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Efren R.

#39, Rizal Street, Dinalupihan,
Bataan, 2110 Philippines

8 September 2017

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Seafront Compound, 1501 Roxas Boulevard,
Pasay City, 1302 Philippines


Re: Request for the appointment of a legal custodian for Vicente M. Peaflor

Good day! I am Efren R. Peaflor, of legal age, and son of the aforementioned veteran
Vicente M. Peaflor, aged 97. For the longest time, he has been receiving benefits
befitting of a veteran courtesy of your good office, including his monthly pension.

His pension is automatically deposited to his Account (Account #412118800028) in

Philippine National Bank (PNB) Dinalupihan Branch. He has been confined in the
Veterans Memorial Medical Center and was diagnosed to be in a chronic bedridden
state. Attached to this letter is a Certification from the Veterans Memorial Medical
Center regarding his confinement and diagnosis.

Because of this circumstance, my dad is incapacitated to facilitate his bank accounts

withdrawal since July 2017. Consequently, he is unable to use his pension for his
medical fees and other needs.

Before, the bank allowed me to withdraw from my dads account in his behalf by taking
his picture while he is holding a current issue of a newspaper on that particular day.
However, with the new bank policy requires a fiduciary to act on the veterans non-
appearance to withdraw from the account.

As such, I am hereby requesting your good office to grant my request for the
appointment of a legal custodian for my father, as per the requirement of the bank.

Furthermore, as I am currently residing in Dinalupihan, it would be most convenient for

me to be transacting with the bank in his behalf.

Should you have any questions and/or clarifications, please contact me at 0928 858
4137. I am looking forward to your swift and favorable response.


Efren R. Peaflor
Son of Vicente M. Peaflor