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Can lead to: illness / contamination / wastage / infestation /

loss of profit / prosecution

Poor food hygiene
Consequences can be serious or fatal -
the responsibility is YOURS

Bacterial sources include raw food, rubbish,

animals, insects, people, dust/dirt - bacteria are Food hygiene is an acute illness caused by
everywhere food that is either naturally poisonous or is
contaminated by certain bacteria
The main source is people - we carry bacteria
in our hair, ears, nose, throat, intestines and Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea and
on the skin - particularly hands fever - most dangerous for pregnant women,
Food Poisoning & the young, old and sick
Bacteria need 4 things to multiply: food,
water, warmth, time - eliminate any element Contamination Harmful bacteria (pathogens) can either attack the body
and they can't survive directly or produce a toxin (poison) on food, causing illness
or even death. Bacteria including Salmonella,
To prevent spreading: Campylobacter, E.coli cause most cases of food poisoning
-Prevent dry foods becoming moist
-Ensure food is thoroughly cooked There are certain high risk and high protein foods, more
-Store food at safe temperatures
Bacteria and Food poisoning dangerous than others: poultry/meats, dairy products,
-Avoid reheating food contamination sauces/stocks, shellfish/seafood, cooked rice, raw eggs in food
-Cool hot food rapidly such as mayonnaise or mousse

Contamination can occur by transferring bacteria Contamination types:

directly (e.g. coughing, raw near cooked) or Microbiological - bacteria and viruses (can't be seen to
indirectly (e.g. utensils, hands - previously used naked eye), moulds.
items not washed between uses) Chemical - pesticides, cleaning chemicals.
Physical - foreign matter (from food handler or utensils)
Foreign matter can carry bacteria that could
lead to food poisoning or cause injury to the Food allergies are on the increase and allergic reactions
mouth/throat/intestinal tract can be life threatening to those who have them - you
need to be aware of the ingredients of foods you are
Items found in food include: money, jewellery, handling and serving
hair, plasters, glass, bits of equipment, dead
insects, animals, cigarettes

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