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1. Creative Output

2. Receptive Input

3. [learning curve, difficulty at the beginning]

4. [uncut wood, n00b, virgin, naive]

5. [preparation (w/ nourishment) , a glass of water before-hand]

6. [you are sincere, and yet are met with conflict]

7. [leadership positions, vertical power structure, chain-of-command in

8. [unionizing, organizing, confederizing harmoniously]

9. [The Small Stuff]

10. [bold but prudent, affected social role]

11. Flow

12. Obstruction

13. [fellowship, horizontal power structure, equity, communism]

14. [greatness, self-posession, treasure (life itself is the greatest)]

15. [earnest, humble, authentic]

16. [entrepreneurial impetus, induction and follow-through]

17. [following, unfolding, appropriately functioning, domino-effect]

18. [disruptive, decayed, malfunctional, inhibited]

19. [goin' in, taking charge, dirtying hands]

20. [withdraw, contemplate, gain perspective, look but not touch]

21. [grab a root 'n growl, perservere tenaciously, OPP. 48 the Well]

22. [embellishment, decoration, adornment, grace]

23. [apoptosis, stripping away, dismantling, dissassociate, yang finally
giving way to yin]

24. [return, rebirth, restoration, recycling, yang finally emerging from

25. [purity, openness, unassuming, original mind, unbiased, without
contextual appraisal]

26. [scavanged past, bias, cultural accumulation, "shoulders of giants"]

27. [appetite, seeking nourishment, swallowing]
28. [more than you can chew, greatness in excess, critical mass]

29. [Constant Pitfalls, the a series of opportunity for failure, necessity
for action/courage, obscured obstacles]

30. [Constant Windfalls, a series of radiant opportunities, work cut out
for you, "I can see all obstacles in my way..."]

31. [interduction, meeting, reciprocity, symbiosis, partnership, two links
on a chain]

32. [constant, perpetual, self-succesion, the ride, the chain]

33. [stayin' back, retire, escape, transcend, stand-down, quit, hands-
off, ]

34. [strong juju, the effective method, proactive, aggressive]

35. [prosperity, progress, expansion, development, renaissance]

36. [oppression of the intellectual, discreet, self-suppression, dark age]
37. [familiar, kindred, commitment, roles, relationships, clan, family]

38. [estrangement, disparity, dissonance, polarising, contention,

39. [impasse, knowing when to stop]

40. [unbound, unobligated]

41. [economize, streamline, downsize, diminish]

42. [build up, increase, augment, bolster, enhance, enrich]

43. [clean break, remove, total deletion, single choice]

44. [coincidence, chance encounter, ???]

45. [gathering, massing, collecting, pooling, reservoir, sanctuary]

46. [germination, pushing upward, ascending, graduation, graduated

47. [exhaustion, fettered, burdened, constrained, depleted]

48. ["the well," replenishing, limitless resource, used but not used up.]

49. [molting, swapping, change, revolution, metamorphosis]

50. [catalyst, alchemy, facility]

51. [arousal, induction, surge, sudden, start, surprise, immunological
dose of adversity]

52. [keeping still, stopness, inactive, unreactive]

53. [gradual progress, development, steady pace]

54. [sudden derailing, rushing, rashness]

55. [abundance, do everything always, "everything not forbidden is
compulsory," ???]

56. [stranger in a strange land, sojourner, wanderer, adventurer]

57. [protean, flexible, supple, subtle, nimble, adaptable (appropriate)]

58. [satisfaction, fulfillment, achievment, please-thanks, joy]

59. [dilute, dispersal, scattering, few and far between]

60. [boundaries, definition, articulation, measurement, due proportion,
items in a set]

61. [inner truth, ineffable concept, the empty center to which all these
words refer, the name of the Tao]

62. [simple pleasures, the little things, all the pieces speaking the Tao]

63. [complete, precariously balanced, what goes up...]

64. [not yet complete, half-way there]