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Beam with end restraint to bottom flange only the load is suspended from the bottom flange of the

beam Eurocode

Beam UB305x305x46 Shear modulus G= 81000
Depth of the section h= 306.6 mm Modulus of Elasticity E= 210000 N/mm2
Width of the section b= 165.7 mm Yiels strength of steel fy= 275.0 N/mm2
Plastic section modulus Wpl,y= 720.0 cm3 h/b ratio h/b= 1.9
Maj. axis Moment of Inertia Iz= 896 cm4 Parameter that influences = 0.75
Min. axis Moment of Inertia Iw= 0.195 dm6 shape of buckling curves
Torsion constant IT= 22 cm2 Imperfection factor for beams LT= 0.34
Flange thickness tf= 12 mm Partial factor for member M1= 1
Grade of steel Gr= 275 N/mm 2
buckling resistance
Central Point load FEd= 55 KN Non-dimensional beam LT= 0.4
Clear span L= 7m slenderness
For central Point load C1 = 1.35


Design value of Bending Moment MEd= 96.3 KNm


Effective length kL= 7613.2 mm


Critical Moment Part1 Mcr1= 102.5


Critical Moment Part 2 Mcr2= 1.18


Critical Moment Mcr= 120.7 KNm


Non dimensional slenderness LT= 1.28


Intermediate factor in LT= 1.26 3-1-1/

determining LT =0.5(1+0.34(1.28-0.4)+0.751.28^2)

Lateral torsional buckling LT= 0.53

reduction factor =1/(1.26+(1.26^2-0.751.28^2))

Design buckling Resistance Mb,Rd= 105.7 KNm 3-1-1/

< =0.53720.010^3275.010^-6/1

96.3 KNm
Ref :SCI PublICatIon P360 Stability of Steel column In accordance with Eurocodes and the UK National Annexes Appendix A

by L Gardner