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Diction & Translation Resources for Singers

A representative list, compiled by the Music Entrepreneurship & Career Center, Updated Oct. 2015

General Resources Language-Specific Resources

Diction Czech
IPA Source ONLINE Singing in Czech (with CD)
Transcriptions & translations, arias & song texts Timothy Cheek (Scarecrow Press 2001)

Diction: Italian, Latin, French, German English

John Moriarty (Schirmer 1975) The Singers Manual of English Diction
Madeleine Marshall (Schirmer 1953)
Diction for Singers
Singing and Communicating in English
Wall, Caldwell, Allen, & Gavilanes (Pst 2009)
Kathryn LaBouff (Oxford 2007)
English, Italian, Latin, German, French, Spanish
English and German Diction for Singers French
Amanda Johnston (Scarecrow Press 2011) Word Reference ONLINE
Pronunciation guide (also in other languages)
A Handbook of Diction for Singers Singing in French
David Adams (Oxford 2008) Thomas Grubb (Schirmer 1979)
Diction in Italian, French, & German The French Song Companion
International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers Graham Johnson & Richard Stokes (Oxford 2002)
Joan Wall (Pst. Inc. 1989) The Interpretation of French Song
Pierre Bernac (Kahn & Averill 1978)
Translation German
Art Song Central ONLINE LEO Dictionary ONLINE
Archive of song scores, texts and translations Gateway to German Diction (with CD)
The Lied & Art Song Texts Page ONLINE John G. Paton (Alfred 1999)
Texts & translations of art song & choral works German for Singers (with CD)
William Odom (Schirmer 1997)
Exploring Art Song Lyrics The Fischer-Dieskau Book of Lieder
Retzlaff & Montgomery (Oxford 2012) Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Hal Leonard, 1977)
Translations & IPA: Italian, French, & German
The Ring of Words
Omniglot: Hebrew ONLINE
Philip Lieson Miller (Norton, 1966)
Texts & translations: Several European countries Italian
Gateway to Italian Diction (with CD)
Opera John G. Paton (Alfred 2004)
Aria Database ONLINE Singers Italian
Evelina Colorni (Schirmer 1996)
Nico Castel Libretti Series (Leyerle, 2000-present)
Translations and IPA Latin
Singing in Latin
Phonetic Readings of Songs and Arias
Harold Copeman (Oxford 1990)
Berton Coffin (Scarecrow Press 1982)
Word-by-Word Translations of Songs & Arias Part I Russian
German & French | Part II - Italian Russian Art Song ONLINE
Berton Coffin (Scarecrow Press 1969) Singing in Russian
Emily Olin (Scarecrow Press 2012)
Historical Languages Russian Songs and Arias
Jean Piatak & Regina Avrashov (Pst. Inc. 1991)
Singing Early Music
Tchaikovskys Complete Song Texts
Timothy J. McGee, Editor (IU Press 2004)
Laurence R. Richter (Indiana Univ. Press 2002)