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Author: Agent_girlsname

Title: Boredom

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: Adult

Summary: Jack is bored at work (Shameless PWP)

Some shameless smut to start off the week!

Jack was bored. The rift was quiet; they had caught up with the
backlog and thanks to Iantos organizational skills they were even
done with the paperwork.

Jack sighed heavily and sank down in his chair. Times of non-activity
at Torchwood 3 were rare and as much as Jack longed for them during
the busy periods he now found he really didn’t like it.

He brought up his email folder on the computer in front of him, typing

out a message for Ianto.

‘I need a file fetching from tunnel 4, room 3, unit 18, second drawer
section L-N.’

He pressed send and waited for a reply.

A few seconds later a message pinged on his screen.

‘Right away sir.’ Came the reply. Jack smiled, no matter how much he
insisted Ianto still called him Sir. He watched as the young man
walked from his computer and down to the archives. He wondered
what Ianto would think of the ‘file’ he found.

He waited for two minutes, and then followed Ianto down to the
archives, the rest of the team in their tedium not even noticing.

Jack could feel his cock twitching already as he rounded the corner to
room 3 in tunnel 4. He stopped in the doorway to observe Ianto
standing at the filing cabinet, holding the contents of L-N in his hands.
The drawers in that cabinet were empty and disused, so Jack had
taken it upon himself to secure some items in it for just such an

‘I can understand the lubricant belonging in L-N but the condoms and
wet wipes should be filed elsewhere.’ Ianto said without looking
round. ‘And we don’t even use condoms anymore.’
Jack stared at Iantos back, trying to gauge his reaction to the items.
Sure he and Ianto had sex, but so far that had been after work, when
the others had left.

‘I’m sorry; I’ll try better next time.’ Jack replied with a grin. Ianto
turned around and smiled shyly. No matter how many times they had
sex Ianto still seemed hesitant at actually initiating it. Only when they
were in the throes of passion did Jack get to see the other side of
Ianto, the wild animal that needed just a little coaxing to show itself.

Jack took the few steps forward to close the gap between them,
pulling Ianto towards him and capturing his lips in a fierce kiss. Iantos
tongue pressed against Jacks lips, moaning as Jack opened his mouth
to let it in.

Jack guided them over to the table in the middle of the room,
stripping Ianto of his suit jacket and waistcoat at the same time, their
lips still locked together. Ianto pushed Jacks braces off of his
shoulders and began to unbutton his shirt.

The broke apart the kiss when the need for air became too great,
struggling desperately with each other’s belts and trousers, eager for
contact. Soon they were both naked and hard, panting against each

Ianto reached up and felt that his tie was still around his neck, he
went to undo the knot and take it off but Jack batted his hands away.

Jack pushed Ianto backwards onto the table, spreading the younger
mans legs wide and bending his head down to lick his cock. Ianto
groaned and pushed his hips up, desperate for more contact. Jack
complied, swallowing down his entire cock in one go. Ianto gasped at
the sensation of Jacks throat contracting around his cock, his tongue
working along his shaft expertly and fingers fondling his balls.

Ianto bit his lip, trying not to scream, trying hard to think of anything
else other then the hot mouth around his cock to stave off his
orgasm, giving up in the end as he always did and letting the pleasure
wash over him, engulfing him in a wave of unadulterated bliss.

Jack swallowed every drop of come greedily, watching as Ianto

convulsed in pleasure. When the muscle twitching subsided he got up
off the floor and pulled Ianto into a sitting position, bringing their lips
together in another lip-crushing kiss.

Ianto got up off the table and knelt down in front of Jack, eager to
return the favour. He licked and sucked at the head of Jacks cock,
playing his tongue over his foreskin. He sucked Jacks cock into his
mouth, concentrating hard not to choke as it hit his gag reflex, trying
hard to swallow it all down, like Jack had done for him.
Try as he might he couldn’t manage it, choking and spluttering
around Jacks cock. He pulled off it and smiled apologetically at Jack.

‘Sorry.’ He said, going back to sucking at the head of Jacks cock,

using his hand to rub his shaft.

Jack smiled. ‘It’s ok, it takes practice.’

‘I’ll get it one day.’ Ianto replied. Jack stared down at him.

‘You really want to do it don’t you?’ He said.

Ianto nodded, pulling off of Jacks cock. ‘I don’t like failing at things, I
usually get them right.’ He grinned. Jack laughed.

‘I have absolutely no complaints about your skills Ianto.’ He looked at

Ianto; his determination was something Jack admired in him. ‘Ok, lie
back on the table, head towards me.’ He said, helping Ianto get up off
the floor. Ianto did as he said, lying on his back, his head near Jacks

Jack slid him off the table a little, so his head was hanging down. ‘It
might be easier this way.’ He said.

Ianto opened his mouth, using his hand to guide Jacks cock in. He
sucked and licked, lips moving further and further down his shaft until
the head was once more nestled against his gag reflex. He swallowed,
using his other hand to reach around to Jacks arse, gently
encouraging him to push forward.

Jack kept his breath steady, he needed to concentrate to make sure

he didn’t cause Ianto any harm. He felt Iantos throat close and open
around his length, gently pushing in bit by bit until Iantos nose was
nestled in the dark curls framing Jacks cock.

‘Fuck!’ Jack gasped. ‘Ah, so good Ianto.’

Ianto found it was easier this way, he felt Jacks cock slide down his
throat rather than having to force it past his natural defences.

He sucked hard until the need for air was too great and he had to
release Jacks cock. He gulped in as much air as he could, pulling Jacks
hips towards him. Jack moved out of his reach quickly.

‘I want to come inside you Ianto.’ Jack said, his voice rough with need.
He pulled Ianto off of the table and manhandled him into position,
bent over with his legs spread wide. He reached over to where they
left the lubricant, spreading it generously over his fingers.

Ianto held his breath as Jacks fingers circled his hole, spreading the
lube before pushing gently in. Ianto moaned as the fingers quickly
found his prostate, sending tendrils of pleasure through him.
Jack took his time and stretched him thoroughly, not wanting to hurt
the younger man. His cock throbbed as he worked his fingers inside
Ianto, knowing soon he’d be able to thrust into the tight, hot heat.

As soon as he thought Ianto was ready for him he grabbed him by the
hips, pushing slowly into him, not stopping until his balls were flush
against the younger mans arse. He paused for a moment, giving Ianto
time to adjust.

‘Guh, fuck, move Jack please.’ Ianto begged, arching his back and
sticking his arse out. Jack grinned and pulled almost all the way out
before slamming back into the hilt again. Ianto swore and gripped on
to the table as Jack did it again, and again, thrusting hard and deep
into him.

Jack closed his eyes, losing himself in the tightness of the hole he was
fucking, listening to the carnal sounds coming from Ianto. He caught a
glimpse of the wild animal Ianto was capable of being and sudden
longing came over him to set it free, right there and then.

He knew that it would take a lot of teasing, and he could already feel
him orgasm approaching. He grinned wickedly and pulled almost all
the way out, until only the head of his cock was nestled in the tight

His fingers gripped tightly onto Iantos thighs as his orgasm shot
through him, hot come spilling inside the younger man.

He pulled his cock out as the last few spurts left him, spilling them
over Iantos entrance. He quickly knelt down to lick the fluid back up,
his hot tongue running over stretched muscle making Ianto moan.

Jack sealed his lips to Iantos hole and sucked hard, his tongue probing
the entrance for more of the hot liquid. He could feel his cock twitch
at the taste of himself inside Ianto.

Ianto moaned and pushed his self backwards on to Jacks face, willing
his tongue to enter him further.

Jack stood up and turned Ianto round, pulling him into a kiss and
forcing his tongue into his mouth, letting Ianto taste their mingled

Jack brought a hand down to Iantos cock, wanking him off as they
kissed passionately. He could feel Ianto begin to tremble, knowing his
orgasm was close, tightening his grip on the base of his cock to
prevent him from coming.

Ianto groaned loudly and bit Jacks lip in frustration. Jack just smiled
and pinched at Iantos nipples, drawing more delicious sounds from
him. He began to wank him off again, once more tightening his grip
as Ianto reached the edge.
Ianto growled in frustration. ‘Will you fucking stop that Jack!’

Jack laughed and slid his arms under Iantos thighs, lifting him off of
the table, forcing Ianto to hold on to him to avoid falling.

Jack pushed Ianto against the wall, guiding his hard cock back in to
Iantos arse. Ianto wrapped his legs around Jacks waist in a bid to hold
on as Jack fucked him hard and fast.

Ianto swore and moaned as he was fucked into the wall, threading his
fingers into Jacks hair and pulling his head back so he could bite his
neck. As he pulled back he watched the purple mark darken. He
turned Jacks head so he could assault the other side, nipping along
the pulse before sucking an earlobe into his mouth and biting hard.

Jacks head was swimming in the sensations, the tight heat around his
cock, the sound and scent of the around man and the sharp flashes of
delicious pain quickly sending him to the edge. He reached one hand
in between them to grasp Iantos cock, bringing him to orgasm as well.

Ianto felt his orgasm rip through him almost violently, assaulting all
his senses and turning his vision black.

He came to his senses again moments later, finding that Jack had laid
him on the table to recover.

Jack grinned down at the flush, panting figure stretched out on the
table. The day certainly wasn’t boring anymore.
Author: Agent_girlsname

Title: Accident

Rating: Teen

Length: 943 words

Summary: Ianto gets injured on a mission, Jack takes care of him.

Just another fic written to get me through work!


Jack jumped, startled at having his name screamed down the comms in his
ear and bashing his head on the door frame of the SUV as he was getting
out of it.

‘Gwen? Is everything ok?’ He asked.

‘I shot Ianto.’ She cried, sounding distressed. Jacks stomach clenched

unpleasantly, bloody images of his young lover flashing before his eyes.

‘You what? Where are you?’ He reached in to the back seat and pulled out
the medical kit, ready to run to their aid.

‘It was an accident, I was shooting the Hoix and I got him.’ She sounded like
she was running.

‘Jack? It’s me I’m fine.’ Iantos voice came though the comms, Jack let out a
breath he didn’t even know he had been holding, he had never been so glad
to hear his voice.

‘I’m getting him back to the SUV.’ Gwen panted. Jack opened the medical
kit, pulling out the equipment he was sure he would need, breathing a sigh
of relief when Gwen and Ianto appeared around the corner of the building
they were parked by. Ianto was walking unaided, he couldn’t be hurt too

‘I’m ok Jack.’ Ianto protested as Jack manhandled him to the SUV, sitting him
on the bonnet and looking at the blood seeping through his shirt on his left
bicep. ‘The bullet barely grazed me.’

Jack cut through his shirt with the scissors from the medical kit, gently
pulling the sleeve off of Iantos arm before gently pouring some water to
clear the blood. The wound was quite shallow, as Ianto said it had barely
grazed him, it would still need stitches and probably leave a scar.

Jack breathed a sigh of relief, cupping Iantos face and kissing his lips,
unwittingly leaving a bloody handprint on Iantos cheek. He pulled a roll of
bandages and wrapped the wound up tightly, stopping the blood flow until
he could stitch him up.

‘I’m so sorry Ianto.’ Gwen sobbed. Her eyes were red and she looked in a
worse state then Ianto.

‘It’s ok Gwen; I’ll be fine, really.’ Ianto said soothingly. He hopped off of the
bonnet and wrapped his arms around Gwen, holding her tightly and rubbing
her back until she calmed down. Jack stood to the side, watching the
strange sight; surely Ianto should be the one in distress. But Ianto was calm,
although shaking a little from the pain.

‘Right Ianto, we need to get you back to the hub and stitch you up.’ Jack
said, breaking them apart, as touching as the scene was they couldn’t really
waste time. ‘What happened to the Hoix?’

‘It’s dead; Gwen did shoot it in the end.’ Ianto smiled, climbing into the back
seat, Gwen got in next to him, continuing to fuss.

‘That’s fine, we can come get it later, I don’t think anyone will come across
it here.’ Jack said, getting into the drivers seat and sped off.


Jack stood back and admired his stitching. Ianto was better at it, not that
he’d admit to that, he had been practicing on stitching up Jacks wounds,
even though they’d heal well without stitches it was good practice for him.

He wrapped Iantos arm in clean bandages and injected a strong painkiller.

Ianto smiled gratefully, pulling on a spare shirt Gwen had fetched.

‘Are you feeling better?’ Gwen asked, bringing him a cup of tea, Ianto
nodded, sipping the tea, feeling the warmth spread through him.

‘Jack, Rhys is going to come with me to pick the Hoix.’ Gwen said. Jack just
nodded; grateful he didn’t have to leave Ianto.

‘If you see any sign of another Hoix call me immediately.’ Jack said firmly.
Gwen nodded and headed towards the cog door.

Jack walked Ianto over to the couch, settling them both down while they
waited for the painkillers to kick in. Ianto had stopped shaking now and
relaxed into Jacks embrace.

‘You’re not mad at her are you?’ Ianto asked, leaning his head against Jacks
chest. Jack shook his head.

‘No, it was just an accident.’ He said, resting his head on Iantos, breathing in
the scent of his hair.

Ianto laughed softly. ‘You don’t think she was trying to bump me off cos I
hide the good coffee from her?’ Ianto asked. His head suddenly shot up,
looking at Jack with wide eyes.
‘You wont let her near the coffee machine when I’m not here would you!’ He
asked urgently.

‘Uh, no, of course not.’ Jack insisted, eyeing Ianto suspiciously. ‘Those
painkillers kicking in now then?’

Ianto grinned and giggled. ‘Yeah, think so… they’re quite strong!’ He smiled
dopily, making Jack chuckle.

‘Yeah, they’re the good ones, they might knock you out in a minute.’

Ianto sighed and slumped against Jack, playing idly with his wrist-strap.

‘Don’t scare me like that again Ianto.’ Jack whispered. Ianto sat up, looking
Jack in the eye.

‘I know, I’m sorry.’ He went to place a kiss on Jacks lips, missing and kissing
his chin instead.

‘I should get you to bed.’ Jack said as Iantos eyes began to unfocus, the
painkillers were really strong. Ianto shook his head, grabbing Jack by the

‘Nope, you’re so shexy Jack.’ He said, his words slurring slightly. ‘I wanna
have sex to you right here ‘n’ now!’ He slid a hand into Jacks trousers and
went to kiss Jacks neck, before slumping onto his chest. Jack stared down at
him for a second until the younger man let out a soft snore.

Jack sighed, moving Ianto so that he wasn’t leaning on his injured arm and
positioning him so he would be comfortable and held him close.