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What Learning Can Be

Educomp Solutions is the largest education technology company in India. We reach out to over 25000 schools and 14 million
learners and educators globally. Educomp Group has 27 offices worldwide including an office each in Canada and Sri Lanka, two
in Singapore, three in the United States and 20 in India

Educomp addresses the key markets of private schools, government schools, educational content, teacher training, supplemental
education services, pre-schools, professional and higher education as well as online learning. Educomp is a publicly traded
company on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

Educomp is a leader in several of the market segments it operates in. It has created and owns the largest content library for K-12. It
is the largest Professional Development Company, a leading ICT Solutions Company, and the pioneer in education process
outsourcing in India. Educomp, the only Education Ecosystem Company in India, has a portfolio of fast growing brands.

Our flagship businesses of School Learning Solutions: smartclass and Edureach lead the growth of our business in India. They are
the market leaders in their segments of private and government schools respectively. The smartclass is a teacher-led educational
content solution that dramatically improves learning outcomes in private schools. Edureach providing turnkey solutions for
computer aided learning in government schools, is the only company in India to have content in 11 regional languages across 14
states in India. Educomp 03, the one on one learning system, is designed with the power of highly evolved classroom strategies
using cutting edge technology.
About Educomp Solutions

Educomp is further expanding its reach through programs such as distance education, higher education, professional training, and
special education.

For higher education learning programs, Educomp has entered into joint ventures with Raffles and Pearson. With Raffles
Education Corp., Asia Pacific's largest private education group, Educomp has launched its India brand 'Raffles Educomp
International'. The premium design institutes Raffles Millennium International, launched in Delhi and Bangalore, are committed to
providing quality education through a network of institutions in the Asia Pacific region to develop industry-relevant skilled
professionals. With Pearson, the International Education and Information Company, our JV IndiaCan seeks to address a growing
chasm between education and employability in India, offering skills training for sectors such as financial services and retail.

The higher education learning programs include Fashion Design, Hospitality, Management, Vocational training programs in
English language training, as well as a wide range of vocations. Educomp Tele Education Network (ETEN) was set up to address
employability training needs in accounting, soft skills, English language and CA coaching through VSAT enabled learning centers
across India. Educomp also works with various state governments on the running and management of various Industrial Training
Institutes (ITIs) across the country. The Company works in the area of improving the employability of college graduates through its
subsidiary A-Plus Education under the brand “Purple Leap”.

Educomp is making strides into building brick and mortar schools in the K-12 and higher education segments. 35 High Schools are
operational in the 2009-10 session. Educomp's portfolio of schools spreads across 3 brands; Millennium Schools are targeted
towards Tier I and Tier II cities, Takshila Schools target Tier II and Tier III cities, and Vidya Prabhat Schools target Tier IV and semi
urban towns. There are also 643 pre-schools operational with Eurokids and Roots to Wings; Educomp's own pre-school brand for
the 2009-10 session.

Central to Educomp business strategy are state-of-art online, web-based education solutions like Learning Hour, Mathguru and
WiZiQ that are widening access to quality education. Learning Hour offers premium tutoring centers. Mathguru is India's first and
largest online math tutor and content portal. WiZiQ, a web-based platform for students and teachers to discover, transact and
deliver educational services and connect in real time with audio-video and whiteboard capabilities offers online solutions
connecting thousands of teachers and students. It also provides Internet Learning Platform to Learnhub, a Social Learning
Network for community building, online tutoring, web based learning, and digital content. AuthorStream is an online powerpoint
sharing engine.

Educomp has entered US and Singapore markets through acquisitions to avail cross-border opportunities and technology
exchange in the same education space. Ask-N-Learn a fully owned Educomp subsidiary is Singapore's largest K-12 Company.
Educomp acquired majority stake in, the leading web based K-12 Company in US providing curriculum and
assessment to thousands of schools and millions of students across the US. Edumatics Corporation is Educomp's fully owned
subsidiary in the US based in Ventura, California..

Educomp has presence across the Educational Life Cycle spanning an age group starting from age two and moving on to address
students over 25 years of age. The backbone of expansion across this value chain is a strong R&D dedicated to creating quality
Content and IP to serve the entire ecosystem.

The making of Educomp is a story of building equity across the value chain; of being the change that is needed in the world of
education, to ignite the fire of learning and the desire to teach, impacting entire communities, and changing lives of millions of
students and teachers and showing …What Learning Can Be

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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.
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What Learning Can Be

Class Rooms as Centers of Learning

Most learning in a student's life happens in a classroom .The smartclass is an
innovative technology integration solution that aims to revolutionize the way
teachers teach and students learn right inside the classroom. In the class, the
students benefit from topics in their curriculum converted into animations that
they can relate to and visuals that help them remember and retain. Smart class
equips teachers with teaching aids mapped to the topics that they need to cover
on a day-to-day basis. The program helps the teachers to meet their challenges
in class with practical and friendly use of technology. The focus is also to assist
teachers in enhancing the academic performance of their students.

smartclass program
An existing space inside the school campus is converted into smartclass Knowledge Center with a dedicated server
connected to the existing classrooms through a campus-wide Ethernet network. Inside the Knowledge center, the
extensive content repository resides in a user friendly application engine. The system enables teachers to have
individual logins where in topics are presented as per their teaching schedule.

Smart class is powered by a vast repository of digital instruction materials exactly mapped to meet with the specific
objectives laid out by different state learning standards. This repository is aggregated and continuously populated
Smart Class

through ongoing development at Educomp's Digital Products and Solutions (DIPS) group, located in a state of the
art 30,000 sq feet facility in Noida Special Economic Zone near New Delhi, India. The curriculum reach unfolds from
Kindergarten to Grade twelve covering subjects from Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Physics,
Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, Geography and Commerce.

No More Checking Homework Assignments

Assessment is the key to discovering the achievement of learning outcomes. The
Smart Assessment System helps teachers with instant assessments. A set of
questions are displayed on the screen. Each student is equipped with a wireless
smart assessment device to click the correct answer. At the end of each test,
responses are instantly registered by smartclass engine giving a detailed feedback
on every student and the class as a whole. This helps the teacher to both assess the
students' and provide remedial teaching.

Guiding Principles Of Smart Class

The smartclass helps the teacher to teach abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize
or relate to. The teacher thus maintains the student's interest and engagement in learning inside the classroom.
The fact that the teachers guide the pace of learning and explain the topic in their own words with the help of
digital content to the students, helps them to be cognizant of the wide diversity of learning styles in the
classroom. The solution thus permits the teacher to center all teaching around students' response. Smart Class
creates a system that allows learning to be instantly and continuously assessed and interpreted to ensure that
all learning gaps are remediated.
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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.
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What Learning Can Be

Enriching Education

Our Vision is to transform the teaching-learning processes by empowering teachers and

encouraging children to acquire knowledge and gain clarity of concept through use of ICT.


Multimedia Curriculum Content In Regional Languages
Educomp is one of the pioneers who has been engaged in creation of Multimedia
Contents in 11 Regional languages in the country including tribal language Bodo.
The content created is a combination of computer literacy and curriculum based
content. The topics selected for the content creation are such that the concepts
and ideas are best explained using multimedia and audio so that the content can
be taught in an interesting and interactive manner to ensure that the child learns to
use the computer as a tool to enhance his existing knowledge base.

Computer Aided Learning (CAL)

Using Computer Aided learning (CAL) methods, students can easily understand some of the most
difficult topics of the subjects in joyful and interesting manner through audio visual aids. These audio
visual aids/ images display the data and the mathematical relation of the topics for interpretation,
especially of multi-dimensional cases. The teacher's are also benefited in a way that they can improve
their teaching and learning skills by delivering our module contents and supporting our course using
Computers and Information Technology.

Computer Education Programme (CEP)


Educomp has been executing Computer Education Programme for more than a decade with various
state Governments across country. The contract is usually in the nature of a Build–Own-Operate-
Transfer (BOOT) arrangement, wherein all assets are transferred to the school nominated by State
Government at a nominal residual value at the end of the contract period. Educomp does the upfront
Hardware and Software investment and pays for expenses such as teacher salaries and consumables
during the duration of the contract.

Teacher Training
Teachers are key forces in tapping ICT-facilitated learning opportunities and bridging the digital
divide in education between and within the countries. Now Edureach has had a profound impact
on the roles of teachers in an information-intensive society.

MagiKeys revolutionary software provides Chat, Email and Online Word Processing, with amazing
virtual keyboards in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam,
Urdu, Konkani & Punjabi. MagiKeys further transforms any website, email, and chats to be in 12
Indian languages.

Mathemagic Kit
A 'Mathemagic Kit' provides wide variety of materials to play with and learn the concepts. Math's teaching and learning can be
done with activities using manipulative and experiments by students. Mathemagic Kit also encourages group learning and co-
operative learning among children.
Educomp has developed Edumate™, an easy-to-use, portable compact unit that combines a
high-end multimedia computer, a projector with facilities like TV tuner card, PCI modem for
Internet connectivity, fax. Developed by Educomp, the Edumate's matchless features make it a
high-powered tool for Education and Communication. Edumate combines the computer system with high resolution
projection system. Edumate can be loaded with teaching aids like multimedia content which enhance the student
understanding by explaining the difficult concepts using multimedia.

Edusat contents
EDUSAT launched on September 20, 2004 is the first exclusive satellite for serving the educational sector. It is specially
configured for audio-visual medium, employing digital interactive classroom and multimedia multicentric system. The satellite
will have multiple regional beams covering different parts of India. Educomp is working with Government of Punjab to deliver
lesson through EDUSAT in the Government schools of Punjab.

Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

Tel. : +91-124-4529000, Fax : +91-124-4529039 website : e-mail :
What Learning Can Be

The vision of Eduschools is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child and create lifelong learners who
will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our aspiration is to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong
sense of values.
Educomp's portfolio of schools grows across 3 brands:

Education for Empowerment

Millennium Schools: targeted Takshila Schools: targeted Vidya Prabhat Schools:

towards Tier I and Tier II cities towards Tier II and Tier III targeted towards Tier IV
cities and semi urban towns

Edu-Schools: Creating Core Capacity for Private Schooling in India

There is a shortage of about 200,000 schools in India. In a small measure Educomp Infrastructure & School
Management Services Ltd. is trying to address the gap arising from this perennial shortage of schools in the country.
Our School Solutions team is committed to extending our own schools to about 100-150 over the next 3-4 years.

The Millennium School, Amritsar The Millennium School, Mohali The Millennium School, Lucknow

PSBB LLA, Bangalore The Millennium School, Noida The Millennium School, Panipat

The Eduschools are powered by the Millennium Learning System (MLS). MLS is the framework for underlying
school ecosystem including the school's culture, philosophy, infrastructure, curriculum, lesson plans, learning
levels and curricular activities.

Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

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What Learning Can Be

Pre-Schools – India's largest Pre-School company

Educomp's chains of Pre-schools are designed to cater to the pre-schooling needs of the children from two to five
years. These preschool chains constitute of "Roots-to-Wings”, a fully owned chain of Educomp owned and
Franchisee Schools, and "EuroKids" with 50% partnership from Educomp.
Our Preschools follows a simple belief of progressing from simple to complex, concrete to abstract and macro to
micro. Our program is grounded on scientific principles based on Child Development. These principles are
embodied in the curriculum design and general learning environment. The instructional delivery is organised and
responsive to the interactions with adults where opportunities are provided for children to acquire skills and learn
concepts involving problem solving, decision-making, questioning, evaluating and discovering.

Roots to Wings
Roots-to-Wings: New Concept to Pre-School Education
First structured and process driven IP in the fragmented space for early
childhood education
Caters to pre-schooling needs of children from age 2 to 5 years
Curriculum approach focuses on imparting skill based knowledge using
sequential learning techniques

Roots to Within a short span of time, Roots to Wings has expanded to 175 operational
franchised schools

Wings TM Roots-to-Wings has been awarded 'Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2008' for
excellence in Franchising and Business Development, by Franchise India
Holdings Ltd.

Eurokids: India's leading chain of Pre-Schools

In Q3 FY09, Educomp entered into a 50-50 strategic partnership with Eurokids
Eurokids is one of the largest pre-school chain in India and runs over 450
franchised pre-schools in the country catering to 27,000+ kids enrolled from
age 2-4 (including 35 owned pre-schools)
Entered into arrangements for commencement of 12 Euroschools (K12
schools), on Dry Management Basis
Introduced 'Kinder Musik' programme (learning through music in collaboration
with Kinder Musik USA) in 6 major cities including Mumbai, Chennai,
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi & Calcutta
Recipient of 'Best Franchisor Award, 2008' at "Franchise India 2008"

Eurokids & 'Roots to Wings' together plan to build a network of 2,000 pre-schools in India over the next 3 years,
bringing the best teaching aids and solutions to children across the country.

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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

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What Learning Can Be

Raffles Millennium International

RMI is a landmark joint venture between the largest private education group in the Asia-Pacific region, Raffles
Education Corporation, and the largest education company in India, Educomp Solutions Ltd. RMI is also Educomp's
first foray into professional education.
Raffles Millennium International

Raffles Millennium International (RMI) is a design training institute offering world class professional courses in
creative arts, design, lifestyle and business management. At RMI, we currently offer courses in fashion design,
product design, interior design, visual communication and fashion marketing. In addition, we aim to introduce
courses on business management, finance, marketing, tourism and hospitality management in the time to come.
Educomp formed a 50:50 Joint Venture with Raffles Education Corp., Asia Pacific's largest Private education group
for Professional Education in India
Launched India brand 'Raffles Millennium International' in Q3 FY'09
Launched 'Raffles Millennium International' Institute in Delhi (Pusa Road) in March '09 and Bengaluru in July ’09

JV with Raffles
The JV opens up growth opportunities in Post K-12
The JV in India will bring the entire suite of the Group's Professional development programs and courses to India,
providing Educomp's large student population with meaningful alternatives when they graduate from high school
Educomp will capitalize on its existing client base of over 10 million students in schools to fill up capacity in the Post
K12 initiatives
The largest private education group in the Asia-Pacific region
with a Market capitalization of S$2.78 billion. Since its 1st college
in Singapore in 1990, the group has grown to operate 3 universities and 26 colleges across 10 countries in the Asia-
Pacific region: Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Australia and New
Zealand. The group owns the Oriental University City in Lang fang, Hebei Province, China- A 3.31 million square
meters self contained campus, within which there are 19 colleges with 57000 students.

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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

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What Learning Can Be

The Educomp Vocational Education Pvt. Ltd.(EVEPL) is focused on Vocational Education and Employability
Enhancement solutions for Corporate, Government, Institutions and consumer domain. It seeks to Guide, Coach, Train
and Certify Learners to become more employable and create higher business and societal value. Educomp's vocational
education strategy is founded on a multi-dimensional approach towards bridging the skills gap in India. Educomp has
taken a pioneering lead to establish public private partnerships by taking over 16 Vocational Training Institutes (formerly
known as ITIs) of the Govt of India under Public Private Partnership initiated by Directorate General of Employment &
Training, as well as 12 skill development centers from the Govt. of Gujarat. Educomp works directly with domain experts
Educomp Tele Education Network

in retail, management, engineering and other aligned disciplines to engender an appropriate blend of Industry and
Pedagogical best practices to such institutions.

Educomp Tele Education Network- Bridging the Physical divide digitally

The Educomp Vocational Education Pvt. Ltd. is focused on Vocational Education and Employability Enhancement
solutions for Corporate, Government, Institutions and consumer domain. It seeks to Guide, Coach, Train and Certify
Learners to become more employable and create higher business and societal value. Educomp's vocational education
strategy is founded on a multi-dimensional approach towards bridging the skills gap in India. Educomp has taken a
pioneering lead to establish public private partnerships by taking over 16 Vocational Training Institutes (formerly known
as ITIs) of the Govt of India under Public Private Partnership initiated by Directorate General of Employment & Training,
as well as 12 skill development centers from the Govt. of Gujarat. Educomp works directly with domain experts in retail,
management, engineering and other aligned disciplines to engender an appropriate blend of Industry.

ETEN Programs
The ETEN initiative is in furtherance to Educomp's mission of being a transformative learning enabler through innovative
technology-led initiatives. The ETEN Programs currently offer CA coaching via Satellite to CA Aspirants for all the levels
(CPT, IPCC & FINAL), vocational training for Accounting Technicians, in addition to several programs for practicing
Chartered Accountants, as well as programs for English language learning, retail and hospitality industry.

ETEN has partnered with top faculty in the country which has taught several thousand students in past, authored several
books, and have consulted many Industry chambers and regulatory bodies. ETEN has over 8000 enrolments,
supported from 45+ centers, since its inception last year.

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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.
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What Learning Can Be

ASKnLearn was founded in the year 2000 in Singapore to provide educational technology solutions for the Singapore
education market. Within the span of a few years, ASKnLearn grew to become one of the leaders in e-learning technology
and I.T. training for schools in Singapore and beyond. They have serviced key clients such as Singapore's Ministry of
Education, the National University of Singapore and Singapore's Ministry of Defence.
ASKnLearn provides Internet based e-learning solutions, online educational content and ICT training to over 160 schools
in Singapore and in South East Asia. It is currently the largest IT training service provider in Singapore and a major e-
learning system provider to Singapore schools. It has partnered technology giants Microsoft and Adobe Systems on
various projects and is an e-learning partner for PEARSON South Asia.
In July 2007, ASKnLearn become a member of the Educomp Solutions Ltd group of companies. ASKnLearn provides the
following products and services:

Edulearn is one of ASKnLearn's flagship products. It is a comprehensive Learning Management System that is designed
for K-12 schools in Singapore. Edulearn is frequently updated with useful tools and updates for school use.

Wizlearn is a full featured scalable Advanced Learning Platform designed with the private educational
organization or tertiary institution in mind. It is compliant to major e-learning standards such as SCORM
and QTI and is fully scalable, customizable and can be ported internationally.

ICT Training
ASKnLearn is a major provider of ICT training
in Singapore. It is an Adobe Authorized
Training Centre and has entered into
partnership with the Infocomm Development
Authority of Singapore to provide training for
Singapore Schools under the Infocomm Club
Chroma key in action Claymation figures 2D Animation Programme.
by students and ActionScript

Multimedia & Content Development

ASKnLearn provides multimedia educational content mapped to the local curriculum. The content is designed for
students to learn and explore at their own pace and for teachers to better communicate concepts to their students.

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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.
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What Learning Can Be

Tutoring Service
Educomp learning hour is a tutoring company innovating new products in supplemental education. The main services offered are
academic assistance to school students and Test Preparation programs.
Learning Hour, a subsidiary of Educomp Solutions Limited, runs online tutoring services, tutoring centers and VSAT based test
prep programs. It is one of the largest Online Tutoring services provider for India and launched the first of its kind “Concept Tutoring”
Centers for school students. It is also the pioneer in launching VSAT based test prep programs in the country.
Learning Hour is one of the most popular online tutoring portals in the country and is regularly used by thousands of school students
in the Middle East.
First tutoring website in India to have full audio-video conferencing along with standard tutoring whiteboard functionality. Learning
Hour offers 1-to-1 online tutoring in all curriculums from Grade 6-12 primarily in India and Middle East using an online tutoring
platform on which students and tutors communicate with each other using voice, video and digital whiteboards.
First website to launch services for CBSE and GCSE curriculums across 5 subjects for students in Gulf region and receive
tremendous response
Offering one-to-one online tutoring for school students for normal standard academic tutoring and 1:4 tutoring for test prep
modules like IIT-JEE, PMT etc
All tutors are post-graduates, engineers and, doctorates in relevant subjects and undergo rigorous training in online tutoring
processes and Learning Hour pedagogy
Uses WiZiQ Technology
Learning Hour

A Snapshot of the Tutoring Process

Students register on the website and create their customized study schedule under the advice of a tutor and the customer
relationship managers
On the time of the session, they log into the website and click a button to enter the assigned virtual classroom, which has a
tutor waiting for them.
Students and tutors interact through voice, video and a whiteboard which replicates the physical tutoring process almost
The whiteboard is used in conjunction with a digital pen, which is a cordless pen used by the students/tutors to write on a
pad, and their writing is instantly replicated on the whiteboard screen
Tutors also use a number of presentations, illustrations, animations etc to better explain concepts to the students. They
also take periodic tests for assessment and progress tracking
The entire tutoring session is recorded on the tutor and students computers. The student can replay the whole session
anytime for revision

LearningHour Tutoring Centers

Several Tutoring Centers operational
Subjects taught: Maths, Sciences, English, Accounts, Economics, Smart
Maths, VedicMaths, Memory Retention
Curriculum: CBSE
Grades: 8th to 12th Grade
Centers designed to provide an environment conducive to learning and
aided by the latest teaching technologies
Specially researched pedagogy and developed study material created under
the aegis of highly qualified Educomp R&D Team
Worksheets and concept notes for all chapters
SmartClass animations for better visual comprehension
Testing and Assessment program to ensure personal attention and improvement

LEAP : VSAT Based IIT-JEE and other Test Prep Programs

First of its kind test prep programs in India with remote teaching delivered in highly effective, seamless and efficient
Teaching sessions delivered through VSAT with students able to talk to teachers via voice channels using wireless
Faculty comprising of India's best teachers in their respective subjects, with proven track records of teaching successful
Well developed study material available to all students including books, workbooks, multi-media etc.
Smart Assessment System enabled teaching, allowing instant administration of quizzes with each student entering their
answers on a customized remote, and instant display of results.
Wide range of programs available for schools and stand alone franchisees alike.
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Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

Tel. : +91-124-4529000, Fax : +91-124-4529039 website : e-mail :
What Learning Can Be is an online social learning network for people who love learning and sharing knowledge. LearnHub is a
free content resource that offers a revolutionary approach to learning online through networked communities, which
focus on both academic and non-academic pursuits. Communities contain a mixture of lessons (pages, videos, and
presentations), online tests, discussions, debates and fun activities like general trivia. Among the top learning
communities on LearnHub are those focusing on Study Abroad, Test Prep and Careers to help students get ahead in
education, and get ahead in life!

Preparation of Exams like GMAT, GRE, CAT, SAT, JEE and More!
Graduate and Undergraduate students interested in competitive exams come to LearnHub to practice questions for free,
talk to other students who have taken tests and get expert advice and guidance. It all starts in our test prep communities!

Study Abroad at Colleges & Universities All Over the World

Study Abroad communities provide students with important information on education abroad and a platform to connect
with University representatives, other students aspiring to study abroad and counselors.

Furthermore, LearnHub provides "University and College Application Tool" that allows students to choose from
hundreds of university and college programs around the world and get free counseling and career guidance from
LearnHub's team of counselors. Since August 2008, this free online application tool has been used over 3,30,000 times
by Indian students.

LearnHub includes over 3,00,000 pages of free study material and career advice, over 700 international academic
programs and has a rapidly growing user base. As of 01st September 2009, it had grown to over 1,50,000 enthusiastic
members, including school & college students, teachers, professors, and working professionals. LearnHub has set its
sights on growing university partnerships, starting more subject matter communities, and reaching the next milestone of
10,00,000 members.

for more information please logon to

Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.
Tel. : +91-124-4529000, Fax : +91-124-4529039 website : e-mail :
What Learning Can Be
Connecting students and teachers around the world

Connecting students and teachers around the world, from AuthorGen Technologies a subsidiary of Educomp is an Internet learning platform that connects
students and teachers all around the world regardless of their age, nationality or school/college. Authorgen is a
pioneer in WizIQ learning platform 2.0 for online learning. WiZiQ not only facilitates the connection between learners
and teachers around the globe but it also provides a channel of communication between them as well. Learners and
teachers can connect through our state-of-the-art virtual classroom equipped with live audio, video, whiteboard and
text chat elements. WiZiQ allows the teachers to teach at their own terms and even facilitates payments for their
teaching and tutoring services. It's free to join.

Connect and Communicate with WiZiQ Members

Internet gives an opportunity for a connection among people
regardless of their geographical location. WiZiQ enables
students and teachers to connect with like-minded students and
teachers from all around the world. Anyone can join WiZiQ for
free to:
Learn and teach live, in a virtual classroom.
Earn at your own rates for your knowledge and expertise.
Tutor 1-to-1 or a group of students

Find and Share Content

WiZiQ allows you to find content created by other WiZiQ
members from all around the world. It also allows you to
share your own content with other WiZiQ members. Anyone
can join WiZiQ for free to:
Share content with other WiZiQ members.
Find presentations for their own course work.
Create assignments and share them with students.

Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

Tel. : +91-124-4529000, Fax : +91-124-4529039 website : e-mail :
What Learning Can Be

Mathguru™, the innovative Math-help program, 100% in Math

Hundreds of thousands of school students in the country resort to post-school tuitions, especially for Mathematics.
In a class full of a diverse set of learners at school, many students are unable to cope up with the pace with which the
teacher explains key steps involved in solving Math problems given in their text books. Constraints to finish the entire
Math curriculum within the academic year in class leaves the teacher with very little time to help students solve each
and every math problem given in the text book. At home, parents, with their limited time and ability to assist the
student, have no option but to engage a Math tutor for the child. Mathguru™ is an innovative math-help program to
resolve this learning-inconsistency for the student. Mathguru™ helps students learn how to solve every single math
problem as per their curriculum, text books or syllabus — anytime anywhere — as a real personal tutor.

Mathguru™ is a unique math-help program for school students
studying in classes VI through XII. Math experts behind Mathguru™
use a virtual notebook and pen to explain the solution step by step in
their own voice. Mathguru™ takes students to the heart of the
Online Content

problem by illustrating the solution in the most common and useful


The repository of solutions at Mathguru™ contains all

problems from the NCERT Math books. The easy-to-use
website keeps all problems and solutions arranged in a
structured topic format, thus benefiting students across
other curricula/state education boards also. Very soon,
problems pertaining to other curricula will also be

Advantage Mathguru™
Find the solution when stuck with a problem
Complete math homework
Have experts solve math problems anytime, anywhere
Never get left behind in math class
Enhance knowledge level
Improves understanding
Strengthen fundamentals
Easy to follow methods to clarify doubts
Step-by-step solutions to clear fundamental concepts
Developed by India 's best Math teachers
Available on the click of a mouse

w w w. m a t h g u r u . c o m
Mathguru™ is a student's true companion to help score high grades in Mathematics.

Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

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What Learning Can Be

Quality Education for Students and Teachers

The QuEST Program redefines a powerful vision for 21st Century education. It is based on the core premise that
every school can become a “Learning Organization” by bringing together a collaborative culture synergized with
dynamic practices in the school system.
Under the huge umbrella of the QuEST Program, we offer multifold services to enable schools to reach excellence.
From Training Programs for different stakeholders to Whole School Development, we help schools to reflect on their
current reality and reach highest level of effectiveness.

PDPE- Professional Development Program For Educators

Brain-based Instruction '
Art of Questioning '
Motivating students
Effective Strategies '
Thinking Tools '
Looking within
Assessment Toolkit '
Group Learning '
Effective Communication

Student' Program
Whether the student is a high achiever or is struggling with studies, we offer
strategies for achieving success that lasts a lifetime. With us the student finds
opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and fun. The program enables

students to enhance their learning and help them built certain core skills so that
they grow into responsible, contributing members of the society.

Effective Communication '
Persona Plus
Study Smart '
Road to Success

WSD-Whole School Development Program

WSD enables schools to improve themselves through reflection and goal setting and to move towards a whole school
approach. We believe that the school can improve if it synergizes appropriate school culture with organizational policies
and adopt practices in synch with the vision and the mission of the school.

Mathemagic Lab Kit

Parents Empowerment Program

Our vision is to assist parents in discovering and developing their natural ability to gain new insights into being effective
parents. Parents who are informed about the latest practices in education, inspired to effectively participate in the
development of their children & empowered with a variety of simple strategies and techniques.

Educomp Solutions Limited, 514 Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon-122001, India.

Tel. : +91-124-4529000, Fax : +91-124-4529039 website : e-mail :