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Volume 7 No. 7 A FREE Monthly Editorial July, 2010

Co-Editors Raheemah Raheem & Co-Editor Shemora Sheikh E-mail: Box 481045 Tulsa, OK 74148-1045
Motto: The Pen of a Scholar is more precious than the Blood of a martyr. Hadith (918) 619-6819

It’s What’s Happening!

Day Event

1 1st weekend 3 day Fasting begins @ sunset Thurs

to sunset Sunday.

2 Last day to register to vote in the election!!!! AARP

Table available to register on July 2nd at 1314 N. 1314 N. Greenwood
Greenwood. See column 3. (South of Pine Street)
John Hanson—ever heard of him? Let me
6 Jeanne B. Goodwin Storytelling Festival Princess tell what your history book left out. John Hanson
Ima’s journey to meet children of African descent
around the world. Free book & treat. Ages 5-12. 10-
served as president from November 5, 1781 – No- July 2, 2010, Friday
11 a.m. Rudisill Library, 1520 N. Hartford. Info: vember 3, 1782, predating George Washington by 7 2 pm-Sunset
596-7280. years. Some say he was Moorish or German, how- July 3, 2010, Saturday
ever it was categorized, we know for certain that he 9 am-Sunset
8 Playya 1000: Motivating Hip-Hop was dark-complexioned. He was the first president
Rapper Playya 1000 with positive hip-hop. 2-3 p.m.
Martin Regional Library,
of the U.S. to serve a full year term under the Arti-
2601 S. Garnett. Info: 669-6340. June 10, 7-8 p.m. cles of Confederation, which pre-dates our Constitu-
Zarrow Regional Library, tion and the Executive Office.
2224 W. 51st. Info: 591-4366. The new country was actually formed on *Vendors *Dinners *Family Activities
March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of
10 Farmers Round Up In Tulsa @ 800 E. Pine St. Get Confederation. John Hanson was chosen unani- *Workshops *Trail of Tears on Greenwood
your fresh vegetables here this summer. 10 am—2
pm. See Column 3. mously by Congress (which included George Wash- More Info on Page 6
ington). As the first President, Hanson had many
13 Hip Hop Dancers challenges. No one had ever been President and the
Teens. 2-3 p.m. Martin Regional Library, 2601 S.
Garnett. Info: 669-6340
role was poorly defined. His actions in office would (Continued from 2nd Column)
set precedent for all future Presidents. He took office
15 “Amy’s Beauty: An African-American Fantasy just as the Revolutionary War ended. The troops de- Hanson established the Great Seal of the
Tale” manded to be paid. However, the war had sucked up
Drums, song & dance. All ages. July 15-17, 3 p.m. United States, which all Presidents have had to
& 7 p.m. Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa PAC, all funds. As a result, the soldiers threatened to over- use ever since on all official docu-
110 E. 2nd. Tickets 596-7111 or throw the new government and put Washington on ments. President Hanson also established the
the throne as a monarch. first Treasury Department, the first Secretary of
Party on Monday w/AARP. Eat, drink, dance,
All the members of Congress ran for their War, and the first Foreign Affairs Department.
after we handle some business of course. lives, leaving Hanson as the only guy left running Lastly, he declared that the fourth Thurs-
1:30 pm—4 pm. the government. He somehow managed to calm the day of every November was to be Thanksgiving
troops and hold the country together. In fact, Hanson Day, which is still true today.
22 Drumming Man. Music & history of drums. Teens.
2-3 p.m. Helmerich Library, 5131 E. 91st. sent 800 pounds of sterling silver by his brother Conveniently, little is written about him
Info: 596-2466. Samuel Hanson to George Washington to provide and he is often portrayed as ―white.‖ One thing
Karaoke Contest for those who think they can
the troops with shoes. is for sure,, his father was a brown-skinned in-
sing. Ages 5 to 12 in the Rudisill Library 1520 N. Hanson, as President, ordered all foreign dentured servant. The origins of his mother are
Hartford Ave. Prizes sill be awarded from the paper troops off American soil, as well as the removal of unknown. So we are very proud to celebrate In-
you recycled at Rudissil Library. Thanks.. all foreign flags. This was quite the feat, considering dependence Day knowing that Amooricans
the fact that so many countries had a stake in the labored in the fields and offices of this
See page 5 for free concert series listing. United States.
Don’t forget starts August 12th! great nation!
(Continued in 3rd column on bottom)

Your comments? Why do Tulsa North Children Still have to be Ask The Hakim
Our Comments! bused all around town?
Hakim is an Arabic term usually used in refer-
Integration is working now. One of Dr. Martin Lu- ence to a wholistic healer who has knowledge
So what 3 things do you like about the Gateway ther King s final remarks was, ―I fear I have inte- of Herbs or alternative medicine. It also trans-
Market at Pine & Peoria? grated into a burning house.‖ lates as wise counselor.

1. It is located in Tulsa North when other Why do Tulsa North teachers have to be moved all I’m diabetic and trying to avoid sugar, is
stores would come up here with us. It has a around town? Splenda a good alternative?
large ―Everything for a $1‖ section.
2. It helps the tax base and job development Why are most excellent teachers promoted to ad- It is best to avoid anything artificial. The alterna-
Tulsa North. ministrators? tive mentioned is not even meant for consump-
3. I like the pharmaceutical area very much tion. It works because the body doesn’t recognize
because the pharmacist is very helpful, Who’s having most of the babies these days? I was it and spews it right out without absorbing calories
friendly and up-to-date. I really like the told by a former educational administrator that etc. I suggest you do a search online to find out
knowledge that he shares about foods peoples of color are used to keep other folks what it does to your body. Bottom line, by substi-
that supplement your vitamins or your schools populated otherwise they would close. tuting you are not solving the root of the problem:
medicine, if you need medicine at all. Federal dollars are allocated by school attendance. your sugar addiction (craving for love from male/
Whether he recommends foods, vitamins, or medi- Poor attendance or low enrollment means less fed- female principle).
eral dollars.
cation, it does not matter because it is all a part of
Gateway. Check him out! How about raw sugar instead of white refined
I was directed to go to a South Tulsa store to look sugar?
Why do men follow me around some times? I am at school uniforms for McClain. We were treated
not that attractive, plus it like criminals. They followed us around the store Sugar is sugar; it dehydrates the body and is a
makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when it is and even threatened to call the police. Already I breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.
“ that time of the month.” don’t like the school uniform idea.
Eating healthy is too difficult and we are all go-
Remember: man is highest on the animal king- ing to die any way?
dom. In other words, he responds like other ani-
mals when it comes to sex, except he has free will Any people who have not honored their ancestors
and wants to have sex almost all of the time-- have fallen into slavery. Synthetic foods make
when he lets matter control his mind. That is: what synthetic thoughts. You will not have the energy
he sees, touches, tastes and smells. Women are to get yourself out of this condition. Your body
more stimulated by what they .hear. You need to has rights over you and one should strive for qual-
be aware that women emit an odor just like a fe- ity of life as well as longevity. We don’t die: mat-
male dog – to which men respond. Most of the ter is not destroyed or created, same for the spirit.
time it is masked by other fragrances. But, men School uniforms will help you to concentrate on
and women respond to the pheromone odor that is your work rather than what you wear or how it My Candy Rainbow Cereal has plenty
emitted from the opposite sex. Read up on it. looks. It also helps to build unity between stu- nutrition, it’s enriched!
dents. A group of parents are working to see if you
What did Wall Street II say is can buy your uniforms in North Tulsa with dig- Your body does not absorb synthetic nutrients
wrong with seedless watermelons? nity and respect. Be patient and look for Tulsa well. The enrichment process takes away 7 vita-
North (outlets) in the Wall Street II in August. Be- mins and puts back 4.
Seedless fruits are hybrid, not grown naturally in fore then, call 955-7888 for closer outlets that will
the ground without chemicals or something to rush be happy to accommodate you.
it, usually. The sun naturally sweetens plants ex-
posed to the sun’s hot rays. But, man can rush What do you like best about the Oklahoma Eagle?
them, sweetening and coloring plants artificially
with sugars & dyes, Yes, he can do the same thing The Goodwin brothers have made some progres-
to watermelon. Even though the Mansanto Com- sive changes since they took over. There is com-
pany is altering seeds, no one knows the long term monsense reporting of issues relevant to Tulsa
effects of trying to fool Mother Nature. North, mostly by Councilmanic Candidate Kevin
Matthews. Local events are well covered. For
spiritual reflection I appreciate the insight of the
Pastor Emeritus at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Taking Your Breath Away Somebody Said

By Hope
* Doctors are seeing more worms in the brain
Lisa Jackson, the first Amoori- which start from eating pork.
can administrator of the U.S. * A secondary result is from people who do not
Environmental Protection wash their hands properly after using the bath-
Agency, states, ―African room.
Americans die from asthma * California is set to use toxic pesticides on straw-
twice as often as whites, and berries.
have the highest cancer mortal- * Acid-reflux medicine does more harm than
ity rates. 72% of the US Latino What U Can Do: good with its temporary relief.
population live in places that Volunteer/sponsor at a superfund site, * Arizona law will force police to go after some
don’t meet US air pollution standards. Native Volunteer Central of Greater Tulsa, of 460,000 if it undocumented workers without
American homes lack clean water at almost 10 Solid Waste Institute of Northeast reform or compassion – just breaking up families.
times the national rate. Yet, these are not the Oklahoma. Send a message to the Sojourners by Rev. Jim Wallis
voices driving the environmental debate in our top polluters in your area. Tell EPA * Bone meal may be recommended to keep to-
country.‖ not to weaken pollution reporting, mato leaves from turning brown or yellow.
Amooricans be aware and take action. In learn about funds to fight illegal * Having trouble getting medical records from
2002 Tulsa county ranked among the dirtiest/worst environmental problems. the VA? Try writing Ms. Rebecca Johnson, Senior
10% of all counties in the U.S. in terms of air re- ______________________________________ Administrative Attorney Council on Law En-
leases of recognized developmental toxicants Update on the Law- forcement, Education & Training 240l Egypt Rd.
( The top polluters listed are Holly Ada, Oklahoma 74820.
Inc (Sinclair/Sonoco Oil Refinery) releasing Last month article called ―Changing Hearts‖ did * The Hypertension Center @ Univ. or Chicago
292,951 lbs of toxins into the air, Acme Brick Co not reveal Oklahoma’s reaction to this national identified a small spot in your
releasing 98,024 lbs, and Sheffield Steel Corp re- movement. Seeing a fetus before abortion was Atlas area of your body that appears to control
leasing 23,840 lbs. The top chemicals released are Attempted to be put into law in 2008 (House bill blood pressure, lowering it in minutes after a sin-
toluene, hydrofluoric acid, and methyl ethylke- 2780). While Gov. Brad Henry vetoed the law, gle touch.
tone, which all cause hypertension, cancer, respira- legislators over rode his vote. According to The * Your kidneys love lemons & baking soda.
tory difficulties, and depress the immune system. Oklahoman (3/2/10, 3A) . It seems last August, * Help your doctor com-
Although Holly Inc. (the oil refinery) state An Oklahoma judge struck down the legislation municate with you
on their website that they are committed to mini- after it violated ones rights on a technicality. better by asking him to:
mizing environmental impacts and are doing much It looks like an ugly fight is a’brewing. 1. notify you of test result,
to bring the facilities up to code, as Duncan of no matter what the findings
DEQ puts it, ―things happen all the time…‖ Legislative Update 2. let you know when &
April 13th a malfunction in a crude oil how you will be notified,
heater caused the release of sulfur dioxide form Oklahoma is trying to be the 1st in the nation not and,
Holly Corp. west Tulsa refinery over several days,to recognize Sharia, an international law that helps 3. how will you receive a
settles disputes between Muslims. As presented
but not in amounts violating state regulations. The copy of the results.
emissions totaled less than 500 lbs. The gas can by Republican Senator Anthony Sykes, legis-
cause breathing difficulties and damage plants. lators want to put a question on November’s bal- * Clinical testing showed that patients
The federal Occupational Safety and lot, asking state courts to rely on federal & state feel less pain while holding hands of their loved
Health Administration hit Sinclair with $240, 750 laws when deciding cases and forbidding court use one or looking at a picture of them compared to
in potential fines last of international holding a stranger’s hand or a stress ball. –
summer for not respond- or sharia law when making rulings. If it is be- Carole Jackson
ing to 38 violations of tween 2 Muslims, what is the problem? the Bottom Line’s Daily Health News
mandated improvements, For example, as required by Muslim law, an es- * So you think New Orleans has it bad? The
which involve warning tranged couple should be in a period of Iddat for at Western coast of Nigeria has been tolerating this
devices for flammable least 3 months. But, when I made a written request BP problem for years, yes, leaking oil.
toxic releases. that the courts wait 2 more weeks before granting *Banks made 18.7 billion dollars January through
a divorce, the judge, just ignored my request that March. How much did you make?
June 7 at Old would have satisfied our period of iddat, separa- * Some Oklahoma schools have grants to teach
Dominion Freight a 55- tion from each other as required. As far as I am children how to grow their own food and learn dis-
gallon drum ruptured releasing chloromethyl naph- concerned, sharia is already being ignored. I was aster preparedness.
thalene, which can cause respiratory issues and told that the paper work was not filed properly, *There are 400,000 Amooricans listed in the
leave a chemical burn on lung tissue. any way. Armed Forces.

Your History Remind Your Parents:

Book Left Out…. (conclusion)
History Books continue to be subjective. Ex-
Two western civilizations were destroyed by the ample:
English Sex History Spanish Inquisition. If flipped the script on the
Mayan people, accusing the Natives of all kinds of The Texas State
Do you remember reading about King Arthur? lewd acts & pledging to cleanse them of their
About Sir Lancelot & Guinevere? About The Board of Education, a
―sins,‖ which included polygamy. One pope had Republican-
Troubadours? all of their books destroyed and was forbidding
The troubadours had sung songs about un- dominated group,
them to speak their own language. (Sound famil- voted to "rewrite his-
touchable women. They exalted a lady of the iar?) The Spaniards destroyed about 50 million
court, the queen or some married women tory" and adopted a
people (Sound familiar?). social studies and his-
whom they held in high regard. William the 9th of Local people did not worship G*D the way
Aquitaine who lived in the 12th century was the tory curriculum that
these newcomers did. So, these warmongers en- amends or waters down the teaching of the
most popular with his risqué love songs. The most tered this beautiful lands and the rest is the history
popular example was Sir Lancelot and Guinevere. that we were taught. # # # # civil rights movement, religious freedoms,
After 600 years of enjoying marriage, Pope America's relationship with the U.N. and hun-
References: The Discovery Channel dreds of other items. The suggested revisions
Benedict the 8th banned the marriage of priests. The internet
Wives (of course) began to riot in the streets. Sex include calling the Atlantic slave trade the
began to be used as a way to oppress as well as a "Atlantic triangular trade" instead, and de-
pleasure. Even gay scribing the civil rights movement as creating
marriages were permis-
Pointed pair of shoes "unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes"
from time period among black and white Americans.
sible, way back when, pictured to the right.
although the Catholic That is why it is so important to do your own
church tries to cover research. “Look to Rome no more; children
up, the proof nowa- come out of her.”
days. Sodomy also
crept in. Though sod-
Cod piece pictured above. omy was punishable by Say What!?
death, the church ap-
proved prostitution as a ―necessary evil.‖ But, * In Alabama, a teacher uses a hypothetical
man’s preoccupation with sex manifested itself in assassination of President Barack Obama as
many ways: pointed toe shoes, wearing a cod an example in a geometry lesson. He later
pieces, nearly bare breasted women. apologizes for his "very serious error," gets a
formal reprimand and is ordered to take diver-
These gum chewing courtesans, or merry women, sity training.
were sometimes called chicklets (like the gum).
G*D Conscious leaders like Darwin, Galileo, * A North Georgia teacher allowed four stu-
Erasmus and Martin Luther began to center sexu- dents to don mock Ku Klux Klan outfits (they
used SpongeBob Squarepants party hats un-
ality around marriage. They asked people to re-
strain their sexual desires, stopping the ―war on the der the sheets for that oh-so necessary cone
maidens.‖ By this time, the ―new world‖ had been effect) for a final project in a high school so-
discovered. In 1511 the Spaniards encountered the cial studies class. racist.jpg

Mayans and the Aztecs’ mounds of dirt raised to

the sky where they pray standing or kneeling to *And the Arizona legislature, continues its mo-
G*D. mentum of racist lawmaking by recently pass-
These people of color saw the Spaniards and ing an outrageous bill trying to ban specific
their promiscuous behavior as animals desiring too ethnic studies courses.
many partners. Adultery in these cultures was pun-
ishable by death.

Who U Callin’ Black? self as a non human is looked at with disdain and
pity. It is the label put on us when we are shot
down; when our schools are closed to save other
As I set
schools. One court case that speaks volumes is the
out to write an
Dred Scott case which stated Dred did not have the
article called
status to sue for his freedom even though the occu-
―The First Presi-
pation of dark people had ended in several states
dent was Black;‖
— all because he chose to list himself on the affi-
it leads to more
davit as ―black.‖
questions than
This article is not meant to put anyone
answers. Is being
down—it is written with the utmost love and re-
black something
spect. Please prove me wrong. James Brown said
you can attribute
in the 60’s I’m Black and I’m Proud! We just ran
to a people or do Enjoy Music & Nature
with the slogan without questioning whether or
they have to With the Family
not if it was right and exact. If we do not start
claim it for themselves? Does the one-drop rule At these (FREE) Concerts in the
with our origin, how can we stand before anyone,
apply where if you have any ancestry of dark peo- Park
including ourselves, and say who we are? There
ple you are considered black? Who gets to say and
where does the authority come from? When did are solutions to our issues, . which begins by hon- Summer’s Fifth Night Concerts
oring our ancestors. Can embrace who we are
the designation start and why is it used? What does
being black mean any way? Even though we know honestly and not just do what every one else is do-
July 8: Red Dirt Rangers, Country
politicians are always forthcoming with truth,ing?
July 15: Mary Cogan, Rhythm & Blues
*Blackmail was the tribute paid to Moorish Sover-
there has been no president who has openly stated
eigns (now incorrectly known as black people) by July 29: Something Steel, Island Music
that he is a ―black‖ president. Even President
Europeans so their towns would not be raided and Live music every Thursday evening
Obama answered, when asked if he is America’s
their women taken for slaves. through Aug. 26, 7-9 p.m. Utica
first Black president, saying ―That’s what they tell
me.‖ Alluding or implying is not the same as a*Black list— Moorish property land owners Square,
who had their properties taken away from them
statement. So who then is the first black president? 21 & Utica. Info:
during the Spanish Inquisition were placed on
Andrew Jackson has a notorious reputation
what was called a ―black list.‖
for seeing about his unpaid help’s whereabouts at Starlight Summer
Next month: ―Who are we Then?‖ and ―Want
night often through his life. Abe Lincoln’s mother Concert Series
had extremely dark skin . Does that make him Moor?‖ July 13: “Evening of
black? He was killed and placed backwards on the Royalty”
penny, perhaps for acting like he freed slaves, By Igloo Stitches July 20: “Night at the
even if he in fact did not. When you study law - as Email: Movies”
many of you should - you find out quickly how July 27: “Swingin’ Under
words have power and meaning. In law you have the Stars”
to be technical or your words can have far reach- Free. Accessible. Concessions available.
ing effects and ramifications. Bring blankets, lawn chairs,
What does Black mean? In law, ― black‖
means death. In science ―black‖ means death, non Custom Children’s Books picnics, pets on leash. Door prizes. Do-
nations appreciated. 8 p.m. River
human. Contrary to popular belief, black is not a
color. It is the culmination of all colors and a con-
By Ummi Parks Ampitheater, 2100 S. Jackson.
trast to white. Note words such as black hole,
blacklist, black mail,* …. Both white and black are
1 877 570 3108
etymologically derived from a word that means Board books
black and white at the same time. Why would & stories with your child’s
we not be taught these facts in school? The reason Name & pictures! Students in a Cottonwood Middle School
no ―black‖ president actually claims the title is be- science class found a 4 acre cave on
cause claiming to be black is not a title at all; it is a Mars (about the size of 4 football
label that denotes lawlessness and statelessness. Promotes emergent fields).
As such, you can be further subtracted into Literacy &
being three fifths of a man/woman (property).
Who wants to be that, if given a choice? Only a Cognitive
people who have been robbed of their true name development More exciting events are covered in the
and nationality would make such a choice. Oklahoma Eagle
On the international level, declaring your-

Bismillah not been there. Town Hall Meeting

with Rep. Seneca Scott
The birth of our son: Alice navigated a fine line, adhering to her profes-
The Midwife experience. sional duties to the state, the well-being of our June’s Town Hall meet-
child and the wishes of the family. ing was held at Catholic
When I tell people my wife and I delivered our Charities which had over
child at home, I am met with the same startled Alice, the only known, midwife in Tulsa who as- 1,000 volunteers last year.
blood-depleted face: the lips part and the eyes sists in home births insists, ―There has to be a Now they have 10 different
widen telling of some horror that just flashed be- choice.‖ Not all birth needs to be in the home. Cer- programs housed in one
fore their minds. With many ideas not pushed in tain pregnancies would benefit from having op- impressive site on the corner of Harvard and
the mainstream, lack of firsthand knowledge or tions the hospital provides. Apache. The programs include marital counseling,
incorrect information can mystify the most beauti- mental/dental/health and AIDS clinics.
ful and godly act. ―She is just like my mom,‖ my wife said without * There has been a 3% cut in education.
any pressing. ―She knows when to push and when * This year’s race includes the Governor’s race &
I first met Alice at our first prenatal visit. When to let go.‖ Alice has nurturing, gentle hands with the Lt. Governor’s race.
our meeting started, I was still a little numb from wisdom and experience from thousands of births * Ads on school buses were opposed as
finding out my wife was expecting. I had many over her 25 years as a licensed nurse/Midwife. they may decrease the coffers of those in the ad-
questions. Although I had never had a child, I had vertising business.
my own ideas of how I wanted the birthing process Living the phrase, it takes a village to raise a child. * 48% of Blacks are targeted for incarceration, an
to go. I wanted to be completely involved and interim study shows.
even catch our child myself. * Chris Steele, speaker elect (from Shawnee) made
a request for this study.
Time stood still as the vortex opened at the exact * City councilors & mayors do not seem to under-
time when my son was to come into the world. stand why transit buses should be ongoing.
―Not a minute sooner or later than the baby is sup- * The general fund comes from all natural gas
posed to come,‖ I hear my mother’s words echo taxes – like Alaska, Oklahoma gets royalties from
(even now). My wife began to question her ability gas.
to expel her student from his first school, the * O U Medical center is opening a satellite at
womb. Third Place on Peoria in Turley.
* There are 530 school districts in Oklahoma;
Life began for this child as a thought in the crea- combining some of them is
tors mind before breath was blown into his first You & your family can retrace the steps of our being considered.
ancestors at the beginning of time. Connected to ancestors Board of Education reps. Dr. Turner-Addison and
this lineage, our young elder Amir (my newborn Superintendent Ballard are scheduled to come to a
son’s attribute) made his way out of triple state A Trail of Tears Town Hall Meeting. I .
darkness through his mother earth gate. Amir’s On Greenwood You are expected to attend the next Town Hall
welcoming committee consisted of his mom and I, meeting the first Friday in July ( a holiday week-
my mother, my wife’s dad and mom, his 3-year- Friday Evening July 2, 2010 @ 6pm end, will it be the 2 Friday?)
old brother, the doula, and the conductor making
sure everything ran smoothly our midwife Alice. Beginning at:
1314 N. Greenwood
Our elder Midwife stayed in the background ever (South of Pine between Cincinnati & Peoria St) GET Locked in!
at the ready with mild encouragement and wise Ending at:
direction. Her movements had the gracefulness of Oneoke Ball Park Specializing in natural hair
a swan on the lake seeming to move effortlessly, (Sacred ground where victims of the Tulsa Race care.:
while hiding her frantic paddling underneath. ―I Massacre are buried)
believe the family should welcome the child into Double strand
This event is part of a weekend program sponsored
the home.‖ Alice stated, in one of our many con- by twists
versations before the birth. Yet she was there Dreadlocs
poised and nimbly taking measurement on accept- The Tulsa Muslim Community Retightenings &
able ranges of emotions of the mother and all in It’s A Starters using
the room. Taking a motherly leadership role that Tours will be duplicated if there le
is enough interest on Saturday evening. Lifesty interlocking
laid glue to the complete birthing process. Prepara- technique
tion was a key factor in helping this birth go
smoothly Her presence was felt, needed, appreci- 1 877 570 3108
ated and would surely have been missed had she

The American Hustle and there. “Leon Rollerson’s Remember When”

When I was a little girl, many, many, Another quick step in the American hustle are There Was a Bus for Transportation to
many, years ago to call companies that charge you to pay your bills, like Juneteenth
someone a Liar, was a the phone company, some insurance companies,
whipping offense. If you and countless others that charge you from 2-5 dol- By Leon Rollerson
said they were storying, or lars extra for you to pay them.
telling a story. It was ok. To The American Hustle is not about being in step The Juneteenth celebration is always a
our elders it was more im- with the constitution, which was written of the great day for the African –American community.
portant how you said some- people, by the people, and for the people. Which In the 1950 and 1960’s, one of the places that
thing, than what you actu- clearly states that the peoples income shall not be Juneteenth was celebrated was at a local amuse-
ally said. Their concern for taxed. Or is it about being in step with the millions ment area which was called Lakeview Amusement
the truth, went as far as the of tribes, villages, and families who are attempting park. There were many rides to have fun on such
truth as they saw it, any- to make a living and feed their children., on this as the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, spinning rides, a
thing outside of that was a lie, but you better not planet. It’s about a small group of people called haunted house and many of the types of amuse-
call it that, especially if the man on tv, or the fel- the world management team, who believe by vir- ment things that parks have today. Lakeview was
low in the white house said it was the truth than it tue of their bloodline that they have the right to one of the leading amusement parks at the time.
had to be the truth said out loud, even if everyone rule over this world, and every being in it or on it Many races attended this famous park except for
knew within their mind, and heart it was a lie. that has life. We are the creators of what we be- Blacks, who could not attend because it was a seg-
A lie, fabrication, untruth, a story told by the lieve in. We must stop following en-mass like ro- regated park. But, for one day out of the year, the
imagination. If I was to tell you that the world was bots the lies we are told to believe in, just because park was open for Blacks to attend and that was
going to end, Dec 21st 2012. would you believe they come from the television, radio, or Washing- during Juneteenth, which was celebrated on the
me, of course you wouldn’t.. But if Dr. Steven ton D.C. 19th of June.
Halprin Dean of quantum physics MIT. Said it, We must come to realize that we are the founda- For Blacks who did not have transportation
you might consider it. But if President Obama tion upon which the world management team rest, to the park, which was located about 4 miles form
came on television with a special report about an without our support they will surely fall. Know the the center of the Black community, there was a
asteroid coming this way that would end the truth when you see, and hear it. The truth will bus that one could catch that was located at the
world. You would probably be calling relatives make you free, for no matter how much it can hurt corner of Greenwood and Archer street, which was
and friends to tell them the news before the end of at times, it will never bind you in slavery, and pov- close to the famous Oklahoma Eagle newspaper
the presidents broadcast was finished. So, we can erty in your own country. office and the Rollerson Drug Store. This bus was
see it’s not as important what the lie or story is as The only truth is Love, All else is illusion. only there for one day so that Blacks could ride to
it is whose telling it. From President to Pope, Minister, Venita A Bentley the normally segregated park. Today, all races can
Preacher to Rabbi, Senator to famous Singer, will attend any park in the area even though many per-
say anything and a majority of the people will be- sonal views may still be the same about segrega-
lieve it. For children the most important people in tion. So when celebrating Juneteenth, just remem-
their lives are there parents, or the care giver that’s ber what many had to go through in order for all of
taking care of them. And they will fight anyone us to enjoy recreation. The bus has had a lot to do
that says the tooth fairy isn’t bringing them a dol- with the history of our country.
lar for that tooth they just lost, mama or daddy said
it, so it has to be true. So, the kid who says there is
no tooth fairy becomes a Liar, and the truth be- Master-
comes whatever the most important people in your piece Art
life say it is.
If the President announces that the US is in tril-
lions of dollars in debt, and we can no longer pro-
vide jobs for American citizens. And that corpora-
tions and businesses, have to move to Mexico, and Meya
China because labor is cheaper in those places
than in America, we believe it. The American
workers tax money is used to build new places of
employment for Mexican, and Chinese workers
which will work for less than half of what Ameri-
can labor is being paid. . The products that are
made in Mexico and China are imported back to
the united States and sold to Americans at the im- (918)
port price to those that can still afford them and 382-9992
haven’t lost their jobs, it amounts to slavery here

Mr. & Mrs. Jace & Patricia Bell

Mr. Hakim Ziyad-Bey

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