreheavily 'Don't
wash fruit, vegetablesor salad under the
tap - use a bowl'; 'Water used for cooking can be
re-used,when it's cool, to water plants'.
XX What did you say?
2 connectedwith 3 keepto this topic 4 a range
of tenses 5 taketurns 6 listeningto 7 asking Reading Part 3
for more detailsand their opinions 8 give reasons
and examples Qrgeek 2dude 3dork
@ Suggestedanswer:
Writing Xlar&3 The text is about Martian. This language has been
createdby Chineseteenagersto talk with their
Q t paragraph A: the wildlife in your country;
paragraph B: favourite animal; paragraph C: Are friends online.
there many of them? @ Suggestedwords to underline:
2 Youngpeople... first ... Martian ... Taiwan
2 seen are seen (presentsimple passive),H+er
3 film Shaolin Soccer,Zhao Wei comes ... Mars
best (superlativeadverb), easyly easily [spelling of
4 Teenagers... use the Internet ... called Martians
comparative adverb)
5 Softwarecompanies... selling programs ... help
Q z C,I really enjoy being here. 3 G, ... a new film ... write ... Martian
about animals which is called'The life of animals' 6 Ms Li ... never... read messages ... Mei's
4 Sp, ... a film with plenty of excitement... computer
5 WO, I don't know what the name of the mountain 7 When Mei starts writing ... Martian ... uses other
is. 6 V I hope I haven'tmade a lot of mistakes. people'swork
8 Wang Haiyong allows ... students... homework
@Ztrue 3False 4True 5False 6True TFalse in Martian
8 True 9 Bei Bei Songconsidersherself ... up to date
10 Bei Bei ... approvesof Martian
@ sampte ansl1)er:
Hi Justin, @ Sentence2; No, you don't need to understand
spreadto know if the sentenceis correct or
It was great to hear from you. We love pets here incorrect.
and almost everyonehas a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or
@ I Correct- 80% of teenagersagedbetween 15 and
other animal.
19 in China use this language when they send
Peoplekeep pets for different reasons.Many messagesor chat with each other online
people, particularly those who-live on their own, 2 Correct- It becamepopular in Taiwan in 2004
like to have a pet for company. Others need an and three years later, it spreadto mainland China
animal at home, for instance a huge dog to protect 3 Incorrect - She isn't really a visitor from Mars
the house,or a cat to catch mice! 4 Incorrect - anyone who acts strangely there
is known as a Martian ... the languagewhich
Hamsters are my favourite pet. They're friendly,
teenagersin China enjoy creating is also known
cute and - becausethey're so tiny - they don't take
as Martian
up much space!Sometimesour hamster Frankie is '
5 Correct - people are buying special software to
allowed out of his cage so that he can run round
translate between Chineseand Martian
more freely. He really enjoys that!
6 Incorrect- she could not understandthe emails
Well, that's all for now. I hope you can write again from Mei's friends
soon. 7 Correct - At first, I just copy words from texts
which my friends have already written in
Ana 8 Incorrect - I refuse to mark my students' work
when they use this language
9 Correct - but she doesn't think she'sold-
10 Incorrect - she thinks that this language is really

"o,no,tte PET
@ Suggested.
answers: William: Yeah,we'vethouohtaboutorganising
I incorrect/ false 2 words/ information/ footballmatch.
details 3 text 4 word / phrase,/ sentence Ruby: Anotherfootballmatch?Therearematches
William: ln mysister's
school. aregoingto
Vocabulary playagainst
qpeak, tafk,say, telland ask for
Ruby: Butthe teachersherewouldn'twantto play
3 speak 4 say 5 told 6 askfor football.
William: lt doesn'thaveto bejustteachers.
@ f tan 2 speak 3 say 4 tell 5 ask 6 ask for couldplay.He usedto playfootballfor United.
Suggested answers: Ruby: Buthowarewe goingto raisemoney?
I (together) abouta topic,online
William: Theadultswillhaveto payto pla!.
2Io someone(about)
3 somethingto somebody, cheese(whenyou take Ruby: Soundsgood.Hmm.Er,anyoneelse?Gina?
someone's photo) Gina: Yes.Todaywe'reallwearingschooluniform
4 the time, the difference(between) andwe alllookthe same.Whohateswearino
5 someone to do something,someone about schooluniform?
something All: Well... I really
6 morefood,someone's opinion Gina: Soourideaisto havea daywhenwe don't
@ Suggested questions: wearschooluniform.
We canwearwhatwe
I How many languagescan you speakwell? wantto school.
2 Do you alwayssay 'hello' to everyonewhen you Ruby: Andthe money?
walk into the classroom?
Gina: We'llpayto wearwhatwe want.
3 Are you goodat telling jokes?
4 If you don't understand,do you ask questions? Ruby: OhI Thanks.
' 5 Do you suggestions.
And don'tforgetthe meeting
talk to your friendsaboutyour future
We'lltakea votethen.

@t@ I had organised a disco to collect money

Grammar 2 could organise a similar event again
.--Reportedspeechend reportedcommands 3'd/had thought about organisinga football match
4 were going to play against the teachers
9Scott: disco; William: football match; Gina: non- 5 (tha| it didn't have to be just teachers
uniform day (studentspay to wear the clothes they 6 were all wearing school uniform
want to school) 7 would pay to wear
Recording script cD2rrack2o Recording script cD2Track
Ruby: Shh!Bequiet!Closethedoor Paul! Nina: SorryI didn'tgetto the meeting
Paul: OKl yesterday.
Whatdid youdecide?
Ruby: Thanks.Er,Tania,canyoutakenotestoday? Tania: goingto be another
0h, hi Nina.There's
Tania: Oh,is it myturnto be secretary? meetingtodayat 1 pmto takea vote.We have
\ to thinkaboutthethreesuggestions.
\Ruby: Rlght.As you know,we haveto decidewhat
eventwe'regoingto organise Nina: Whatthreesuggestions?
for the Schools
for Allproject.Et anyideas?Yes,Scott? notes?
Tania: I'vegotthemwritten
Yeah!I wasthe secretary.
Scott: OK.Lastyearwe organised a discoto collect
money. Wecanorganise here.Letmesee.Ohyes,Scottsaidthatthey
a similareventagain.
hadorganiseda discoto collectmoneythe
Ruby: Hmm.I thinkYear10aregoingto organisea yearbeforeandtheycouldorganise a similar
partythisyear.Hasanyoneelsegot anyother
Nina: Butisn'tYear10goingto organise
a party?

Tania: Er yes,that'swhatRubysaid.ThenWilliam @ t coach 219 3 (school) subject 4 (online)
saidtheyhadthoughtaboutorganisinga library 5Australia 6 November
Recording script cD2rrack22
Nina: Notanotherfootballmatch.
Tania: Well,notexactly... he saidin hissister's Head: Quiet!!I'd liketo introduce
GerryTremain from
school,the studentsweregoingto playagainst WebChallenge. He'sgoingto tellyouaboutan
theteachers.Healsosaidthat it didn'thave excitingwebsitecompetition.
to couldbe anyadult- like Gerry: Thankyou.Hi everyone! I'mgoingto talk
Ellie'sdadwho usedto be a footballplayer. aboutthe Web Challengewhich is an exciting
Williamsaidthe adultswouldhaveto payto competition for youngpeopleallovertheworld
pav. who areinterested in designing websites.
Nina: Yousaidtherewerethreesuggestions,
didn't Althoughthe websiteshouldbe writtenin
' you? English,we do encourage youto providelinks
to translations
Tania: Yes,thethirdcamefromGina.Shereminded
includingyourown.Firstly, you'llneedto get
usthatwe wereallwearingschooluniform
yourteamtogether. All teamsneeda coach.
Thecoachshouldbe a teacher,librarian or
uniform.Shesuggesteda daywhenwe
assistantworkingin a school.ln eachteam,
wouldn'thaveto wearschooluniform.Shesaid
thereshouldbe threeto sixmembers who are
we wouldpayto wearwhatwe wanted.
schoolstudents,in additionto the coach.
Nina: Oh...Goodidea!
Thecompetition is opento studentswho are
in full-timeeducationwho areno youngerthan
@ 2 past continuous 3 past perfect 4 past perfect / nineandno olderthannineteen. Thereare
past simple 5 would + infinitive 6 was/were
going to 7 could and 12andUnder.
@ Z tfre year before 3 his/her 4 they/we onceyou'vegotyourteamtogether,you'll
haveto choosea topicthat interestsyou.Think
O Z (tfrat) someonehad left/left their/his/her MP3
player in the kitchen after the party abouta favouriteschoolsubject,or thingsyou
3 (that) he was having a great time there liketo do in yourfreetime.You'renowready
a (that) he wanted to sell his bike so he could buy to buildyourwebsite.Don'tforgetthatyour
a new one websitewillneedto be uploaded to ourserver.
Prizesfor competition winnersincludelaptop
@ Z to close the door 3 to think about the computerc, digitalcamerasandmoneyfor your
suggestions 4 to forget the meeting
schoolto spendon newtechnology. Every
r@2 not to worry 3 not to touch anything 4 not to teamthatenterswill havetheirsitepublished
forget to phone on our onlinelibrary.First-prize
eachage group willwin a seven-daytrip to
Australiawhereyou'lltakepartin workshops,
ListeningFart 3 eventsandexcursions.
Q t true 2 False [there is extra information which And finallya wordaboutdates.All interested
you don't need to understand to complete the teamsneedto registerfor the competition ba
nci\s) 3 True 4 True 5 False (you should use the endof November. Yourfinalwebsiteshould
the $econdlistening to check your answers) be on ourserverbyApril l4th.Nowwinners
6 False (you should make a guess - you will not willbe announced on July1st.Youcanget
lose marks for a wrong answer) furtherinformationby contacting our hotline
on 098764444 or by lookingat ourwebsite:
Q Suggested questions:
I How old do I have to be to enter the competition?
2 Can I enter with a friend?
3 Can I choosethe topic of my website?
4 What language should I write the website in?
5 When do I have to send vou mv website?
Grammar @ 2 she was 3 Do you want 4 they were going
Reported qi..iestio!-]s 5 if they had

Q Suggestedquestions: Indinec{questi0ns

What softwarecan we use to designthe website? t) Suggested-

Doesthe topic have to be very original? Nadia says they took a boat trip around Sydney
How big should the website be? harbour and that their hotel had views over the
8t@ 2Jade 3Julian 4Hamad 5Haley
Recordingscript cD2rrack24
Recording script cD2rrack23
Journalist:Hello,Nadia.Congratulations on winningthe
Head: Thankyou,Gerry.I'msuresomeof youhave prizelI waswonderingif I couldaskyousome
' gotquestions.
Yes,Nadia? questions musthavebeen
Nadia: CanI enterthe competition
on mvown? amaztng!
Gerry: Interesting
question.No . . . theaimof the Nadia: Thanks.
Yes,it ryasan amazing
isto encourage youngpeopleto manythings.
shareideasandworktogether. Journalist: I'msure.So,yourflightlandedin Sydney,didn't
Head: Who'snext?Yes,Jade? it? Firstlyl'dliketo knowwhatyouthoughtof
Jade: Doesourcoachhaveto workin ourschool? Sydney.
Gerry: No,notinyourschool, butthispersondoes Nadia: Well,beforewe wonthe prize,I thought
needto beworkingin a school,for example
it Sydneywasthe capitalof Australia,but it isn't.
couldbethe Frenchassistantin WoodsHioh Canberraisthe capital.Anyway,Sydneyis
School. enormous butthe thingI noticedfirstwasall
thewater.Onthe firstdaywe tooka boattrip
Head: Yes,Julian?
,' Julian: Soundsbrilliant.
Howdo we register
Journalist: I can'tremember
whereyoustayedin Sydney.
Could tellmewhereyourhotelwas?
Gerry: It'seasy.Logon to ourwebsiteandfill in the
Nadia: Yes,we stayedin a hotelwithviewsoverthe
Head: I thinkyou'renext,Hamad?
Journalist: Tellmewhatyouvisitedin Australia.
Hamad: Whatdo we do if we havetechnicalproblems? Sydney.
Gerry: Verygoodquestion.lf youreadthe ruleson Nadia: Well,we wentto ...
you'llseethatif youareunableto
uploadyourwebsitebecause of problems
@Z thought 3 you stayed 4 your hotel was 5 you
ourservetwe'lldo everythingwe canto help visited
Head: Anyoneelse?Yes,Haley? Z you think of Sydney 3 you stay in Sydney
@ '4
your hotel 5 you visit in Australia apart from
Haley: lf we win,whatwillwe seein Australia?
Gerry: Onceagain,fulldetails
of the prizesareon our
websitebutI cantellyouthatit willbe a tnp @ Z stays the same 3 never 4 isn't 5 sometimes
you'llneverforget! @In reported questions Ihe tensechangesand we
never lrse a question mark. In indirect questions
@ Z Ooesour coachhave to work in our school? the fensedoesn't change and we someflmesuse a
3 How do we register for the competition? question mark.
4 What do we do if we have technical problems?
5 What will we seein Australia?
@ b usually changeslike in reportedspeech
c never d isn't e don't use

Vocabulary Nick: Ohyes.Whydidn'thetakethemoffforthephoto?
0f place
Prepositions lmogen: I don'tknow.My cousinElenis standing
behindmyuncle.She'sstartingat ourhigh
o schoolin Seotember.
Reeording script cD2Track
2b Nick: Shelooksfun.I can'twaitto meether.

@ Suggestedanswers:
Adam: HiTodd.
Picture 1: Label the box on the desk, Ihe lamp next
Todd: if youcoulddo mea
HiAdam.lwas wondering
to the box, the keys in / inside the box
Picture 2: Write over abovethe bridge, label the
Adam: Deoends.
sports shop between booksltop and hoirdresser,also
Todd: Look,I'veleftmykeysat home.Canyoubring label sports shop opposltepet shop
themto school?
Picture 3: Label five little cousins in front of aunt,
Adam: Sure.Wherearethey?
uncle with sunglasseson the right, Elen behind
Todd: Right.Gointomybedroom. On uncle
to the lampis a box.Thekeysshouldbe inside
the box.
Adam: OK.In a boxonyourdesk.I'llringyoubacklf I
Speaking Part 3
@ f on your own / oneminute
Two.Where'sthe sportsshop? 2 describewhat you can see
Karyn: DaytonSports.Karynspeaking. 3 useone of the expressionsfrom Unit 10
Kylie: Hi.I'd liketo knowif you'vegot anyfootball 4 usea suitablepreposition
Karyn: I'lljusthavea lookforyou... hmm... yes,we Writing Part 3
Kylie: Great.Couldyoutellmewhereyourshopis? @ t A story
2 YourEnglishteacher
Karyn: Yes.Do youknowwherethe centrallibraryis? 3 About 100words
Kylie: Er yes. 4 In the first question,you are giventhe firsf
Karyn: Go pastthe library.overthe bridge.We're sentence of the story and in the secondquestion,
betweena bookshopanda hairdresser's, you are giventhe frtle.
oppositethe petshop. 5 No, you can choosebetweena story and a letter
Kylie: Ah! lthinkI knowwhereyouare. @ t t 2 The ringing phonebelongedto the teacher
cousin? are correctso the storyis a good
@ nU the sentences
Nick: I'venevermetyourcousinElen.Whatdoesshe answer.
@ fyp.t of mistake:pasttensesand pluralforms
lmogen: I thinkI'vegot a photoof her.Yes,hereit is.
f beHeved* believe 2 fur+--) forgotten
Nick: Wow!lsthatyourfamily?
3 stt+dent--+students 4left -+ leave 5 steped--+
Inlogen: Yes.Canyouseemyauntholdinga baby?ln stopped
\ front of heraremyfivelittlecousins.
@ twodetanslDers:
Nicki Hasyourauntreallygot
Ahl Theylooklovely.
sixchildren? 1 I realisedthat I hadn't lockedthe door.
lmogen: NolThreeof themaremydad'sbrother's I was at the bus stop.I telephonedmy sisterto ask
children. her if shecould go homebut shedidn't answerher
Nick: 0hl Sowhere'sElen? phone.Then I decidedto telephonemy mum to tell
her the truth. My mum told me to go home.As I got
lmogen: Well,on the rightis myuncle.He'swearino
to my streetI saw a fire engineoutsidemy house.
sunolasses. 'Oh no!' I thought.I sawa neighbourand asked

'':::- ,{':drhad happened.He said that a cat was in a
- :.--j :,':-,j:r't get dorvn. I rvas so happy.Finally
I got to my house and locked the door. @ luore than oneansweris sometimes possible)
2 The messagebegan, 'Congratulations! You've 2 greal/ much excitement 3 a reservation
won first prizet' 4 a quick examination 5 celebrations
I couldn't believe it! I was the winner. TWo months 6 no information
before, I had entered a drawing competition in a @
shop. I telephonedmy best friend who told me to G I R A F F E
phone the shop.Shealso askedme what the prize 3
was but I said I didn't know. I decidedto walk to
:he shop.I was so excited.I went into the shop and U P s N A K E
::und a shop assistant.I told her my name and B E o R
said that I had receiveda message.Shesaid,
B A T L 5l G
you're the winner. Congratulations! You've won a
weekendin Paris.'I was delighted.
I R A n.] Y l0
S o S T n l r l c l n lw
3 I was in classwhen my mobile phone rang. Model
answer with ftve mistakeson page 113(corrections
H L I L{_l A

listed above) It

4 As I got on the train, I saw an empty seat next t2
R E C Y c L E
to my favourite actor.
Davey Shaw was on the train. I couldn't believe it! I
askedhim if I could sit next to him. I told him that
he was my favourite actor and I'd seen all his films. Vocabularyand grammar
Davey asked me where I was going. I told him I
was going to meet my friends to go to the cinema.
review Unit 12
The journey went really quickly and we were soon
in the city centre. When I found my friends, I told Vocabulary
them that I had sat next to Davey Shaw on the train
--+in front of a +++he-nght-+ On the
but they thought I was telling lies again. Q Z i*+ont-e{
right 4next +nextto Sin-on 6ffi +
behind 7insidee{-inside 8oR +over

Vocabularyand grammar @ z tot0 3 said 4 ask for 5 asked 6 to tell/

telling 7 tell
review Unit 1l
(p 2 wasbuilt 3 seems 4 rises 5 is washed called
6 reaches 7 was completelyflooded a whyd;d+t+go --+why I didn't go / why I hadn't
, 8 disappeared9 is done 10know ll were gone
put up + vrhnwas+erying + whY I was crying
)saved 12 was
5@-whatlwas g o i n g t od o
@ Z morequickly 3 (the)best 4 morefrequently -
5 harder 6 [the) worst 7 morestrongly 8 more 6 where*hou+d*he-gg where she should go
carefully Z when-am-+-geiftt - when I am going

@ Z strewas not/wasn't very keen 3 she loved

comedies 4 she hadn't gone/didn't go 5 they had
just finished 6 she would go to the cinema that
day if she could

@ Suggestedquestions: Fxercise2
2'Are you keen on thrillers?' Suggestedanswers(The useful expressionsfor explaining,
'Do you
3 love comedies?' thanking, inviting, suggesting,apologisingand asking are
4 'Did you go to the cinema last week?' underlined):
'Have you 2 I'd like to borrow your camerabecausemy camera
5 fjust) finished your exams?'
'When (mine) is broken; 3 Thank you ever so much for the
6 will you go to the cinema?'
two weeksI spentin your house; 4l know you'venever
Q Suggestedanswers: visited my country. Would you like to come and stay
2 I asked you if you were keen on thrillers. in the summer?; 5 Why don't we meet in front of the
3 I asked you if you loved comedies. cinema?; 6 I'm so sorry for forgettingyour birthday.
4 I asked you if you went to the cinema last week. I feel terrible; 7 Can you tell me how to get to your
5 I asked you if you had finished your exams. house,please?
6 I asked you when you would go to the cinema.
Writingreference I Dear ..., Bestwishes,All the best,Yours
2 Hello, ..., Hi ..., Love,Lotsof love,Seeyou soon
Part 1
A B c
Sentencetransformations I X (The X (The candidate
l candidate doesn'texplain
doesn't why they want to
a spelling mistake (7trsf)
suggest borrow the camera
b doesnot mean the sameas the first sentence
when he can nor suggestwhen
c too many words pick up the they can collectthe
d grammaticallywrong
camera.) cameraso could only
get a maximum of 2
Exercise2 ,,r marks.)
I anyfligdts 2 as cold as 3 us to 4 soent 2
5 the most
3 / (since and / (but) x
4 / (Dear.. / (Dear... / [Deor ... Seeyou)
I any + change of verb fly to noun fLights Love) Love)
2 comparative-er + than changesto negativenot as
J (41 words) X (This X (This answeris
A S \
3 direct to repolted speechaskedus to answeris a short at 20 words
4 stayed...for changesto spenf (no preposition) little long at and could only get
5 never... suchan changesto superlativetlrc most ... 50 words.The a maximum of 2
expressions marks.)
How are you?
and I lnpe
Part 2 you'reftne are
not necessary.)
I Your friend Eva;you want to borrow her camera A: The answeris well written and organisedwithin the
2 Informal word limit but it could not get more than 3 marks
3 An email becauseit doesn'tinclude one of the contentpoints.
4 Explain why, suggestwhen you can collect it, say B: The answeris a little long but it is a good answer
when you'll give it back which includesall 3 contentpoints and it would
probablybe given 5 marks.
C: The messageis easyto understand,but it doesn't
include two of the contentpoints and it is short. It
could only get a maximum of 2 marks.
6 Exercise
Suggestedwords to underline: I letter,English-speakingfriend, (o.bout)100 words
I You are going to miss (an English-speakingfriend's 2 Your English-speakingfriend
birthday) party tomorrow 3 He or sheis going to visit your country next month.
2 a note 4 More about your country, in particular where to go
3 (an English-speakingfriend) Ian and what to do there.
4 apologise,explain why, suggestanother day
7 t a-goo+news good news 2 ffio to do 3 eoe+e-
B: The candidatehas included all 3 contentooints whieh people who 4 yottffi you visit
appropriately. ) No
The messageis very clear. t Yes
4 Yes
[xerciseB 5 Informal. Short sentences.Vocabularysuch as Hl,
Thanks,I can't believe.Short forms, e.g. that's, it's.
Punctuation:dash (-), exclamationmarks (!J.
A (6 correctedmistakesare in bold)
Yes.Which are the bestplacesto visit?(second
Hello, I am sorry bfi (totnmarrew) tomorrow I can't go to
paragraph);What can I do there?(third paragraph)
your party (beeoffie)becauseI have my sister'swedding
Hi ..., Thanksfor your letter,Pleasewrite again soon,
and she (#uel lives in the USA.I must (W) take the
train from Lyon and afterwards Ihe (plaft) plane from
because,as, because
Paris.Shall we meet next weekend?(tufrks) Thanks.

C (changesin bold) Story

Hi Ian, I'm sorry for not going to your party (yesteraay)
tomorrow. | (M) have a bad cold and my sister (ft,6d_) Fxercisel
has had an accident.| (freftt)'ve been to the hospital I teo.clrcr,story, title, Iost wallet, 100words
andfhe doctor (dd) has told her that she (fud) has a 2 title
brofen leg, so I (eoa+d*t) can't be lhere. (M+ieeaot 3 about 100
How about meeting next weekSYours,
Part 3 I third person
2 crowded,busy, upset,dngry, neruous,anxiously
lnformal letter 3 a mystery
'! 4 a was standing (past continuousJ , was stolen(pasl
Exgrcise simple passive),realised(past simple), had lost
I Letter,friend, answering... questions,o-bout100 {past perfect)
2 an English-speakingfriend 3 They recentlyhad b Upsetand angry (adjectives)
their fourteenthbirthday; they were with their family c believethis is yours' + reporting verb
and enjoyedit a lot. 4 What happenswhen you have a d lookedanxiouslyinsidewithout sayingyet what he
birthday; What you do saw
e his card, but with. someoneelse'sphoto
2 f tlrcy lrud wanted to steaLhis identity

I tflhat happens? He getsexcitedbeforeit; receives

from parents,cards and a birthday cake.
- ,,fresents | (English) teacher,story,begin, sentence,100 words
What do you do?Goesout with friends; can do what
he likes 2 Your English teacher
2 Thanks, Iots, cool, till, getting, nice, mum, dad,loads 3 Wlten the phone rang, I knew immediately who was
of, mates, Anyway, 've got to co.Iling;at the beginning of the story
3 Exclamationmarks, short forms, e.g. lsn't, tlrcre's,it'II. 4 plnne, rang,I knew, who
Very short sentences:There'sa cake,too; Write soon. 5 first person
Expressions:to"keout [phrasalverb), tlrc bestthing,
that's all. All the best 1r
4 Example:Iike a concerf.Reasons:becouseit's nry
a2 b3 cl
birthday,becausel've got to go out; Linking words:
like; because
! rercise5 Emilio: S6nchez.
I Yes Examiner: Howdo youspellit?
2 Yes Emilio: S-A-N-C-H.E-2.
3 vril+ would fbe announced),beteive believe,of in
Examiner:Thankyou.Now,wheredo youlive?
fthe world) 'lndepend6ncia',
1 Suggestedanswers: Emilio: In a districtcalled
In Santiago.
Pastsimple: tltought;Pastcontinuous:uas taking whichis quitenearof the citycentre.
parf; Pastperfect simple: hod completed;Conditional:
Examiner:And do youworkor areyoua studentin
would perform; Conditionalpassive:(would) be
5 immediately,Before,when, After, in two weeks,now Emilio: I'ma student.I'min myfive yearat secondary
6 Mainly formal. Sheusesthe full form of verbs:/ school.
had passed,I had completed.The passive:(would) Examiner:And whatsubjectsdo youstudy?
be announced.Complexsentences.No exclamation
Emilio: please?
Er ... couldyourepeatthequestion.
marks or dashes.
7 At the beginning, she makesthe readerwait by Examiner:Whatsubjectsdo youstudy?
saying Beforeanswering,I tltought back and then Oh,um ... maths, science, geography
goesback in time, describingthe eventsleading up
... thingslikethat.And English.
of I do
to that in the secondparagraph.Sheendsthe second
thatat the school, andI havelessonsat home,
paragraphby sayingand now it was flme, and starts
the final paragraphwith Neruously,I took the caII. too,witha teacher thatcomesto myhouse,
Using the natural pausebetweenparagraphsto create Examiner:DoyouenjoystudyingEnglish, Emilio?
interestis similar to the way writers sometimesdo Emilio: Yes,I likelearningit a lot becauseso many
this at the end of a chapterin an exciting novel. of the Internet andalsobecause
is in English,
'You'vewon tlrc
8 Shehearsthis over the phone:
mostof the musicI enjoyistoo.
National DanceCompetition.'
9 Nervously,amazed, couldn't bel(ie)ve it, a dream come Examiner: DoyouthinkthatEnglish willbe usefulforyou
tfue, the happiestperson (in) the world in the future?
Emilio: Forinstance,
Yes,definitely. I'd reallyliketo
Speo"king travelroundEurope andNorth America,
forthatl'llneedto knowEnglish. Exceptin

countries asSpainandMexico, of course,

Part I wherel'llbe ableto speakin Spanish.
Exercise Whatdidyoudo lastweekend?
29 t 4e 5c 6a 7b Emilio: Lastweekend... Ohyes,I wasat the
sportscentreon Saturday.Wewereptaying
2 againstoneof the bestteamsin
at school,somany-of andin theendwe beatthem.We
fiye-year fifth year, at+h#
the-hternet so much of the Internet, asS'pain like/such neverdidthat before!
as Spain, llgeneverdid We'd never done / We've never Examiner:Thankyou.
Ere rc i s3e
Add more information: as well as that, ulso,and
/tru"3 False4 True 5 False6 True somettmes
Ask someoneto repeatsomething:couldyou say that
Recording script cD2rrack26
again, please?,sorry, I didn't catch that, could you repeat
Examiner:Now,what'syourname? that, please?
Emilio: My name's
Emilio. Give examples:for instance,Iike, for exarnple,such as

Sorry,I didn't catch tllat, sucll as, also, Like,for example,
ond sometimes

"o'no,tte PET
Recordingscript cD2rrack2T A schoolfriendof yoursis goingto livein
Examiner:Whatdo youenjoydoingin yourfreetime?
differentthingsthe classcouldbuyhimor her
lsabel: Er,sorry,I didn'tcatchthat. asa leaving present anddecidewhichone
Examiner:Whatdo youenjoydoingin yourfreetime? wouldbe best.All right?Talktogether.
lsabel: My freetime,right.Well,mostof all I likedoing Stella: OK,er,if I start?
sports* lotsof differentonessuchas running Lee: Yes,please.
andswimming. I loveswimming, especially
Stella: Howaboutbuyingherthe books?| knowshe
thesea.Alsosportsthatyouplaywitha ... er
likesverymuchto readso maybetheywill be
... racket,liketennisandbadminton. There'sa
nicefor herto have.
reallybig sportscentrenearmyhouse,where
youcando lotsof differentthings.Gymnastics, Lee: I amno reallysure.Veryheavyfor ... er ...
for example. I reallylikethat.And sometimesI carryon aeroplane.DVDsbetter.
playtabletennisthere,too. Stella: Youmaybe right.but is difficultto choosefor
somebodythatyqu... er ... notreallyknow
Part 2 Lee: Uh-huh.
1 Stella: And if we askwhatis her . .. er .. . favourite
I That a classmateis leaving and the rest of you in the kindof fllmit'snot a surprisewhenwe'llgive
classwant to get a presentfor him or her. themto her.Thesameproblemwith music.
2 Discussthe possiblepresentsshown in the picture;
Lee: MaybeMP3player,
chooseone of them
3 Six: (set of) books, (digital) camera,(setof) DVDs, Stella: Yes,thenshecanput anymusicshewant.
mobile phone, (pair of) trainers,MP3 player Fromthe Internet.ButI thinkthat'snotthe
betterthingbecauseshe'sgot alreadyan MP3
2 player.I'msureI seeherwith onethe other '
day,so notthat.
2 Yes 3 Yes 4 Yes 5 Yes,the mobile phone
6 Stella.Shedealswith the task quite well, keepsthe Lee: Uh-huh.
conversationgoing with her partner and talks quite Stella: Yes,probably
Thetrainers? shehassomeand
fluently.Although she makes somemistakes,in general I'mnotso keenof themanyway.
thesedon't preventher communicatingwell and she
usesa good range of grammar and vocabulary.Her Lee: Sowhichof otherswe get?
pronunciationis influencedby her first language,but she Stella: Well,she'sgoingto livein a newplaceso
can be understoodwithout much difficulty. Lee is weaker perhapswe shouldget herthe camera? Then
on all thesepoints, although he repliesto most of what shecanmakelotsof photos.
Stellasaysand knows how to take turns.
Lee: Or mobilephone.Shecanalsophotowith
Stella: Yes.that'strue.As wellshecouldsendthe
Expressionsused: Hou.rabout,I'm not reallysureabout picturesto us hereandwe canseewhatis like
that, You may be rigltt, but, because,I'm not so keen on,
Perhapswe should, Yes,that's true, That's a (very) good
idea, SoshalLwe ... , tlrcn? Lee: ls verygoodidea,yes.Shallwe do thatthen?

/ Stella:. Yes,let'sbuyhera phone.She'lllikethat,I'm

Recording script cD2rrack28
Examinerl Inthe nextpart,you'regoingto talkto each Examiner:Thankyou.
I'mgoingto describea situationto
you.A schoolfriendof yoursis goingto live
in anothercountry. Talktogetheraboutthe
different thingstheclasscouldbuyhimor her
asa leaving presentanddecidewhichone
wouldbe best.Hereis a oicturewith some
ideasto helpyou.l'llsaythatagain.

Answer key
Part 3 Examiner:Now,Tania, hereisyourphotograph. lt also
'tr showspeopleenjoying theirfreetime.Please
Exercise showit to SofiaandtelluswhatVoucanseein
the photograph.
(Acceptotlrcr sensiblesuggestions)
Tania: OK.Inthispicture, we canseethreeboysand
Photo A: the place, weather, time of day, colours,
a girl.I thinktheycouldbefriends.Onthe
clothes and activities right,we canseea boywearinga shirtand
PhotoB: the place,weather,time of day, colours, darktrousers.Nextto thisboy,thereis his
clothes and activities friend.Heappears to be happybecause he's
smiling. Theotherboyis carrying a a. -
Exercise it'smadeof woodandit'susedfor skating.Er
... behindthegirlandboys,we canseesome
Sofia talks about the place, the weather, the colouts, buildings andthestreetso I thinkthey'rein a
the clothes.the activities. city,maybeNewYorkor London. Theweather
Tania talks about the place, the weather, the colours looksniceand...
(dark),the clothes,the activities. Examiner:Thankvou

Part 4
Sofia i / 2 X There is some range: a sunnyday, trees,
mountains and tlrcre are, I can see,I think but this is all
quite simple. 3 X 4 X [She saystlteboy lrcrewhich Free-timeactivitiesyou do now and free-timeactivities
suggestsshe is pointing at the picture.) you'd like to try in the future
5 X (Shestops quickly by saying That'so-IL.)
6 X (Her answer is simple and rather short.) 3
Tanial/ 2,/ 3/ 4./ 5,/ 6/(Tania activities
describesthe photo well. Sheuses a wide range of
vocqbularyand structure to do this. Shedescribes now in the future
the location rather than points and speaksfor about a Agnes meet friends
80 to the cinema
Recording-seript cD2rrack2e (very expensive)

Examiner:Now,I'd likeeachof youto talkon yourown skiing (once) go skiing again

aboutsomething. I'mgoingto giveeachof playing tennis, beach
youa photograph of peopleenjoying their volleyball
freetime.Sofia, here isyourphotograph.
travelling visit manypLaces,
Pleaseshowit to Tania,but I'd likeyouto talk
aboutit.Tania, youjustlisten.l'llgiveyouyour Iisten to music e.g.China
photograph in a moment. Sofia,please tellus
dancing (used to do
whatyoucanseein your photograph.
Sofia: Um ... er ... therearefourpeople inthe
Marcos meet friends - have
/ photograph. I canseea boy,no I thinkthere
'/ awalk, talk
aretwo boysandtwo girls.Theyallhavea ...
um . .. a ... this.I thinktheyareon holiday. go to the cinema
a sunnydayandtheweatherit'swarm.One playing tennis skiingon tlrc water
of thegirlswearsshorttrousers anda red (quite bad), skiing, (woter-skiing)
t-shirt.Theboydwear... er ... er ... theboy snowboarding,
herewearsa Strirt. Theshirtis blue.Theyare snorkelling (last
lookingat thetrees,mountains and... that's year)
Iisten to music, learn to play electric
Examiner:Thankyou. please?
CanI havethe booklet, guitar
dancing (quite bad)
to'not"te PET
4 Agnes: Yeah,it'strueandsometimesthejoufneycan
| ,/ 2,/ 3 ,/ 4,/ 5 ,/ 6 / Agnesand Marcos be longandboring.Don'tyouthinkso?
are strong PETcandidates.They do exactly what is Marcos: Uh-huh. Something else.I wouldliketo learn
requiredin this part of the test. to playthe electricguitar.
Recording script cD2rrack3o Agnes: Really?

Examiner:Yourphotosshowedpeopleenjoying Marcos: Yeah.My friendsingsreallywellandthereis

freetime.Now,I'd likeyouto talktogether another friendwhocanplaythedrums.Weare
aboutthethingsyouenjoydoingin yourfree thinkingin makinga group.Yousee,we love
timeandthethingsyouwouldliketo try in the rock.Doyou
allkindsof musicbutespecially
future. listento music?

Agnes: OK.At theweekends,

um,I likemeeting Agnes: Sometimes. Well,it depends. lf I haveto study
friends. thenI can'tlistento musicor theTV or nothing
butwhenwe havepartiesI likelistening to
Marcos: Me too.We meeton Saturday afternoonin
the ... the ... townandhavea walkor talk.
Sometimes we go to thecinema.
Marcos: Yeah.I loveit butI'mquitebad.Whatabout
you?Doyoulikegoingto thecinema? you?

Agnes: Yes,but it'sveryexpensive.

Whataboutsport? Agnes: WhenI wasyounger, I usedto go to balletbut I
Do youplay anysports? didn'tlikeit. NowI likedancing andI wouldlike
to havelessonsmaybe.
Marcos: Yeah,I agreethecinemais expensive. I like
Examiner:Thankyou.That'stheendof thetest.
we go skiingto the mountains.
I loveit.This Both: Thankyou.
Haveyouevertriedit? Authenticpast PETpaper
Agnes: No,well,I mean... I oncewentskiingwithmy
unclebutthatwastwo or threeyearsago.I
wouldliketo go skiingagainbutthe mountains
from CambridgeESOL
areveryfar.Likeyou,um,I alsolikeplaying
tennis,especiallyinthesummer. Wealsoplay
fmpmr X
Thereis a placeto playon the
beachandwe havea goodtime.Whatthings
Readingand Writing
wouldyou liketo try in thefuture?
Marcos: Wealwaysgo to the islands
in thesummer. Reading Fart 1
LastyearI wentsnorkellinq withmycousins. 1A 2B 3A,4C 58
It wasso beautiful
to seethefishunderthe
water.Youshouldtry it. I wouldliketo try
skiingon the water.Youknow,youhaveskis Reading Xlart3
anda boattakesyouon the water.Yeg,I want 6A 7G 8D 9H IOE
to do that.
-1!9nes: 0h, youmeanwater-skiing. I'veneverdone
that.I'ma littlescaredof thewater... I orefer
Reading Fart 3
doingthingson the land.I reallyliketravelling llB t2A 13B t4A 15A
andwhenI'molderI wouldliketo visitmany 16A t7B l8B 19A 208
places. My dreamisto visitChina. We have
studiedso manythingsaboutChinaandI
wouldliketo seeit. Wouldvouliketo travel
Reading Xsar*
whenyou'reolder? zrD 22C 23D 24A 2SB
Marcos: Maybe.I haven't reallythoughtaboutit. I don't
reallylikecarsandplanesbecause I feel. .. er
... I feelnotoood.

ReadingPart 5 Question 6

26D 278 28C 29/' 30B Candidate A's answer

3 l c 3 2 C 3 3 A ' 348 35C Dear James
I have moved becausemy fatheR get anotheR job and
Writing Part I my parents hated ouR old flat. I like the football fields
and the fantastic tennis couRts. I'd like to invite you to
I (see/watch)such an // (see/watch)a more
(about)having to my new home to spend the day together
3 gave/ showed love
-l (much) better than
Examiner's comments for Candidate A and mark
5 end of // refereeended/finished// final whistle of

Writing Fart 3 CandidateA

Points1 & 3 are fine, point 2 is not clearlyrelatedto
There are 5 marks for Part 2. Candidatesat this level the home,so the communicationis successfulon the
are not expectedto producefaultlessEnglish,but, to whole.
achieve 5 marks, a candidate should write a cohesive
messageclearly communicating all three content Mark 4

for WnitingFart2 Question 6
Candidate B's onswer
reasonwhy candidate has moved
Thanks very much four your letter. It was lovelly To
referenceto what candidate likes about new home
hear from you. I'm glad you're enjoying your new job.
rnvitation to English friend to visit candidate but That you like Bristol, it's nice The people at work
lh.eseare two examples of real PET candidates' answers are so friendly.
;ar,Question 6 (Candidate A ond Candidate B),
we're all missing you here in london! Bob and Hilary
followedby the examiner'scommentsand tlrc marks
had a party last weekend and everyonewas asking
aworded for each. how you were it's was a good partyl although I didn't
get home Till five in The morning so I spent most of
sunday in bed.
I hope you To visit us again here in londo To get much
fun TogeThe.The weather is very nice. well no more
news for The moment, I'll write again soon.
Examiner's comments for Candidate B ond mark

Despitethe fluency,this is the wrong scenarioand
so contentpoints 1 & 2 are missing.Point3 refersto
a repeatvisit to the sameplace.
Mark 1

'@ completePET
Writing Par&S
Theseare two examplesof realPETcandidates'ansu)ersfor Question7 (CandidateA and Condid"ate
B), followed.
by ttrc examiner'scommentsand the band owardedfor each.

Question 7
Candidate A's answer Examiner'scommentsfor CandidateA and band awarded
Dear John
How are you? I hope everything is
O.K. with you and your wife. I feel
my town is going to be the same or
may be worse in 20 years.Young
people leave the town and they
never come back. The problem is
there is no future for them here.
The town is going to become really
boring and quiet and only elder
peoplewill live here. I think I'll stay
here becausemy entire live is here
and my family as well. That's my
place and I want to spendrest of my
life here.
Take care

Question 7
I Candidate B's answer Examiner's comments for Candidate B and band awarded
Hi Gary
I don't think my town will be like
in 20 years ' time there are many
changesjust 20 yearsis too shot
time for change evrything. The
cost is to hight. One the other hand
you never know what happen in
future. All over the word is still
develompment.I don't think I'll
alwas live there, but at the moment
I have to becauseI living closeto
my children shool and work aswell
near. I think maybe in future I'll live
\in country where is quiet live

Theseare two examplesof real PETcondidates'onswersfor QuestionB (CandidateA and CandidateB), followed
bt, the exominer'scommentsand the band awardedfor eoch.

Question 8
Condidate A's answer Examiner'scommentsfor CandidateA and band
The best decisionI'v ever made.
When I want to lering any languag I must my self
don't have any thing. the teacherstart the decision
in the classnessarythe student'swho understand
of me. There are some student'sdon't askedteacher
him what he want. I draice any bady if will aske
teacherhim instudent is understandthe teacher
what did he seyedin the classI always ask my
teacherabout any thing I can't understandof me
only becauseif I asked my teacher any quation about
any thing and I don't knew it that is Problem well
came.thank you. nice to read you.

Question 8
Candidate B's answer Examiner'scommentsfor CandidateB and band
The best decisionI've ever made concernsmy
istudies.When I was 18,I passedthe baccalaureatI
was studying in the city where I grew. I didn't know
rvhat to do, to continue or to begin to work. I was 18,
I was very young. I decided to continue and leave in
an other city. I chosethree cities for the exam that I
rvould like to do. Unfortunately all the answers were
negatives.I was really disappointed. My mother told
me to try another city but I was not sure becauseit
rvas really far from my family. Finally, I decided to
send my name to this school.When I receivedthe
answer I was happy becauseit was yes!
Today I'm really happy to have sent my name to this
schoolbecauseI passedmy exam. I can begin to
rvork and to do what I like in my job.

Paper2 Listening paper
Recording script cD2rrack
Listening Part I Thisisthe Cambridge PreliminaryEnglishTest,
IA 2C 34 4C 5A 6B 7A Number 076.
Therearefour partsto the test.Youwill hear
Listening Fart 2 eachparttwice.Foreachpartof thetest
therewill betimefor youto lookthroughthe
8C 9B r0C rlA t2C 13A
questions andtimefor youto checkyour
Listening tlart 3 Writeyouranswers on thequestion paper. You
14 R/roof(s) will havesixminutesat the endof the testto
15 (the) P/photoCJgraph(s) copyyouranswersontothe answersheet.
16 P/piano(s) Therecording
willnowbe stopped.
17 [inlthe) G/garden(s)
18 September askanyquestions
Please now becauseyou
le (.{)13.50(p) mustnotspeakduringthe test,

In Part 3 bracketedwords do not haveto appearin the PART1

answer. Nowopenyourquestionpaperandlookat
Therearesevenquestions in thispart.For
Listening Fart 4 eachquestiontherearethreepicturesanda .
208 2t A 221' 238 24A 2SB shortrecording. Choosethe correctpicture
andout a tick in the boxbelowit.
Beforewe start,hereis an example.
Mum: Where'syournewhat,Sally?| hopeyou
haven'tleftit on the schoolbus.
Satly: Don'tworry,Murn.I put it in myschoolbag
becauselwas too hot. ,'
Mum: Are yousure?I can'tseeit there.Youprobably,
droppedit in the roadsomewhere.
Sally: Oh,hereit is - hanginginthe hall.I forgotto
takeit thismorning.
Thefirstpictureis corr.ect
so thereis a tick in
Lookat thethreepicturesfor question1 now.
Now we are readyto start.Listencarefully.You
wiil heareachrecordingtwice.
Girl: l'mgoingto hearmyfavouritebandplay
tonight- youknow- TheArcticBlues.
Boy: 0h, I knowthem.Therearethreeof them,
aren'tthere?| reallvlikethe drummer.

Girl: Oh,he left- theydon'thavea drummerany Woman: Nowthe islandis easyto getto by plane,and
more.Butthe singerandthe guitaristarestill whenyougetthere,you'llfindthereis a local
the same.And they'vegot a keyboardplayer bussystemso youdon'thaveto hirea car,
now. althoughthey'reavailableif youwant.Some
Boy: 0h, wellI mightcomealong. visitorsin pastyearshavehiredbicycles,which
a carandtheydo meanyoucangetto those
TAPEREPEAT partsof the islandwhichareoff the mainbus
Two. routes. So,as longasyoucanrideonesafely.
Wheredoesthe boyfeelpainnow? I'd saythat'sthe bestidea.
Doctor: Tellmewhathappened
Boy: Well,afterI felloff the rockmybackfelta bit
sorefor a time,thenit seemedto be all right. Five.
But I wokeup yesterday with thisbadpainin Whatdo bothgirlsdecideto wearto the
myleftleg,andit stillreallyhurts. disco?
Doctor: I see.Haveyouhadanyotherpain,a headache Karen: Whatareyougoingto wearto the disco
for examole? jeans
I'mgoingin mygreenT-shirt,
Boy: Well,I did havea bit of a headache
afterI fell. andwhite jacket.
I thinkI hit my headon the rock.But it'sfine Lisa: Oh,don''sthe sameas
now. mine.I'mgoingto wearthatone,but with a
Nowlistenagain. skirt.I'mnottakinga jacket,though,it'llbe too
Karen: It doesn'tmatterif we oo in the sameclothes.
I haven'tgot anythingelseI wantto wear
Whereis the comouternow? anyway.
Woman: I didnt reallywanta computerin the house, Lisa: Oh,allright.I suppose
but rnysondoesneedonefor hishomework. you later.
Of course,hewantedit in hisbedroom,but I
saidno - it'sfor allthefamilyto use.Firstwe
triedit in the sittingroom,butthere'snot much TAPEREPEAT
roomin there,so thenwe put it in the roommy Six.
husbandusesasan office.Buthewouldn'tlet Whogavethe manthe CDfor hisbirthday?
anyoneelseuseit, so now it'sbackwhereit
was before.andwe'vemovedthe sofaa bit. Brother: Thanksverymuchfor the birthdaypresent.I've
alwayswantedto readthat book.
Sister: That'sOK.Hey- lwent roundto Dad's
TAPEREPEAT yesterday.
Didyou likethe CDthat he bouoht
Four. for you?
Howdoesthe womanrecommend
travellino Brother: Yes!Greatchoice!Howdidhe knowI wanted
aroundthe island? that one?
Sister: I thinkhe hadsomehelpfromour littlebrother
- theywentshoppingtogetherlastweekend.
Whatisthe mangoingto order?

Man: lsthatapplepieyou'vegot?Mmm... l think On MondayI wasworriedaboutthe plane.
l'll havesomeof that.l'll getyouanotherpiece Therewasa problemwith oneof thefront
too,if youwant. wheels.I knewI couldstilltakeoff andfly,
Woman: I'd loveanotherpiece,it'sdelicious.
Only withoutanyfearof an accident,but I knew
I'mafraidthiswasthe lastone.They'vegot thatif I madea badlandingI coulddamage the
chocolate cake,though.Whydon'tyou have planeandso not be ableto continue.I called
that? theairportin Holland,mynextdestination,
to arrangesomerepairs,andfortunately I
Man: Nevermind.ljustthoughttheapplepielooked
managed to landtherewithoutanyproblems.
good,that'sall.l'll get somecoffee,anyway.I
needsomething beforethe filmstarts.ShouldI ThatnightI stayedwith somefriendson their
getyouone? farmin Holland.Nextmorningit wassofoggy
that I couldn'tfly,but it wasgoodto havea
Woman: Oh,go on.then.We'vegottime- thefilm wasdifficultto sleepso I walked
doesn'tstartfor anothertwentyminutes.
aroundthefarminstead.I hadn'tspentany
Nowlistenagain. timein the countryside for months,andl'd
TAPEREPEAT forgottenhow muchI missedthe soundof
Thatisthe end of Part1.
Whenthefog liftedin the afternoon,I was
PART2 CD2Track
32 pleasedto learntheyhadrepairedmy
Nowturnto Part2, questionsBto 13. plane,andI tookoff withinminutes.My next
destinationwasa flyingclubin the northof
Youwill hearthe pilot,KateGingford,talking
England andl.knewit wouldbe impossible to
aboutthe lastfew daysof herflightaroundthe
landthereoncethe sunhad gone down. But
worldin a smallaeroplane.
fortunatelyit wasa lovelysunnyevening,andI
Foreachquestion,put a tick in the correct arrivedin goodtime.
I leftearlyagainonThursday for London. I felt
Younowhave45 secondsto lookat the nervousbecause it wasmy lastday of flying.
for Part2. Then,whenf finallylanded,I feltwonderful
Nowwe are readyto start.Listencarefulty.
You - the long.difficultjourneyhadbeenworth
will hearthe recordingtwice. rt.ltwas lovelyseeingmyfamilywhowereall
Kate: So lastweekwhenI wastalkingaboutmyflight thereto meetrne.I promisedI wouldn'tmake
aroundthe world,I'd got asfar as Norway.This anotherlongtrip likethat again.
weekl'lltellyouaboutthe lastpartbackto Nowlistenagain.
WhenI landedin Norway,two friendswere
Thatis the endof Parl2.
thereto meetme.We stayedtogethefin a
hotelandtalkeda lot aboutmytrip andthe PART3 CD2Track
routeI'd chosen.
Nextmorning, we weregiven
Nowturnto Part3, questions14to 19.
a wonderfulcookedbreakfast andthenmy
friendshelpedmeget intothe suitI haveto Youwillheara recordedmessage abouta's reallytight. touristattractioncalledTheGrandPalace.
I hadn'tsleptmuch,but I wasexcitedandfelt Foreachquestion, fill in the missing
reallywide-awake on the flightto Denmark. in the numbereQ
information space.
My son,who isalsoa pilot.calledmeon the Younowhave20 secondsto lookat Part3.
radio.Hewasflyinga planein Germany at the Nowwe are readyto start.Listencarefully.You
timeandwe chattedfor a few minutes.I was willhearthe recording
flyingacrossthe seain thickcloudso I couldn't
seemuch,but I arrivedin Denmarksafelyon
theSunday evening.

Tourguide:Thisisthe GrandPalace information servtce. Youwillheara conversation betweena boy,
Wearepleased to announce thatthe Grand Tom,anda girl,Jemma, whoarestudyingin
Palace is nowopenagain.Theemergency parts
different of the country.
repairworkon the roofis nowcomplete, but Decideif eachsentenceis corrector incorrect.
workisstillin progress to repairtheoutside lf it is correct,put a tick in the boxunderA for
wallsof the building, whichweredamaged in YES.lf it is notcorrect,put a tick in the box
stormslastyear.Visitorsmayliketo lookat underB for NO.
an exhibition of photographs in theentrance
Younowhave20 secondsto lookat the
hall,whichshowhowthisworkis done.The
for Part4.
exhibition is nearthegiftshop,whereyoucan
buypostcards of the Palaceandslidesof some Nowwe arereadyto start.Listencarefully.
of the paintings. willhearthe recording
ThePalace wasbuiltinthe 18thcenturyas Jemma: HiTom,I haven'tseenyousincewe leftschool.
a holidayhomefor the Kingandhisfamily, Tom: Jemma,whatareyoudoinghere?I thought
anddecoratedin the classical style.Youcan youwereat university.
admirethe beautiful paintedceilinginthe Jemma: I'mbackhomewith my parentsfor the
musicroom,whichcontains the Queen'spiano.
I couldn'taffordto stayin London.
Upstairs arethe royalbedrooms, containing
Tom: Do youlikecity life?Youmustfind it verynoisy
18th-century furniture.Visitorscanalsowalk
throughthepalacekitchens andintothe dining
room,wherethe tableis laidfor fortyguests, Jemma: Wellyes,butthere'salwayssomething
with silverdinnerplatesandbeautifulglasses. happening.Notlikehere.
lf youwantrefreshments, home-made cakes, Tom: There'sthe cinemain Kingsford.
sandwiches, teaandcoffeeareservedin Jemma: Yes,but it's20 kilometresaway.WhereI livein
the QueenAnnetea-room.Onfrnedays, Londontherearelotsof cinemaswith allthe
refreshments arealsoservedin the garden. Iatestfilms,just roundthe corner"
Thetea*roomis openeverydayfrom3.00to Tom: Luckyyou!Bythetimethefilmsreach
5.00p.m.,or 5.30p.m.duringJulyandAugust. Kinqsford
cinemaeverybody elsehasforgotten
ThePalaceitselfis openeveryday,from 10.00 aboutthem. thesummerseason, that's Jemma: Thetroubleis, London'sso expensive. At
Juneto Seotembet 5.00 weekendsI usuallygo to a clubor a restaurant
p.m.fromOctoberto May. with myfriends.Thatcancostmorethant30.
Thereis an entrancechargeof {5.50for adults Tom: ReallylI can'tbelievethat.An eveningout
or f3.50for students andchildren under roundherenevercostsmemorethanf20.
Thereis alsoa specialfamilyticketavailable
for Howdo youaffordit?Haveyougot a part-time
{'sfor 2 adultsand2 children, job?
Jemma: Notyet.I'vedonea courseat the local
lf youwouldlikefurtherinformation,
please swimmingpoolto geta certificate in life-
calluson 01293567488 duringopeninghours. saving.I hadto payfor the course,but it means
Thankyou. I canbe a poollife-guardwhenI go backto
Nowlistenagain. London. I'mgoingto workearlyinthe morning
TAPEREPEAT beforemyclassesstart.
Tom: It won'tbeveryexciting.justsittingwatching
Thatisthe endof Part3.
peopleswimming up anddown.
PART4 CD2Track34 Jemma: Maybenot,butthe money'sgood.That'sthe
Nowturnto Part4, questions
20to 25. mainthing.
for thispart.
Lookat the sixsentences Tom: I'vegot a job in a children's
Actually, holiday
campnearhereforthesummer. I'mgoingto

to-o,ute PET
Jemma: Canyougivemethe phonenumber?
PerhapsI canget a job theretoo,whilel'mat
Tom: You'reprobablytoo late.I appliedfivemonths
ago,andI hadto havean interviewanda
. healthcheck.Butyoucantry.
Jemma: Well,there'snothingelsefor meto do here.
Tom: 0K. I'llflndthe number.
Thatisthe endof Part4.
Younowhavesixminutesto checkandcopy
youranswerson to the answersheet.
Thatis the endofthe test.


The authorswould like to thank The authors and publishers are grateful to the following for reviewing the
Annabel Marriott and JaneCoates material during the writing process:
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Complete PETisa brandnewcoursefor the combines thevery,
bestin contemporary classroompracticewithstimulatingtopicsaimedat
teenagers andyoungadults.Thecoursecoverseverypartof the PETexam
in detailproviding
practice,information to ensure
thatstudentsarefullypreparedfor everypartof the exarn,

Informedby Cambridge's
uniquesearchabledatabase of real examscripts,
the CambridgeLearnerCorpus*,
and an officialPETpastexam
paperfrom CambridgeESOL,CompletePETisthemoCt,:authentic PETexam

CompletePET Student'sBook with answers:

. containsl2 topic-basedunits.Eachunit coversonepart of eachPETpaper
. includesexercisestargetingcommonPETcandidate,,problem areas,using::,1
datafromtheCambridge Learner
Corpus l

. includes pasiexampapersupplied
anofficial byCambridge ESOL
. theCD-ROM(forWindows XPandVista)contains
additional notin theStudent's
Book,including grammar,
vocabulary and pronunciation l
. the Writingand Speakingreferencesectionsprovide,;ftraguidancefor
the WritingandSpeaking papers
. containsa comprehensive Grammarreferencesection
. containsan answerkeyand recordingscripts. ',aa:

l :

Othercomponents of this course: , . '

. Student'sBook withoutanswerswith CD-ROM . C/assAudio CDs
. Student'sBook Pack . Workbaokwithoutansnr*s:,rrrin,*4@ff
. Teacher's Book . warkbook witharrswers

r -70821
lsBt{978.052 -0 lsBN978-0521-67568-? tsBN978-0521-60120-7

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