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Continuous Product Learning:

Story Maps, Customer Journeys and

Tools for Validated Learning
Part 1
September 16, 2014

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Continuous Product Learning

David Hussman - DevJam

First things first: Context Matters
How did we get here?

Where are we today?

What can we do (tomorrow)?

How did we get here?

Where are we today?

What can we do (tomorrow)?

Lets start with a simple sketch
Delivery was a welcome change
Unless your delivering the wrong thing
Shifting to teams was good (again)
But not always (and not forever)
Shifting from how many hours

to how many pts was good

But more pts more value
Story telling was refreshing
Until it became sentence reading
And there is more things to appreciate


Automated builds and deploys

Daily stands up / Scrum meetings

Automated unit and product testing

and also to continuously question

( about the past )
How did we get here?

Where are we today?

What can we do (tomorrow)?

More constant & frequent deliveries

But how much of what we deliver is wrong?

Creative visualizations are growing
Many groups have data

but fewer use it as evidence

Some people are moving to maps

.. and Continuous Product Learning

( about where we are today )
How did we get here?

Where are we today?

What can we do (tomorrow)?

Continuous Product Learning

Shift from more delivery to more learning

Product choices replace simple prioritization

Backlogs shift to maps based on examples

Grooming becomes product design cadence

Scale focuses on product learning

If you were sure you could deliver,
what would you change?
You might make braver choices

All Maps Product
Product Choices
Ideas User

Product thinking over story prioritization

You might think investment over process

How much should you invest in discovery?

You might replace your backlog with

maps, examples / exploratory journeys

You might replace grooming with

a product design cadence

You might replace scaling process

with delivering products w/ teams

And there was much rejoicing?
Discovery is challenged and grows
Product design meets system thinking
Embrace change (again)

Thank you
for joining us today!