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Chitrakoot waterfall in dandkaranya regions.

Que (01): Chhattisgarh State was "established" on following dates...

D. 01 November 2000

Que (02): What is the name of the Chhattisgarh "State Animal" ?

A. Wild Buffalo

Que (03): What is the "State Bird" of Chhattisgarh?

A. Hill Myna

Que (04): What is the "State Tree" of Chhattisgarh ?

B. Shorea Robusta or Sarai Tree

Que (05): Which "State number" of Chhattisgarh State in our country.

B. 26th

Que (06): Which is "Chhattisgarh High Court" number in our country.

C. 19th

Que (07): Who was the first use of the "Chhattisgarh Word" ?
B. Dalpat Rao

Que (08): Which used first concept of a "Separate Chhattisgarh" ?

C. Pt. Sunder Lal Sharma

Que (09): The Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha for the formation of Chhattisgarh -
C. On 25 July 2000.

Que (10): In Chhattisgarh state which party was in power at the time of formation -

B. BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party]

Que (11): What is the name of the "First University" in the State ?
D. Indira Kala Sangeet University

Que (12): The Fist "Film Director" name of Chhattisgarh ?

B. Mr. Manu Nayak

Que (14): What is the Shape of the "State Symbol" of Chhattisgarh ?

B. In Circle Shape

Que (15): What is the "Official language" of Chhattisgarh State?

B. Hindi Lanugage
Que (01): What is the name of the first "Governor" of Chhattisgarh ?

B. Mr. Dinesh Nandan Sahay

Que (02): The First "VidhanSabha Chairman" name of Chhattisgarh ?

A. Mr. Rajendra Prasad Sukla

Que (03): The First "Chief Minister" Name of Chhattisgarh ?

C. Mr. Ajit Pramod Kumar Jogi

Que (04): The First "State Election Officer" name of Chhattisgarh ?

B. Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh

Que (05): The First "Chief Secretary" Name of Chhattisgarh ?

B. Mr. Arun Kumar

Que (06): The First "Director General of Police" [DGP] name of Chhattisgarh ?
C. Mr. Mohan Shukla

Que (07): What the first MLA name of Chhattisgarh, which is sworn in Sanskrit Language ?
B. Mr. Nand Kumar Sai

Que (08):What is name of the First "Chief judge" of Chhattisgarh High Court?
C. Mr. Justice W.A. Shashank

Que (09): The First "Chairman" Name of Scheduled Castes and Tribes (SC, SC) Commission of Chhattisgarh
B. Mr. Rajendra Pambhoi

Que (10): What is father name of "State Cooperative (Sahakarita) Community" ?

C. Pt. VamanRao Lakhe

Que (11): What is the father name of "State Journalism (Patrakarita)" ?

D. Mr. Madhav Rao Sapre

Que (12): What is the name of the first "Newspaper" in the State?
B. Chhattisgarh Mitra

Que (13): What is the name of the first "Daily Newspaper" of Chhattisgarh ?
A. Mahakoshal

Que (14): The Concept of "Formation Idea" of Chhattisgarh ?

C. Pt. Sundarlal Sharma

Que (15): The First "Woman Member name of Parliament" in the State.
A. Minakshi

B. Mini Mata

C. (A) and (B) Both

Que (01): Who was the founder Emperor King of "Korea Estate" ?
D.Raja Dharmal Shah

Que (02): Which dynasty rulers got constructed "Buddha Vihar" ?

A.Som Dynasty Ruler

Que (03): What was the Old name of "Rajnandgaon" District ?


Que (04): Which dynasty ruler ruled in "Rajnandgaon" Estate ?

A.Bairagi Dynasty

Que (05): Who constructed "Balod Nagar" ?

C.King Baludev Shah

Que (06): In which year "Rudree Jungle Satyagraha" ?

B.02 August 1930

Que (07): Who presided over 1951 "Homerule League" in Raipur ?

A.Pt. Ravishankar Shukla

Que (08): Who donated his 18 village to "Pandit Sundarlal Sharma" ?

B.Kanker Naresh

Que (09): What was the name of first king of "Chhindak Dynasty"of Baster ?
A.Nripati Bhushan

Que (10): By which name "Dantewada" villages used to be known in past ?


Who is known as "Padini" of Chhattisgarh ?


Que (02): "Chhattisgarh Community" was established in -

B.In 1956

Que (03): Who is known as "Chhattisgarh Mangal Pandey" -

D. Shaheed Hanuman Singh
Que (04): Where is "Mama-Bhanja Temple" situated.
D. In Barsur

Que (05): Which is the "Oldest Temple" of Chhattisgarh ?

D. Devrani Jethani Temple

Que (06): "Dhoom-Nath Temple" is situated -

C.In Bilaspur District

Que (07): Where is the "Oldest Temple" of found in Chhattisgarh?

C.In Budhikhar field

Que (08): The "King Apilak" is related with -

B.Satvahan Dynasty

Que (09): "Chihndak Nagvansh" state is situated in _______ ?

C.In Bastar

Que (10): Which ruler dynasty constructed "Bhoramdeo Temple" ?

C.Fadinag Vansh

In Chhattisgarh State "Maratha Ruler System" was

D. Suba System

Que (02): Who was the First "British Officer" appointed in Chhattisgarh ?
B.Captain Edmund

Que (03): Who first used the "Chhattisgarh word"?

C. Poet Dalpat Rao

Que (04): Which is "Old Language" used in Chhattisgarh ?

B. Kosali/Sambalpuri Language

Que (05): What was the "First Newspaper" published in Chhattisgarh ?

A. Chhattisgarh Mitra

Que (06):Who was the editor of "Chhattisgarh Mitra Newspaper" ?

A. Madhav Rao Sapre

Que (07): When the first "Radio (Akashwani) Center, Raipur" established in
Chhattisgarh ?
A. In 1962-63

Que (08): "Doordarshan Center" first time started in Chhattisgarh ?

B. In 1972

Que (09): "Chhattisgarh Community Meeting" established/organised in -

C. In 1956

Que (10): Who is known as first "Martyred Soldier" in Chhattisgarh State.

C. Veer Narayan Singh

01): "Chhattisgarh First Newspaper", which was published by the district?

B. In Bilaspur District

Que (02): What was the "Old name of Sirpur" in this state.

C. Chitrangpur

Que (03): In which year was the "Harijan" visit of Gandhi in Chhattisgarh ?
A. In November 1933

Que (04): Which "Magazine" was issued by "Pandit Ravishankar Shukla" in

Chhattisgarh ?

C. Kanyakubj

Que (05): Who is "First Founder/Creator" of Chhattisgarh State.

A. Pandit Sundarlal Sharma

Que (06): First time demand of "New Chhattisgarh State" in state assembly..

C. In 1955

Que (07): Which is the "Oldest Buddha Place" in Chhattisgarh ?


Que (08): When the first "Railway Service" started in Chhattisgarh ?

C. In 27 November 1988

Que (09): "Mahatma Gandhi" first time visited in Chhattisgarh ?

B. In 1920

Que (10): In which century was "Chinese Traveller Wensang" Travelled of

B. In 8th Century

Who played the role in "Chhattisgarh Ground Movement"?

A. Thakur Pyarelal Singh

Que (02): In which year first "Sangeet College" established in Chhattisgarh ?

B. In 1955

Que (03): Who was the founder of "Chhattisgarh Corporation Agitation"?

C. Thakur Pyarelal

Que (04): In Chhattisgarh state, "Service Committee" formed/created by -

A. Barrister Chhedilal

Que (05): When was first time used "Chhattisgarh word" in the gazette document.
A. In 1795 - Bilaspur Gazetteer

Que (06): Who is known as "Chhattisgarh Tatya-Tope" ?

C. Hanuman Singh

Que (07): Which is the "Gupt Dynasty Temple" ?

D. Laxman Temple

Que (08): Which king constructed "Rajeev Lochan Temple" in Rajim ?

C. Vilastung

Que (09): Which ruler dynasty constructed the "Sirpur Vishnu Temple [Laxman
Temple]" ?

A. Rani Vasata Devi

Que (10): What was the father name of "Mahashiv Gupt Balarjun"

C. Harsh Gupt moray

During whose reign the Chinese traveller Huen Tsang visited Sirpur situated in this state
[Chhattisgarh] ?
[B] Mahashivgupta Balarjuna

Que (2): Who was the first Acting Chief Justice of High Court of this State [Chhattisgarh] ?
[D] Justice R.S. Garg

Que (3): From which place of this state the first newspaper 'Chhattisgarh Mitra' was published in
1900 ?
[B] Pendra

Que (4): Which tribal revolt occurred in Baster region of this state in 1824-25 against the
Marathas ?
[A] Paralkot Revolt

Que (5): Who led the first workers strike in this state in 1920 ?
[A] Thakur Pyarelal Singh

Que (6): Which commander-in-chief of Raghuji Bhonsle I of Nagpur had virtually ended the
Kalchuri Sovereignty in this state [Chhattisgarh] ?
[B] Bimbaji Bhonsle

Que (7): Who of the following British Officers transferred the capital of this state (Chhattisgarh)
from Ratanpur to Raipur ?
[B] Major Agnew

Que (8): Which satyagraha was organised in 1920 at village Kandel in this state (Chhattisgarh) ?
[C] Canal Satyagraha

Que (9): Which organization was established in 1909 at Rajnandagaon of this state
(Chhattisgarh) to promote national consciousness ?
[D] Saraswati Library

Que (10): At which place in this state (chhattisgarh) forest satyagraha was held in August 1930 ?
[A] Rudri Nawagaon

Who was the first superintendent of this state (Chhattisgarh) during the British
protectorate from 1818 to 1830 ?
[B] Captain Edmund
Que (02): Which Kalachuri King of this state (Chhattisgarh) had assumed the title
[C] Ratnaraj II

Que (03): Who was the leader of famous tribal revolt of Bastar in 1910 in this State
(Chhattisgarh) ?
[C] Gundadhur

Que (04): In which year the Raipur Conspiracy Case occurred in this state
(Chhattisgarh) ?
[D] 1942

Que (05): After whose name an Award for non-violence and cow-protection has been
instituted in this state (Chhattisgarh) ?
[B] Yati Yatanlal

Que (06): Which Indian Soldier of British force stationed at Raipur in this state
assassinated has officer Major Sidwell ?
[D] Hanuman Singh

Que (07): Who served as the first Chief Information Commissioner of this state
(Chhattisgarh) ?
[C] A.K. Vijayvargiya

Que (08): Who of the following is credited to have brought Mahatma Gandhi on his first
visit to this state in December 1920 ?
[B] Pt. Sunderlal Sharma

Que (09): Which administrative system prevailed in this state during Maratha rule from
1787 to 1818 ?
[C] Suba System

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