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Enough hate, enough politics, enough hypocrisy.

Taking full advantage of a new Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations UNLIMITED financial contribution
to political candidates, on July 6th, 2010, Target Corporation, under CEO Gregg Steinhafel, made a $150,000
donation to Minnesota Forward (MNF), which endorses and financially contributes to conservative Minnesota
gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer has direct ties of support to, and has participated in fundraising
for, a radical Christian rock band “You Can Run But You Canʼt Hide,” whose leader, Bradlee Dean, has “spoken
with some approval of Muslim attacks on homosexuals,”* bringing into our classrooms the belief that Gay men
and women should be KILLED for their sexual orientation. It is a direct chain of money, belief, and hatred.

We object to the CEOʼs use of profits made off the backs, and out of the pockets of, people who do not
support his radical conservative politics, backing candidates who promote and fund even more radical groups
who regularly use rhetoric of hate, and actively encourage acts of violence against Gays.


Target Minnesota Forward Rep. Tom Emmer You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Target’s CEO Political Action Committee Conservative Anti-Gay Radical Anti-Gay Christian Rock Band
Gregg Steinhafel Republican
Gubernatorial Candidate

We have had ENOUGH of any money trail that leads directly from Target, or ANY company, to activists
who condone the discrimination against—and KILLING of— gay men and women, under the guise of religion
and with the philosophical and financial backing of our elected officials.

Targetʼs CEO says his companyʼs support of the Gay community “remains unwavering,” yet he backs a candi-
date who has a substantiated record of anti-gay political beliefs, including aggressive support of Proposition 8.

Targetʼs previous positive track record of same-sex partner benefits, past support of Gay Pride events and AIDs
fund-raising makes this heavily-funded community betrayal an astounding act of hypocrisy. Steinhafel may say
he backs an aggressively anti-gay political candidate solely for business reasons, but you canʼt fund only part of
a candidateʼs belief system.

When you back a candidate who discriminates against and marginalizes the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and
Transgender community, you undo years of favorable actions, trust and goodwill. And you underestimate the
financial and political clout of the affluent, influential and loyal Gay community. Was your $150,000 worth it?

Join the Boycott. Tell Target, and other companies who use profits and proceeds to create
a national environment of exclusion, discrimination and HATE, that youʼve had ENOUGH.