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AME License Examination June 2010

List of Admitted Candidates

Candidates are advised to check their particulars for correctness of allotted papers /
centres etc. In case of any discrepancy, it should be IMMEDIATELY brought to the
notice of the Central Examination Organization, East Block-III, R.K.Puram, and New
Delhi-110 066, through Speed-post or Fax (No. 26196307)

Candidates MUST bring DGCA PHOTO-ID card for entry in to the examination Hall.
Important Instructions to the Candidates

During scanning of the OMR Sheets, it has been observed that the candidates are
making mistakes while darkening ovals in the OMR sheets. The candidates, inadvertently,
darken the ovals of ‘ZERO’ instead of ‘ONE’; particularly while darkening the ovals of Roll
Number or Question Paper Reference Number. The candidates should remain alert about
this fact, while darkening the ovals. However, in order to take care of such mistakes by the
system itself, the OMR Sheet has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly.

The candidates should carefully read and comply with the following instructions: -

1. The candidates MUST occupy their seats 15 Minutes prior to commencement

of examination.

2. The candidates should use BALL - POINT PEN only on both sides of OMR sheet,
i.e. filling in the ovals for answering the questions on side 2 and filling the particulars
on side 1 of OMR SHEET. The candidates should NOT use GEL / FELT / INK PEN /

3. The candidates should fill up their particulars in OMR Sheet at side “ONE’ of
the Sheet initially. Thereafter, they should fill up Side “TWO”, i.e. his Roll
Number and Question Paper Reference Number including the appropriate
Ovals and append signatures on OMR Sheet. The candidate should confine
their signatures within the BLOCK provided for the purpose.

4. Ovals have to be darkened with Ball Point Pen only, therefore, CANNOT BE
ERASED OR MODIFIED. The computer will NOT accept two ovals darkened for
an answer; similarly, the computer will also NOT accept erased or modified
ovals, hence, no mark will be given for that question.

5. Any Electronic Gadget like Mobile / Cellular Telephone, Digital / Electronic Diary,
Audio / Video Devices like Cassette Player / Recorder / Walkman INCLUDING any
kind of Calculators are NOT ALLOWED in the examination hall.

6. Candidates should ensure that they fill up and darken the ovals accordingly for Roll
Number and Question paper Reference number carefully. The OMR sheet cannot
be evaluated if the roll no. and Question paper Reference number are not correctly
filled up and correct ovals are not darkened.

7. Candidates are advised to check their Examination venue before proceeding to

exam centre.

8. The roll numbers of candidates from School of Engg & Tech Delhi, Hindustan
Aviation Academy Bangalore, Flight Tech Aviation Academy Hyderabad and JRN
Institute Delhi has not been released due to the non submission of semester
certificates and various other problems
Important Instructions for candidates appearing in
AME Licence Examination, June, 2010 Session

Candidates appearing at All Centres of AME Licence Written Examination shall

have to carry a Photo Identity Card issued by DGCA for entry into the Examination Hall.
This Photo Identity Card shall be issued to only those candidates, who are admitted for
the written examination. DGCA Regional / Sub-Regional Offices shall issue the Photo
Identity Card to the candidates appearing at the examination centres under their jurisdiction.

For students of AME Training Institutes this Photo Identity Card shall be issued by
the Chief Instructor of the respective Institute, as detailed in letter
No.CEO/Policy/Exam./2007 dated 05/11/2007. The students are advised to bring this
Photo Identity Card along with the downloaded page of the website list of admitted
candidates on which their name appears for entry into the Examination Hall.

For candidates other than the AME Training institutes, the Photo Identity Card
shall be issued by the respective DGCA Regional/Sub-Regional Offices. The
procedure for issue of the Photo Identity Card is given below:

Candidates are advised to download the form given below and fill in the required
information and paste their passport size photograph at the given space. Candidates should
bring their Passport / Voter Identity Card / Departmental Photo Identity Card/, Airport
Entry Card as proof for issue of their Photo Identity Card and downloaded page of the
website list of admitted candidates on which their name appears along-with the completed
form to their respective DGCA Regional / Sub-Regional Offices for issue of DGCA
Photo Identity Card. These Photo Identity Cards shall be issued before the written
examinations i.e upto 21st June 2010. Candidates are therefore advised to ensure that
they make their Photo Identity Cards before the start of examinations. Photo Identity Cards
shall not be issued at the examination venue.

Candidates appearing at Delhi Centre can also get their Photo Identity Card issued
at Central Examination Organization, (CEO) East Block- 3, Level – III, R.K. Puram, New
Delhi on any working day between 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Candidates who do not possess the Photo Identity Card, issued by DGCA, shall
not be permitted in the Examination Hall.

Photo Identity Card for DGCA Written Examination Only

Name of the Candidate: _______________________

Computer Number : ________________________

Roll No. : ________________________ PASTE YOUR

Centre : ________________________ PHOTOGRAPH HERE

Valid for : 22nd , 23rd June 2010

------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
Signature of the Candidate Signature of the DGCA Officer

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