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Advance to the next level in tiling.

ARDEX floor levelling products save you time and money,

and more importantly give you a perfect finish every time.
Rapid Drying Latex-based
A 45
Rapid Hardening
A 46
Rapid Setting and

LQ 92 Levelling and
Universal Sub-floor
and Drying
Internal Repair
Hardening External
Repair Mortar

Cement Based
ARDEX A 55 is an advanced ARDITEX is a smoothing ARDEX A 45 is ideal for ARDEX A 46 is a rapid setting
Levelling Compound
self-levelling sub-floor latex screed with excellent internal repair of stair treads, and hardening, slump-free
smoothing compound with properties of adhesion, risers and other screed mortar ideal for external or
rapid hardening and rapid flexibility and water resistance. repairs. Hard enough to walk internal repairs as well as
ARDEX LQ 92 is a cement based drying properties. ARDEX A 55 ARDITEX is ideal for smoothing on and receive tiles after only patching and smoothing floors.
underlay for levelling uneven concrete can receive tiles in only 90 timber floors. 90 minutes. Other applications Designed to be used on walls
floors prior to tiling. When mixed with minutes making it ideal for include; forming ramps and and floors, it sets and hardens
water, ARDEX LQ 92 provides a smooth, areas where speed is essential falls, making good around rapidly so that it can be tiled
pourable, free flowing and self smoothing for rapid renovation and repair. fittings/pipework, filling cracks on after 4-6 hours and gives a
material that can be applied to a thickness and joints, etc. repair of exceptional strength
of 25mm down to a feather edge. and hardness.

Features Features Features Features

Use › U ltra rapid drying – thin or › E
 xcellent adhesion to › R apid hardening and › F or infilling holes around
› Undertile levelling compound designed to be compatible thick applications receive tiles almost all substrates, drying – receives tiles fittings and for patch work
with ARDEX tile and stone adhesives after only 90 minutes including timber after 90 minutes on wall and floor areas
› For internal and external situations › Ideal for rapid smoothing, › U
 naffected by moisture, › Slump-free – ideal › For internal and external use
› For balconys with negative falls and ponded situations patch repairs and renovations can be used under a damp for vertical and › Rapid hardening – walkable
› Use as a screed for ramping (refer to technical datasheet › S elf-smoothing proof membrane horizontal repairs in 2-3 hours
for more information) › F or use with › S
 imply mixed, pre-gauged › Rapid repair of internal › Repairs stair treads and risers
under floor heating two part pack concrete sub-floors and › To produce gradients
Features for ramps
› R apidry Formula concrete stairs
› Self smoothing › S uperior flow › Fills holes and › To smooth wall and floor
› Polymer modified – apply from feather edge to 10mm cracks in renders, areas from 2 - 30mm thick
› Early walkability – tile over after approx 4 hours screeds etc. › Easy to smooth and float
› Suitable for use with under floor heating › Rapidry Formula › Stress and crack free
ARDEX Multiprime
Water-based primer for improving
adhesion of ARDEX products
to various porous substrates.

ARDEX E 25/Abalastic Step 1 › Preparation Step 2 › Mixing

Additives to impart flexibility,
Ensure the floor is solid, thoroughly clean and free Add the powder to the required amount of
improve adhesion and strength
of oil, wax, grease and other surface contaminants. water/latex in a clean container and mix thoroughly
of ARDEX floor levelling products.
ARDEX recommends to mechanically clean the floor with an ARDEX mixing paddle and high speed drill
before priming with appropriate primer. until a creamy, lump-free mortar is obtained.

Primer and bonding agent for use
on porous substrates to improve
adhesion of ARDEX sub-floor smoothing
compounds. Helps prevent air bubbles,
pin holes and prolong the flow life.

ARDEX P 82 Step 3 › Application Step 4 › Finished Surface

Solvent free, non-flammable,
two part, water dispersed epoxy
› Pour the mixed mortar onto the prepared You now have a perfectly flat and smooth
primer for use on all dense Preparing floors sub-floor, adding fresh into fresh. Spread with
a gauging rake and smooth with an ARDEX
surface, meaning an easier and quicker tile
installation, which saves you time and money.
impervious surfaces.
for tile finishes smoothing trowel before allowing to dry.
ARDEX Floor Tiling System Solutions
Dry internal concrete floor. Dry internal concrete floor with Dry internal timber floor.
underfloor heating cables in topping.

Primer Levelling Compound Tile Adhesive Grout Primer Levelling Compound Tile Adhesive Grout Primer Smoothing Primer Tile Adhesive Grout
ARDEX Multiprime ARDEX LQ 92 Abaflex ARDEX FG 8 ARDEX Multiprime ARDEX LQ 92 with Abaflex ARDEX FG 8 with ARDEX Multiprime Compound ARDEX Multiprime ARDEX X 56 ARDEX FG 8 with
ARDEX P 51 ARDEX A 55 ARDEX STS 8 ARDEX P 51 Abalastic ARDEX X 56 Grout Booster ARDEX P 82 ARDITEX Grout Booster
ARDEX X 56 ARDEX A 55 e.g.
e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g.

Existing Fibre
Existing Existing Heating timber cement
concrete concrete Cables floor underlay*
floor floor

* ARDEX recommend the use of fibre cement sheets to avoid any

risk of cracks from timber joints showing through the grout joints.
Less effort compared to laying traditional
sand:cement screeds, plus much more
versatile with the ability to go from a feather Simplified fixing of tiles to perfectly level surface
Easier installation › edge to 30mm. will save you time on your knees laying tiles.

Unique ARDEX Rapidry Formula

technology, which locks the mix
water inside the levelling compound, Trowel a perfect adhesive bed
means you can have a perfect surface each time, without the need to build
Saves you time › for tiling in as little as 90 minutes. up the adhesive in problem areas.

Material and labour savings with a perfectly

level surface, due to less adhesive used and
Cost effective › less time required to complete a quality job.

Removes any unevenness in the floor that

A perfect could show through to the finished surface,
which is especially important with large
finish every time › format or polished tiles.
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Product properties Product selector

ARDEX Product Application Application Material Ready for tiling Unit size Internal/External Suitable for Sub-Floor Location Levelling Repairs
thickness neat thickness with requirement underfloor heating
aggregate kg/m²/mm Concrete Dry Internal LQ 92*, A 45,
A 55** A 46
ARDEX LQ 92 Feather edge 10 - 25mm 3.8m² at 3mm thick 4 hours 20kg Both Yes with Abalastic
to 10mm Wet Internal/ LQ 92* A 46
ARDEX A 55 Feather edge 10mm + 5.6m² at 3mm thick 90 minutes 25kg Dry internal Yes (Consult ARDEX
to any depth techincal services) Heated Dry Internal LQ 92*#, A 45,
Concrete A 55** A 46
ARDITEX Feather edge 8 - 30mm 4.2m² at 3mm thick 4-6 hours 24.4kg Internal Yes
to 12mm (2-4 hours as (Consult ARDEX Wet Internal/ LQ 92*# A 46
patch repair) technical services External
for external) Timber Dry Internal Arditex*** Arditex
ARDEX A 45 0 - 30mm 5 - 50mm* 4m² at 3mm thick 90 minutes 20kg Dry internal Yes with ARDEX E 25 Floors

ARDEX A 46 2 - 30mm – 5.3m² at 3mm thick 4-6 hours 25kg Both Yes Wet Internal/ Consult ARDEX
External Technical Services

* 5 - 30mm fine aggregate can be incorporated

30 - 50mm coarse aggregate can be incorporated * Prime with ARDEX Multiprime
** Prime with ARDEX P 51 or ARDEX Multiprime
# With the addition of Abalastic
ARDEX offers free technical advice on the application of floor levellers prior to tiling, contact our professional *** Prime with ARDEX P 82 or ARDEX Multiprime
technical advice team TOLL FREE on 1800 224 070. For other information contact your local ARDEX Sales Office.
ARDEX also offer product training, speak to your local ARDEX Sales Representative or local ARDEX stockist.