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Select all units in the main land and send to Trieste near Yugoslvia

Delete all submarines

Automate trade (hope AI will takee care of energy)

Spend 60 IC on industrial building in provinces

Cut subs from production

Build a battleship and prioritize

Prioritize production on screen

Mussolini as Armaments minister to emphasize resources over IC

Ministry of security set to mussolini

Encircle Ethiopia's capital, and stay at war with them, to reap law bonuses

Set all research priority to espioge to generate 10 spies

Make Italy's counterespiage high priority internally

France -- increase threat and highly prioritize

Ethiopia -- use everythign but militia to attack Ethiopian provinces

* UNPAUSE GAME, JAN. 1, 1936 *

Once you have 10 spies (Jan. 8?)

Set tech priorities:

Research: 15 projects
Espionogue: 0
Diplomacy: 0
Officers: 1.25 (or the rest)


Industrial production: 4
Industrial efficiency: 3
Agriculture 4

The four infantry techs, small arms 2, etc.

all light cruier techs (1936, in the middle)

Battleship tech: anti-aircrat armament and armor (engine's up to date already)
Escore carrier tech (on right)

special forces 2
operational level cammand structure (1918)
operational level organization (toward bottom 1918)

-naval doctinre-
fleet auxiliary carrier doctrine

FEB 9 1936
Activate specialist training for training laws

Advancing into Ethiopia still from north and south

2 JUNE 1936

Light cruiser techs and small arms done, so delete the ones ahead of schedule.
(e.g., small arms 3). Add:

Central planning
Infantry warfare

-armor- (artillery)
artillery barrel and ammo
artillery carrige and sights

3 JUNE 1936

Agriculture and some artillery techs finish, so remove advanced tech and add:

mountain (1936)

batteship crew training

coal processing technologies

15 JUNE 1936

Spanish civil war intervention

supply production

supply organization

4 JULY 1936

Tactical command structure 1

guerilla warfare


Increase officers temporarily to 1.67 (research 14.50)

activate trains run on time in diplo

15 OCT 1936

Special forces research completes

31 OCT 1936

Escort carrier tech finishes -- add -naval- aircraft carrier tech -- prioritize as

tactical command structure (2?)

9 NOV 1936

four of next years tehs (small arms 3 or whatever)

cancel artilley carriage tech that just finished

10 DEC 1936

Industrial efficiency researched, delete

industrial production

23 DEC 1926

Make RM Andrea Doris pride of the fleet


- Reorganize army ASAP to save officer ratios

7 JAN 1937

Capital - battleship techs finished, since it's a new year add the new ones:

Battle ship anti-aircraft armament 3
battleship engine 4/12 (3)
battleship armor 4/12 (3)

lower officers to 1.40

28 JAN 1937

Operational advnacements researched, leave next level

5 FEB 1937

Mountain warfare finished

16 FEB 1936
Operational command strucutre finished -- conintue next level

central planning and infantry warefare finished -- keep next levels

10 MAR 1937

coal processing tech finished -- remove

22 MARCH 1937

Most industrial capacity is finished -- production que is just ship and two IC's

Build 3 more battleships (paralell) and an escort carrier (1, add cags)

Build 6 more factories (30 IC) to fill out rest of IC

7 MAY 1937

Aircraft carrier tech is finished -- conintue to next level

Move transports from port at Padova and everywhere else to port at Trieste where
everyting is -- make new fleetout of it composed of transports -- yugoslavia
invasion is going to need to ferry troops over

31 MAY 1937

Guerilla warfare completed -- cancel next level

Add 2 more factories (10 IC)

Eliminate battleship crew training 2

carrier group doctinr 1/12
light cruiser crew training 1/12

9 JULY 1937

Tractical command doctinre finished -- research super firepower and continue

tactical command structure 2

Remove operational level command that is too far ahead

19 OCT 1937

engineer brigade, priority 1

1 NOV 1937

In production: prioritize upgrades

10 NOV 1937

Small arms and latest round of infantry tech researched -- continue next level 1938
tech remove small arms 4

artillery barrel and ammunition 5/12
artillery carriage and sights 5/12

industrial efficiecny 5/12

10 DEC 1937

Infantry support weapons researched, cancel

**** 1938 ****

1 JAN 1938

Central planning advance -- continue central planning 3

7 JAN 1938

Indusrial production finished -- delete

10 JAN 1938

Light artillery advance -- delete

light cruiser armaanet 4/12
light cruiser anti-aairfcare armament 4/12
light cruiser engine 4/12
light cruiser armor 4/12

20 JAN 1938

Anti-aircraft inantry advance -- delete 4

12 FEB 1938

Upgrades are taking 36 IC, switch prioritization to production

battleship tech is done -- delete

capital ship main armamanet 4/12

desert warfare equipemtn

26 FEB 1938

infantry brigade, parallel 5

12 MARCH 1938

Special forces advance -- remove

operational level command structure, prioritize 1

6 APR 1938
Remove carrier group doctrine 2

light cruiser esxost role 1/12 (1937)
battlefleet concentration doctrine

14 APR 1938

Light cruiser training ad engineer brigade advance: keep light cruiser (engineer
brigade is terminal)

20 APRIL 1938

Battleship finally ready, attack to Regina Marina

5 engineer brigades (P)

9 MAY 1938

As factories are finishing up, create 4 mountain ainfantry brigades to be attached

to each of the four montain brigades that only have 2 regimets (Division Alpine)

17 MAY 1938

Production: 5 infantry bridages (P)

NOTE: Building new divions require more leaders than Italy has on hand

15 MAY 1938

Infantry warfare advance -- remove IW 4

marine infantry (1941)

5 JUNE 1938

ARtillery carriage and sights and another artillery advance -- remove

artici warefare equipment

carrier group doctrine 2/12
carrier crew training 1/12

15 JUN 1938

Join Axis


1. Select four infantry divisions (22a, 3a, 6a, 11a) to attack Nov. province and
through city, one more province to the north east

2. Four more infantry divions (1a, 2a, 4a, 33a) to attack province just south of
Nov., through Ribb., and north to Meato
3. Four more divisions (41a, 47a, 49a, 12a) to attack Nov., noth to Tesenice, then
east through Mar. to Sobota

20 JUNE 1938

Select 5 division apline to take transports to piece of Italian territoriy in

southwest of Yguo, Zara. Use 4a Squadron -- then march on city Splint

Light cruiser main armament advance -- delete

Move 4a Comando Bombardira pri tactice to port with all the armies on yugo border

21 JUNE 1938

Tactical command structure advance -- continue (aim to get superior firepower)

Select 5 regular infantry divisions from main force, sent to Kow. in the south,
through to the province just south

After mountain infantry take Splint, take two of them and send them back to Zara

Use 4a squadra to transport 3 regular infantry divisions form main force to Zara
to help southern front

#### EPISODE III ####

25 JUNE 1938

Rebase all light cruisers and escorts to Arm. across from main area

Move all heavy cruisers and transports to main area wit all the other troops

Keep battleships where they are

Reina Marina -- promote commander to 5 and leave as commander

Move some soldiers on Ygo front, the ons that most northwest, to go to Karl. west
of Zegrab

education 2/12

Select 3 mount divions from Zara and sent through Nin toward Trav. into the

2 JULY 1938

Take Zegrab

5 JULY 1938

Light cruier techs advaned -- remove

battleship crew trainin 2/12
basing 1/12

mechanial computing machine 1/12

COMBAT: Direct both Yugo fronts to march to Belgrade, use mountainers to seize

13 JULY 1938

Basically almost encircling Yugo forces

20 JULY 1938

Brigades are ready, assign to those in combat

Capital ship armamanets advanced - remove

all techs 4/12 (a head of schedule) except remove infantry support wepoans and

mass assault 2/12

21 JULY 1938

Risevra Centrales -- enter from main base into Yugo

1 AUG 1938

Yugoslavia surrenders!

Send entire army group east to Kusumlija in south-eastern Yugoslavia

Infantry: 5 battalions (P)

3 AUGUST 1938

Select 3 mountain divisions and send to Ulcinj on southern borde of Yugo, bordering
Albanian province lezha

5 AUG 1938

Prepare for Bulgarian assult: Move everything the mountain divs going to Albania,
to Pirot and K. and the two others on border with Bulgaria

Continue deploying infantry brigades to divs in combat

11 AUG 1938

Central planning advance, delete

mobile warfare 1/12

12 AUG 1938

Delcare limited war on Albania for conquest

Send 3 mountain divisions to into capital via Lezhe

15 AUG 1938

Declare limited war on Bulgaria for conquest

Send 4 divisions from south group to curve through Ky. to closest city-VP

4 more divisions from middle group to cruve south then north to province directly
north of city-VP

5 divisions from north group to directly engage at Lom, then to Orech. and Pleven

17 AUG 1938

Albania surrenders! Sne dhtose mountain diviions north to Bulgarian front, to

engage in south-western most province, Pet. and then on to Blagesvgrad

23 AUG 1938

Take north group and set to furthest VP at Varna ?

27 AUG 1938

First VP taken (is that the capital?) so send these forces to next VP closest to it

into 2 armies. 1st army has 5 CORPS, ONE OF WHICH IS 4 MOUNTAIN INFANTRY. The 2nd
army has th corps

12 SEPT 1938

Bulgaria surrenders! Redeploy for Romania:

Move 1st corps (5 infantry divisions) to Romanian border: Silistria

2nd corps: Pleven (Romania border)

3rd: Orechow

4th: Vellico Gradiste

5th corps: jaa Tomic

6th: Silistria

10 SEPT 1938

Romania is mobilizing, so declare war a little early: limited, puppet

5 infantry divisions from Salistria to Calarasi right next to Bucharast, then up to

Ploiesti, another VP

5 divisions from Orechow to romanian province directly north

All armies in Plevin ? move directly north

The rest of the armies at the border away from Bucharast are defensive
Send motorized/calvary from 6th corps in Salistria to help in Calas.