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There is a striking difference A closer examination of the figures reveals Proportion Drop/ decrease by __ per cent This is true/ applies Amount of time Accounts for only For an average of Almost 1 in 2 A third of boys We could infer from this figures Overall we can say that Participation Significantly greater In terms of popularity Show trends in Recover Decline From 1994 onwards, Likewise, Halved The trend was slightly less pronounced The percentage was at its highest Turning to 2010, Notably/ noticeable Doubled/ tripled Distributed Considerably Thereafter, Estimated Anticipated As can be seen from the chart, Remarkable growth

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It has often been suggested that Arouses controversy A frequent topic of discussion The persuasive arguments in favour of In other words, As a result, It is argued that It is generally agreed that

In consequence. there are strong arguments against To start with. It is often pointed out that It is often claimed that It is widely believed that On balance.y y y y y y y y y y y However. Undoubted advantages Similar interests to our own I do agree with the arguments put forward by the first group of people to a certain extent y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Time-consuming Initially Eventually Closely associated Bring about Acquire Penalise Indispensable Vast majority Derive benefits Drawbacks In turn Flourish . To sum up.

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