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Movie review: What's Up with Love?

2002 Drama film/Romance 1h 52m

Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo), a teenager in suburban Jakarta, spends all of her time with her four
girlfriends, Maura (Titi Kamal), Alya (Ladya Cheryll), Carmen (Adinia Wirasti) and Milly (Sissy
Priscillia) -- that is, until she falls for Rangga (Nicholas Saputra), the unassuming winner of the
school poetry contest. Rangga's presence triggers the jealousy of Cinta's best friends, and things
get more challenging for the couple when the girls pressure Cinta to choose between them and
Release date: February 8, 2002 (Indonesia)
Director: Rudy Soedjarwo
Budget: 4 billion IDR
Screenplay: Prima Rusdi, Jujur Prananto
Producers: Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza

~orentation~ This is one teen flick that you'll regret you didn't take the time to watch. It
revolves around average people leading average lives, which makes it so easy to relate to. It tells
a story of the choices you've to make in your life. Choosing your friends or your boyfriend. Many
people are faced with this challenge in life, and this movie excellently portrays Cinta's (Love; the
girl's name) social life (involving her four best friends) and the boy whom she fell in love with.

She has two choices to make--choose her friends, or Rangga (the boy). She finally has to make
this decision one day when Alya (who seems to be in a terrible state), her best friend, calls her
and asks her out just when she's about to go and see Rangga.

What makes this movie so memorable, so beautiful is that it is no where near shallow. It
revolves around the problems that plague teenagers around the world today, as well as political
problems that many countries currently face. It also promotes "karya sastera", or literature, and
poetry as well as music amongst teenagers. After all, it is literature that brings Cinta and Rangga

~Interpretive Recount~ Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) is a popular teenage girl living a lifestyle
that is comfortable. He's talented and accomplished, was surrounded by a group of friends who
are loyal consisting of Alya sage (Ladya Cheryll) tomboyish Karmen (Adinia Wirasti), sassy
Maura (Titi Kamal), and ditzy Milly (Sissy Priscillia). He also had parents who care and support.
The story begins with Cinta and four companions cried on each other's shoulders to Alya, who
are victims of domestic violence by her father. Love read group promises to confide in a book, a
diary or scrapbook along with the girls, that problem one of them is through is to share with
them all.

Cinta is a poet of the school who has been honored for his work, and, in the last year of high
school, he submitted a beautiful poem for the annual poetry contest. However, many students
surprise, Love did not win. Grand prize in the contest is given to a boy named Rangga (Nicholas
Saputra), whose name is rarely heard from inside the school. However, Rangga, rather than go
to the podium to receive his prize, offended and retreated to a hiding place. Love a bit jealous
unexpected victory Rangga, but be careful not to show it. This causes Love to seek Rangga and
requested an interview for the school newsletter. However, Rangga immediately detect fraud in
congratulations Love and walked away, leaving Love to be annoyed by the perceived arrogance.
Apparently, Rangga never entered her poem for the contest; it was delivered on his behalf by
only his friend, the school janitor Mr. Wardiman (Mang Diman).

Cinta and Rangga started to not like each other since then, and so are his friends. They briefly
warm up to each other after Rangga thank Love to return the book. It did not last long as
Rangga offensive Love at a bookstore. When Rangga tried to apologize to love the next day, he
was beaten by a bear (Febian Ricardo), a man who had attempted to enter a relationship with
Love. They started to become friends when Love visited Rangga to his home, where he found
that Rangga stay in the lower middle class neighborhood with his father Yusrizal, which frankly
has caused a bomb threat from pro-government thugs. In addition, her parents divorced
because the divorced father of a government office to expose government corruption. Alya, who
regularly tells Love problem damaged houses, is the only Love was told that he has a close
starters with Rangga.

Friendship Love secret cause behavioral changes, resulting in problems with Love's group of girl
friends. He began regularly lie to their friends to spend more time with Rangga. The problem
reached a climax when the love ignores requests Alya desperate to talk to her because she is
going on a date with Rangga. When he came home, he was told that Alya at the hospital because
he tried to commit suicide. At the hospital, the friends realized that he had been lying all this
time, trying their friendship. Thinking it was all his fault, then closes Rangga Cinta out, hurting
him. When Alya recovered, he discussed Rangga with Love, where Karmen, Maura, and Milly
overhears and finally found a previous relationship between cinta and Rangga beginners. cinta
apologized to them and Maura give advice to forget Rangga.

cinta to do it, and he continues to live. Meanwhile, Karmen look Wardiman Pak Rangga give a
hug goodbye. Be aware that cinta is indeed quiet and uncommunicative, his friends realized the
error of their ways and Love claimed that she fell in love with Rangga, but not ready to admit it.
Karmen told him that he did not have much time because he saw Rangga left. Pak Wardiman
said Rangga girls were heading to the airport. Hurry, they forced their nerdy school friends
Mamet (Dennis Adhiswara), they mocked throughout the film, to lend his car to the airport.
Cinta caught Rangga, when he and his father moved to New York City. They declare their love
for each other and share a kiss, but Rangga should go, leaving Love broken heart. Before leaving,
Rangga give Cinta a book and told him to read the last page. They bid each other a last farewell,
and he boards the plane.

In the car, cinta to read the last page, which contains a poem Rangga write about him. The last
line says that he will be back before the full moon. Suddenly, the girls panicked when they
realized that they had left Mamet at the airport.

~evaluation~What about love? is the best Indonesian teen movie ever made. It has great
casting especially the two main star; Dian Sastrowardoyo as Cinta and Nicholas Saputra as
Rangga. They both are new actors and they really focus on their character. Titi Kamal, Adinia
Wirasti, Sissy Priscillia and Ladya Cheryl are also star in the movie and they look gorgeous in the
movie. The storyline of the movie was pretty good. It was a very simple love story between a girl
teenager (Cinta) who uses to hang out with her friends and very clever. All the sudden when
Cinta lost the poetry competition. The winner was a lonely boy Rangga. They both came from a
different world but as the story progresses with lots of conflict and comedy,they find that they
were in love each other. The movie was basically about being friends. And definitely about love
and all the consequences. Director Rudi Suedjarwo was very good in directing the movie. He
gave a little bit of action, drama, romance and comedy for the movie. It is basically a teen movie
and most of Indo-teen loved this type of flick. Most of the setting was in high school and it was
nice to look back at the Indonesian school. The soundtrack that were given in this movie were
perfect for teen! I really recommend this movie to all of you especially when you have a stress
and this movie is basically for us to enjoy and have fun! I think this movie had been promoted to
Melbourne, Australia this year but only for limited time. The Video CD had also been released
and they were mostly sold out. At the first week, 110,000 vcds had been sold out. Remember
don't take this movie seriously, it's just for fun! I am looking forward to see all of the casting in
this movie at another movie.

~evaluation summation~ it's a local champ, and can be a very entertaining teen flick worldwide.
Real characters fill this high-school love movie. The script smoothly runs the story, and strongly
constructs the whole first love theme. The love-and-hate chemistry between the main characters
works very well too. Actually, the scene where Rangga (the guy, Nicholas Saputra) dropped his
precious book in Cinta (the girl, Dian Sastro) is too much of a coincidence... and simply the
easiest way to move the story forward. Still acceptable, though. Supporting actress Ladya Cheryll
(as Alya, Cinta's friend) delivers a very natural screen-stealing performance. Good music, good
faces, good ending too. Overall, this is the kind of movie for Overall, this is the kind of movie
that deserves to be watched by teenagers as they are made real.