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Special Intelligence Summary

Franke Schein — August 2010

Recent events in the Mideast suggests that war be-

tween Israel and Iran is becoming increasingly more
possible . A war that will be fought primarily in the
Strait of Hormuz region, but could have serious conse-
quences for the stability and security of our communi-
ties here in the United States.

One of the more concerning factors are the vast num-

bers of Iranian immigrants residing in the US. An
immigrant community that likely includes cells of the
Revolutionary Guard.

The revolutionary guard is comprised of highly trained units loyal to the ruling religious hierarchy
whose political body is responsible for kidnapping, murder, public executions, as well as violent mili-
tary actions against Iranians themselves.

In recent years Iran has been accused of manufacturing Improvised Explosives Devices (IED) that
have been used against American and coalition forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the “According to extrapolated 2000 U.S. Census data and other independent surveys
wholesale export of terrorist training units, and massive weapons transfers to nearly every known done by Iranian-Americans themselves, there are an estimated 1-1.5 million Ira-
nian-Americans living in the U.S. in 2009, with the largest concentration -- about
terrorist group in the world. Many have likened Iran’s revolutionary Guards as the 21st century Nazi
72,000 people -- being in Los Angeles”
Party, due primarily to many similarities found in both their ideologies and operational strategies.
“Other large communities include New York; New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; Seat-
Throughout the past several years, we have watched as Islamic countries within Iran’s sphere of influ- tle, Washington; and Houston, Texas”
ence have arrayed themselves into a large anti-Israel body that continually attacks Israel through state Source:
sponsored propaganda, as well as overt tactic such as the Gaza Freedom Flotilla earlier this year in
which nine Turkish Hamas Operatives were killed by the Israel defense Force. A situation that still
Given the nature of Iran's global adventurism, and their continued quest for nuclear weapons
garners media attention from time to time.
of mass destruction, it should come as no surprise that many western nations are preparing to
Throughout it’s existence, Iran has always been a violent country that has been involved in border attack Iran’s nuclear capability. An action that already has Iran threatening global war, as well
wars year after year. It’s history has been painted with the blood of its people, and the blood of its ene- as strategically positioning it’s forces throughout their vast empire.
At present, the United States has three carrier battle groups in the region. A group that is
Even the US found itself under attack by the Revolutionary movement in 1979, when it held American comprised of approximately 4,000 US Marines, as well as air assets, light armored vehicles,
Consulate hostages for over one year. A point in history that certainly exasperated Iran’s global he- and other supporting units and equipment.
gemony into the global terrorist state that we are so familiar with these days.
The problem with the situation in that area of the world
dates back approximately 6000 years. It’s a situation
that has deep rooted animosities as well as outright ha-
tred for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

The point to remember is pretty obvious; that even

though Iranian immigrants left their country behind, did
they also leave behind the abhorrent Jew hatred so
prevalent in that society.

Hard to imagine that being the case.

One of the consequences that must be considered, in view of the upcoming war with Iran, is the likeli-
hood that Iranian-Americans will view this war as an attack on their home country, as well as an attack
on the Islamic religion. Both of which spell immediate trouble for Americans living in close proximity
to large concentrations of Iranian-Americans.

“According to a survey conducted in 2009, more than six in ten Iranian Americans have
immediate family members in Iran, and almost three in ten communicate with their fam-
ily or friends in Iran at least several times a week. An additional four in ten communi-
cate with their family or friends in Iran at least several times a month. This study indi-
cates an unusually close relationship between Iranian Americans and Iranians”

Source: Potential Trouble Areas:

Mass protests against the Israeli embassies across the globe, and in the United States. Some
It should therefore be expected that fifth column guerilla action occur in rapid succession dur- of these will quickly get out of hand, resulting in rioting, street fights, and eventually a fire-
ing the first few weeks of a war with Iran. Small unit actions, terrorist attacks, and organized storm of violence will erupt. Police will be unable to respond quick enough, or in some
Revolutionary Guard attacks will probably set the tone from border to border, especially in cases, with enough riot personnel, to contain the spontaneous violence that follows.
those areas with high concentrations of Iranian immigrants.
There will be an immediate increase of violence against Jewish citizens, Synagogues, and
In the event this war escalates into an actual shooting war between Iran, Israel, and America; Jewish owned businesses throughout the U.S. In some cases, murders will be committed by
patriot units should be prepared to protect their operational areas with force-upon-force de- some of these fanatical zealots.
fensive measures. Measure that will protect patriot families, their neighborhoods, and then
their individual states as a whole. The hardest hit areas will be those that have large Iranian-American immigrants. Much like
Detroit’s angry Muslim riots, these areas will see savage attacks on businesses, churches,
and innocent bystanders. Jewish people will face the brunt of these savage attacks.

One only has to recall the Los Angels riots to understand the significant of these types of
civil disturbances, and how they affect an entire area.

More predominate will be the attacks against American-Israeli centers. Fifth Columnists
will attack Jewish neighborhoods, setting fire to entire residential blocks, and as Jewish
families attempt to protect themselves, gunfire will erupt in the streets, much like what oc-
curs everyday in the West Bank areas of the Gaza Strip.

This situation has the potential to spread from city to city, until mob justice and vigilante
justice prevails—along with the help of National Guard units on the streets.
Southern Invasion:
There are some people that suggest that Hugo Chavez is harboring Iranian Special Forces units
within his country. It’s also been suggested that many of these specially trained units have al-
ready infiltrated into America through our southern border areas—and are living among us
waiting for the day the revolution strike (once again) at America’s citizen. Some have even
went so far as to suggest that our government is aware of this grievous situation, but is unable,
or even unwilling to intercede because they don’t want to rock the political boat in their own

Whatever the case, whether it’s political correctness, apathy, or downright cowardice, the
situation remains untenable, and is quickly getting out of hand along all of America’s southern

Mexican drug cartels have taken over vast areas of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona in an ef-
fort to export their third world brand of violence and drugs into America.

Currently this entire situation is receiving little or no media attention, other than to lambast
the Arizona State Government for their own attempt to quell the rising tide of Hispanics enter-
ing America illegally.

Even out very own Border Patrol admits that it cannot cope with or slow down this Mexican
invasion. Our government send in armed troops, but saddles them with petty “Rules of En-
gagement” that make it almost impossible to perform this impossible task.

Pictures below: Heavy military grade weapons have been discovered only miles from the Texas border.
The Threat From United Nations Peacekeeping Forces:
If you have been involved in the patriot or militia communities for any length of time, one of the more prolific aspects of the social-
ist agenda is the use of foreign troops on American soil. A topic that instantly arouses utter malice and hatred for any American
leader that authorizes this type of foreign invasion, and a situation, should it ever come to fruition, will result in bloodshed on the
streets of America. There’s no quantifying that in even a small way.

Many militia units understand what this type of invasion represents to the American way of life, and civil liberties as guaranteed in
the U.S. Constitution. They are quick to point out that any invasion by “peacekeepers” will be the signal that all “hell” is about to
break loose in America. A hell that they assure will be fraught with violence and bloodletting that will make the American revolu-
tion of 1776 pale in comparison.

No matter what one envisions, as how this scenario

might go down—it’s methodology is easy to predict.
What one can predict, one then has the ability to
counter with superior strategies and forward thinking

Scenario #1:
The citizen of El Paso Texas are shocked to awaken to the sounds of a pitched gun battle in the early
morning hours. Police and first responder units rush towards the sounds of automatic weapons fire,
explosions, and the staccato burst of heavy machinegun fusillades near the port of entry bridge.

Mexican cartel gangs, along with rogue Mexican Military elements have breeched the sanctity of the
U.S. Border Patrol Station, killing everyone inside and outside of the massive complex. Car bombs
detonated among the inbound vehicles wreck havoc among the hastily organized defenders huddled
behind burning vehicles.

El Paso police units arrive in screeching clouds of dust, but they too are forced to seek cover as heavy
armor piercing machinegun bullets shred their vehicles, and in many cases, their light armored ballis-
tic vests. The area quickly turns into a killing ground, fires erupt sending huge billowing clouds of
flame and smoke high into the Texas night air.

The governor activates the State national Guard, but it will be several hours before a proper response
can be mounted, but until then, the citizens in the affected areas are left to their own.

Texas patriots and militia units quickly activate their call trees, and within less than one hour, camou-
flaged clad militia units that are augmented by patriots, take to the streets in and effort to stem the tide
of the invasion.

Bright flashes of weapons discharges light up the corners of bullet pocked buildings, as small four man
militia teams form a quick defensive barrier. But they are outgunned by the heavy full auto weapons
wielded by the narcotics insurgents steadily making their way along burning city streets.

In a matter of hours, El Paso is aflame, terrified citizens stream north away from the horrific battle
quickly spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood.
Patriot Strategies:
During these troubling times as Americans are loosing more and more of their civil liberties,
many patriots are growing increasingly resistant towards government intrusion into their daily
lives. People who feel that a continuation down this road, will ultimately result in a total collapse
of constitutional guaranteed rights, and result in mass civil disobedience, if not outright war
against these encroaching socialist policies.

Given this situation, and the ones described in previous pages—depict a country and its people
that are alarmed and upset, as well as under dire threat from abroad, and at home.

It seems that from every corner of the globe, and across the wide expanse of the United States,
there are issues and situations that have the capacity to quickly develop into deadly crisis. From
the border wars in Arizona, to the stealth invasion of America by totalitarian Islamofacists,
americans are being attacked on an asymmetrical warfront that leaves little doubt that our na-
tions security remains at risk.

It is during these troubling times, that patriots and militia units must begin to prepare them-
selves for what is sure to be a widespread war of attrition against not only the average american,
but the established militia and patriots units that have already been targeted by various agencies
of our own government.

What is required to combat these growing threats, can be achieved by something as simple as
one militia unit that begins networking with their adjacent neighbor militia units in the same
state. From there, a genuine relationship must develop that allows both units, and consequently
all units in that particular state, to interact with each other, cross train, and unite for a common
goal of mutual defense and security of all patriots and militia units in their respective operational

Taking this concept one step further ahead, it’s then easy to envision this process being repeated
in every state around the country, until at last all militia units apply this tactic into their own
standard operating procedure. A system that is critical to all militias everywhere, no matter what
their size or unit composition.

During the July 12th national alert by the Arizona Citizen’s Militia (ACM), the Sentinel program
of Patriot Resistance went into action. Through its vast network of concerned patriots that have
joined as individual Sentinels, the Call To Arms by ACM was answered. Within hours the entire
patriot and militia communities were galvanized into action.

From all across America, patriots and militia units alike put away their difference and territorial
disputes, pledging their support for ACM. Many of these people and units were prepared to walk
away from their jobs, families, and comfortable lives to answer this call. Others donated their
hard earned money—the end result being the quick flow of cash donations and material support
to allow the ACM to repel the foreign narco invaders, and stop them in their tracks.

Those donations and support continue even today. But what have we learned from all of this?
Unity, Strength, Cohesion, Purpose, and Militia commanders alerted their units for deployment to Arizona. Patriots from all walks of life made
Power: These are the trademarks lessons ready to volunteer for this hazardous duty out in the desert. Critical medical supplies were bought,
that we learned with the debacle along packages, and shipped to Arizona as national support reached a feverish pitch.
the Arizona border wars.
This entire Patriot Alert system was designed to accomplish exactly such an incident as the ACM’s
Lessons that all patriots have forgotten debacle that occurred in July this year. It was one incidents in many, that have flowed outwards from
throughout the ensuing years, but have Patriot Resistance, providing the entire patriot community with much needed intelligence cohesion
only now had the ability to reaffirm and spanning across the broad horizon. Many websites and individuals have tried to emulate this success,
put into practice when the call to arms and failing that, begin attacking the system that brought together this entire movement.
was sent out around the country.
Since the alert was first distributed, (WRAM) “Well Regulated American Militias” an internet based
discussion group operated by Rick Light; Aka Minuteman, have categorically denied that ACM was
The National Alert that Patriot Resistance transmitted resulted in not only a galvanized na- involved in the desert shootout. He was at the forefront of a quiet behind-the-scene movement that
tion, but for the first time since the revolutionary war of 1776, militia and patriots alike came sought to attack ACM’s leadership in an attempt to force them to prove their actions. Over a period of
together under one banner, for one cause, and stepped up to the plate in a massive show of several days, he contacted several other websites trying to gather support form various site adminis-
support. trators. Among them Randy Mack of “You Have Tread On Me” radio show, who quickly became his
primary supporter. This can be evidence by the massive amount of cross links on the WRAM website
This came about as a result of many hours of hard work by members of the Patriot Resistance, for Randy Mack's radio show.
The Sentinel Program, and Watchmen of America, as well as thousands of members that made
it all happen. Rick Light also contacted M. Freebyrd, the administrator of Patriot wanting to have
Freebyrd denounce ACM’s motives, and challenge the authenticity of their desert operations. Of
Within minutes of the alert, twitter accounts went into action, blogs were published, telephone course, after a careful evaluation of this absurd request, was promptly denied. As a matter of fact, the
calls were made, and emails flowed through the electrons of cyberspace. All of which brought tempo was increased somewhat given the constraints imposed upon ACM’s operational security re-
together the vast resources of a concerned patriot community. quirements. Something that remains uppermost in view of this violent drug cartel that has vowed to
destroy anyone standing in their way.
This is an accomplishment unheard of before July 12th 2010…
In one of the radio shows at Randy Mack’s “You Have Tread On Me”; Rick Light was a guest speaker,
that loudly proclaimed his support for ACM in Arizona. A sudden and unexpected change of direction,
once he realized that the majority of patriots in America have, and continue to support, both Patriot
Resistance, and the Arizona Citizen’s Militia. Even though a week before, he wanted to discredit pa-
triot Resistance and ACM for his own reasons—none of which have been made clear yet.

This is just one of the examples of the behind the scenes struggles that have been undertaken to foster
a sense of strength and unity among all patriots. Issues that at first seemed insurmountable, but
quickly fell by the wayside as more and more patriots arose from within the framework of the move-
ment itself. A movement that continues to grow in leaps and bounds, as more patriots throw off the
leash of slavery, and stand in defiance to the forces within the exploding movement, such as rogue
websites and rogue radio shows hosts, as well as the extraneous forces that are already present.

When combined with all of the factors outlined herein; it’s easy to see that today’s militia and patriots
are the last defense against and enemy that has already surrounded america from all corners. It has
become a predominating crisis that requires a new approach, a new way of thinking, and a new strat-
egy in dealing with how the future blows against freedom are dealt with.

And at some point, they must be dealt with, or all Americans will face the same daily life as the unwill-
ing victims of Iran’s human rights abuses, as well as public murders and execution that are so preva-
lent in that country.
Join The Watchmen Of America Today.

If you truly want do really do something for this country, and truly desire to see America returned to
it’s constitutional values, then Watchmen Of America is asking you to step up to the plate right now.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a member of an established militia group, or if you have 100 guys in
your group already. Your participation is paramount to the entire movement as a whole.

No longer can we allow the system to keep everyone separated and out of touch with one another.
No longer can militia units be painted with the brush of demonization—that must cease as of this

It’s time for everybody to start talking with their neighbors. It’s time for every true patriot to shuck
the yoke of fear and stand the line with concerned american patriots. For as long as we allow the
opposition a moral or psychological victory, then the longer this movement will suffer, until the day
comes to pass that all Militias and Patriot groups are outlawed and legislated away by the socialists
pulling the strings of power, and affecting the lives of the very foundations that make America the
greatest nation in the world.

Already there exists the militia and patriot network system that brings everyone together. A system
that has been tried, tested, and proven to work time after time. A system that has already gained the
trust of several militia groups and thousands of american patriots. A system that needs the support
of everyone in the coming years as we grow closer to each other in unity, strength, cohesion, pur-
pose, and power. For that is the only way that our movement, and this nation will survive during
these political upheavals that are steadily encroaching upon us all.

But how can all of this be accomplished considering the multiple

enemies and issues that we are faced with?
It begins with adopting a new strategy that has each patriot and militia group at the forefront of this
epic struggle for our national security, as well as our own personal American identity.

It means that we can no longer allow rogue websites and radio show host to further spread and
propagate their disinformation among true patriots. For this has been the weapon of choice, by the
oppositional forces, and it has been successfully used against us for years.

A new strategy is required that evokes unity and cohesion among all of us at once, and will serve as
a reminder to those that seek our destruction, that we will not go quietly into the night without a
struggle. That no longer will we allow the forces aligned against us to prevail further in their de-
monic plans that enslaves our families. It requires a show of force from all corners of the movement,
and it begins by cleaning up our own house first, and then progressively moving ever forward to
thwart these sinister plans, and stop them cold in their evil tracks.

For no matter what we do today, the nation that we leave our children and their children is reflected
on our actions this day. In that alone, we cannot fail, nor must we allow apathy to hinder our for-
ward progress in the face of these adversities.

It is our duty to form alliances and unification of resources. It becomes our sacred duty to insure
that we cannot fail, for our own children's sake, and their children’s sake as well.
War Preparations For Concerned Patriots;

1.) Start communicating with your fellow patriots and militia groups in your area. A simple email
or telephone call will go a long way in establishing trust.

2.) Establish a family evacuation plan. It will be one of the most important aspects that you un-
dertake. To insure the safety and security of your family. Everything else is secondary to that

3.) Build a safe area/rally point that will allow you and yours to defend yourselves and your
group. Stockpile the safe area with food, water, medical supplies, and ammunition. These will
become the staple items during times of crisis.

4.) Provide armed security teams to quickly evacuate your member families to the safe area, as
well as a local call-tree alert system that gets the word out fast in times of peril and crisis. Don’t
rely on the internet as your only means of communications.

5.) Set up Ham and Shortwave radio networks. This will do wonders to keep adjacent groups in
touch with each other, as well as assisting during evacuations from danger areas.

6.) Train key members of our group in emergency trauma treatments. Having qualified medics
and nurses available is also paramount during crisis situations.

7.) Cross-train with other patriot groups in your area in matters of evacuation. Final defensive
positions, reconnaissance operations, counter ambush drills—and other paramilitary maneuvers
that will keep you and yours safe.

8.) Analyze your operational areas in terms of likely enemy approach routes, critical infrastruc-
ture, hasty and deliberate defensive positions, as well as key road junctures and key terrain fea-
tures that are strategically arcane to defensive plans.

9.) Investigate those groups in your operational areas that pose a serious risk to you and yours.
Know who the enemy is, their weaknesses, their strengths, and how they will react under certain

10.) Have the bold audacity to attack when you should defense, and the calmness to defend when
you are expected to attack. Play by your own rules, instead of theirs.

Allow us to help you in preparing your areas. Join us on by adding your
name to our membership rolls. Meet other people from your areas, and start a dialog with them
before it’s to late. The time is NOW, instead of waiting until you have to. You might not be able to
when SHTF!

Either sit back and do absolutely nothing, and forcing somebody else to do your share while you
sit this one out; or click here to join in a history making strategy session.
We would like to welcome Doc and his talented crew as one of our newest partners.

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Face” approach to patriot, militia, and survival issues leaves many of us gasping for air. So you better get your oxygen tank ready before you
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Patriot Resistance is the ONLY website that gives away prizes to it‟s members.
Last month we gave away a fantastic survival kit to a lucky member.
Throughout the last several months has been the victim of repeated attacks by certain elements from
outside of our membership, and from a select few “infiltrators’ that regularly visit our website.

Though we allow everyone the opportunity to say what is on their minds, and to speak freely in expressing their viewpoints on
whatever subject and/or topics are important to them; we feel that personal attacks against our members and our website are
serious in nature, and work against the simple premise that we all need to have the ability to openly communicate with each
other during these troubling times.

But what is dismaying to us, and the rest of our dedicated members; are the two-faced infiltrators that come into our chat rooms
and forums for the sole purpose of creating disharmony and strife among our membership. Certain members have been banned
from our private areas, and this is not something that we take lightly, nor enjoy doing in the first place. We adhere to the tenets
of free speech and equal opportunity, but we will not tolerate these continued attacks against our people.

We have worked very hard in establishing the trust of our six thousand members, and we will NOT allow these agent-provocateurs to disseminate disinformation on our websites. Our moderators
and administrators will actively seek to identify, ban, and publish the names, emails addresses, and IP Address of infiltrators that seek to harm this movement with their callous attempts to wreck
what we have diligently strived to build within the movement.

Our contacts within the patriot and militia communities are nearly endless, and we value these relationships, as well as guard them with every tool at our disposal. Should these attacks continue, we
will share these infiltrators information with our member patriots and militia commanders.

We are also aware that a certain Canadian based blog-talk radio show host is working hard behind our backs to spread false rumors and discord among our supporters and members. If this situation
continues, we will be forced to take drastic actions. This is not something that we will just allow to continue, as we have had ENOUGH of this constant back and forth. None of our administrator
or members have attacked this Canadian refugee since we asked him to leave our group, but it seems that a certain reckless abandon has been part of this person’s ploy against us.
1) To establish a command system integration network that utilizes the combined resources of all militia units and patriots during crisis situations.

2) To establish national rapid response elements with deployment capability of 12-hours or less.

3) To establish a logistical service in order to rapidly integrate militia/patriot resources within critical infrastructure during deployment and training exercises.

4) To establish a dedicated communications, intelligence, and response network common to all patriots and militia groups.

5) To establish financial support apparatus for deployed units, training, cross training, and critical equipment acquisition.

6) T provide for the safety, security, and mutual assistance of militia units during times of crisis.

One of the more concerning scenarios that one must

consider is the following hypothetical scenarios:

A Militia group in southeast Florida sends out a na-

tional patriot alert requesting immediate deploy-
ment of adjacent units to help in combating a grow-
ing criminal gang takeover of a small town,

Advance Rapid Deployment Militia units from three

neighboring states deploy into the combat zone, and
quickly conduct reconnaissance operations if order
to identify the situation, the threats, and possible ac-
tions against the gangs.

A forward operations center is quickly established, and logistical operations are

initiated in order to deploy ground forces already enroute to the Operational area.
The MICS network swings into ful action, integrating all arriving units into a cohe-
sive ground force.

Within 48 hours approximately three full strength militia regiments are “boots on
the ground” and preparing for active deployment against the criminal gangs.

Minutes prior to deployment, oppositional forces swoop into the FOB and detain
everyone in sight. All deployed members are disarmed, arrested, and taken by
buses to local confinement facilities to be arraigned on various charges. Those
members that have evaded the opposition are hunted down and apprehended, ve-
hicles, weapons, and gear is seized and held as evidence.

Imbedded journalists and reporters are quick to attack the patriot units, and soon
the global news stations are in a feeding frenzy as more and more patriots are ap-
prehended in a massive sweep against militias and patriots, who are quickly la-
beled as „extremists” and “domestic insurgents”.

Florida quickly passes legislation that outlaws para-military groups, and over a
period of several months, other state government enact similar laws.

Within months, the Department of Justice enacts a similar law that makes all mi-
litia and patriot groups illegal, establishing federal jurisdiction over these cases.
The most sought after book in the Patriot Community today.

The LoneWolf Resistance Manual lays it all down in easy to read lan-
guage, and filled with drawings, pictures, and diagrams that makes it
easy to understand the concepts of operating as a Lone Wolf.

The LoneWolf Resistance Manual is rocking the patriot community

by detailing how it will all go down, and what you can do about it.

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already read it, you too will agree that this is THE MOST DEADLI-
We would like to welcome all of our newest Watchmen that have recently joined us.

Everyday we are signing up new members, and every day our numbers and ranks grow, until at last we will
be the largest militia group in the United States. A political forces that rivals The Tea Party movement of

Our members come from all walks of life. We have lawyers, professors, engineers, doctors, nurses, educa-
tors, fireman, police officers, and government employees that fully believe in what we stand for, and how
we go about the business of reinstating the U.S. Constitution. These are the bread & butter of our move-
ment, and we take this very seriously.

No matter who you are, where you live, or how large your group is, rest assured that we are always on the
job around here. We will keep our word and commitment to you as a Watchman. That will NEVER fail, no
matter what.

In the coming months we will be growing even more as our methods, objectivism and ideologies are
propagated out into the community.

Stay in contact with us, join our forum and participate in

the discussion, offer your ideas and suggestions --we always
listen to our watchmen members.
Sentinel Command would like to take a moment to send our heartfelt thanks to our
dedicated Intelligence analysts called J. U. G. S. These folks perform a job that has
them gathering and analyzing raw intelligence data 16-hours a day seven days a

We Got Your Back JUGS!

Thanks for all of your hard work, and we are getting ready to keep you very, very,
busy in the next few months.