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Module CARE Paper2_Set 3@2010 Prepared by: Pn.

Hayati Aini Ahmad

1. Solve the simultaneous equations. Give your answers correct to three decimal Answer:
and [5 marks]
2. Answer:
Age(Years) 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 (a) 6
Frequency 3 5 10 12 p 4 (b) 26.75 years

Table 1 shows the frequency distribution of the age of a group of visitors who
visited Zoo Negara.
(a) It is given that the first quartile of the distribution is 21.5 years. Calculate
the value of p [3 marks]
(b)Use a graph paper. Using a scale of 2cm to 5 years on the x-axis and 2 cm to
2 tourists on the y-axis, draw a histogram. Hence, find the modal age
[3 marks]
3. (a) Prove that [2 marks] Answer:
(b) (i) Sketch the graph of for [3 marks] (b)
(ii) Hence, using the same axes, sketch a suitable straight line to find the No. of solutions = 2
number of solutions for the equation for
. State the number of solutions. [3 marks]
4. (a) In a certain school, 75% of the students passed an aptitude test. Answer:
(i) If 5 students from the school are chosen at random, calculate the (a)(i)
probability that at least 2 students passed the aptitude tests. (ii)
(ii) If the standard deviation of the distribution is 15, find the number of
students in the school. [5 marks]
(b) The masses of the students in a school follow a normal distribution with a (ii)
mean of kg and a standard deviation of kg.
(i) A student is chosen at random from the school. The probability that the
student has a mass less than kg is , find the value of .
(ii) Hence, calculate the probability that a student chosen randomly has a
mass of between kg and kg
5. Use the graph paper to answer this question Answer:
Table 2 shows the value of two variables, and , obtained from an
experiment. The variables and are related by the equation (b) (i)
where and are constants. (ii)
1 2 3 4 5 6
6 16 30 48 70 96

(a) Plot against by using a scale of 2 cm to 1 unit on the x-axis and 2 cm

to 2 units on the -axis. Hence, draw the line of best fit. [4 marks]
(b) Use the graph in 5(a) to find the value of
(i) (ii) [6 marks]
6. Table 3 shows the prices and the price indices with the relative weightages of Answer:
four components , A,B,C and D. (a)
Price(RM) in the year Price index year 2008
Component Weightage (b) 123.33
2005 2008 based on year 2005
A 0.40 0.60 150 12 (c) RM 25.34
B x 0.40 80 10 (d) 172.66
C 2.00 y 140 6
D 0.80 1.00 z 8
Module CARE Paper2_Set 3@2010 Prepared by: Pn. Hayati Aini Ahmad

(a) Find the values of

(b) Calculate the composite index for all components in the year 2008 based
on the year 2005
(c) The four components are used to make . is sold at the price of
RM in the year 2008.Find the selling price of in the year 2005
(d) The cost of making is expected to increase by 40% from the year 2008
to the year 2010. Find the expected composite index in the year 2010
based on the year 2005