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The Human Resource department (HR department) of an organization performs human

resource management , overseeing various aspects of employment , such as compliance with labor law

and employment standards, administration of employee benefits , and some aspects of recruitment and


In HR department, the human resource managers are the responsible to plan, direct, and

coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. They oversee the recruiting, interviewing,

and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning; and serve as a link between an

organization's management and its employees. The said managers used the staffing process. In fact,

staffing is a process of hiring or positioning in an organization.

A Human Resource Manager has several functions in a company. Those functions are the


Determine needs of the staff.

Determine to use temporary staff or hire employees to fill these needs

Recruit and train the best employees

Supervise the work. Manage employee relations, unions and collective bargaining

Prepare employee records and personal policies

Ensure high performance. Manage employee payroll, benefits and compensation

Ensure equal opportunities

Deal with discrimination

Deal with performance issues

Ensure that human resources practices conform to various regulations

Push the employees' motivation.

Likewise, there are many reasons why the role of HR in a company is important to its survival

and success. The reasons why HR is important can vary depending on if you look at the issue from a

manager or employee perspective. According to Thompson (2006), below are the list of typical

functions of a human resources department that will help you better understood the essential role of

HR in a company

1. Management development and training

2. Keeping management focused on their job

3. Hire strategically, hire right

The HR department is also important to every employee because it make sure that all

employees are treated fairly and equitably and that the needs of the business are balanced against the

needs of the employees. For the same reasons listed above, employees also make gains. Employees

benefit when managers are trained well and know how to be good managers.

Aside from those information that are mentioned above, there are also a Personal , Local, Asean

and International views about the HR department