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1. Fees and Charges HDFC Bank International Platinum Plus Card

A. Fees payable on the Credit Card by the has an interest-free credit period of up to 50
Cardmember days. This means that a customer who has a
Annual Fees Renewal Fees billing date of 4th of the month can spend on
The fees may vary for each Cardmember, and his Card from 5th April to 4th May, his bill will
from offer to offer. The same is communicated be generated on 4th May and his Payment
to the Cardmember at the time of applying for Due Date will be 24th May. Hence a purchase
the Credit Card. The above fees as applicable made on 14th April will have a credit period of
are billed to the card account and are stated in 41 days, while a purchase made on 2nd May
the card statement of the month in which it is will have a credit period of 23 days. This period
charged. will be free of interest only if all previous dues
are paid in full and there is no unpaid balance
B. Cash Advance Fees
carried over from previous months
The Cardmember can use the Card to access
2. Limits
cash in an emergency from ATMs in India or
abroad. A transaction fee of 2.5% (Minimum HDFC Bank at its sole discretion will determine
`300) would be levied on the amount withdrawn the Cardmembers credit limit and cash
and would be billed to the Cardmember in the withdrawal limit. (Add-on Cardmembers share
next statement. The transaction fee is subject to the same limit). These limits are
change at the discretion of HDFC Bank. All cash communicated to the Cardmember at the time
advances also carry a finance charge equal to of card delivery and in the monthly statements.
charges on revolving credit (please refer The available credit limit at the time of the
schedule of charges) from the date of statement generation is provided as a part of
withdrawal until the date of full payment. The the monthly statement. HDFC Bank will review
finance charge is subject to change at the the Cardmember account periodically, may
discretion of HDFC Bank. decrease the Cardmember credit limit based
on internal criteria. In such an instance the
C. Charges
Bank will inform immediately including the
i) Charges and fees, as may be applicable from reason thereof, by SMS or e-mail followed by
time to time, are payable by Cardmembers for confirmation in writing. Cardmembers seeking
specific services provided by HDFC Bank to the to have their credit limit increased can do so
Cardmember or for defaults committed by the by writing to the Bank and providing financial
Cardmember with reference to his card account. documents declaring their income. The Bank,
ii) HDFC Bank retains the right to alter any charges at its sole discretion and based on such new
or fees from time to time or to introduce any new documents provided, may increase the credit
charges or fees, as it may deem appropriate, limit of the Cardmember.
with due intimation to customer.
3. Finance Charges
D. Interest Free Period Finance charges are payable at the monthly
The interest free credit period could range from percentage rate on all transactions from the
20 to 50 days subject to the scheme applicable date of transaction in the event of the
on the specific Credit Card (please refer to the Cardmember choosing not to pay his balance
Schedule of Charges) and the submission of in full, and on all cash advances taken by the
claims by the merchant. However, this is not Cardmember, till they are paid back. Finance
applicable if the Previous month's balance has charges, if payable, are debited to the
not been cleared in full or if the Cardmember has Cardmember's account till the outstanding on
availed of cash from ATM. For instance, the the card is paid in full.

Finance charges on cash advances are

Date Transaction Amount
applicable from the date of transaction until the
payment is made in full. 17-Apr Purchase of `15,000
When the customer carries forward any
outstanding amount or avails of Cash Advance, 17-Apr Purchase of `5,000
a finance charge calculated by average Daily Electronics
Balance Method, will apply to balances carried 18-Apr Statement Date `20,000
forward and to fresh billings.
7-May Payment into `2,000
If a Cardholder avails of the revolving credit card account
facility of the HDFC Bank Credit Card and
14-May Purchase on `1,000
hence chooses to pay an amount less than the
total amount due reflected in the monthly billing
statement, the entire outstanding amount 15-May Payment into `18,000
would attract finance charges and all new card account
transactions will also attract finance charges till
such time as the previous outstanding amounts Thus, on the statement dated 18th May, the
are repaid in full. following will reflect as the component of the total
Late Payment Charges will be applicable if amount payable by you before the due date of 8th
Minimum Amount Due is not paid by the May
payment due date, Clear funds need to be Interest calculated = (outstanding amount*
credited to HDFC Bank Card account on or 3.49%Pm*12 months*no of days)/365. Therefore,
before the payment due date, to avoid Late
Payment charges. Late payment charges are a. Interest on `20000 from 17th April - till 18th
applicable as: April = `45.90
Statement Balance Late Payment Charges Interest on `20000 from 19th April - till 6th May
(18 Days) = `413.06
Less than `100 - Nil
Interest on `18000 from 7th May - till 13th May
`100 to `500. - `100/- (7 Days) = `144.57
`501 to `5000 - `400/- Interest on `19000 on 14th May = `21.80
`5001 to `10000 - `500/- Interest on `1000 from 15th May - till 18th May
`10001 and above - `700/- (4 Days) = `4.59
(`750/- wef 15th Thus Total Interest of `629.92
August 2017) b. GST @ 18% on interest and other charges =
Over limit charges are applicable on total `113.39
outstanding exceeding the Credit Limit at the c. Total Principal Amount outstanding = Rs. 1000
rate of 2.5% of the over limit amount subject to Hence Total amount due = (a) + (b) + (c) =
minimum of `500. `1743.31
The following illustration will indicate the
method of calculating various charges Please note that the Finance Charges and other
Assume that you have paid all previous dues in full charges are subject to change at the discretion of
and do not have any amount outstanding in your HDFC Bank.
Card Account. Your statement date is 18th of every Also please note that if the Cardmember exceeds
month. The following is the list of transactions you the credit limit of the accounts, Over Limit Charges
have done on your card account. will be levied on the account. For a list of charges

that may be levied at specific instances, please I) In case the Cardmember has an HDFC
refer to the Schedule of Charges available at the Bank account, he can make the Payment
end of this document. through NetBanking, ATMs, or
4. Billing and Statement PhoneBanking.

a) HDFC Bank will send the Cardmember a II) In case the Cardmember has an HDFC
monthly statement showing the payments Bank account, he can opt for a Standing
credited and the transactions debited to the Instruction facility, where funds can be
Cardmember's account since the last automatically transferred from the
statement. The Bank will mail a statement of Cardmember's HDFC Bank account to the
transactions in the card account every month Cardmember's card account on due date.
on a pre-determined date, to the mailing III) Customer can also make payment through
address on record with the bank. If the balance NEFT fund transfer mode from other bank
outstanding is less than `200/- and there Is no account (use IFSC code HDFC0000128) or
further transaction pending billing since the last use the VISA Money transfer facility.
statement, no statement will be issued. IV) In case the Cardmember does not have an
b) HDFC Bank Credit Cards offer the Cardmember HDFC Bank account, he can make the
the facility of revolving credit. The Cardmember Payment through Bill Desk facility using
may choose to pay only the Minimum Amount other banks NetBanking account.
Due printed on the statement. The balance iii) By dropping the payment instrument
outstanding can be carried forward to (Cheque or draft) into any of the HDFC
subsequent statements. The Cardmember can Bank Credit Card drop boxes placed in the
also choose to pay the Total Amount Due or any HDFC Bank branches and ATMs.. The
part of the amount above the Minimum Amount Cheque Draft should be made payable to
Due. Such payment should be made before the HDFC Bank Card Number xxxx xxxx xxxx
Payment Due Date. Clear funds need to be xxxx.
credited to HDFC Bank Card account on or iv) Through Cash Payments at the bank
before payment due date to avoid Late Payment branches.
Charges. Cardmembers are advised to drop
f) Billing Disputes: All the Contents of the
local cheques well in advance of the Payment
statement will be deemed to be correct and
due date to ensure payment reflects on the card
accepted if the Cardmember does not inform
account within the Payment due date. Any
HDFC Bank of the discrepancies within 60
unpaid Minimum Amount Due of the previous
days of the Statement Date in writing. On
statements will be added to the Cardmember's
receipt of such information, HDFC Bank may
current Minimum Amount Due in addition to the
reverse the charge on temporary basis pending
outstanding exceeding the Cardmember's
investigation. If on completion of subsequent
Credit Limit.
investigations, the liability of such charges is to
c) Payments made towards the Card outstanding the Cardmembers account, the charge will be
are acknowledged in subsequent statements. reinstated in a subsequent statement along
d) Payments received against the Cardmember's with the associated retrieval requests charges.
card outstanding will be adjusted against all Upon receipt of dispute from customers, within
taxes, fees and other charges, interest charges, a maximum period of sixty days, Bank would
cash advances and purchases in that order. provide necessary documents, wherever
e) Payments towards the card account may be applicable and received from the Member
made in any of the following ways: Bank, subject to operating guidelines laid
down by the respective franchisee like

Visa/Master Card/Diners Club etc. GST levied Bank at the following address: Manager HDFC
will not be reversed on any dispute on Fee & Bank Credit Cards, P.O. Box 8654,
Charges / interest. Thirvanmiyur HO, Chennai- 600 041. Along
g) Contact Particulars: The Cardmember can with the cards cut diagonally to pieces, all the
contact HDFC Bank Credit Cards for making cards including the add-on cards will be
any enquiries or for any grievance redressal terminated basis the written request.
through: Termination will be effective only after receipt
of the cut cards and payment of all amounts
24 Hour Customer Service Call Centre - a
outstanding to the card account. No annual,
detailed list of phone numbers is available
joining or renewal fees shall be refunded on a
at the end of this document and on the
pro-rata basis.
reverse of the monthly statements
Through mail - Manager, HDFC Bank Cards B) In case the Bank notices unusual and
P.O. Box 8654, Thirvanmiyur, Chennai - abnormal transaction patterns in the use of the
600 041 Card, the Bank will try to establish contact with
the customer on the registered phone number
By Email:
of the customer available on its records to
verify the bonafideness of the card transaction.
5. Default Failure on the part of the Bank to establish
In the event of default, the Cardmember will be contact with the customer, the Bank may
sent reminders from time to time for settlement restrict/terminate the use of the Card without
of any outstanding on the card account, by any further notice, if the Bank reasonably
post, fax, telephone, e-mail, SMS messaging believes it necessary in the interest of the
and/or engaging third parties to remind, follow Cardholder and for security reasons.
up and collect dues. Any third party so HDFC Bank can suspend the facility on the
appointed, shall adhere fully to the code of Credit Card, if the Cardmember defaults on
conduct on debt collection. payment due or exceeds the credit limit
6. Right of Lien extended. The Credit Card must not be used
after the Agreement has ended or if the card
A) The bank, at any time and without notice, will
account is suspended.
have lien and right to set-off on all monies
belonging to the Cardmember and/or add on With a view to ensure that the Credit Card is
Cardmember standing to their credit in any being used as per the regulatory guidelines,
account/custody of the bank, if upon demand Terms and Conditions and applicable policies
by the bank, the balance amount on the card of the Bank, Bank shall have a right to run
account is not repaid within the prescribed time. periodic checks on the Credit Card usage to
identify whether there is excessive utilization of
B) During settlement of redemption in case of
credit limit beyond the sanctioned limit in one
available Reward Points balance is lesser than
statement cycle, unusual or excessive
Points required for the transaction, the bank
utilization at few select merchants, possible
reserves rights to debit the differential amount
collusion with merchant and/or usage towards
on the Customers Card/Account.
non-personal/ business related requirements,
7. Termination/Revocation of the Card over-use/ misuse of features/ offers/ programs
Membership towards accumulation of undue reward points/
A) The Cardmember may terminate the card cash back / other benefits amongst others.
membership at any time by writing to HDFC Based on the usage patterns, if any of these is
suspected by the Bank, Bank may take

restrictive action on the Credit Card. Such without Cardmember's permission. Once a
action can be with immediate effect and may card is reported lost, it should not, under any
include but not be limited to withdrawal of circumstance be used if found by the
features/ benefits as well as complete Cardmember subsequently. As the Add-On
termination of the Credit Card. If any such action card is an extended facility given on the
is taken by the Bank onus will be on customer to Primary Card Account, the Add-on card is
provide satisfactory proof of bona fide usage to rendered invalid when the primary card is
reinstate the Credit Card and attached features/ reported lost. Similarly, if the Add-on card is
benefits as may be deemed fit by the Bank. reported lost, the primary Card Account and
Bank's decision in this regard shall be final and other Add-on cards are invalidated.
binding on the customers B) The Bank is not liable or responsible for any
C) In such a situation, the Cardmember must transaction incurred on the card account prior
(subject to any default or other notice required to time of reporting of the loss of the card, and
by law) immediately pay HDFC Bank the total the Cardmember will be wholly liable for the
outstanding balance on the Account. This same. Card swipe transactions may get
includes all amounts due to HDFC Bank under processed by merchants without PIN /
the Agreement, including all transactions and additional authentication, when it is initiated on
other amounts not yet charged to the Account. merchants located outside India as it may not
The card will not be considered as closed until be a mandate in those countries. Cardmember
the Cardmember has paid all such due is wholly liable for all transactions prior to
amounts. reporting of loss of the card. After the receipt
D) The death or in capacitance of a Cardmember of proper notification of the loss by the bank,
insolvency / dissolution / bankruptcy or winding the Cardmembers subsequent liability is zero.
up of a corporate body of a Cardmember shall In addition to notifying HDFC Bank about the
automatically cancel the card issued to the loss or theft of the Card, the Cardmember
Cardmember as well as any Add-on must report any loss or theft of the card to the
Cardmembers. The Card Account would also be police, lodge an FIR and provide
liable to be suspended on instructions from any acknowledged copy of the police complaint.
government regulatory body. All amounts C) The Cardmember will be liable for all losses in
outstanding on the Card Account shall be case of misuse of the card by someone who
deemed to have immediately become due on obtained the PIN or the card with the consent
death or incapacitance, insolvency, bankruptcy, of Cardmember or an Additional Cardmember.
winding up or instruction from D) If the Cardmember has acted fraudulently the
government/regulatory bodies, as the case may Cardmember will be liable for all losses. If the
be, and Bank shall be entitled to recover the Cardmember acts without reasonable care,
same in accordance with the relevant laws in the Cardmember may be liable for all losses
force without prejudice to the obligation of the incurred.
Cardmember to forth with pay all outstanding
E) HDFC Bank may, without referring to the
Cardmember or any additional Cardmember,
8. Loss / theft / misuse of Card give the police or other relevant authorities any
A) The Cardmember must notify the 24 Hour Call information that HDFC Bank consider relevant
Center immediately if the Primary or any about the loss, theft, misuse of a Card or PIN.
Additional credit card is misplaced, lost, stolen, F) An optional insurance product may be availed
mutilated, not received when due or if he/she of by the card members, at his/her own
suspects that the Credit Card is being used

discretion, to cover the liability arising in the provided in the terms of the Credit Information
event of any fraudulent transactions on the Companies Regulation Act, 2005. In view of this
Credit Card. For further details and terms and we wish to inform the Cardmember that the bank
conditions of such Insurance cover, kindly can disclose any information relating to credit
contact our representative of the Bank. card(s) default by the customer to CIBIL and to
any other credit bureau (Existing and Future) in
9. Reward Points
case the card is overdue, with due notice. Any
Reward Points are valid only for 2 years from the
refresh / updation of data on receipt of payment
data of accumulation. e.g.:- if you have received
towards overdue card accounts will reflect in
Reward Points in the month of May 2015, then
CIBIL / other credit bureaus within a period of 60
same will expire in May 2017.
days from the date of receipt of payment by the
Effective 1st July, 2017; bank. We also wish to inform the Cardmember
a. EasyEMI and e-wallet loading transactions will that the bank will, at its own discretion, record
not accrue Reward Points/JP Miles. specific conversations between the
b. Reward Points/JP Miles accrued will be reversed Cardmember and the representative of the Bank,
if a retail transaction is converted into SmartEMI. in cases of grievance-related conversation or
c. Reward points/JP Miles accrued for Insurance payments-recovery-related conversations or any
transactions will have a maximum cap of 2,000 other conversations, that the Bank may deem fit.
per transaction. Select Credit Card variants have a
complimentary insurance cover on the Card. The
d. Reward points accrued on the credit card which
policy coverage starts from the date of the Credit
is inactive/dormant for more than 365 days will
Card set up. For more information and terms &
be nullified.
conditions, please refer to the usage guide.
10. Grievance Cell
12. Lounge Access
In the rare event of not being satisfied with the
Priority Pass - Charge of $27 + taxes, will be
response from any of the recent contacts with
applicable on all the lounge visits exceeding
the Bank, you can write to - The Manager,
the complimentary cap.
Grievance Cell, HDFC Bank Credit Cards
Division. 8, Lattice Bridge Road. Thiruvanrniyur, Diners Club Credit Card - All visits exceeding
Chennai - 600 041, or reach us on phone the complimentary limit will be charged at the
04423625600 between 09.30am to 05.30pm prevailing lounge rate inclusive of taxes.
Monday to Friday. These charges will be billed on your
subsequent statement within 90 days of date
11. Disclosure
of visit. Currency conversion rate is applicable
The Cardmember acknowledges that as per as on the date of settlement.
existing business practices, the Bank can
13. Most Important Terms and Conditions in
disclose from time to time any information
Regional Languages
relating to the Credit Card(s), to any credit
bureau (Existing or Future) without any notice to Please Visit for
the customer. The Credit Information Bureau information on MITC in regional languages,
India Ltd. (CIBIL) is an initiative of the Options available
Government of India and Reserve Bank of India 1) Hindi 2) Kannada 3) Malayalam 4) Telugu
to improve the functionality and stability of the 5) Tamil 6) Bengali 7) Marathi 8) Gujarati
financial system. All banks and financial 9) Punjabi 10) Oriya 11) Assamese 12) Urdu
institutions participating in this initiative are
13) Sindhi.
required to share customer data with CIBIL /
credit bureaus and this information is being

JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club, Regalia, Business Regalia, Doctors Regalia, Diners Club Rewardz, Times Platinum Card, JetPrivilege Platinum, Solitaire,
Description of charges Diners Club Premium, JetPrivilege World, AllMiles, Doctors Superior, Regalia First, Platinum Edge, MoneyBack, Business MoneyBack, JetPrivilege Titanium, Times
Business Reglia First, Bharat CashBack, Freedom Card Titanium Card, Teachers Platinum, Business Platinum, Snapdeal HDFC Bank Card

Interest free period Up to 50 days Up to 50 days

Minimum Repayment Amount 5% or minimum `200 5% or minimum `200
Cash Advance Limit 40% of the Credit Limit 40% of the Credit Limit
Annual / Renewal fee Regalia / Business Regalia / Doctors Regalia `2,500 Diners Club Rewardz `1,000
Diners Club Premium `2,500 JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum / Times Platinum Card `1,000
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World - `2,500 Solitaire / Platinum Edge / MoneyBack / Business MoneyBack /
AllMiles, Doctors Superia `1,000 JetPrivilege Titanium / Times Titanium Card / Teachers Platinum /
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club `10,000 / `5,000 Snapdeal HDFC Bank Card `500
Regalia First / Business Regalia First `1,000 Business Platinum `299
Bharat CashBack / Freedom Card `500

Business Platinum
Spend `30,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
Bharat CashBack / Freedom Card
Spend `20,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
Solitaire / Titanium Edge / Platinum Edge / MoneyBack / Business MoneyBack
Spend `50,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
AllMiles / Doctors Superia / Diners Club Rewardz / Regalia First / Business Regalia First
Spend `1, 00,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
Spend condition for waiver of Regalia / Business Regalia / Doctors Regalia / Diners Club Premium
annual charges Spend `3,00,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Titanium / Times Titanium Card / Snapdeal HDFC Bank Card
Excludes transactions below
Spend `1,50,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum / Times Platinum Card
Cash on Call
Spend `2,50,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
Balance Transfer
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World
Cash Withdrawal
Spend `3,00,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
Teachers Platinum
Spend `30,000 in a year and get a waiver of next years annual membership fee
Additional Card Fee Lifetime Free (Up to 3 add-on cards)
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club/ Diners Black/ Infinia - 1.99% per month i.e. 23.88% annually
Jet World - 3.49% per month i.e. 41.88% annually
Regalia/Business Regalia/Doctors Regalia - 2.95% per month ie 35.4% annually (3.49% per month ie 41.88% annually wef 15th August 2017)
Regalia First/Business Regalia First - 3.49% per month i.e. 41.88% annually
Charges on Revolving Credit Others - Initial interest rate at card issuance is 3.49% per month i.e. 41.88% annually
This can change periodically depending on spend, payback and utilization patterns. The maximum interest rate, in the event of default, is 3.5% per month i.e. 42% annually.
Card issued against Fixed Deposit - 1.99% per month (23.88% annually) applicable from transaction date
Cash Advance Charges 2.5% of amount withdrawn or `300 (`500 wef 15th August 2017) whichever is higher 2.5% of amount withdrawn or `300 (`500 wef 15th August 2017) whichever is higher
Statement Balance Late Payment Charges
Less than `100 Nil
Late Payment Charges `100 to `500 `100/-
(Basic Credit Card bill amount) `501 to `5,000 `400/-
`5,001 to `10,000 `500/-
`10,001 and above `700/- (`750/- wef 15th August 2017)
Charges on overlimit account 2.5% of overlimit amount, subject to a minimum of `500 2.5% of overlimit amount, subject to a minimum of `500
Payment Return Charges 2% of Payment amount subject to minimum of `450 2% of Payment amount subject to minimum of `450
`100 (for all card payments made by depositing in HDFC `100 (for all card payments made by depositing in HDFC
Cash Processing Fee Bank branches or ATMs) Bank branches or ATMs)
`75 (`99 wef 15th August 2017) per redemption request - Applicable for all cards `75 (`99 wef 15th August 2017) per redemption request Not applicable for
Rewards Redemption Fee
other than JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World / JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum & JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Titanium
Balance Transfer Processing Charges 2% of BT amount or `250, whichever is higher 2% of BT amount or `250, whichever is higher
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club/Infinia Fuel Surcharge Waiver capped at `1000 every billing cycle (GST applicable). Waived for transaction between
Diners Premium, Jet World, Regalia, Diners Rewardz, Regalia First, Business Regalia First, Jet Platinum, ALLMILES, a) `400 to `5000 for Regalia / Business
Petrol Transaction Surcharge Business Regalia, Doctors Regalia, Times Platinum Fuel Surcharge Waiver capped at `500 every billing cycle (GST Regalia / Doctors Regalia / Regalia First /
applicable). All other cards Fuel Surcharge Waiver capped at `250 every billing cycle (GST applicable). (Statement level Business Regalia First
(Subject to a minimum of Rs. 10) b) `400 to `5000 for all other cards. Effective
capping on PSW effective August 15, 2014) Effective April 15, 2016, Reward Points / JPMiles will not be accrued on fuel
transactions. GST charged on fuel surcharge is non-refundable. Effective February 15, 2017, Fuel Surcharge Waiver will be April 15, 2016, Reward Points / JPMiles will not
capped at 1% of the eligible fuel transaction amounts. Fuel surcharge varies from 2.5% to 1% of fuel transaction amount. be accrued on fuel transactions. GST
The rate of surcharge may vary depending on the fuel station and their acquiring bank. charged on fuel surcharge is non-refundable.

Railway Ticket Purchase Fee `30+2.5% of transaction amount. On HDFC Bank Payment Gateway : 1.8% + GST. On Other Banks Payment Gateway : rate as per IRCTC website.
Card Validation charges - Lounge
(Applicable only for Diners Cards) `2 and will not be reversed by the bank (wef 15th August 2017)

Reissue of Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card `100 `100

Cheque value upto `5,000 - Fee will be `25 Cheque value upto `5,000 - Fee will be `25
Outstation Cheque Processing Charge Cheque value above `5,000 - Fee will be `50 Cheque value above `5,000 - Fee will be `50
Bank Charges Cross currency mark-up of 3.5% (2% for Regalia / Business Regalia / Bank Charges Cross currency mark-up of 3.5%
Foreign Currency Transactions Doctors Regalia / JetWorld / JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club / Diners Club (3.0% for Diners Club Rewardz)
Premium / Regalia First / Business Regalia First )
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Applicable on all Fees, Interest and other Charges. The applicable GST would be dependent on place of provision (POP) and place of supply (POS).If
POP and POS is in the same state then applicable GST would be CGST and SGST/UTGST else, IGST. GST For FEE & Charges / Interest
transactions Billed on statement date will reflect in next month statement. GST levied will not be reversed on Any dispute on Fee & Charges / interest.
MITC_Ver 1.50 Aug'17

If you dont wish to be called about our products and services, kindly log on to our website: and register yourself in our Dont Call Registration option. Card account levied with late payment
charges in the latest generated statement will be exempted from the cash processing fee.