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1.- Countries and nationalities ; numbers, Jobs; personal possessions; plurals

2.- Be: positive negative +, yes/ no questions and short answers,; subjects pronouns and
possessive adjectives Why questions; subjects pronouns and possessive adjectives.

3.- Adjectives; personal possessions; family; How Many…?; How much…?,things in a house;
prepositions of place.

4.- Have got; possessive ’s.

5.- Daily routines; free time activities; frequency adverbs.

La pregunta siempre es:

How often do you (verb in base form) + complement?

How often does he/she (verb in base form) + complement?

La respuesta siempre es:

(pronombre)+ (Frenquency adverb)+ (verb in base form) + complement


How often do you play the guitar?

- I never play the guitar. (0%)
- I often play the guitar. (25%)
- I sometimes play the guitar. (50%)
- I usually play the guitar. (75%)
- I always play the guitar. (100%)

Estos son los mas usados.

En este link es para que profundices un poco mas.

9. subject and object pronouns.englisch-hilfen. question..? nouns Simple : positive.Present Continuous for “now”.html https://www.spanishdict.htm 6. much.php http://www. I study at the University. . negative Simple: positive. http://www.Present simple vs Present Continuous . http://www. I am studying at the University.Present: positive.learnenglish.Things you like and don’t like. shops. What are you DOING NOW? 12. verb Countable and Uncountable nouns. some any. many. 10. things to buy. negative. short answers. Para que practiques:'t%20like https://quizlet. También hay ejercicios para cada tema para que puedas entrenar. además acá puedes encontrar todos los temas que desees en el nivel que desees.There is / there are .php https://www. How much….?/ How many….com/aprender/cursos/nivel-basico/verb-tenses-present/present-simple Papa te recomiendo que te inscribas en esta página es bien didáctico... clothes.Rooms and things in a house. food and drink.curso-ingles. yes/no question. a few http://www. Do you like read books? Does she like read book? http://www. plural nouns 11..

https://www.How often….. weather.learnenglish. describing people‘s appearance and https://www.html . https://www.?.frequency expressions .