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English on Mars A Whole New Experience

Learning English is very essential nowadays not only because English is an international
language, but there are more resources can be found easily in English. The techniques that we are
going to present, play a role as a gateway, which can assist and build confidence in every student
to learn English in fun ways.

Basically, our objective is to help students to improve their vocab which is a major
problem among Malaysian students. So, we have decided to promote some techniques that are
creative and full of fun.

First and foremost, we are going to introduce a game called Picture Perfect that is also
known as Pictionary. This technique helps students to improve their vocab by getting to know
the word, its meaning and usage. There are three levels to play this game: beginner, intermediate
and advance.

Besides, we do have another technique called Grabble, which encourages students to

discover new words. These words will be useful for them, especially in essay writing later on.
The beginners may use a dictionary when playing this game so that they do not feel down to
come up with a word.

Next will be the technique called U N Me which is also known as Pairs of Nouns.
This technique benefits you to write essays creatively and sounds beautiful. Moreover, the game
is also interesting and motivates all types of students to participate in. By participating in it, you
could boost your confidence level.

The last one will be a game called Act, Guess & Got it, which decorate your essay to
look beautiful. Actually there are idioms, similes and proverbs. There are different ways to the
game depending on your proficiency level.

From here we hope that students may benefit our presentation to increase their vocab
which will be useful in their writings.
Three Ways to have the Science Vibes

Science in general means observations and experiments. Science is a very interesting subject
because you get to learn more and more about life, in general. But, some students find Science as
a killer subject. So, based on our research and observations, we found a few ways for students to
change their mindset about Science.

The first method that we want to introduce is by coming up with songs for any particular
Science topic which we are specifying on Chemistry. We discovered that majority of the students
have a hard time to memorize the element in a periodic table. Actually, Science has a song about
the periodic table which has a great rhythm and is very catchy. The benefits of this is that its
easy for students nowadays to memorize the table, besides having fun learning it.

The next method is, by creating interesting stories. Again, we are specifying on one
Science subject, which is Biology. Telling other people stories, about Biology gives a two-way
benefits to both parties. It can also boost your memories about the topic. So you will be able to
remember all the facts about Biology.

Our last method is Quizzes. This method is an interactive method where you can create a
bond between the people who are involved in it. It is a very fun way to learn it because it uses
either speaking or writing skill. By playing the quizzes, you would learn from the mistakes you

From here we hope that students may benefit our presentation to feel motivated to learn
Science using the techniques.


English on Mars A Whole New Experience

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Three Ways to have the Science Vibes

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