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Hawthorne Bridge, Portland Oregon

September 2017
Volume 1, Issue 1 Inside this issue
New Mothers Room at City Hall....2
A Newsletter by the CityStrongs New Website..............2
Meet Your Benefits Team........3
City of Portland Benefit Essentials-
(Preventive Care Initiative)...4
Health and Financial Focus on Education-

Benefits Office (Budgeting & Personal Safety) ......5

Benefit Days.. (back page)
New Mothers Room at City Hall
The new Nursing Mothers Room at City Hall is
complete and ready for use. It is located on the 3rd
floor of City Hall next to the Rose Room. The new
room has two chairs, a microwave, a mini refrigera-
tor, and a small table. The previous room (located
on the 1st floor) is closed.
In addition to the new room at City Hall, access to
the Nursing Mothers Room at the Portland Building
will remain available until the building closes, and
there is also a room within the Columbia Square
Building (10th floor, by suite 1030) that is available.
We are currently researching what additional op-
tions will be available once the Portland Building
closes, and will continue to provide updates as new
information is received. One ridiculously cute baby

New Website Launch for CityStrong

What is
CityStrong? Take your health from good to great
Created by the
City of Portland
and Moda Health, The new website,, contains
City Strong is an
all-inclusive well- FAQs about the program, as well as information on
ness program what you can expect from the program, resources
customized for for fitness, nutrition, quitting tobacco, stress man-
each bureau. The agement and more.
program offers on-
site educational
support within
your bureau and
Visit the website today to see how CityStrong can
provides re- benefit you.
sources to help
you be your
healthy best.

Healthy people, doing healthy things

Meet Your Benefits Team!
Fun Facts about

Jeanine is known as
being Ms. Detail-
Oriented (she once had
to find $.10 during a

She is Auntie to 5 niec-

es and nephews, and 5
Grand nieces and
nephew., whom she
loves going to Disney-
land with.

Jeanine is a big time

OSU Beaver alumni
and fan

The Portland Trailblaz-

Jeanine Keller, smiling for the camera
ers won the World
Name: Jeanine Keller Championship at the
Title: Deferred Compensation Administrator same moment that
(Program Coordinator) Jeanine graduated from
Contact Info: 503-823-6140 or Some of Jeanines fa-
vorite things include
John Grisham novels,
Jeanine administers all aspects of the deferred compen-
all sorts of music, old
sation program. She is an employee advocate, and al-
movies, and working on
ways takes into consideration how a decision will affect
the employee. family history with her
Jeanine enjoys helping employees make the best use of
their retirement savings program and enjoys when she
can hear an employee thank her when they are ready to
One reason Jeanine enjoys working for the City is the op-
portunities for growth that are available for employees.

Benefit Essentials
Helping you navigate your benefits one topic at a time

Preventive Care Initiative Update

On August 20, 2017, new contracts were ratified for City of Portland Em-
ployees who belong to the following bargaining units: Laborers Local 483,
Professional & Technical Employees Local 17 (formerly known as COP-
PEA), and Recreation Employees.
These bargaining units are now participating in the Preventive Care Initia-
tive, and join previously participating bargaining units PPA, PPCOA, Hous-
ing, BOEC, and Non-Reps. Participation in the Preventive Care Initiative
allows employees to maintain the highest employer contribution to health
care coverage available.

The Health & Financial Benefits Office will be conducting 2 separate Q&A
sessions at PBOT Kerby to assist with any questions Employees may
have, as well as assist Employees in completing the HIPAA authorization
(Kaiser participants). More Q&A sessions at various other locations will be
added in the future.
Preventive Care Initiative Q&A Sessions:
Location: PBOT Kerby (2929 N Kerby Ave Portland, OR 97227)
Dates: 09/12/17 & 09/20/17
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm
More information on the Preventive Care

Information on our website

Preventive Care Initiative FAQs

HIPAA Authorization Form (complete and scan to

Focus on Education
Budgeting Basics
For most of us, a budget plan is a necessity for maintaining a clear picture of our fi-
nances. Understanding, maintaining, and sticking to a budget isnt always an easy
task, but it is beneficial to our health and well-being. Fewer financial problems means
less stress, but being careful, practical and responsible with our finances can also
seem overwhelming.
Join us in the month of September as we focus on Budgeting Basics. Check our
weekly email of upcoming events and sign up for the Budgeting Basics Webinar of-
fered through Cascade Centers EAP.

City Employees have access to

30 days of free financial coaching.
Call Cascade Centers EAP at 800-433-
2320 or text 503-980-1777 to get con-
nected .
The expressive hands of a sound financial coach (above)

Personal Safety
On September 26th at 12:00pm (2nd floor Auditorium, Portland Building),
WomenStrength (a program offered by the Portland Police Bureau) will
be conducting a Personal Safety Workshop, available to all City Employ-
ees. Check out the weekly upcoming events email for additional details
on this workshop. No registration necessary.
To maximize your personal safety, take a minute to plan and prepare for
safety before leaving your home: Make Your Safety A Priority PDF

Like and follow us on Facebook as we

post tips, information, and discussion
points on these educational focus topics
during the month of September.

City of Portland
Health & Financial Benefits Office
Phone: 503-823-6031
Fax: 503-823-3522