DEFINITIONS Challenge: Redesigner: Redesignme Connect: Redesigns:

17 MAY 2011 
an assignment for the Redesignme Connect community the natural person accepting these terms and conditions the legal personality RedesignMe B.V. who exploits Redesignme Connect all ideas posted by Redesigner

PERSONAL DATA Redesigner explicitly agrees to provide Redesignme Connect with its personal data requested by Redesignme Connect. Redesignme Connect is, within the framework of the Challenge, permitted to hold this personal data in its administration and may also provide Challenge Initiator with this information. CONTENT Redesigner is not allowed to publish Redesigns that constitute as and/or contain advertisements, discriminatory remarks or violating statements. Redesignme Connect is entitled to remove such Redesigns from its website and to cancel the account of Redesigner. REMUNERATION If Challenge Initiator (company) chooses the Redesign of Redesigner to be (one of the) winner(s) of the Challenge, Redesigner will receive a fee for his/her Redesign. Redesignme Connect shall pay the fee to Redesigner in RDMs. RDMs are the virtual currency of Redesignme Connect. RDMs can be exchanged in the RDM shop or converted into real currency. Redesignme Connect has the exclusive right to determine the amount of the fee and the type of currency. If Redesigner is declared (one of the) winner(s) of the Challenge, Redesigner is obligated to provided the uploaded Redesign in the highest possible quality and/or most usefull file-format to Redesignme Connect retains the right to cancel payment of any fee if the Challenge Initiator – for whatsoever reason - does not pay the fee to Redesignme Connect. RDMSHOP Redesignme Connect does not give any warranty regarding the products bought from the RDM shop. Items bought in the shop will NOT be shipped to a country outside of the European Union. Redesignme Connect buys the items form an external party and therefor can not be responsible for any delay caused by this external party. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All (intellectual property)rights regarding the Redesigns and/or the outcome of the Challenge – in any shape or form - are, or shall be, assigned to Challenge Initiator. If and sofar as necessary, Redesigner hereby assigns and grants to Challenge Initiator its (intellectual property) rights concerning its Redesign and/or the outcome of the Challenge. In sofar as possible and permitted under Dutch law, Redesigner hereby explicitly waives his/her moral rights. On behalf of Challenge Initiator, Redesignme Connect accepts this assignment (in anticipation). If assignment is not possible, Redesigner hereby grants Challenge Initiator the right to use the Redesigns and/or the outcome of the Challenge for its own purposes. If and in sofar as necessary in the future, Redesigner agrees to fully cooperate in assigning any intellectual property right to Challenge Initiator. Redesigner will not receive any (additional) compensation from Challenge Initiator nor from Redesignme Connect for the assignment of or the right to use the intellectual property rights a described above, unless explicitly stated in the Challenge. Challenge Initiator has the right, but is not obligated, to exploit the Redesign and/or the outcome of the Challenge in any way, shape or form. This right includes repeated and future exploitation. Redesignme Connect has the right to use the Redesigns and/or the outcome of the Challenge for promotional activities in original as well as in modified form.




17 MAY 2011 

INDEMNIFICATION Redesigner is not aware of any infringement of (intellectual property) rights of any third party and shall not deliberately or consciously infringe rights of third parties. Redesigner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Challenge Initiator and Redesignme Connect against any and all claims of third parties, including but not limited to any responsibility for any damages resulting from any data uploaded by Challenge Initiator, the application, use and/or the marketing of the Redesign. CONFIDENTIALITY Redesigner is obligated to observe confidentiality of any information concerning Challenge Initiator (and/or an affiliated company) and Redesignme Connect of which its confidential nature is expected to be known. This obligation shall remain in effect during the term of the Challenge and shall survive expiration or termination of the Challenge. TERMINATION Redesignme Connect has the right to exclude any Redesigner from participation and to remove any Redesign(s) or comment(s) without having to give a reason. MISCELLANEOUS Redesignme Connect reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions without any notification to the Redesigner. SCOPE These terms and conditions apply to every current and any future challenge on

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