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Module #2: Improving Your Self Motivation


Participants will find out the meaning of self motivation.

Participants will recognize the difference between extrinsic motivation and intrinsic
Participants will find out on why they need to act without the help of others.


If you are inspired then you can somehow empower your initiative. According to a self
motivation article of, they elaborated that If we love what we are doing, then
we can work even better. The result will be greater and productive if you are really passionate to
dedicate yourself to work hard and work smart with a heart.

Handouts & Resources Needed:

Handout 1.2: My Motivating Factors

Handout 1.3: The Doughberry

Handout 1.4: The Easy Task Questionnaire: How Motivated Are You?

Sheet of paper one for each participant


Activity #1: Icebreakers-introduction. (15 min)


Give a hint of learning on what Self-Motivation is all about.
Provide the participants some ideas on how to empower their self motivation.

Activity #2: Knowing thy self through self motivation. (25 min)

The purpose of this activity is to understand the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic
Explain on why self motivation is very important towards achieving a goal in life.
Ask the participants on what did they realized in their life base on the given topic known as
self motivation.
Activity #3: My Motivating Factors (30 min)

The purpose of this activity is to help the student find out on what motivates them.
Provide participants some examples of motivating factors.
Provide participants some true to life situations.
Ask the participants to accomplish the My Motivating Factors (Handout 1.2).
Ask commentaries and suggestions to the students.

Activity #4: The Doughberry (20 min)

The purpose of this activity is to help the students understand what types of motivation
will work for them. Is it extrinsic or intrinsic?
Show the parts of The Doughberry the centerfold (intrinsic) and circlefold (extrinsic).
Ask them to accomplish the The Doughberry (Handout 1.3.)

Activity #5 The Easy Task Questionnaire: How Motivating Are You? (30 min)

The purpose of this activity is to help the students find out their level of motivation.
Inform the students about the Handout 1.4 (The Easy Task Questionnaire: How Motivating
Are You?) and ask them to answer it.
Ask the students on what did they learn from the topic.
My Motivating Factors

(List all the things that motivate you. Feel free to write all things that motivate you.)
The Doughberry

(Base on the previous discussion about the difference between the extrinsic and intrinsic
motivation and the inside and outside parts of the Doughberry. Write the things on the blue berry
jam mixed with whipped cream part of the doughberry where you are motivated from the outside
factors and the cream cheese part of the doughberry where you are motivated from the inside

Note: You have an option whether you prefer the Centerfold or the Circlefold types of Doughberries.
The Easy Task Questionnaire: How motivated are you?

(There is no right or wrong answer as long as you can be true to yourself. Write Yes on the
following statement if you know and feel that it is true and write No if you know and feel that it is
not true for you.)

1. You need to find a work no matter how many times that youve been rejected.

2. You made yourself uplifted even if you failed in joining a contest that you wanted to win.

3. You find it easy to sleep and easy to wake up no matter how tired and how indolence you feel.

4. You always aim for your goals in life no matter how others will discourage you.

5. You will be passionate and inspired within yourself without the help of others and without
finding someone as an inspiration.

6. You will always say that I can do this no matter how cruel life is.

7. You wake up early in order to push yourself that you need to finish a task as soon as possible.

8. You will be the one to encourage your ownself by being positive.

9. Without a reward, you will still hold the morality within you because you know on what is right
and what is wrong and you will always fight for the best.

10. You aim to achieve the positive side of yourself no matter how you encountered so many
struggles in your life.

11. You keep on being active no matter how stormy the weather within the entourage.

12. If no one is there to help you, then you will still initiate to work on your part as a human.

13. You will still be fine without a reward and without a compliment.

14. You know to yourself that you are enthusiastic.

15. You can work and stand on your own without the encouragement of other people.

16. You will be active even though they will not ask for your volunteer.

17. You prefer to smile with positivity even though you encountered a problem.

18. You love to stay healthy without the precaution of others in order for you to be productive.

19. You will be the one to initiate the best things in life that you may encounter in the future.

20. You will convince others even though you are reserved or having an introvert personality.
The Easy Task Questionnaire: How motivated are you?


The questionnaire will determine on how high or how low is your motivation.


Count all the total of Yes and the total of No. The ff. will be base on the level of motivation of
every participant.

High Level of Motivation

If the score is between 13 to 20


Your self-motivation is high.

Average Level of Motivation

If the score is between 7 to 12


Your self-motivation is not that high and not that low.

Low Level of Motivation

If the score is below 6


Your self-motivation is very low.