Sam's Annual End of the Year Spiel

Ok, I used to number these Spiel things, but I kept losing track of how many years I have been doing this. Let's just say I have been doing this since most of you were in diapers!

One thing that keeps me going year after year, day after day, is the fun T have with all of you. You are smart, quick witted and humorous. You are usually nice people to be with.

However, some of you come here disguised as various types of troublemakers. Even though you wear masks so that other people can't figure out who you really are, you sometimes let me get a glimpse of the real you. I appreciate that. The real you, as I said, is a nice person to be around. My hope is that as you gain more confidence, you will let more people see that person.

In order to let others see what I see, some of you are going to ...... _ ................ have to continue getting over those old habits and obstacles that have blocked your success in the past. Many of you have started coming to school everyday, getting here on time, and making positive choices. One thing that you have taught me is that all human beings should strive to improve themselves each day. I hope you will.

In many of your classes you have been very creati ve. In others you have been thoughtful. You have been logical. You have been respectful. You have been friendly. You have been talkative and sometimes even quiet. Some of the things you have learned will stay with you forever, while others you have already forgotten. The important lessons of being respectful, being responsible and being reasonable are the ones T hope stay with you forever.

We are saying goodbye to many seniors this year. Some will be going on to college, others will be starting jobs, and others will be heading to the military. No matter what your next path is, I wish you well in the future. Please stay safe.

As I write this, there is some uncertainty concerning the Sawdon program for next year. But this is yet another lesson in life. Nothing is ever truly guaranteed. You must make the most of every opportunity that comes your way!

With luck, all of the staff members will return next year. No matter what, I hope you are able to return to Sawdon and continue working towards your diploma. I trust you will have a safe summer.


Laura was bom in Detroit, Michigan and attended Mercy High School where she graduated in 1979. After high school she attended Michigan State University where she got her bachelor's and then went to Wayne State University to get her master's. Besides here at Sawdon, Laura has worked at The daVinci Institute in Jackson, Michigan, and William Colen so College in Napier, New Zealand. Laura is married to her husband Randy and they have three children: Emily, Lily, and Noah. Her hobbies are swimming, bike riding, and reading. In the summer Laura enjoys hanging out with her family and friends and going to BBQ's. When asked about retirement Laura said "Retirement! What's That?!?".

Joe was bom in Lansing, Michigan and went to Lansing Eastern High School and graduated in 1961. Joe received his bachelor's degree from Western Michigan University in 1965 and got his master's from Michigan State University in 1975. Other than Sawdon Joe has taught at Three Rivers High School, Parchment Middle School, Lansing O'Rafferty High School, and Mason High School. Joe is married and has four children from his previous marriage. He has two step-children and one step foster son. Joe likes to fish, golf, jog, lift weights, and walk. In the summer he likes to travel, fish and play golf. When he retires he plans to split time between Michigan, Florida, Nevada, and traveling around the United States. He also plans to spend time with his children and grandchildren, as well as doing leisure time activities. He says he will probably always do some type of volunteer work or work part-time.

Joe also has a number of hobbies he has been waiting a long time to get back to.

MaTY Ann was born in Lansing, Michigan and graduated from Eaton Rapids High School. Other than being the secretary here at Sawdon Mary was a para-pro at Neff Elementary and a secretary at Neff Elementary. Mary is married to her husband Doug and they have two sons Erik and Adam. They also have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bird, and 3 horses. Mary Ann enjoys oil painting, water color painting, and spending time with her horses. In the summer she likes to work in the garden and ride her horse. When she retires she plans to travel in the United States and spend time with her horses.

Shawn was born in the town of Albion, Michigan where she attended Albion High School and graduated in 1984. Shawn decided to stay in Albion and attend Albion College where she got her bachelor's degree. After that she attended Marygrove College where she got her master's degree. Other than Sawdon Shawn has taught at Albion High School. Shawn is single with no children. She enjoys traveling, scrapbooking, and watching movies. In the summer Shawn likes to travel. When she retires Shawn plans to travel.

Russ was born in the city ofIonia, Michigan and there he attended Ionia High School where he went on to graduate in 1987. Russ went on to go to Montcalm Community College, Lansing Community College, and Western Michigan University. Besides Sawdon, Russ has taught at Ionia High School, Portland High School, Lakewood High School, Belding High School, East Kentwood High School, and Saranac High School. Russ has two parents, four brothers three of which are still living, and one daughter. Russ likes to play paintball, do gardening, hunt, fish, play computer games, and go camping. Russ says he won't retire because he will have to work until he dies.

Judy was born in the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Highland Park. She graduated from Royal Oak Kimball High School long ago in 1968. Judy then moved on to Michigan State University and received a bachelor's plus Special Education. Other than Sawdon, Judy has taught at Maplewood Elementary in Maple Valley and at the Delta Center in Grand Ledge. She has three kids: Cara who is 25, Gabe 23, and Chris 20. She is man-jed to Big Mike. Judy enjoys reading, sewing, gardening, and talking. In the summer she enjoys swimming, sailing, water skiing, and looking at a lake. Judy has no retirement plans as of now, she says this is still fun.

Kim was born in the city of Pontiac, Michigan. She graduated from Waterford Kettering High School in 1978. After high school she went to Michigan State University and received a bachelors degree in fine arts. Kim has a husband, one son and two daughters. Kim enjoys working with clay, gardening, and spending time with her cats. Kim's favorite thing to do in the sununer is to swim and also sleep. She plans to retire as soon as possible and move to some place warm.

Sam was bom in Adrian, Michigan. He attended Adrian High School and graduated in

1985. After that Sam moved on to attend Michigan State University. Other than teaching here at Sawdon, he taught at Jackson High School. Sam is single with no children. He is the third child of four and has an older brother and sister and a younger brother. Sam loves to read, write, and listen to music, however most of his spare time is used playing computer games. Sam's most played games are Everquest, and Tiger Woods PGA Golf on the XBOX 360. In the summer aside from playing computer games Sam enjoys sleeping late and playing golf. When Sam retires he plans to build killer robots to protect his lawn from the neighborhood kids.

Tina was born in Lansing, Michigan and attended Bath High School where she received her diploma in the year 1986. Tina moved on to Western Michigan University to receive her bachelors degree. She then attended Marygrove College where she obtained her masters degree. Other than Sawdon, Tina has taught at Lansing Community College, Lakeview High School, Bath High School, and the alternative program at Waverly. Tina is married Curt and they have two children Shelby who is 14 and Jonah who is 12 years old. Tina enjoys running, scrap booking, traveling, and gardening. As for retirement Tina plans to move where the weather is warm and wet, like the beach for example.

Rob graduated high school in 1969. He enjoys birding.

* *

~~ r«


* * *

'* * '*

* ~


* * ill

* *

* *

Nicest: Sam

Coolest: Shawn

Fearless: Russ

Most Unique: Judy

Craziest Hair: Tina

Silliest :Tina

Most Knowledgeable: Rob

Likes to Talk: Russ

Happiest: Judy

Craziest: Kim

Most Talented: Kim

"lb ~

* * *

* *

Mary Ann setting up for teacher appreciation day.

Sam grading a publishing project.

Judy Sturley hard at work entering grades into her computer.

--0 a


Trisha working on her fun math



Bobby Baxter busting to get his work done.


I(im entering


Laura passing out papers.

Left to Right-Ist Row:Alyssa Ackerson; Kim Shaffer; Nicole Young 2nd Row:Andy Keeton; Amber Sierra; Amanda Burk; Krista Deppe; Joe Good Missing:Darrallyn Storey

First Senl.este ..

Left to Right-1st Row:Kaitlyn Dennis; Andy Keeton 2nd Row:Kim Shaffer; Andrew Scott; Brittney Robinson; Steve Hiltner; Skye Ayres Missing:Joe Burman; Warren Lawson; Eric Nelson

6th Hour

Left to Right-Ist Row:Brittney Robinson 2nd Hour:Darrallyn Storey; Eric Nelson; Kim Shaffer

Fi .. st SeDleste ..

Left to Right-Ist Row:Nicole Fisher; Sarah Ellsworth 2nd Row:Richard Eimers; Josh Douglas; Joe Good; Kevin Bennett; Bobby Baxter 3rd Hour:Austin Roach Missing:.Tustin Harr: James Dietz

Left to Right: 1st Row:Thomas Whiting; Josh Driver; Josh Stauffer; James Dietz 2nd Row:Rob Winkler; Warren Lawson; Dan Caffee; David Greeley; Kenny Nierinburger; Issac Layton; Steve Hiltner; Sean Loveall Missing:.Tustin Harr; David Carpenter

First Seft1.este ..

Left to Right-Ist Row:Eric Nelson; Megan Worthington; Russ Ferris 2nd Row:Autumn Corya; Steve Richmond; Issac Layton; Savannah Diana; Sean Loveall; Josh Stauffer Missing: Josh Driver; Kaitlyn Kibble

2nd Hour

Left to Right-1st Row: Sarah Ellsworth; Thomas Whiting; Brittney Robinson 2nd Row:Austin Roach; Savannah Diana 3rd Row:Autumn Corya; Russ Ferris

Fi:rst Seft1.este:r

Left to Right-1st Row:Sam Ortiz 2nd Row:Kenny Nierinburger; Doug Penfield; Brittany Gilmartin; Zac

~~------- --.~--------~

Left to Right-1st Row:Josh Douglas 2nd Row:Sam Ortiz; Doug Penfield; Alyssa Ackerson; Amber Siena; Krista Deppe

First Senaester


, , "'"

2nd Hour

Left to Right-1st Row:Steve Hiltner; Eric Nelson; Josh Driver; Skye Ayres 2nd Row:Steve Richmond; Jerrod Alton-Smith; David Greeley; Kevin Bennett; Megan Worthington; Joe Burman; Richard Eimers; Jay Dupree; Shawn Bronson

First Seltlester


Left to Right-Ist Row:Andrew Scott; Dan Caffe; Bobby Baxter; Trenton Hufanagel 2nd Row: Isaac Layton; Ashley Erickson; Tina Stage; Josh Stauffer; Sean Loveall Missing:Nate Foster; Justin Harr

First Senaester

Left to Right: 1st Row: Judy Sturley; Joe Good; Sarah Ellsworth 2nd Row:

Skye Ayres

Fi .. st Seaneste ..

~ "'

"" .. .,..",~~~~ .~ ~ \ \~ -(

~ "'i~'" ~ bel

B C _~~clCI The Re ,

est ar_ 'e, E:'_,C~,_, . '. I I

..... - .• __ --.- -"-tl -r; - .i:r: t.r.r.:

~'- -, 4~

~ Always Ahsent '?rs ~ql'~

=: Biggest Prep




",_ -,


Kevin Bennett & Megan Weiler

Sarah Ellsworth & Eric Campbell

Brittney Robinson &

Steve Hiltner

Warren Lawson &

Sarah Ellsworth

Sarah Ellsworth & Kenny Nierenberger

Brittney Robinson &

Josh Driver

Megan Weiler


Kris Cervantes



Dan Caffee &

r· '. 11"'-

~ "'-\ ,~.~

Warren Lawson & Savannah Diana

est Prep

Krista Deppe &

Matt Eiseler


Tiffany Bucks &

· Shawn Loveall

Kaitlin Dennis &

Steve Hiltner

Megan Worthington & Fred Shorty

Dew Hanchett & Amanda Burk

Bobby Baxter &

Amber Sierra &

Eric Campbell

Dew Hanchett &

. Nicole Young

Adam Bradley

Amanda Burk

Sarah Ellsworth &

. Andy Keeton

Rich Eimers & Autumn Corya

Nicole Young &

Josh Driver

Megan Weiler & Brad Marbach


Steve Hiltner

Sarah Ellsworth

Sarah Ellsworth &

Andy Keeton

Adam Bradley & Savannah Diana

Warren Lawson & Sarah Ellsworth


She likes to listen to anything, but Country!

Her favorite movie is "The Ringer."

She was born in Anderson, IN.

Her favorite color is Black.


She was born in Lansing.

Her favorite color is blue.

Her "not so secret" crush is Nate.

She likes to listen to rap.

Her favorite movie is "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle."


Enjoys watching Girls Gone Wild and Family Guy.

AKA: Potter

Loves to play Disk Golf. Likes to eat Mexican Food.


He likes listening to rock.

His secret crush is Cesar.

He was born in Lansing.

His favorite color is Aqua.

His favorite movie is "Gladiator."


She also likes to watch "Prison Break" and "Sex and the City"

She loves to sleep.

Her favorite movie is "Scarface'

She loves eating Mexican food, not Taco Bell!!!


He likes listening to anything but POP!!!

He was born in Lansing.

His favorite color is blue.

His favorite movie is "Boondock Saints"


He listens to everything.

He was born in Lansing.

His favorite color IS green.

His favorite movie is the "Butterfly Effect"


He like country music.

His secret crush is Krista.

He was born in Detroit.

His favorite color is blue.

His favorite movie is "Family Guy: Stewie Griffin- The Untold Story."


His likes to listen to rap.

His secret crush is Krista.

He was born in Lansing.

His Favorite Color is Green.

His favorite movie is "Silent Hill."

Skye Ayers Josh Driver Dan Caffee

Krista Deppe Warren Lawson Sarah Ellsworth

Fred Blackhurst

Eric Campbell

Alyssa Ackerson

Fred Shorty - ...

• t

t ....

- ~

IRt ~ b

• .... i

- c=-


..... ... C»


- ..



• t



My Story

This is my story of how I came to Sawdon High School. It all started one day when me and my friend Megan Worthington decided to skip class because we didn't feel like going. We went and sat on my front porch, which is right by the high school. All of the sudden we saw Mr. Bird, the dean of students at the high school, and he was walking around my house looking in the windows because the

neighbors called the cops on us.

Megan and I ran and tried to hide because we didn't want to get in trouble . ... ,/ We probably hid for about an hour and a

> .... half. Then finally we said forget it and we

walked to Sawdon and as we went to sit down we both said, "Man I wish we could go to this school." Then officer Anderson came rolling up and made Megan and me

(get into the cop car.

_ She took us back up to the high

school and we went into the office hoping for the best. Of course we got the worst; a new school. I was happy that I was going to Sawdon, but a little scared because I would miss all my friends, but I would survive. So I walked over to Sawdon and met with Laura, the dean of students at Saw don. She reassured me that everything would be ok here. I was a little scared because I knew everyone would say she's a prep and all sorts of bad stuff about me. But after a while I seemed to fit in.

Everyone at Sawdon is really cool and really nice. I have learned many things being at Sawdon, probably more here that T did at the high school. The teachers here are great and I love them all. I am really glad that I got to have this experience. It taught me that you don't always have to have the last word in things and not everything has to go your way. I hope everyone at Sawdon had a great year and thanks for making me feel welcome!

Kri sta Deppe


William Hanchett

Trisha J onseck

Isaac Layton

Brad Marbach

Quincy Jacobs

Brittany Gilmartin

Fred Blackhurst

Autumn Jackson


Autumn Corya

Eric Nelson

Fred Shorty

Eric Campbell


Kris Cervantes

Adam Bradley

Kenny Nierenberger

Richard Eimers

Matt Eiseler


Josh Broyles

Shawn Loveall

Nathan Miller

Liz Roberts

Nick Lee

Patrice Jackson

Alyssa Ackerson


Tom Whiting

Skye Ayers


Amanda Burk

Savannah Diana

Bobby Baxter

Joe Burman

Dan Caffee

Kevin Bennett


Austin Roach

Steve Hiltner

Sarah Ellsworth

Amber Sierra

Josh Driver


Judy Sturley

Andrew Scott

Tina Stage


Shawn Bronson

Kim Shaffer

Joe Colagross

Russell Ferris

Sam Ortiz

Rob Winkler

{~( .. ~. ';~? <~. 11~, "l;( 1"~' <~t "i:r .,;~.

"\ ) \





* *

* *

* *

~:~ ~~~~Best; {tpiel1ds~~~~ ~:~

~:E- ~~p.o...-a~'7"~...-a~~ ~:E-

* T ~~~~~ *

~:E- \ ~:~


* *

~k ~I~

~ ~ ~

* ~ *

* *

~IL ~k

/1' /1'

~I~ ~IL

/1' /1'

* *


/1' /1'

* *

* *

,1/ ,1/

/1' /1'

,1/ ,1/

/1' /1'

* *

~I~ ~k

/1' /1'

* *

* *

* *

,1/ ,1/

/1' /1'


/1' /1'


/1' /1"

* *

~k ~IL

/1' /1'

~k ~k

/1' /1'

* *

* *

* *


/1' /1'

* *


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