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Subject: Fw: GIS Tactical Infrasture Program Management Tool (TIPO) training
Date: Thursday, February 07, 2008 8:44:38 AM

I didn't see your names on this in a quick glance. Someone may still need the training.

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Sent: Wed Feb 06 17:37:54 2008

Subject: GIS Tactical Infrasture Program Management Tool (TIPO) training

When: Friday, February 08, 2008 1:30 PM-3:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).
Where: Virtual/remote (from any desktop or laptop with Internet access)



This training session will serve as an introduction to the GIS Tactical Infrastructure Program
Management Tool (TIPO). TIPO is a web-based tracking & reporting tool that integrates geospatial
data & mapping capabilities with project tracking and reporting capabilities. Training will go over all of
the capabilities of the tool, including how to look up information using maps and Smart Books, as well
as how to generate reports. We will also cover the Real Estate Database, which is linked to TIPO.

In order to participate, you must log into LiveMeeting using the link below, and call into the call-in
number provided.

Call-in #: TBD <an updated invite will be sent out prior to the meeting>

Please join the "livemeeting" link at least 10 mins prior to the meeting start. Access LiveMeeting by

clicking this link:

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(If the link is not live in your email, please copy and paste the FULL string into the address area of your
On the screen that asks for your name, enter the name you would like to go by within the meeting.
The username and access info are entered automatically when you click the link. If you have not used
livemeeting before, you may be required to install a Microsoft plug-in. You may not need administrator
rights to your computer for this install; please say "ok" and "yes" to all the defaults. If this does not
work, you can also choose “Use Web Console”.

The TIPO tool is currently in BETA release, meaning data verification and functionality testing is still
being done. (You will also notice new functionality being deployed in iterations.) After completing the
training, and beginning to use the tool, please email me with any errors or problems you notice and we
will work with the Corps of Engineers to resolve.

Thank you,

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