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‘The Firehouse Jazz Band but Louis Armstrong had # hit song Hello, Dolly 2iz2Pissse @ Gm A: NARAS award winner. = 7 = —= a ae Hel - lo, Dol - ly, well, Hel lo, Dol - ly, It's so Bbo C7 F7 © nice to have you back where you be- long. You're look - ing Cm Cm A swell, Dol - ly, we can tell, Dol - ly, You're still Cm7 F7 Bb Bho F7 glow - in', you're still crow - in', you're still go - in’ strong. We feel the By. Bb Gm a SS + room sway - if, for the _ band’s play - ® one of Bb7 ED D7 your old fa - vite songs from way back when. So, Gm Dm Gm Dm7_G7 take her wrap, fel-las, Find her an emp - ty fap, fel- tas, Gol - ly — gee, fel-las, Find her a va - cant knee, fel- las, [C7 F7 BD Bo Cm OF Dol-ly- ‘ll nev - er go a - way Last Time: c7 7 c7 E7 o Dol-ly- "ll nev-er go a - way, Dol-ly- ‘ll nev-er go a- way, c7 F7 Bb Bb E> G7 Dol-ly- ‘ll nev - er go a - way - gain! BL Bo F7 Bb (Se st oe SS eH i meee eee eee eee eee 2