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Thailand International Composition Festival 2017


Saturday 5 August 2017

23:10 Ingrid Stolzel UA797
Sunday 6 August 2017
07:20 Moritz Ernst QR830

Morning: Michael Noble arrive the hotel by assistant

Circulo Trio

Afternoon: Kevin Wilson arrive the hotel by Waris W.

Marco Noia + 1 arrive the hotel by Roypim

16:00 Bun-Ching Lam FD763 (Don Mueang International Airport)

16:20 Austin Yip CX0751
19:00 Thomas Buckner QR832
19:00 Argyro Koliogiorgi QR832
21:00 Song Siheng TG665
21:10 Natalie Shum and Edward Davis KE651
23:30 Travis Alford UA7971
23:45 Yu-Fang Chen + Chin Ting Chan EK385
Monday 7 August 2017
00:15 Alvin Wong CX709

Morning: Bennett Lerner and Remi Namtep arrive the hotel by Waris W.
Pan Pacific arrive to the hotel (assistant standby at the lobby)
Drew Hemenger (assistant standby)

11:30 Chong Kee Yong QZ520 (Don Mueang International Airport)

14:15 Nick Omiccioli + 1 Jetstar Asia 509
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14:00-17:00 Registration
17:00-18:30 Welcome Dinner (Buffet)
19:00-21:00 I. Opening Concert: Echoes of the Ancient Voices
featuring Mahidol Wind Orchestra
Thanapol Setabrahmana, conductor
Pamornpan Komolpamorn, guest conductor
Opening Ceremony by Dr. Sugree Charoensook

Secreto Poema Piyawat Louilarpprasert

Apocalypse Preedee Tunsuwan

Panta Rhei* Ingrid Stlzel

Pamornpan Komolpamorn, guest conductor


Sinfonia Chakri Narongrit Dhamabutra

The Defeat of Mara Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Morning: Wang A Mao arrive the hotel by Tyler Capp

10:00 Josiah Sprankle China Airline 833

10:00-12:00 Concert III Soundcheck

10:00-12:00 I. Master Class for Finalists by Bun-Ching Lam (A210)
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 I. Master Lecture: Bun-Ching Lam (A210)
14:00-14:15 break
14:15-15:15 II. Master Lecture: Chong Kee Yong (A210)
13:00-15:00 Concert II Soundcheck
15:15-15:30 break
16:50 Yii Kah Hoe FD314 Don Mueang International Airport
15:30-17:00 II. Concert: Chamber Music 1: Moritz Ernst and Michael Noble (piano)

Bells and Wake Up Frederic Rzewski

from Dreams Part II (2014)
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Namucuo, Op. 53 Xiaogang Ye

Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues Frederic Rzewski

from North American Ballads

Michael Noble, piano

Poem of China Xiaogang Ye

Michael Noble, piano, Alvin Wong, cello


My spirit is dancing Yii Kah Hoe

Kreislerianana 2+3 Moritz Eggert

Piani Valentine No. 9 A Gull Sid Corbett

(in memoriam Toru Takemitsu)
Piano Valentine No. 11 Thats all, good bye
(in memoriam Gyrgy Ligeti)

Music of Crossings Sandeep Bhagwati

Bird in Space Gabriel Iranyi

KOSMOS Peter Etvs

Moritz Ernst (piano)

17:00-19:00 Dinner

17:10 Deqing Wen 9C8579

19:00-21:00 III. Concert: Chamber Music 2: MANY MINDS OF TICF

A program of piano music by past and present
Thailand International Composition Festival composers
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Three Minds (2003) Narong Prangcharoen

1. Fierce
Remi Namtep, pianist
2. Absent
Bennett Lerner, pianist
3. Hesitant
Pawatchai Suwankangka, pianist

Poem (If By Chance) (1990) Tison Street

Bennett Lerner, pianist

Kaek Chern Jao Fantasy (2007) Chaipruck Mekara

(transcr. Remi Namtep)
Remi Namtep, pianist


Rjas (2017) (premiere) Patiparn Jaikampan

Bennett Lerner and Remi Namtep, pianists

Mestiere (1979) Chester Biscardi

Bennett Lerner, pianist

Fantasia on an Ostinato (1985) John Corigliano

Bennett Lerner, pianist

Pact Ink (2014) Narong Prangcharoen

Pawatchai Suwankangka, pianist

21:15 Li Shaosheng TG615

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Check-in: Jonathan Booker
Check-out: Remi Namtep
10:00-12:00 II. Master Class for Finalists, Deqing Wen (A212)
10:00-12:00 Concert V Soundcheck
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 III. Master Lecture: Deqing Wen (A212)
14:00-14:15 break
14:15-15:15 IV. Master Lecture: Ingrid Stolzel (A212)
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13:00-15:00 Concert IV Soundcheck

15:15-15:30 break
15:30-17:30 IV. Concert: Chamber Music 3: Local Composers

Ripples for 7 musician Siraseth Pantura-umporn

Ensemble Multiphony (Flute Clarinet String quartet and piano)
Voyage Saksri Pang Vongtaradon

Ensemble Multiphony
Kang Kao Gin Gluay Wiwat Suthiyam
Piano 4 hands
Vortex Attakorn Sookjaeng
Soprano Saxophone
The Last Journey of Phya Chattan Pradit Saengkrai
and Pichet Klunchun
Live electronic and pre-recorded video
Five Songs without words Boonrut Sirirattanapan
Flute and Guitar


The Valley is Uncanny Jiradej Setabundhu

and Prinda Setabundhu
PGVIM New Music Ensemble
Susurrus John Melcher
PLACEMENT Kittiphan Janbuala
Chryeang Trua Zurazak Ut-sa
RSCM String Quartet

Khun Pan Polwit Opapant

String Quartet
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The Dance of Caterpillars X Weerachat Premananda

Ensemble Multiphony (String Quartet)

17:30-19:00 Dinner

19:00-21:00 V. Concert: Chamber Music 4: Thomas Buckner (Vocal Music)

Last Love Songs (Shelley) Bun-Ching Lam

I. to.
II. Remembrance
III. Music, When Soft Voices Die
Thomas Buckner, baritone, Bun-Ching Lam, piano

Five Songs from Cold Mountain (Han Shan)

I. Clouds and Waters
II, The Metaphor of Life and Death
III. When Happiness Comes By
IV. Body or No Body
V. Cold Mountain

A Distant Harmony Jacques Bekaert

Requiem Jacques Bekaert

I. Prelude
II. O Powerful, Western Father (Walt Whitman)
III. The Stars are Blue (Pablo Neruda)
IV. Requiem (Anna Akhmatova)
V. After (Jacques Bekaert

Pamornpan Komolpamorn, conductor

Duende Annea Lockwood

Thomas Buckner, baritone, with recorded environment

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Thursday 10 August 2017

10:00-12:00 III. Master Class for Finalists Ingrid Stolzel (A212)

10:00-12:00 Concert VII Soundcheck
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 VIII. Master Lecture: Li Shaosheng (A301)
14:00-14:15 break
14:15-15:15 IX. Master Lecture: Thomas Buckner (A301)
13:00-15:00 Concert VI Soundcheck
15:15-15:30 break
15:30-17:00 VI. Concert: Chamber Music 5: Yu-Fang Chen

Grindcore (2015) (845) Nick Omiccioli

Yu-Fang Chen, viloin, Alvin Wong, cello

Night Fantasy for Harp and Piano 6 ca Thomas Hyuk Cha

Harp and Piano

Whispering Fragrance for solo violin (2017) (630') Stephen Yip

(World Premiere)

Postcards for solo violin (2017) (7) Chin Ting Chan

(World Premiere)
I. Andante moderato
II. Frantic; tempo giusto
III. Lento; tenerezza
IV. Scherzando
V. Allegro
VI. Leggiero; tempo giusto

Murmuring Flies in a Translucent Box (2017) (630) Pang Chun-ting

for solo violin (World Premiere)

Soggiorno for violin and tape (1989) (10) James Mobberley

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17:00-18:30 Dinner

19:00-21:00 VII. Concert: Chamber Music 6: The Triumph of Time

Trace I Deqing Wen

Crculo Trio

To a Mountain Flower (2015) (8) Wang A Mao

Phanuwat Sripramodya, piano

Fr Alina, Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschk Arvo Prt

Rage (3) Narong Prangcharoen

San Jittakarn, piano

The Triumph of Time Music by Ruth Chan

for violin, clarinet, piano, and one actor, libretto by Sandra Logan
an adaption from Shakespeare's play The Winter's Tale
Crculo Trio

Friday 11 August 2017

Check-out: Wang A Mao TG614
9:00-12:00 Free Time
10:00-12:00 Concert IX Soundcheck
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 X. Master Lecture: Yii Kah Hoe (D404)
14:00-14:15 break
14:15-15:15 XI. Master Lecture: Drew Hemenger (D404)
13:00-15:00 Concert VIII Soundcheck
15:15-15:30 break
15:30-17:00 VIII. Concert: Chamber Music 7: Rapee Sagarik Competition
Featuring Sawasdee Woodwind Quintet
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Red Marc Mellits

I. Moderately Funky (3)

IV. Slow, with motion (3)
II. Fast, aggressive, vicious (2)
Wannapha Yannavut, marimba

Mariel (8) Osvaldo Golijov

Urszula Kopijkowska, cello

Workers Union (15) Louis Andriessen

Grzegorz Grzeszczyk, bass clarinet, Urszula Kopijkowska, cello

Paraschos Paraschoudis, violin, Michael Robinson Jr., trombone
Wisuwat Pruksavanich, electric bass, Rasikamon Siyapong, piano
Vorat Wattanasombat, keyboard, Kyle Acuncius, percussion
Nawapat Chatdamrongmongkol, percussion


Which Way Home Drew Hemenger

Labyrinth II Chong Kee Yong

Sharp Edges Travis Alford

Wind Quintet No.1 Eagle Eyes Austin Yip

Autumnal Equinox Marco Noia

Winds Argyro Koliogiorgi

17:00-18:30 Dinner

17:40 Xiaogang Ye KE651

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19:00-21:00 IX. Concert: Chamber Music 8: Pan Pacific Woodwind Quintet

Mong Zaaae* Chaipruck Mekara

Woodwind Quintet (1988) Chen Yi

Equatorial Rainforest () Yii Kah Hoe

Drum Tower Reverberation* Zhong Juncheng

oshare-otoko style 1 Tanapon Chiwinpiti

Mo Suos Burial Ceremony Xinyan Li

The Wynwood Project David Jarvis

I. Aliens are Coming

II. Lizard
III. Hamburger Man and the Tree People
IV. Angel of Harmony and Child
V. Blueman

*World premieres

Saturday 12 August 2017

Check-out: Circulo Trio

12:00-14:00 Lunch
15:15-15:45 Pre-Concert Talk
16:00-18:00 X. Final Concert:
featuring Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra
David Alan Miller, conductor
Endless Tears Narong Prangcharoen
Thomas Buckner, Baritone
Green Mango Xiaogang Ye
Song Siheng, Piano
Chamber Concerto Steven Stucky
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Five Views of Macau Bun-Ching Lam

Ling Hu Li Shaosheng
Omiros Yavroumis, Violin

Shanghai Prelude Deqing Wen

Tapalin Charoensook, Cello

23:00 Deqing Wen LH773

Sunday 13 August 2017

00:30 Travis Alford UA7955

02:30 Shaosheng Li

Check-out: Bennett Lerner

Alvin Wong
Xiaogang Ye
Moritz Ernst
Drew Hemenger

09:25 Nick Omiccioli + 1 Jetstar Asia 512

13:10 Yii Kah He AK883
14:05 Yu-Fang Chen + Chin Ting Chan EK384
21:25 Marco Noia EK373

Monday 14 August 2017

00:10 Natalie Shum and Edward Davis KE658

03:35 Pan Pacific HX780
04:15 Ingrid Stolzel HX762
10:10 Bun-Ching Lam FD762 (Don Mueang International Airport)
11:15 Josiah Sprinkle China Airlines 834
12:40 Austin Yip CX0754
13:25 Chong Kee Long FD355
16:00 Michael Garza TG678
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Tuesday 15 August 2017

06:50 Jonathan Booker NH806

21:15 Thomas Buckner QR833
21:15 Argyro Koliogiorgi QR833

Wednesday 17 August 2017

00:10 Kevin Wilson

20:30 Michael Noble MU5036