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Help Endangered Animals

My name is RAFI
I want to speech about Help Endangered Animals
What is endangered animals?
Endangered animals are animals which have been
categorized by the International Union Conservation of
Nature (IUCN) Red List as likey to become extinct.
Endangered is the second most severe status for wild
population in the IUCNs schema after Critically
Endangered (CR).
Are there any Endangered Animals in Indonesia ?
Indonesia has the most endangered animals. The
IUCN, 2003 list as endangered animals 147 mammals,
114 birds, 91 fish and 2b invertebrate species. Such as
1. Komodo dragon (the king of lizard)
2. Anoa (the smallest buffalo)
3. Sumateran tiger (the king of tiger)
4. Merak (the most beautiful bird)
5. Javan rhinoceros
Why are there so many animals endangered ???
There are so many animals endangered because
1. Destruction of habitat
2. Pollution
3. Hunting and fishing
4. Exotic animals,when animals arrive into a new
habitat from a foreign places they sometimes
introduce disease that the native animals can t

How we can help the endangered animals?

10 easy thing we can do to help endangered
animals :
1. Learn about endangered spesies in our area
2. Visit a noational wildlife refuge
3. Make our home wildlife friendly
4. Native plants provide food and shelter for native
5. Less pollutans like pesticide that effect wildlife in
many levels
6. Slow down when driving
7. Recycle
8. Never purchase product made from endangered
9. No shooting,trapping endangered animals
10. Protect wildlife habitat.
Finally its all our responsibility to help endangered
animals. Because if not us then who ???
Thank you