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FLOSSMAN, LOREN W ROWDY.Adams@dhs.gov Fw: SBI Geospatial Support Tuesday, February 05, 2008 8:01:31 PM

I am open to any/all suggestion on how to work with (b) (6) - (b) (6) immediate tasking - what we have is a bad case of LDS - thanks ----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6) To: FLOSSMAN, LOREN W Sent: Tue Feb 05 19:52:49 2008 Subject: RE: SBI Geospatial Support

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Wow...that's incredible. That's pretty funny that he says "dishonest" because I told him today directly that while I might disagree with him, I would never lie to him about anything I knew. To my knowledge, I haven't contradicted myself, except when upper mgmt dictated a change in direction. He seems to have no understand of how complicated all of the data sets are and that it is going to take time for his shop & USACE/GIS to collaborate on understanding the data that each side has. All the dates I gave them, I was certain of. It was just that OBP disagrees with how SBI chooses to present the datasets. His lack of insight & understanding completely blows my mind. Let me know if you need anything else from me on this. Otherwise I'll continue to work through this per usual, and remember to try to go through (b) (6) first.

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-----Original Message----From: FLOSSMAN, LOREN W Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 7:47 PM To: (b) (6) Subject: Fw: SBI Geospatial Support

----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6) To: FLOSSMAN, LOREN W Sent: Tue Feb 05 17:59:52 2008 Subject: SBI Geospatial Support Loren,

(b) (6) came down today to make a map request. Due to the urgency of the request we fulfilled it. However, I have issue with this request for the following reasons:


(b) (6) circumvented the established protocol of vetting the request through OPA. She also circumvented my chain of command by going directly to my contractors without even attempting to confer with me.

Throughout the request she asked us to make changes to data that fall outside the established change management system. Based on our meetings I was under the impression that USACE and Michael Baker Corp. were the “official” data stewards, yet (b) (6) was asking for changes “on the fly”, which stinks of fudging the numbers. These types of “on the fly” changes typically come back to haunt us, especially when the data is being presented to the Commissioner. Once he sees it, it is official. (b) (6) also asked that we add construction dates to the map despite the fact that she was uncertain of the dates. Fortunately (b) (6) was present to confirm that the information was unknown.

In our meeting the other day, both (b) and(b) (6) indicated that Michael Baker was hired to provide mapping support to SBI as (6) shop was incapable of handling the task. From my my understanding this request went to Michael Baker initially who apparently was incapable of handling it.

In most of my dealings with (b) (6) she is dishonest and disrespectful, particularly for a contractor. In our meetings with her she frequently contradicts herself and then attempts to shift the blame to either me or my staff. This is demoralizing to my staff who as a result dislikes working with her.

For all future requests for support from my shop, please direct them to me regardless of whether they are cleared through OPA. We will continue to share data as agreed and to participate in the IPT as needed; however, please ensure that requests for mapping support come directly to me.


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Assistant Chief Patrol Agent (GIS) Office of Border Patrol Bureau of Customs and Border Protection 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Room 6.5E Washington, DC 20229

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