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Name : Muhammad Nailurrahman Faiq

Date of Birth : July 17 1998
Address : Krajankulon Kaliwungu Kendal
Phone Number :081391290067
Email :

Job Experience
Background Education
Crowe Plaza Semarang
Mini Bar Attendant
Formal Education - Operating and responsible for Mini Bar
- SMA Muhammadiyah 03 - Controlling inventory per day, week, and
kaliwungu month by excel and opera hotel
- Reporting lost, selling, trans out, trans in and
- MTs Nurul Huda Mangkang
graduation - Making order request based of warehouse stock
- SD Negri 05 Krajankulon - Handle any request that related with Mini
Apparel One Indonesia
Informal Education - Processing recent upload data
- Download and processing PO data
LBPP LIA : Toefl preparation - Print item (ataca and sticker)
Level : 1-2 - Sometime input supply data, handle lost item
Finished : 2017 from sewing operators, handle sudden and
urgent request
Gelael Supermarket
LBPP LIA : Conversation in Public Relation
- Greet customer and give best service
English - Help customers to find something that they are
Level : 1-6 looking for
Finished : 2016 - Give best choice of products to customers
- Handle every complaint from customers
- Vote every products that many customers
PAT : Computer Adm
wanted but not avaliable
Finished : 2016 - Help customer that cant speaking in bahasa
- Responsible for every programs, event, and