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[As per discussions in the GST Council Meeting held on 18th May, 2017]

The fitment of rates of goods were discussed today during the 14th GST Council meeting held at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. The Council has
broadly approved the GST rates for goods at nil rate, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% to be levied on certain goods. The information is being uploaded
immediately after the GST Council’s decision and it will be subject to further vetting during which the list may undergo some changes.

GST rates for certain goods like textile, footwear, biris, precious metals, etc. are yet to be decided by the GST Council. The footnote below the
table gives the list of such goods.
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S. Chapter N 5 12 18 28
No. il % % % %
1 1 All goods other - Live horses [01012100, - -
. (Live animals) than live horses 010129]
[0101 Live asses,
mules and hinnies
0102 Live
bovine animals
0103 Live swine
0104 Live sheep
and goats
0105 Live
poultry, that is to
say, fowls of the
species Gallus
domesticus, ducks,
geese, turkeys and
guinea fowls.
0106 Other live
animal such as
Mammals, Birds,


S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
2. 2 All goods other - 1. All goods in frozen - -
(Meat and edible than in frozen state state and put up in
meat offal) and put up in unit unit containers
containers. [0202, 0203, 0204,
0205, 0206, 0207,
[0201 Meat of 0208, 0209]
bovine animals, 2. Pig fat, free of lean
fresh and chilled. meat, and poultry fat,
0203 Meat of not rendered or
swine, fresh or otherwise extracted,
chilled. salted, in brine, dried
0204 Meat of or smoked put up in
sheep or goats, unit containers
fresh or chilled. [0209]
0205 Meat of 3. Meat and edible
horses, asses, meat offal, salted, in
mules or hinnies, brine, dried or
fresh or chilled. smoked; edible
0206 Edible flours and meals of
offal of bovine meat or meat offal
animals, swine, put up in unit
sheep, goats, containers [0210]
horses, asses,
mules or hinnies,
fresh or chilled.
0207 Meat and
edible offal, of the
poultry of heading

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
0105, fresh or
0208 Other meat
and edible meat
offal, fresh or
0209 Pig fat, free
of lean meat, and
poultry fat, not
rendered or
extracted, fresh,

3. 3 1. Fish seeds, All goods (other than - - -
(Fish, prawn / shrimp fish seeds, prawn /
crustaceans, seeds whether shrimp seed) processed,
molluscs & other or not cured or in frozen state
aquatic processed,
invertebrates) cured or in 1. 0303 Fish,
frozen state frozen, excluding
2. All goods, fish fillets and other
other than fish meat of heading
processed, 0304
cured or in 2. 0304 Fish
frozen state fillets and other fish
meat (whether or not
1. 0301 minced), frozen.
Live fish.

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
2. 0302 3. 0305 Fish,
Fish, fresh dried, salted or in
or chilled, brine; smoked fish,
excluding fish whether or not
fillets and cooked before or
other fish meat during the smoking
of heading process; flours,
0304 meals and pellets of
3. 0304 fish, fit for human
Fish fillets consumption
and other fish 4. 0306 Crustaceans,
meat (whether whether in shell or
or not minced), not, frozen, dried,
fresh or salted or in brine;
chilled. crustaceans, in shell,
4. 0306 cooked by steaming
Crustaceans, or by boiling in
whether in water, frozen, dried,
shell or not, salted or in brine;
live, fresh or flours, meals and
chilled; pellets of
crustaceans, in crustaceans, fit for
shell, cooked human consumption.
by steaming or 5. 0307 Molluscs,
by boiling in whether in shell or
water, chilled. not, frozen, dried,
5. 0307 Molluscs, salted or in brine;
whether in aquatic invertebrates
shell or not, other than

meals crustaceans and pellets of aquatic and molluscs. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. fresh. fresh or brine.S. and molluscs. salted or in live. crustaceans. fit for human consumption. aquatic molluscs. 0308 Aquatic invertebrates invertebrates other other than than crustaceans and crustaceans molluscs. smoked chilled. frozen. dried. meals and pellets of aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs. fresh. . invertebra other than live. 0308 Aquatic 6. live. flours. whether or not cooked before or during the smoking process: flours. human consumption 6. crustaceans and chilled. invertebrates dried. frozen. fit for chilled. salted or in other than brine. aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs.

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
4. 4 1. Fresh milk and All goods not specified 1. Butter and other 1. Condensed milk -
(Dairy produce; pasteurised elsewhere. fats (ghee, butter oil, [04029110,
bird’s eggs; milk, including etc.) and oils derived 04029920]
natural honey; separated milk, 1. Ultra High from milk; dairy
edible products of milk and Temperature (UHT) spreads [0405]
animal origin, not cream, not milk [0401] 2. Cheese [0406]
elsewhere concentrated 2. 0402 Milk and
specified) nor containing cream, concentrated
added sugar or or containing added
other sugar or other
sweetening sweetening matter
matter, including skimmed
excluding milk powder, milk
Ultra High food for babies,
Temperature excluding
(UHT) milk condensed milk.
[0401] 3. 0403 Cream,
2. Eggs Birds' yogurt, kephir and
eggs, in shell, other fermented or
fresh, acidified milk and
preserved or cream, whether or
cooked [0407] not concentrated or
3. Curd [0403, containing added
0406], sugar or other
4. Lassi [0403], sweetening matter or
5. Butter milk flavoured or
[0403] containing added
6. Chena or fruit, nuts or cocoa.
paneer [0406],

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
other than put 4. 0404 Whey,
up in unit whether or not
containers and concentrated or
bearing a containing added
registered sugar or other
brand name. sweetening matter;
7. 0409 Natural products consisting
honey, other of natural milk
than put up in constituents,
unit container whether or not
and bearing a containing added
registered sugar or other
brand name. sweetening matter,
not elsewhere
specified or
5. Chena or paneer put
up in unit container
and bearing a
registered brand
name [0406].
6. 0408 Birds'
eggs, not in shell,
and egg yolks, fresh,
dried, cooked by
steaming or by
boiling in water,
moulded, frozen or
otherwise preserved,

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
whether or not
containing added
sugar or other
sweetening matter.
7. 0409 Natural
honey, put up in unit
container and
bearing a registered
brand name.
8. 0410 Edible
products of animal
origin, not elsewhere
specified or

5. 5 1. Human hair, All goods not specified - - -
(Products of unworked, elsewhere
animal origin, not whether or not
elsewhere washed or 1. 0502 Pigs',
specified or scoured; waste hogs' or boars'
included) of human hair bristles and hair;
[0501] badger hair and other
2. Semen brush making hair;
including waste of such
frozen semen bristles or hair.
[0511] 2. 0503 – blank in tariff
3. 0504 Guts,
bladders and
stomachs of animals

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
(other than fish),
whole and pieces
thereof, fresh,
chilled, frozen,
salted, in brine, dried
or smoked.
4. 0505 Skins
and other parts of
birds, with their
feathers or down,
feathers and parts of
feathers (whether or
not with trimmed
edges) and down,
not further worked
than cleaned,
disinfected or treated
for preservation;
powder and waste of
feathers or parts of
5. 0506 Bones
and horn-cores,
unworked, defatted,
simply prepared (but
not cut to shape),
treated with acid or
gelatinised; powder

claws and beaks. nails. hooves. unworked or simply prepared but not otherwise worked. powder and waste thereof. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S. unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape. and waste of these products. . powder and waste of these products. crustaceans or echinoderms and cuttle-bone. horns. 6. whalebone and whalebone hair. shells of molluscs. 0507 Ivory. 0508 Coral and similar materials. antlers. 7. unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape. tortoise-shell.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 6 1. . frozen or otherwise provisionally preserved. chilled. other than semen including frozen semen. unfit for human consumption. bile. dead animals of Chapter 1 or 3. cantharides. - (Live trees and other plants. fresh. 9. whether or not dried. 10. . All goods .S. . civet and musk. 0510 Ambergris. 0511 Animal products not elsewhere specified or included. glands and other animal products used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products. 6. castoreum.

salep. arrowroot.S. state for immediate 4. 2. 0710 Vegetables 1. kohlrabi. 7 Fresh vegetables. 0711 Vegetables fresh or provisionally chilled. Cabbages. cut flowers and ornamental foliage) 7. 3. roots other than those in commonly known as and tubers) frozen or jari booti and dry preserved state flower. boiling in water). 0703 Onions. leeks and other in sulphur water or alliaceous in other preservative vegetables. example. preserved (for 3. 0714 Manioc. solutions). 0701 Potatoes. (uncooked or cooked fresh or by steaming or chilled. dry root. - (Edible roots and tubers plant. . in brine. dry . 0702 frozen. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 0704 consumption. bulbs. 2. bark. but fresh or unsuitable in that chilled. 1. Herb. kale Jerusalem . 4. garlic. vegetables. cauliflowers. roots and the like. dioxide gas. Tomatoes. by sulphur shallots.

8. fresh or chilled.S. turnips. shelled or . 0707 Cucumbers and gherkins. celeriac. frozen or (Lactuca dried. and similar artichokes. whether or sativa) and not sliced or in the chicory form of pellets. fresh roots and tubers with or chilled. salsify. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. fresh or chilled. radishes and similar edible roots. 0705 Lettuce content. fresh or chilled. 0706 Carrots. high starch or inulin 5. 6. 7.). sweet edible potatoes and similar brassicas. salad beetroot. (Cichorium spp. 0708 Leguminous vegetables.

10. unshelled. sliced. but not further prepared. 0712 Dried vegetables. fresh or chilled. 12. 11. salep. fresh or chilled. 0709 Other vegetables. whole. shelled. 0713 Dried leguminous vegetables. 9. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. broken or in powder. whether or not skinned or split. Jerusalem artichokes. cut. 0714 Manioc.S. sweet potatoes . arrowroot.

fruits. whether nuts. fresh or chilled. sago pith. 8 Fresh fruits other 1. dried.). sweetening matter. fresh such cooked by steaming Almonds. nuts and cashew melons) 1. or filberts (Coryius Hazelnuts or frozen. walnuts. Pistachios.. 0812 Fruit and Kola nuts (Cola (Castanea nuts. 0802 Other nuts. 0801 Brazil citrus fruit or peeled. . Hazelnuts as Almonds. 0802 Other shelled or nuts.). such as nuts.S. other than spp. uncooked or peeled. other than dry whether or not fresh or dried.). walnuts. Chestnuts 2. - (Edible fruit and than in frozen state areca nuts. in frozen state or shelled or peeled. 8. peel of or preserved or not shelled or 2. 0811 Fruit and or not shelled or 2. Macadamia nuts. 3. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.). sugar or other spp. filberts not containing added Chestnuts (Castanea (Coryius spp.). whether or not preserved. or boiling in water. Coconuts. provisionally spp. 0802 Dried Dry fruits . whether or spp. whether peeled. 0801 nuts. 1. All goods. and similar roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content. fresh or dried. preserved (for areca nuts.

in mangosteens. (including 0806. solutions). 0803 Bananas. Pistachios. frozen. example. wilkings and similar citrus hybrids. including state for immediate dried. . nuts. (Cola spp. in brine. figs. other preservative 5. mixtures of pineapples. but mangosteens. nuts or dried fruits of avocados. 0814 Peel of dried. 6. and raisins plantains. unsuitable in that 5. 0806 Grapes. sulphur water or in fresh. dried. watermelons). provisionally mangoes and preserved in brine. in other preservative mangoes and Areca nuts. consumption. fruit.). Macadamia dioxide gas. figs. other than that 4. 0805 Citrus solutions.S. guavas. dried or Chapter 8. pineapples. such as Oranges. by sulphur 4. Mandarins (including tangerines and satsumas). clementines. Grapefruit. Kola nuts in sulphur water or avocados. 0804 Dates. 0813 Fruit. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 3. 0804 citrus fruit or melons of headings 0801 to Dates. fresh or dried 3. guavas.

0809Apricots. . peaches (including nectarines). 8. fresh. cherries. 0808 Apples. fresh. plums and sloes. fresh. Citrus latifolia). Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Lemons (Citrus limon. 6. 0806 Grapes. including pomelos. fresh 7. fresh. 0807 Melons (including watermelons) and papaws (papayas). Citrus limonum) and limes (Citrus aurantifolia. pears and quinces. 9.S.

black. Custard-apple (ata). fresh. Tamarind. Bore. blackberries. 10. Kiwi fruit. 11. mulberries and loganberries.S. raspberries. 0810 Other fruit such as strawberries. Sapota (chico). Persimmons. cranberries. bilberries and other fruits of the genus vaccinium. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. white or red currants and gooseberries. 0814 Peel of citrus fruit or melons (including . Durians. Pomegranates. Lichi.

0901 Coffee Mate a bitter beans. whether or not leaves of a South 3.S. Fresh ginger skins. coffee husks and 4. . green leaves of decaffeinated. Unprocessed roasted or American shrub. All goods of All goods not specified . 9 1. dried or crushed or ground fruits of the genus Capsicum or . 9. 0901 Coffee. tea [0902]. 0903 Maté. processed form 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. other [09103010] than coffee beans not other than in roasted. 0902 Tea. coffee [09101110] substitutes and fresh containing coffee in turmeric any proportion. infusion of the roasted. not 1. tea. 3. - (Coffee. watermelons). whether or not flavoured. 4. other than unprocessed green leaves of tea. 0904 Pepper of the genus Piper. fresh. mate seed quality elsewhere and spices) 2.

of the genus Pimenta. 0908 Nutmeg. saffron. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. bay leaves. 8. 5. 0905 Vanilla. coriander. 0906 Cinnamon and cinnamon-tree flowers. curry and other spices. mace and cardamoms. juniper berries. cumin or caraway. 0910 Ginger other than fresh ginger. 10. thyme. cloves and stems). badian. fennel. turmeric (curcuma) other than fresh turmeric.S. other than of seed quality. 9. 0909 Seeds of anise. 7. 6. . 0907 Cloves (whole fruit.

1. 1004 Oats 5. other cereals such as Jawar. Ragi] . . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 1006 Rice 7. S. - (Cereals) than those put up in unit container and bearing a registered brand name]. 1007 Grain sorghum 8. 10 All goods [other . 10. 1002 Rye 3. millet and canary seed. 1001 Wheat and meslin 2. 1008 Buckwheat. Bajra. 1005 Maize (corn) 6. . 1003 Barley 4.

2. besan 1. unit container 4. hulled. other than granules and pellets those put up in of potatoes. [other than groats. maize or other 4. Starches. flaked flour. rolled. malt. 11 1. starches. elsewhere. 1104 Cereal grains otherwise worked (for 2. and pellets. [1108] roasted [1107] milling industry. sliced or flours other kibbled). of flour. oats. etc. 1101 Wheat or example. meal and gluten) those put up in pellets. 1103 Cereal cereals] groats. maida. rolled. All goods not specified 1. 1103 Cereal inulin. 1105.e. wheat etc. flakes.e. whether or not - (Products of 1102. brand name]. Malt. Rye or ground [i. powder. 1106 Meal and and bearing a powder of the dried leguminous . inulin 1. S. 11. flaked. meslin flour. germ of cereals. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. maize (corn) whole. or meslin i. 1102 Cereal pearled. Flour [1101. put up in unit unit container container and and bearing a bearing a registered registered brand name. 1105 Meal. meal 3. 3. 1106] Aata. except rice than of wheat of heading 1006.

- (Oil seeds and quality seed quality oleaginous fruits. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. industrial or or not broken. seeds and beans. whether or or tubers of not dried heading 0714 or of the products of Chapter 8 i.2. of heading 0713 singoda. whether or fruit. etc. registered vegetables of brand name. of tamarind.e. 1201 Soya 1. whether beans. not not roasted or roasted or otherwise cooked. of sago or potatoes. of (pulses). of singoda.S. of 5. . heading 0713 5. not broken. straw and fodder nuts. 1106 Flour. 1202 Ground. 1109 00 00 Wheat sago or of roots gluten. 12 All goods of seed All goods other than of .e. 1201 Soya grains. mango flour. of roots or tubers of 6. of vegetables of tamarind. medicinal plants. 1105 Flour. . 1202 Ground-nuts. 2. etc. (pulses). 12. miscellaneous 1. of heading 0714 or of the dried the products of leguminous Chapter 8 i.

whether 4. whether fruits (i.e. and kernels. 1206 7. Saffower nuts and (Carthamus kernels. 5. Palm nuts or not broken. 6. whether or not 5. Niger seeds. cotton tinctorius) seeds. seeds. Ajams. broken. whether or not Saffower broken. colza seeds. Mustard seed. Castor oil seeds and seeds.e. whether or not 3. 1206 Sunflower whether or not seeds. broken. Palm seeds. shelled or broken. Kokam) seeds. 1205 Rape or or not broken. 1207 Other oil seeds.S. colza seeds. (Carthamus . broken. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Mustard fruits (i. 1205 Rape or broken. Sesamum oleaginous seeds. otherwise whether or not cooked. Poppy oil seeds. Sesamum Mango kernel. whether or not broken. whether or not 3. cotton 6. Castor Melon seeds. seeds. 1204 Linseed. 1204 Linseed. 1203 Copra shelled or 4. 1207 Other oil Sunflower seeds and oleaginous seeds.

frozen or fruits). tinctorius) 8. pharmacy or seaweeds and other for algae. frozen or fungicidal or dried. fruit [1210]. sugar cane. other than those of Mango kernel. lupulin Seeds. whether or not similar ground. of a 10. whether or not kind used cut. of a dried. Ajams. dried. Poppy oleaginous fruits. powdered or broken. 1209 pellets. of a 8. seeds. Flour and meals of seeds. seeds and fruits). in perfumery.S. (including fungicidal or similar seeds and purpose. in 11. Melon oil seeds or seeds. and spores. Locust beans. Hop cones. fruit stones . 9. Plants and pharmacy or for parts of plants insecticidal. Hop cones. Kokam) whether or not whether or not ground. in 9. crushed or primarily in powdered [1211]. in the form of 7. sugar beet and insecticidal. Plants and parts of kind used for plants (including sowing. mustard [1208] Niger seed. kind used primarily fresh [1210]. perfumery. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.

sainfoin. pressed or in the form of pellets [1213] 12. forage kale. hay. fodder roots. clover. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. unprepared. unroasted chicory seaweeds and roots of the variety other algae. purpose. vetches and . [1212]. products (including 10.S. not elsewhere 11. Cereal straw specified or included and husks. [1212]. fresh and kernels and or chilled other vegetable [1211]. lucerne (alfalfa). Locust beans. Swedes. ground. used primarily for fresh or chilled human consumption. mangolds. whether or not chopped. lupines. Cichorium intybus sugar beet and sativum) of a kind sugar cane.

1. 1. derived [1302] from vegetable products. resins.S. other than saps and extracts. 1401 Vegetable vegetable materials of a kind products. elsewhere resins and other resins and oleoresins vegetable saps (for example. agar-agar commonly known as and other mucilages heeng [1301] and thickeners. Guar meal or guar whether or not gum refined split modified. pectic substances. not used primarily for elsewhere plaiting (for . 13. other than Guar meal or guar gum refined split. whether or not in the form of pellets 1214]. 2. lac and shellac. 1302 Vegetable and extracts) balsams). Compounded pectinates and asafoetida pectates. gum. 1301 Natural . 13 1. gums. 3. Indian katha - (Vegetable [14049040] elsewhere [14049050] plaiting materials. 1. Shellac [1301] gums. 14. similar forage products. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. All goods not specified - (Lac. Lac and 1. Betel leaves All goods not specified . 14 1.

included) rattans. bamboos. and lime bark).] 15. Vegetable fats and oils Animal fats and oils 1. Soap nuts. 15 . edible mixtures oils and their 2. 1. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. hulls and nuts. bleached or dyed cereal straw. fractions. pips. of a kind used primarily for carving. coconut shell. osier.S. 2. rushes. raffia. Linoxyn - (Animal and [1507 to 1516] [1501 to 1506] [solidified linseed vegetable fats and oil]. 1501 Pig fat or preparations of cleavage bean oil and its (including lard) and animal or vegetable products. unworked. 1507 Soya. whether or poultry fat. other than Betel leaves and Indian katha. Hard seeds. specified or example. Rudraksha seeds. reeds. other fats or oils or of . Margarine. Cotton linters. 1404 Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included such as cotton linters. cleaned.

Degras. prepared edible not refined. chemically 3. fats or oils of this vegetable waxes) modified. 1506 Other heading 1509 animal fats and oils 6. whether or not mixed or otherwise [1521] refined. whether or than those of heading heading 1516 [1517] not refined. 1511 Palm oil and their fractions. etc. obtained whether or not [1522] solely from olives. but not 1503. Vegetable waxes. lard oil. crude. bovine animals. including substances derived blends of these oils therefrom (including or fractions with oils lanolin). other their fractions of fractions. whether or not . glycerol lyes [1520 4. 2. 1510 Other fractions. of fish or substances or animal oils and their marine mammals. oil. or vegetable waxes fractions. 1508 Ground. oils and their treatment of fatty 5. 2. not emulsified or 3. but not prepared. residues chemically 4. and its fractions. animal or chemically 0209 or 1503. oleo stearin. 1504 Fats and resulting from the modified. 1505 Wool chemically grease and fatty modified. 4.S. or fractions of 6. 1503 Lard stearin. but not than that of heading fractions of different fats. but not 5. refined. edible fats or oils or nut oil and its sheep or goats. 1509 Olive oil oleo-oil and tallow 00 00]. and its fractions. Glycerol. other than 3. refined. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. but not whether or not chemically modified. 1502 Fats of Chapter. glycerol waters and modified.

but not sulphurised. whether or heading 1516. whether or not dehydrated. and fractions excluding those of thereof. in vacuum or in inert 9. re- whether or not esterified or refined. boiled. fats and oils and their 7. but not inedible mixtures or chemically preparations of modified. Animal or vegetable 10. 1514 Rape. 1518 Animal (copra). refined. fractions thereof. but not chemically modified. 1515 Other fats or oils or of fixed vegetable fats fractions of different . oxidised. fractions. but not refined. chemically polymerised by heat modified. 1512 Sunflower. whether chemically or not refined. but modified. but not elaidinised. esterified. inter- fractions thereof. not refined. safflower or wholly cotton-seed oil and hydrogenated. whether or not refined. 8. 1513 Coconut 8. 1516 Animal modified.S. blown. chemically 7. partly or seed. palm kernel fats and oils and their or babassu oil and fractions. not further prepared. gas or otherwise colza or mustard oil chemically modified. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 1518 Vegetable fats and oils and their fractions. but not further prepared. sulphurised. oxidised.] chemically modified. 1516 Vegetable fats and oils and their fractions. whether or not refined. blown. partly or wholly hydrogenated. dehydrated. polymerised by heat in vacuum or in inert gas or otherwise chemically modified. and oils (including fats of oils of this jojoba oil) and their chapter.S. inter- esterified. 12. but not of included. whether or elsewhere specified not refined. boiled. re- esterified or elaidinised. 11. not fractions. excluding those of heading 1516 .

meat offal or blood. 1603 Extracts and juices of meat. molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates prepared or preserved. 17 1. 2. 1602 Other prepared or preserved meat. khandsari containing added 2. - (Preparations of meat. of fish or of 1. 1604 Prepared or preserved fish. 3. 1. of molluscs or other meat. 4. S. 1605 Crustaceans. . food vertebrates) preparations based on these products. caviar and caviar substitutes prepared from fish eggs. Refined sugar 1. fish or crustaceans. Molasses [1703] (Sugar and sugar (gur) [1701] sugar. cane . molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates. Beet sugar. 5. 16 . 16. Chewing gum / bubble confectionery) sugar [1701] flavouring or gum and white . similar products. All goods . 1601 Sausages and crustaceans. meat offal or aquatic blood. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Cane jaggery 1. 17.

invert sugar. All goods falling under 1702 [lactose. Cocoa butter. 1. fructose. husks. chocolate. other than palmyra sugar 3. .]. raw or oil [1804] preparations) roasted [1801] 2. 18 . 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. dextrose. Cocoa paste whether food preparations or not de-fatted containing cocoa [1803] [1806] . Cocoa beans whole . maple syrup. Cocoa shells.S. Chocolates and other 3. Sugar confectionery (excluding white chocolate and bubble / chewing gum) [1704] 18. 1. Cocoa powder. glucose. containing cocoa 1701 99] [1704] 2. artificial honey. etc. containing added skins and other sugar or sweetening cocoa waste [1802] matter [1805] and and 3. not 2. not [1702] sugar cubes [1701 91. fat and (Cocoa and cocoa or broken. Palmyra sugar colouring matter.

parched paddy starch. couscous. parched [1902] otherwise prepared. prepared from lasagne. in the form of ravioli. not gur. commonly substitutes therefor macaroni. Bread [1905 90 10] doughs for the (branded or preparation of bakers’ otherwise). (sabudana) 3. Pastries and cakes sale and mixes and 3. 19 1. Muri. Tapioca and such as spaghetti. pearls. toasted bread foods obtained from 5% by weight of cocoa 2. noodles. [1901] cooked or stuffed containing cocoa or products) commonly 2. 4. gnocchi. Puffed rice. Rusks. whether or goods of heading 0401 with sugar or siftings or in similar not prepared. not elsewhere known as khoi. food (Preparations of commonly for the preparation of infant use. except when 2. whether or not malt extract. other than coated elsewhere specified or except when with chocolate or included. 1. specified or included. Pasta. Corn flakes. not pastrycooks’ or beaten rice. 1. Seviyan (vermicelli) substances) or 40% by weight of Chira. pastry and retail sale [1901] groats. Preparations for 1. commonly forms. Malt extract. meal. Pizza bread [1905] (with meat or other containing less than known as 3. Waffles and wafers defatted basis not it is known. bulgar containing cocoa or known as [1903] wheat. cocoa calculated on a rice. food preparations of or rice coated flakes. totally defatted basis. grains. 19. [1902] to 0404. starch or starch or milk. S. Waffles and wafers served for coated with chocolate . cannelloni. cereals. other than served for containing chocolate preparations for infant consumption [1905 32] use put up for retail [1905] 5. flattened other baker's wares 2. by and similar toasted cereal flakes [1904] calculated on a totally whatever name products [1905 40 4. Mixes and doughs . prepared containing less than Murki [1904] 5. flour. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Pappad. put up for preparations of flour. known as bread. wares. 00].

1. consumption or containing and pizza chocolate [1905 32] bread [1905] 20. acid.e. 2002 Tomatoes containing added sugar prepared or preserved or other sweetening otherwise than by matter. elsewhere vegetables. fruit juices. vegetable juices nuts or other parts 1. 2004 Other vegetables prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid. fruits. of plants) 2009 Fruit juices fruit. prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid. prepared or preserved unfermented and not by vinegar or acetic containing added spirit. All goods of 2009 All goods not specified - (Preparations of i. 4. 3. 20 . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. and vegetable juices. .] vinegar or acetic acid. . frozen. 2001 Vegetables. whether or not 2. 2003 Mushrooms and truffles. other than products of heading 2006. nuts and other (including grape must) edible parts of plants.S.

fruit jellies. whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter. 2007 Jams. 7. glacé or crystallised).S. other than products of heading 2006. 2005 Other vegetables prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid. 8. 2006 Vegetables. 2008 Fruit. fruit-peel and other parts of plants. not frozen. preserved by sugar (drained. marmalades. nuts. fruit. otherwise prepared or . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 6. fruit or nut purée and fruit or nut pastes. 5. obtained by cooking. nuts and other edible parts of plants.

Extracts.e. essences or aroma. Orange. [2101 30] or mate. Cashew nut. Other roasted nuts and seeds. coffee dargahs. such as Ground-nuts. and preparations) religious substitutes [2101 30] 1. not elsewhere specified or included. roasted. [2102] extracts. Mixed condiments and proteins (soya bari) basis of tea or mate mixed seasonings. Yeasts and prepared preparations with a a basis of coffee (i. 4. instant tea. and concentrates or with churches. etc.S. Roasted coffee coffee. Prasadam 1. Pineapple or other fruits 21. essences or mosques. Texturised vegetable concentrates or with a 2. preserved.e. gurudwaras. (i.) [2101] 5. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 21 1. preparations with a places like 3. Lemon. Roasted chicory All goods not specified 1. salted or roasted and salted. essences (Miscellaneous [2106] 90] [2101 30] elsewhere and concentrates of edible supplied by 2. squash of Mango. 2101 20 Extracts. [2106]. baking powders basis of these instant coffee. whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or spirit. quick mustard flour and . Extracts and essences and basis of these temples. Sweetmeats [2106 1. etc. essences thereof concentrates of tea extracts.

Protein preparations therefor. not whether or not elsewhere specified or containing cocoa. mixture. tea meal and prepared bhujia. Pan masala [2106 90 and milk containing 20] edible nuts with sugar or other ingredients. eat packaged food 4. lactose 5. 2105 Ice cream added flavouring or and other edible ice. ready to [2106]. Sugar- preparations. Betel nut beverages. 2103 Sauces and prearations edible preparations and preparations therefor [2103] in ready for therefor. or pasteurized Custard powder millstone. etc. concentrates and homogenised textured protein composite food substances. 2104 Soups elsewhere specified or and broths and included i. Food product known as flavouring material. Sterilized Churna for pan. 3. other sauces chabena and similar 2. Food preparations not consumption form. 2106 90 Namkeens. brewing black tea. 2106 All kinds syrup. soft preparations for drink concentrates. Compound food mixes.S.) mustard. colouring matter. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. glucose syrup of food mixes and malto dextrine including instant syrup. 3. making non-alcoholic Sharbat. syrups containing 4.e. . 6. included. "Supari". aroma.

2201 Waters. Tender coconut waters. mixture. coconut water 3. other than Namkeens. of any 3. 2. 2209 Vinegar and put up in unit substitutes for container and vinegar obtained bearing a from acetic acid. [2202 90 10] 1. Soya milk drinks 90] purified. 2. Ice and snow [2201 All goods not specified 1. Water [other .S. spirit than aerated. 22. 22 1. [2201] containing milk denatured. [2202 90 30] waters and aerated sweetening matter or de-mineralized 4. Fruit pulp or fruit including natural or containing adde d medicinal. Neera 5. 1. Beverages and other spirits. distilled. 2. Tender [2202 90 30] strength. juice based drinks artificial mineral sugar or other ionic. battery. not flavoured [2202 10] and water sold water put up in unit containing added in sealed container and sugar or other container] bearing a registered sweetening matter [2201] brand name [2202 90 nor flavoured. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Diabetic foods. 2207 Ethyl alcohol Toddy. Aerated waters. 3. Non-alcoholic 90] 2. bhujia. Other non-alcoholic (Beverages. 90 10] elsewhere beverages [2202 90 and vinegar) mineral.] registered . chabena and similar edible preparations in ready for consumption form.

2301 Flours. brand name [2202 90 90] 23. All goods not specified . argol. 3. - (Residues and poultry feed & elsewhere waste from the cattle feed. unfit de-oiled cake for human [2302. of fish or of husk of pulses. crustaceans. including 1. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. bagasse and other waste of sugar manufacture. 2303 Residues of starch manufacture and similar residues. [Lees . 2306. 23 1. . prepared animal grass. whether or not in the form of pellets. food industries. 2309] 2. 2307 Wine lees. beet-pulp.S. 2305. 2304. . of meat or meat supplement & offal. hay & meals and pellets. greaves. fodder) straw. brewing or distilling dregs and waste. concentrates & molluscs or other additives. Aquatic feed. aquatic wheat bran & invertebrates. consumption.

3. Tobacco leaves . name it is [2515 12 10] refining of crude oil [2515 12 20. sendha 3. lime including than common salt. 1. 2503 Sulphur aluminous cement. Marble and 1. precipitated similar hydraulic 00 10] sulphur and colloidal cements. kala than sublimed sulphate cement and namak [2501 sulphur. Granite blocks [2503 00 10] 90] materials. . super salt]. 2515 12 plastering known. Sulphur recovered as 1.S. Portland cement. 2501 Salt other 2. salts. whether or sulphur. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. or are carried by the action of "fining". sulphur. 2502 Unroasted iron blocks [2516] other fortified pyrites. All goods not specified 1. 24 . Common salt. (Salt. [2516]. not coloured or in the . Granite. tobacco substitutes) 25. 2. 25 1. namak [rock of all kinds. Marble and travertine. to the bottom of a vat of wine after fermentation and aging. manufactured charge] other than biris. by whatever elsewhere travertine blocks by-product in other than blocks earths and stone. refers to deposits of dead yeast or residual yeast and other particles that precipitate. 1. All goods not (Tobacco and [under reverse specified elsewhere. Argol –tartar obtained from wine fermentation] 24. other than and cement) iodized and 2. 1. other slag cement.

whether or not coloured. whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut. 8. . quartzite. 2507 Kaolin and other kaolinic clays. 6. 2506 Quartz (other than natural sands).S. andalusite. [2523] 5. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. by sawing or otherwise. 7. 2508 Other clays (not including expanded clays of heading 6806). kyanite and sillimanite. 2504 Natural form of clinkers graphite. other than metal bearing sands of Chapter 26. 2505 Natural sands of all kinds. 4. into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape. whether or not calcined.

whether or not calcined. whether or not calcined.S. natural barium carbonate (witherite). 10. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. chamotte or dinas earths. whether or not calcined. of an apparent specific gravity of 1 or less. kieselguhr. 12. 11. 2511 Natural barium sulphate (barytes). mullite. 2512 Siliceous fossil meals (for example. natural aluminium calcium phosphates and phosphatic chalk. tripolite and diatomite) and similar siliceous earths. 2510 Natural calcium phosphates. 9. 2509 Chalk. . other than barium oxide of heading 2816.

into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape. 2515 Ecaussine and other calcareous monumental or building stone. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2516 Porphyry. whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut. 15. natural garnet and other natural abrasives. 14. by sawing or otherwise.S. 13. natural corundum. 2513 Pumice stone. emery. basalt. 2514 Slate. sandstone and other monumental or building stone. whether or not heat- treated. alabaster [other than marble Marble and travertine] 16. .

into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape. tarred macadam. shingle and flint. whether or not heat-treated. macadam of slag. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut. for road metalling or for railway or other ballast. grenules cheeping and . 17. by sawing or otherwise. broken or crushed stone. whether or not incorporating the materials cited in the first part of the heading. 2517 Pebbles. dross or similar industrial waste. of a kind commonly used for concrete aggregates.S. gravel.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. dolomite ramming mix. 18. into blocks or slabs of a rectangular (including square) shape. powder of stones heading 2515 or 2516 whether or not it treated. Not calcined or sintered 20. 2518 10 dolomite. by sawing or otherwise.S. whether or not calcined or sintered. including dolomite roughly trimmed or merely cut. fused magnesia. 2519 Natural magnesium carbonate (magnesite). dead- burned (sintered) magnesia. 2518 Dolomite. 19. whether or not containing small quantities of other oxides added .

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of a kind used for the manufacture of lime or cement. other than calcium oxide and hydroxide of heading 2825. before sintering. 2522 Quicklime. limestone and other calcareous stone. other magnesium oxide. whether or not pure. plasters (consisting of calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate) whether or not coloured. 24.S. 2524 Asbestos. 22. with or without small quantities of accelerators or retarders. 2521 Limestone flux. slaked lime and hydraulic lime. 21. 23. anhydrite. . 2520 Gypsum.

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
25. 2525 Mica,
including splitting;
mica waste.
26. 2526 Natural
steatite, whether or
not roughly trimmed
or merely cut, by
sawing or otherwise,
into blocks or slabs
of a rectangular
(including square)
shape; talc.
27. 2528 Natural
borates and
concentrates thereof
(whether or not
calcined), but not
including borates
separated from
natural brine; natural
boric acid containing
not more than 85%
of H3BO3
28. 2529 Feldspar;
leucite, nepheline
and nepheline
syenite; fluorspar.
29. 2530 Mineral
substances not

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
elsewhere specified
or included.
26. 26 - All ores and - All goods not specified -
(Ores, slag and concentrates [2601 to elsewhere, that is other
ash) 2617] slag, dross, ash and
1. 2601 Iron ores residues [2619, 2620,
and concentrates, 2621]
including roasted
iron pyrites 1. 2619 Slag, dross
2. 2602 Manganese (other than
ores and granulated slag),
concentrates, scalings and other
including waste from the
ferruginous manufacture of iron
manganese ores and or steel.
concentrates with a 2. 2620 Slag, ash and
manganese content residues (other than
of 20% or more, from the manufacture
calculated on the dry of iron or steel)
weight. containing metals,
3. 2603 Copper arsenic or their
ores and compounds.
concentrates. 3. 2621 Other slag and
4. 2604 Nickel ash, including
ores and seaweed ash (kelp);
concentrates. ash and residues from
5. 2605 Cobalt the incineration of
ores and municipal waste.

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
6. 2606 Aluminium
ores and
7. 2607 Lead
ores and
8. 2608 Zinc ores
and concentrates.
9. 2609 Tin ores
and concentrates.
10. 2610 Chromium
ores and
11. 2611 Tungsten
ores and
12. 2612 Uranium
or thorium ores and
13. 2613 Molybdenum
ores and
14. 2614 Titanium
ores and
15. 2615 Niobium,
tantalum, vanadium
or zirconium ores
and concentrates.

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
16. 2616 Precious
metal ores and
17. 2617 Other
ores and
1. Granulated slag
(slag sand) from the
manufacture of iron
or steel [2618]

27. 27 - 1. Coal; briquettes, 1. Bio-gas All goods not specified 1. Avgas [2710]
(Mineral fuels, ovoids and similar elsewhere
mineral oils and solid fuels
products of their manufactured from 1. 2707 Oils and
distillation; coal [2701] other products of the
bituminous 2. Lignite, whether or distillation of high
substances; not agglomerated, temperature coal tar;
mineral waxes) excluding jet. [2702] similar products in
3. Peat (including peat which the weight of
litter), whether or the aromatic
not agglomerated constituents exceeds
[2703] that of the non-
4. Coke and semi coke aromatic
of coal, of lignite or constituents, such as
of peat, whether or Benzole (benzene),
not agglomerated; Toluole (toluene),
retort carbon [2704] Xylole (xylenes),

2710 Petroleum and Butane mixture. preparations Petroleum Gases not elsewhere (LPG) for supply to specified or included. 7. Kerosene PDS other mineral tars. Coal gas. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. obtained from peat [2706] from coal tar or from 6. from lignite or pitch coke. other textile oil. Base oil.S. 8. Liquefied Propane 3. Fuel oil. household domestic containing by weight consumers or to 70% or more of non-domestic petroleum oils or of exempted category oils obtained from (NDEC) customers bituminous minerals. Hindustan the preparations. petroleum waste oils. Tar distilled from 2. from bituminous Liquefied Butane minerals. Waste oil [Other . than petroleum gases Lubricating oil. producer gas and Jute batching oil and similar gases. 5. 2708 Pitch and coal. water gas. oils and oils obtained Liquefied Propane. kerosene Oil (SKO). other than and Liquefied crude. by the Indian Oil these oils being the Corporation basic constituents of Limited. Corporation such as Superior Limited. [other Corporation Limited than Avgas and or Bharat Petroleum Kerosene PDS].

S. such as Propane. Liquefied Propane. Butanes.] . 2711 Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons. Hindustan petroleum Corporation Limited or Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. propylene. Diesel hydrocarbons [2705] and ATF. Liquefied Butane and Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) for supply to household domestic consumers or to non-domestic exempted category (NDEC) customers by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Ethylene. not in GST] 9. butylene and butadiene [Other than Liquefied Propane and Butane mixture. and other gaseous than petrol.

peat wax. 4. paraffin wax. 5. ozokerite. 7. natural. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. petroleum bitumen and other residues of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals. micro-crystalline petroleum wax. bituminous or oil shale and tar sands.S. on natural bitumen. slack wax. on . whether or not coloured. and similar products obtained by synthesis or by other processes. lignite wax. 2715 Bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt. 2712 Petroleum jelly. other mineral waxes. asphaltites and asphaltic rocks. 2714 Bitumen and asphalt. 6. 2713 Petroleum coke.

Medicinal grade All goods not specified - (Inorganic 2. 6. 4. rare Control Order. bromine boron [28] and iodine. Potassium Iodate chlorine. Enriched elemental 3. Enriched KBF4 hydrogen peroxide elsewhere chemicals) (enriched potassium [2847] fluroborate) 2. conforming to IS rare-earth metals. Anaesthetics [28] 1. scandium and . Heavy water and under serial number colloidal sulphur. 2804 under the Fertilizer Hydrogen. 1985 and are not elsewhere manufactured by the specified or manufacturers which included). Thorium oxalate 1. are registered 4. 2802 Sulphur. 2801 Fluorine.S. 5. sublimed or sodium [2805 11] which are covered precipitated. 28. Micronutrients. other nuclear fuels 1(f) of Schedule 1. petroleum bitumen. 28 . Nuclear fuel 4. Nuclear grade 5. Dicalcium phosphate metals. 2805 Alkali or feed grade alkaline-earth metals. on mineral tar or on mineral tar pitch (for example. bituminous mastics. 1985 gases and other non- 6. cut-backs). 2803 Carbon [2845] Part (A) of the (carbon blacks and 7. 3. 3. (DCP) of animal 5. 1. Compressed air Fertilizer Control other forms of carbon [2853] Order. Iodine [2801 20] 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.

2809 Diphosphorus pentaoxide. 2806 Hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid). 10. 2807 Sulphuric acid. whether or No. 9. sulphonitric acids. 8. 2810 Oxides of boron. polyphosphoric acids. 2811 Other inorganic acids and other inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals. 11. specification yttrium. 7. boric acids.5470 : 2002 not intermixed or 7. phosphoric acid. chloro sulphuric acid. . 6. Steam interalloyed. 12. oleum. 2812 Halides and halide oxides of non-metals. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2808 Nitric acid.S. whether or not chemically defined. mercury.

2818 Artificial corundum. of strontium or barium. 2817 Zinc oxide. oxides. commercial phosphorus trisulphide. potassium hydroxide (caustic potash). 14. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2815 Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). whether or not chemically defined. 17. 16. hydroxides and peroxides. 13. zinc peroxide. anhydrous or in aqueous solution. . aluminium hydroxide. 2813 Sulphides of non-metals. 18. aluminium oxide. 2814 Ammonia. 15. 2816 Hydroxide and peroxide of magnesium. peroxides of sodium or potassium.S.

other inorganic bases. 2821 Iron oxides and hydroxides. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. red lead and orange lead.S. 2825 Hydrazine and hydroxylamine and their inorganic salts. 22. . other metal oxides. commercial cobalt oxides. 23. 25. 2820 Manganese oxides. 2819 Chromium oxides and hydroxides. 2824 Lead oxides. 2823 Titanium oxides. earth colours containing 70% or more by weight of combined iron evaluated as Fe2O3. 2822 Cobalt oxides and hydroxides. 24. 20. 19. 21.

29. 26. iodates and periodates. hydroxides and peroxides. 2829 Chlorates and perchlorates. bromides and bromide oxides. 27. 30.S. 28. commercial calcium hypochlorite. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. fluoroaluminates and other complex fluorine salts. polysulphides. whether or not chemically defined. 2827 Chlorides. chlorites. hypobromites. iodides and iodide oxides. . 2826 Fluorides. fluorosilicates. 2830 Sulphides. 2828 Hypochlorites. chloride oxides and chloride hydroxides. bromates and perbromates.

polyphosphates. 32. 37. peroxocarbonates (percarbonates). alums. 33. 2832 Sulphites. 35. commercial ammonium carbonate containing ammonium carbamate. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2834 Nitrites. thiosulphates. 31. 2831 Dithionites and sulphoxylates.S. . 34. whether or not chemically defined. 2835 Phosphinates (hypophosphites). nitrates. peroxosulphates (persulphates). 2836 Carbonates. 2837 Cyanides. phosphonates (phosphites) and phosphates. 36. 2833 Sulphates. cyanide oxides and complex cyanides.

38.S. 39. 2840 Borates. 41. 2841 Salts of oxometallic or peroxometallic acids. other than azides. peroxoborates (perborates). inorganic or organic compounds of precious metals. 2839 Silicates. amalgams of precious metals. whether or not chemically defined. 2842 Other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids (including aluminosilicates whether or not chemically defined). 42. commercial alkali metal silicates. 2843 Colloidal precious metals. 43. 40. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2844 Radioactive chemical elements and radioactive .

2849 Carbides. excluding ferrophosphorus. 45. 2847 Hydrogen peroxide.S. 48. mixtures and residues containing these products. inorganic or organic. whether or not chemically defined. nitrides. . whether or not solidified with urea. of rare-earth metals. of yttrium or of scandium or of mixtures of these metals. isotopes (including the fissile or fertile chemical elements and isotopes) and their compounds. 47. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 44. 2846 Compounds. 2848 Phosphides. 2850 Hydrides. azides. 46. whether or not chemically defined.

excluding amalgams 29. 2903 Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons. 29 . nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of hydrocarbons. whether or not chemically defined.whether or not chemically defined. other than compounds which are also carbides of heading 2849. Gibberellic acid All goods not specified - (Organic elsewhere chemicals) 2.S. 2852 Inorganic or organic compounds of mercury . 2904 Sulphonated. 49. 2901 Acyclic hydrocarbons 3. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 1. . 5. 2902 Cyclic hydrocarbons 4. silicides and borides. .

ether-alcohols. 9. sulphonated. 10. phenol-alcohols. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of phenols or phenol- alcohols. 7. whether or not halogenated. ether -phenols. 2906 Cyclic alcohols and their halogenated. ether- alcohol-phenols. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. ketone peroxides .S. 2909 Ethers. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. ether peroxides. 2905 Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated. 8. alcohol peroxides. 2908 Halogenated. sulphonated. 6. sulphonated. 2907 Phenols. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives.

2910 Epoxides. 2911 Acetals and hemiacetals. sulphonated. whether or not with . whether or not with other oxygen function.S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. 13. and their halogenated. 12. sulphonated. 2912 Aldehydes. (whether or not chemically defined). nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. and their halogenated. 11. with a three-membered ring. sulphonated. epoxyalcohols. and their halogenated. epoxyphenols and epoxyethers. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives.

and their halogenated. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. sulphonated. 14. cyclic polymers of aldehydes. 15. nitrated . sulphonated. whether or not with other oxygen function. 2913 Halogenated. halides. their halogenated. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of products of heading 2912. 2915 Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids and their anhydrides. paraformaldehyde. sulphonated. peroxides and peroxyacids. 2914 Ketones and quinones.S. other oxygen function. 16.

peroxides and peroxyacids. 19. sulphonated. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. their anhydrides. halides. 2918 Carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function and . cyclic monocarboxylic acids. halides. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. their halogenated. 18. 2916 Unsaturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids. or nitrosated derivatives. their anhydrides. 2917 Polycarboxylic acids. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives.S. sulphonated. their halogenated. 17. peroxides and peroxyacids.

their anhydrides. including lactophosphates. 2920 Esters of other inorganic acids of non-metals (excluding esters of hydrogen halides) and their salts. 21. sulphonated. peroxides and peroxyacids. 22. 2921 Amine- function compounds. 2919 Phosphoric esters and their salts. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. 20. their halogenated. their halogenated. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. . their halogenated. halides.S. nitrated or nitrosated derivatives. sulphonated. sulphonated.

24. 25. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2923 Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxides. lecithins and other phosphoaminolipids. 2926 Nitrile- function compounds. azo. 26. whether or not chemically defined. 2922 Oxygen- function amino- compounds. 2927 Diazo-. 28. 29. 23. amide-function compounds of carbonic acid. 2924 Carboxyamide- function compounds. 27. 2928 Organic derivatives of . or azoxy- compounds.S. 2925 Carboxyimide- function compounds (including saccharin and its salts) and imine-function compounds.

35. 31. other heterocyclic compounds. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 33. 2933 Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen hetero- atom(s) only. 2935 Sulphonamides 37. 2934 Nucleic acids and their salts. 2932 Heterocyclic compounds with oxygen hetero- atom(s) only. 2929 Compounds with other nitrogen function.S. 2936 Provitamins and vitamins. 36. natural or reproduced by synthesis (including . 30. 32. whether or not chemically defined. hydrazine or of hydroxylamine. 34. 2931 Other organo-inorganic compounds. 2930 Organo- sulphur compounds.

prostaglandins. Nicotine polacrilex - (Pharmaceutical and its Blood Vaccines elsewhere gum products) [3002. 30. whether or not in any solvent. Human Blood 1. natural or reproduced by synthesis. thromboxanes and leukotrienes. derivatives thereof used primarily as vitamins. derivatives and structural analogues thereof. 3006] . 2938 Glycosides. including chain modified polypeptides. 38. used primarily as hormones. and intermixtures of the foregoing. ethers. 30 1. esters and other derivatives. 39. and their salts. 2937 Hormones. Animal or Human All goods not specified 1. natural or reproduced by synthesis. natural concentrates).S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.

Medicaments their secretions for (including organo-therapeutic veterinary uses. Diagnostic kits for 1. whether [3006] injection or or not powdered. All types of of hepatitis organo-therapeutic contraceptives 3.S. heparin and its medicaments) used salts. Cyclosporin other organs or of 5. products. deferiprone extracts of glands or 4. whether or dated the 17th not obtained by March. prophylactic or specified in List 3 or diagnostic uses. other human or in bio-chemic animal substances systems and not prepared for bearing a brand therapeutic or name prophylactic uses. detection of all types and other organs for 2. 6. 3001 Glands [3002]. dried. diagnostic test kits. List 4 appended to antisera and other the notification blood fractions and No. 2012. modified Customs. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Desferrioxamine uses. dated the immunological 17th March. components 2. Oral re-hydration not elsewhere salts specified or included 7. 2012.12/2012. means of . 3002 Animal including their salts blood prepared for and esters and therapeutic. Drugs or medicines 2.

3003 Medicaments 17th March. from the bulk cultures of micro- drugs specified in organisms List 1 of notification (excluding yeasts) No. not put up in measured doses or in forms or packings for retail sale. 30. Siddha. dated the 3. toxins.02. homoeopathic or Bio-chemic systems medicaments.05 . 30.12/2012-Central and similar products Excise. including Ayurvaedic. 8. 2012. Unani. Formulations biotechnological manufactured processes.06) consisting of two or more constituents which have been mixed together for therapeutic or prophylactic uses. (excluding goods of dated the 17th heading 30. 4. 2012. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.02. 3004 Medicaments (excluding goods of heading 30. or 30.05 March.S.

or 30.06) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic uses. bandages and similar articles (for example. put up for retail sale. poultices). 5. 3005 Wadding. including Ayurvaedic. gauze. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S. dressings. homoeopathic siddha or Bio- chemic systems medicaments. Unani. put up in measured doses (including those in the form of transdermal administration systems) or in forms or packings for retail sale. impregnated or coated with pharmaceutical substances or put up . adhesive plasters.

dental or veterinary purposes. whether or not . sterile absorbable surgical or dental haemostatics. sterile surgical or denatal adhesion barriers. 6. sterile laminaria and sterile laminaria tents. in forms or packings for retail sale for medical.S. similar sterile suture materials (including sterile absorbable surgical or dental yarns) and sterile tissue adhesives for surgical wound closure. surgical. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 3006Pharmaceutical goods specified in Note 4 to this Chapter such as Sterile surgical catgut.

All goods which are - (Fertilisers) manure. Waste pharmaceuticals [other than contraceptives]. Fertilisers. students’ or or not containing signboard painters’ colours. 1. preparations for extracts of vegetable chemically modified pigments and pretanning [3202] origin. paints and esters and other 12. Artists’. 1. [3215] elsewhere (including enamels dyeing extracts. modifying . 32. [3208.S. ethers. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Paints and varnishes (Tanning or quebracho extract. 3201 Tanning synthetic polymers or derivatives. whether 13. Organic . lacquers and mastics. 3209] matter. 31. other those which are clearly not to be used than put up in clearly not to be used as fertilisers [31] unit containers as fertilizers [31] and bearing a brand name. Enzymatic 1. putty derivatives. 3202 Synthetic enamels. inks) organic tanning distempers). tanning leather [3210] preparations. etc. dyes. 31 1. 32 . tannins and natural polymers other colouring their salts. chestnut extract 2.. water pigments of a inorganic tanning kind used for finishing substances. Fountain pen ink All goods not specified 11. 1. Other paints and varnishes. other than 1. Wattle extract. absorbable. prepared substances. varnishes (including and other 2. Ball pen ink [3215] and lacquers) based on tannins and their 2.

jars. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. caulking black). whether or not compounds and other chemically defined. tubes.S. preparations as specified in Note 3 to this Chapter based on synthetic organic colouring matter. ceilings or the origin. painters’ preparations as fillings. 3203 tablets. indoor walls. colours and the like. non- specified in Note 3 to refractory surfacing this Chapter based on preparations for colouring matter of facades. Glaziers’ putty. synthetic organic products of a kind used as fluorescent . pans or in matter of vegetable similar forms or or animal origin packings [3213] (including dyeing 14. extracts but grafting putty. vegetable or animal floors. amusement substances. 3204 Synthetic organic colouring matter. mastics. natural tanning tints. like [3214] 4. resin excluding animal cements. whether or not chemically defined. Colouring bottles. in 3.

7. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. brightening agents or as luminophores. Prepared pigments. engobes (slips). 32. and other similar . whether or not cemically defined 5.04 or 32. preparations as specified in Note 3 to this Chapter based on colour lakes. prepared opacifiers. 3205 Colour lakes. glazes. vitrifiable enamels. preparations as specified in Note 3 to this Chapter. inorganic products of a kind used as luminophores.03. liquid lustres. 3206 Other colouring matter. whether or not chemically defined.S. prepared colours. 6.05. other than those of heading 32.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. in liquid or paste form. whether or not concentrated or solid. 3211 Prepared driers. 3301Essential oils All goods not specified (Essential oils Bindi. dyes and other colouring matter put up in forms or packings for reta 10. Sindur. Tooth powder [3306 1. of a kind used in the manufacture of paints (including enamels).S. 33 1. 33. enamelling or glass industry [3207] 8. 10 10] (terpeneless or not). 3212 Pigments (including metallic powders and flakes) dispersed in non- aqueous media. . 9. 3215 Printing ink. preparations of a kind used in ceramic. stamping foils. Kumkum. 1. elsewhere and resinoids. writing or drawing ink and other inks. Alta [3304] including concretes .

3302 Mixtures of packages [except odoriferous dentifrices – substances and . by-products of the manicure or pedicure deterpenation of preparations. 3. Hair solutions of essential lacquers. oils. preparations for the care in fixed oils. perfumery. 3306 Preparations for Eucalyptus oil. by enfleurage or including sunscreen or maceration. oils of citrus fruit. herbal or synthetic) essential oils other [except Hair oil -3305 than those of citrus 9011. terpenic sun tan preparations. extracted toilet waters.. Flavouring essences including and powders. between the teeth Attars of all kinds in (dental floss). Hair cream. obtained medicaments). 3303 Perfumes and cosmetic or toilet odoriferous resinoids. such as essential Hair dyes (natural. in fixed oil bases. in waxes of the skin (other than or the like. preparations) preparations which oleoresins. individual retail 2. essential oils.S. 3304 Beauty or make- operate by burning concentrates of up preparations and [3307 41 00] essential oils in fats. oral or dental hygiene. 2. all types (including yarn used to clean those for liquors). 3305 90 19] fruit such as 4. etc. Agarbatti and other and absolutes. 1. 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 3305 Preparations for aqueous distillates use on the hair such as and aqueous Shampoos.

such as Pre-shave. Hair oil [3305 9011. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Personal (DMO). oil] 1. Mentha piperita antiperspirants. Preparations. 3305 90 19] 2. other preparations. Synthetic perfumery whether or not compounds perfumed or having [including disinfectant properties. De. such as room deodorisers. bath in industry. Dentrifices - Toothpaste [3306 10 20] .S. 3307 Pre-shave. prepared beverages. of a kind preparations. personal used as raw materials deodorants. more of these shaving or after-shave substances. of a kind toilet preparations. Fractionated / de. cosmetic or substances. terpenated mentha oil shaving or after-shave (DTMO). with a basis of one or 5. mixtures (including Toothpaste . Shaving mentholised oil cream. preparations based on depilatories and other odoriferous perfumery. Spearmint deodorants and oil.3306 10 alcoholic solutions) 20]. not used for the elsewhere specified or manufacture of included.

whether or preparations. in prepared waxes. washing preparations (including auxiliary washing preparations) and cleaning preparations. 34 . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. . impregnated. 3401 [except All goods not specified (Soap. wadding. 34. tapers and 1. coated dental waxes and or covered with soap dental or detergent preparations with 2. whether or the form of liquid or polishing or not containing soap. candles and waxes [3404] paper. cream and put up for scouring 2. cakes. whether or not containing soap. moulded pieces or washing the skin. preparations for use surface-active lubricating as soap. 340130 . waxes and prepared not containing soap. preparations for artificial waxes. S. felt similar articles. shapes. of bars. 3404 . elsewhere surface-active oil [3402] organic surface- agents. 3402 Organic surface- a basis of plaster) active agents (other than soap). Candles. washing active products and 1. fish oil or sperm the like [3406] 340130] Soap. surface- active preparations. 1. Sulphonated castor 3. other than those of heading 3401. modelling pastes. in the form products and preparations. organic oil. and nonwovens. Artificial retail sale.Organic preparations.

S. as basic constituents. but excluding preparations containing. based on lubricants) and preparations of a kind used for the oil or grease treatment of textile materials. . 3. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 70% or more by weight of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals 4. 5. anti-rust or anti-corrosion preparations and mould release preparations. furskins or other materials. 3403 Lubricating preparations (including cutting-oil preparations. leather. for footwear. bolt or nut release preparations. 3405 Polishes and creams. 3404 Artificial waxes and prepared waxes.

coated or covered with such preparations). floors. glass or metal. including those put up for children's amusement. impregnated. excluding waxes of heading 3404 6. furniture. sticks or similar forms. other . wadding. felt. scouring pastes and powders and similar preparations (whether or not in the form of paper. coachwork. cellular plastics or cellular rubber. horseshoe shapes. in packings for retail sale or in plates.S. preparations known as “dental wax” or as “dental impression compounds”. 3407 Modelling pastes. nonwovens. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. put up in sets.

1. 3. preparations for use in dentistry. isinglass. containing by weight more than 80% whey proteins. . Albumins (including concentrates of two or more whey proteins. Casein. caseinates modified and other casein starches. Gelatin (including gelatin in rectangular (including square) sheets. 35 .S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. casein enzymes) glues [3501] 2. glues. calculated on the dry matter). with a basis of plaster (of calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate) 35. . . derivatives. whether or not surface-worked or coloured) and gelatin derivatives. All goods - (Aluminoidal substances. albuminates and other albumin derivatives [3502].

not elsewhere specified or included. pregelatinised or esterified starches). other glues of animal origin. Peptones and their derivatives. Dextrins and other modified starches (for example. whether or not chromed. glues based on starches. excluding casein glues of heading 3501 [3503] 4. 6. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Prepared glues and other prepared adhesives. or on dextrins or other modified starches [3505]. including Isolated soya protein [3504] 5.S. products . not elsewhere specified or included. hide powder. other protein substances and their derivatives.

other than matches. 2. 3602 Prepared products.S. electric explosives. prepared enzymes [3507] 36. Propellant powders All goods not specified (Explosives. Handmade safety . pyrophoric detonating caps. 7. fog signals and other pyrotechnic articles. put up for retail sale as glues or adhesives. 3. certain igniters. Enzymes. detonating fuses. 3604 Fireworks. suitable for use as glues or adhesives. not exceeding a net weight of 1 kg [3506]. Safety fuses. matches [3605 00 [3601]. rain rockets. 1. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. combustible detonators [3603]. 3606 Ferro-cerium and other pyrophoric alloys in all forms. 1. elsewhere pyrotechnic 10] 2. 36 . Matches [3605] signalling flares. preparations) 1. such as Industrial alloys. articles of combustible materials as specified in Note 2 to this Chapter. explosives. percussion or propellant powders. such as liquid or liquefied-gas fuels in containers of a . 1.

such certified as such by as Instant print film. 3706]. 3702 Photographic Advertisement film in rolls. textiles. be “Children’s Film”. and Films. paperboard or nature.S. instant print film in rolls. instant print Central Board of film in the flat. sensitised. Shorts. 3701 Photographic 2. material other than such as Children’s paper. film (other than for x- News Reels and ray for Medical use). whether Shorts. 37. 1. Documentary unexposed. Teaching aids unexposed. Film Certification to sensitised. paperboard or films certified by the textiles. the Central Board of Cinematographic Film Certification. 2. clippings. and Films or not in packs. . kind used for filling or refilling cigarette or similar lighters. sensitised. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of any including film strips material other than of educational paper. 37. Photographic plates plates and film in and films including the flat. 3701 Photographic All goods not specified (Photographic or plates and film for elsewhere cinematographic x-ray for medical goods) use. of any film [3705. cinematographic unexposed. . 1. .

unexposed. unexposed. exposed and developed. 3703 Photographic paper. sensitised. 3706 Cinematographic film. 6. 3704 Photographic plates. glues. exposed but not developed. sensitised. whether or not incorporating sound track or consisting only of sound track. 3. paper.S. adhesives and similar preparations). paperboard and textiles. 4. 3707 Chemical preparations for photographic uses (other than varnishes. put up in measured . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 5. paperboard and textiles. unmixed products for photographic uses. film.

sewage [3818] colloidal or semi. gasoline) or for other animal black. charged the manufacture of fire-extinguishing wood pulp. liquids used for the including spent same purposes as animal black [3802] mineral oils. blocks. charges for fire- 4. pastes. Residual lyes from extinguishers. 3814 Organic desugared or composite solvents chemically treated. 3. whether or 2. Artificial graphite. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. anti-corrosive manufactures [3801] preparations and other 2. not including lignin elsewhere specified or sulphonates [3804] included. graphite or other oxidation inhibitors. Activated carbon. portions or put up for retail sale in a form ready for use. or not concentrated. 3. Tall oil. Municipal . whether grenades. Silicon wafers 1. 38. for activated natural mineral oils (including mineral products. clinical colloidal graphite. 1. or other semi. 3811 Anti-knock products) waste preparations based on preparations. All goods not specified (Miscellaneous waste. 38 1. 1. and thinners. carbon in the form of gum inhibitors.S. 3813 Preparations and not refined [3803]. elsewhere chemical sludge. plates viscosity improvers. prepared additives. prepared .

wood creosote. 70% by weight of cymene. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S. rosin spirit fluids. not crude dipentene. Gum. constituent [3805]. 3820 Anti- 6. and rosin oils. and other terpenic 4. obtained from terpineol as the main bituminous minerals. wood naphtha. resin acids or on vegetable pitch [3807] . transmission. vegetable pitch. brewers' pitch and similar preparations based on rosin. 5. wood tar oils. containing or sulphite turpentine containing less than and other crude para. run gums [3806] 7. freezing preparations and derivatives and prepared de-icing thereof. Wood tar. 3819 Hydraulic brake oils produced by the fluids and other distillation or other prepared liquids for treatment of hydraulic coniferous woods. wood or paint or varnish sulphate turpentine removers. pine oil petroleum oils or oils containing alpha. 5. Rosin and resin acids.

herbicides. 8. disinfectants and similar products [3808] 9.S. Pickling preparations for metal surfaces. fungicides. rodenticides. of a kind used in the textile. dressings and mordants). Insecticides. Finishing agents. not elsewhere specified or included [3809] 10. leather or like industries. paper. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. anti- sprouting products and plant-growth regulators. fluxes and other auxiliary preparations for soldering. brazing or . dye carriers to accelerate the dyeing or fixing of dyestuffs and other products and preparations (for example.

welding. not elsewhere specified or included.. anti- oxidising preparations and other compound stabilisers for rubber or plastics. compound plasticisers for rubber or plastics. Prepared rubber accelerators. such as Vulcanizing agents for rubber [3812] 12.S. preparations of a kind used as cores or coatings for welding electrodes or rods [3810] 11. brazing or welding powders and pastes consisting of metal and other materials. Reaction initiators. reaction accelerators and catalytic preparations. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. not . soldering.

Chemical elements doped for use in electronics. elsewhere specified or included. [3817] 15. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S. etc. Mixed alkylbenzenes and mixed alkylnaphthalenes. in the form of discs. Refractory cements. chemical compounds doped for use in electronics [3818]. concretes and similar compositions. 16. other than products of heading 3801 [3816] 14. mortars. wafers or similar forms. [3815] 13. Prepared culture media for the development or maintenance of micro-organisms (including viruses and the like) or of . other than silicon wafers.

human or animal cells [3821]. etc. Surface . industrial fatty alcohols [3823] 19. 17.S. Industrial monobolic fatty acids. chemical products and preparations of the chemical or allied industries (including those consisting of mixtures of natural products). Salts for curing or salting (3824 90 16). Diagnostics or laboratory reagents. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. not elsewhere specified or included. plant. Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores. retarders used in printing industry (3824 90). including Ready mix concrete (3824 50 10). [3822] 18. acid oils from refining.

tension reducing agents (3824 90 17). other wastes specified in Note 6 to this Chapter. 3825 Residual products of the chemical or allied industries.S. [except municipal waste. 20. sewage sludge. not elsewhere specified or included. Precipitated Silica (3824 90 25) [3824].] 21. . Water treatment chemicals (3824 90 22). Stencil correction fluid (3824 90 24). not containing or containing less than 70% by weight of petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals [3826]. Biodiesel and mixtures thereof. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.

Self-adhesive plates. 1. lavatory pans. etc. Articles for conveyance or packing of goods. in 1. Feeding bottles. Other articles of 5. Ion exchangers based [3918] on primary polymers 2. sheets. Baths. [3914] sinks. foil. etc. of plastics [3923] . Plastic bangles . Other plates. plastic (3926 40 11) sheets. foil. [3915] flushing cisterns and 4. and fittings other materials of therefor. of plastics headings 3901 to 3914 [3917] [except bangles of 6. etc. 39. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 10)] [3926] film. S. 39 1. and PVC Belt of plastics [3919] Conveyor (3926 90 7. 3921] 8. Floor coverings of (Plastics and elsewhere plastics. scrap. of plastics [3920. pipes and plastics and articles of hoses. whether or articles thereof) not self-adhesive. shower baths. Tubes. Primary polymers [all rolls or in form of goods falling under tiles. All goods not specified 1. wall or ceiling 3901 to 3913] coverings of plastics 2. of plastics seats and covers. film. wash basins. parings and bidets. Waste. All goods including similar sanitary ware canes of plastics of plastics [3922] [3916] 3. 3.

kitchenware.] inner tubes.) [3925] 10. other household articles and Hygiene or toilet articles. containers.S. Nipples of feeding primary forms or in used on/in bicycles. gloves or medical 1. of plastics [3924] 9. 40 1. Toy balloons made bottles [4014] plates. thresholds. PVC Belt Conveyor (3926 90 10)] 40. Pneumatic tyres or 4001 with any rickshaws. sheets or strip. [4007] elsewhere tyres. chicle and 2. Latex Rubber Thread All goods not specified 1. gutta-percha. aircraft. sheets or gloves [4015] derived from oils. not elsewhere specified (like reservoirs. Surgical rubber in motor cars. doors and windows and their frames. of product of this . 1. buses or similar natural gums. 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Tableware. Builder's wares of plastics. New pneumatic (Rubber and contraceptives balata. vats. of rubber used articles thereof) [4014] guayule. Natural rubber. cycle -rickshaws and of natural rubber mixtures of any three wheeled latex [4016] product of heading powered cycle 3. in [other than of a kind strip [4001] 3. shutters. 4002 Synthetic lorries. motor in primary forms or examination rubber rubber and factice cycles etc [4011] in plates. 1. blinds etc. Condoms and 1.

air mattress. vulcanised rubber parings and scrap of (other than erasers) rubber (other than [4016] hard rubber) and 5. Rubber (including 4. forms or in plates. Isobutene. textile rollers and unvulcanised. 4003 coverings and mats. rubber. Inner tubes of rubber and three wheeled as Latex. in cyclostyling rollers) primary forms or in [4017] plates.] Ethylene-propylene. Reclaimed rubber boats or dock rubber in primary fenders. cycle rickshaws. a kind used on/in rickshaws [4011. of 3. in primary 2. 4005 Compounded printers rollers and rubber. Other articles of Non-conjugated vulcanised rubber diene rubber (EPDM) including Floor 2. of a kind heading. 4. rubber cots for textile sheets or strip. industry. tyres and flaps [4012] cycle -rickshaws sheets or strip. cycle - 4013] (BR). . sheets or strip. 4004 Waste. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. such 3.S. styrene [4013] [other than of powered cycle butadiene rubber. butadiene rubber bicycles. cushions. Hard rubber and powders and granules articles of Hard obtained therefrom. forms or in plates. Retreaded or used used on/in bicycles. rickshaws and three isoprene (butyl) wheeled powered rubber (IIR).

elbows. 4007 Vulcanised rubber thread and cord. 9. 6. 7. of unvulcanised rubber. flanges). discs and rings). with or without their fittings (for example. sheets. tubes and profile shapes) and articles (for example. rods. 8. of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber. 4008 Plates. strip. joints. 5. other than latex rubber thread. 4006 Other forms (for example. rods and profile shapes. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 4009 Tubes. of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber. pipes and hoses. 4010 Conveyor or transmission belts or 1 .S.

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
belting, of vulcanised
10. 4014 Hygienic
or pharmaceutical
articles (including
teats), of vulcanised
rubber other than
hard rubber, with or
without fittings of
hard rubber; such as
Hot water bottles,
Ice bags [other than
contraceptives, male
(condoms), Rubber
female (diaphragms),
such as cervical
11. 4015 Articles
of apparel and
clothing accessories
(including gloves,
mittens and mitts),
for all purposes, of
vulcanised rubber
other than hard

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
rubber [other than
Surgical gloves].
12. Erasers [4016].

41. 41 - Raw hides, skins, tanned All goods, that is leather - -
[Raw Hides and or crust hides and skins, further prepared, etc.
Skins (other than not further prepared [4107 to 4115]
Fur skins) and [4101 to 4106] 1. 4107 Leather
Leather] further prepared after
1. 4101 Raw tanning or crusting,
hides and skins of including
bovine (including parchment-dressed
buffalo) or equine leather, of bovine
animals (fresh, or (including buffalo)
salted, dried, limed, or equine animals,
pickled or otherwise without hair on,
preserved, but not whether or not split,
tanned, parchment- other than leather of
dressed or further heading 4114.
prepared), whether 4107 to 4111 Blank in
or not dehaired or Tariff.
split. 2. 4112 Leather
2. 4102 Raw further prepared after
skins of sheep or tanning or crusting,
lambs (fresh, or including
salted, dried, limed, parchment-dressed
pickled or otherwise leather, of sheep or
preserved, but not lamb, without wool
tanned, parchment- on, whether or not

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
dressed or further split, other than
prepared), whether leather of heading
or not with wool on 4114.
or split. 3. 4113 Leather
3. 4103 Other further prepared after
raw hides and skins tanning or crusting,
(fresh, or salted, including
dried, limed, pickled parchment-dressed
or otherwise leather, of other
preserved, but not animals, without
tanned, parchment- wool or hair on,
dressed or further whether or not split,
prepared), whether other than leather of
or not dehaired or heading 4114.
split. 4. 4114 Chamois
4. 4104 Tanned (including
or crust hides and combination
skins of bovine chamois) leather;
(including buffalo) patent leather and
or equine animals, patent laminated
without hair on, leather; metallised
whether or not split, leather.
but not further 5. 4115 Composition
prepared. leather with a basis
5. 4105 Tanned of leather or leather
or crust skins of fibre, in slabs, sheets
sheep or lambs, or strip, whether or
without wool on, not in rolls; parings
whether or not split, and other waste of

S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
but not further leather or of
prepared. composition leather,
6. 4106 Tanned not suitable for the
or crust hides and manufacture of
skins of other leather articles;
animals, without leather dust, powder
wool or hair on, and flour
whether or not split,
but not further
42. 42 - - 1. Gloves specially - All goods not specified
[Articles of designed for use in elsewhere
leather; saddlery sports [4203]
and harness; 1. 4201 Saddlery and
travel goods, harness for any animal
handbags and (including traces,
similar leads, knee pads,
containers; muzzles, saddle
articles of animal cloths, saddle bags,
gut (other than dog coats and the like),
silk-worm gut)] of any material.
2. 4202 Trunks, suit-
cases, vanity-cases,
executive-cases, brief-
cases, school satchels,
spectacle cases,
binocular cases,
camera cases, musical
instrument cases, gun

cigarette- cases. toilet bags. of leather or of composition leather. or wholly or mainly covered with such materials or with paper 3. bottle- cases. of textile materials. 4203 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories. shopping bags. insulated food or beverages bags. tool bags. of sheeting of plastics. map-cases. jewellery boxes. to-bacco- pouches. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. powder-boxes. of vulcanised fibre or of paperboard. cutlery cases and similar containers. rucksacks. wallets. of leather. cases. purses. handbags.S. sports bags. 4204 Blank in Tariff. holsters and similar containers. . travelling-bags.

paws and manufacturers other pieces or 1. 4303 Articles of thereof) cuttings. . suitable for apparel. 1. tails. unassembled. 5. of bladders or of tendons. of fox. etc. 4301 Raw All goods not specified (Furskin and furskins. 43. 4206 Articles of gut (other than silk-worm gut). heads. 4. 4302 Tanned or dressed furskins (including heads. tails. 4205 Other articles of leather or of composition leather. of mink. skins of heading 2. . of goldbeater's skin. clothing furriers' use). paws and other pieces or cuttings). 43 . 4304 Articles of 4101. 4102 or 4103. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. including elsewhere artificial fur. 2.S. of lamb. or assembled (without the addition of other materials) other than . artificial fur. other accessories and other than raw hides and articles of furskin.

piles. Wood in the rough (Wood and fuel wood particles. 3. . pointed but splints] [4408] of wood or other whether or not forms [4401] not sawn lengthwise. Wood (including ligneous materials. plastic and leather goods. agglomerated wooden sticks. tanned or dressed. chipped [4407] Board (OSB) and (including agglomerated in split poles. whether or not 1. 44 1.S. sawdust elsewhere [4403] 1. etc. those of heading 4303. with hair on. strips and friezes for whether or not [4402] roughly trimmed but parquet flooring. Firewood or 1. 44. bent or assembled) resins or other organic otherwise worked. wafer board) charcoal). briquettes. Hides or skins of other bovine and equine animals with hair on. Wood sawn or Oriented Strand wood charcoal) 2. pellets or similar wood. 4404 Hoopwood. [4401] and wood waste and 2. 4304 Artificial fur. Wood in chips or All goods not specified 1. All goods [other similar board (for shell or nut logs. not agglomerated with not turned. knitwear. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. pickets and stakes of than for match example. Artificial fur as trimmings and embellishments for garments. articles of wood. made ups. Wood charcoal scrap. such as Calf skins. continuously shaped binding substances. 4. 3. Particle board. tanned or dressed.

other than specified manufacture of rebated. carpentry of wood. Jute Particle 4. Gypsum Board photographs. beaded. Plywood. Bagasse Board. The following goods. 6. Tableware and Board. not bonded with resins wool. plates. Builders’ joinery and f. in 7. 3. Kitchenware of wood c. rounded or or other ligneous handles or the like. Fibre board of wood umbrellas. Sisal-fibre [4414] Boards. 4405 Wood its edges or faces. other or tramway sleepers end-jointed [4409] than specified boards (cross-ties) of wood. Cotton Stalk wood panels. v-jointed.S. veneered with or without panels and similar a. 5. Particle Board assembled flooring . whether or 2. the like) along any of materials. wood flour. Resin bonded [4411] 4. boards [4410] walking-sticks. chamfered. 4406 Railway planed. grooved. [4413] d. and including cellular g. [4412] 6. namely: — bamboo mat board. sanded or substances. Cement Bonded laminated wood veneer in between Particle Board. blocks. Bamboo flooring tiles b. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. suitable for the (tongued. 2. mirrors (GRG) or similar objects e. Wooden frames for Reinforced paintings. whether or not or other organic 3. Rice Husk or profile shapes [4419] Board. Glass-fibre 5. tool moulded. strips. Densified wood.

used as tableware and cable-drums of kitchenware. Parts of domestic drums and similar decorative articles packings. 4417 Tools. broom or brush bodies and handles.S. boot or shoe lasts and trees. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7. of wood. 6. h. 4415 Packing included or specified. Particle/fibre panels. pallet collars of wood. crates. of wood. 4416 Casks. from agricultural articles of densified crop residues. box pallets and other load boards. tool bodies. . wood not elsewhere 5. barrels. cases. Wood paving blocks. of wood. tubs and other coopers' products and parts thereof. vats. of wood. tool handles. pallets. of wood. boxes. shingles and board shakes [4418] manufactured 7. wood. including staves.

such as clothes hangers. 4421 Other articles of wood. Parts of wood. of wood. Parts of domestic decorative articles used as 1 . and similar articles. caskets and cases for jewellery or cutlery. statuettes and other ornaments. cops. wooden articles of furniture not falling in Chapter 94. 9. 4420 Wood marquetry and inlaid wood. boats and other similar floating structures. Spools.S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 8. Pencil slats. bobbins. paddles and rudders for ships. sewing thread reels and the like of turned wood for various textile machinery. namely oars. Match splints. of wood.

1. 4501 Natural cork. granulated or ground cork. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 2. sheets or strip (including sharp-edged blanks for corks or stoppers). or in rectangular (including square) blocks. 1. 4501 Waste cork. 4502 Natural cork. tableware and kitchenware [other than Wood paving blocks. plates. articles of densified wood not elsewhere included or specified. 4503 Articles of natural cork such . Parts of domestic decorative articles used as tableware and kitchenware] 45. crushed. All goods not specified - (Cork and articles raw or simply elsewhere of cork) prepared. 45 . debacked or roughly squared.S. 3. .

46 . whether or not Basket-ware and assembled into wickerwork) strips. plaits and similar products of plaiting materials.S. of esparto 1. materials. . whether or not being finished articles (for example. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 4.] 46. plaiting materials. bound together in parallel strands or woven. 4601 Plaits and or of other similar products of plaiting plaiting materials. All goods . Shuttlecock cork bottom. in sheet form. 4504 Agglomerated cork (with or without a binding substance) and articles of agglomerated cork. mats matting. screens) of vegetables materials . as Corks and Stoppers. - (Manufactures of straw.

3. recovered (waste 2. of rattan. All goods . or paperboard] dissolving grades. 47. wood pulp. of Other Vegetable materials. 4701 cellulosic Mechanical material. other than dissolving grades. made directly to shape from plaiting materials or made up from goods of heading 4601. 4703 Chemical wood pulp. - [Pulp of wood or of other fibrous 1. sulphite. 4702 Chemical and scrap) paper wood pulp. 2. 4. other than dissolving grades. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S. . articles of loofah. soda or sulphate. such as of Bamboo. 4602 Basketwork. 47 . wickerwork and other articles. 4704 Chemical wood pulp. .

1. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 4706 Pulps of fibres derived from recovered (waste and scrap) paper or paperboard or of other fibrous cellulosic material. articles of paper fee stamps greaseproof paper. 48 1. 4707 Recovered (waste and scrap) paper or paperboard.1. Non. towel or napkin Government [4802. 4705 Wood pulp obtained by a combination of mechanical and chemical pulping processes. the 2. stock and similar Treasuries or 4806 20 00. Newsprint.S. 4806 40 paper of a kind used Vendors 10. facial tissue stock. uncoated elsewhere wall coverings [4814] paperboard. papers. 4808. Wall paper and similar (Paper and judicial stamp or sheets [4801] paperboard. of paper or when sold by glassine paper. 4804. 4805. 4807. Court kraft paper. 6.] 48. 7. Aseptic packaging cellulose wadding paper [4811] . in rolls 1. for household or authorized by 4817] sanitary purposes. of paperboard) the composite paper etc. 4810. Judicial. 5. 4803 Toilet or pulp. Uncoated paper and All goods not specified 1.

cellulose wadding . Asphaltic whether or not roofing sheets printed. pouches. surface- Government.S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. whether or not like envelope. sold by containing an perforated. in rolls or sheets. book. tracing & Cheques. cases of corrugated papers and other lose or in book paper or paper board glazed transparent or form [4802. Braille paper [4823 coated or 90 11] impregnated paper 9. Paper splints for for duplicator stencils matches. Post card etc. 3. Government. [4819] translucent papers. the Reserve [4817]. boxes and parchment. paper or paperboard. whether or or offset plates). and webs of cellulose Postal items. 2. compendiums.. wallets and writing fibres. Boxes. Exercise book. when sold to writing blocks in rolls or sheets. Paper pulp moulded copying or transfer trays [4823] papers (including 8. assortment of paper coloured. 4. not waxed. & laboratory 3. of creped. Cartons. graph rolls or sheets. in 4817] 5. embossed. paperboard. crinkled. surface- rupee notes stationery including decorated or printed. self-copy 6. 4809 Carbon note book [4820] paper. 4811 Paper. Kites [4823] paper and other 7. 4806 Vegetable Bank of India 4.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. surface- coloured. surface- decorated or printed. slabs and plates. other than goods of the kind described in heading 4803. 4815 – Blank in Tariff 8. 4816 Carbon paper. 4813 Cigarette paper. 4809 or 4810 [Other aseptic packaging paper and 5. impregnated. 7. whether or not cut to size or in the form of booklets or tubes. in rolls or rectangular (including square) sheets. coated. of paper pulp. 4812 Filter blocks.S. of any size. 6. self-copy paper and other copying or transfer . and webs of cellulose fibres. covered.

10. papers (other than those of heading 4809). plain postcards and correspondence cards. in rolls of a . 4818 Toilet paper and similar paper. of a kind used for household or sanitary purposes. duplicator stencils and offset plates. cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres. whether or not put up in boxes. of paper or paperboard. 9.S. pouches. wallets and writing compendiums. 4817 Envelopes. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of paper. letter cards. containing an assortment of paper stationery including writing blocks]. [other than boxes. of paper or paperboard.

paper. or paper pulp. diaries and similar articles.S. 4820 Registers. receipt books. note books. cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres. bed sheets and similar household. sanitary or hospital articles. order books. tampons. exercise books. napkins for babies. width not exceeding 36 cm. table cloths. articles of apparel and clothing accessories. file covers. memorandum pads. binders (loose-leaf or other). or cut to size or shape. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. towels. cleansing tissues. handkerchiefs. 11. letter pads. manifold business . serviettes. account books. blotting-pads. folders.

cops and similar supports of paper pulp. whether or not printed. forms. cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres. other articles of paper pulp.S. . 14. paper. and book covers. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of paper or paperboard [including Albums for samples or for collections]. 4822 Bobbins. of paper or paperboard. paperboard. interleaved carbon sets and other articles of stationary. 4823 Other paper. 13. paperboard. 12. spools. 4821 Paper or paperboard labels of all kinds. paper or paperboard (whether or not perforated or hardened). cut to size or shape.

periodicals. - (Printed books. typescripts and journals printed or in plans) [4902]. journals and engineering. All goods not specified . manuscripts. 4904 Music. industrial. illustrated or topographical or containing similar purposes. whether pictures and other Braille books or not in single sheets 1. atlas. 49 1. chart & whether or not bound globe [4905] or illustrated. Printed 4901 Brochures. drawn by hand. leaflets and similar elsewhere newspapers. 4903 Children's products of the [4901] and picture. drawing or printing industry. 4905 Maps and hand-written texts. 3. periodicals & 2. books. whether or not commercial. hydrographic or photographic 1 . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. newspaper. manuscript. cellulose wadding or webs of cellulose fibres [other than paper pulp moulded trays] 49.S. colouring books. 4906 Plans [4902 and drawings for Newspapers. advertising being originals material. maps. including printed matter. architectural.

carbon copies of the topographical foregoing. including sensitised paper and atlases. 5. . banknotes. similar charts of all reproductions on kinds. 4907 Unused printed. cheque forms. revenue or similar stamps of current or new issue in the country in which they have. stock. share or bond certificates and similar documents of title.S. wall maps. a recognised face value. messages or announcements. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. printed cards bearing personal greetings.] postage. 4909 Printed or illustrated postcards. Transfers (decalcomanias) [4908] 6. plans and globes. stamp- impressed paper. or will have. 4.

with or without envelopes or trimmings. including calendar blocks. commercial. Pictures. topographical or . including printed pictures and photographs. whether or not illustrated. Plan and drawings for architectural engineering. Printed inlay cards. 8. such as Trade advertising material. designs and photographs. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. printed Posters. 4910 Calendars of any kind. industrial. Commercial catalogues. 4911 Other printed matter. 7. printed. Commercial catalogues and the like.S.

6501 Hat-forms. nor or trimmed. 65 . 6505 Hats and made brims. 6503 – Blank in Tariff. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 6504 Hats and helmets. any material. Safety headgear such All goods not specified (Headgear and as helmets [6506 10] elsewhere [other than parts thereof) 1. nor lined. 65. felt or other textile 3. or trimmed. similar purposes reproduced with the aid of computer or any other devices. plaited or (but not in strips). to shape nor with 2.S. 4. of felt. . made by assembling whether or not lined strips of any material. nor with made whether or not lined brims. 6502 Hat- fabric. . manchons). shape. 1. . hair-nets neither blocked to of any material. textile head other headgear. trimmed. plateaux other headgear. neither blocked trimmed. whether hat bodies and hoods or not lined or of felt. and manchons knitted or crocheted. gears] plaited or made by assembling strips of 2. in the piece shapes. (including slit or made up from lace.

All goods . 2. crops and parts garden umbrellas thereof) and similar umbrellas). hat frames.] . stick umbrellas. 1. 6506 Other headgear. .S. hat foundations. whether or not lined or trimmed. for headgear. 5. sun umbrellas seat-sticks. peaks and chinstraps. riding. 3. 6603 Parts. (including walking- whips. 6601 Umbrellas and walking-sticks. linings. 6507 Head- bands. seat-sticks. sun umbrellas. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. trimmings and accessories of articles of heading 6601 or 6602. 6. whips. 66 . 66. covers. riding-crops and the like. 6602 Walking- sticks. - (Umbrellas.

Skins and other parts . 6702 Artificial made of feather feathers. All goods not specified (Prepared of birds with their elsewhere feathers and feathers or down. all goods] articles made of articles of human artificial flowers. thinned. . 2. 3. prepared for use in making wigs or the like. 67 . artificial flowers. hair) foliage or fruit. wool or other animal hair or other textile materials. switches and the like. articles thereof [6701 fruit and parts thereof. down and flowers. parts of 1. S. 1. of human or animal hair or of textile materials. eyebrows and eyelashes. false beards. 67. down and articles feathers. 6704 Wigs. . 6703 Human hair. bleached or otherwise worked. foliage and or of down . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. articles of human hair not elsewhere specified or included. dressed.

travertine other materials. hand 2. 1. of paperboard or of marble. mica or without frameworks. with and the like. of paper. and building stone parts thereof. otherwise made up. and alabaster. of articles thereof. of (including slate). 6801. 6803 Worked slate such as Abrasive and articles of slate or cloths. of natural polishing. on a chippings and powder. Sand lime bricks 1. base of textile of natural stone material. cutting. powder or grain. curbstones and sharpening. mosaic cubes or of ceramics. grinding elsewhere plaster. . of natural or without parts of stone (including slate). grindstones. other agglomerated natural than goods of heading or artificial abrasives. 6804 Millstones. 6801 Setts. 3. All goods not specified (Articles of stone. . flagstones. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. cement. S. of Other shape or sewn or calcareous stone. of (except slate) and natural stone. 6805 Natural or backing. 2. Emery or of agglomerated slate. 68 . wheels and the like. asbestos. similar material) for grinding. other materials whether or not on a 2. 6802 Worked sharpening or monumental or polishing stones. of whether or not cut to Granite. trueing or stone (except slate). Fly ash bricks. 68. artificially artificial abrasive coloured granules. 1.

6806 Slag coal tar pitch). cement. similar mineral boards. such as or chapter 69. Flint coated asphalt or of similar paper. 6807 Articles of paper. foamed slag and chips. of concrete or of artificial stone. whether or not reinforced. sound-absorbing 6. of expanded clays. 6810 Articles of cement. plaster or sound-insulating or other mineral binders. of articles. Glass or sand material (for example. coated paper. not cellulose fibre. sheets. 6811 Articles of tiles and similar asbestos-cement. rock wool and 5. 6809 Articles of mineral materials. particles. panels.S. mixtures and articles agglomerated with of heat-insulating. petroleum bitumen or 3. tiles. such as . cement or the like. similar expanded sawdust or other mineral materials. plaster or of other than those of compositions based on heading 6811 or 6812 plaster. ornamented. blocks wools. of wood. 4. Boards. 6808 Panels. wool. exfoliated and similar articles vermiculite. waste. straw or of shavings. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. corundum coated 4. 7. of vegetable fibre.

footwear. Tiles. articles of such mixtures or of asbestos (for example. headgear. thread. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. woven fabric. Prefabricated structural components for Building or civil engineering. Building blocks and bricks. gaskets). Cement bricks. mixtures with a basis of asbestos or with a basis of asbestos and magnesium carbonate. 8.S. other than goods of heading 6811 or 6813 . whether or not reinforced. 6812 Fabricated asbestos fibres. flagstones. Prefabricated structural components for building or civil engineering. clothing. bricks and similar articles.

discs. of other mineral substances or of cellulose. 6815 Articles of stone or of other mineral substances (including carbon fibres. not . washers. including agglomerated or reconstituted mica.S. 9. segments. paperboard or other materials. articles of carbon fibres and articles of peat). 6814 Worked mica and articles of mica. strips. 11. for brakes. with a basis of asbestos. 10. pads). not mounted. whether or not combined with textiles or other materials. sheets. whether or not on a support of paper. rolls. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. for clutches or the like. 6813 Friction material and articles thereof (for example.

retorts. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. [all goods of tripolite or diatomite) 6902. pot and clay lamps]. earths. supports. 6912 Ceramic muffles. Building bricks . plugs. porcelain or china. 4. Refractory bricks. crucibles. Earthen or roofing siliceous fossil meals fossil meals (for tiles [6905 10 00] or similar siliceous example. other 3. other cupels. 6903] or of similar siliceous 1. tubes. Earthen pot 1. tiles and elsewhere products) [6912 00 40] 2. kitchenware. siliceous earths constructional goods. 2. 1 . 6903 Other household articles refractory ceramic and toilet articles. and toilet articles. Bricks of fossil similar refractory meals or similar ceramic 2. earths. of goods (for example. 6911 Tableware. elsewhere specified or included. 6904 Ceramic flooring blocks. household articles sheaths and rods). kieselguhr. nozzles. 6901 Blocks. pipes. 1.S. other than those of other than of siliceous fossil meals porcelain or china or of similar siliceous [other than Earthen earths. support or filler tiles and the like. tableware. All goods not specified (Ceramic and clay lamps [6904 10 00] blocks. 69. kitchenware. tiles and other ceramic [6901 00 10] other than those of goods of siliceous 3. 69 1.

conduits. finishing ceramics 8.S. whether or not on a backing. 9. chimney liners. guttering and pipe fittings. ceramic mosaic cubes and the like. hearth or wall tiles. chemical or other technical uses. architectural ornaments and other ceramic constructional goods. hearth or wall tiles. 6. 6906 Ceramic pipes. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. whether or not on a backing. ceramic troughs. tubs and similar receptacles . 7. 6905 Chimney-pots. 6908 Glazed ceramic flags and paving. cowls. 6907 Ceramic flags and paving. 6909 Ceramic wares for laboratory. 5. glazed ceramic mosaic cubes and the like.

rods reflecting layer. Bangles . 7003 Cast glass metals) [7018] chimneys for lamps of glass. ceramic pots. 1. 7002 Glass in whether or not having balls (other than an absorbent. microspheres of reflecting or non- heading 70. 6914 Other ceramic articles. in and lanterns [7020] mass. water closet pans. flushing cisterns. 6913 Statuettes and other ornamental ceramic articles. Globes for lamps and 1. 12. 11. 70. not otherwise worked. bidets. 3. wash basins. . 6910 Ceramic sinks. Glasses for corrective All goods not specified (Glass and (except those lanterns.S. sheets or profiles. glass in the and rolled glass. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7001 Cullet and precious lamps. Glass other waste and scrap 1. urinals and similar sanitary fixtures.18). unworked. but or tubes. 10. wash basin pedestals. Founts for spectacles [7015 10] elsewhere glassware) made from kerosene wick 2. 70 1. of a kind used in agriculture. baths. jars and similar articles of a kind used for the conveyance or packing of goods.

bent. engraved. jars. toughened (tempered) not optically worked. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. reflecting layer. 70. not framed or fitted glasses for non. 7005 Float glass glass. hollow glass spheres . 7015 Clock or drilled. stoppers. pots. otherwise worked. corrective spectacles. sheets. enamelled or watch glasses and otherwise worked. edge- 7018). office. toilet. lids and surface ground or and other closures. phials. preserving jars of 3.05.03. or laminated glass. kind used for table. similar purposes 4. with other materials. 4. consisting of hollowed or the like. 7004 Drawn bottles. 6. in sheets. but similar glasses.S. whether or not 5.04 heading 7010 or or 70. reflecting of a kind used for the or non-reflecting conveyance or layer. 2. absorbent. 7010 Carboys. in glass. glass. bent. 7007 Safety curved. worked. flasks. whether or ampoules and other not having an containers. but not packing of goods. 7006 Glass of (other than that of heading 70. glass and blown glass. but indoor decoration or not otherwise worked. reflecting or non- kitchen. of glass. of polished glass. 5. 7013 Glassware of a having an absorbent.

imitaion jewelery. and their segments. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7. 7014 Signalling other than prosthetic glassware and optical articles. 7009 Glass hygienic or mirrors. not graduated or 8. pearls. slabs. 11. 7011 Glass calibrated. exceeding 1 mm in squares. envelopes 8. without precious stones and fittings. tiles and other diameter : articles of pressed or moulded glass. 7. statuettes elements of glass and other ornaments (other than those of of lamp-worked heading 7015). glass eyes 10. not glass. 7012 – Blank in than imitation Tariff. whether or not wired. cathode-ray smallwares. 7008 Multiple-walled for the manufacture insulating units of of such glasses. 7017 Laboratory. articles thereof other 9. 7018 Glass (including beads. and tubes or the like. thereof. whether or pharmaceutical not framed. and glass parts precious or semi.S. imitation bulbs and tubes). other than optically worked. jewellery. imitation open. bricks. for electric similar glass lamps. . whether or rear-view mirrors. 7016 Paving glass microsphers not blocks. glass. including glassware. 6.

glass smallwares. . 9. for mosaics or similar decorative purposes. Founts for kerosene wick lamps. shells or similar forms 12. . 7019 Glass of a kind used for fibres (including building or glass wool) and construction purposes. woven fabrics) whether or not on a backing. leaded lights and the like. panels. multi- cellular or foam glass in blocks. blocks or other primary forms. 7201 Pig iron and spiegeleisen in pigs. 7020 Other articles of glass [other than Globes for lamps and lanterns. plates. Glass chimneys for lamps and lanterns]. articles thereof (for glass cubes and other example. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. . All goods - (Iron and steel) 1. 72.S. 72 . yarn.

94%.S. pellets or similar forms 4. in lumps. pellets or similar forms. in lumps. of pig iron. 6. 7202 Ferro- alloys. remelting scrap ingots of iron or steel. 7203 Ferrous products obtained by direct reduction of iron ore and other spongy ferrous products. iron or steel. 3. . 7206 Iron and non-alloy steel in ingots or other primary forms (excluding iron of heading 7203). 2. 5. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7204 Ferrous waste and scrap. iron having a minimum purity by weight of 99. spiegeleisen. 7205 Granules and powders.

of a width of 600 mm or more. of a width of . cold-rolled (cold- reduced). Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7. plated or coated. 7208 Flat- rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel. 7210 Flat- rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel. of a width of 600 mm or more. 8. 9. 11. plated or coated. 10. not clad. hot-rolled. 7207 Semi- finished products of iron or non-alloy steel. 7211 Flat- rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel. of a width of 600 mm or more. clad.S. plated or coated. 7209 Flat- rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel. not clad.

not further worked than forged. clad. 14. 7213 Bars and rods. 16. hot-drawn or hot- extruded. but including those twisted after rolling. in irregularly wound coils. shapes and sections of iron or non-alloy steel. 13.S. of iron or non- alloy steel. of a width of less than 600 mm. 7215 Other bars and rods of iron or non-alloy steel. hot-rolled. plated or coated. hot-rolled. 12. 7212 Flat- rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel. 15. 7216 Angles. less than 600 mm. plated or coated. 7214 Other bars and rods of iron or non-alloy steel. . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. not clad.

of stainless steel. 17. of a width of less than 600 mm not further worked than hot- rolled 21. 7221 Bars and rods. 7219 Flat- rolled products of stainless steel. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7222 Other bars and rods of stainless steel. 22. 7218 Stainless steel in ingots or other primary forms. of a width of 600 mm or more. 7217 Wire of iron or non-alloy steel.S. hot-rolled. shapes . 7220 Flat- rolled products of stainless steel. 20. 18. 19. angles. semi-finished products of stainless steel. in irregularly wound coils.

and sections of stainless steel. 7226 Flat- rolled products of other alloy steel. 28. 7224 Other alloy steel in ingots or other primary forms. 27. 7228 Other bars and rods of other alloy steel. semi-finished products of other alloy steel. 7225 Flat- rolled products of other alloy steel.S. 1 . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. in irregularly wound coils. 7223 Wire of stainless steel. 23. 24. of a width of 600 mm or more of sillicon electrical steel 26. hot-rolled. of other alloy steel. angles. 25. 7227 Bars and rods. of a width of less than 600 mm.

Stoves [other than (Articles of iron geometry boxes and elsewhere kerosene stove and or steel) colour boxes. (including those with 2. 73 . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. pencil LPG stoves]. of steel [7323] rails. . braziers. 7229 Wire of other alloy steel. 29. appliances. hollow drill bars and rods. electrically heated. shapes and sections. not other household following: rails. and parts wood burning stoves 2. Kerosene burners. 73. of alloy or non- alloy steel. All goods not specified 1. shapes and warmers and similar 5. welded gas-rings. Utensils [7323] made from assembled barbecues.S. plate [7319] angles. 1. Sewing needles elements. ranges. sharpeners [7310 or 1. Animal shoe nails whether or not subsidiary boilers for [7317] drilled. 7301 Sheet grates. air crossing frogs. 7302 Railway thereof. the heating. 3. of iron or non-electric domestic kerosene stoves and steel. Radiators for central 6. point heaters and hot air rods and other distributors (including . of other alloy steel. articles of iron & check-rails and rack and parts thereof. punched or central heating). switch blades. cookers 7326] piling of iron or steel. sections. 4. of iron or steel of iron or steel or tramway track [7321] [7321] construction material 2. Mathematical boxes. iron or steel. Table or kitchen or of iron or steel.

4. crossing pieces. not chair wedges. pipes and hollow profiles. of iron (other than cast iron) or steel. having circular cross- sections. conditioned air). driven fan or blower. of material specialized iron or steel [7322] for jointing or fixing 3.S. . and steel [7324] pipes and hollow profiles. incorporating a motor- rail clips bedplates. 7304 Tubes. Sanitary ware and rails parts thereof of iron 3. of iron or steel. 7303 Tubes. welded. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. seamless. the external diameter of which exceeds 406. ties and other and parts thereof. 5.4 mm. also distribute fresh or fish-plates. 7305 Other tubes and pipes (for example. distributors which can sleepers (cross-ties). riveted or similarly closed). of cast iron. sole electrically heated. chairs. plates (base plates).

riveted or similarly closed). open seam or welded. bridges and bridge-sections. Structures (excluding prefabricated buildings of heading 94. lattice masts. rods. roofing frame-works. 7306 Other tubes. doors and windows and their frames and thresholds for doors. of iron or steel.06) and parts of structures (for example. couplings. lock-gates. 6.S. pillars. roofs. of iron or steel. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of iron or steel. 7. 8. sleeves). . 7307 Tube or pipe fittings (for example. balustrades. and shutters. plates. and columns). towers. elbows. pipes and hollow profiles (for example.

vats and similar containers for any material (other than compressed or liquefied gas). but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment [7309] 10. tubes and the like. boxes and similar containers. drums. whether or not lined or heat-insulated. of iron or steel. cans. section. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. prepared for using structures. of iron or steel. of iron or steel [other than transmission towers] [7308] 9. of a capacity exceeding 300 l.S. for any material (other than compressed or liquefied gas). shapes. Reservoirs. Tanks. tanks. angles. casks. of a capacity .

7315 90 [7315]. and . ropes. 7313 Barbed wire of iron or steel. plaited bands. barbed or not. not electrically insulated. but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment [7310] 11. twisted hoop or single flat wire. slings and the like. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 14. 7315. 7312 Stranded wire. 7315 89. 13. of iron or steel. cables.S. not exceeding 300 l. 7315 81. whether or not lined or heat-insulated. 82. of iron or steel. Chain and parts thereof. 7311 Containers for compressed or liquefied gas. 12. of iron or steel falling under 7315 20.

but excluding such articles with heads of copper. 16. grapnels and parts thereof. of iron or steel. 15. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. coach . of iron or steel wire. staples (other than those of heading 8305) and similar articles. loosely twisted double wire.S. of a kind used for fencing. drawing pins. grill. bolts. 7314 Cloth (including endless bands). of iron or steel [7316] 17. corrugated nails. netting and fencing. whether or not with heads of other material. 7318 Screws. expanded metal of iron or steel. 18. 7317 Nails. nuts. Anchors. tacks. of iron or steel.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. embroidery stilettos and similar articles. knitting needles. LPG stoves [7321] 22. Springs and leaves for springs. rivets. crochet hooks. not elsewhere specified or included.S. . of iron or steel. pot scourers and scouring or polishing pads. of iron and steel [7320] 21. 20. cotters. screws. safety pins and other pins of iron or steel. gloves and the like. screw hooks. washers (including spring washers) and similar articles. bodkins. of iron or steel. 7319 Sewing needles. 19. 7323 iron or steel wool. of iron or steel. for use in the hand. cotter- pins.

S. Tyre bead wire rings intended for use in the manufacture of tyres for cycles and cycle-rickshaws. Plates and frames for sewage water or similar system [7325] 24. but not further worked. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Belt lacing of steel. Rudders for ships or boats. Other articles of iron and steel. such as Grinding balls and similar articles for mills. . articles for automobiles and Earth moving implements. Other cast articles of iron or steel. 23. Drain covers. articles of iron or steel Wire. Belt fasteners for machinery belts. forged or stamped. such as Grinding balls and similar articles for mills.

sanitary articles thereof) other household ware and parts thereof articles of copper 1. Utensils [7418] All goods not specified 1. . 4. plates. chain and parts thereof 2. and frames for sewages. Brain covers. cement 2. Articles of clad metal [7326] 74. Table or kitchen or elsewhere utensils i.S. . 7404 Copper waste and scrap.e. water or similar system. unwrought. including metal 3. 7401 Copper of copper [7418] [7418] mattes. 7403 Refined castings under 7419 copper and copper 91 00 [7419] alloys. All goods other than (Copper and 2. 74 . 7402 Unrefined under 7419 10 and copper. 1. Other articles of copper (precipitated copper [including copper). Enamelled iron ware (excluding utensil & sign board). Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Manufactures of stainless steel (excluding utensils). copper other articles under anodes for 7419 99] but not electrolytic refining.

7408 Copper wire 9. rods and profiles.12. 7. 7412 Copper tube or pipe fittings (for example. 7414 Blank in Tariff. 7407 Copper bars. 7411 Copper tubes and pipes. drawing pins. couplings. 15. 7406 Copper powders and flakes. sheets and strip. 7405 Master alloys of copper. 5. 13. Stranded wires and cables [7413] 14. 6. tacks. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of a thickness exceeding 0. elbows.5 mm. sleeves). 12. 10. 7409 Copper plates. staples (other than 1 . 7415 Nails.S. Copper foils [7410] 11. 8.

cotters. 75 . nickel oxide sinters and other intermediate products of nickel metallurgy. 7416. 7504 Nickel powders and flakes. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. cotter-pins. All goods - (Nickel and 1.05) and similar articles. screws. 16. washers (including spring washers) and similar articles. 7417 Blank in Tariff] 75. . 7503 Nickel waste and scrap. of copper or of iron or steel with heads of copper. . nuts. 3.S. rivets. 2. those of heading 83. bolts. 7502 Unwrought nickel. of copper. screw hooks. . 7501 Nickel articles thereof) mattes. 4.

. sheets. Nickel screen. Electroplating anodes of nickel. Other articles of nickel and nickel alloy [7508] 76. 5. 7506 Nickel plates. such as Ingots. 7601 Aluminium paper. rods. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. plastics or similar . 7. Aluminium foil (Aluminium and 2. of nickel Wire.S. 8. couplings. 76 . pipes and tube or pipe fittings (for example. Blanks ordinarily used for manufacturing tubes & pipes of nickel. 1. 6. strip and foil. such as cloth. 7507 Nickel tubes. elbows. Utensils [7615] All goods not specified 1. Table or kitchen or elsewhere (whether or not articles thereof) other household printed or backed with articles of aluminium 1. grill and netting. Other articles of nickel. [7615] alloys. sleeves). paperboard. 7505 Nickel bars. profiles and wire.

All goods other than 6.2 mm. Doors. Wire-bars. 7604 Aluminium their frames and bars. 7605 Aluminium [7610] wire. under 7610 10 00 5. sanitary plates. 7610 Aluminium structures (excluding prefabricated buildings of heading 94. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7602 Aluminium any backing) not waste and scrap. exceeding 0. 7606 Aluminium utensils i.06) and parts of structures (for example. 7603 Aluminium [7607] powders and flakes. exceeding 0.2 mm. backing materials) of a Wire-rods thickness (excluding 2. 3. rods and thresholds for doors profiles.S. couplings. 7. bridges and . 3. 8. 2. Billets.e. 9. sleeves). 7608 Aluminium tubes and pipes. windows and 4. sheets and ware and parts thereof strip. elbows. 7609 Aluminium tube or pipe fittings (for example. of a thickness [7615].

roofs. [7612] . but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment [7611] 11. pillars and columns). tubes and the like. cans. aluminium plates. for any material (other than compressed or liquefied gas). lattice masts. roofing frameworks. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S. Aluminium reservoirs. vats and similar containers. towers. bridge-sections. of a capacity exceeding 300 l. prepared for use in structures. boxes. Aluminium casks. whether or not lined or heat- insulated. rods. etc. balustrades. profiles. 10. drums. tanks.

tacks. . such as nails.S. screws. cotters. All goods - (Lead and articles 1. 3. 12. 7616 Other articles of aluminium. washers and similar articles. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Stranded wires and cables [7614] 14. 77 (blank in tariff) 78. staples (other than those of heading 83. bolts. netting and fencing. cloth. . 77. screw hooks. 7803 Blank in Tariff .05). 7801 Unwrought thereof) lead. 2. rivets. cotter-pins. nuts. Aluminium containers for compressed or liquefied gas [7613] 13. grill. 7802 Lead waste and scrap. 78 . of aluminium Wire.

sheets. 4. 7902 Zinc waste and scrap. . profiles and wire. Other articles of zinc including sanitary fixtures [7907] 80. 7804 Lead plates. rods. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 7905 Zinc plates. 5. 7805 Blank in Tariff. 3. strip and foil. 5. 2. Other articles of lead (including sanitary fixtures and Indian lead seals) [7806] 79. 4. All goods - (Zinc and articles 1. . strip and foil. 7903 Zinc dust. 80 . powders and flakes. 6. 79 . . lead powders and flakes. 6. 7901 Unwrought thereof) zinc. All goods - . .S. 7904 Zinc bars. sheets.

Other articles of tin [8007] 81. . profiles and wire] 3. Other base metals. Zirconium. such as Tungsten. 8001Unwrought tin. germanium.S. metals. . . indium. Antimony. (Tin and articles 1. Manganese. 81 . Beryllium. vanadium. chromium. rods. and other intermediate products of cobalt metallurgy. 2. Magnesium. articles thereof) Molybdenum. hafnium. niobium (columbium). Titanium. Cobalt mattes. Bismuth. cermets. 8002 Tin waste and scrap. Cadmium. gallium. Tantalum. thereof) 1. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 8003 Tin bars. All goods - (Other base 1.

hair clippers. other than knives of tweezers. pruning knives). Articles of other base metals and articles of cermets (other than waste and scrap) [8110 to 8113] 82. spoons operated or 2. Pencil sharpeners All goods not specified 1. manicure or picks. axes. metal or kitchen cleavers. other than hooks and paper knives. shovels. nail files). and cermets. Paper knives [8114] and similar hand instruments (including rakes. including their waste scrap [other than Articles of other base metals and articles of cermets] [8101 to 8113] 2. Razors and razor (Tools. bolt croppers. pliers). pencil . pliers 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. strips) [8212] and forks of base animal driven blades. heading 8208. and cutting shears. thereof of base 2. knives.). rhenium and thallium. 82 1. manually [8214] razor blade blanks in cutlery. Agricultural . butchers' metal) such as spades. 1. 8203 Files. Knives with cutting 1. [8211] perforating punches pedicure sets and forks and 3.S. parts [8201] not (including (including cutting cutlery (for example. pincers. blades therefor cutters. Hand tools. implements and blades thereof elsewhere blades (including implements. pipe. choppers and mincing mattocks. hoes. serrated or rasps. Other articles of metal. bill tools.

with other tools of a or without handles. other than accessories for and parts of. similar hewing 2. secateurs operated spanners thereof [8214]. hay not including tap knives. vices. tools (including horticulture or glaziers' diamonds). sharpeners and blades tools. (including torque scythes. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. machine-tools or water-jet cutting machines. forestry not elsewhere [8201]. 8205 Hand agriculture. anvils. 8206 Tools of two or more of the headings 8202 to . specified or included. clamps and the like. hedge wrenches). portable forges. blow lamps. kind used in 3. hand or pedal-operated grinding wheels with frameworks 4. timber interchangeable wedges and spanner sockets.S. meter wrenches but sickles. and pruners of and wrenches any kind. 8204 Hand. shears.

8205. punching.S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. sticks. 7. milling. 8209 Plates. drilling. stamping. for machines or for mechanical appliances. and rock drilling or earth boring tools 6. 8208 Knives and cutting blades. or for machine-tools (for example. tips and the like for tools. for pressing. 5. whether or not power-operated. put up in sets for retail sale. tapping. 1 . including dies for drawing or extruding metal. unmounted. boring. of cermets. threading. 8207Interchangeable tools for hand tools. broaching. turning or screw driving).

locks. 8301 Padlocks All goods not specified (Miscellaneous and locks (key. 83 . keys for any of the coachwork. conditioning or serving of food or drink. butter-knives. of base metal. windows. and blades therefor. . 8. 8213 Scissors. mountings. 9. 83. fish-knives. 8302 Base metal metal) electrically operated). tailors' shears and similar shears. clasps and similar articles and frames with suitable for furniture. elsewhere articles of base combination or 1. forks. incorporating doors. cake- servers. ladles. saddlery. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. skimmers. 1. clasps.S. . 8215 Spoons. staircases. 8210 Hand- operated mechanical appliances. fittings of base metal. weighing 10 kg or less. used in the preparation. 10. blinds. . sugar tongs and similar kitchen or tableware.

8305 Fittings for wire and rods. caps and metal. 8303 Armoured pouring stoppers). rods. Stoppers. of metal [8309] base metal. like [8306] brackets and similar 3. or reinforced safes. or the like. gongs and the hat-racks. 4. base metal or of metal paper rests. castors with base metal [8307] mountings of base 4. bung doors and safe deposit covers. letter . of a kind desk equipment. coated or office-stamp stands cored with flux and similar office or material. of cabinets. carbides. Wire. base metal. card-index similar products. caskets base metal. of base boxes and the like.S. other than brazing. capsules for bottles. base metal 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Bells. chests. of trunks. 3. welding or office furniture of deposition of metal or heading 9403. hat-pegs. of metal carbides. of used for soldering. pen trays. tubes. Flexible tubing of fixtures. seals and lockers for strong- other packing rooms. cash or deed accessories. automatic door lids (including crown closers of base metal corks. 8304 Filing plates. of loose-leaf binders or agglomerated base files. strong-boxes and threaded bungs. 5. foregoing articles. screw caps and 2. electrodes and cabinets. letter clips. paper trays.

for metal spraying indexing tags and [8311] similar office articles. wrist watches. upholstery.S. address-plates and . of base metal. travel goods or saddlery or for other made up articles. packaging). of base metal. of base metal. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. of base metal. eyes. metal powder. buckles. books. of a kind used for clothing or clothing accessories. paper clips. eyelets and the like. 6. of base metal. for offices. footwear. beads and spangles. hooks. leather goods. awnings. name-plates. 8308 Clasps. tubular or bifurcated rivets. frames with clasps. 5. used corners. jewellery. staples in strips (for example. 8310 Sign- plates. buckle- clasps.

numbers. Nuclear fuel All goods not specified 1. Central heating hand pumps under generator [8434] boilers other than 8413 11 10). axial flow 2. Power driven pumps internal combustion machinery and 2. 2. Solar water heater primarily designed 1. Spark-ignition (Nuclear reactors. fuel piston engine [8407] mechanical and system [8419 for handling water. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. parts thereof [8413. Bicycle pumps. Hand pumps and 1. for internal combustion thereof) 3. Fuel. [8414 20 also of producing low fuel or lubricants of d) Wind mills 10.S. 8414 20 20 or pressure steam). Sewing machines those of heading lubricating or cooling [8452] 8402 [8403] medium pumps for . deep machinery and or semi-diesel parts for their tube-well turbine apparatus for isotopic engines) [8408] manufacture pumps. excluding those of heading 9405. similar plates. centrifugal non-irradiated. parts 19] namely. Handloom 1. 84 1. super-heated water stations or garages operated 4. 5. Milking machines boilers [8402] under 8413 11(except electricity and dairy machinery 3. Compression-ignition appliances. 8414 90] 2. hand water boilers capable 4. Steam or other solely or principally b) Solar power and mixed flow vapour generating with the engines of based devices vertical pumps boilers (other than heading 8407 or 8408 c) Solar power [8413] central heating hot [8409] generating 3.] 84. letters and other symbols. Nuclear reactors. Renewable energy pumps (horizontal nuclear reactors. reciprocating or rotary boilers. the type used in filling and wind 8414 90 12]. submersible separation [8401] 3. elements [8401] elsewhere. Parts suitable for use a) Bio-gas plant pumps. piston engines (diesel devices & spare and vertical). Pumps for dispensing system pumps etc. of base metal. elements (cartridges).

Steam turbines and the temperature and other vapour turbines humidity. Air-conditioning gas generators. and cannot be separately regulators therefor regulated [8415] [8410] 7. Refrigerators. turbo. [8413] waves energy condensers for steam 5. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. concrete f) Solar (for example. lantern/solar economisers. e) Waste to 6. 5. . Hydraulic turbines. gas [under 8413 60] waves/tidal recoverers). comprising or without their a motor-driven fan and purifiers [8405] elements for changing 6. including [8406] those machines in 7. purifiers. other rotary positive lamp heaters. acetylene whether or not fitted gas generators and with filters [8414] similar water process 6. with machines. with recycling hoods or without their incorporating a fan. which the humidity water wheels. Producer gas or water ventilating or gas generators.S. pumps [8413 40 00]. soot displacement pumps g) Ocean removers. devices/plants or other vapour air or other gas power units [8404] compressors and fans. Composting 4. super. Air or vacuum pumps. and other refrigerating propellers and other or freezing equipment. Turbo-jets. Auxiliary plant for internal combustion energy Machines [8479] use with boilers of piston engines [under plants/devices heading 8402 or 8403 8413 30]. freezers 8.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 8419 89 10 [other than wind [Pressure vessels. water] .S.turbo. gas turbines . Pneumatic 8419 19 (except solar power engines and water heater and motors. for pulverised equipment]. non. columns or [8412] towers or chemical 10. than for cooking or including their heating food. 8419 89 solid fuel or for gas. Other engines and conditioning machines motors (Reaction of heading 8415 engines other than [8418] turbo jets. 8416 Furnace storage tanks] . including means of recirculated incinerators. not mechanical grates. 8419 89 40 dischargers and [Cooling towers and similar appliances. 8419 89 60 [ electric. elsewhere specified or mechanical ash included]. similar plants for 11. turbine or engine] reactors. parts) system). 30 [Auto claves other mechanical stokers. 8417 Industrial or direct cooling (without laboratory furnaces a separating wall) by and ovens. heat jets [8411] pumps other than air 9. 8419 burners for liquid 89 20 [ Glass lined fuel. Storage water heaters. power engines and non-electric under motors. electric or other. other. Hydraulic 8. Plant growth chambers and rooms .

[ Apparatus for rapid including centrifugal heating of semi- dryers. 8425 Pulley tackle apparatus for chemical and hoists other than vapour deposition on skip hoists. 12. 8419 89 70 13. for metals or glass. Ship’s derricks.S. headings 8425 to weighing machine 8430 . 9. for use solely or including weight principally with the operated counting or machinery of checking machines. other than having temperature. jacks [8419] 15. purifying machinery apparatus for chemical and apparatus. 8420 Calendering or and tissue culture other rolling chambers and rooms machines. Dish washing cranes including machines. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. for or physical vapour liquids or gases deposition on [8421] semiconductor wafers. filtering or conductor devices . 8431 Parts suitable centigrams or better). 14. Centrifuges. Weighing machinery works trucks fitted (excluding balances of with a crane [8426] a sensitivity of 5 16. household cable cranes. [8422 19 00] [8422] straddle carriers and 10. winches LCD substratus] and capstans. humidity or light and cylinders therefor control]. mobile [8422 11 00] and other lifting frames.

fibrous cellulosic excavators. excavating. than machinery for escalators. fats or oils. Fork-lift trucks. industrial preparation handling. grading. not with lifting or specified or included handling equipment elsewhere in this [8427] Chapter. levelling. rollers [8429] 20. other (for example. Fire extinguishers manufacture of wine. fruit juices or 12. 8435 Presses. 8439 Machinery for levellers. Other moving.S. scrapers. 19. tamping. weights of all kinds crushers and similar [8423] machinery used in the 11. lifts. extracting or boring . Other lifting. angledozers. sewing machines. tamping making or finishing machines and road paper or paperboard. graders. compacting. making pulp of mechanical shovels. [8424] cider. for the 13. scraping. binding machinery. works trucks fitted 18. conveyors. including book. 15. shovel material or for loaders. 8440 Book. other similar beverages. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 8438 Machinery. the extraction or teleferics) [8428] preparation of animal 14. loading or or manufacture of unloading machinery food or drink. 17. Self-propelled or fixed vegetable bulldozers.

8441 Other machinery. 16. . pile- making up paper drivers and pile- pulp. fax apparatus and machines. planed. 8442 Machinery. machines which both printing components. copying. for earth. coin machinery used for sorting machines. ink equipment (other cartridges [8443] than the machines of 17. other machines) [other than printers. 21. ploughs and snow- including cutting blowers [8430] machines of all kinds.S. pencil- other printing sharpening machines. prepared for printing hectograph or stencil purposes (for duplicating machines. machinery for minerals or ores. photo 22. coin printing by means of counting or wrapping plates. example. cylinders and 18. Other office machines lithographic stones. copying Braille typewriters. including or making plates. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. grained or polished). (for example. cylinders and machines. components of perforating or stapling heading 84. wash and dry [8450] plates. 8443 Printing dispensers. paper or extractors. addressing machines.42. Household or laundry- headings 8456 to type washing 8465) for preparing machines. snow- paperboard. automatic banknote 23. Printer.

gears machines (looms). Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. and gearing. 8445 Machines 20. Automatic goods- combined. 8444 Machines stamps. machines and electric or non- facsimile machines. Machinery for for preparing textile preparing or making fibres. textile reeling bridges of a kind used or winding (including in airports [8479 71 weft-winding) 00] and other [8479 79 machines and 00]. example. machines [8476] 25. or beverage drawing. machines for 22. ball or roller screws. Passenger boarding yarns. electric] [8472] whether or not 19. 8446 Weaving shaft bearings. texturing or machines). gear 1 . not doubling or twisting specified or included machines and other elsewhere in this machinery for chapter [8478] producing textile 21. bearing 8446 or 8447 housings and plain 26. parts and vending machines (for accessories thereof. Transmission shafts preparing textile (including cam shafts yarns for use on the and crank shafts) and machines of heading cranks. spinning. cigarette.S. food for extruding. postage 24. up tobacco. including cutting man-made money changing textile materials.

spindles and spindles flyers.S. stitch. 8445. braid or (including universal net and machines for joints) [8483] tufting. including pulley tulle. 8448 Auxiliary joints of metal machinery for use sheeting combined with machines of with other material or heading 84.8446 or 8447 (for example. card clothing. and machines for flywheels and pulleys. 27. sets or example. shuttle dissimilar in changing composition.44. suitable for use solely mechanical seals or principally with [8484] the machines of this heading or of heading 8444. including bonding machines torque converters. clutches and embroidery.46 or 84. dobbies. stop motions. 84. . automatic and similar joints. parts pouches. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. lace. changers.47 (for of metal. making gimped yarn. blocks.45. Gaskets and similar 28. shaft couplings trimmings. of two or more layers 84. 23. 8447 Knitting boxes and other speed machines. assortments of gaskets Jacquards. put up in mechanisms). envelopes or and accessories similar packings.

wringing.S. drying. 8451 Machinery (other than machines of heading 8450) for washing. dressing. coating or impregnating textile yarns. 8449 Machinery for the manufacture or finishing of felt or nonwovens in the piece or in shapes. combs. healds and heald frames. finishing. 30. cleaning. pressing (including fusing presses). bleaching. shuttles. dyeing. fabrics or made up textile articles and machines for applying the paste . ironing. hosiery needles) 29. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. extruding nipples. blocks for making hats. including machinery for making felt hats.

electric or non- electric [8472] 33. . unreeling. 35. to the base fabric or other support used in the manufacture of floor covering such as linoleum. folding.S. not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter [other than Passenger boarding bridges of a kind used in airports (8479 71 00) and other (8479 79 00)]. Braille typewriters. 8477 all goods 34. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 8453 to 8471. machines for reeling. 8480 to 8482. cutting or pinking textile fabrics. 8473 to 8475. 8479 Machines and mechanical appliances having individual functions. 31. 32.

contacts or other electrical features not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter [8487] . parts and accessories. 8486 Machines and apparatus of a kind used solely or principally for the manufacture of semiconductor boules or wafers. 8485 – Blank in Tariff 37. Machinery parts. not containing electrical connectors. 36. machines and apparatus specified in Note 9 (C) to this Chapter. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. semiconductor devices. electronic integrated circuits or flat panel displays. 38. coils.S. insulators.

electro. S. generating sets) [8506] and re-producers. 1. Parts suitable for use (including square) parts and and wind solely or principally [8507] accessories of operated with the machines of 4. a) Bio-gas plant parts for their generators (excluding primary batteries sound recorders b) Solar power manufacture. other f) Solar permanent magnets than vacuum cleaners lantern/solar after magnetisation. Electric generating including separators and sound generating sets and rotary therefor. Telephones for All goods not specified 1. clamps and and hair-removing waves energy similar holding appliances. motor [8510] clutches and brakes. rectifiers) machinery and parts for their for other wireless and inductors [8504] equipment and manufacture networks [8517] and 1. based devices [8501] 3.5. example. Electric motors and 2. Renewable energy 1. and d) Wind mills 3. with self- devices/plants devices. 85 . of heading 8508 lamp electro-magnetic or [8509] g) Ocean permanent magnet 6. hair clippers waves/tidal chucks. 8505 Electro. energy magnets and articles with self-contained plants/devices intended to become electric motor. television image c) Solar power 2. Shavers. Static converters (for (Electrical devices & spare cellular networks or elsewhere. Electrical ignition or electro-magnetic starting equipment of lifting heads. Electro-mechanical e) Waste to magnets. permanent domestic appliances. Vacuum cleaners such articles) electricity heading 8502 [8503] [8508] generator 4. Primary cells and parts thereof. whether or recorders and system converters [8502] not rectangular reproducers. contained electric magnetic couplings. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. a kind used for spark- . 7. Electric accumulators. 85.

Electric (including used in conjunction electrically heated with such engines gas). . of a kind whether or not used for cycles or capable of cutting. Electrical lighting or ultrasonic. laser or other [8511] light or photo beam. other ignition coils. electron signalling equipment beam. welding machines defrosters and and apparatus. alternators) dielectric loss [8514] and cut-outs of a kind 6. demisters. industrial or sparking plugs and laboratory equipment glow plugs. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. functioning by ignition magnetos. dielectric loss). magnetic pulse (excluding articles of or plasma arc heading 8539). starter for the heat treatment motors). motor vehicles [8512] electric machines and 9. Industrial or ignition or laboratory electric compression-ignition furnaces and ovens internal combustion (including those engines (for example.S. Portable electric lamps apparatus for hot designed to function spraying of metals or by their own source of cermets [8515] energy (for example. generators of materials by (for example. soldering. 5. brazing or windscreen wipers. 8. induction or magneto-dynamos. induction or dynamos.

other apparatus accumulators. sets. example. 8523 Discs. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. ISDN System[8517 69 recorded. including 10]. heading 8512 [8513] including apparatus 10. electro-thermic volatile storage appliances of a kind devices. 8517 Telephone dry batteries. lighting equipment of images or other data. 8527 or 8528 . electric space local or wide area heating apparatus and network). 8525. 8518 Microphones tong heaters) and hand and stands therefor. "smart used for domestic cards" and other purposes. electric media for the heating resistors. tapes. hair curlers. curling 8. other recording of sound or than those of heading of other phenomena. for the production of . electric 9. other than or reception of voice.S. other than soil heating apparatus. smoothing irons. other solid-state non. for the transmission magnetos). dryers. Electric instantaneous for communication in or storage water a wired or wireless heaters and immersion network (such as a heaters. 7. hair dryers. 8545 [8516] whether or not 11. ISDN Terminal matrices and masters Adaptor [8517 69 20]. transmission or electrothermic hair- reception apparatus dressing apparatus (for of heading 8443.

10. for a voltage 8519 or 8521 [8522] exceeding 1. 8524 – Blank in mounted in their Tariff enclosures [8518 21 11. Electric resistors.S. Audio-frequency capacitors electric amplifiers 12. suitable for use solely plugs and other or principally with the connectors. or for [8519] making connections 14. apparatus. discs.000 volts 16. junction apparatus of headings boxes). 8534 Printed Circuits [8518 50 00]. Transmission [8535] apparatus for radio- 15. Parts 14. whether or switches. 8532 Electrical 00]. Single loudspeakers. 8533 Electrical [8518 40 00]. Video recording or to or in electrical reproducing circuits (for example. whether or principally with the not incorporating . video tuner [8521] voltage limiters. Electrical apparatus [8518 90 00] [8518] for switching or 13. 15. sound amplifier sets 13. not incorporating a lightning arresters. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Sound recording or protecting electrical reproducing apparatus circuits. 8538 Parts suitable broadcasting or for use solely or television. 12. fuses. Parts and accessories surge suppressors. but excluding X 25 Pads[8517 69 40] products of Chapter [8517] 37.

television apparatus [8526] camera tubes). digital and tubes (for cameras and video example. sound recording or conductor devices. Reception apparatus 17. not modules or made up incorporating into panels. for radio- transistors and broadcasting. 8536 or 8537. reception (led). 17. cathode-ray remote control tubes.S. reproducing cold cathode or apparatus. vacuum or cameras recorders vapour or gas filled [8525] valves and tubes. 8541 Diodes. light. radio mercury arc navigational aid rectifying valves and apparatus and radio tubes. apparatus for electric crystals”. whether similar semi. 18. television. in the conductor devices. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. reproducing apparatus including photo or a clock [8527] voltaic cells. television reception emitting diodes apparatus. whether 19. same housing. sound recording or 16. Radar apparatus. Monitors and or not assembled in projectors. 8540 Thermionic. mounted piezo. television photo-cathode valves cameras. apparatus of heading reception apparatus or 8535. whether or not incorporating . or not combined. with photosensitive semi.

parking accumulators. bells. 8548 Waste and scrap control equipment for of primary cells. inland electric waterways. railways. 8543 Electrical video recording or machines and reproducing apparatus apparatus. tramways. [8530] electrical parts of 22. 20. headings 8525 to 8528 20. receiver or sound or 19. 18. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. elsewhere in this indicator panels. port primary cells.S. primary batteries and roads. other than those of 1 . Parts suitable for use not specified or solely or principally included elsewhere in with the apparatus of this Chapter. sirens. material. Chapter. 8546 Electrical [8529] insulators of any 21. Electric sound or machinery or visual signalling apparatus. not apparatus (for specified or included example. Electrical signalling. safety or traffic 21. spent facilities. spent installations or primary batteries and airfields (other than spent electric those of heading 8608) accumulators. having [8528] individual functions. 8542 Electronic radio-broadcast integrated circuits. burglar or fire alarms).

lamp-holders. heading 8512 or 8530 [8531] 23. relays. panels. or for making connections to or in electrical circuits (for example. fuses. and other connectors. Boards. plugs.S. for a voltage not exceeding 1. cabinets and other bases. surge suppressors. equipped with two or more apparatus of heading 8535 or 8536. switches. for electric control or the distribution of . desks. junction boxes). bundles or cables [8536] 24. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. consoles.000 volts : connectors for optical fibres optical fibres. sockets. Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits.

other than switching apparatus of heading 8517 [8537] 25. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Insulated wire. including those incorporating instruments or apparatus of chapter 90. and numerical control apparatus. not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter [8543] 27. cable All goods [8544] 28. Electrical machines and apparatus having individual functions. Electric filament or discharge lamps. including sealed beam lamp units and ultra- violet or infra-red lamps. Brushes under 8545 20 00 and goods under 8545 (including arc lamp carbon and battery carbon) [8545] . electricity. arclamps [8539] 26.S.

electrical conduit tubing and joints therefor. Containers (including locomotives. Insulating fittings for electrical machines. of base metal lined with insulating material [8547] 86. All goods not specified . 1. being fittings wholly of insulating material apart from any minor components of metal (for example. accumulation] containers for the rolling-stocks and transport of fluids) parts thereof. 29. Refrigerated - [Railway or elsewhere. 86 . threaded sockets) incorporated during moulding solely for the purposes of assembly. 8601 Rail specially designed railway or locomotives and equipped for tramway track powered from an carriage by one or fixtures and external source of . [5% with no containers [8609] tramway refund of ITC 2. appliances or equipment. 1.S. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. other than insulators of heading 8546.

vans and trucks. testing coaches and track inspection vehicles). mechanical) locomotive tenders. 8603 Self- propelled railway or tramway coaches. (including 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. kinds] Steam locomotives and tenders thereof. trackliners. 3.S. electric transport [8609] mechanical accumulators. workshops. cranes. traffic signalling such as Diesel- equipment of all electric locomotives. 8602 Other rail electro. whether or not self- propelled (for example. 8604 Railway or tramway maintenance or service vehicles. . ballast tampers. 4. other than those of heading 8604. locomotives. fittings and parts electricity or by more modes of thereof.

axles and wheels. 8. not self-propelled. 7. 5. mechanical (including electro- . such as Bogies. bissel- bogies.S. not self- propelled. 6. 8605 Railway or tramway passenger coaches. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. post office coaches and other special purpose railway or tramway coaches. 8607 Parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling-stock. 8608 Railway or tramway track fixtures and fittings. not self- propelled (excluding those of heading 8604). luggage vans. 8606 Railway or tramway goods vans and wagons. and parts thereof.

wheeled electric 2. motorised or capacity more than 2. 87 . 8703 Motor cars motor vehicles. two and three including the driver. Tractors (except road 1. Electrically operated transport of ten or thereof) propelled. mechanical) signalling. port installations or airfields. tractors for semi. including more persons. safety or traffic control equipment for railways. and parts otherwise 1800 cc) [8701] vehicles [8704] vehicles for the and accessories mechanically 2. Cars for physically All goods not specified (Vehicles other disabled persons. handicapped persons elsewhere. roads. tramways.S. parking facilities. Bicycles and other vehicles principally cycles (including designed for the delivery tricycles). 8702 Motor stocks. heading 8702). vehicles. Refrigerated motor 1. inland waterways. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. transport of persons not motorised (other than those of [8712]. Parts and accessories including station of bicycles and other wagons and racing . 1. 4. parts of the foregoing. 87. than railway or whether or not trailers of engine [8703] tramway rolling. 8713 Carriages for 1. and other motor 3.

cycles (including cars [other than Cars delivery tricycles). mobile radiological unit) 5. spraying lorries. fire fighting vehicles. vehicles for the unloading trailers for transport of goods agricultural purposes [other than [87162000] Refrigerated motor 6. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. for physically not motorised. Hand propelled vehicles]. concrete-mixer lorries. rickshaws and purpose motor the like). 8712 [8714] 3. other than drawn vehicles those principally [8716 80] designed for the transport of persons or goods (for example. for the motor vehicles of .g. crane lorries. animal vehicles. hand 4. 8705 Special carts. road sweeper lorries. vehicles (e. Self-loading or self. breakdown lorries. 8706 Chassis fitted with engines. mobile workshops. of handicapped persons]. 8704 Motor 5.S.

self-propelled. tractors of the type used on railway station platforms.S. 7. 6. headings 8701 to 8705. 8709 Works trucks. dock areas or airports for short distance transport of goods. of the type used in factories. parts of the foregoing vehicles. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 8708 Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705. 9. not fitted with lifting or handling equipment. warehouses. 8710 Tanks and other armoured . 8. 8707 Bodies (including cabs). for the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705.

12. 13. 11. 8711 Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor. and parts of such vehicles. 8714 Parts and accessories of vehicles of headings 8711 and 8713. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.g. 8716 Trailers and semi-trailers. whether or not fitted with weapons. parts thereof [other than Self-loading or self- unloading trailers for agricultural purposes.S. hand . 10. with or without side- cars. and Hand propelled vehicles (e. fighting vehicles. other vehicles. not mechanically propelled. side-cars. motorised. 8715 Baby carriages and parts thereof.

8901 Cruise [89080000] and canoes [8903] ships. 3. 1 . 1. spacecraft and satellites) and helicopters. floating structures for vessels for pleasure or floating breaking up sports. 8802 . 8803 – Parts of goods of heading rotochutes. (including (for example. other aircraft [8801]. excursion including floating boats. ferry-boats. Parachutes (including personal use launch vehicles personal use dirigible parachutes [8802 60 00] 2. Aircraft launching gear. parts goods of 8802 thereof and heading 8801 accessories thereto and parts thereof [8804]. deck arrestor or similar gear. 1. rowing boats structures) 1. Vessels and other 1. gliders and elsewhere. barges casinos etc. boats and elsewhere. 8803 – Parts of and paragliders) and 2. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. ground flying trainers and parts thereof [8805] 89. carts. rickshaws and the like). Yachts and other (Ships. Spacecraft 1. 88 1. structure used for cargo ships.Other aircraft . Balloons and All goods not specified (Aircraft. 8802 – Aircrafts for spacecraft than those for 2.S. animal drawn vehicles] 88. other non-powered parts thereof) suborbital and aeroplanes). All goods not specified . 89 . 1. dirigibles.

2.S. 3. 4. dredgers. factory ships and other vessels for processing or preserving fishery products. including warships and . 8905 Light- vessels. floating cranes and other vessels the navigability of which is subsidiary to their main function. 8906 Other vessels. and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods. 8902 Fishing vessels. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. floating docks. floating or submersible drilling or production platforms. 8904 Tugs and pusher craft. 5. fire-floats.

dialyzer or 3. systems for use with 2. photographic . thereof) Crutches. polarising material. Any chapter – parts of goods of headings 8901. astronomy. Spectacle lenses. sheets mountings therefor. [9004] Goggles (other (Optical. other measuring. instruments and surgical artificial kidney 4. material. Blood glucose fibre bundles. 1. coffer-dams. 7. (i) pantographs [9017]. 8905. Other elements of glass not (other than frames. 8904. cardiac catheters. Disposable sterilized test strips. parts following goods. Coronary stents and 1. mirrors and mountings therefor. lifeboats other than rowing boats. 8907 90. [9001] Optical 1. unmounted. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. [9005] Binoculars. Artificial kidney (Glucometer) and other than those of optical telescopes. (ii) Wheel 5. photographic. cinematographic. Mathematical prisms. and checking. heading 8544. Patent Ductus and plates of other astronomical medical or microbarrier of Arteriousus. (iv) drawing and marking optically worked cinematographic) Tricycles. coronary stent contact lens [9001] fibres and optical than corrective. Parts of the calculating other optical but not including apparatus. 8907 Other floating structures (for example. (iii) Walking instruments. instruments and elements. monitoring system optical fibre cables monoculars. tanks. landing-stages. precision. Drawing other than such 3. buoys and beacons). 8902. 90 1. 2.S. Hearing aids 1. rafts. [9021]. instruments and 4. 8906. [9006] Photographic chairs. of any instruments for radio- and accessories namely:. 3. 2. 6. (v) cameras.

7. surgical. Assistive devices. massage spectacles. strength. [9010] Apparatus and respiration or other 5. (including [9019]. aerosol or other and goggles. Mechano-therapy and mountings for projectors. mounted. [9004] Spectacles. Instruments and other optical than discharge lamps rehabilitation aids appliances used in elements. 2012 . mirrors and and flashbulbs other 5. apparatus. not appliances and gas elasticity or other specified or included masks. and (vi) out instruments 2. specified in dental or veterinary being parts of or Cinematographic List 32 appended to sciences. prisms. whether or No. Other breathing compressibility.S. [9008] Image 7. flashlight apparatus Artificial limbs [9017]. protective 6. apparatus. reducers. apparatus and sight. goggles cinematographic. Tariff therapy. 6. therapy. apparatus. [9002] Lenses. [9018]. dated the electro-medical such elements of sound recording or 17th March. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. and parts photographic (other psychological thereof. 9024 Machines equipment for therapeutic and appliances for photographic respiration apparatus testing the hardness. other than not incorporating Customs. enlargers and apparatus. artificial corrective. excluding mechanical elsewhere in this . and other goods for medical. Braillers. ozone and the like. of any of heading 8539. 9009 – Blank in therapy. including fittings for cameras and notification scintigraphic instruments or projectors. [9003] Frames 5. material. [9007] disabled.12/2012. 4. other apparatus. than cinematographic) aptitude-testing 4. cinematographic) 8. laboratories. glass not optically reproducing testing instruments worked. other than appliances. 3. oxygen corrective. or the like.

not gamma radiations. 9. or microprojection. barometers. textiles. 9025 Hydrometers including those for appliances. and 10. pressure or appliances and of alpha. manometers. surgical instruments. and other appliances recording or not. 10. constituting articles in the body. Orthopaedic 6. or implanted these instruments. other [9021]. plastics). diffraction apparatus. paper. protective masks properties of Chapter. thermometers. heat 11. having neither materials (for negatoscopes. example. splints and other pyrometers. veterinary uses. radiography or instruments and other navigational . flow elsewhere in this surgical. Chapter. 8. other than optical artificial parts of the hygrometers and microscopes. [9013] Liquid which are worn or any combination of crystal devices not carried. metals. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. other optical the use of X-rays or level. [9014] Direction including meters). lasers. projection screens. cinephotomicrography belts and trusses. Apparatus based on checking the flow. [9011] Compound [9020]. measuring or than laser diodes. body. [9012] Microscopes fracture appliances. dental or meters. replaceable filters wood. 9026 provided for more compensate for a Instruments and specifically in other defect or disability apparatus for headings. 9. including and similar floating photomicrography crutches. hearing aids psychrometers. to 7.S. mechanical parts nor example. level gauges. excluding finding compasses. liquids or gases (for specified or included for medical. beta or other variables of instruments. optical microscopes.

treatment tables. microtomes specified or included 9. instruments and rangefinders. chairs and the light polarimeters. screens. Instruments and photogrammetrical control panels and apparatus for surveying). instruments and measuring length. expansion. tubes and other X. excluding apparatus). for appratus for use in the hand (for measuring or example. high 8. of heat. sound or light micrometers. weights. desks. apparatus for 13. X-ray 9014. elsewhere in the liquid or electricity chapter. 9015. [9015] Surveying ray generators. geophysical spectrometers. 9028 or appliances. better. not meters). with or without porosity. (including exposure callipers). gas or instruments and smoke analysis appliances. example. measuring checking quantities rods and tapes. . 9027 (including tension generators. 9032 12. hydrological. refractometers. physical or chemical hydrographic. 9028 Gas. meteorological or [9022]. examinations or analysis (for oceanographic. surface tension or the 14. radiotherapy apparatus of heading instruments and apparatus. [9017] Instruments for like. compasses. [9016] Balances of a measuring or sensitivity of 5 cg or checking viscosity. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No.S.

X-ray tubes and tachometers. 9015. veterinary uses. 9029 Revolution other than medical. counters. mileometers. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. measuring or 16. gamma radiations. X-ray. unsuitable for other gamma. in education measuring or or exhibitions). 9023 Instruments. speed indicators apparatus. including radiography pedometers and the or radiotherapy like. cosmic or other ionising radiatioin . detecting alpha. taximeters. checking electrical apparatus and models. spectrum analysers examinations or and other instruments treatment tables.S. instruments purposes (for and apparatus for example. for 10. production surgical. desks. screens. supply or production 15. and other X-ray other than those of generators. quantities. dental or counters. beta or therefor. beta. and apparatus for chairs and the light. 9030 Oscilloscopes. stroboscopes.28. high heading 9014 or tension generators. including on the use of X-rays or calibrating meters of alpha. control panels and 11. excluding designed for meters of heading demonstrational 90. uses. 9022 Apparatus based meters.

9031 Measuring or checking instruments. including 3. . 1. case of precious metal . 9109 Clock stop-watches. appliances. 91. watches and parts movements. 9101 Wrist- heading 9104. 9105 Other watches and other clocks watches. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. thereof) excluding clocks of 1. 9033 Parts and accessories (not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter) for machines. 9103 Clocks All goods not specified (Clocks and [9101. watches. 91 . pocket- 2. 12. 9102] with watch elsewhere. not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter. instruments or apparatus of Chapter 90. appliances and machines.S. profile projectors. with movements. Braille watches 1. 13.

other than those of heading 9101 3. with clock or watch movement or with synchronous motor (for example. aircraft. 9107 Time switches with clock or . timeregisters. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. spacecraft or vessels 4. 9114 Other 2. precious metal 4. complete and or of metal clad with assembled. including stop watches. 9104 Instrument panel clocks and clocks of a similar type for vehicles. pocket- watches and other watches. watches. recording or otherwise indicating intervals of time.S. time- recorders) 5. 9106 Time of day recording apparatus and apparatus for measuring. 9102 Wrist- clock parts].

incomplete watch or clock movements. watch bands and watch bracelets.S. rough watch or clock movements 8. 9111 Watch cases and parts thereof 9. 9113 Watch straps. assembled. 9108 Watch movements. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 9112 Clock cases and cases of a similar type for other goods of this chapter. complete and assembled 7. 9110 Complete watch or clock movements. and parts thereof 10. watch movement or with synchronous motor 6. and parts thereof . unassembled or partly assembled (movement sets).

harpsi-chords and other keyboard stringed instruments 2. 9206 Percussion musical instruments 1 . 9114 Other watch parts]. 9204 – Blank in Tariff. . 92 1. keyboard pipe organs. . trumpets. 92. accordions. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. harps). guitars. instruments. bagpipes). 11. violins. 9202 Other string musical instruments (for example. of such articles) including automatic pianos. Al goods not specified (Musical handmade elsewhere. 3. clarinets.S. parts musical and accessories instruments 1. 9205 Wind musical instruments (for example. 9201 Pianos. 9203. Indigenous . other than fairground organs and mechanical street organs 5. 4.

cymbols. cards. call horns and other mouth-blown sound signalling instruments 8. fairground organs. musical saws and other musical instruments not falling within any other heading of this chapter. guitars.S. whistles. mechanical street organs. decoy calls of all kinds. electrically (for example. castanets. organs. drums. mechanisms for musical boxes) and accessories (for example. maracas) 6. mechanical singing birds. 9207 Musical instruments. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. xylophones. (for example. accordions) 7. the sound of which is produced. 9209 Parts (for example. discs . or must be amplified. 9208 Musical boxes.

pistols and revolvers for firing blank ammunition. sporting shotguns and rifles. . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. pistols thereof) [9301]. Military weapons those of heading 9303 parts and other than or 9304. 93 . 9302 Revolvers and (Arms and elsewhere pistols. tuning forks and pitch pipes of all kinds.] 93. 1. All goods not specified 1. 2.S. . accessories revolvers. . muzzle- loading firearms. 9303 Other firearms and similar devices which operate by the firing of an explosive charge (for example. other than ammunition. very pistols and other devices designed to project only signal flares. and rolls for mechanical instruments) of musical instruments. metronomes.

9306 Bombs. 6. captive-bolt humane killers. grenades. 9305 Parts and accessories of articles of headings 9301 to 9304. and similar munitions of war and parts thereof. line-throwing guns) 3. 9304 Other arms (for example. truncheons). bayonets. air or gas guns and pistols. excluding those of heading 9307. lances and similar arms and parts . 9307 Swords. torpedoes. missiles. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. spring. including shot and cartridge wads. mines. cut lasses. cartridges and other ammunition and projectiles and parts thereof. 5.S. 4.

9403 Other lighting fittings. 9401 Seats mattress including gas accessories & tables. with mechanical whether or not similar stuffed 99 00] 2. springs or stuffed or [9404]. lamps and LED lamps [9405]. Printed Circuit elevating supports. barbers' and parts thereof. mantles [9405 91 00. Board) [9405]. mattresses] [9404]. furniture (for mattresses. surgical. the like. whether or not covered. . quilts. 2. pressure lanterns glass chimney.S. bedding. 3. 1. examination (other than those of supports. parts of bedding and similar illuminated 4. LED (light emitting chairs. 9405 50 31]. articles of illuminated signs. example. mattresses. petromax. any material or of cellular rubber or plastics. 9404 Mattress included. having furniture and parts not elsewhere diode) driver and rotating as well as thereof specified or MCPCB (Metal Core both reclining and 3. prefabricated 5. Products wholly cotton pillows. Kerosene pressure 1. chairs and similar 2. Coir mattresses. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. Medical. 1. hospital beds heading 9402). Coir products the foregoing articles furnishing (for name-plates and [except coir [9402]. 9406 Prefabricated internally fitted with buildings. LED lights or fittings. 3. movements. cushions and 9405 92 00 or 9405 [9405. pouffes and buildings) made of quilted mattress and quilts pillows) fitted with textile materials [9404]. components thereof tables. operating 1. Hurricane lanterns. thereof and scabbards and sheaths therefor. All goods not specified (Furniture. dentists' convertible into beds. lantern [9405 50 31] Kerosene lamp/ dental or veterinary elsewhere. Parts of kerosene lantern. 94 . fixtures including chairs). cushions. 94. example. eiderdowns. furnishings. 2.

9405 Lamps and lighting fittings including searchlights and spotlights and parts thereof. games and than articles and tricycles. 2. . carnival thereof) [other than or other entertainment electronic toys] articles. having a permanently fixed light source. . 9501. equipments for pedal cars etc. 9505 Festive. illuminated signs. Toys like tricycles. illuminated name- plates and the like. 1. 4. and parts thereof not elsewhere specified or included. Sports goods other 1. scooters. 9504 Video scooters. Electronic Toys like All goods not specified (Toys. including [9503].S. 95. not elsewhere specified or included. pedal cars games consoles and etc. (including parts Machines and accessories 3. 95 . Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. sports requisites. thereof) 2. 9502 – Balnk in accessories exercise [9506] accessories thereof) Tariff. [9503]. parts and general physical (including parts and 1. elsewhere.

96. sarkanda. bone. antlers. swimming pools and paddling pools 5. of articles) 2. athletics. [9608]. phool 2. tortoise-shell. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 9508 Roundabouts. equipment for general [9507 all goods]. 9506 Articles and landing nets. Combs. 9601 Worked ivory. fishing conjuring tricks and hooks. other sports (including table-tennis) or outdoor games. etc. button blanks [9606 horn. 00] 10 00)] stylograph pens] of coconut shell. shooting galleries and other fairground amusements. gymnastics. manufactured chalk sticks. physical exercise. Fishing rods. base metals. and other line novelty jokes fishing tackle. not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter. Pens [other than textile material. of plastics All goods not specified (Miscellaneous [9609] and Muddhas made of [9615 all goods] not covered with the elsewhere. . [other than travelling circuses and travelling menageries]. 96 1. 3. fish 4. Slate pencils 1. buttons 1. Buttons.S. Broomsticks and 1. Slates [9610 00 bahari jhadoo (9603 Fountain pens. hair pins 1. coral. swings.

9603 Brushes material. 9606 22 00. machines. prepared knots and of stearin. not articles of these motorised. 9606 30]. mops and materials moulded or feather dusters. 21 00. sewing or shoe gelatin or clothes cleaning 3. drawing 9606 29. paint or of modelling pastes. stamps. Pencils. 9611 Date. clinical handoperated vegetable or mineral diapers [9619 all mechanical floor carving material and goods]. Sanitary towels. not roller squeegees) elsewhere specified or 3. pads and rollers. constituting parts of (including articles 4. carved articles of wax. writing or 2. sieves and hand unhardened gelatin riddles (except gelatin of 4. and articles drawing chalks and (including brushes of these materials tailor’s chalk [9609]. worked. 3. 9604 Hand included. and other moulded or squeegees (other than carved articles. sweepers. 9602 Worked napkins. 9605 Travel heading 3503) and sets for personal articles of unhardened toilet. 2.S. 9607 Slide fasteners sealing or numbering and parts thereof. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. other animal carving charcoals. sanitary or vehicles). appliances obtained by moulding) tampons. 5. crayons. of natural tufts for broom or gums or natural resins brush making. mother-of-pearl and pastels. and the like (including devices for printing or embossing .

6. and parts 9. inked whether or not or otherwise prepared mechanical or for giving electrical. other pens hand-operated 7. 9610 00 00 Boards. 9613 Cigarette lighters 8. holders. 9612 Typewriter or and other lighters. whether thereof other than or not on spools or in flints and wicks cartridges. and parts impressions. 5. and mounts and heads therefor. (including pipe bowls) with or without and cigar or cigarette boxes.S. 9614 Smoking pipes whether or not inked. bipods. composing sticks and with writing or hand printing sets drawing surface. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. powder-puffs and pads for the application of cosmetics or toilet preparations . 9608 Fountain pens. designed for stylograph pens and operating in the hand. 9616 Scent tripods and similar sprays and similar articles. incorporating such whether or not composing sticks framed. labels). similar ribbons. 4. toilet sprays. 6. 9620 00 00 thereof Monopods. ink-pads.

- (Works of art. complete with cases. drawings and pastels. 9617 Vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels. automata and other animated displays. . executed entirely by hand. All goods. 7. . parts thereof other than glass inners 8. 9618 Tailors' dummies and other lay figures. collectors' piece 1.S. 97. other than drawings of heading 4906 and other than hand- painted or hand- decorated manufactured articles. . 97 . collages and similar decorative plaques. used for shop window dressing. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 9701 and antiques) Paintings.

9703 Original sculptures and statuary. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. prints and lithographs. 9705 Collections and collectors' pieces of zoological. 9702 Original engravings. 2. and the like. ethnographic or numismatic interest. mineralogical. 9704 Postage or revenue stamps. anatomical. stamp-postmarks. 3. botanical. postal stationery (stamped paper). used or unused.S. 1 . first-day covers. other than those of heading 4907. in any material. archaeological. palaeontological. 5. historical. 4.

1 of intended for personal 1.e. or .03. baggage. Excise. 9804 Specified 1. machinery including passengers’ No.12/2012. notification use. auxiliary 17.2012] equipment (including intended for those required for personal use.12/2012-Central prime movers. ship 3. 9706 Antiques of an age exceeding one hundred years. 9804 All dutiable (Project imports. as well as all components (whether finished or not) or raw materials for the manufacture of the aforesaid items and their components. gear and transmission Customs.03. 1. testing and quality control). 6. baggage Drugs and medicines and medicines articles intended for laboratory [i. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. research and development purposes. 98 9803 – Passenger 1. dated instruments. required for the initial setting up of a unit. 4 of notification appliances.2012 and List apparatus and importation. dated equipment. List. control stores) No. personal 17. 9804 Other Drugs All goods.] 98. 9801 All items of personal use chemicals.S.

Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. and (6) such other projects as the Central Government may. and spare parts. (4) mining project. of a specified: industrial plant.S. having regard to the economic development of the country notify in the Official Gazette in this behalf. (5) project for the exploration for oil or other minerals. (3) power project. other raw materials (including semi-finished materials of consumable stores) not exceeding 10% of the value of the ods specified above. provided that such . (2) irrigation project. the substantial expansion of an existing unit.

raw materials or consumable stores are essential for the maintenance of the plant or project mentioned in (1) to (6) above.19 3. 8436 and 8437] . sorting or grading. Biris – Ch. spare parts. Natural or cultured pearls. horticultural. imitation jewellery. 2. 24 4. Power driven Agricultural. precious or semi-precious stones. precious metals. machinery used in milling industry and parts thereof [8432. poultry keeping or bee-keeping machinery. Footwear – Ch. metals clad with precious metal. 71 7. 9802 – Laboratory chemicals Note: The rate structure for the following commodities is yet to be decided: 1. machines for cleaning. Biri wrapper leaves (tendu patta) – Ch. 50 to 63 5. Harvesting or threshing machinery. and articles thereof.S. 64 6. 8433. coin – Ch. Chapter Nil 5% 12% 18% 28% No. 14 2. Biscuits – Ch. forestry. Textiles – Ch.