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AMBIT Retail Banking

Back-Office Transaction Processing, SunGard’s Ambit helps

Multi-Channel Delivery,
Card Management and Payments
more than 800 banks in
The banking arena is intensifying both
globally and locally. The ability to attract 70 countries, including
and retain profitable customers is the
lifeblood of any bank, but with increased
competition it’s only getting harder. 41 of the world’s top
Retail banks around the world are
focused on understanding their 50 banks, achieve
customers better, across their total
relationship, so that they can drive
better business strategy, enter new their unique business
customer and business markets and
deliver on growth.
strategies. Each
To succeed, you need a 360-degree
view of your customer’s activity, a means customer varies in size
for optimizing multi-channel delivery
and the ability to launch new products
quickly. However, data proliferation and and complexity, but
aging core systems make that difficult.

At SunGard, we’re thinking forward to all share a common

find new ways to meet these challenges.
SunGard Ambit delivers solutions that
transform retail banking. We help banks expectation of
to deliver a broad range of products and
services for retail banking – including back-
office transaction processing, multi-channel
excellence, innovation
delivery, card management and payments.
and proven delivery.
Our retail banking solutions help
our banking customers to leverage
distribution channels, increase their SunGard is the
share of the customer’s wallet, improve
customer loyalty and retention and
maximize customer lifetime value. We technology partner
also help them to understand customer,
product and channel profitability,
enter new markets efficiently and
that these successful
launch products and services quickly to
capitalize on new opportunities. and sophisticated
Supporting international banking
requirements, our solutions provide institutions trust.
straight-through transaction processing,
centralized common services, work-
flow driven business processing and an
enterprise-wide customer data repository.
Core Banking ensure seamless integration of your
customer activities and processes. Each
In today’s competitive retail banking module supports the entire life cycle of a
industry, banks must ensure their core product with comprehensive enterprise
infrastructure provides the flexibility to integration across customers, product,
readily respond to market changes and risk and accounting control.
customer demands. You must be able to
quickly introduce new products, integrate Customer Service
disjointed enterprise data silos and
consolidate departmental applications.

Rapidly changing customer demographics,

As globalization, cross-border
sophisticated business needs and margin
consolidations and acquisitions continue,
pressures in an industry characterized
the need for scalability, diversification
by increased regulation, globalization
and differentiation will only continue.
and continuous M&A activity are forcing
Maintaining a core banking infrastructure
banks to improve their operations and
that consolidates your different operations
rethink their customer acquisition and
and departments and streamlines all your
retention strategies. Selling increasingly
back-office operations is key.
commoditized products and outward-
bound, document-based transaction
Core banking transformation is one of the
processing at customer touch points are
most daunting challenges a bank can face.
not enough to compete effectively.
Whether your bank is contemplating a ‘rip
and replace’, an implementation of a ‘bank-
Customers want convenient, secure access
in-a-box’ or a more selective replacement
and they want their bank to know who
of critical components, SunGard can help.
they are. To attract and retain profitable
customers you must deepen your customer
SunGard Ambit serves the core banking
relationships and enrich the customer
requirements of banks worldwide. Banks
experience. This means offering a complete
rely on SunGard for straight-through
range of integrated banking services and
transaction processing, across front-to-
channels, from branch networks and call
back office operations, with on-line real-
centres to ATMs, internet and mobile
time processing capabilities.
banking. It also means providing the right
products, services and channels. You
Supporting multi-currency, multi-language
must be able to view disparate customer
international banking requirements,
data, analyze the information, identify
Ambit Core Banking is SEPA compliant.
opportunities and launch customer
Each module or application utilizes a
programs that are targeted to suit your
common set of enterprise-wide customer
customer’s banking needs.
definition and product parameters, to
SunGard can help. SunGard Ambit helps Card Management
banks deploy the most appropriate
business services for their customers As consumer spending on debit and
across multiple channels. Providing credit cards dramatically increases
a single view of the customer across across the globe, retail banks are
the whole enterprise, SunGard Ambit under enormous pressure to make
also facilitates integrated customer immediate and evident profits from
communications and marketing their card operations. For existing card
campaigns that are driven by user- issuers, the question is how to increase
configurable business process flows the profitability of their current card
and rules. Developed on SOA and BPM operations. Whilst for new card issuers,
principles, Ambit Customer Service the challenge is how to get card products
Manager helps enable the smooth noticed amidst the huge range of
transition of customer service from sales product offers available to consumers.
to origination and fulfillment. Revenue is expected to grow whilst
expenses are contained.

“Ambit Core Banking will help us see a SunGard can help. SunGard Ambit
complete picture of the profitability provides a card and payment solution
of our offshore banking businesses. Its for banks that supports the major
centralized data and straight-through card payment networks. Ambit
processing capability will improve the Card Management provides secure
efficiency of our operations as multi- transaction authorizations, dispute and
site transactions are processed realtime chargeback management, merchant
across geographies.” account management, and payments
and collections management. We can
Edwin S.S. Song
senior vice-president and general manager,
help you to increase revenues and
IT department, Bank of Taiwan reduce operating expenses through
a customer-centric approach that helping financial institutions achieve
provides you with a powerful marketing higher straight-through processing levels,
strategy – thereby helping to increase real-time visibility and reduced costs. We
your competitive advantage. provide the basic ingredients for SEPA
compliance. We also help to pave the way
Messaging for the consolidation of payment streams
into a single platform, as well as the
Industry initiatives such as SEPA, Target2 delivery of value-added services including
and the evolution of SWIFTNet are einvoicing, remittance advice handling
causing banks to reevaluate the way and reconciliation services. Consolidation
they connect systems within their firewall into an adaptable central SEPA payments
to the ecosystem of trading partners, platform not only brings efficiency gains,
customers, and market infrastructures but also high STP levels and end-to-end
outside the firewall. As new message enterprise wide transparency.
standards and new networks and
infrastructures continue to evolve, banks Reconciliation
who can add additional formats and
integrate new networks and systems will Industry initiatives are shortening
gain a “first mover” advantage. settlement windows and heightening risk
exposure and regulatory controls. For retail
SunGard can help. SunGard Ambit works banks the need to perform pre- and post-
with banks to take advantage of their settlement reconciliation, text matching for
existing infrastructures and comply with confirmations and intra-day advices and
future industry developments such as SEPA. financial matching for cash and posttrade
Ambit Messaging enables banks to connect securities items is paramount.
to a range of market infrastructures,
including SWIFTNet (FIN, FileAct, InterAct), SunGard can help. SunGard Ambit
Central Banks, ACH and local clearing provides an enterprise-capable
networks. The solution combines traditional reconciliation system that consolidates the
high performance infrastructure gateway reconciliation and exception management
capabilities such as queue management, process across multiple, disparate lines of
STP, message routing, translation, business and products/instruments on a
and formatting with an unparalleled single platform. Enterprise-wide standard
component-based architecture. processes and metrics result in increased
control and consistently high quality
Payments customer delivery.

Transaction processing is a key

consideration for retail banks. Initiatives
such as SEPA, Target2, real-time liquidity
management, SWIFTNet services and
connectivity are resulting in a more complex
payments landscape that is becoming
increasingly difficult to navigate. The
challenge for banks is how to maintain
a competitive advantage in a world of
reduced payment margins, increased
transaction complexity, changing standards
and increased regulation.

SunGard can help. SunGard Ambit

provides consolidated payments
processing onto a central platform,
Our solution implements control “Ambit Customer Service Manager is a
processes across the transaction key component of our overall branch
management organization, helping strategy. With Ambit Customer Service
you to comply with regulatory Manager, our tellers will have a 360-
degree view of customers, with access
to virtually all information we have
about the customer at whichever branch
Report & the customer chooses to visit. This will
ensure the best products and services
Document Archiving
are provided at the most expedient,
professional and personalized manner.”
Increased regulation is changing the
way banks maintain and store report Martins Freibergs,
and document based information. head of product and
Today, many banks maintain their technology development
reports and documents from SEB Unibanka
transaction processing systems
across the enterprise to help control, SunGard can help. SunGard Ambit helps
manage, and support key functions. our customers improve their reporting
While these reports and documents capabilities and access, and reduce
are difficult to manage and use, the the operating and environmental costs
information they hold is so powerful that associated with paper reports. Ambit
significant resources are often devoted to Report and Document Archiving enables
their manual analysis. our banking customers to transform their
paper reporting from an offline, static
Many banks also output and distribute media into a dynamic, intelligent data
this information on paper or on traditional source with archiving capabilities.
COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk)
solutions which simply indexes and stores Enterprise Infrastructure
reports electronically. Neither approach
allows information to be intelligently Forward-thinking banks need a solid
queried to obtain the real answer that technology infrastructure that can be
management and/or the customers require. modified at speed. Flexibility is key
and the ability to build new applications many of our customers) and now we are
from existing business components is a discovering sustainable ways to get them
good way to maximize technology ROI. to work together.
Integrating business processes can unlock
residual business potential from existing Infinity is made up of a Registry of
technology investments, without taking a software components, Service Oriented
long time. All of this provides the business Architecture Governance through our
with faster tools and new ways to monitor Common Services Architecture, Business
business activities. SunGard can help you Process Management, support and quality
to make this happen. assurance through our Center of Excellence
and Software as a Service (SaaS) Delivery.
SunGard’s Infinity is our technology
strategy. It has come about because over SunGard’s Ambit uses Infinity to meet the
the past 25 years, we have acquired a rapid and ever-changing demands of the
vast array of software offerings (just like global banking industry.

About SunGard

With annual revenue of $5 billion, SunGard is a global leader in software

and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the
public sector. SunGard also helps information-dependent enterprises of
all types to ensure the continuity of their business. SunGard serves more
than 25,000 customers in more than 50 countries, including the world’s 50
largest financial services companies.

SunGard’s solutions for banking are used by more than 800 banks in 70
countries including 41 of the world’s top 50 banks. SunGard provides a
comprehensive core banking solution and best-of-breed point solutions
for retail, commercial and private banking, straight-through enterprise
processing, treasury management, finance, risk and compliance, including
APSYS, BancWare, STeP and System Access.

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