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Volume 7 No. 8 A Speak Truth-to-Power Editorial August, 2010

Co-Editors Raheemah Raheem & Co-Editor Shemora Sheikh E-mail: Box 481045 Tulsa, OK 74148-1045
Motto: The Pen of a Scholar is more precious than the Blood of a martyr. Hadith (918) 619-6819

It’s What’s Happening! Get a pencil and- Scouting For

Check Off Best School Uniform Deals ?
What , Momma, Grannie, Auntie
& Wall Street II Tulsa North told you. * Best T’s Printing & More @ 31st near
I already know: Sheridan (6143 E. 31st St.) (formerly Cap
Day Event & Screen Printing (918) 902-9440.
1. ( ) how to clean my body in a spe- * Goodwill Stores are having a ½ off
3 School Uniform Deals Begin. See third
cial way on the outside. sale on all clothes. You may pick up a 1/2/ off
column and page 3.
2. ( ) how to clean my body on the Coupon in the Oklahoma Eagle.
inside without douching. * Reilly’s Closet (and you can, too) is
3. ( ) tight pants contribute to mole dropping off ―gently used‖ school uniforms at
5 Video conference for persons interested in or yeast infection. Gaga’s 1631 E. 15th St. up until August
sending proposals to the Dept. of Com- 4. ( ) tight bras contribute to breast cancer. 5th. Beginning at 10 am. On August 7th,
merce for funding the creation of green 5. ( ) certain foods can make me angry. uniforms will be donated on a first
jobs and training projects. Call: 6. ( ) sleeping in tight clothes affect circulation. come, first serve basis. Just show up with your
405-815-5181. 7. ( ) sodas can rotten my teeth/ affect my heart. child(ren) and their school ID, and get
8. ( ) control weight by not eating after dark. the uniforms free at Gaga’s.
6 First Friday Town Hall Mtg. w/Rep. Se- 9. ( ) need to drink at least a liter of water daily. * Tops & Bottoms has lots of stock in
neca Scott @ Catholic Charities Apache & 10. ( ) breast feeding is best for me and baby. all sizes at great prices. Save even further with
Harvard Sts. 5:30 p.m. 11. ( ) I take a few minutes of downtime daily. the coupon below: $1.00 off each Item
12. ( ) the need to go to bed by 10 pm to heal self. .
12 Ramadan Begins
See page 7 Answer: If you checked 10 or more, you really
do love yourself,! You listen and work at learn-
13 Free Tax Day ing how to take care of your body. Five (5) or
Buy food, uniforms, anything else & save more, you need to investigate all that is good for
money! you;
Two or less, you are operating like a runaway
train that is headed for destruction. Now, for the
16 Party on Monday w/AARP. Eat, drink, Big Test, turn the page 3.
dance, after we handle some business of
course. 1:30 pm—4 pm. You Deserve This!

23 Tulsa Public Schools Start!!

28 Sista’ Chat Book Club. Noon – 2 pm.

Discuss Bettye Griffin’s Trouble Down
the Road. For Adults & teens. Read before

Saturdays’ Farmers Round Up has been moved Nirvana is in the

into another program for more support. Stay Fontana Shopping Center (near the fountain 7903).

Your Comments? water that is available has toxins in it such as

Our Comments! over by drug dealers. Mrs. Obama is called the chlorine, which dehydrates you and fluoride
standard barrier for local food movements. D.C. which amplifies the effects of the chlorine.
1. Been is not the only place where authority figures Even infant that is sold has toxic fluoride
farming think that they can just shift things around with- levels. Remember, fluoride was used to pacify
all my life. out consulting communities. Nowadays, it is the people whom the German gassed in the
Hated it. called co modification: taking something from chambers around the 1940’s.
Why one culture to improve your own. It is both un-
should I fair and dehumanizing, to say the least. Okla- I did a detox and I feel horrible.
want to go homa Eagle co-editor Ed Goodwin has spoken Do not be alarmed this is normal for most.
back to it? up about the N. Elgin sign change that will A brief detox can not change 30 or 40 years of
change the tax base, as well, but he needs back- toxins going into your body. When you eat or
ing. Will you come to a meeting? absorb anything that is not food, the body
————— ———— works to get it out of your system. When you
Your family is blessed, because a famine is delay this process by eating, the body has to
coming and you know how to survive one. store the toxins until it has time to deal with it
Share your skills with them. If they act like later. Meanwhile, it is stored in places like
knuckleheads, start in your own back yard with your joints and muscle tissues. When you de-
your young relatives or neighbor’s children. If tox, the toxins are released from the storage
other people in the neighborhood respect you, areas causing the body to feel the effects of the
start a community garden. Before challenging toxins all over again. You will feel this until
times come remind them of the philosophy of the toxins fully leave your system. Using ade-
the pilgrims and others who first came to this quate amounts of water will help flush and
country from Europe: if you don’t work, you 4. How in the world can Africans have a white ease these symptoms.
don’t eat. Add to that the new philosophy: baby?
―He who controls the seeds, controls the food. Simply put, this is when two recessed What diet do you recommend for losing
He who controls the food, controls the world.‖ genes get together. You have very dark chil- weight?
And there is an evil force in the world that is dren with blue eyes, or red hair. A child may It starts with the way you think about your-
trying to do just that! The Creator is still in be born with 12 fingers and you never saw self. You have to get on the same side as your-
control. anyone with that in either family, but it has self. Every habit that you have is your body’s
been there on both sides. Of course, we all attempt to protect you. Even using the word
2. I am having a problem with a career know that white can come from black, but ―diet‖ could be discouraging for some; try us-
choice. I do not know what to do. black cannot come from white. So the black ing the word lifet ™. There is an emotional
There are 150 top recognized executives in gene was here before the white gene. reason for eating certain foods. Sugar repre-
the May edition of Ebony. You need to study sents love, crunchy foods diffuse anger. If you
these positions and see how far we are behind are drawn to these foods, addressing the un-
in Oklahoma and to see how far you can go. derlying issues will resolve the need for these
Ask The Hakim
The present Administration has put so much foods.
money out there for career training that local
Tulsans are not taking advantage. Energy jobs Hakim is an Arabic term It is too hot to exercise.
are the way to go for blue collar workers. For usually used in reference to a Contrary to popular belief, the sun is not
young people, the sky is the limit. Agriculture, wholistic healer who has your enemy. The sun acts as a mirror reflect-
for example, opens hundreds of doors in areas knowledge of Herbs or alter- ing your inner light. The more toxins in your
like communications, science and technology. native medicine. It also trans- body the harder the sun works to draw them
lates as wise counselor. out. The toxins are damaging when going in
3. This move to make the unit block of North your body and when they are exiting your
Elgin South Elgin, what is that all about? Can I still be healthy and not drink water? I body. The sun is purifying your body. If you
This reminds me of a Washington Post hate water. hang a stained white shirt in the sun, you will
story on June 7 : ―Gardeners near Capitol Pre- see the bleaching effects of the sun. High so-
pare to Repel Marine Invasion.‖ It took years The earth is made of three quarters water dium intake causes the body to feel hot be-
to amend the ―unforgiving clay soil‖ with the and that is not by accident it is all connected. cause water is being drawn out of the cells.
right dirt. Over 50 families who are part of the By design our bodies have the same propor- The same happens when eating processed
Virginia Association Community of Gardeners tions. It is no accident that you dislike water. foods.
are appealing to Mrs. Obama to stop plans for 4 That is also by design. Water is life and not
acres of marine barracks on what was once an having water is not having life, and you nor- For questions or more information please contact
old infested playground that had been taken mally don’t go against life without help. But the Hakim @ :
your aversion to it is warranted. The type of

August 1, 2010 Check Yourself

I agree that - Somebody Said-
America, 1. [ ] I Talk louder than my male friends. High speed rail service has come to over 40
2. [ ] Most popular soaps & lotions poison states; Oklahoma is not one of them.
While one group of AARP members-North West through my skin.
chapter is finalizing plans for uniforms, gardening, 3. [ ] There is no problem with sex on the Three of the top WNBA players had refused to
landscaping, food and clothing distribution at first date before. come to Oklahoma when the team first relocated
Horace Greeley Elementary School, another group 4. [ ]I Have had sex w/o protection this year. to Tulsa.
of individuals is interested in assisting McLain 5. [ ] Bigger is better.
Magnet High School with their first year wearing 6. [ ] Let men ride rough shod on me, damag- The IMF(International Monetary Fund) has fi-
school uniforms. Many of the students attending ing my female parts, sooner or later. nally ―forgiven‖ Haiti its debt to the U.S. for
this school reside in housing developments, par- 7. [ ] Wearing tops that expose much of my kicking Napoleon Bonaparte’s army’s butt back in
ticularly in Apache Manor and Comanche Park breasts is not ghetto.. the 19th century, although the U.S. got the Louisi-
Apartments. The average cost for each outfit is 8. [ ] Want to be as hard/ play as hard/ fight/ ana Purchase out of the deal which doubled the
between $20 and $50, depending upon size, style ―screw‖ as hard as a man. size of this country.
and where it is purchased. (See page 1 for some 9. [ ] Sex is only 20% of a man’s needs, but
choice locations) what I got can ―hold‖ him. Since the Jews left, this year is the first time that
The school uniform helps to improve academic 10. [ ] After marrying a man, I do not have to Harlem has more residents living in brownstones
concentration, uplift school pride, create a stronger fulfill his sexual needs. of European extraction than at any other time.- pri-
bond between students, save money and save time. 11. [ ] Carry myself in a way that needs no marily because of the Pres. Clinton’s businesses.
It also helps get rid of that age old question: male security around.
―What in the world am I going to wear today/ 12. [ ] Do not even try to control desires to eat Chartered schools give principals the freedom to
tomorrow? (smile) or have sex. be innovative/creativity.
You can help by donating to youngsters less for- 13. [ ] See no need to control smoking or
tunate than you who may not be able to afford drinking. Checks that you know you are not supposed to re-
more than one uniform. You have several choices: 14. [ ] Will not try to fast to control my eating ceive can east out your bank account. Show it to a
1. Take new uniforms to McLain’s school book and other habits that I could overdo. banker before trying to deposit.
store on Peoria or to a neighbor’s child(ren). 15. [ ] Cannot do without this man though he is
2. Go shopping with a family for school uni- abusing me or my child. Your car parts wearing out (right after the war-
forms. 16. [ ] Can function normally w/o a man help ranty expires) keeps dealers selling cars and car
3. If necessary, contact Mrs. Vashti Butler to ing me to raise my child(ren) company producing/selling car parts.
donate through the AARP CreateThe Good pro- 17. [ ] Just having a man for sex would be
ject to connect with stores that will honor your do- enough man for me. China has the 2nd largest economy worldwide;
nation. CreateTheGood will connect with the 18. [ ] Can find a substitute for what man and in 10 years it is predicted that it will have a 3rd
school or with students who have made requests brings to the emotional-social- psycho of the world’s population.
for uniforms. ( logical equation.
4. Call Mrs. Butler at (918) 809-4323 to con- 19. [ ] Can have sex with other men, and can Criminals drain our society, rather than add to it.
nect with this CreateTheGood project.. still bond with just one. Governments spend about $35,000 annually on
20. [ ] Foods, music and clothes cannot make each person who is locked up.
You can also help by participating in the Create me change my mind or alter my passions.
TheGood project, meeting students at the store 21. [ ] Can be close to my girlfriend’s man No one is coming to save your children.
as they select their uniforms, and/or helping with many times and not be influenced in a
the payment for their uniforms sex ual way. Veggie prices are up because somebody
especially on Tax-Free Day, which I been told is 22. [ ] Neither, me nor baby .need to drink poisoned millions of plants headed for
August 13th. Your donation will be listed in a water, just some kind of a liquid. America from Australia.
Wall Street II Tulsa North editorial, if you wish, 23. [ ] Do not need to eat vegetables everyday,
and you will receive a tax exempt confirmation just meat and bread for strength. * Buy Fresh. Buy Local.
letter. 24. [ ] Do not need to go to bed early, or do
Thanks for helping to most of my business when the sun is up. *Most generic drugs carry the same ingredients
make a difference in the 25. [ ] Can figure most things out , for myself, approved by the FDA as compared to brand names
lives of our soon-to-be by trial-and error. that are more expensive because they pay for high
adult citizens. Answer: Whatever you checked, you need to salaries and heavy advertisements.
investigate. There should be no checks off if
Minister Venita Bentley you want to be respected as a health, decent # # # #
Wall Street II Tulsa North
woman. # # # #

* 38% of those incarcerated in California are of

What Your History Book Left Out…. As the South exploded with cotton and the West Latino descent.
expanded with oil and gold moguls, mail order * Recent Supreme Court decision to lift
brides were ordered from the growing eastern 1982 ban on gun control laws contributes to lethal
Only in America: Cities. Also, The richer the man, the more he violence in America. - Rev. Al Sharpton’s
The “Lady” wanted his wife to be genteel, placed on a pedes- Research Muslim Journal, 7/23/10; p. 21.
Revolution tal, so to speak. Some even insisted that she had to * Direct medical costs for gun shot wounds total
be a virgin. more than $6 million a day.
* Non-fatal gunshots are the leading source of un-
Women maintaining their insured hospital stays with about ½ such costs
pale skin color under paid for by the public.
parasols. ==>
* Fire arm violence is directly related to the avail-
ability & density of fire arms. –Violence Policy
To get around that,
Ladies of the Night Center
some young females
The word lady is a lot like the word nice. From * In Oklahoma’s Bible Belt, nearly half a million
began to engage in
Middle English, a nice lady was a prostitute. Like- people smoke weed; some even grow it.
anal sex in order to
wise, the word laydee [lady] meant “Lay thee * About $35,000 a year is spent on one person
preserve the hymen for
down for me.‖ Similarly, just like many women of who is locked up.
that wedding night. The husband would have la-
any color do not want to be labeled a lady, some _____________________________________
dies on the side for his pleasure. But, his slim,
men of color do not want to be called gentlemen, trim, refined , pale skinned do nothing wife was a Remind Your Parents:
because he must be a gentile to be a gentleman. symbol of his success. The browner she was, the
more she probably had worked in the hot sun, *Water sold for babies contains fluoride & is mak-
Few gentiles had probably experienced female which was not good for "the rich man's" ing babies sick.(Ped water)
leadership, except in the case of a ruling queen. status symbol (ego). In the mean time, in between *A good deal is to purchase uniforms on tax ex-
The queen, is another interesting word for another time, he and maybe his son (s) would visit ladies empt day, in Tulsa North at all 3 Tops & Bottoms
time. Matriarchal societies were known mostly in at a brothel or slave women in their quarters for 5700 N. Peoria Stores.
non-European countries. Since the days of Eve’s his pleasure or freakish fantasies. *Car safety bags will not work if your seat belt is
fall from grace, the female in a struggling world So, what alternatives are there to the word lady? not engaged.
was just another piece of property or commodity Until further research is done, try using Miss, * If you need to send someone some money, wire
to be used, even if only as a child bearer to bring Madame Mademoiselle and Sirs. # # # # it to their checking account rather than paying a
forth more workers. [Did you see the movie, Quest ————————————————————- check cashing company; The fee is about $8.
for Fire?” ] But, the wild, wild West changed *Your car motor is ruined if the oil is not checked
all of that- Say What!? frequently and nearly dries out.
* Chicken McNuggets (called Chemical *Microwave ovens were once called radar ranges.
Smart, hard working Europeans who had made McNuggets) can cause stomach tumors from terti- Polyurethane plates when heated in any oven emit
it successfully in this country began to realize that ary butyhydroquione, a petroleum based product a poisonous gas.
they wanted their legacy to continue and they used in them.. *Checking with the Better Business Bureau first
could not do that in a respectable way without a * Instead of changing the grease, chemicals are ( can help you from getting ripped off.
wife. poured into the fryer that eats up the dark stuff *Investigate small banks and credit unions as an
However, there was a shortage of women out and turns the grease light . alternative to big business.
West. So, in the eastern parts of the country, men * 7 women died from whiffing some perfume *American State Bank was told to clean up its re-
sent back home for mail order brides. If you they got in the mail. Throw away free perfumes, lationship with the community; so, it should be ok.
wanted a really hard working woman you re- lotions, etc. in your mail. Cell phones wear out fast & are damaged by being
quested a German or a Jew, if you were Jewish. * Somebody is trying to steal Tulsa Northlands charged for long hours, or talking while the phone
eastern cities, also. by changing the unit block of North Elgin to the is charging.
[Conclusion, next column ] unit block of S. Elgin. Tulsa public school officers can now write anyone
* Oneoke Ball Field will not attract Amooricans a citation for speeding, loitering, disturbances, etc.
because its $39 million park sits on the gravesite around the schools. -Officer Marvin Blades #
of persons killed during the race massacre of ’21.

From the Desk of Rep. Seneca Scott- Custom Children’s Books

[Excerpted] By Ummi
**A new $3 million
dollar grant has been
1 877 570 3108
awarded to fund green Board books
job creation and train- & stories with your child’s
ing in Oklahoma. State Name & pictures!
Representative Seneca
Scott fought for this
with House Bill 1682 Promotes emergent
titled 'The Green Jobs Literacy &
President . Bill Hill “All together , now: 1, 2, 3…” Rep/ Seneca Scott
Act'. The jobs and training this grant will provide
[AARP N.W. Chapter Officials & members w/Rep. Seneca Scott relates to the fields of manufacturing, construction, Cognitive
had been visiting legislators at the Okla. Capitol urging them to
push bills favoring super citizens, including the hungry. ]
health care, transportation, renewable energy, Development
aerospace, agriculture and oil and gas. Project pro-
Politicking posals must be submitted to the Oklahoma Depart-
ment of Commerce by September 30th. If you I want my man to have a
It’s Up to You Now
have any questions, contact the Oklahoma Depart-
ment of Commerce Tulsa office at 918-594-8116. Negative HIV Test and
Recently, teenagers around the country have run From the website: A positive cash flow!
for public office and won! Young people mostly ** Oklahoma Green – Grant Funding for Job
have the audacity to challenge the ―good ol’ boy‖ Creation and Training Projects
system in both parties which practice, ―If you vote The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is now
for my bill, I will vote for yours.‖ Whatever hap- accepting proposals from qualified consortia to
pened to ―I’ll vote for this because it is the right receive federal grant funding for Oklahoma Green
thing to do.‖? job creation and training projects. Approximately
You may believe that politics is a dirty business, $3 million is available for training and job place-
so dirty that you would not encourage your child ment projects that prepare Oklahoma’s workforce,
or relative to go that way. But what you see now businesses, training institutions and communities
is the beginning of people trying to right the sys- for the emerging green economy. Funding is pro-
tem. Being a politician should be an honorable vided through the American Recovery and Rein-
profession, because the average citizen like me vestment Act and the U.S. Department of Labor..
does not even know what is going on and what is Deadline for proposals is 5 p.m., Sept. 30, 2010.
best for the general populace, or what the legisla- Download the detailed Occupational Skills Train-
tors are trying to pass that would be detrimental to ing Project Proposal Request here. Two addi-
the group. That is why we pay the salaries of our tional documents provide further guidance on eli-
politicians. gibility. All questions about the PPR must be sub-
Today, more and more of our representatives mitted in writing to Cindy Fenimore.
have been to college. Also, they do not mind ** Commerce will host an information sharing
reading those hundreds of bills, as they care about videoconference from 10 to 11 a.m., Thursday,
human rights. They need more testicular fortitude Aug. 5. Everyone interested in being part of a con-
to say, ―No‖ when their conscious says ―No.,‖ No, sortium should participate. Commerce encourages
matter how someone else is voting. They also participants to join the conference with other inter-
need the ear that hears the opposing side-- which ested parties from your area to accommodate the
might just be the right side. limited number of conference lines available. Vid-
So, join in the effort turn the face of politics eoconferencing systems of local Career Tech and
around. Look your candidates over carefully. higher education facilities are compatible. See
Have you seen them working or walking, in your you Friday at the meeting.
neighborhood? Oklahoma Green Grant Statement of Interest
Be an informed Those interested in participating or at least learn-
voter at the next ing more about the Oklahoma Green training grant
election. funding should check it out at http://
Yes, you can.
# # # #

Professor Molar Wants You to Health Benefits of

Know: a Ramadhan Fast Ramadhan –Conclusion

Unsupervised Toothpaste & The psychological effects of fasting bring about

Ramadhan is a month
Soda is Cheaper than Water a peace and tranquility this month. Personal hostil-
of self-training and self-
ity is at a minimum, crime rates decrease, and
regulation, with the hope
Do not let your child have unsupervised tooth- blood glucose that aggravates behavioral changes
that it will last beyond
paste. Digesting fluoride toothpaste is dangerous. is stabilized. Likewise, recitation of the Qur'an not
30 days, which can be
It takes a highly concentrated amount to make only produces tranquility of heart and mind, but
beneficial for one's en-
fluoride effective. But when you swallow it, that also improves the memory.
tire life physiologically
can lead to problems. Of course, it tastes good but Note however, that a person who is getting ready
and psychologically. For
do not swallow it. to pray but who is really, really, really hungry,
teenagers and single
Un-brushed teeth are like eating off unwashed that person should eat, because s/he will not be
folk, fasting is a great
dishes. Eating with un-brushed teeth is like eating able to concentrate on prayer anyway because of
way to learn how to con-
goo, whether it is on your teeth or on your dishes. the hunger pangs. That is why Hadith says when
trol one's passions.
Wall St. II has discussed in a previous issue how it is time to pray and you are
Man's greatest desire
un-brushed teeth may lead to a bad heart. How- very hungry, Eat..
is to eat. If he can con-
ever, you do have a choice: You can brush them However, that does not apply for Ramadhan,
trol that desire, he
yourself, get someone to do it for you, or suffer the because fasting is like Jihad-
should be able to control all other passions that
cavity consequences, among other things. When a struggle to improve oneself.
may come his/her way. Moreover, the type of
you run your tongue along your teeth it should feel
food taken during Ramadhan does not have any
smooth and not ―fuzzy‖. And it may lead to heart
selective criteria of crash diets such as those which
Royalty Aromas
are protein only or fruit only type of diets.
After running an informal survey for the last 10 Natural & Designer Body Oils
The only difference between Ramadhan and total
years, whenever I see someone with bad looking Shea Butter
fasting is the time of food. intake. During Rama-
teeth, I jokingly ask them what is their favorite
dan, one misses lunch, takes an early breakfast and
soda. In two out of three cases, they say Dr. Pep- (918)706-8206
does not eat until dusk, basically. Abstinence from
per. After that, it is Mt. Dew. Some people are so
water during this period is not bad at all, and in
addicted that they drink it anyway, knowing that it
fact, it causes concentration of all fluids within the
is bad for their teeth and bad for their health. Your
body, producing slight dehydration. The body has
BMI (body mass waistline index) also indicates
its own water conservation mechanism . In fact, it
your health. Compare your waist line to the shape
has been shown that slight dehydration and water
of a 2 liter bottle.
conservation, at least in plant life, improve their
longevity. In How to Eat to Live by the Honor-
P O I S O N S able Elijah Muhammad, longevity is attributed pri-
marily to eating one meal a day. Then, the stom-
Water is the best beverage that you can drink. ________________________________________
ach gets a chance to relax, repair and rejuvenate.
However, for some, soda pop is cheaper than wa- All internal diseases start from the stomach, and,
ter and it makes perfect economic sense to buy today, any doctor can tell you that.
soda. Surely, 99 cent 2 liter drinks must be subsi- The physiological effects of fasting include
dized in order for you to keep going back for
more. But by whom and for what purpose?
lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol and lower
systolic blood pressure. In fact, Ramadhan fasting
GET Locked in!
Whomever it is, I do not want anybody or any would be an ideal recommendation for treatment
business controlling my life. Can you take your of mild to moderate, stable, non-insulin diabetes, Specializing in natural hair
health back from those who manufacture these obesity and essential hypertension. care.:
poisons just for you? In 1994, the first International Congress on
More information: "Health & Ramadhan" entered fifty research pa- Double strand
pers from all over the world. Muslim & non- twists
Muslim researchers who have done extensive stud- Dreadlocs
ies on the medical ethics of fasting noted that Retightenings &
many medical conditions were improved. On the It’s A Starters using
other hand, patients who are suffering from severe Lifesty interlocking
diseases, including diabetes, coronary artery dis- technique
eases are exempt from fasting and should not even
try it. [conclusion ==>] 1 877 570 3108

In the Garden They first looked to the North, because that was
the way of Spirit, and they wanted to know how
many of their children had found the Spirit of God/
Goddess in themselves and in everything they had
made. In the north the children had built beautiful
round buildings of crystal, glass, and woods of
every kind, rocks of all colors and hues lined the
garden paths, and decorated the soft area’s of
grasses, flowers, herbs, and fruit , and nut trees of
all kinds with luscious food filled the garden. They
molded the clay from mother earth in the garden
to make pottery, and fountains these things were
baked on open fires that like the air, water, and
earth obeyed their thought instructions to perfec-
tion. The animals served the children well, and
were lovingly cared for by the children. There was
Once upon a time there was a God/ warmth and light everywhere, the children played
Goddess all in one. And they thought to them- together, and shared all they created with one an-
selves, let us create children too love, and we will other, all was well in the Northern part of the gar-
put them in the garden and watch them grow. So, den
they created a baby boy from the male energy of
the God. They also created a baby girl from the In the East the way of the Soul, things were a bit
female energy of the Goddess. And like the God/ different. The soul the child of the Spirit, was
Goddess they were one. They thought, ―These are having a difficult time deciding just who they
beautiful children we have created, they are Spirit, were. Each soul child wanted to be their parents
Soul, and mind like us.‖ They told the boy/girl , ― favorite. They wanted to be ready when their par-
you can do and be anything you want.‖ The proud ents came, to impress them with what they were
parents taught their children how to create with, building in their part of the garden. As a matter a
their thoughts, they said, ― Anything you think of fact they were so busy fussing and fighting with
will have a sound frequency that will make mani- their brothers/sisters they didn’t even notice that
fest anything that you wish. Sound creates, sound their parents were already their. Since in the gar-
with the Love frequency creates abundantly.. You den everything was allowed, God/Goddess pa-
have imagination as we do, and anything you im- tiently watched their children at play. The children
age in your minds will come from the Love of us had divided themselves into groups with different
in you‖ They also said, ―You have free will, and in doctrines, which as God/Goddess realized all said
your free will garden everything is allowed, and the same thing. Their were Christians, Muslims,
you must learn to play together, as one.‖ They sent Buddhist, Hindu’s, and scores of other smaller
the children into the garden to build and to play. groups with a little variation on the same belief.
The group leaders told their members that if they
Then after a time God/Goddess said let us make didn’t believe in their doctrine, that when God/ Masterpiece Art
many more children to Love and learn how to play Goddess came they would punish all the children
together. And they will all be perfect in Spirit & that didn’t believe like they did by sending them to
Soul. We will give them a physical body to serve a place called hell where they would burn in eter- By
the mind. Their bodies will be of many colors, nal fire.. But all the members in their group, would
some will be small, and some will be big, some go to a place called heaven, nirvana or paradise a Meya
will be short, and some tall. All of them will enter place much better than the garden. God/Goddess
the garden in, perfection like us. smiled and said, ― These children have such vivid
imaginations. ―
So, God/Goddess made many children in their
image, and sent them out to play in the garden. To be continued.

After a time and millions of children later, God/ Minister Venita A. Bentley
Goddess said, ― Let us stop creating children for a
while, and we will watch them play, and care for
their gardens. 382-9992

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