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School Identity : Senior High School 2 Brebes

Subject Identity : Sains ( Physics )

Class/semestre : X/2

Main Material : Temperature and Heat transfers

Sub Material : Heat transfers

Time Alloted : 30 minutes


CC 1 : Appreciate and practice the teachings of their religion.

CC 2: Shows the honest behavior, discipline, responsibility, caring (gotong royong,

cooperation, tolerance, peace), polite, responsive and proactive and displayed as part
of the solution to various problems in interacting effectively with social and natural
environment as well as in placing themselves as a reflection of the nation in the
association world.

CC 3: Understand and apply the knowledge factual, conceptual, procedural knowledge

science, technology, art, culture, and humanities with human insight,national, state,
and civilization-related phenomena and events, as well as applying procedural
knowledge in the specific field of study in accordance with talents and interests to
solve the problem.

CC 4: Processing, reasoning, and menyaji in the realm of the concrete and the abstract realm
related with the development of the learned in school independently, and able using
the method according to the rules of science.


1.1. Increased faith to realize the relationship regularity and the complexity of nature and
the universe to the greatness of God created

2.2 Show scientific behavior (curiosity; objective; honest; meticulous; carefully;

diligently; Watch Out; to be responsible; open; critical; creative; innovative and care
for the environment) in their daily activities as a form of implementation of attitude
in conducting experiments and discussions

3.3 Analyze the effects of the heat and transfer kaloryang includes the thermal
characteristics of a material capacity, and thermal conductivity in everyday life.
4.4 Plan and carry out experiments to investigate the thermal characteristics of a
material, especially the capacity and thermal conductivity, along with the
presentation of the results and the meaning of his physical.


1.1.1 Pray when initial and final of learning activity

1.1.2 Say thanks for Gods grant
1.1.3 Say regards before and after make an opinon.
2.1.1 Responsible for working the task.
2.1.2 Able to ask/argue politely.
2.1.3 Able to correct or supplement other friend's opinion.
3.1.1 Mentioned factors effect the rate of heat transfer by conduction
3.1.2 Mentioned factors effect the rate of heat transfer by convection
3.1.3 Mentioned factors effect the rate of heat transfer by means of radiation
3.1.4 Mentioned the example of the three types of heat transfer
4.1.1 Doing experiment to show the differences in heat conductivity of various solids
by conduction


1. Heat transfer by conduction

2. Heat transfer by cnvection
3. Heat transfer by radiation


Approach : scientifik
The learning model : Problem Based Learning
Teaching methods: Lectures, Study Library, Group Discussion, Simulation Video


1. Media: Blackboard, Video, Powerpoint and LCD Proyektor

2. Learning Resources :

- Handayani, Sri. Damari, Ari. 2009. FISIKA untuk SMA dan MA untuk Kelas X.
Jakarta : Pusat Perbukuan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional.

- Other book Physics about Temperature and Heat

- Internet

Details of activities Allocation Times
1. Opening
Open lessons with greeting
Directing students to pray and check for the presence of students in 1
the following study.
Motivate students in the subject matter will be taught: "What do 2
you feel when you are in the middle of the field if there is the sun?
Delivering learning purposes 1
2. Main Activities
1. Teacher reviews the last meeting and asks the students to explain 2
again about heat
2. Teacher divides the students in group
3. Students observed videos about process of heat transfers. 3
4. Teacher distributes discussion sheet
5. Students study literature to find information about the process of 5
heat transfer
6. Teacher leads the discussion
7. Students doing a group discussion three process of heat transfer
and factors affect the rate of heat transfer by conduction,
convection and radiation.
8. Teacher explain heat transfer by conduction, convection and 12
9. Students mentioned the example of the three process of heat
10.Students calculate heat transfer by conduction, convection and
11.Teacher assess attitude and performance of the students during the
3. Closing
1. Students are asked to conclude heat transfer. 2
2. Teachers and students to make conclusions about the heat transfer
3. Teachers give individual tasks. 1
4. Delivering material information at the next meeting.
5. Teacher shut teaching and learning activities with regards


1. Technical Assessment
Knowledge: Written test
Skills: observation sheet
Attitude: observation sheet
2. Instrument Rating
Knowledge: The instrument test (Attachment 1)
Skills: The instrument of discussion activities assessment (Attachment 2)
Attitude : The instrument attitude assessment (Attachment 3)