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Graphic A profile

“ The reward of
G C C isa thing well done
to have done it.

We We don’t
create designs.
Believe We create
We believe,
in this age
one has to either
or DIE
Being Differentiation
by nature has to be

Relevant original, unique

and relevant.
to the Corporate Goals.
to the Consumers.
to the Times.
Corporate Corporate brands will be
the only successful area
Brands of new brand building
in the coming years…
as technology
increasingly functions
as the great leveler,
consumers increasingly
depend much less
on their evaluation of
a single product.
The Risk When
so much depends
on a design...
No one afford to
risk a quick-fix,
economy based
No Do designs happen
with us in an instant?
Shortcuts Just like
there’s no such thing
as ‘Instant Karma’
There’s no such thing
as ‘Instant Design’.
We don’t believe in
Before We think

we even
a line
Planning For Brand Identity
to play its part
the first step is to
all the information
on which
successful planning
Creative Once
we receive the brief,

Brief we evaluate it objectively.

At times,
we even rewrite the brief
for effective solutions
We study  Your firm
 Your product
or service
 Your market

 Your marketing
 Previous activity



We look 

Consumer insights
Our own intuitive insights
for All through primary
and secondary research
We then  Focus on the brand
 Select appropriate
brand associations
to be communicated
through design
 Generate ideas

 Shortlist ideas

 From amongst the

short-listed ones,
select the one that meets
the objectives best
 Work on it
Evaluate At every stage
we evaluate
Meeting And if we find the
end result doesn’t meet
Expectations our expectations…
We kill it.
And go back
to the drawing board
once again.
all within agreed to
Strategic What’s so different
about our work?
Planning The strategic vision
which we evolve
provides direction,
purpose and meaning
for the brand.
It is the core spirit
of a brand.
The A design
that captures
Effective the people’s mind,
instigate behavior.

Design A design
that captures
the people’s heart,
gains commitment.
Our designs do both.
Having been in the field
of communication
for over 34 years
testifies to our
ever growing and impressive
list of projects
published and reviewed
in various publications
around the globe:

Czech Republic

Moreover, we are fully

aware of the world market
at any given time.
Design  Corporate Identity

Management  Naming System

 Corporate Literature

 Corporate Signage

 Corporate Packaging

 Standard Manuals


 Brand Architecture

 Advertising Design

 Corporate Films

 Book Design

 Electronic Media
Space  Architecture

Management  Structural Design

 Corporate Interiors

 Signage System

 Environmental Design

 Exhibition Design

 Industrial Design

 Product Design
are with us
Constructions Industries Public Service
Emgeen Holdings Associated Cement Cos AIAWA
K.Raheja Corp BILT-Ballapur Industries BCPT
MarwahSphere Chiripal Group Pals
Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Colourtex Vatsalya
Uttam C Jain Dimexon
Essar Group Service Industries
Engineering First Stonex DHL
Batliboi Hide Craft EsselWorld Amusement Park
Hindustan Aeronautics Hindustan Petroleum Corps Vashi Railway Station
IDBI Intech ICI India World Trade Centre
Kalyani Brakes Impex Diamond Corps
Melstar Information Technology Indogem. Inc
Telecom &
Ugma Engineering Corps Jewellex
Aakar Art Gallery
Financial services Mahendra Brothers
Ankur Art Gallery
Ambit & RSM AuroVision
Mukand Limited
Bank of Baroda Centre for Executive Renewal
PD Kothatri & Co
Bank of India Communicaid
Equatorial Bank Plc Dinodia Photo Library
Sarex Overseas
Export-Import Bank of India Jasra Digitals
Shrenuj & Co
IDBI Bank Parksons Press
The Associated Cement Corps
Public Sector Banks Strand Book Stall
Titan Industries
Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri
Stock Holding Corps. of India United Communications
Uni Design
United Telecoms
Food and Beverages Welspun
White Digital
Foodland Individual
Kissan Products Ashivin Gatha
MKJ Enterprises Click for Cotton.Com
Rose DeNeve
Moo Moo Milk Products Double Dot
E mart
Health and Pharma Jasjit Singh
Good Value Marketing
ACG Group Kersy Katrak
Associated Capsules Anil Dave
Mahalaxmi Jewellers
Biosense Corp Protection India Devkumar
Galaxy Surfactants Style Asia
Stone Lion Veterinary Centre
Before Titan, whenever anyone was coming from
abroad he had to smuggle in watches as gifts for his dear
ones. Thanks to the advent of TITAN, promoted by TATA,
Corporate Identity Titan watches are now a sign of pride for the nation. In fact
Titan is one of the few global Indian brands. The overall
concept of the identity reflects precision in every aspect

Programme of life. Right through employees and customers relations

to the quality of the product.
Hindustan Petroleum
When oil was discovered at Bombay high, India joined
the league of one of the oils producing countries rather
than merely oil refining station.
Corporate Identity Way back in 1974 when Esso wounded up its operations
in India, HP emerged as country's leading oil retail company.
The Corporate Identity image

Programme reflects the oil gushing out from the earth.

The circle is suggestive of even distribution.
India's premier consulting organization in the field of
Corporate Finance and Advisory Services.
The intrinsic attribute of the symbol is a take off from the
logo of Ambit and as a result it has acquired the potency
Corporate Identity of being a property of the organization.
The distinct personality of the symbol reflects elegance and
dignity. The upward movement of the symbol suggests

Programme growth and dynamism. Besides the square form symbolizes

stability, and the horizontal lines indicate movement.
Having earned customers confidence over the past
thirty five years Associated Capsules Group the company
has expanded its business operations in India and abroad.
By consolidating and restructuring brand architecture
Corporate Identity the company created this Group Identity.
The square in ACG Red signifies passion, abundance of
power and flow of energy. The triangle in the Metallic grey

Programme is suggestive of precision, hi-tech and future. Overall the

identity is the synthesis of mind, matter and machine.
An excellent performance together with growing
customer confidence made it necessary to address
the challenges of the future Market.
Corporate Identity That was the brief for the evolution of a new symbol.
The emphasis was to be on the 'produce of nature'.
Foodland with their systematic approach to total business

Programme strategy is all set to emerge as one of leaders

in the Food Retail sector.
P. D. Kothari one of the leaders in the diamond trade sought
to manufacture Corporate Jewellery and entered into
Corporate Identity international market with the brand name — Jewelex.
The identity based on the initial ‘J’, overall the composite
identity reflects a modern, humane and yet vibrant
Programme corporation. Besides precision it reflects elegance grace,
growth, innovation and dynamism.
Stone Lion
Veterinary Hospital - UK
Stone Lion being a well known land mark in London, it was
appropriate name for the veterinary hospital.
The image of the hospital reflects utmost clinical environment

Corporate Identity alongwith the dignified, dedicated and caring service

for the animals.
Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity
Corporate Literature
Corporate Literature
Corporate Literature
Corporate Packaging
Publication Design
Signage System
Signage System
and Beyond...
and Beyond...
when you appoint us
You appoint
more than a designer.
What you don’t see
are the various
marketing and
communication skills,
which we employ
for you,
which go into
making of our designs.
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