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Worship Transcript/notes by @LightOfTheTurth

Conquer the Shaytan

Shaykh Musa Jibril

Get 100 Hasanat [reward],

Extinguish 100 sins out of your credit,

Get the reward of freeing 10 slaves like Ismaeel,

Get protected from the Shaytan all day,

No one will get more than you except the one who
does more than you in this.

n 10
t h a
es s es !!
L u t

There is no god but Allah, alone, without partner.

His is the sovereignty, and His the praise, and He
has power over everything

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Worship Transcript/notes by @LightOfTheTurth


None has the right to be
worshipped, except Allah.

There is no God but Allah, alone,

nobody else, i only submit my
complain, my distraction, my distress,
my sickness to Allah alone, all your
problems to Allah alone - nobody

Nobody else, everybody else down
except Him
He is the one we think about, care
about, nobody else at all except Him

He has no partner whatsoever

There is no partner with Him, Allah

will not accept any partner to be with
Him, it doesnt matter who
If there were two Gods the heavens
and the earth would have been
No partner with Him, no associate,
glory be to Allah, and praise be to
Him above all that evil they associate
with Him

The dominion is His, the kingdom

is His

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Worship Transcript/notes by @LightOfTheTurth


All praise and thanks be to Him,

glory and praise be to Him

Allah is able to do all things, ALL

He can do what He wants and what
He doesn't, see how powerful Allah is
- He can do whatever He wants, not
like you or I or a king etc. He can do
whatever He wants!

Namrud [a tyrant king of the past] used to claim he was Allah, Ibrahim told
him, Allah is the one who can give life and take life, Namrud claimed he had the
ability to do so too! Ibrahim asked how?, Namrud replied, I can bring two people
from jail and i can execute one and let the other one go free - See how silly the
tyrants are. Ibrahim didn't say anything regarding this, instead he said okay, if you
can do that, Allah is the one who brings the sun from the East every single day!
Can you bring it from the West, the opposite side? Namrud was astonished and
shocked, leading him to have Ibrahim caned for this!

See, Allah is able to do all things, imagine, whatever you want, there is
nothing too much or too great for Allah to give, nothing, just you have to ask him
with sincerity and Allah will grant you whatever you want.

Say this one, so short yet the reward is gigantic! Learn it as soon as you can,
it is a protection from Shaytan so teach your loved ones as well. I say this one-
hundred times in the morning and one-hundred times in the evening, and
sometimes i do more too.

I read once, there was a great scholar who was passing away, he said to his
son, don't forget to say this one-hundred times a day - this is his will! He said, do
this every single day!

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