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Our combined efforts,

collaborative spirit and business
knowledge creates a powerful
resource and partnership for you
and your business.
Media PowerTools is a valuable resource to help you connect to your target market and grow your
business. We spend time to get to know you and your project. We review the objectives with you so the
final result will be right on target. We really embrace the passion of the client to get the proper feel and
energy for their brand.

Media PowerTools combines the power of new media into an impressive online presence for your
company or brand. We have helped build and expand the businesses of our clients in all industries.
Our focus is to help our clients understand the power of relationship building online with an impressive
professional platform that is easy to operate. We will build your brand, custom website, blog and social
media integration that is optimized for you and your customers.

Media PowerTools combines new media with traditional marketing. We design creative marketing and
brand solutions to suit your business objectives. Our objective is to help you grow your business.
In today’s market
your brand needs to
be relate able to the
customer and build
strong customer
To do this you must effectively communicate
your brand through design and media and Media
PowerTools will assist you in presenting a dynamic
online presence that will assist you in creating
customer loyalty, relationships and referrals.
Totally Teez Apparel
Totally Teez Apparel recognized the need to be branded and have a professional online presence.
We crafted a stylish, modern brand that represents the unique products Totally Teez Apparel offers.
We also incorporated a blog page for sharing of design and related articles. Totally Teez Apparel
incorporates Twitter and Facebook to build relationships with ongoing and new clients.
Brand identity, website design and development
LoK Color Protection Brand
LoK Color Protection came to us in the early stages of their product launch. This exciting new
company was launching a full line of hair care products including LoK Dry Shampoo. We worked with
them in creating their corporate identity, packaging, marketing mateterials, website, blog, and twitter.
Their social media marketing is paying off as onlines sales are increasing monthly.
flash website design and development
social media management
Company Nurse Brand
Company Nurse, which is located in Scottsdale Arizona, came to us for a complete rebranding
of their company. Their logo was outdated and they wanted to refreshen up their look and brand.
The process was excting and the results have been very positive. Their marketing materials hit the
pavement and sales have increased. It’s part of what we do to help companies grow.
marketing collateral
Gail MacMillan
Client Services

8603 E. Royal Palm
Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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ht Call
The Rig
Overboard Designs
Overboard Designs is a full service upholstery company specializing in custom marine, automotive,
residential and commercial upholstery design and installation. Our team has been working with
Cibele to accomplish an online presence centering on user friendly applications, SEO, Social Media
integration and blogging.
website design and development
Flash website design and development
Flash website design and development
4RKids Foundation
The 4RKids Foundation was formed on the principal of offering options for adults and children with
special needs. Our focus on this design was an online ease for their participants to join in and be
involved in their local events, sports, and fund raising. We have developed a complete Social Media
presence allowing 4RKids to share their story and for others in the community to get involved, donate
and volunteer their time to help the foundation.
website design and development/Social Media Integration
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Please con r bra nd
loyalty. You

atter Define, Design, Distinguish, Develop and


creativem 754 F. 480.656.6

Direct your brand. creativematter
P. 480.634.5
m .01 deFine: deVeloP Your unique selling ProPosition
What’s the single focus of your business and your unique selling .03 distinguish: be distinctiVe and stand out FroM the rest
proposition? These are truly defining questions for a business. Once you
define yourself and know what makes you stand out – it’s important it is key to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. effectively
to communicate it to your target market. this happens through your communicate how your company is different from others, and establish
marketing, promotions and in your every communication. every a consistent message, personality and voice. through comprehensive
communication counts! It’s a direct reflection of your brand. and frequent communications, you can show the need for your
product and services. Make your brand memorable – through your
Your Bran products, your services and every communication. be creative,
e value of success
.02 design: create Your brand identitY

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is an important piece of your sine–ss
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distinctive and remain top-of-mind.

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sics this is where the logo, colors, fonts and
the emotional connection audience, visual communication
br a
your audience.
.04 deVeloP: a Marketing tool-kit Works to Your adVantage
it’s important to develop a marketing tool-kit for your business. in
message come into play. a professional consistent and congruent look
your tool-kit are the marketing and promotional materials that define
and message are important to your visual communications. at the
and promote your company: business cards, appointment cards,
minimum, a brand identity for a small business is about communicating
stationery, postcards, brochures, pricelists, newsletters, websites and
your personality, message, voice and values through visual
such. Each business is different and has its specific needs, so decide
communications: logo, colors, fonts, business card and website.
which marketing materials are essential to your business. Marketing
and promoting your business is a must – communicate with your target
audience frequently to grow your sales.

.05 direct: MeaningFul coMMunications driVe Your business

implement a comprehensive and integrated approach to your design
and marketing program – and your business will be on a solid path to
growth and sales achievement. For best results, maintain consistency in
visual design and message, and communicate with frequency. develop
meaningful relationships with your audience and your brand is on the
way to success!

Diabetic Seminars
The Arizona Diabetes
is expanding its vision
in 2010
to better serve the Val
ley of the
Sun and the eteste of Arizona by Mak
e a donation.
Wex hat is Diabsta Make a differenc
panding its capacity in Diabetes Educat
up of dis easpro
e viding larg e adds up ion
sigesnifi llitust
mecan is a gro sm all or
number of Every donation, mission and wo
els of blood itional and helps continue to and Treatment
characuca ize d hig
ter tional semina
by h lev
rs. fou nda tio n.
ects in insulin of the
from def
glucose resulting
Theret areact
, inssulin ion, or both.
sec Sem ioninar held at Paradise Vall
Hospital/ Abrazo Hea
About The Foun
lth Care Paradise Vall
Hospital at 6 pm to ey
8 pm. der of the
27 2007. The foun
Classes are offered a charity on June
designation as A Board of
by Paradise Valley Hos ted a 501 c 3 IRS n and treatment.
pital on was founded and gran rest in diabetes educatio ss
by our Certified Dia The foun dati
who has a long
history and inte
was to enhance
diabetes awarene
betes Educator, Cat Dr. Roberto Ruiz on. A major goal
If you plan to attend hy Jones. organization is of the foundati public and star
a class, please RSVP to help guid e the direction etes are ope n to the general
for the formed 2 diab
classes at 602-923-560 Directors was seminars on type s since 2007.
s. Educational nded the seminar
8. healthy lifestyle
and to promote icipants have atte
Over 5000 part
n the foun dati on was formed.

• What is Diab state of Arizona
diabetes in the lifestyle
• The growth of etes? IMP , glucose monitoring and
symptoms of diab cise , dietROV ING CARE THROU
• What are the medication, exer
age diabetes through GH EDUCATION
etes and man
• Preventing diab
changes. ices are
ase. Referral serv
this deadly dise
s that occur in
life thre aten ing complication trea tme nt.
cover the er medical
The seminars also not currently und
diabetes and are
ndees that have 2
provided to atte ls that have type
those individua
c to the public for t from
Arizona Diabetthe a free clini es to secure a gran
dation to open
long term goal of esfoun Fou ndation th care plan. In 2010 the foundation hop et, Suit e 127 ,
It is the heal Stre
15255 N. 40th Stree insurance or a at 15255 N. 40th
not covered byt, Suite 127 on offices located ices as
diabetes and are Phoenix, AZ. 8503 diabetes clinic at the foundati then expand serv
on to ope n the free 2 free clini c onc e a month and
a local foundati Phone: 602 253 to operate the
Visit our website www the foundation
.ArizonaDiabetesFoun ona. It is the goal
, Ariz.Ariz
Phoenixwww onaDiabetesFoundati
the demand dict
Visit our website
Arizona Veterinary
Dental Specialists
Good de
ntal hy
and med gien
ical brea e, ongoing mai
kthrough ntenance
s aren’t
just for

oral healt teriary Dental Sp
h service ec
s incuding ialists offers co
We cont assessm mprehen
inually str ent and siv
standard ive to pr treatmen e
of ovide ou t.
our state- care in anesthes r pa
of-the-art ia, dentist tients with the hig
facilities ry and or hest
Drs. Visse . al surger
r, Coffm y in
services, an and Br
bu igden pe
oral-maxil t also treat cond rform no
lofacial tra itions su t only de
dentistry ch as ntal
and oral uma which requir oral cancers an
surgery to e a know d
A board achieve ledge of
ce optimal both
services rtified anesthesiol outcome
for our hig ogist will
h-risk ca provide
We are alw ses. anesthes
we may ays available to co
better se nsult with
Call toda
rve you. you. Let
y to se
us know
t up an
Scottsdale appointm
7908 E Ch Location:
aparral Rd
Suite 10 .
, AZ 8525
Endodontics,Periodontics, Orthodontics & Restoratives,
-1738 0

Oral Radiography, Oral Surgery & Diseases 5940 W. Location:
Suite A-1 ion Hills Dr.
AZ 8530
602-942 8
Now Serving You at Three Locations - Scottsdale, Gilbert & Glendale! Gilbert
86 W. Jun
iper Aven
Gilbert, ue
Phone: 48 85233
Fax: 480-3 35-1100

Vis it u
s o n li n
e at w w w
.A id A n im
al D en ta
l. co m

marketing materials
Shawna Culp

Phone: 480.275.1044
Fax: 480.656.6795